Film Clip: Watch Keith Raniere make Allison Mack cry …

Below is a one minute, 30 second clip from “Keith Raniere Conversations” called the Authentic Human. It was filmed around 2012. Watch the entire 13 minute video on YouTube.

The video is described as “Keith Raniere and Allison Mack explore authenticity, as it relates to human expression and creativity.”

Below is a clip from the interview where Allison Mack is touched to tears.

For fans of long-term hypnotic induction, used in combination with low-cal, low-protein, and low-sleep requirements, watch this video again. One could learn the whole art of hypnosis just from playing this clip again and again. Pay attention to his eyes and hands and note the talent of a true master:

Three questions:

When Keith is talking about an “authentic person”, is he referring to himself?

Others strive to break through “existential isolation”.  Has Keith done so?

Will Allison Mack ever leave Vanguard?


Will Allison Mack ever leave Vanguard?


4 thoughts on “Film Clip: Watch Keith Raniere make Allison Mack cry …

  1. I feel a little sorry for Allison, but I also know from personal experience that she’s not a nice person and uses people. Sorry but it’s true

  2. she is disgusting this cult represents the worst of this world and she is committed to the cause so it is obvious that she will never leave.

  3. Hypnosis or not, Allison Mack is an actress. She’s been doing it for over twenty years. The whole point of these conversations is to “sell” VanDouche as a relatable individual, to see a glimpse of his essence [rolleyes]. She could just be acting. How do you believe what an actress is telling you in such situations? The point of their career is to fool people into believing some simulated situation is real.

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