The following is the death notice emailed by Executive Success Programs (ESP) to students, three weeks after Pamela Cafrtiz allegedly died. It seems from the language of it, there is an attempt to deify Pam. I wonder if readers agree with the sentiments [and facts] expressed in her death notice.


Pam Cafritz died last November. She was in her 50s. Her legacy, according to Executive Success Programs, is secure as that of a woman of great accomplishments, athletic prowess, pure goodness and saintly attributes.

Here is the official Executive Success Programs announcement of the death of Pamela Cafrtiz dater November 28, 2016:

On Monday November 7th, 2016, at 2:37 pm, we suffered the indescribable loss of Pamela Anne Cafritz. She had battled cancer heroically for the past few years, and passed away cared for by her life partner of 30 years, loved ones, and dearest friends.

The world, humanity, and women, are better because she walked this earth. Her footprints will forever leave on impression on thousands, and open a path for us all.

Amongst many substantial accomplishments, she was one of the founders of Jness, a founding, and highest ranking, student in NXIVM, a role model who started, built and led, an affiliate network of over 250,000 individuals, a champion athlete, winning first place in the open division of the international Fifth Avenue Mile run; and a wise woman, touching many individuals with the softness of her being, and the care of her soul.

Many of us who knew her found her profoundly empathetic, pure and innocent with deep wisdom, and a person who joyfully gave her self, and her most precious things, to help others, even strangers.

Truly to Pam, all the world were her family and under her care.







El siguiente es el aviso de la muerte enviada por programas de éxito Ejecutivo (ESP) a estudiantes, tres semanas después de que Pamela Cafrtiz presuntamente muerto. Parece de la lengua, hay un intento de deificar a Pam. Me pregunto si los lectores están de acuerdo con sentimientos [los hechos] expresada en su aviso de la muerte.


Pam Cafritz murió en noviembre pasado. Ella estaba en su 50s. Su legado, según programas ejecutivos de éxito, es seguro que el de una mujer de grandes logros, proezas atléticas, pura bondad y atributos de Santos.

Aquí está el anuncio oficial de programas ejecutivos de éxito de la muerte de Pamela Cafrtiz fechador 28 de noviembre de 2016:

En lunes, 07 de noviembre de 2016, en 14:37, sufrimos la pérdida indescriptible de Pamela Anne Cafritz. Había luchado heroicamente cáncer durante los últimos años y falleció atendidos por su compañero de vida de 30 años, los seres queridos y amigos más queridos.

El mundo, la humanidad y las mujeres, son mejores porque ella caminó esta tierra. Sus huellas para siempre dejará en impresión en miles y abrir un camino para todos nosotros.

Entre muchos logros sustanciales, fue uno de los fundadores de Jness, fundador y más alto rango, estudiante en NXIVM, un modelo que iniciado, construido y conducido, una red de más de 250.000 personas, un atleta campeón, ganando primer lugar en la división abierta de la Internacional Quinta Avenida millas; y una mujer sabia, tocando muchos individuos con la suavidad de su ser y el cuidado de su alma.

Muchos de nosotros que conocía la encontró profundamente empático, pura e inocente y profunda sabiduría, una persona que con alegría dio a su auto y sus cosas más preciadas, para ayudar a otros, incluso a extraños.

Verdaderamente a Pam, todo el mundo fueron su familia y bajo su cuidado.



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4 years ago

Emiliano Salinas should be next, we need for Mexico to wake up, Thank you Frank!


[…] Success Programs announced the death of Pamela Cafrtiz on November 28, 2016, three full weeks after she purportedly died on November 7th, 2016, at 2:37 […]

Cancer, what's happening
Cancer, what's happening
5 years ago

Pamela Anne Cafritz, Keith’s 2nd in command in the sex ring, he’s # 1. It was no great loss to the world, her passing, only that Keith lost his greatest pimp. Pam hired a 12 year old to “walk her dog” but really it was so Keith could rape her.

Why was this left out of her substantial accomplishments? How did this kind of behavior improve humanity? Jness, what a joke, cloche as woman’s movement but really a hunting grown for her partner of 30 years.

Cancer, why did she get caner? Let’s ask Nancy Salzman why Pam got cancer? What did she say about people who got cancer? Oh yes, something about anger turned inward if memory serves me correctly.

Ironic how Barbara Jeske, Pam Cafritz, Kristen Keeffe and Nancy Salzman all got cancer isn’t it. All four women were on the front lines for their mentor, lover and did his evil deeds Keith Raniere. Makes you wonder when the men will start showing up with penis and colon cancers.

RIP Gina Hutchinson 10/8/2002
RIP Gina Hutchinson 10/8/2002
6 years ago

Just one voice:

I know you’re out there; sadly, I believe there are many of you. I know you’re afraid, I know you’re hoping it will be someone else, something else that stops him…them. Perhaps another story in the news will do it, or maybe the police will find out about you or the others. Then it will stop, or they will disappear to some island. But you know that’s not really going to happen. He enjoys this too much and it’s never stopped him before.

You think they have too much money, too much power. What can just one person do? The truth is, you’re really the one with the power, the chosen one, the one that can stop everything, stop it from happening to anyone else, ever again.

Remember when you thought you were special; what you had was just between you and him, a special secret to keep, a vow, a promise. How old were you when it started? How soon before he tossed you aside, maybe for a close friend, or your younger sister?

At first it felt so special, a secret that no one else knew, that just the two of you shared…how unique you were…how you were chosen to be with him, how that makes you different from all the rest. But soon you came to realize, as quickly as it seemed that you were so special, different from all the rest, you began to see you’re just one of many.

You see those that came years and years before you, and you look on those that are about to become you. You want to stop it, you don’t want it to happen, not to anyone else… you’re afraid, and that’s understandable.

Maybe you were really chosen, chosen to be that one voice, brave enough, strong enough to speak out loud.
This is not the road to spiritual enlightenment, this is not okay and it needs to stop. I was under the age of consent but I was within the statute of limitations. I’m not going to allow this to happen to anyone else.

Just one brave voice is all it will take to stop it from going on for another decade or more.

I promise you that many that came before you will be there by your side. It’s not easy to be the first to be so brave, to stand in your own voice and speak your truth.

For many of us, it’s too late. The laws don’t allow us to speak out. Years later when we wake up and look back we realize, those young girls, they were just like me, and the ones that came later, are just like you. Look around you, at the sick, dying, and the dead.

There’s an old saying that leopards don’t change their spots. Keith hasn’t changed anything in the last 35 years, other than the names of the girls.

Please, be the voice, be brave, and be chosen, for the right thing, to stop Keith from hurting anyone else. Reach out to someone who can help you.

We are here waiting for you…Speak your truth, put out your hand, we got you.

6 years ago

She pimped underage women for VanDouche, inclusive of a twelve year old who needed tutoring in math not sex with a thirty year old pervert. She should’ve been in a jail cell a long time ago just like VanDouche.

Outsider Thoughts on Pam.
Outsider Thoughts on Pam.
6 years ago

Notice no mention of who the life partner of 30 years is. No mention that over the years, she served as Vanfucktard’s submissive slave brainwashed into accepting that it is okay to share your significant other with other women. Pam was no fucking saint, she procured under-aged girls for Keith including one she wound up having to share her bed with: Mariana Fdz. JNESS was not about empowering women it was about ENSLAVING women and teaching them their place in a man’s world. Call Pam the Patient Zero of DOS. In creating DOS, Keith is trying to clone a legion of Pam’s.

6 years ago

Vantard may be a psychopath but without his venomous sycophantic enablers he would wield zero clout – check out the role of a psychopaths’ Flying Monkeys –

Flying monkeys central
Flying monkeys central
6 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Knox woods is flying monkey central. This article nails it. Keith has some seriously loyal flying monkeys. Jim Del Negro, Nicki Clyne, Esther etc. Clare is the most vicious monkey. She has rabies. Careful keith- when she figures out that you are just using her for her wealth- and pity fucking her now and then – she will turn on you too (if she smart enough to stop drinking the koolaid)

Freed Slave
Freed Slave
6 years ago

I wonder if Vantard truthfully feels Pamela’s passing as an indescribable loss. I wonder if he knows what caused the cancer and why her body wasn’t strong enough to fight it. Shouldn’t the smartest man in the world know all this? If he brags so much about his godlike wisdom and knowledge shouldn’t he know these things and be able to save the woman he claims to love? There are many other doctors and survivors who have found ways of reversing all forms of cancer with great success. Why didn’t Vantard? I would consider this a failure. Does he see how he caused and authored it? Perhaps he was spending too much time in the bedroom? Is he taking on ‘penances’ and looking at the destruction he caused? Is he expressing things publicly to humiliate himself about this to make sure he won’t do it again as he has his women do? Or is he just repeating the pattern with Nancy? Will she survive or will she have the same fate as Barbara and Pamela? I hope she comes to her senses and takes her life into her own hands. Vantard will not come to her rescue.

Vantard's continued failures....
Vantard's continued failures....
6 years ago
Reply to  Freed Slave

I think Vantard should fill out a breach form. Since he is responsible for EVERYTHING else. Thank you Vantard.

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