The company store kept miners in ever increasing debt to the company because of the high prices.

ESP uses company store approach to keep students in debt and prevent executive success

Company Store?

The company store kept miners in ever increasing debt to the company because of its high prices.
Company Store: NXIVM headquarters at 455 New Karner Road in Albany, NY
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Keith Raniere devised a life coaching program that ensures you will always need paid coaching. Like they say, he is a genius.

In a previous post, I referred to Executive Success Programs (ESP) as the ‘company store.’

In the early 1900s, mining corporations owned entire towns in remote locations.  Workers were attracted to move to the company’s town by the lure of high wages. Once there, they discovered the cost of living was higher thanelsewhere, since the “company store” was the only place to purchase the necessities of life.

The mining company paid high wages, but got the money back as profits at the company store. No matter how hard the workers tried, they could never make enough money to live and would always be in debt to the company store. As long as they were in debt, the company could legally prevent workers from leaving.

Espians who live in NXIVM Village are in a similar situation.

Students are attracted to NXIVM Village by the lure of classes that will teach them to make money. They are given jobs to help them as they learn but they are always in debt because of the endless courses.

How does it work?

Keith Raniere has given a directive that there is never to be an end to the ESP curriculum.  That’s why ESP always has new courses. It’s not like a university where one day you graduate with a degree and you’re done.

The more you advance in ESP, the more it costs.

Nancy Salzman and her daughter Michelle are laughing at how many great courses you can finance on your endless quest on the stripe path – an almost sure fire way to guarantee absolute poverty. Just check out all the High Rank – except for those who inherited money, they are all broke. And that is something to smile about…. Ask Nancy...

For instance, a new Jness track may cost $15,000.  A Level Two intensive might be $8,500. One of the ways Keith Raniere keeps people dependent is the company offers students an opportunity to attend a training for no up-front cost.

A student can move ahead on the stripe path if they take enough courses and attending one of the advanced courses sounds promising. As an advanced student, you can attend to help staff it. You will have duties – to provide toilet paper, put out the food, clean up afterward etc.  If you attend this training to staff it, you are offered three methods to pay for it. You can pay for it in full, or pay monthly, or you can staff three more classes where you work in exchange for that training.

Most people take the payment plan option.  Soon enough, a student winds up owing a fortune and is making high monthly payments that absorb much of the lower wages they are getting in NXIVM Village working for Clare or for the Knife or at ESP.

You don’t have to live in NXIVM Village either.  Lucas Roberts lives in Vancouver. He keeps coming to NXIVM Village for more advanced courses. He owes $120,000 in training.

The higher level training classes should be bringing in thousands of dollars from students but actually most people in the class are taking it for nothing up front.

It may appear that Keith Raniere is sleeping or having sex all day and night, But he is actually thinking up new curriculum. Unlike other schools which teach the tools of success, students of ESP never stop paying to learn. Just think: Keith is lying in a bed right now figuring out ways to help you get more executive success [programs.]
Then these advanced students owe increasingly larger sums of money on payment plans.

Some of this they work off or exchange for services. Some make monthly payments. Some put it on their credit cards. One woman said she spent more than $100,000 over four years in cash and trade of services. While she was offering her services to NXIVM, she could not work elsewhere. She was trapped in an endless cycle of taking classes and working to pay them off.

Nancy will teach you so that you will never stop paying to learn about executive success which is something you will never learn completely until you are dead broke or just plain dead...

The whole idea of Jness Tracks is to charge an exaggerated price since it is meant to ensnare and keep people in debt. Many students owe $100,000 and they think they have to stay with the company and work until they pay off their debt.

Yet they may never pay it off,  Some have been there for a decade. They always take new courses and their debt gets higher. And make no mistake about it: the ghouls of Raniere put a lot of pressure on advanced students to take new courses.

If you don’t take enough trainings, you will be shunned and known for what you are,,,

Not taking them frequently enough will lead to a student being shunned.

What a great system to make the most money off of students, while keeping them trapped by the company store.






Bringing success to Keith Raniere on more training ta a time.



And expensively.


Studying ESP requires a certain attitude about Vanguard.


If you get thirsty, the drinks and the laughs are on you....

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  • It’s just one more control strategy.

    Since NXIVN doesn’t have contracts on these debits, as much of this is paid back in cash, if you leave they will never be billed for payments past due.

    Quick, run to the hills and get out of the village and away from its idiots as fast as possible.

  • While the original course was ok, albeit plagiarized from many sources, the level 2 stuff that I took was garbage. Most of the courses had almost no value. And were probably plagiarized too. It’s amazing that people wasted so much money on so much garbage for so long. And are still doing it! But I do feel the end is near. All that will exist after this is DOS.

  • What ESP should now stand for to outsiders for those who remain in NXIVM should from now on be “Extremely Stupid People”.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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