In search of Keith-built millionaires

In February 2014, SOP High Councilor and ESP coach Damon Brink made an astonishing revelation to SOP men, when he said:

For those of you that don’t know, our founder, Keith Raniere, has built more than 1000 millionaires in his life. He has built multi million dollar businesses in short amount of time and at one point was making more than $100,000 per hour coaching the highest level business executives in the world.

Damon Brink spent a lot of time with Keith Raniere, who, as most readers know, prefers to be called by his childhood made-up super-hero name of “Vanguard“. He invested an estimated $100,000 in cash and trade of his time and services to learn from Keith about the secrets of how executives get success.

Damon Brink, however, is apparently not executive caliber. He is not a millionaire.

Damon Brink said Keith Raniere built more than 1,000 millionaires in his life, but poor Damon, he was not one of them.  What inner deficiency does this man have to be surrounded by a sea of millionaires and have no money himself?


A newspaper reporter once asked a mayor of a certain city why he was hiring only his friends for top paying city hall jobs. The mayor said, “Who should I hire, my enemies?”

Who should Keith build into millionaires? His friends and ESP students – or others who have never attended any of his Rational Inquiry-based training sessions?

Even though Keith has the ability to build millionaires – and has, in fact, done it more than 1000 times, he apparently could not do that for Damon. Is that because Damon has some  inner deficiency that makes him immune to Keith’s “golden touch” or are there actually limits to Keith’s powers?

If you had the ability to build 1,000 millionaires, who would you build into a millionaire?

It is not known if Keith built any millionaires when he was a child, or in high school or college. During his 20s,  he worked at a low level government job. He did not build himself into a millionaire. If he did build millionaires before he became one himself, we have no record of it.

There is no one I have spoken to who knew Keith in those days who Keith built into a millionaire. I have spoken to plenty of people and while they say Keith had sex with them when they were under age, that he lied to them and even swindled money from them and left them poorer, but no one has said Keith built them into a millionaire.

Keith doesn’t seem to have built millionaires during the time he was operating Consumers’ Buy Line  in the 1990s.  That business went totally broke – and Keith wound up owing money to members, employees and vendors.

Far from building anyone’s wealth, Keith took wealth away from thousands of people. Even his own father, James Raniere, had to sue him.  At the end, Keith stiffed everyone.

Keith borrowed $50,000 from a college friend to pay off the fines he owed New York State Attorney General to settle a lawsuit about Consumers’ Buy Line. Keith got the loan and decided to parlay the $50,000 into millions or more at gambling. He was going to build himself into a millionaire. Sadly, the bets went awry and Keith lost the entire $50,000 so he could not pay his friend back. Nor did he pay the fine until many years later when he convinced the Bronfman sisters to pony up another $50,000 for that purpose.

Keith went into a multilevel health foods distributions business. That too went bust.

No, he was not known to make any millionaires there.

I think we have to start looking for Keith-built millionaires from his friends at ESP.

Who should Keith build make into millionaires, his enemies?

In our next post on this topic, we’ll have a look at the best known ESP teachers, coaches, proctors etc.  Surely, we’ll find some Keith-built millionaires in that group!

After all, ESP is set up to teach executive success – and what represents more than obtaining millionaire status?



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