Back in the fold: Sara Bronfman’s 10,000 square foot home in Clifton Park…

She lives a life of luxury while women are being branded and blackmailed – and her own sister is being gradually starved and becoming mentally unbalanced.
Sara Bronfman is back with Keith Raniere in a big way.
Yes, she may be fooling around in her own silly little lightheaded way with some kind of nonsense [or possible debauchery] in Libya with her husband, Abdul Basit-Igtet, and Allison Mack, but her main interest is in her master, Keith Raniere, and spending her money without regard to women suffering in DOS.
After living in London for a time, Ms. Bronfman with her said-to-be-penniless husband in tow, purchased a home at 7 Traymore Trial in Clifton Park.
She paid $1.85 million for it in May 2015. It appears to be in her name only through an LLC she owns. The home has more than 10,000 square feet. It has seven bedrooms, 9 bathrooms. There are nine fireplaces, 2 sun rooms, a wine room, a first floor master suite and 2 second floor master suites.
The lot is four acres
7 Taymor Trl Clifton Park NY bought 5/31/15 for $1.85 million
Spokeo shows the property as Sara Igtet’s address.
Sara Bronfman seems to have purchased the home in one of her corporate entities, “Alousch LLC” which is located at 5 Southside Drive #285 Clifton Park NY,

This is the address of her Family Office as well as the address of A Capella Innovations LLC.


Just for laughs readers might want to check out the meaning of the name “Alousch”.


sara new mansion.JPG

Some photos of the home:











Sara Bronfman and Abdul Basit Igtet with their daughter.  Will she attend the Rainbow Cultural Garden – and be attended to by six nannies who speak different languages? Will she be branded and placed on a 500 calorie diet when she gets older? When she gets to be around 13, will they entrust Mr. Raniere to mentor her one on one?


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