Reader compares Raniere and sociopath killer H. H. Holmes

A reader comments:


I heard the great great grandson of America’s first and worst sociopath/serial killer, H.H. Holmes, doing an interview on his book about Holmes, “Bloodstains”. The book is getting some run because it makes the very convincing argument that Holmes was also Jack The Ripper. Some of the things the author said made my hair stand on end:

– Holmes was a brilliant doctor/scientist who would perform painful experiments on his victims. (I’m thinking branding, food poisoning, 500 cal diets, and I’m sure those in the inner circle have dozens of other examples)

– Holmes was great with women and slept with a lot of them – even though he was only 5’7.

– Holmes was a pathological liar. “every word out of his mouth was a lie” is an exact quote.

– The first person Holmes killed was his best friend when he was a teenager. He watched him slowly die. (Keith stole 50K from his best friend in college. Did he “help” Pam die for her inheritance? I’m sure those in the inner circle have dozens of other examples of Keith brutally injuring/killing those closest to him).

– Holmes got chased out of Texas because people started catching on to him. They caught on partly because those closest to him kept seeing others who were also close to him die after Homes had a problem with them. He then moved to Chicago and started over. (How those who are close to Keith can keep seeing his wrath towards his prior lovers who have courageously left him, and NOT have a huge problem with it has never made sense to me. I saw it and immediately jetted, but I also never let him sleep with me or hypnotize me.)

– Holmes had great success in getting the women he slept with and some men to help him in his killing of around 200 people. He’d meet and sleep with perfectly normal women, and he’d soon have them soliciting single female victims for him. They would also help him to perform murder in his house of horrors. He even had some men helping him. He had soundproof rooms he’d imprison victims in. Holmes never could have killed so many people or gotten away with it for so long without recruiting seemingly normal people to assist him. Even after he was caught and sentenced to death, some of his followers continued the murders.

I’ll never read the book because it will probably creep me out even more. But I’d guess that Keith knows all about Holmes/Jack The Ripper – just like he knows all about the villains in the Ayn Rand books.

Come on inner-circle. Enough is enough.

[Editor’s note: Keith was driven out of Texas during the days when Consumer Buyline was first collapsing. He sent Toni Natalie to represent him there because he was afraid Texans would do him bodily harm]

H. H. Holmes was cross-eyed.
K. A. Raniere.




hh 5
H. H. Holmes
raniere t
The genius behind DOS.



Listening to the Dalai Lama.
Keith Raniere says “I’ve had people killed for my beliefs”.


He warned Toni Natalie of the pathway to her demise.
raniere m
Keith Raniere said at V-Week 2016: “I am very devilish. I think I am probably the worst coach in the world because I am just a demon.”  [He said that on camera,]







elizabeth stride
Ann Stride; Victim of Jack the Ripper

lusty boyvb

Young Holmes was irresistible to women.
Young Raniere – at the time when he was having sex with 12 year old Rhiannon.


H. H. Holmes’ first wife, Clara.
cb 8
Vanguard’s true first wife is Clare Bronfman. Why? Because she is the only one who is essential. She funds his demonic behavior.


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hh 79
H. H. Holmes was married to three women at the same times. Holmes married his first wife, Clara, in 1878.





It is peculiar, but Keith Raniere has told some of his followers who they were in their previous life’s [i.e Nancy Salzman was Adolf Hitler etc.] but if one wanted a striking past-life twin for Keith Raniere, it just might be H. H. Holmes.

Could somebody at V-Week please ask him who he was in his previous life?

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