One Year Ago Today: Suspicious ‘food poisoning’ at V-Week 2016

It is not very well known to those who were not at V-Week-2016 – but hundreds of NXIVM students know it was real.

Last year at V-Week 2016, an illness struck the students.

It was after Promotions and into the second week, when almost everyone got some kind of illness. It appeared to be food poisoning. Or perhaps it was a strange flu. People began projectile vomiting and had diarrhea.

Parents gave it to their children. All the children got sick, and some of them passed it back again to their parents. All of Rainbow was wiped out. Even some of the Proctors got sick.

But Keith Raniere a/ka/ The Vanguard and Nancy Salzman a/k/a The Prefect and the “higher ups” did NOT get sick. Lauren Salzman and Emiliano Salinas, who had taken over the MC duties because Clare Bronfman was not there in 2016, seemed unfazed by the illness that seemed to spread everywhere.

The top brass of NIXVM ordered all who were sick to go to their rooms. People were told they were not allowed to leave their rooms.

The leaders of NXIVM explained they were concerned about Pam Cafritz who was very sick. [She died within four months of renal cancer]. They said they were worried that if anybody came into contact with her, it might kill her. People were essentially quarantined in their rooms.

The grounds looked like a Zombie Apocalypse with toys left all over; towels left out. It looked like people once lived there and deserted Silver Bay.  Some Vancouver students organized a triage center and brought Gatorade to the sick people’s rooms to prevent dehydration.

The illness was still lingering when people left at the end of V-Week 2016. Some were afraid to drive or fly home, frightened they would have another attack of diarrhea heading back to Albany or wherever it was they called home.

When students left, the leaders told them not to tell anybody what happened. They were told to say that it was a flu, but not to use the language “food poisoning”.

Those whose minds leap to thoughts of conspiracy have suggested that Keith, the scientist, may have experimented with the food to learn some important lesson about human reaction.

It might have been a drug experimentation on Keith’s part.

People who think the worst of Keith said maybe he meant to intentionally hasten Pam’s death. It is well known she is wealthy. It is said he inherited her estate.

thee peas
Pamela Cafritz [left] was the object of solicitude of Prefect [m] and Vanguard [r].
Of course, it may have been food poisoning or some kind of virus.  Or maybe a precursor to a Jim Jones-type “revolutionary suicide”.

The fact that Keith and all the “higher ups” did not get it could be explained by their superior powers from NXIVM teachings.  Or maybe they just didn’t eat the tainted food.

Dr. Brandon Porter was there. Maybe somebody should ask him.


The 600 acre plus Silver Bay Resort was desolate during a portion of V-Week on 2016 and 2017. In 2017 it is because of few attendees. But last year it was because people were stricken with a strange illness that sent them to their rooms.


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[…] Parlato, a former spokesperson for NXIVM wrote in his blog “The Frank Report” that all the “higher-ups” of the company, including the […]

Ex fã
Ex fã
6 years ago

Is it true alisson and nicki are married ???? My God, have these people lost their minds how low a human being can go? Why did AIlison destroy her life in such way? These people are nuts .Vibrations cult charles manson here.

Your Conscience
Your Conscience
6 years ago
Reply to  Ex fã

Nicky is Canadian, so in order to stay she has to ken a way to be a legally accepted citizen in the US. Marriage is actually a common way for ESP people to stay in Albany with Keith. Mexico, Us, the U.K. and Canada have played this game. Marry someone when your visitor or work visa runs out!!! And Nicky had an 0-1 visa as a Candadian. That means she was bringing worth to the US entertainment economy. But she hasnt done much film or tv work since Keith got his hands on her so she probably couldn’t reapply for the same visa when the original one wore out. But since gay marriage is legal now and she and Allison are both devout followers… makes sense. It’s a great solution.

6 years ago

You can’t put anything past Keith and his accomplices. While food poisoning would take some elaborate planning and execution, it’s still possible. Although based on how lazy Keith is, it might be a bit of a stretch. It’s my opinion (learned that phrasing in ESP) that Keith prefers to keep his crimes to pedophelia, rape, murder and infecting as many women with herpes as possible. That doesn’t give him a lot of time to plot for food poisoning.

Jack the Ripper Suspect's Grave
Jack the Ripper Suspect's Grave
6 years ago

Leading Jack the Ripper suspect Dr. Francis J. Tumuelty lived in London during the time of the famed murders, and moved to Rochester when he was starting to be investigated. He was never tried, and died of natural causes in 1903. He is buried with his family in Riverside Cemetery, in the middle of section 13.

6 years ago

Hey Frank! Why haven’t you reported on Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne getting married to keep Nicki in the country? Shouldn’t someone call ICE already??

Jane Roe
Jane Roe
6 years ago

To play devils advocate, there was actually the “norovirus” going around Clifton Park and Albany at the time. The sickness started with a few people back in CP, Sylvie Lloyd was one of them. She apologized as she believed she may have brought it with her, her husband John Fox got it too. I believe a few other people had it as well. It spread and it sucked. I got it too! NOT FUN. It stayed for over a month after we came back to Clifton Park.

H.H Holmes similarities
H.H Holmes similarities
6 years ago

I heard the great great grandson of America’s first and worst sociopath/serial killer, H.H. Holmes, doing an interview on his book about Holmes, “Bloodstains”. The book is getting some run because it makes the very convincing argument that Holmes was also Jack The Ripper. Some of the things the author said made my hair stand on end:

– Holmes was a brilliant doctor/scientist who would perform painful experiments on his victims. (I’m thinking branding, food poisoning, 500 cal diets, and I’m sure those in the inner circle have dozens of other examples)

-Holmes was great with women and slept with a lot of them – even though he was only 5’7.

-Holmes was a pathological liar. “every word out of his mouth was a lie” is an exact quote.

– The first person Holmes killed was his best friend when he was a teenager. He watched him slowly die. (Keith stole 50K from his best friend in college. Did he “help” Pam die for her inheritance? I’m sure those in the inner circle have dozens of other examples of Keith brutally injuring/killing those closest to him)

– Holmes got chased out of TX because people started catching on to him. They caught on partly because those closest to him kept seeing others who were also close to him die after Homes had a problem with them. He then moved to Chicago and started over. (How those close to Keith can keep seeing his wrath towards his prior lovers who have couragously left him, and NOT have a huge problem with it has never made sense to me. I saw it and immediately jetted, but I also never let him sleep with me or hypnotise me.)

– Holmes had great success in getting the women he slept with and some men to help him in his killing of around 200 people. He’d meet and sleep with perfectly normal women, and he’d soon have them soliciting single female victims for him. They would also help him to perform murder in his house of horrors. He even had some men helping him. He had soundproof rooms he’d imprison victims in. Holmes never could have killed so many people or gotten away with it for so long without recruiting seemingly normal people to assist him. Even after he was caught and sentenced to death, some of his followers continued the murders.

I’ll never read the book because it will probably creep me out even more. But I’d guess that Keith knows all about Holmes/Jack The Ripper – just like he knows all about the villains in the Ayn Rand books.

Come on inner-circle. Enough is enough.

6 years ago

Did the SIlver Bay YMCA take hush money? If that many people got sick, I am pretty sure the health department would have wanted to know about it and test the facilities. It is mind boggling to even think that people continue to drink the ESP Kool-Aid after episodes like this that could have endangered the lives of
young children and the elderly (oh that’s right other than the aging Nurse Nancy everyone is young and nubile in ESP Never Never land because you die before you reach your golden years from the effects of long term calorie deprivation, lack of sleep, cancer etc. or you are smart enough to get out while you can still rebuild your life.

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