Source: V-Week replaces Silver Bay Internet with ESP Server to monitor V-Week attendees, find leakers to Frank Report

Last year's V Week had an estimated 400 attendees. This year there are en estimated 125. Mr. Raniere applauds the many homages to him last year. Seated next to him is Prefect, Nancy Salzman and the late Pamela Cafritz

According to a source, organizers of Vanguard Week have installed their own internet server and wi-fi system to provide online access for attendees.

Users are given a password and they log on through an Executive Success Program server that has been especially installed for V-Week.

It is not clear if V-Week organizers required Silver Bay Resort to disable their internet service to ensure attendees use the ESP server.

Clare Bronfman is in charge of operations. And it is her IT team that is said to have installed and managed the server.  Organizers of V-Week say this switch in servers was done to provide better internet service at Silver Bay.

A source familiar with Keith Raniere, who prefers to be called by his self-given title of Vanguard, says the substitution of servers was done to monitor internet activity of Mr. Raniere’s followers.

For several months, Mr. Raniere has instructed team leaders to tell followers not to log on to Frank Report. Students are told the site publishes falsehoods about Mr. Raniere. Reading it can cause a student’s “internal representation” of Mr. Raniere to be destroyed or damaged.

Mr. Raniere and Miss Bronfman are said to be concerned about moles in their organization. Mr. Raniere operates his companies with a high degree of secrecy.

Having his own server monitor internet usage at V-Week might provide Mr Raniere with an opportunity to find out who is leaking information to Frank Report.

Sources say, much of the inner workings of Mr. Raniere’s secretive organizations have already been leaked.

Miss Bronfman  is no stranger to computer hacking. She was accused of hacking into her father’s computer by using a phishing email so she could spy on him on behalf of Mr. Raniere.

More than 400 people have left Mr. Raniere and his organizations in recent months after revelations that appeared on Frank Report that alleged Mr. Raniere created a secret group of women who are branded on their pubic region with his initials and are required to give blackmail material to Mr. Raniere which he can use to destroy their lives if they reveal the secrets of the group and its branding practices.

This year’s Vanguard Week attendance is estimated to be between 100 and 150.

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Clare Bronfman reportedly deployed  IT men to monitor internet use at Vanguard Week. She wants to know who is telling Frank Report truthful information about Vanguard, so she can sue and use her superior wealth to bankrupt them. If possible, she may try to put them in prison on perjured criminal complaints. Miss Bronfman may not be  adverse to hacking into a computer either.

Last year about 400 people attended V Week.

V-Week may present a best last opportunity for Mr. Raniere to monitor followers’ internet activity. When they are home, they live in various locales and use different servers. Gathered at V-Week, they are in one location. If required to use his servers, it may be possible for Mr. Raniere to monitor followers’ online activities, determine who, if any, are moles, and possibly hack into his followers’ computers to glean pertinent information which he can use as collateral for future blackmail.

Those at V-Week who normally leak information to Frank Report from home are advised to go into the town of Silver Bay before sending any emails.  It also might be advisable not to log on to Frank Report while on campus, but read the Frank Report from town.

The other possibility to get messages out is to use one of the carrier pigeons that the Frank Report has arranged to be all over the Silver Bay resort during V-Week.  Just watch out for those damn archers (Vanguard was an Olympic-level archer in Kindergarten – and won 4 gold medals under an assumed name.  Really! You can even look it up in the Mongolian edition of the Guinness Book of World Records for 1965).



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To Tell the Truth
To Tell the Truth
6 years ago

The company sends several emails with attachments. Any attachment can contain a key logger such as Clair used with her father to access all his information on his computer. I would not put it past the evil ones to be spying on all their members.
They cannot use any of this information in a court of law as it would be illegal obtained so you have nothing to worry about. It only goes to show how far they will go to hide their lies.
Why not be truthful and let people make informed decisions if they want to be part of a cult before giving up year’s.of their lives & destroying relationships with the spouses, children, family & friends.

6 years ago

With the Internet, it is possible to read everything, What does the POLICE ????

Cell phone internet will circumvent this
Cell phone internet will circumvent this
6 years ago

Even Silver Bay now has reasonable cell phone coverage. So Frank Report will still get through….

Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz
Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz
6 years ago

I do not know how you get your information but if I was a mole this would not even stop me. You could simply create a dead drop on a server to which you upload files that are encrypted using PGP. Vanguard might know that you uploaded something to a server but he would no know what and who it belongs to in the end.
Should be hard for him to decipher that as even the sender is unable to do so. Of course it is not perfect as he gets a hint but one could simply wait until the festivities are over and use TOR browser from your home. In that case not even the NSA would know who sent the file and who received it. On top of that it would be super hard to read.
There is a reason why the US government wanted to jail the developer of PGP for treason and tries to identify and infiltrate the TOR network. Guess Keith does not have the means after all.

BTW for how long do you end in jail for breaking into secure communications or monitoring it without consent?

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