Part 1: Vanguard Week – big resort, few people

silv bVanguard Week is the 10 day celebration of the nativity of Keith Raniere whose birthday is said to be August 26, 1960. Mr. Raniere has given himself the title of Vanguard.

His followers pay from $2,000 and up to attend the event, which for the last several years has been held at Silver Bay Resort, in Silver Bay, New York.

Silver Bay is on the shores of Lake George.










The resort is owned by the YMCA and is set on more than 500 acres.  A number of hotels and lodges are on campus. During the “high season”, which is June, July and August, the YMCA rents out rooms from $50 to more than $200 per night, and the lodges for $3,000 and more per night.




There are more than 300 rooms. It can accommodate more than 600 people.


But the summer season ends abruptly each year on August 18. It is closed to people who want to rent a room or a lodge.

The resort reopens to the public in early September.

In the interval, the entire Silver Bay Resort is rented out for Vanguard Week.

drThe devotees of Vanguard take rooms, paying more than double the rate the Resort normally charges.

Of course, there is more than just rooms provided at Vanguard Week. There is entertainment, food, seminars, sales pitches to take more courses, and, of course, the chance to see Vanguard and, if it so happens, to touch the hem of his garment.

Or if you’re a young and slender woman to touch the tip of his wisdom alone in his private quarters.


But there is a problem.



Last year, about 400 people attended Vanguard Week. This year because people learned that Vanguard is now having his initials branded onto women’s public area – and taken photos and confessions from them to make sure they don’t tell anyone – there are only about 125 hard-core followers left.


Silver Bay will be a lonely place this Vanguard Week.

125 people [if even that many show] have the entire campus to themselves. Here are the accommodations available:



Overlooking Lake George, The Inn is the historic centerpiece of campus. It offers rooms with both private and shared baths. Many rooms double beds allowing people to share a room. There is a front porch and large lobby. (98 rooms, maximum 296 people)

Inn  – Private Bath  – $172-$184
Inn  – Shared  Bath  – $127-$138

A 5% gratuity will be added to your final bill.


With views of Silver Bay, Bayview has rooms with private baths. There is a conference room.

(27 rooms, maximum of 84 guests)

Bayview  – Private Bath – $150-$157

Brookside-Community-House-1Brookside-Community-House-2BROOKSIDE COMMUNITY HOUSE

Brookside offers two rooms to one bath. (6 rooms, maximum 15 people)

Brookside – Semi-Private Bath  – $167


Rooms open to the outside and showers are down the hall. Every two rooms share a toilet and sink. (24 rooms, maximum 72 people, bed linens are provided, but beds are not made)

Hemlock – Shared Bath  – $90


Each room has its own sink and can accommodate two people. Shared baths are down the hall. (55 rooms, maximum 110 people, bed linens are provided, but beds are not made)

Hepbron – Shared Bath – $78


Sits on one of the high points of the campus overlooking Lake George. There are two bathrooms, one on each floor, with showers, a full kitchen. (6 rooms, maximum of 20 people)

Rates for this building are available upon request.


2-floor lodge situated on one of the high points of the  campus.  Hilltop Lodge offers a lake-view front porch with rocking chairs. (8 rooms, maximum 17 people)

Rates for this building are available upon request.


Rooms open to the outdoors and are equipped with a small sink. Guests have to walk down the porch to the shared central bath with toilets, sinks, and showers. (11 rooms, maximum 22 people)

Overlook  – Shared Bath $53


Built in 1895 by the original benefactors of Silver Bay, this is a beautiful Victorian home that overlooks the Silver Bay campus. Rooms can accommodate up to five people with a shared bath for every 3-4 rooms. (16 rooms, maximum 51 people)

Rates for this building are available upon request.


Spengler is a dorm-style building with two single beds and a sink in each room. Central bathrooms down the hall. There is a lower level lobby. (28 rooms, maximum 56 people)

Non-Summer seasons only, rates are available upon request.


Built as a private hotel in the late 1800’s, Spruce Mountain Lodge looks out to the mountains and the open porch overlooks the lake side. There are 3 full bathrooms and a full kitchen. (10 rooms, maximum of 30 people)

Weekly Rate available upon request.Trinity-House-1.jpg



Trinity House has 13 rooms, maximum 28 people)

Trinity – Private Bath  –  $184


v lake goergev-week 2016



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About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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