Michel Chernitzky: cuckold me twice, shame on Vanguard?

Order 75501 - RawSources provided this information. If Michel, Emiliano or Jacquelin care to dispute it, my phone number is 716-990-5740. The purpose of these posts are to reveal the secret teachings of Keith Raniere. They are not scandalous to the inner circle. Keith teaches sex is like playing the piano or tennis. Touching the skin of the genitals or the elbow is quite the same. It is skin.  Why should anyone pretend his world is about life-coaching, mentoring and using amazing Rational Inquiry technology tools? His world is another lifestyle. Like the troops of the chimpanzee, there is constant sex without regard to relationships or partnerships. The alpha male has the right to all females and beta males sneak around with willing females.  There is sex with young chimps. There is only one alpha male. With that in mind, let there be transparency: Keith Raniere likes to keep his troops hidden from new people. This way, he can slowly bring them in. He wants to bring them in through the deceit of his being a master of ethical teachings. And hide the libertine world that consumes him. But if it is good, why hide it? Every cult of diabolism had the same sex practices. They all kept them secret and all of them cratered or were destroyed. Or grew apart because they got too old for such games. Maybe because they were secret, they died away. So in my own way, I am trying to help Mr. Raniere. Open up and be bold Keith Raniere. Be a libertine, but do it openly.  If you won’t reveal what you really offer to those who come earnestly to join you, I will do it for you. You may thank me later.


Perhaps he did not grow up thinking he would be a cuckold but Michel Chernitzky is rumored to be decidedly beta to his masters, Keith and Emiliano.

Michel Chernitzky of Clifton Park seems to be unwise to the adage “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”.

a rascal named raniere
Mr. Raniere is caught on camera.

A photographer and a native of Mexico, Michel became enamored of the teachings of the Vanguard, Keith Raniere. He ushered his young and beautiful girlfriend, India Oxenberg, into the master’s world.

He and India were in love. He was following the great and powerful Vanguard. He was learning many things. He edified his Vanguard. She could learn from him too.

Life was glorious.

He showed his woman that Vanguard was superior. Vanguard was alpha and he was beta. Michel admitted to precious India that Vanguard was smarter and wiser than he.

Somehow, he thought his woman would not prefer the alpha man.

India saw her man was inferior to his Vanguard. To most women, an alpha male is more attractive – and a Beta male is second. Sometimes, a sloppy second.

India Oxenberg was young and slender.

India was young.

It was not long before Vanguard began to privately “mentor” her. He was both of their teachers. Michel may have been gladdened when his Vanguard chose to teach his girlfriend.

Vanguard taught her as he always teaches slender young women. He ejaculated on or inside her. This is a ritual with Vanguard – and it means he owns the woman for life.

India grew tired of her beta male and chose the alpha Vanguard. She soon got branded with his initials. The glorious initials she will bear for life K-R.

She can be with no other man.

Keith Raniere teaches that the offering of his sperm on a woman makes her his slave.

India “fell in love” with Vanguard, preferring to share him with two dozen other women rather than remain with beta Michel. She broke up with Michel.

His master stole his girlfriend.

His hypnotic induction was deep. Beta Michel stayed with alpha Vanguard.

Vanguard took India. She joined DOS and had her pubic area branded with K-R – the initials of her master.

Michel worked for the Vanguard. Beta Michel took up with another woman, the beautiful Jacquelin Ronay, of Mexico. They lived in Clifton Park to be near his Vanguard.




ronay g
Jacquelin Ronay.

Michel and Jacquelin were disciples of alpha Vanguard. Jacquelin professed deep love for Michel. Michel explained quite plainly that Vanguard was his leader, his teacher. Superior in every way.

As a disciple of the Vanguard, Jacquelin had to be courteous to handsome Emiliano.

Emiliano was Michel’s best friend.

Emiliano Salinas was the top beta male of the followers of Raniere.

Emiliano spotted the young, attractive woman on Michel’s arm.

Emiliano was wise, he was dashing. He was rich. He was alpha when it came to Michel. He was Michel’s boss.  What better kindness could he offer than to mentor his best friend’s girl?

Vanguard had taken Michel’s first girl away.  So, Vanguard’s number two man “mentored” Michel’s new girl.

Emiliano is on the right with his gay lover Alex Betancourt.

Emiliano is too genteel to steal her away. Emiliano would have sex with Jacquelin – with or without Michel’s knowledge. But she would stay with Michel.




A source said:

All Mexico’s team know and gossip about Emiliano’s love affair with the young Espian Jacquelin Ronay now living in Albany NY, even though she is ‘married’ to his closest, best friend Michael Chernitzky. But whatever Vanguard ask, you do!

Michel is experiencing the fate of beta males in every culture: the more alpha male takes the beta male’s woman from him at will.

In some cases, the superior male will keep her to breed. In other cases, he will ejaculate  then send her home to live with a cuckold. She may be on call for the alpha male but she remains with the beta male. She may even get pregnant with the alpha male and lead the beta male to believe it is his child.

The beta male by natural law becomes cornuto [cuckold]. The word cuckold comes from the bird, the cuckoo, and its habit of laying its egg in another bird’s nest.

Michel is in the Society of Protectors, a group of beta males trained to be cuckolds for Keith Raniere.

These are lessons Vanguard teaches.They should not remain secret.

An alpha male cannot remain within the organization. There is room for only one alpha male. He is Vanguard. He has many millions of Bronfman money to maintain his top dog status.

Those near him must accept being beta. Emiliano is a classic example. He is a beta male with Keith and alpha with Michel.

Emiliano’s wife is Ludwika Paleta. She is in an open relationship with Emiliano Salinas.
raniere m
He is the Vanguard. Keith Raniere.
Emiliano with his wife Ludwika Paleta.

Emiliano balances sex with men and women.

A source said:

Emiliano Salinas the former president’s son enjoys sex with a lot of the DOS women and sometimes, as we know. with men too. He has had sex with a lot of the DOS women and his wife has no option but to agree on that.

A married woman said that

Emiliano met me for lunch one day. I thought it was about business. He told me he wanted to have an affair with me.

I told him I was married.

He said well I’m married. I have an open relationship with my  wife. She has sex with other men. I have sex with men and women.

I said I wanted to be faithful to my husband.

After the lunch, he continued to text me. Relentlessly asking me for sex.

I chose not to tell my husband. Or show him the texts. I chose also not to begin an affair with Emiliano Salinas.

Emiliano is a sexy soldier for Raniere.

Emiliano is every woman’s husband and every man’s wife.

He is Keith’s beta male servant. He missed out with the married women, but scored with his best friend’s girl.

Except perhaps for Michel, in the role of the cuckold, everyone is having the time of their life.

So why do I write these: So those who are on the verge of entering the world of Raniere can make up their own mind whether to enter more deeply.  If you choose to do so, you will at least do it with you eyes wide open, instead of being deceived that Keith Raniere is something that he is not.


Did Jacquelin go and get herself branded? Are Emiliano’s initials there alongside Keith Raniere’s?
Jacquelin is on the Raniere diet. It may mean she has been the lucky recipient of Vanguard’s ejaculation ritual. Vanguard himself is said to have given permission to Emiliano to have sex with Jacquelin. If so, then she is shared by Vanguard, and Emiliano, and Michel gets sloppy thirds. This is the world of Vanguard. I certainly would not bring this up, if they were not pretending to be life coaching ethics teachers. They are a sex cult. It is not the 19th century. They can admit it and be honest.
Jacquelin walks the beach and life is good. She has two masters and a cuckold “husband”.
The cuckold, having lost his masculinity, might opt to become more of a feminine creature and live with his woman as a sister while she enjoys alpha males like Vanguard. Perhaps Michel will become the first male within Raniere’s sick little world to be branded with his master’s initials.
Capture 7
A white hot iron branding tool is used to brand the initials of Keith Raniere on DOS women’s pubic region. Keith looks forward to the day when all women are branded like cattle so their owner is known to anyone venturing near their vaginas. It is better than a chastity belt.
This is not a real photo but am artist’s conception: Keith Raniere teaches a beta male of The Society of Protectors [lower center] and his DOS wife [left]. – Gretchen Dos.
A member of the Society of Protectors waiting at home while Vanguard mentors his wife.
university 1
A teacher at the University of Higher Education shows that the Society of Protectors both wear the horn [cornuto] and learn the lessons [left] of Keith Raniere.
kr dos
The Connubial Boudoir of the coupling of DOS and SOP – By Joann of Dos ‘The exquisite imagery of the artist suggest that Mr. Raniere presence is figurative only. This is made clear by the initials K R not being at the woman’s pubic region but floating seemingly in mid air – where it transmutes the branded wife to higher consciousness whereby the husband is not a cuckold but a DOS slave himself subordinate to the higher teachings of Master Raniere” – L. Worthington Hammerton, art critic .



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