Source: Keith and Allison want to bury ESP and save DOS


By Camilla dos Giles [a fictitious name]

I have a different take on Allison Mack.

If 100 followers show up at Apropos, where Allison Mack is expected to confess to creating DOS without Keith Raniere’s knowledge, 90 will likely applaud her for lying.

How lucky she is to be able to serve him by lying.

Fifty women got their crotches branded with his initials and he knew nothing about it?Fifty women whose whole life is centered around him gave collateral in order to be branded and no one whispered a word to him.

Half the audience who will attend at Apropos will be DOS slaves and when Allison says she created it and Keith knew nothing about it, these DOS women will pretend they know nothing about DOS either. They with their pussies branded will act shocked at the confession.  [And everyone will know that everyone knows that everyone is lying].

It is expected when Keith calls a gathering it is to lie.

Truth is lies and lies are truth. This is the first lesson.

So why lie? Just to fool the few ESP people who might fall for Keith not knowing about DOS and to make a videotape to send to Gullible [Mexico] City to fool a few waverers.

So Allison will get up on stage and shed tears as she confesses. Secretly they will be tears of joy.  [And most of her audience will be in on the secret.]

Sure to the rank and file, DOS sounds insane. They might take her confession and tears at face value. She doesn’t mean it. Keith is not trying to get out of trouble. He may be announcing  the future:  DOS is his proudest accomplishment.


This is a group of women. Call it DOS. Call it The Vow.  It has no name.  It doesn’t need a name. This is a group who share a secret. A sisterhood with a man in control. Restrictive diets. Asking permission to sleep. Readiness drills. Being on call. The secret, second phone. Being ready any time he wants us. Hiding our secret from our family, friends, our husband, if we have one, hiding the most important thing in our lives. Being ready to be las putas [a slut], if he orders. Doing penance. Making ‘The Vow’. Pledging slavery. Backing with collateral. Nude, raunchy pictures, uploading them on cloud. Who holds collateral? We don’t ask. Just hold me down, naked, and brand his initials on my pubis.

As the rank and file run away from ESP because of DOS, Keith and Allison are happy.

Let them stay or go.

If DOS were to cause the death of Executive Success Programs [for who will pay to come to life coaching seminar created by a man whose women brand their crotches with his initials?] what of it?

DOS will survive. Maybe in Fiji. Maybe in Clifton Park.

No longer will he have to recruit slaves through the charade of life coaching seminars.

New recruits will come to him to be branded.



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  • Yeah, it was Allison, all by her lonesome self, without any of the now, at least ten year influence, from the shitty cult and its leader, the one whom she has no qualms about repetitively and publicly calls “mentor”, and who everyone in the cult knows, asks permission to do everything, who came up with the idea of near genital branding. A woman who practically only cared for acting for over two decades just had an epiphany without any cultic influence all, to take over Pam’s pimping operation for the pervert and upgrade it.

    The only people who would believe such bullshit are 1) morons 2) the already brainwashed.

  • My prediction:

    The official public position will be that DOS was an aberration that was completely due to Allison Mack, and that Raniere, ESP, JNESS, and SOP remain the epitomes of nobility and ethics that they always have been.

    But after JNESS recruits (some direct, some from ESP) have demonstrated that they are sufficiently gullible / susceptible to hypnosis, they will be told that they have been deemed to be candidates for Raniere’s higher teachings. This will cost money (of course) instead of collateral (blackmail material). They will be told they must Vow to serve Raniere in any way that he requires. They will be told that their recruiter will guide them through the rigorous training, but they will not be slaves. They will be told that genital branding is not part of the program.

    They will be told that the program is not DOS, and that DOS invented by Allison Mack and repudiated by Raniere is just another example of the weakness of women that “inner-JNESS” is designed to cure.

    But after some weeks or months of “inner- JNESS” it will be hinted that as an expression of their devotion to the program (and that devotion is important for promotion to the next of the many levels), most members ASK to post collateral, and ASK to be branded. They will be told that Raniere accepts these voluntary acts, even though he emphasizes that they are not remotely required.

    A few of the thinnest and most attractive of the inner-JNESS / not-DOS women will be recognized by Vanguard as being especially close to “integration” and he can help them make the next step (via a “facial”).

    In other words, nothing will really change.

    • I would offer a different version of events. Keith gets charged with fraud and perjurs himself on the stand. He’s sent to jail for 15 years.

      In jail he gets the nickname Deuce which sounds pretty badass but they give it to him because he takes it in both holes.

      Deuce becomes the bitch of several of the leaders in his cell block. He becomes known for his submissiveness to the much more dominant males which is beautifully ironic. Deuce tries to EM the leaders to get them to stop but all they say is “shut up bitch” and they have their way with him.

      To try to retain his sanity he reads Ayn Rand until his new cell mate decides to wipe his ass with the pages of the book.

      It’s discovered by one of the inmates that Deuce might be a paedophile as he may have had sex with a 12 year old.

      And you know what happens to pedos in jail. Uh-oh.

      The moral of the story is don’t be a sociopathic loser.

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