Fake [?] transcript of gathering where Vanguard met with followers

His highest value was maintaining a harem. But he kept it a secret from his followers.

Frank Report became the recipient of what purports to be a transcript of conversations at a gathering in Clifton Park, New York. To me, it read like comedy fiction.

Just the same, I reproduce an excerpt of this “transcript” without actual names but using initials of individuals speaking. I present it for the reader’s delectation and for comment: Is this real or phony? Should I publish more? Should we use real names?


KR: When a person fears something, they tend to run away from the thing they fear. This becomes almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy, which relates to non-integration or disintegration.

IO: That’s amazing. All my life I had fears which only got worse the more I think about them.

KR: Fear is a reaction to an imagined outcome.

JG: Why do we fear?

KR:All fear is a lack of data, and therefore fear is lessened with more data.

PR: How do we succeed then in being fearless?

LC: Wiping out all fear? What if we fail?

KR: Failure in the physical realm is pain versus pleasure.  In the emotional realm, sadness versus happiness.  

PR: In the thought realm?

KR: Detraction versus affirmation.

Nearby, NS is speaking to RJ:

NS: You explain it as a show of respect. Students bow when entering and leaving for it represents respect for the work done there. It is also gratitude.

RJ: Toward Vanguard?

NS: And Prefect for creating ESP. 

At a distance several women are huddled, speaking furtively:

LG: He rolled me onto my back.

MD: Was it hard?

LG: No. He had to hold still. He finished before I started.

KR: [speaking to several people all of them listening intently]: People go from expression to expression to expression.  For example, the person may see an ad on TV about Christmas and think of a past Christmas, which leads her to remember a red dress her mother wore, and that red dress gives her a feeling of comfort. That feeling of comfort reminds her of a time when she was a baby, being held by her father who had hairy arms and the hair on his arms might remind her of the hair that she has on her arms now. Human thought patterns go from intellectual associations through intellectual associations through emotional associations. There is a whole series of thinking, feeling and sense memory associations. With each one of these transitions the physical body takes on a certain aspect of that physical transition depending on the emotion that is triggered and the amount of data that comes from that transition, or the amount of emotional charge.  By watching a person’s reflexes, or by listening to the stressors in the person’s voice you can ascertain a tremendous amount of information about the person without the person consciously transmitting that information about herself.

KR’s audience seems transfixed as he continues. Not far away, the group of women who were furtively talking seemed not to be listening to KR speaking.

MR: When it was my turn, I told him, You feel so good. [she snickered].

LG: He couldn’t hold back. I moaned, my hands on his shoulders, Oh, baby, I said.

They laughed.

NS (to RJ):  When a higher rank enters the room in the beginning of each session we stand as a show of respect and to ready the group to be brought to order.

RJ: Like a judge in a courtroom?

NS: And the coach should not be the person who introduced the student. Students have to call the coach on a schedule.

RJ: How often?

NS: At least twice a week. For more advanced students, every day.

KR: [walking off to the kitchen to get a drink of sparkling water. The others who were listening stand in awe watching him. IO follows him to the kitchen].

KR: Hey.

IO [trembling]: Hi… I was thinking… of … you.

KR: Let’s go for a walk.

DP [whispering to the women in her little group]: There he goes.

MD: Before I could recover, he slipped inside me. My breath against his face. You know, he didn’t know but I could tell he had eaten pizza. Besides there was the box in the trash can.

LG [softly]: Was he hard?

DP: God no. He had to hold still, knowing if he kept moving, he would — and the whole time it hurt for he’s moving me around while he is half limp. And then he pulls out and did — on my —.

MR: It is so hot in there. I mean you get out of the tub and you’re sweating. The mirrors are steamed. You know I honestly only go because I have to but really–

DP: You’re so damn hot and he holds it up against your face and I mean really smelly and and he holds it in his hand and — all over my —- and —. I moaned and said, Oh, baby.

LG: [Looking at AM, CF and IO] Thank goodness for them.

They laugh.

KR and IO leave with everyone pretending not to notice, but with everyone watching them leave from out of the corner of their eyes. The room visibly changes.

IO, as she leaves with him, appears to have tears of joy in her eyes. AM shoots a glance at them as if she is desperate.

KR has a foxlike grin on his face.

CF [who is very young and the only one watching him openly]: He’s coming back.

MD: No.

AM [comes toward the women who were whispering. They are all getting ready to leave now that KR has left.]

LG: [whispering to MD and DP] He couldn’t hold back any longer. [then noticing AM is listening, she stops and whispers] Little pitchers.

DP: Sorry A—.

AM [obviously depressed]: Did he say anything about me? Nothing? I haven’t seen him in a week. [she too gets ready to go].

CF [the young one, seemingly upset]: He would not leave and not say goodbye to me. He told me to come. We didn’t even talk. AM leaves with her head down.

Everyone is moving toward the door except CF.

NS [goes over to her and shooing CF out the door with the others says]: Did you have a nice time dear?  See you tomorrow, sweetie.

CF leaves with tears of sadness in her eyes. The women who were whispering appear bored as they leave, glad to be going. The women who had been listening to KR wax poetic seem scintillated and blessed to have been in his audience and they say so to each other as they leave, speaking in breathless, awesome tones to one another as they walk home in the night.

raniere as a cartton
KR gives his love.
raiere teaches the daughters
He is fun for the young. The younger the better.
Mexican version of Keith Raniere.
He is a minstrel, a poet, a king.
A diet of pizza – with its slow burning complex carbohydrates – and ample animal fat from extra cheese – produces a body that is capable of long exertions over many nights and long walks in the daylight.
Everything is beautiful in its own way.
aaaaa (2)
He is worth waiting for, his followers say.
“I think: therefore I am”  -Vanguard.
“He is both genius and inspiration. Why? Because he shows us compassion and teaches us the way to live nobly.” – A follower of Vanguard.


And the lucky ones shall meet him where his graceful form, their nubile splendor undraped and hot tub twineth.
“Where there is selfishness, insight cannot thrive,” says Keith Raniere. No truer words were ever spoken.


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Fargo North, Decoder
Fargo North, Decoder
6 years ago

KR: Keith Raniere
IO: India Oxenberg
JG:. Jimina Garza Davila ?
NS: Nancy Salzman
RJ: Rosa Laura Junco ?
MD: Monica Duran
LG: Loretta Garza
MR: Melissa Rodriguez
DP: Dani Padilla
CF: Cami Fernandez
AM: Allison Mack

6 years ago

LC: Lyvia Cohen/Linda Chung?

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