Never before published: Raniere makes notes on Paradise Lost – Showing how Lucifer [himself] takes the fall!

Keith Raniere once sent this copy of “Paradise Lost” to one of his lovers.

He was trying to teach her how to be under his thrall. She rejected him. Perhaps because she could tell the Luciferian was him.

For those who doubt the notes in the margin are Mr. Raniere’s, one will have to take that on trust or ask “Vanguard” to provide a writing sample.

Those who know his writing will have no doubt about its authenticity.

This has never before been published.


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  • Keith has taken the fall. It’s as clear as day. He identifies with Lucifer and projects it on his ex-lover. It’s so scary and sad to see this, but it all makes sense now. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, like Lucifer in Paradise Lost, Keith has far too much riding on his lie to ever come back into the light. Stay very far away from him – and if you’re still there — get the f**k out while you can.

  • It’s sad really. To send this to a lover who is leaving. In many ways, it could be considered a plea for help.

    But for the cognoscenti, this is clearly what Raniere sent to Toni Natalie. She had recognized his manipulations, and knew their insincerity. She recognized, whether she could verbalize it or not, that Raniere was identifying as the Luciferian. And she wanted no more to do with that.



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