Tops in Judo, Running, IQ and lying, Raniere says he won awards


Master Raniere has both superior intelligence and extraordinary physicality.  At least that’s what he claims.

He was East Coast judo champ when he was 11 or was it 12 (He’s claimed both)? He tied for the New York State record for the 100 yard dash at one point (How humble of him to have only “tied” the record). Unfortunately for Mr. Raniere, all of the records regarding those accomplishments – and all of his other feats on athletic prowess — were   destroyed when a malicious landlord threw them out.

He also took an IQ test offered by an obscure group named “Mega Society”. The Mega Society IQ tests are different than other standardized IQ tests since the test-taker is allowed to take the IQ test home and return it any time.  Standardized IQ tests are monitored in order to confirm that the person whose name is on the test actually took it.

Mr. Raniere explains this is a higher IQ test because superior people are on the honor system. Mr. Raniere returned his test two weeks after he took it home with him.

If he was anybody less than the “most ethical man in the world”, this self-verification of an IQ test would be invalid because it lacks scientific controls.

Vanguard, however, is a teacher of ethics – and no one who follows him questions any of his claims despite the lack of proof for almost all of them.

The Mega Society IQ test supposedly proved he is one of “the top three problem solvers in the world”.  And, somewhere along the way, even that claim morphed into “the smartest  person in the world.”

He was also the fastest human being in New York State – and by the age of 11 or 12, he was also the toughest on the East coast.  And don’t even get me started on his musical talents – which are also, of course, world class and totally undocumented.

His one other award which is much less known:  He is the world’s biggest liar.

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Clifton Park, NY
1024x1024 (13)
The face of a stone cold liar.
Says it all.

Keith Raniere charts how to tell when he is lying [hint his mouth is open].
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This is how he likes his women.




At your own risk.
They can’t all be wrong.


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For about $100,000 – and at least part of your soul –  you can get this ribbon from ESP


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Advice from people who know Mr. Raniere well.
His teachings are super confidential. Why?
Warning: Do not Google Keith Raniere unless you have time to read a lot of VERY NEGATIVE stories about him and his various misdeeds.


Symbol of Keith Raniere’s IQ


It ‘s all about HIM.
Although many think ESP is a cheap knock-off of Scientology, they’re absolutely wrong.  There’s nothing cheap about ESP – not in terms of the money you’ll waste, the friends and family that you’ll abandon, or the loss of humanity you will experience.
1977 raniere
He said he graduated from high school in 1977 even though he really graduated in 1978.  Not a “big lie” but a great reminder that he’ll lie about anything.  That’s what sociopaths do.
Closing in on trillionaire.
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NO BULLSHIT HERE. According to several sources, Raniere hasn’t filed a tax return in more than 20 years.
Keith Raniere’s separated-at-birth twin?

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  • Virtually everything about Keith is a lie we all think. He doesn’t have a photographic memory as he barely remembered any of our names, those of us who spent decent time in Albany. He’s not a genius. He doesn’t seem to be a vegetarian as rumors of him eating meat have circulated for a long time and his body doesn’t suggest him being a vegetarian. He is however in control of a large fortune and likely about to get some deeds to some houses through DOS.

    I hope I’m not cockblocking Keith by saying that but can you even cock block a guy with a 3 inch cock? It probably barely penetrates. Sorry. Had to. Most of the organization (I would guess about 70%) has turned on Keith, Nancy, Lauren, everyone.

    A lot of the men still in SOP are having a crisis of conscience but are too scared to leave I’m hearing. Ironic that a group called The Society of Protectors is currently run by a bunch of punk ass weaklings. If the earth was ever invaded and we all had to fight, they’d probably be the first to be in a fetal position crying and peeing themselves while losing all control of their bowels. They could actually stand up to what’s happening but instead they are paying their monthly fees to sit around and do nothing and talk about nothing. It really is the lamest course on the planet. I was enrolled for a couple years then figured my time would be better spent staring at a white wall or riding random elevators up and down over and over. A lot of these guys got into the course with feeble minds and probably never evolved. I’ll never get those two years back where I could have been lighting my arm on fire or punching myself in the head – both better pursuits than SOP.

    The Mexicans are now starting to find out what’s going on and let me tell you, Lucifer himself wouldn’t mess with some of the people these guys are connected to. Some of the Mexican women in DOS are connected to, erm, how do I say this lightly, some bad ass motherfuckers. And I know these guys aren’t happy that that their relatives were branded. Money won’t stop these guys if they act.

    The crazy thing to all of this is it seems that SOP created misogynistic men who might accept what Keith is doing based on those teachings. While Jness created women who lose their sense of intuition and become weaker for it. Both of which play into what Keith seems to have wanted – the ultimate bachelor/bro lifestyle. And Keith looks like the bro that never grew up. Peter Pan Bro if you will but an evil Peter Pan. Not the nice, androgynous one in tights from the movies who sings songs.

    Nancy who just found out about DOS could play the hero here and take the company down but she won’t. Imagine a mother who doesn’t do anything when her family gets branded. Potential candidate for Mother of the Year in Hell? She has my vote. The other women who are still in seem to be brainwashed or fearful to get out because of collateral.

    There are a lot of people who for years knew of illegal or unethical business practices but did zilch. The stories are fantastical and amazing. Authorities are often useless unless a lot of people complain. Especially people who knew what happened. On the plus side I know of five people who have real info who are talking to some interesting, high level people.

    There’s so much more but I have to go slam my head against a wall to figure out how I got conned and how Keith got my ex GF in DOS. By the way, don’t think that outs me. There’s likely over 100 women in DOS we suspect if not more.

    Until next time. Uncle Luciferian out.

    • This comment is hilarious. I can’t believe this clown organization has lasted so long. Well, I somewhat can because not many people have over $100 million to burn.

  • I’ve always thought that the 100-yard record claim was the best example of just how far Raniere is willing to push his audience to see if they are “true believers” with respect to his bullshit. Seriously, a short dumpy white guy was the fastest runner in New York State? Yeah, that sounds really credible. Even his mommy won’t believe that one…

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