Readers comments: With artwork: Raniere as Lucifer; or is it vice versa?

Readers comments with artwork:

Capture 7

DOS really is Keith playing Lucifer.


The whole 666 recruitment numbers, the “mark of the devil”, having women call him or other women “Master”.

lusty boyvb

Anyone who knows Keith well, knows he is thoroughly obsessed with Lucifer in Paradise Lost and during intermittent periods of time, talks about Lucifer and his pet nickname: ‘Luciferians’ constantly.



When I first read about the 666 recruitment numbers I immediately thought Whaaaa? ‘666’ like the devil? Thank you Frank Report, this post is awesome! So accurate!





Psychopaths like Keith always out themselves as psychopaths eventually. (Everyone Google: “How to identify a psychopath”.)






symbols of Raniere
Logos for companies designed by Mr. Raniere.





CDb8SAeWIAEa0rE (1)
Sisters helping a sister.

The slave master [second from right] approaches the slaves
Capture 5

The psychopath ENJOYS making others suffer. Just as normal humans enjoy seeing other people happy, or doing things that make other people smile, the psychopath enjoys the exact opposite. [Naked human branding requires painful suffering. Sleep deprivation, low-cal diets, spanking, etc., Keith’s pain module, all entail suffering]


DOS women celebrate in the moonlight





“Speak of the devil” means the target is accused of being a Luciferian, the ultimate epithet in Raniere-world, a person with inverted values who wishes to destroy all positive things.



Keith is evil. A decade of first hand witness accounts of women coming forward describing the abuses they suffered, the fraud, the misogyny, and the disgusting sexual addiction of Keith Raniere is not “propaganda”. It’s called eyewitness accounts.


Lucifer from Paradise Lost.
Mr. Raniere has thought out a blackmail-based, multi-level marketing group called Dominant Over Submissive (DOS). He based the recruitment on a mathematical formula where six women would recruit six slaves who each would recruit six slaves: 6-6-6.
Keith Raniere claims to be a scientist.
dr roberts
Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O. performs the Female Pubic Branding for the women of DOS
Symbol of Student of Keith Raniere.


The fireworks display of Keith Raniere so totally blowing up his carefully cultivated persona in such a glorious “Yes I am a psychopath” fashion, it takes my breath away. I can’t wait to read more on this blog. Fascinating thread too.




Psychopaths are soul eaters or “Psychophagic.”

Keith seems to be infatuated with pain and joy, seemingly invoking the formeron others, so he can obtain the latter for himself.


I think he is the devil. Because he destroys without reason. There is no logic in the destruction he causes. He destroys things he says he loves. He gets joy from other people’s pain.


There is no fanciful “grand conspiracy” against Keith Raniere. His conduct has been reported and the consequences of his conduct effect everyone in the NXIVM community. Plain and simple.

witch water float test

Every day you intertwine your life more with Keith Raniere’s moves you to a place of less and less options. One day you may wake up and realize – “Yes it was/is all true and I denied it”.


Four naked women hold the woman to be branded down.
ranniere crop
Keith Raniere believes the most ethical teachings are available for you!

Deceptive brainwashing isn’t voluntary.

‘Look deeply into my eyes,’ Keith Raniere says. “I will help you solve your problems.”

One of Mr. Raniere’s patents is revealing:

Publication number: 20130281879
Abstract: An aspect of the present invention is a method for determining whether a Luciferian can be rehabilitated. The method includes stimulating the Luciferian with a first stimulus and recording a first physiological response by the Luciferian to said first stimulus. The method includes determining, from the first physiological response, a first polarity of the Luciferian’s response to the first stimulus. The method includes stimulating the Luciferian with a second stimulus and recording a second physiological response by the Luciferian to said second stimulus. Further, the method includes determining, from the second physiological response, a second polarity of the Luciferian’s response to the second stimulus. The method includes comparing the first polarity to the second polarity to determine whether the second polarity has a greater value than the first polarity; and determining, from said comparing of first polarity and second polarity, whether the Luciferian can be rehabilitated.
Type: Application
Filed: March 15, 2013
Publication date: October 24, 2013
Inventor: Keith A. Raniere

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6 years ago

I know the language is loaded in cults, but finding nubile slaves for her master to eventually fuck and cum on their faces is not a “women’s world movement” no matter how much one spins it.

Where are Allison Mack's Family and Support Network?
Where are Allison Mack's Family and Support Network?
6 years ago

Where are Allison Mack’s family? And support system? She has family, former friends, an agent, a publicist, all outside Keith Raniere’s control. Clearly this girl is lost in a delusion and suffering an extreme mental disorder from being under the control and degradation of a psychopath. Isn’t there anyone out there who cares enough to do something? She needs a serious mental health intervention. Can you all imagine where this girl will be in a year from now? Or less? She needs help and support. When the reality that Keith is an evil monster comes crashing down on her (and her followers) what will happen?

There is no amount of money you could pay me to go anywhere near a NXIVM event – let alone a training. Those places are a powder keg ready to explode. One of these women are bound to have a psychotic break or worse. If you have a loved one in NXIVM, or worse DOS, don’t delay. Do everything you can to reach out to them, to connect, to offer support and help.

Without Judgement.

Monte Blu
Monte Blu
6 years ago

I really don’t think you get it at all. Allison has never been happier. She was once a vain petty little girl who only cared about herself and how people thought about her. Now she heads a world women’s movement. Try not to forget early Christians were martyred.
Allison is doing Keith’s work which none of you could ever understand and that’s why you left.
Don’t hurt Keith any more. Stop patronizing this website. You know the truth.

6 years ago
Reply to  Monte Blu

Note To Monte Blu:
You apparently don’t understand the difference between “happiness” and “delusion”. Or you’ve invested so much of your own energy, money and time in Raniere’s various “enterprises” that you can’t bear to deal with the reality of the situation: Raniere is nothing more than a psychopathic con man – and everything you think you know about him is simply an illusion. Sorry, you (and your fellow slave-women) did not happen to stumble upon the next Jesus Christ or Mahatma Gandhi. Instead, you got conned by a dwarfish little psychopath who still has serious “Mommy” issues. But, oh, how she could dance…

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