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Keith Raniere makes a formidable foe. Correspondent suggests that he or she will hack into the Dropbox account where the collateral was uploaded and release collateral to the world. Presently only Mr. Raniere and his DOS slave masters have access to the collateral.

Albany Times Union, February 1, 2004

Kristin Marie Snyder’s life as an “Espian” lasted just four months…. Alaska State Police investigators believe that Snyder drove … to a campground along Resurrection Bay in Seward….and theorize that she paddled a creaky, 16-foot kayak into the bay and intentionally capsized in the glacier-fed water.   Her last words were scribbled in a spiral notebook found in her truck: “I attended a course called Executive Success Programs (a.k.a. Nexivm) based out of Anchorage, AK, and Albany, NY,” she wrote. “I was brainwashed and my emotional center of the brain was killed/turned off. I still have feeling in my external skin, but my internal organs are rotting. Please contact my parents … if you find me or this note. I am sorry life, I didn’t know I was already dead. May we persist into the future.”

Albany Times-Union/November 22, 2010

Susan Dones, a trainer who ran the Colonie-based company’s former center in Tacoma, WA,  told a bankruptcy court last week that Keith A. Raniere, the creator of the teachings used in NXIVM’s self-improvement courses, may have motives beyond the education of human potential.

Dones said NXIVM presents Raniere “as the most honest, ethical, Nobel (sic), man who had the answers to mankind’s problems” yet his training sessions are “used as a venue to stalk their students … who might fit into Raniere’s profile of sexual conquest and who might be willing to ‘give’ Raniere money to feed his gambling problem.”

She said Raniere’s personal behavior, which was inconsistent with his teaching, is a reason why she and eight other women left NXIVM in April 2009.

Raniere, who uses the name “Vanguard,” and NXIVM President Nancy Salzman, Dones claimed, acted maliciously toward members who were “…sold on Raniere being someone he is not and that NXIVM ‘mission’ is something it is not.”

“I was informed and believe that Raniere/Vanguard was having sexual relationships with multiple women, sometimes with more than one of them at the same time (many of these women were told that they were the chosen one; several of them were members of NXIVM’s executive board which is a per se conflict of interest and all them had to keep their relationship with Raniere a secret from the NXIVM community because it was feared that many members were not ‘evolved enough’ to be able to deal with this information),” Dones stated in her court declaration.

As for operations, she said that one of NXIVM’s officers bragged about an ability to forge signatures, suggesting that documents generated by the company are suspect. And she said the company may be dodging paying taxes.

“The destruction to NXIVM comes from within the upper, inner most leadership of the NXIVM organization,” she said, calling herself a whistle-blower.

Toni Natalie claimed Raniere sexually attacked her before she left him in 1999, according to a court filing. NXIVM’s lawyers called the Natalie claimsscandalous, immaterial, and impertinentbut really never denied their validity.

Natalie wrote to the federal judge that she “…was raped repeatedly by Raniere, each time with him telling me it was harder on him than it was on me, that we needed to be together so that I could share in his energy, and that I needed to remain silent so as to not wake up my child who was sleeping in a nearby room.

Natalie and the other women speaking out said sex with Raniere wasn’t a spiritual experience. It was something much darker, a way to melt them down and cast them into a mold he had created.


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Gina Hutchinson committed suicide. Mr. Raniere, her sister claims, started having sex with Gina when she was 15.


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  • Allison Mack must be getting pushed from her master to promote his greatness more frequently due to the material published on this website. Her most recent blog post fawning over his magnificence of telling her to more deeply experience existence – in other words, be more attentive, something you can learn from a $10 self-help book – is here:

    Allison, how can you become a better artist if all you’re doing is trying to sell your fraudulent master’s courses, instead of actually working? You were a lot more successful without him than with him. The only reason you think you’re experiencing more joy, compassion, and all the other buzzwords, is because they brainwash you into thinking you are.

    • Allison Mack’s blog posts often point to specific types of neurosis she is experiencing. It is obvious what she describes is the effects of being in Executive Success Programs trainings for several years, and the results of being “mentored” by Keith Raniere.

      Here are some quotes from her last three posts:

      From “She Stopped Talking Enough to Listen”:
      “More often than not I am spinning in my head consumed with thoughts about what are others are thinking of me, how I can do better and what I’m going to eat for lunch. The noise in my head is so loud that I can’t hear anything other than the feedback bouncing off the inside of my skull.”

      From “And She Failed Again…. At Least This Time Was Better”
      “I listened to a beautiful book by Pema Chodren called, “Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better”….. “My heartbreak does not cause my body to shut down, I can survive the pain of losing someone I love, disappointment, and shame.”…..”So look at the failures, lean into them and find the lesson deep within the pain. Easy to write, easy to hear – simple. Hard to apply. Deep breaths… Press into the day and look for the failure. Brace yourself for the pain. Grin joyfully, and bring it on.”

      From “She Tries To Be Good….”
      “But genuinely, outside my own issue, I look at all the faces on the tube and the people at the convention and it seems like we are all little 4 and 5 year olds just trying to be good. Trying desperately to make sure we are doing the “right” thing – the “acceptable” thing.”

      Allison Mack was a successful confident actress in her beginning years with Executive Success Programs. By the time she was 30 years old she had saved a multi-million dollar fortune amassed from her work on Smallville, and carefully invested it. The returns on her investment ensured she would never need to work again. After leaving Smallville Allison got way more deeply involved in Executive Success Programs, and unfortunately ensared by Keith Raniere.

      The above quotes exemplify the slow denigration into insecurity and neurosis exhibited by many students in Executive Success especially women seduced to Keith Raniere’s bed and “special teachings”. Allison Mack, a once healthy, confident, prime time lead actress, and millionairess by 30, has disintegrated into (from her own writings) a “spinning in her head” “trying to survive the shame” “4 or 5 year old little girl.” Add to that the pictures of her illustrating her extreme anorexia and a fair assumption that Keith Raniere is burning through her fortune – Fast.

      Allison Mack’s own words say it all and are the best testimonial to the real life effects of Executive Success Programs and DOS. Neurosis, shame, infantileness. Perhaps much worse.

      Allison Mack’s blog –

      • And this is why Vandoofus, fraud of the true essence of a human being, charlatan extraordinaire, false “prophet”, and sociopath, must be stopped. He confuses and destroys minds and doesn’t even give shit. No one burns through millions of dollars of other people’s money otherwise. He only cares about himself and only “cares” about others in relation to how much he can use and abuse them for himself. It’s time for his MLM castle built on and of sand to be washed away.

      • ESP is loaded up with thought-stopping stimulus-response nonsense that eventually debilitates the students. Our host used to work there, and has noted that advanced ESP students were unable make ordinary business decisions, because they had to translate everything from the real world to Raniere-speak, process as best they could, and then translate back to the real world.

        But that was back in the pre – DOS days.

        A common cultic tactic is to restrict the calorie intake of members (as well as work them long hours);. It dulls the mind, making it easier to control the recruits.

        ESP wasn’t a live-in cult where that was an option in the past, But DOS promotes a calorie-restricted diet (because Vanguard likes them to look thin, implying youth). That has the side-effect of making DOS members barely functional mentally.

        Allison seems to be displaying the symptoms…

  • Many of the students who took the course in Mexico come from very powerful and wealthy families. And Mexico is full of gangsters who do awful things. Personally I hope Keith goes to jail. But karma is a bitch and upsetting Mexican dads can’t be good for a person’s health.

  • Raniere has plants on this site to discredit posts. There’s a lot of funny stuff in Raw Dog’s posting but most of it is true. Several friends of mine in Mexico confirmed that the Mexican fathers are very upset and want to do something about it. And it’s not the first time this talk about Keith’s small penis has gone around the cult. And think about it…the organization and higher ups are not pro-tax people. It would be likely that some or many didn’t pay taxes and now the IRS is coming to collect.

    • I had long guessed that if things got too hot in the U.S., Raniere would disappear into Mexico, where the big ESP community would help him stay hidden.

      But if it’s true that there are Mexican fathers in a vengeful mood, I don’t think he would last long.

      He may even need to give up the long evening walks in Clifton Park, unless he acquires some good body armor.

  • Speaking of comedic gold, I laugh everytime I think of how funny Keith thinks he is when he tells the stupid suspenders caught in your car door joke.
    Everyone just needs to leave the little gnome. WHAT IS???? Ans: TIME TO LEAVE. BYE. On to the next chapter of my life.
    No wonder he can’t help himself from cutting every guy off at the knee – he’s insecure sexually, and sexual conquests (both by beating another guy out for a girl or ejaculating on someone) make him feel a little bit better about himself.

  • Several of the women have come to me and want to get out. Up to recently I was a very prominent member in the organization and I know many still who trust me. I spent over $100,000 of my own money in courses. The women also have told me the following: 1. At least 13 girls want out of the group. And there’s more questioning everything so what you are doing is helping. 2. Keith is very nervous and is starting to make big mistakes. His emotions are starting to get the best of him and it’s showing in how he’s treating people. 3. Several of the women have told me he has a very small penis. Almost absurdly small (not joking here at all, that’s what they said). They say it would be impossible for him to ever satisfy anyone because of that. Not that he seems to care. While this seems funny, imagine the poor women who have to endure having sex with him. 4. SOP – Society of Protectors was also Keith being smart with people. We think (people who left SOP) that it’s an acronym for SOcioPath. He left breadcrumbs all around for people to know what he was. His module about sociopaths was actually about him most of us now believe. 5. Several of the women have brought up that his hygiene is disgusting. That they can’t stand the thought of have sex with him anymore because of how he smells. This could be as a result of him being rattled right now. They’ve nicknamed him The Garden Gnome. I’m assuming because he is very short and fat right now but I’m not completely sure. Garden gnomes also smell like dirt. Maybe that’s why. 6. Many of the men who have left SOP (I was also a very prominent member of this group) now see Keith as a sociopathic idiot. When we all look back at our history we can’t believe we were duped by a moron. It’s shocking really. For the rest of our lives we’ll be questioning how such an idiot could have duped us. 7. Some believe Keith is planning his escape to Fiji with Clare. And that if authorities don’t act soon, he will bring slaves with him and they will be lost forever. 8. I have heard Keith has illegal blackmail not only on women but on many men. If these men came forward they could bring him down. But they are too scared. They could end this if they weren’t so cowardly. 9. I know that several of the fathers from Mexico who have DOS daughters are livid and these aren’t men you want to piss off. I think this is legitimate. If you look into who these men are, they aren’t people to be messed with and their daughters are currently slaves. 10. I was told by a very reliable source that Clare is getting upset at how much money she has to fund into the organization and is starting to feel used. She’s also hated by all the other women who find her very cold and jealous. 11. It was also told to me that the IRS is coming after a bunch of people involved in the group. I don’t have any proof of this. And it could just be a rumor but I believe it makes some sense. Many people have gone to various authorities. I do know that.
    A lot of this is imploding. And I’m left questioning how I could have fallen under the spell of such a stupid man who has nothing to offer to anyone. I’d suggest to anyone who has fallen under the spell of the GARDEN GNOME to get therapy too. It’s the fastest route to recovery. I enrolled over 20 people into the organization and for that I will always feel guilty.

    • This comment would be unencumbered comedic gold if it wasn’t for remembering all the time wasting of people’s lives and direct and indirect damage this clown has done. I’ve been trying to get people out of this cult for years and all I can say is a somber “I told you so” (from the echoes of several years ago). I would feel a wee bit sorry for him but it seems like that’s not something he really knows how to do for others.

    • S.O.P. Is also a term of art for Swingers-Open(marriage)-Polyamorous. Another coded message from Vanguard?

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