Part 5 The Slave Women of DOS: Jness and DOS synonymous; ask DOS slave Angelica Hinojos [if she’ll talk]

Angelica Hinojos

According to sources

Angelica Hinojos is not only a member of DOS [Dominant Over Submissive] women’s group founded by Keith Raniere and Allison Mack, she is a recruiter of slaves for Mr. Raniere.

She is also a Recruiter & Coordinator at Rainbow Multicultural Education. And a recruiter of potential slaves for Jness which is where DOS slaves are culled.

She Studied Psychology at The University of Nottingham

She reportedly lives in Los Angeles, California, and hails from Mexico City, Mexico.

She is also a nanny.

She is a member of Jness and DOS.

The history of Jness:

On a spring day in 2006, in a car, driving down the highway, Pam Cafritz, Marianna Fernandez, and Keith Raniere were discussing weighty matters.

Mr. Raniere offered his expertise in educational methodology and waxed poetic about his knowledge relating to the ‘human dynamic.’

Miss Cafritz and Miss Fernandez asked Mr. Raniere if his immense knowledge could be applied to the struggles of women in a world where women’s values are distorted.

Mr. Raniere said he would solve this problem.

Over the next few days, Mr. Raniere came up with ‘codification’ for a new method of gender transformation.

From his gigantic brain, Jness was born to make the world a better place.

Today, just 10 years later, Jness has spread to “over 17  locations” and has touched women from all walks of life. With over 1000 hours of curriculum and methods of gender empowerment, Jness is the most advanced path of gender discovery in the world, according to Mr. Raniere.

More importantly it is a home community, for compassionate, humanity -minded women of this era. And just think, it was founded by a man.

The leaders of Jness are all followers of Mr. Ramiere. After Miss Cafritz passed away, Allison Mack became the leader of Jness. She is a slave of Mr. Raniere.

The late Miss Cafritz was Mr. Raniere’s chief harem organizer and was responsible for bringing many women into his harem. Many entered the harem through Jness.

When Miss Mack took over, as both the leader or Jness but his top harem recruiter, she and Mr. Raniere developed an offshoot to Jness called DOS [Dominant Over Submissive] where women dedicate their lives to being slaves to Mr. Raniere.

All leading members of Jness are also slave women in DOS.

DOS requires the slave women to give collateral – material given to Mr. Raniere’s control which he can use to blackmail them – usually nude photos and audio confessions of damning and embarrassing deeds and to submit to a cauterized iron branding on their pubic area with his initials.

The women of Jness are the women of DOS, and vice versa.

Since DOS does not recruit women directly, Jness does the work of sifting through women to find suitable candidates for DOS.

If you become a member of Jness, and you appear obedient and willing, plus are attractive, nubile and slender, you can expect to be recruited into DOS.

Be prepared to take an embarrassing and raunchy photograph of yourself which can be used as collateral to insure you will not speak about DOS to anyone.

Jness offers something special, according to its website:

“The ideal relationships you have always wanted are easily accessible to you after taking Jness.  The amount of time you spend worrying or struggling to try to understand the opposite sex as well as your own is never the same leaving the course.  You are different and you have the resources to have the honesty and depth in relationships you have always wanted to have.”

What is does not mention and probably should is it offers something really special – a chance to be branded by a white hot cauterizing iron on the pubic region and a commitment to be Mr. Raniere’s slave for life.

The leaders of Jness are the leaders of Jness: people like Rosa Laura Junco, Allison Mack, Monica Duran, Loretta Garza, Marianna Fernandez and Angelica Hinojos.


angelica hinojos - Copy
Follow Angelica; she will help you get branded.
Miss Mack has become the new harem manager for Mr. Raniere.
rosa laura junco
Married and living in Albany, Mexican Rosa Laura Junco has hosted secret gatherings meant to entrap women into giving collateral and then using undue influence to coerce them to be branded with Keith Raniere’s initials.
Monica Duran is said to be the brains behind the Mexican teenage girls who come to Albany to be groomed for Mr. Raniere’s “teachings.”
marianna fernandez
Marianna Fernandez is so dedicated to Mr. Raniere, she has assisted Mr. Raniere in recruiting her younger sister Cami into Mr. Raniere’s harem and supported the imprisonment of her other sister Daniella Fernandez because she would not agree to sleep only with Mr. Raniere. She is a leader of Jness and one of the slave women of DOS.
Nicki Clyne was an actress with modest accomplishments. But she made an astounding turn toward fulfillment when she agreed to become a slave of Mr. Raniere. Now she obeys his every command. She eats only what he says, sleeps when he gives her permission and finds total joy in following Master Raniere for life– unless of course she changes her mind. If one doubts the truth of this assertion – ask Miss Clyne to show you her pubic region [discretely of course] and see whose initials are on there.

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