Pt. 11: Branded Slaves and Master Raniere: Practice makes perfect DOS slaves

By Frank Parlato

[This report has been developed from information provided from sources. For their protection, they are unnamed. It is up to the reader to judge whether the information presented is factual or not.]

The secretive women’s group called DOS [Dominant Over Submissive] that includes the practice of human branding – led by actress Allison Mack – has recently become exposed to the general public.

Working with Miss Mack at the top of DOS are Dani Padilla, Rosa Laura Junco, Loretta

Dani Padila is one of the top slaves of Mr. Raniere

Garza, Jimina Garza, Nicki Clyne, Marianna Fernandez and Monica Duran.

We will be giving a full report on the roles of these women in a future post.

All of these women have taken a vow of lifetime slavery to Keith Raniere who is the conceptual founder of DOS.

All of these woman have female slaves of their own.


Before one can join DOS, a woman must post collateral. This must be something damning that can be used to persuade a woman that it is not in her best interest to disclose the secrets of DOS.

Collateral will be released to the world or to places where it can do the most damage if the secrets of DOS are revealed.

Before being branded, slaves have to prepare by daily and weekly discipline.

There is required reading: Some books that are necessary to read are

The Chasm of Fire by Irina Tweedie

How to Know God (Aphorisms of Patanjali) by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood

Odin & the Sphinx by Keith Raniere

A DOS slave must fast 12 hours daily. During the 12 hours, a woman may only drink water with lemon, black tea with lemon and honey, or sparkling water.

A slave must take a cold shower before eating, a daily 15 minute silent walk, forgo one comfort every day, report any emotional experiences to her slave master, do daily devotional studies, and make a daily act to honor to her slave master. This could be as simple as making the bed in the slave master’s honor.

A weekly devotional meeting or phone discussion with the master to check on the various practices for the week and to discuss confessions.

Some communication between masters and slaves is permitted by encrypted phone applications.

Confessions – which slaves are encouraged to make about all matters of life – are carefully recorded in a journal by the master to aid the slave in the future.

New collateral is required to be submitted in a online “Dropbox’ on the first of every month. The slave must alert her master that it is uploaded in order that the master can download it and remove it from the Dropbox.

After the branding a photograph of the brand must be sent weekly while it is healing so if any slave should go to the media, DOS masters will know whose brand it is.

Mr. Raniere teaches that only women need to post collateral.

“Women are very rarely punished for their wrongdoings or mistakes,” Mr. Raniere said.

The reason for collateral is to teach women that there consequences for their bad actions as well plus keeping a woman from revealing secrets of the organization – only if you talked.

Men are not required to post collateral in the men’s group.

It is imperative to stress that collateral will not be released unless a slave reveals the secrets of DOS.



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  • A few days later this woman starting talking about how Keith was Jesus and crawling on the floor like a dog. Her name was Mary, I’ll never forget. At one point she was barking. The trainers kept trying to shoo her off into a side room (A girl named Christine? Is she still in?) to get her away from us other students. She kept walking on the floor like a dog, so they were trying to push her with their feet. I wouldn’t quite say they kicked her, but it was insanity. That was my last training.

  • I was in a training when a guy starting screaming and ranting and ran out of the training during the psychopath and ghoul class.

    • I can’t remember, did that come before the class where you learn everything you like about yourself is bullshit, based solely on desperate weakness and everything you dislike in others is YOU? I think the class was called Best People for the World? If so, he got off easy! That class messed with my head for years. The only thing worse was the relationship class where you had to talk about the “Death Benefit” of all the good things that would happen if your partner died. No Joke! Are they still teaching those classes? I remember something else about a heroic struggle that you would repeat for the rest of your life, or some such nonsense. Basically, it was all “You Are Doomed!” In my training there were several people who went outside to smoke pot on all the breaks. They couldn’t take it.

      • Psychopaths and Ghouls comes before Best People Perfect World in the ESP Intensives. Relationship Sourcing where you explore the Death Benefit and decide to dump your girlfriend happens after in day 9 or 10. The last day – 16 – is the Heroic Struggle class, that is where you are taught to fully embrace your doom.

      • I took two 16 days in ESP. In my second training one guy ran out half way through the first class. He just got up and ran. He was older, and I think a banker. He ran like his life depended on it.

      • The front door to the building was locked and he couldn’t get out. He kept barrelling against it, Finally some girl from the office came with a key and let him out No one said a word like it wasn’t happening.

  • I was horrified when I first read / heard about this. Now, it’s getting hard for me not to laugh. Sorry. I am normally not judgemental, but WTF? This story get’s better and better. Agree with Riveted – wow, the women who are outing this. That takes some supreme ass balls. As for the women who are gleefully still going along, geez. It’s hard to have compassion. I have seen many Dracula iterations in the movies and on TV. About the least sympathetic character in every version is Renfield. No one ever feels compassion for Renfield. He is the irredeemable accomplice of Dracula, and typically disgusting. In this DOS scenario, other than the women outing this whole thing on this blog, who are the victims? It seems like all the other women are Renfields through and through.

  • This blog is riveting! Absolutely riveting. I left NXIVM many, many years ago. I heard about this blog a few days ago, and since I am like “OMFG!!!”. Oddly, I am shocked, but not surprised. The seeds of this kind of craziness growing were visible to me a decade ago, so I left.

    Cheers to the women who have outed Raniere and Mack. Courage! Right on!

  • Can this blog do a chart? This post has seven women under Allison Mack. Is that accurate? Where are Lauren Salzman and Nicki Clyne? I would think they would be on the first tier of slaves to Allison. It would be good to show who is a slave of who.

    As for Dr. Danielle Roberts she still looks pretty enthusiastically involved and not worried about “integrating socially back into society”. Check out her picture on the homepage of her website at If she was leaving that site would be down. Same with Rosa Laura Junco. Still the enthusiastic CEO on These women will never leave DOS. They will wear their ability to weather this negative publicity as a badge of honor to their commitment. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

  • Dr. Danielle Roberts is nothing short of a monster. She is an enthusiastic victimizer. I think everyone reading this blog should be thinking about the women she physically mutilated, and their much worse psychological scars. We should all be thinking of what could be done to help the real victims here “integrate socially back into the rest of the world”.

    As for slander, slant, and spin. Slander is defined by a provably false fact. What is the underlying fact here? Dr. Danielle Roberts either burned these women or she didn’t. A thousand people can chime in with there opinions of that fact, but whatever those opinions are doesn’t change that fact. I can only assume Dr. Danielle’s defender in the previous post must be a Knife of Aristotle ghoul. This is the kind of foolish reasoning The Knife employs. De-emphasizing facts and over blowing the analysis of opinions of facts to confuse. The facts are the facts. Did she burn women or not? I suggest everyone working at The Knife of Aristotle ask their bosses Rosa Laura Junco and Nicki Clyne about their burns, and their enslavement and reevaluate their opinions of Dr. Danielle Roberts actions.

    Although judging by this latest entry, Rosa Laura Junco and Nicki Clyne are enthusiastic victimizers too, at the top of DOS. What does Rosa Laura’s husband Luis Montes think of this? What will her kids think? She has a daughter….

    • I am reading this and caught the reference to the term “GHOUL”. Wow, when I was in NXIVM in the early 2000’s that was a big term. Raniere went on and on about psychopath’s and how they were going to take over the world. Psychopath’s always had a “GHOUL”. A ghoul was the arms and legs of the psychopaths in the world. People who the psychopath seduced into systematically destroying their conscience step by step till they would gleefully do any evil thing for the psychopath, even though they were not psychopaths themselves. Those classes gave me nightmares. Thank you to Renfield for that post. Dracula and his ghouls, that is such an Executive Success Programs thing. I guess Raniere has always been talking about himself (as the psychopath) and looking for ghouls (like DOS women – Renfields). Holy Sh**. Thank god I left.

      • I don’t normally comment on blogs, but reading this. I remember the whole psychopath and their ghouls thing. Hahahahahahahaha! That was some pretty crazy stuff in ESP when I was there. Agree with Riveted, this blog is mind blowing. A lot of people I knew back in the day are still involved in ESP, I am shocked.

        What about the Unification Path? Are these women also working towards Unification? Does anyone remember that? Where after a number of EM’s you became unified? Translation – enlightened? No one is writing about that, I am curious.

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