Photo Gallery of The Women of Raniere part #1

gina melita
Gina Melita. claims Keith Raniere in his mid 20’s had sex with her when she was 15.
1024x1024 (8)
Gina Hutchinson. Her sister and friends claims Raniere had sex with her when she was 15. She later committed suicide. Raniere was blamed by sister.
1990 girl raniere raped
Rhiannon. Claims Raniere had sex with her 60 times when she wasw 12. Raniere was 30.
Pam Cafritz – lives with Raniere. Said to be his wing woman.
Lifelong harem member, Barbara Jeske, died recently of brain cancer.
karen underriener
Longtime harem member Karen Underreiner.


Longtime harem member, she left Raniere in 2014. She had Raniere’s son.
toni natalie
For eight years he was Raniere’s number #1 wife. he promised her a female child who would be an avatar, she said. No child was born. She is now an enemy of Raniere.
1997 salzman b
Nancy Salzman his longtime business partner, disciple.
chritine marie
Christine Marie met Raniere but chose to flee from him when he tried to make unnatural demands on her.
Longtime number #1 wife. She lent him more than $1.6 million. Raniere lost it. She is now an enemy of Raniere.


marianna fernandez
Mariana Fernandez, Raniere’s current #1 wife.
cailia fernandez
Camila Fernandez lives nest door with Karen Underreiner. Ex harem members say she is being groomed for Raniere. She will be or already is the third sister to be part of his harem.
karen abney
Karen Abney longtime faithful Raniere acolyte left the group.
Raniere disciple and one-time alleged Raniere bed partner Sara Bronfamn
Raniere disciple and alleged sex partner and harem member Clare Bronfman.
esther carlson
Esther Chiaponne Carlson left Alaska thinking she would be Raniere’s only girlfriend. Was persuaded to join harem.
svetlana Kotlin
Sevtlana Kotlin, Left Raniere when she found out she was not his only girlfriend. Now an enemy of Raniere.
dawn morrrison
Dawn Morrison; harem member.
Loretta Garza, harem member.
Siobahn Hotaling a lesbian devotee of Raniere.
ivy nevares
Ivy Navarres, harem member.
michelle salzxman
Michelle Salzman, Raniere allegedly bedded her with her mother’s consent.
lauren 1
Lauren Salzman., Raniere allegedly [sequentially] bedded Lauren along with her sister Michelle and her mother Nancy.
images (4)
Allison Mack actress, alleged  harem member.
Kristin Kreuk, alleged harem member


Sarah Edmondson, actress, follower of Raniere. Kristin Keeffe said that no one who worked with Raniere and who was female was not bedded by him.
Nicki Clyne alleged harem member and actress.
Analea Holland. Raniere harem member who married wealthy Jim Holland who allegedly watches impotently while Raniere beds/teaches his wife while he donates to the Cult of Raniere

to be continued….


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