Kristin Keeffe’s ‘shocker’ email to NXIVM attorneys re: Raniere’s crimes

Pam Nichols is one of the many attorneys for NXIVM during their aggressive days of suing enemies.


pam nichols
NXIVM attorney Pam Nichols

After she escaped from the Cult of NXIVM with her son, longtime NXIVM member, Kristin Keeffe decided to warn her old friends Nancy Salzman and Clare Bronfman about the danger they faced criminally by continuing to support the illegal activities of their mad leader, Keith Raniere.

Here is a copy of her email, written under the email name of “ sent to Clare Bronfman, Nancy Slazman, Mariana Fernandez, Loretta Garza, Camilla Fernandez, Steve Ose and other NXIVM members. It was originally written to NXIVM lawyers Steve Cofey and Pam Nichols who, according to Keeffe had blocked her emails:


… To:,,,,,,,

Sorry all, was trying to get this to the NXIVM attorneys as a follow up to protect Nancy and Clare, but it appears they are blocking my emails, presumably to protect from mandatory disclosures in the various NXIVM litigations controlled by Keith. —–

Forwarded message from —–

Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2015 05:46:57 +0000 Subject: The unfortunate realities…


Dear Pam and Steve,

I am so sorry to have hit you with all these emails regarding Keith and NXIVM.

Unfortunately for all, I have had to both present myself and communicate with you and the NX parties, in ways that played to Keith’s sociopathic tendencies. I did this with the best of intentions, hoping to create some gap in the absolute and total psychological control Keith has, over Clare [Bronfman], Nancy {Salzman], and Emiliano [Salinas], as well as other inner circle members like Kathy Russell, Marianna Fernandez, Loreta Garza, Steve Ose, and Ben Meyers.

I was counting on the likelihood Keith would spin out of control with crazy plots, theories, conspiracies, and strategies of how to use me – lure me – imprison me etc., in the gaps between my emails. I am hopeful that upon reflection, Clare, Nancy, and Emi will get some insight or awareness into the reality of Keith’s insanity as a result.

There is no big conspiracy here. I left because Keith abused me horribly in every way, orchestrated crimes at every level of NX operations, and horribly lied to and/or abused all of my friends. It’s that simple. I am not working with any anti NX parties, nor was I ever before I left. I came to all these conclusions through rational study of Keith’s conduct and the detrimental effect he had on everyone’s life around him – whether they realized it or not. Each one of the people I have mentioned above have knowingly participated, directly or indirectly, in criminal conduct of the most insane order.

Pam, I spoke to you of some of the goings on with Keith and NX before I left, but I dared not tell you everything for fear you would be ethically obligated to out me to Clare.

In my last email BCC’d to you both, I discussed three main areas of criminal liability. You should know that I had forwarded all the Canaprobe transactions to a third party gmail account for safe keeping as they came in. I acted similarly for the plot to lure Natalie, Bouchey, Dones, and Woolhouse to Mexico, and as I wrote you earlier, Emiliano went so far as to have a Mexican journalist contact Natalie et. all. to invite them to the so called “anti-cult conference”.

Keith intended these women serious, serious, emotional and physical harm. There is no way all these things will stay secret. No way. Barbara Bouchey already knows about Canaprobe, she turned over in discovery an invoice to Clare from Canaprobe stating “Rick Ross bank sweep” (among other line items) in the Ross litigation.

I am guessing Clare never disclosed to either of you the depths she went to, as directed by Keith, to obtain financial records for leverage against every potential anti- NX party. This included getting records for every Judge in every NX related case. Cavanaugh, Falk, Sharpe, Treece, Macevoy, Littlefield, the Judge in the O’Hara criminal case, the USPTO officials who denied the NX patent for Rational Inquiry, Chuck Shumer, the Suttons, Rick Ross, Peter Skolnick, The World Jewish Congress, Rabbi Israel Singer, Steve Herbits, Jim Odato, George Hearst, Rex Smith, Steve Forbes, Her Father, and the list goes on and on.

Keith enslaved Clare by convincing her early on in her relationship with him, that all the bad press that befell him was a result of her actions in not upholding him properly and thus turning her father against him. That all these horrible things are because of her “ethical breach” and only her nobility, relentless work on his behalf, and her resources can heal this breach and save her soul and humanity. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Keith’s bad press and Edgar Bronfman’s disgust with him were a direct result of Keith’s actions. Professional men, other than paid consultants or attorneys, don’t want to have anything to do with Keith.

He has a completely off putting egomaniacal way of dealing with people not already retained, and experienced professionals are disgusted. He told me that the real reason Edgar turned on NX was because he had a bad reaction to Keith when they met.

In the 24 years I have known Keith, 11 of which I lived with him, I have not seen him develop one working professional relationship with an executive level male that was not on the payroll before meeting him. Not one. The only professional male relationship Keith has ever had was with Yuri Plyam. A total crook.

I have not seen Keith develop a single close working relationship with a woman (professional or not) that he wasn’t immediately having sex with. Not one. Ever.

Of course Edgar Bronfman would be disgusted with Keith, and horrified about his daughter’s involvement. It wasn’t about the Jews, for God’s sake! And Keith used Edgar’s disgust to completely emotionally, sexually, and financially enslave Clare.

I am sorry for my role in playing along with Keith’s crazy conspiracy theories to you both. I had to, to protect myself and my son until I had the resources to escape. Keith began planning his attacks on Bouchey etc. in 2009, and they were small potatoes compared to how he would perceive me, once he knew or even suspected I was his enemy.

In the years while I played along, I had to endure the most vile physical abuse by Keith, and attempted psychological abuse and disparagement by his closest sycophants, all directed by Keith. I took the abuse I had to take, and I acted the way I had to act, to keep them all in the dark about what I knew was happening. I had to for the protection of my son. It worked, and now my son and I are free and Keith can’t touch us.

Clare and Nancy had once been, not only my closest friends, but people who I loved and admired wholeheartedly. I do not blame them for what they did to me because I know Keith made them. I don’t want to see them go down. As for Emiliano, I don’t care, yet Clare and Nancy are liable for Emiliano and Keith’s actions whether they knew about them or not. As you two well know….. Pam, please talk some sense into them. I have only told you a small fraction of what Keith has gotten them into. At every level of all the NX operations, including the related entities, is fraud. Every level.

Clare and Nancy are like the secretary for Bernie Maddoff who was recently sentenced to prison. Like she testified about herself, they have suspended all personal discrimination and judgement and defer to Keith on all things without question. No matter how completely obvious their criminal and civil liability is, and irregardless of their past professional experience.

Please help them.


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  • All I know is that I went to dinner with this man, Raniere, in Los Angeles in 1997. I think I met him on JDate. He took me to Asia de Cuba at the Mondrian and ordered a very expensive bottle of wine. I was 27 and hadn’t had a lot of exposure to that. He also lit a joint inside the restaurant. I remember thinking that was very cool. In fact, that’s the main reason I remember him. He had the best bud known to mankind. To this day, I don’t know what that shit was, but it made you mellow, inspired insane laughter, and didn’t cloud your judgment or vision.

    He was driving a convertible Mercedes. Maybe it was rented because I don’t think he lived in Los Angeles. In any event, he didn’t talk about himself in those terms, only about how great and smart he was. I’ll never forget his hair though; it made his head huge! I also can’t believe he’s kept it.

    I remember we had a disagreement about why I wouldn’t have sex with him that night. He straight up propositioned me, No BS, just straight out with it. I hesitated because I’d never experienced that either. He started talking psychology and commented on his genius level IQ again. He began lecturing me about doing what I want to do and how life is too short. Obviously, he wanted to hit it and forget it, but I wasn’t ready to fuck a short, stocky guy I’d just met on JDate. So, he got a little snippity and dropped me off at home without walking me in – a blessing, apparently. He seemed pissed that he hadn’t been able to seduce my mind in our short time together and deemed me a loser not worth anymore of his time.

    “Well, I’m 5’8″, 5’11” with heels Mister. It takes a lot to slay me if you’re not at least 5’11”. I didn’t say that, but that’s how I felt. Hubby is 6’4″, so Raniere remains the shortest man I’ve ever been out with.

    If he had physically been my type, he probably would’ve gotten lucky. I had a great time on the date and he was certainly charismatic. But the way his personality changed so quickly weirded me out. He immediately rejected me when I had the idea to possibly see him again instead of sleeping with him that night. That’s bold.

  • Everything should be transparency and clear. No point to be secretive. I believe Keith created some great ethical theory to normal average people who just want to grow. Just don’t understand why so secretive. Why can’t we share ,talk,discuss and learn in public and charged openly for the true value. Also I personally not supporting any kind of worships to any individual person.

  • I’m curious to know if there is some insider information on what Raniere et al, e.g. Pamela, Karen, Nancy, Lauren, etc., are all saying at the cult compound and to other NXIVM members about Keeffe’s defection from NXIVM and the fallout being created by bad publicity and websites such as this one.

  • Ditto to the WOW just WOW. Really this is more damaging then the Keeffe-Bouchey phone transcript IMO. Well played KK well played. I think Raniere just take a direct blow to the junk with this getting out.

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