A Look at 3-Day Leadership Intensive Erin Valenti Attended Days Before She Died

FR is examining the 2019 death of Erin Valenti.

Shortly before her death, she attended a three-day leadership and empowerment course conducted by Ontocore called Create Powerful.

Valenti also expressed interest in drug-free, implant-free, ng, brainwave interface technology and linked to a company called CTRL-labs on her website. The autopsy says she died of a sudden death manic episode.

Some speculate that Valenti might have experienced something at Ontocore that led to the 33-year-old woman’s sudden death.

Could there have been another type of brain interference from a third party? Fred examines these questions.

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  By Fred

Taking a further look at Ontocore, I don’t see any sign of hi-tech mind-control information, just endless word-salad of the most suspect type.

From their Facebook page, I find the following:

“The Create Powerful Course is a transformative 3-day course rooted in Ontocore’s highly effective model of leadership….

“The ontological and phenomenological approaches utilized in the course prepare participants to leave the course with the power to create whatever future they desire and to do so as a person who exercises leadership as their natural self-expression.”

Wow. That’s pretty impressive for three days, no matter how intense.

Image from Ontocore’s website promoting the Create Powerful course

Now: are there “ontological” secrets (learnable in three days) that will grant people “the power to create whatever future they desire”?

Ontology: the study of existence.

Has Ontocore discovered the essence of human and physical existence? And is this essence: whoever pays us the money for a three-day intensive will become a person who “exercises leadership as their natural self-expression” with “the power to create whatever future they desire”?

Where are the courses on being good followers? Is the essence of being a “natural leader” that you pay money and attend leadership courses? If attendees activate their “natural self-expression” as leaders, are they thereby activating their employees’ “natural self-expression” as followers?

All these enterprises are based on the notion that there are simple secrets to unlocking your power. In an artificial setting, where sophisticated group mechanisms can be used, it’s very easy to give people an overwhelming rush of feeling and emotion. I’ve experienced this in certain sophisticated education workshops.

There’s a definite origin for these exercises. It lies in “group dynamics” as originally developed at the infamous Tavistock Institute in Britain and brought to the USA in a big way. You can read about it from the horse’s mouth.

Basically, group and peer pressure is indirectly applied to get people to change their behavior.

Tavistock has been in the news recently for their appalling abuses (as reported by internal whistleblowers) of their transgender programs, enthusiastically recruiting thousands of children to change their gender through highly questionable means. Children as young as eight years were put on hormone treatments after just two consultations and no follow-up.

Research Centre for Group Dynamics

The Tavistock-type group techniques are extremely effective and have been refined over the decades. You can see basic Tavistock-type group control in any talk-show studio audience, where the crowd is prompted to boo, cheer, clap or laugh in unison, to trigger a similar response in the people viewing this on TV.

I am not saying Ontocore (does the “Onto” refer to “ontological”, I wonder?) and their courses were directly responsible for what happened to Erin Valenti. I said “someone” at Ontocore — and it may well have been a participant, rather than a course leader — seems to have gotten under her skin with something they said.

Brandon Craig of Ontocore talking to a member

Yes, people die of mania. You can die from simply not sleeping. But this behavior was entirely out of character for Valenti, and her husband is a psychologist, so I think we can trust his judgment.

No drugs were found in her body, although her behavior sounds like it could have been drug-induced.

Barrie Trower

I have extensively written on Frank Report about mind control via microwave radiation. I met and traveled with Barrie Trower, the UK government’s top scientific expert on microwave warfare, now retired.

I know for a fact that pulsed microwave radiation can cause mania, depression, confusion, memory loss and many other effects. From Trower’s public talks, I know some frequencies that will achieve these ends.

Trower debriefed Soviet-bloc victims of microwave radiation who were attacked in their homes. He says the most lethal pattern of attack is to alternate periods of mania with periods of intense depression, going through the night. He said “no one” can withstand that for more than 48 hours.

The mystery of Havana Syndrome has become even more opaque, but it’s clear that people around the world have fallen victim to some form of radiation or sonic attack that has absolutely crippled them and damaged their brains irreparably.

Something like this may have been involved, perhaps completely coincidentally. Who knows what microwave fields you are exposed to in California.

If I were a cop, I would track back and interview every person who interacted with Valenti at that workshop. Someone there might reveal a clue as to what really happened with her.

I’ve tried checking out Ontocore, finding reviews, etc.

There are 15 video testimonials on the company’s website. Mostly men, one woman. In the only written review I can find, one Brandon Craig says:

“Count your blessings…

“This is a coaching firm that can be counted on. Whether it be for their public leadership training course called Create Powerful, or for their intimate corporate client relationships, there is no other firm like this one on the planet.” – Date of experience: January 21, 2019

Sorry, but that does not sound like a very organic review to me.

Especially not when I do a quick search and find on Brandon Craig’s LinkedIn page that he is the “founder and principal” of Ontocore. You can see a video of him here.

Watching him operate, you can see classical Tavistock techniques at work. He says, you’re going to meet unfamiliar things that “you might not agree with at first…” but with time and with the insight of the group…

Lots of intense soul-searching at the microphone in front of the group, you can see participants revealing deep things about themselves, emotions registering on their faces, things you wouldn’t normally say to other people…

Screenshot from testimonial video showing Ontocore event

Lots of hugging and emotional bonding are also going on in that video. And of course glowing testimonials from people in the video (identified): the course did more for me than everything else in my life put together…

This kind of love-bombing can go astray in susceptible people.

Brandon Craig’s LinkedIn profile calls him a “Thought Leader at ONTOCORE; Author of the Create Powerful Course”

I do not see any evidence of any great existential, ontological or phenomenological wisdom in any of this puffery: just the overpowering effects of group-think and “truth telling” in a group.

All in the name of authentically being authentic, in an absolutely contrived and manipulated situation.

Ramtha does the same thing. As reported by at least two participants, JZ Knight’s sidekick, the disgraced Irish Catholic theologian Micheal Ledwith, who featured prominently in Mark Vicente’s movie “What the Bleep”, apparently boasts in “truth-telling” sessions at the Ramtha ranch that he has raped young boys.

This is meant to loosen you up and get you to confess to some of your own darker doings. This all makes the participants bond in an atmosphere of shared secrets.

JZ Knight as Ramtha

I could only find one other review of Ontocore.

Scamadviser told me:

“The owner of the website is hiding his identity. Spammers use this information to promote services to website owners. Some website owners therefore chose to hide their contact details.
“However, it can also be misused by scammers. Our algorithm gives a high rating if the identity of the website owner is shown.”

Yes, if I were investigating what happened to Erin Valenti, I would interview every person who interacted with Valenti at the Ontocore workshop and see where that led.


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  • If officials state that “no drugs were found in her body”, then it is very misleading. When I get the tox report back on a deceased body, I still can’t rule out that certain substances were not ingested or injected hours prior to death. Some substances completely clear the body within 30 minutes (ie., cocaine), some won’t show up in bloodstream but will in urine if taken within 24 hours of death, and some will be gone from bloodstream and urine but remain in liver. Depends on the drug(s).

    Many drugs that can cause mania and accelerated respiration to the point of death, can break down and become undetectable within an hour. So for a medical examiner/coroner to state that “no drugs were found” though technically true, does not at all rule it out. Especially when circumstances are out of the ordinary. The manner of death in this case screams ‘undetermined”, and should be investigated further. The swiftness of the natural causes determination disturbs me.

    The autopsy should state exactly which organs failed, even if they don’t know why. Did she have an MI (heart attack)? Did her lungs collapse? Did her brain stop running critical life support systems? If they don’t know the exact cause of death, they shouldn’t be declaring anything, let alone “mania” as a natural cause of death.

    I would strongly urge the family to have another autopsy done by forensic medical examiners. The autopsy results reported in media sound like the autopsy was performed by a DJ playing at raves, instead of a trained pathologist.

    • The medical examiner’s report doesn’t say she died of being manic. It draws no causative link between her death and her apparent mania. It was a circumstance of her death, like the fact that she was found in the back seat of her rental car.

      • Frank, did anyone finger print her vehicle? And did the vehicle get returned to the rental company?

        • Finger print the rental car? Gee, I wonder how many fingerprints you’d find in a vehicle for rent. Previous renters, their families, the people who vacuum out the car, the agents who park the car when it’s returned, other agents who brought the car out…

          The police have to track all these people down, question them, investigate their backgrounds…

          All for a case where there’s no suspicion of foul play.

          And then after all that investigation turning up nothing, the online conspiracy theory cranks would just say “obviously the killer wore gloves”.

  • I am surprised that after what he wrote about 5g Fred didn’t wind up like Erin. Ok not joking.

    • Is that a subtle nudge to stop all discussion of 5G? What could be so threatening about 5G? Thousands of Musk’s satellites now somehow suddenly circle your planet and Tucker Carlson is said to be free to speak.

  • This is a good field for investigation. Sure if is possible she had a manic episode. Maybe most likely. But there might be more to it. Why not look into the many dubious details like how the hell that car was not found until day 5 ?

  • So Ontocore is just another “human potential” scheme, basically just a motivational speaker working the old “you’re the only one holding you back” gambit. Surprise surprise, there’s nothing there.

    But wait, there’s more!

    “I know for a fact that pulsed microwave radiation can cause mania, depression, confusion, memory loss…”

    Fact? Believe what you like, the “expert” you cite is a nut.

    “Barrie Trower is a pseudoscientist, conspiracy theorist, and crank who believes that microwaves and related technologies are a major threat to public health. He is frequently cited by other conspiracy theorists and cranks, especially the paranoid crowd that believes that electromagnetic radiation is part of various nefarious plots against humanity.
    Trower allegedly trained in the British “Government Microwave Warfare Establishment” in the 1960s and worked with the underwater bomb disposal unit.[2] He hasn’t given any concrete evidence to support his apparent training and work. He also claims that after this he “went on to teach advanced physics and mathematics at South Dartmoor College”, which in practice means he was a high school teacher, as South Dartmoor College is a secondary school in Ashburton, Devon, England. Perhaps he wants you to think it’s a research university.[3]


    • From Wikipedia: “ Frequency bands for 5G New Radio (5G NR), which is the air interface or radio access technology of the 5G mobile networks, are separated into two different frequency ranges. First there is Frequency Range 1 (FR1),[1] which includes sub-6 GHz frequency bands, some of which are traditionally used by previous standards, but has been extended to cover potential new spectrum offerings from 410 MHz to 7125 MHz. The other is Frequency Range 2 (FR2),[2] which includes frequency bands from 24.25 GHz to 71.0 GHz. Frequency bands are also available for non-terrestrial networks[3] in the sub-6 GHz range …”

      From The Small Business Innovation Research Project government website: “… Directed energy weapons, including radio frequency (RF) weapons, are a growing threat on the battlefield. Determinants of RF weapon antipersonnel effects are multifactorial and RF injuries will be situation dependent and very hard to predict. Without known patterns of RF injury to guide diagnosis, it will be difficult to differentiate RF injury from other common sources of illness and injury such as heat stroke. This ambiguous symptomology is aggravated by the transient nature of RF energy. …”

      From Mr. Sausage: “But wait, there’s more! …”

      • Where’s the link? The Small Business Innovation Research project is just an agency that funds, (surprise!) small businesses innovation projects. And prattling about “24.25 to 71.0 gigahertz” doesn’t impress.

        Woo, scary! All those gigahertz can’t be good for us!

        Let’s look at something that’s actually pertinent:
        “HPRF DEWs [high power radio frequency directed energy weapons] could become a game-changing capability to: 
        * Defeat smart weapons
        * Disable command and control systems
        * Neutralise improvised explosive devices
        * Counter uninhabited aerial systems
        * Remotely stop vehicles or boats.”


        Note this link is to an actual scientific paper stating what the technology “could become”. Lots of things could become a threat, someday.

        Half a century ago, it was lasers (“death rays”). So far lasers are mainly used as supermarket price scanners and cat toys. Where are the ray guns?

        Sure, in theory directed energy weapons might become a thing. It’s being researched as a potential way to scramble enemy electronics. Right now it’s nonexistent technology. Nonexistent technologies can’t be used to kill someone. Why do I even have to explain this?

        Even if someone could someday develop a microwave “death ray” powerful enough to murder someone, what would happen? This, we know. When some juvenile delinquents put a cat in a microwave, how does the dead cat look? Like it had heat stroke? No, it was burned to a crisp.

        It has been said that the only really effective way to kill a person with a laser is to drop it on their head. Same goes for microwaves.

  • I was going to ask why 5G Fred wasn’t investigating this dastardly, IT mystery of who-done-it.

    *Please note: 3G Fred has been upgraded to 5G.

  • Dear Fred,

    Please send Frank Report as many articles as possible as quickly as possible and please ask your good colleagues to do the same.

    Thank you.

  • … “group dynamics” as originally developed at the infamous Tavistock Institute in Britain and brought to the USA in a big way …

    … and 99% of Americans still have no idea it happened and is still happening.

  • Tavistok. That’s a big part of all of this.

    From the article by William Halton in the link above, “(B)ased on a talk given at a Trust scientific meeting: ‘Group Relations at the Tavistock: Where from and where to?’ on 11 May 2020.”

    “Later in the same Large Study Group as manic jokes and laughter swirled round the outer perimeter, I felt the spiral turn. I said I felt this was a frightening place to be. Of course, I didn’t know then that the Large Study Group is the group relations location for processing fears of uncontrolled violence in large groups, where gangs are formed to attack staff and persecute minorities and where individuals struggle to find their existence, identity, point of view and organisational voice.”

  • Why is the Frank Report wiling to discuss the role of Jews in the CT family court cases, but not the Jews and their infrared space lasers here?

    Remember the Space Defense Initiative? The lasers involved? What was Teller’s religion?

    Why is the FR being so politically correct all of a sudden?

    Are the Feds threatening you guys on behalf of some certain religious group?

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