Christopher Ambrose Fails at Everything But One Special Talent

Chris Ambrose

Christopher Ambrose likes to claim he is good at many things. In his Connecticut divorce case, he spent substantial time providing evidence of what a “good” father he is. Before the divorce, Ambrose was an absentee father for much of his children’s lives, pursuing a career as a screenwriter in Hollywood and New York City.

At the same time, his ex-wife, Karen Riordan, was the sole caretaker for their children.

In Hollywood, Ambrose spent serious time convincing everyone in the industry that he was a “good” script writer. In reality, he was a plagiarist.

In 2018, Ambrose lost his Hollywood writing career because of allegations of plagiarism.

Good Dad

When he returned to CT after losing his career, Ambrose took on the role of a good dad.

He began by alienating the children, taking all the marital assets, and fighting to deprive the children of their mother, their primary attachment figure.

The children are unhappy, even after three years without their mother, and refer to Ambrose not by the word dad or father but as Creepy Cree or P, which stands for Pinocchio. 

The abuse these children have experienced over the last few years fills pages of Frank Report. In a complaint with the CT State Attorney General, there were scores of audio and videos the children made of their father punishing them or abusing them. You may argue that it is wrong for children to document the abuses of their father, but as they have said on social media and elsewhere, no one believes them because P is such a persuasive liar.

At one point, Ambrose took the doorknobs off the doors of the children so they could not keep him out of their rooms. He did that on Christmas Day. 

A good father and good husband, he is not.


Frank Report can only describe Ambrose’s recent activities in Connecticut as highly litigious. Ambrose likes to take people to court. This includes his ex-wife and mother of his children, an old family friend and godmother of one of the children, and this publication, Frank Report.

Ambrose recently went to Connecticut Family Court to get a judge to stop the children’s mother from seeing the children. He argued that she should never see her children because she did not stop Frank Parlato from publishing the truth about his misdeeds. He failed.

For someone so litigious, Ambrose is not a “good” client. Just ask CT Attorney Nancy Aldrich. She filed a lawsuit against Ambrose, her former client, claiming he failed to pay her $65,767 in legal fees. At her $600 per hour billing rate, she claims the former TV writer stole about 100 hours of her time.

Why pay the attorney an unpaid fee after she finishes her work?

Now Christopher Ambrose, blackballed from the Connecticut Bar for non-payment (even sharks don’t eat their own) (and blackballed from Hollywood for plagiarism), is off to tilt at his next windmill. Ambrose tries to convince the world that he is a “good” lawyer.


Christopher Ambrose

Ambrose sued Frank Parlato and this publication in Connecticut Superior Court. Parlato removed the case to Federal Court, and two motions are now pending. Ambrose wants the case remanded back to the Connecticut State Court.

Parlato asked US District Court Judge Michael P. Shea to throw the case out based on a multitude of defects. The case was referred to Magistrate Judge Robert A. Richardson. Ambrose represents himself.

For the record, no one ever said Ambrose was a good lawyer. And his work on Ambrose v. Parlato probably proves that no one ever will.

To Ambrose’s credit, he graduated from NYU Law School, a highly reputed school. But it is still being determined if he ever actively practiced law.

He did serve a stint for a not-for-profit that helped homeless Latino boys find shelter, among other duties. 

As a lawyer, Ambrose was previously licensed in New York State. However, the New York Unified Court System website says he was suspended from law practice on November 13, 2006, by the Appellate Division for a Violation of the Judiciary Law.

Not having an active law license did not prevent this father of three children from removing the mother from his children’s lives, keeping all the marital assets, and absconding with their mother’s inheritance in Connecticut Family Court, where money, whether stolen or otherwise, rules the day.

Ambrose’s complaint alleges Parlato’s words not only defamed him, but caused “emotional distress” and a “privacy violation.”

The filed document is a 33-page, sometimes rambling mishmash. It is hard to imagine anyone who could produce such papers was ever admitted to the Bar. Ambrose may have been banking on the same CT State Court actors who did the bidding of his attorney, paid by him with money taken from his wife, coming to his aid.

It is almost as if Ambrose was absent the day they taught the First Amendment at NYU.

He ignores that he is suing a journalist and media outlet for reporting and disseminating the fruits of their newsgathering.

Under the First Amendment’s “press clause,” this is protected activity unless Ambrose can show actual malice. That is, with the knowledge that the reporting was false or reckless disregard for whether it was false.

Investigative Journalist Frank Parlato

Investigative journalist Frank Parlato appears on TNT.

In the 33 pages of his meandering complaint, Ambrose baldly states Frank Report’s publication of “at least 48 articles” shows “a sinister or corrupt motive to injure [Ambrose].” His only problem is that he failed to assert any facts to support these allegations, as any good or even not-so-good lawyer would.

Parlato wrote about Ambrose on newsworthy matters. Ambrose is upset that he was the subject of Parlato and Frank Report’s journalistic coverage. Ambrose claims Parlato defamed him, and his words were so defamatory and false that the comments breached Ambrose’s privacy, destroyed his reputation, and caused Ambrose extreme emotional distress.

He even alleged that Parlato’s stories made him suicidal – which he might have thought would win sympathy but should, in reality, cause authorities to investigate his fitness as a parent.

Ambrose never served Parlato legally with papers. Still, Parlato responded anyway when he found out Ambrose purportedly claimed the Connecticut Superior Court should issue a default judgment against him.

Parlato filed a Notice of Removal to the Federal Court in New Haven, getting the case out of CT state court. Parlato does not live in CT. Parlato asked the US District Court to throw out the case on the absence of “actual malice” and other grounds.

Parlato’s papers said: 

Surprisingly, since Mr. Ambrose is a lawyer, Mr. Ambrose does not recognize several important legal distinctions like statements of fact versus statements of opinion, or statements of fact based upon source materials and/or published court documents. Every statement objectionable to Mr. Ambrose is either a non-actionable opinion or a true statement of fact. Mr. Parlato is not liable for any of the activity alleged by Mr. Ambrose.

Parlato’s words and actions were part of his and Frank Report’s legitimate investigative, newsgathering, reporting, and publishing activity. Parlato’s activities were the creation, utterance, publication, and dissemination of words. In all Ambrose’s 33-page Complaint, Ambrose fails to say how Frank Report’s reporting was done with actual malice.

Above: Frank Parlato, appearing on American Greed, is accustomed to “deep-dive” research for articles and exposes.

In the Ambrose matter, Frank Report published stories based on already-public documents, interviews, and statements. Parlato also injected opinion and commentary into his articles. None of these things is an activity Ambrose can go to court and sue over.

Even what Ambrose purports to identify as “actionable” is laughable. He advanced this “laundry list” in his big-on-bluster, short-on-substance Complaint:

  1. Parlato maliciously and falsely published that Ambrose is a pedophile who sexually abused his children. (Page 8)
  2. Parlato maliciously and falsely published that Ambrose admitted to viewing child pornography and that he is attracted to children. (page 9)
  3. Parlato maliciously and falsely published that Ambrose admitted to viewing gay pornography and producing child and gay pornography. (page 11)
  4. Parlato maliciously and falsely published that Ambrose stole over $1 million from Riordan and an alleged six-figure inheritance. (page 11)
  5. Parlato maliciously and falsely published that Ambrose is a “deadbeat” who did not financially support his wife once he filed for divorce in July 2019. (page 13)
  6. Parlato falsely and maliciously published that Ambrose “hates” his children and was an absentee parent who abused his children by, among other things, keeping them “caged,” keeping them medicated, preventing them from communicating with anyone, isolating them from Riordan’s extended family and friends. (page 14)
  7. Parlato falsely and maliciously published that Ambrose was awarded custody because he lied in an affidavit and prevented Riordan from seeing the children. (page 18)
  8. Parlato falsely and maliciously published that Ambrose always wanted sole custody and all the marital assets for himself. Hence, he lied and colluded with and/or bribed the court-appointed Guardian ad Litem, custody evaluator, and others. (page 19)
  9. Parlato falsely and maliciously published that Ambrose illicitly colluded with the GAL, custody evaluator, attorneys, judges, police officers and detectives, DCF investigators, caseworkers, hospital doctors, nurses, and social workers, elected and appointed public
    officials, and others in a vast “RICO” conspiracy to deprive Riordan of custody and her due process rights.
  10. Parlato falsely and maliciously published that Ambrose misrepresented his sexuality and was unfaithful during marriage by leading a “double life” that included an illicit “gay lover” and “multiple, multi-year affairs.” (page 24)
  11. Parlato maliciously and falsely publishes that Ambrose is psychologically unwell, has a drinking problem and anger issues, and is paranoid and delusional. (page 25)

Ambrose has failed to establish any actual malice in Parlato’s practice of journalism. Moreover, nothing Parlato published was false.

Ambrose admits the Multi-Disciplinary Task Force at Yale New Haven Hospital made a report that made disturbing disclosures of a sexual nature involving allegations of pedophilia against Ambrose.

Ambrose does not deny the report. Yale isn’t being sued. Parlato’s reporting on those issues is based, in part, on the Yale Report.

Ambrose admits there was a custody evaluation. Parlato’s reporting is based on the custody evaluation by the Connecticut Family Court. Ambrose does not deny the report. Neither the Connecticut Family Court nor the Custody Evaluator are being sued. Parlato’s reporting is based, in part, on the Family Court Evaluator’s report.

Ambrose told the Custody Evaluator that “a website [allegedly found on his computer] called Latino Boiz… does not include children.”

If Ambrose never viewed Latino Boiz, how does he know it does not include children?

Considering Ambrose has three adopted Latino children, and considering Yale Hospital reported that the children claimed he molested at least one of the boys, this reporting does not show malice, and might be cause for concern in almost any place outside of CT Family Court.

The reporting was based on documents.

Ambrose admits there was a forensic evaluation of his laptop computers. Ambrose does not deny the findings. Ambrose only denies the expert methodology, which is newsworthy.

Parlato’s reporting is based, in part, on the forensic evaluation.

Ambrose does not deny the actual report. The Forensic Evaluator is not being sued. Parlato’s reporting is based on the Forensic Evaluator’s report.

Ambrose is a party to the lawsuit Ambrose v. Ambrose, FBT-FA-19-6088163-S (Sup. Ct. Conn). Ambrose knows the allegations of both parties. He knows that all the claims reported by Parlato were allegations contained in the filed court documents. Ambrose does not deny it. Parlato’s reporting is based partly on the filed court documents.

Karen Riordan is not being sued. The Connecticut Superior Court is not being sued.

By bringing the lawsuit, Ambrose, the “good” lawyer, has (wittingly or unwittingly) made his children witnesses in this case. If the children were traumatized before, why would Mr. Ambrose do this again?

None of the factual claims enumerated by Ambrose allege any activity that would put Frank Parlato of the Frank Report on the hook. Nothing Parlato allegedly did was malicious. Truth is a complete defense.

All activities and reporting by Parlato and the Frank Report were textbook examples of newsgathering and reporting, all First Amendment-protected activity. Ambrose’s real gripe is simple: all the reporting was about him and wasn’t endearing. Ambrose says:

101. That Parlato’s published falsehoods have incited people to hate Plaintiff is apparent from the comments of his own readers, who make blistering, libelous statements and threats, all of which Parlato publishes. Not surprisingly, virtually every one of these comments published by Parlato are attributed to “anonymous”.
102.Parlato often publishes confidential material to give his a veneer of credibility and”insider” knowledge to his false assertions, even as he omits material facts and context that create a wholly false light impression of Plaintiff.

Ambrose admits Parlato is a journalist who publishes articles. The crux of Ambrose’s allegations is that Parlato’s reports are unbalanced, unfavorable, and mean. Ambrose ignores the strong protections afforded to the press under the First Amendment. Because of these protections, Ambrose failed to meet the high bar required so the Judge won’t throw the case out:

“A court cannot substitute its judgment for that of the press by requiring the press to present an article or broadcast in what the court believes is a balanced manner. It may only assess liability when the press so oversteps its editorial freedom that it contains falsity and does so with the requisite degree of fault.” Machleder v. Diaz, 801 F.2d 46, 48 (2d Cir. 1986)

Ambrose filed a Motion to Remand the case back to Connecticut State Court. Parlato filed opposition, tearing Ambrose to pieces:

Plaintiff [Ambrose] should not be rewarded for an inartful pleading attempting to disguise a defamation claim as another claim, thus circumventing an assertion of jurisdiction the Connecticut Legislature never intended to allow. Mr. Ambrose is an attorney, he should know better, and his pleadings should be better.

The motion is pending before Robert A. Richardson, United States Magistrate Judge for the District of Connecticut.

This week, Ambrose continued his “legal adventure.” He sent a letter to Parlato demanding he preserves all evidence. Ambrose references the removed Connecticut State Court case. He then proceeds to make demands under “Rule 34 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,” the request used in Federal Court.

Ambrose, the “good” lawyer, doesn’t know where he is. Even a braindead lawyer knows whether he is in State or Federal Court.
Ambrose is apparently “getting loaded for bear.” He announced he would request a mountain of evidence from Parlato if the judge doesn’t throw the case out:

In connection with the case, I will be seeking electronic data and paper files in your custody and control. I consider these to be valuable and irreplaceable sources of discoverable information. Accordingly, I place you, the websites, and any successors and assigns, on notice to preserve any data referencing or pertaining to the case and/or me and/or any of my children. In addition, I place you, the websites, and any successors and assigns, on notice not to allow the deletion or destruction of any electronic or paper communications, including any ESI identified above.
I am confident that you and the websites have already taken steps to preserve this data since, as an experienced litigant, you are aware of the obligation to preserve relevant evidence. Therefore, no procedures should have been implemented to alter active, deleted, or fragmented data. Moreover, no electronic data should have been disposed of or destroyed. I further trust that you will preserve such electronic data and paper files throughout this litigation.

One has to question whether Ambrose, the “good” lawyer, has thought his strategy through. He is looking for a practically limitless trove of materials to be reviewed by his legal team of one.

Christopher Ambrose is not managing this case as a good lawyer or even a sane one.

Ambrose has not been good. As a husband, as apparent from the facts in his divorce proceeding, he was absentee while pursuing his writing career. Hollywood ran away from Ambrose because of his plagiarism. His former lawyers are chasing him for unpaid fees. So what exactly is Christopher Ambrose “good” at?

In my opinion, Christopher Ambrose is an expert at one thing: deception. He deceived Karen Riordan into thinking he was a nice enough guy to marry and start a family with. He then deceived her into practically sole child care while he was out in Hollywood trying to “make it big.”

While in Tinsel Town, he deceived his way through writing gigs until the truth was uncovered: as a writer, he was talentless and had to plagiarize and steal others’ ideas to survive.

Once back in Connecticut, Ambrose saw the opportunity to bilk his wife out of her assets, inheritance, and children by deceiving the Connecticut Family Court. He advanced, among other things, his children’s less than enthusiastic attitude about being with him was “parental alienation” caused by his wife.

He deceived Nancy Aldrich into believing he would pay her bills.
Now, he’s trying to deceive a Federal Court judge that Frank Parlato is anything other than a reporter, a media man and that he, Ambrose, is not responsible for all the bad things anyone has ever said about him.

The problem with relying upon deception is that you can begin to deceive yourself. Christopher Ambrose is well past that phase. His words and actions lead to the inescapable conclusion that the man is highly delusional. But you’ll never hear him say it.

No one is good at everything, except if your name is Christopher Ambrose.

About the author

Richard Luthmann

Richard Luthmann is a writer, commentator, satirist, and investigative journalist with degrees from Columbia University and the University of Miami. Once a fixture in New York City and State politics, Luthmann is a recovering attorney who lives in Southwest Florida and a proud member of the National Writers Union. 

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  • “By Anonymous for Attorney | Hired Attorney
    May 02, 2014
    I was extremely disappointed with the services of Atty Goulden. He presided over an arbitration I was involved in. Due to his scheduling, he was extremely delayed in rendering a decision, and because of this delay I candidly believe he overlooked many pertinent details in my case. I was shocked at how Atty Goulden missed many material facts and fraudulent claims by the other party. I was directed to Atty Goulden for this arbitration – and was sorely disappointed. Would not recommend to anyone.”

  • Maybe another C.(Y)A. special talent is shared enemies. “Deep concerns” are now to be discussed during a hearing scheduled for the end of June. That sounds very serious.

    Judge Michael Kamp set January 10, 2024 as the trial date for the Godmother and Easter Bunny case. (Of course, as we all know, the Easter Bunny is a separate individual.)

    We also all know that the political world climate is more volatile than the weather right now.

    That means some influential people might want to sabotage politically significant court cases whenever and wherever local, national and global politics are in the mix.

    Is Judge Michael Kamp no longer involved in the Easter Bunny case? Will Judge Robin Wilson preside over the pre-trial and trial from now on? If so, do Senator Lieberman’s remote and random New Haven/Libya connections matter?

    According to a Connecticut Trial Lawyers article: … “The Honorable Robin Lynn Wilson was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut …” The CTLA Women’s Caucus wrote about Senator Joseph I. Lieberman choosing Judge Wilson to be an Assistant Attorney General in 1986. Did Senator Lieberman know Judge Wilson very well back then? Has he known her well ever since?

    Maybe it’s nothing. Still, given Mr. Lieberman’s long history in local and international politics, the curious case of the Easter Bunny might end up telling us more about Bronfman politics than family and tradition.
    139.00 04/13/2023 D SCHEDULING ORDER Click on description to view p d f file No
    140.00 04/13/2023 P MOTION FOR ORDER Click on description to view p d f file
    Scheduling Order RESULT: Order 4/14/2023 HON MICHAEL KAMP No
    140.10 04/14/2023 C ORDER Click on description to view p d f file
    RESULT: Order 4/14/2023 HON MICHAEL KAMP No
    141.00 04/13/2023 P SCHEDULING ORDER Click on description to view p d f file No
    142.00 04/19/2023 D CASEFLOW REQUEST (JD-CV-116) Click on description to view p d f file No
    143.00 04/19/2023 P CASEFLOW REQUEST (JD-CV-116) Click on description to view p d f file No
    143.10 05/16/2023 C ORDER Click on description to view p d f file This motion, document or order was filed 2 days ago.
    RESULT: Off 5/16/2023 HON ROBIN WILSON No
    144.00 05/16/2023 D CASEFLOW REQUEST (JD-CV-116) Click on description to view p d f file This motion, document or order was filed 2 days ago. No
    144.10 05/16/2023 C ORDER Click on description to view p d f file This motion, document or order was filed 2 days ago.
    RESULT: Off 5/16/2023 HON ROBIN WILSON No
    145.00 05/16/2023 D CERTIFICATION OF SERVICE Click on description to view p d f file This motion, document or order was filed 2 days ago.
    Addendum/Certificate of Service for Entry No. 114 filed same date (Case Flow Request) No

    Scheduled Court Dates as of 05/17/2023
    # Date Time Event Description Status
    1 06/29/2023 3:30PM Remote Hearing Proceeding
    2 01/10/2024 9:15AM Trial Proceeding

    “… The Curious Case of Joe Lieberman’s Work as a Lobbyist Who Isn’t ‘Advocating’ 🤔

    January 2, 2019

    “… Lieberman in 2013 registered as a foreign agent in connection with his work for Basit Igtet, a Zurich-based entrepreneur a bid for political office in Libya, his native country …”

  • Currently Chris Ambrose wastes the court time in Ambrose v Pawlina where he continues to reference a non-existent scheduling order he never submitted to the court.

    He references it in several motions and suggests it exhibit A (attached) when no exhibit A or proposed scheduling order exists anywhere.

    Silly little man playing silly little games with family court… doing so to distract from his broken reality and to bleed a godmother of her life savings.

    God is watching Chris.

    • Did New Haven legal assistance offices help Mr. Ambrose write the scheduling filings, too?

      Why do the scheduling motions seem so off?

      However many New Haven attorneys and judges with conflicts of interest have anything to do with the case should disclose all personal and professional conflicts of interest. They must also list all associates with potential conflicts so the court and the public can sort out the mess family court administrators created with their “family court” procedures and practices. Let the case set an example.

      Information online says James “Jim” D. Horwitz is on the boards of Greater Bridgeport Bar Association and New Haven Legal Assistance. Many with conflicts and potential conflicts are on the board or they’re “friends of the board”. When Lynda Munro was a family court judge, she sat on various rule-making committees and coordinated various professional trainings. Meanwhile, she and Sidney Horowitz also attended family gatherings together and created their own family court cottage industry with friends and acquaintances.

      Does Jim Horwitz know Gerard Adelman and/or Robert Holzberg at Pullman and Comley? Information online says Attorney Jim Horwitz lectured on the subject of, “Offensive and Defensive Use of Daubert Motions: Successfully Utilizing Daubert as a Sword or Shield”.

      Adelman was the judge in the above case. Robert Horwitz was a “therapist”. Holzberg tried to take down the Catholic Church with a bogus report, blaming the Catholic Church instead of the “therapists” in various scandals. The “therapists” were supposed to screen dangerous perpetrators, not the Church.

      Note: Family court “therapists” don’t screen perpetrators, either.

  • Madman is indeed mad. So mad he refers to the attached exhibits many times, but they are invisible. Exhibit A is his non-existent scheduling order in the case against easter aunty. Exhibit B did not previously exist, but he attaches for the first time his schoolgirl bitchy arrogant accusatory banter to distract from his legal argument… which will soon be tossed.
    CT family courts do not love Chris Ambrose nearly as much as he thinks.

  • Chris Ambrose has vilified the mother of his children. The mother that raised them 24/7 while he was off in California running his porn sites and lying to his employers.

    He’s a pathological liar who was fired from Bones, NCIS New Orleans, Instinct, and Dick Wolf booted him out of his enterprise. He hasn’t worked a day nor looked for a job since he was outed for plagiarism.

    He has everyone believing this mother can’t even attend a school function. He is setting her up for an arrest but he’s playing the Madison police and the Madison Public School System.

    He’s one of the most dangerous, out of control cowards out there.

  • Connecticut is more concerned with protection of criminals than protecting the law abiding citizens. They target people labeling them crazy and mentally unstable. Defund the currupt state.

  • Ambrose Lies to court in lawsuit against Easter Aunty, Michelle Pawlina:

    1. Ambrose falsely attacks her attorney- flips the script and accuses her attorney of misconduct bc he wants Michelle forced to go pro se.

    He failed in his endeavor but spent months clogging the docket and piling up her legal bills.

    2. The case will likely get tossed, be here Ambrose blames opposing counsel for his own failures.

    3. Ambrose then blatantly lies and references “attached exhibits” of a scheduling order and correspondence between him and opposing counsel.

    Yet there are no exhibits anywhere.

    More games by Chris Ambrose who is stating he will net over $50,000 for an honest interview with FrankReport.

  • It begins today. Women beginning to. March on Hartford to fight for their civil rights. Rights being violated through out the country and state. Including the States family court system. With the weather turning we must continue. Stay tune for more marches and protest pupping up. Including protesting the states family court system.

      • Keep your eyes peeled for post. Possible another in the beginning of April. It is time to get our equal rights. Stop being treated inferior because we are women. Discrimination is alive and well. It’s happening to women under the radar.

  • Ambrose is running scared and throwing the entire kitchen junk drawer in a feeble attempt to hide behind his actions. His actions tell the story, and a nasty one…void of any care for anyone but himself.
    Frank’s report simply told the public view of the facts. Hopefully, the CT courts can finally right the wrongs that have been done.
    Give the children back to the mother…give the mother’s inheritance back to the rightful owner. Put happiness back in their lives

  • There is a perverse ideology in which the ‘family’ court judges strive to sever mother-child bonds. It is not the will of a sovereign people, it is chosen theology to destroy an enlightened society. Just an observation that the major players of CT family law do not celebrate Easter.

    • If you’re trying to bash “all Jews”, study a little more history.

      “Error, indeed is never set forth in its naked deformity, lest, being thus exposed, it should at once be detected. But it is craftily decked out in an attractive dress, so as, by its outward form, to make it appear to the inexperienced more true than truth itself.” – Irenaeus of Lyons, AD 180

      “… If you were a woman in the natural and objectively knowable world, in the spiritually anti-natural world the woman’s true self was actually that of a man who has been imprisoned by the Demiurgic forces of the natural world.

      This denial of the objectively real and knowable experienced a renaissance in the 18th and 19th centuries through the works of Swedenborg, Kant, Hegel and eventually Karl Marx. As Dr. James Lindsay has explained at Sovereign Nation’s conferences in the past, Marxism is a Neo-Gnostic theology where Man is made to realize he is his own Creator, his own true Sun that revolves around itself. Marx sees himself as the light-bringer, Lucifer, the Morning Star, that awakens this Gnostic consciousness and rebels against God and order.

      It has continued to this day with further gain of function through Horkheimer, Adorno, Marcuse and a host of other Neo-Marxists who have embraced unreality and rejected objective standards for truth, life, and human existence.

      In this powerful presentation from the Sovereign Nation’s Mere Simulacrity Conference, Michael O’Fallon explains how the spectre of Gnosticism has been infused into our culture, our faith, and our world …”

  • THE AFCC “SCRIPTS” the GALs Recommended orders– which of course, include therapy, therapy and more therapy. Of utmost importance is who will be paying for the therapy– and the secrecy of the therapy.

    Right down to the anticipation of needing a “stipulation agreement without court appearance!”

    Because they want to keep as much information off of the court transcript as possible.


      Brief history: from Richard Gardner’s coining of the term to refinements over the past 34 years.

      Current refinements:
      A continuum from normal divorce conflict to active attempts to denigrate or marginalize the other parent who sexualizes children.

      Not allowing the early sexualization of children has become a toxic, charged term of limited utility. The general term refers to cases in which a child strongly prefers the parent who protects them from sexual abuse, and sometimes avoids and refuses to see the parent who sexualizes the child. The original concept of alienation is now considered part of a phenomenon with one or more of the following factors present:

      1. Parental alienation – by definition an active campaign, whether deliberate or unconscious, to protect a child from the other parent’s sexual activities and/or sexual abuse. By Gardner’s original definition, protection can be mild, moderate or severe. Severe cases are the ones we hear horror stories about.
      2. Estrangement – a strained or non-existent parent-child relationship is the result of actual problems, such as an extended lack of contact with the child, a loss of interest or effort made for the relationship, abuse or neglect, domestic violence, mental health or substance abuse problems, etc.
      3. Enmeshment – an overly close, perhaps symbiotic parent-child relationship, sometimes caused by clinical anxiety in the child and/or parent, causing difficulty for the child in separating from that parent. Extreme cases are seen when family courts force children to spend time with identified perpetrators of grooming, sexualization sexual abuse.
      4. Alignment – a substantial preference by the child for the normal parent, with corresponding less interest in the parent who molests them.

      When one or more of these factors is present, the child’s time with one parent may diminish or stop altogether. This can heighten conflict between the parents, create repeated court proceedings, child protection involvement, involvement of other family and friends in the war, and the initiation of interventions which worsen the problem (e.g. inappropriate child therapy, police calls or exchanges) Those are the most lucrative cases.

      If a child’s time with one parent stops completely, the problem will steadily worsen and become entrenched for all involved. This emphasizes the importance of early intervention to pass the cases to and from your friends for as many billable hours as possible. As soon as contact with one parent ceases, this becomes an urgent matter in which serious harm may come to a child and harm to children can also be a great source of billable hours.

      Involved professionals may help or hurt children’s interests depending on their full knowledge, training, experience and philosophies about the benefits of sexualizing children as soon as possible. Aggressive attorneys, therapists treating dubious trauma, extended mediation and parenting coordination efforts may all add to the parents’ and child’s difficulties. All of these factors may add to the period of time without contact, either deliberately or unwittingly. The potential harm and damage to the parent-child relationship continues to increase over time and those damn religiously conservative families must be destroyed by any means necessary.

      Severe alienators of drag queens in story times, school librarians pushing child porn on children and parents identified as perpetrators of sexual abuse may be unaware of their protective behavior and its effects on a child. Their protective behavior may also represent a combination of deliberate efforts to undermine the sexualizing parent and manifestations of being a “high-conflict parent,” a term suggested by Bill Eddy as less inflammatory than “personality disorder.”

      Language is important because certain terms such as “pedophile”, “pervert” and “sinner” end up part of name-calling in contested court proceedings.

      Family interaction research has shown a lack of support for the theory that children may be traumatized by drag queen story times, child porn in school libraries and the removal of children’s genitals for the purposes of transitioning. Any intervention must be tailored to the child and family circumstances. For examples, see the acceptance of pornography, sex work, drug culture, BDSM, furries, gay culture, lavish living, trans culture, and the like, which are no longer seen by society as negative or pernicious lifestyles!

      Remember, “Do what thou wilt” is the whole of the law. The sooner the intervention, the easier it is to remedy whatever resistance to early sexualization may be present. For more information about Dr. Richard Gardner, see “A Review of His Theories and Opinions on Atypical Sexuality, Pedophilia, and Treatment Issues” on The Leadership Council website:

  • The AFCC does the work for the judges. The conferences write the script for the GALs who all pay to attend, and then reap the financial rewards when they execute the strategy of the AFCC– and award full custody to the abusers. Here is what they provide to hang your hat on your ruling:

    Parental Alienation Citations
    Federal Expert Testimony Citations
     Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, 509 U.S. 579 (1993).
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  • PARENTAL ALIENATION AND CHILD CUSTODY– PROMOTED and PAID FOR BY THE AFCC and CT court judges, attorneys and court appointed therapists!

    They set the stage– they collect money for teaching it, executing the outcomes in court– and getting the payoff for years to come– far after the divorce ends. THey get paid by the clients, and funds rush in from the state. TOTAL SCAM.

    Sue A. Cousineau– page 9
    Bruce Freedman, Ph.D. –page 10

    Sue Cousineau is one of the most corrupt GALs out there. SHe works hand in glove with Bruce Freedman who tells children their minds have been disordered because of their mothers– and they must be isolated. AMbrose secured Freedman for his team– he never met the wife or kids but determined it was parental alienation. THis is what abusers do, and they know where to shop!

    Freedman advertises his position– as does Robert Horwitz. There’s zero objectivity, and no concern for domestic violence. IT’s all about parental alienation.

    You want your kids? You want to destroy your wife? Call Bruce Freedman. Ambrose did. Many others did also. Currently Bruce works diligently with Sue Cousineau to mislead the court– and determine parental alienation when there is none.

    6 Northwestern Drive, Suite 306
    Bloomfield, CT 06002
    Tel: 860-242-3702
    Fax: 860-242-1964
    Brief history: from Richard Gardner’s coining of the term to refinements over the past 34

  • When fathers alleged mothers were alienating, regardless of abuse claims, they took custody away from her 44% of the time. When the genders were reversed, and fathers started out with the children, mothers took custody from fathers only 28% of the time. Fathers were overall much more likely to win than mothers by claiming alienation.

    Meier found that, when mothers claimed any type of abuse, if fathers responded by claiming parental alienation, then the mothers were twice as likely to lose custody as when fathers did not claim alienation. In the study’s stark conclusion: “alienation trumps abuse.”

    Even when the father’s abuse was considered by the court to have been proven, the mothers who were alleging the abuse still lost custody in 13 % of the cases. By contrast, fathers lost custody only 4% of the time when a mother’s abuse was considered proved.

    Most stunningly of all, in only one out of the 51 cases in which a mother reported child sexual abuse while the father cross-claimed alienation did the court credit the mother’s claim of sexual abuse.

    Remarkably similar findings have emerged from a recent Canadian study as well. Meier note that even conservative assessments find claims of child sexual abuse in custody cases to be valid at least 50% of the time. The power of alienation cross-claims to defeat child sexual abuse allegations echoes alienation’s roots in “PAS,” Gardner’s theory, which was aimed specifically at child sexual abuse claims.

    Meier’s study also yielded some interesting findings regarding gender: While alienation is gendered when wielded as a cross-claim against abuse claims, the study found that when courts believed the claims of alienation, then mothers and fathers were equally likely to lose custody (73%). It also found that in cases without abuse claims (as reported in courts’ opinions), mothers and fathers’ alienation claims seemed to have a roughly equal impact on outcomes.

  • The commission for women, children, seniors equity and opportunities. What is going in in this agency? Are they advocating for women and children? Co chair on the board. Karen Jarmoc. Husband ordered to pay back 2 million to family estate. Father suffering from Alzheimer’s. Now advocating for seniors? Formerly of the CCADV. Former co chair with Joseph Ditunno. Follow the dusty trail. Who is advocating, managing funding. Are they advocating for funding and bills that could possibly hurt women? What is this organization up to? Who is being appointed to the various agencies in the state?

    • Would have never known about this agency. Unfortunately there is no financial insensitive to help women. Currently the state has passed laws in May of last year the legislators once again passed a bias law. No equal rights for women on the books. It’s doesn’t appear that out side of employment the state is giving equal rights to women. Definitely not in family court. The only reason the state has shown concern for DV issues is because too many women are being killed. Too many children killed or hurt. These agencies are unknown to the public so how do the meet the needs of the people they represent. Have no ideas for what they are supporting or do they? By the way Adam Teller a GAL. Is also involved in the human rights commission. So if you are complaining to them. Another family law attorney influencing an agency. There is no where to go to get accoubilty in the state.

    • Ditunno is AFCC. Who appoints these people or hires for state agencies? Get theses currupt AFCC member and family law attorneys off these state agencies. The people of this state have had enough. Get theses currupt AFCC judges the hell off the bench and out of the court house.

  • GEORGE E BOURGUIGNON JR- attorney for Easter bunny auntie. Jellybeans abound, police called, dangerous delivery of chocolate eggs from beloved godmother

    Ambrose couldn’t take the threat- all love must be denied to break his

    “Beaner” children as he calls them.

    Now psycho man attacks Easter aunty and her attorney! Everyone is threatening Chrissy!!!

  • The Grandiose Chris Ambrose is now accusing attorneys of being unethical and threatening him. He is ALWAYS the victim.

    • are you a Karen supporter? Your little lady sued the governor etc instead of taking responsibility for her own actions and has been viciously trashing her own lawyer online because of a contract she read and signed. you want to talk about professional victims? Karen supporters belong in the hypocrite Hall of Fame.

      • Little lady? Chris Ambrose you are transparent. Clunky dialogue.

        Find a cowboy, shave his head, and live your authentic life.

        You’re spiraling- the lies are coming out. You’re alone and your kids want their mother.

        You are incapable of love or understanding it. Shame. You’ll soon be in hell for what you’ve done.

  • Rich-

    Why do you think he’s suing everyone? He’s got no case against Frank Report and no case against Easter aunty bunny.

    Is he still counting on Judge Jane Grossman? She’s in New Haven court where aunty Easter is and where he wants FR to return…

    Is this his new revenue stream? Is he bored? Angry? Delusional?

    He’s making all kinds of claims against the aunts attorney too. On the public docket. Crazy. But what’s his motive?

    • Where I come from, he’s what you call a PUNK. He talks big. He’s a telephone tough guy. He’ll try to sue you sneakily if you’re formidable, or money-whip you if you are weak. But he’s not used to push back.

      The second he gets any resistance, the second he gets push-back, the second anyone punches him in the nose – bang, he folds like a tent. He’s the bully that gets smacked and then runs home and cries to mommy.

      Look at his track-record. Hollywood called him out, and he ran away from Tinsel Town. Something must have happened in New York and he ran away from being a lawyer for a Latino boys charity. I think he’s going to get set to run again very soon. He was set-up to start in CT because he has a brother who is a lawyer. But he’s outlived the usefulness of the CT Family Court. He has CT lawyers looking to collect from him. And, he made the fatal error of suing in the Parlato case. If that case doesn’t get thrown out, Ambrose sits for depositions. He’s the plaintiff. He goes first. And if you don’t think that entire experience isn’t going to be one big perjury trap for him, you haven’t been paying attention.

      Ambrose is getting ready to fold because he’s a punk, and punks always do.

    • You better watch out. Ambrose will come for you if you dare to insult his intelligence. He prides himself on his brainpower.

    • Che k out his griping in another case- making a life out of litigation.

      But he’s in New Haven – the playground of brother Neil Ambrose- who runs the shoe bc older brother Chris is as delusional as the youngest Ambrose trio.


  • Chris Ambrose- dcf took legal and physical custody from you because you’re a child molester and sexually assaulted your children. You are vile and disgusting.

    You manipulated the system and used your brother (attorney for Yale) and your money to force your kids back with you while lying about your wife.

    You are a sick man. I was on the dcf call when they confirmed you touched your child “over the clothes” on his penis – and had been doing so for a year.

    You’re an animal. Pedo state of CT. Next to Hollywood where no doubt you did this to many young Latino boys.

    You’ll face your own private he’ll one day. And ultimately you’ll be alone and hated. You sick bastard.

    • DCF substanciation for Luigi. They dropped it. Because of the gal. Charges dropped because the gal called the DAs office. Same situation different out come

      • The gal is against Luigi Why would she call to have charges dropped?

        Would it end Luigi’s fight to get his kids if abuse were substantiated against him? Thereby the money trail runs dry?

  • Easter is coming. Is Ambrose going to drive away all joy again? You bet he is. He ruins everything. It’s his forte. So incredibly sad. He’s a psychopath. Truly a psychopath.

  • As much as I hate it for FR I’d love to see this go to trial. Discovery on Ambrose will be priceless and land him in prison if it’s tried in federal court. 😁😁😁

  • The problem is Chris Ambrose and those who engage in litigation abuse, are able to bankrupt innocent people, and cause unwarranted stress.

    • Karen is the one who dragged everything out for three years and essentially bankrupted the both of them.

      • Mr Hamnose, is Karen supposed to give up the children that she raised more or less single handedly for years?

        • No, she is supposed to co-parent with their father. She is apparently incapable of doing that, and expects Chris to give up the children He supported and raised for years.

          • Sure Chris. Whatever you say… in your world of delusion. Ping… ping… ping…

          • According to who? Pedo father of the year? Corrupt fraud caverly? 🤑🤑🤑🤑they took millions sissy Chrissy –
            So you could molest your kids and psychologically abuse them.
            Now they’re locked and guarded as you call them beaners and nibbas. Loser.
            You took your wife from the start – you used her snd your kids. I cannot wait for trial. You won’t last a day against Parlato. You’ll be beat red, stammering, and your voice will squeak. 🫠🫠🫠

          • You can’t co parent with an abuser. They continue the abuse. It’s not rocket science

        • “You can’t co parent with an abuser. They continue the abuse. It’s not rocket science”

          And that is exactly why Karen does not have any custody of the kids. It’s not rocket science.

        • I could be remembering wrong, but I believe in the divorce decision made public by the wife, it says neither of them have anything besides estimated earning capacities lowballed at 40,000 a year. There might be C’s retirement account, but that will be divided at retirement time.

          • It’s always the wife. Why would the wife want to publicize the documents that malign and disparage her?

            Christopher Alwyn Ambrose, you have lost your mind. 🫠 Melting into your land of delusion🫠🫠🫠🫠🫠

          • “It’s always the wife. Why would the wife want to publicize the documents that malign and disparage her?”

            You are hilarious. Karen is the one who gave all of these documents to the frank report and the Family Court circus and allowed/encouraged them to be published. She seems to believe somehow they show a conspiracy against her. *eyeroll*

          • I think Chris Ambrose was the more likely suspect who gave the custody evaluation to Family CT Circus.

      • Yes Chris- everything is Karen’s fault. The kids hate you because of Karen. The kids don’t trust you because of Karen. You have no writing career because of Karen. You have no career as an attorney because of Karen. The public knows you’re a pathological liar because of Karen. You look at child porn and depraved porn because of Karen. You troll the internet as a barber because of Karen. Your business is a beauty barber industry because if Karen. You have white hair because of Karen. You’re blubbery because of Karen. You wear fuzzy socks be size if Karen. You have not one friend because of Karen. You stole her mothers inheritance because of Karen. The kids are clinically depressed and cutting because of Karen. Jocelyn has headed far away from you because of Karen. You haven’t sought employment since you were fired for plagiarism because of Karen. You didn’t pay Nancy Aldrich because of Karen. Judge Rodriquez saw through you because of Karen. You have a pointy noise because of Karen…

        And soon all of these will be because of Frank.

      • Really Chris? You’re not bankrupt. Your wife just lasted longer than you intended. Maybe you shouldn’t have agreed to pay Jocelyn $2800 per day to sit through trial.

        But this was all predetermined. 😂

  • Ambrose is sad and pathetic..spends a LIFETIME creating a false self and destroys anyone who figures out he is lying sociopath.

    • That’s interesting. Karen seems to be the only one of the two who has been trying to destroy other people.

      • Sure Chrissy. Just ask her friends who support her for decades. 😁. Or her former students. Or her children. Or her colleagues. Or her prior boyfriends. But keep lying precious. 😁

        • I don’t see him going online to attack her or attack Family Court employees or attack the governor of CT. K is on the attack and trying to destroy people, not C. She also organizes in-person harassment.

          C has taken the high road for the sake of the children. K is too sick to understand that. As for her having friends, well, Keith Raniere had lots of friends too. Big deal.

          • Chris- you are paying the family court employees who abuse children and allow you to abuse children. You unilaterally had access to all funds. Jocelyn Hurwitz was appointed against Karen’s consent. Robert Horwitz was hired against Karen’s consent – but you paid them immediately and it was game over.

            You had caverly researched in 2018. That’s your downfall sport. She’s done. And so are you.

            Court appointed strangers that you alone paid- destroyed the childhoods of three children who were happy.

            Congratulations you POS.

          • C (I’d that your new nickname?) is the lowest of the low. He’s traumatized his children. They know it.

          • I see this differently. Why would Chris go online and “attack” as you say, when all of the court rulings are in his favor? Why does this father think it’s ok to keep the mother out of the lives of these children when she was their one constant caregiver from adoption forward? Did the mother ever live out-of-state and away from these children prior to the divorce filing?

            IMO, Chris is not tempting fate because things are going the way he paid for in the court process. This is not the only case where this is happening. I’ve been following cases like this for nearly 4 years now and the pain I’ve seen both mothers and fathers and their children go through because of the same pool of CT judicial officers, GAL’s, court appointed doctors, lawyers, etc is alarming. So tell me again what Chris has to complain about? Calling out his actions is better than staying silent and it’s the least the public can do.

            Finally, do you really think preventing children from seeing their mother is taking the high road? The harm it is posing to the current and future well being of these children is unfathomable. It’s obvious that you can’t wrap your head around what it does to the parent who raised them. I hope Chris realizes that his older children will have the freedom to make choices and finally be heard when they turn 18, not too far from now. Chris has a choice to stop that bleeding now and I hope he does. When these children turn 18 and run to their mother, it will show that she was right all along to fight for these children. I just wish the healing could start today.

      • Chris Ambrose lied to police, dcf and hospitals and told them his wife was diagnosed with many personality disorders and mental illnesses.

        He continues to use this bs narrative. It’s all lies. This is who he is. It’s Chris that destroys the lives of those who have been good to him.

        He stole his wife’s inheritance- no regard for a woman that was good to him or the father in law that was kind and generous to him his entire life.

        He tells the world his children are the liars- that they have mental issues and are sick.

        It’s all projection. Enough Chris.

          • I am new to this website and have been reading for hours now.

            The one thing I haven’t seen anywhere in any reporting is Chris saying he has a great relationship with all of his children or that they are willing to speak to that. Why haven’t their voices been heard by the court?

            If I recall correctly from the court reports, the two oldest children are legally adults in about 2 years. Call it a hunch, but I have a feeling that Chris’ behavior since the divorce began will backfire on him spectacularly. I can’t wait to hear their voices and for them to know their voices matter and will be heard.

    • Correct. This is why family and friends have been cut out. Ambrose came up with bullshit reasons to eliminate them one by one. He’s in violation of Jennifer’s law. It’s domestic abuse.

      It’s all catching up with him. No one can save him now.

  • Chrissy is an obvious humanitarian….helping homeless Latino boys….just like Jerry Sandusky was a humanitarian.

  • “Malicious and false” Pissy Chrissy, you keep using those words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

  • The problem is widespread as the AFCC promotes parental alienation. Family court judges and family law attorneys attend conferences led by the AFCC which teach and promote parental alienation.

    I’m CT judges like Adelman and Munro were keynote speakers. Court appointed experts like Bruce Freedman run the workshops and court appointed “therapists” like Robert Horwitz and Linda Smith were on the Board of directors for the CT chapter of the AFCC.

    Invites to participate in these AFCC conferences (usually held at Quinnipiac) were sent right from the judicial branch!

    These AFCC conferences do not educate on domestic violence and fail to acknowledge parental alienation is NOT a credible diagnosis or recognized in the medical profession. It is not in the DSM-V.

    Courts are supposed to use medical information only— but they do just the opposite.

    It’s a money fest for the ct judicial court system- everyone participates. It costs money to attend but they’re paying one and other to endorse and seek cases of PA where custody is flipped solely to one parent- usually the father. Fathers rights groups pour money into the courts and pay legal fees of fathers to promote their cause.

    It’s a criminal enterprise where the government is benefitting from such abuse. It’s going on throughout the US- CT among the worst.

    It’s designed to cover abuse as Gardner advocated. These judges and attorneys make a living off of child abuse.

    • Yep. And the custody evaluator saw no problem. When wife raised it as a concern, she was alienating him from the children (who are adopted Latino boys). It’s a joke.

    • Seems to me that Karen visited that URL herself in a lame attempt to frame Chris while she was in possession of/illegally went into his computer. I mean let’s get real.

      By the way, are you aware that when Karen’s laptop was subpoenaed she destroyed it/threw it in the ocean?

      I wonder what kind of incriminating things would have been found there probably millions of searches on “how to frame your husband for a crime so you get custody.” And worse.

      I’m glad the court saw through her evil attempts to steal the children through underhanded means..

      • Sounds like a Chris Hansen “alibi letter.” I’m just here to “counsel” this misguided young girl. I drove 300 miles to do it and I have beer and condoms in my car.

        So let’s look at the choices: Option A (for Ambrose) – Karen did it all and she even hacked my computer and framed me to make it look like I was going on

        Option B (for BASED) – Chris Ambrose frequented and new he was screwed when he admitted to knowing all about it’s content. So his plan – blame Karen. She must have “hacked” me.

        I would go with B if it also explained why the keyboard keys were stuck together. 🤣🤣🤣

        • “She must have “hacked” me”

          Richard, it seems like you are not very familiar with this case. It is documented that Karen stole his computers and was in possession of them for quite a long time.

          • Exactly…so she had plenty of time to “frame” Chris on and all the other dirtbag sites he was on that exploit children. Because Chris knew all about the content on a site he “never went on.”

            I’ve seen a lot of people like Chris Ambrose. They’re called CHOMOs and should all be chemically castrated, if not just taken out back and shot.

          • Chrissy, stop with your lies. We’ll provide all the contents to frankreport. They’ve been given to the police and are in the public domain.

            No worries. 😁👍🏽

          • “ I’ve seen a lot of people like Chris Ambrose. They’re called CHOMOs and should all be chemically castrated, if not just taken out back and shot.”

            Are you effing kidding me? He is completely innocent, every single allegation was determined unfounded and unsubstantiated. Not a single charge was even filed. You are a complete hypocrite for supporting and defending DiRubba who was actually charged. Let me guess, DiRubba is paying you to write articles on his behalf.

          • “and all the other dirtbag sites he was on that exploit children.”

            Wow, talk about libel. He was not on any sites that exploit children.

            You, on the other hand, seem to get really upset that you’ll get in extra trouble for having sex with a teenage/child prostitute.

        • I mean seriously… Just think about how laughably obvious is…give me a break. I’d bet the bank that Karen went to that URL, not Chris.

          • Ambrose admitted visiting that site to the custody evaluator. FR took quotes right from the report. So not so laughably obvious… Plus Chris insists they were solely his laptops. Even accused his wife of “stealing HIS laptops.” Can’t have it both ways Chrissy.

          • “FR took quotes right from the report.”

            I don’t have time to look at the report right now, but I believe that is not accurate. I believe C only stated that they were not children on the site. Which he may have determined when the site was brought to his attention in discovery, but the wife probably visited that site herself when she was in possession of his computers anyway. It’s impossible to rule that out.

          • “Plus Chris insists they were solely his laptops”

            Yes, his laptops which the wife had stolen and had sole access to in order to create fake “evidence” against her ex.

        • Maybe we can hear from a lawyer who hasn’t been disbarred. Since we all agree all lawyers are jerks, how much worse do you have to be that the jerks kick you out of their club!

      • Chris— you’re getting your stories confused again. But since you’re accusing your wife of framing you, we can provide FR with all contents of the computers. No worries. What you kept from the court with your flying monkeys will be made public.

        Enjoy the ride you freak of nature.

        • I’m not Chris and doubt he posts here. Nice of you to try to threaten people though. You should be in jail.

  • Brother Neil can’t help him now. Come back to Wethersfield Chris. You’re about as popular as when you left. Looks like LA, Westport and Madison feel the same way. People don’t change. You’ve proven that.

  • Dear Minnie Gonzalez and Edward Vargas, I believe you both to be good people. Please visit a local domestic violence shelter. Latino women are one of the largest population to be accused of parental alienation. This is not just an issue for white women. All ethnic population of women are dealing with this problem in Connecticut. The parental alienation defense is being used in cases of lower income as well. These women and some men are in desperate need of the state to recognize. The reporting of domestic abuse is resulting in loss of custody across the board.

    • And they’re taking minority children away from their protective parent.

      Chris Ambrose, with his ghostlike complexion, is a not only a closeted homosexual, but a racist.

      His latest is “Nibba and nibbas” – spoken to his children and heard by their friends.

      And if course he calls his own children- who he does not deserve-

      We need minority leaders to intervene now.

      • “with his ghostlike complexion, is a not only a closeted homosexual, but a racist.”

        Oh, so just because somebody has light skin they are racist? You’re an a—hole and an idiot.

          • How would you know? Are you his roommate? No, you’re just an anonymous liar on the Internet.

    • “Latino women are one of the largest population to be accused of parental alienation.”

      Any recorded data on that statistic?

  • It’s ALL YOUR fault Frank. You’ve ruined his life! The kids hate him because of what you post.

    It’s no longer bc of Karen. Now Karen is his BFF and United, they will take you down!

    He wanted a protective order against her, but then decided he needs Karen to try and win his lawsuit against you.

    So now Karen is an ally and you are the villain!

    And the kids are depressed and suicidal… engaging in self harm because of you! And your posts.

    Of course their depression, suicidal thoughts and self harm began within weeks of being taken from Karen, but let’s blame it all on Frank— who ruined Chris’s life.

    Oh the drama… oh the lies…

  • Is his overuse of the word “blistering” due to third degree sunburns as the result of untreated albinism? 🤔

  • Erin Paranzino Has a story similar to Karen Riordan. Her kids are in the care of an abusive father and engaged in cutting- even cutting the word “monster” into their arm.

    When is enough, enough?

    • Folks another Anthony Is a good Christian judge. Member of the christian legal society. We all know that history of the church in Connecticut. The archdiocese of Hartford part of the fatherhood initiative. The pictures on his Facebook page were only nearly pornographic. He has promised not to conduct anymore hearings in the broom closet of the court house.

  • Gentleman, move beyond Chris Ambrose and follow the trail. This is not just about one case. This one was an eye opener. Follow the dusty trail like you did with the Catholic Church story. It imperative for legitimate news reports to dive deeper into the AFCC and the system. In Connecticut. You will be shocked. Research the players behind the scenes. Your missing a whole lot of good shit. What is the point of these articles if you can not find out why this is happening.. you would be helping the entire population in Connecticut. Important children. Get it together gentlemen dig a little deeper. Maybe it will help Karen get the kids back

    • Agreed it goes much deeper, but who is at the top? It’s the same cabal – caverly, Linda smith, Robert Horwitz, sue cosisesu, Bruce freedman, Gerard Adelman, Sidney Horwitz, Hurwitz, aldrich- all running through the AFCC.

      Ct chapter was running a business through the ct courts- literally a business with the hired court actors as the vendors appoint by, reporting to and protected by the family court.

      It’s indeed a racket run through quinnipiac university. The judges are complicit and protected. The AG absolutely knows what’s going on but won’t take action.

      The legislative branch won’t do anything and have laws in place that actually support what we see played out. Gals are not mandated reporters. Why not?

      The gal is allowed to produce hearsay as evidence- why?

      We cannot sue the gal. Why?

      But why does the fbi refuse to investigate what is public corruption?

      I know that now judges were once’s the attorneys who protected the pedos of the Connecticut Catholic Church.

      The judge that supports scoundrels like nusbaum who FR has also reported about.

      There is absolutely a link between pedo land and the family courts and the church.

      Ambrose had tons of child porn entries on his computer. The gal and judges went after Riordan with venom and got the hard drives and a court order NOT to pursue any further analysis of forensics on the computer info.

      Why? That seems a far reach for family court intervention. That was Jane grossman.

      Child abusers.

      Please help. Please call Luthmann and tell him what you know. So many are suffering.

      • Why did it it take the federal government to investigate Calvery? Hints look into the DPH. Who is looking at attorney complaints. Follow the trail. Check into the behind the scenes. Dig deep know the players in the game. Turning a blind eye 👁️. Investigative journalism. Is there statical data is it correct? Who is collecting it? Why would they want to label Claire a sex offender if she is not? Is there a documented case where someone was not guilty of PA? That’s documented for case reference? Are all these women guilty of alienation? Should we be concerned about the water in CT. All these women suffering from mental health issues? Could they be suffering from CPTSD? Is that ever considered? Is there any training other than PA for the court professionals? What are these Gals learning in the public defender’s office. Why didn’t the prosecutor office protect Julie? What happened in the case of the mother gunned down in Waterbury? Son shot and injured? What is happening with DV and offender programs? Are there financial insensitive? Why is there no motherhood. Org? Don’t women deserve equal opportunity? Father’s right over mother’s. 2010 MOU.

        • The Martinez foundation. The fatherhood initiative. Funding to favor father’s rights over mother’s. Funding that insist all father’s are the best interest of the children.
          Mother’s don’t matter. Overr rides their health safety and welfare. DCF training in . The legalizated funding to the state of Connecticut to favor father’s over mother’s in family court. No accountability and protection of children. If you are a woman who is thinking about marriage and family move out of Connecticut. If something should go wrong and you wind up in an abusive relationship. Your children are being abused the state has financial interest to protect the father. You and your children will likely not be protected. You run the risk of being axed, strangled or shot. The child custody to be granted to the a majority of cases no matter the situation.

        • The Department of Public Health is connected to the Office of Civil Rights. OCR has dragged out valid complaints against court appointed therapists like Robert Horwitz and Biren Caverly. They drag it out and then the GAL covers for them and says no wrongdoing. OCR is sadly, bought and paid for.

        • Attorney complaints are all but ignored at the BAR. They all protect each other. Going to civil court against attorneys is no better. The judges are in collusion with the attorneys. Mothers are being destroyed as are children. THankful to FR and the few news agengies that are brave enough to expose the blatant abuse.

          Jessica Biren Caverly is done. It was not helpful for Adleman to defend this ‘vendor’ in the memorandum of decision. This helped the feds.

          And Ambrose is proving he’s insane. Parental alienation after three years of isolation is not a viable argument. Now it’s Frank’s fault.

      • “Ambrose had tons of child porn entries on his computer”

        LOL you are deluded or a liar. There was no child porn. You belong in jail.

          • Nope, I just can’t stand liars. Especially about something so heinous as someone being in possession of child porn when there is zero evidence of that. And to top it off, his kids read this website? they should know that people are making up heinous lies about their father.

  • Ambrose- are you beginning to reassess the value of Nancy Aldrich?

    And your Jocelyn is equally as through with you… they’re going far far away from your delusions of grandeur.

    You need help Ambrose.

    • Does Ambrose actually think he has a legal claim against FR?

      Has he suggested anything is untrue? Truth is a defense.

  • It’s a shame he can’t come to terms with who he is. Chris Ambrose would be much happier if he could accept he is not heterosexual, but at his age it’s unlikely.

    Living a life of deceit must bring him perverse pleasure. Very sad for these teens. They should have a choice in where they live as the law provides for this.

      • He’s not a man. Real men don’t abuse children. It’s got nothing to do with sexuality.

        Living a lie is unhealthy. Maybe you live a lie and can’t see it.

        • And real women don’t make false accusations of child abuse against men. Ambrose was investigated and not a single accusation was found to be substantiated. Karen is the one who is living a lie.

          • “ I know there is no one underage on”

            “How do you know that if you’ve never been on the website?”

            Not a liar. Right.”

            Do you know if they surprised him in court with this Latino boys URL or did he know in advance so he could check it out and confirm it is adults?
            My impression is he knew what they were talking about via discovery and was able to confirm it was adults so it means nothing even if he did visit it, which I doubt he did, given that Karen had stolen and absconded with his computers. It’s much more likely that Karen typed that ludicrous URL into his computer in a pathetic attempt to frame him.

            Karen is just an unsuccessful Mrs. DiRubba. Thank God the courts recognized the horrible sh@t she was up to to avert a similar tragedy.

        • “ living a lie is unhealthy”

          Then why doesn’t Karen reveal the biggest lie? That she was living with Parlato in his home as his lover. That might shed some light on his motivation to destroy her ex.

          • “The two are in different states.”

            NOW they are. But she was living with him for quite a while, I hear. Don’t journalistic standards dictate disclosing close personal relationships with subjects? 🎀 at the least, dial down the hypocrisy about truth and lies.

          • You seem to know a lot about the facts and the evidence. Send them along and if warranted, we will publish them. Unless of course you’re a “pasty-white private investigator.” Yeah, I heard he thinks he’s good at that too.

      • “The court didn’t allow for further investigation”

        Give me a break. If Karen found child porn, you don’t think she would’ve gone straight to the police? Instead, she just brings the childporn to divorce court? Get real. There was no child porn.

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