Chris Ambrose Loses Motion to Bar Ex-Wife from Contacting Their Children

Court Denies Ambrose’s Attempt to Blame Frank Report for Children’s Emotional Distress

Chris Ambrose lost his first battle in court in his four-year divorce and custody battle with his ex-wife Karen Riordan. The fight was over marital assets and custody of their three children.

Ambrose got all the marital assets and full custody of the children in a final decision in 2022.

Last week, Ambrose lost a motion for a protective order. He sought to bar his wife from coming within a mile of the children’s school or home.

Before the divorce, Ambrose was an absentee father for much of his children’s young lives until, in 2018, he lost his Hollywood writing career because of allegations of plagiarism.

His implosion came when he “wrote” an episode for the TV show Bones. After Secrets and Lies” aired, viewers revealed, and the media reported, that it was an outright theft of the plot of an eight-year-old episode of another TV show, Instinct, from an episode called “The Plain and the Prodigy.” 

Quartz: wrote  An unspeakable crime has been committed in the world of TV police procedurals

The Wrap wrote a story entitled, CBS crime drama has been accused of ripping off long-running Fox procedural

CinemaBlend wrote a story entitled CBS’ Instinct Accused Of Ripping Off Plotline From Fox’s Bones

TV Guide reported  The Video Evidence That Instinct Ripped Off Bones Is Damning

On April 3, two days after Secrets and Lies aired, Plagiarism Today wrote Did Instinct Plagiarize Bones?

The dialogue and plot were the same, an Amish piano player who ran away from the farm and was killed in the big city. Even the props and dialogue were the same, such as the murder investigators’ comments about a “nice quilt” and that if they were teenagers, they “would wanna run away from” the Amish parents’ home.

And Hollywood ran away from Ambrose. Fired from his lucrative Hollywood work, Ambrose came home to Connecticut and soon filed for divorce, but not before locking his wife out of their joint bank accounts and taking her inheritance – something he admitted in court testimony.

Chris Ambrose

Ambrose, is also a lawyer. He called his children’s less than enthusiastic attitude about being with him “parental alienation,” which he said was caused by his wife.

He paid various “experts” to back up the theory. He claimed the children’s preference for their mother, their primary attachment figure all their lives, was not because of his behavior, but because their mother put them up to it.

Judge Jane Grossman often finds parental alienation occurs when stay-at-home mothers allege an affluent father is abusive

The children disputed it, but CT Family Court Judge Jane Grossman never allowed them to speak. Instead, she flipped custody, taking three happy children out of their home with their mother and forcing them to live with their father based on a custody evaluation report paid for by Ambrose, and the testimony of the guardian ad litem, also paid by Ambrose because he had sole access to marital funds.

It did not hurt Ambrose’s chances of winning based on his selection of his attorney Nancy Aldrich.

At the time, Judge Grossman was due for reappointment to retain her judgeship. Based on parents’ horror stories that she flipped custody to the highest bidder, it looked like it would be a contentious hearing. Her friend, Judge Jane Emons, was booted off the bench when the state legislature’s judicial committee failed to fight for her reappointment. 

Ambrose’s attorney, Nancy Aldrich’s son, Will Haskell, was a state senator and significantly on the judicial reappointment committee.

Much against their wishes, the children were suddenly removed from the only home they had ever known – with their mother – and forced to live with their father, which was a traumatizing event for them.

Judge Grossman went further. A staunch adherent of parental alienation, she barred all contact between children and mother.

Judge Gerard Adelman

Finally, another judge, Gerard Adelman, made Grossman’s orders final. Adelman was the leading adherent of parental alienation in Connecticut before becoming a judge. He is a man who made his career flipping custody to fathers as a guardian ad litem. He used parental alienation to hand children to fathers accused of sexual molestation based on nothing more than his word as a GAL, bolstered by a report by a custody evaluator he hand-selected, guided and paid for by the father.

The custody evaluator invariably found the same thing every time: The children were lying; the mother coached them, and the father did not sexually abuse the children.

Contradictory expert opinion, even from noted psychiatrists or pediatricians, was always ruled inadmissible or not credible.

When he became judge, Adelman continued to show his bias against mothers and his belief in parental alienation.

Adelman stands today as one of the leading adherents in CT to the concepts taught by the late Dr. Richard Gardner, who taught that alienation from a father is worse for a child than sexual molestation by the same father.

As shocking as it may sound to people outside Connecticut, this is settled practice. Though it is not written law, it is better than law. It is how CT family courts practice when fathers are affluent, or court actors can access father’s rights funds.

Judge Adelman dissolved the Ambrose-Riordan marriage and handed every dime of more than $2 million of joint marital assets to Ambrose, plus Riordan’s inheritance. He awarded Ambrose complete and exclusive custody of the children, despite the children’s repeated calls to live with their mother.

Adelman ascribed the children’s desire to live with their mother to parental alienation.

Though separated for three years, the children continue to wish to live with their mother. It is unsurprising, since they lived with their mother and had continuous contact with her and her extended family and friends their entire lives until the parental alienation judges lowered the boom on their happiness.

They are now forbidden to see their mother and grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.

It did not concern Judge Adelman that Ambrose has no close family and no friends he would ever care to bring home to meet the children.

One day the children had a mother and a life with many who loved them. The next day, the court placed them with their father, who forbade contact with their lifelong friends, family, and primary attachment figure, their mother.

The children’s cries were not without substantiation. According to DCF records, Ambrose was an unsafe and abusive father. The children alleged he sexually, physically, and emotionally abused them. 

It cost Ambrose about $1 million in lawyers, custody evaluators, therapists, and the guardian ad litem to thwart the children’s cries to see their mother. The cost was about the same as what he would have had to give his wife out of their marital funds had he appeared before a court that followed state’s law and required Ambrose to file financial affidavits and enforced the laws of marital property.

Still, Ambrose lost in court last week. Though he has physical custody of the children – at their ages — 16, 16 and 12, Ambrose, 60, has increasing difficulty preventing them from going out the door and seeing their mother who lives nearby.

The motion for a protective order arose because she watched a high school sports game of one of the children and spoke with her daughter. Ambrose’ found out and his punishment of his daughter was not enough to deter the teenager from a vow to never see her mother again.

Ambrose seems to have realized that his daughter, at 16, was becoming like many teens can be not completely compliant. The old tricks he used in the past to threaten the child with arrest or take away her every possession were not as effective as before. 

So Ambrose filed a motion with the court to bar the mother from coming within a mile of the children’s home or school. That would keep them apart and if the mother violated the order he would have her arrested.

He lost in court after Judge Eddie Rodriguez heard four days of evidence and ruled against Ambrose.

Strangely, much of the four days’ hearings were about how Frank Report’s stories hurt him and his children.

His parental alienation theory won him the right to closet his children away from the world and bar contact with everyone they knew and loved. He blamed their mother, whom he said coached the children. It was not his own behavior that alienated them, he said.

His latest theory was that it was not his own behavior [in taking their mother out of is children’s lives] that made the children depressed. It was Frank Report stories.

In court, Ambrose told a fanciful story about an incident at the Guilford fairgrounds, where a group of teens surrounded his daughter and began chanting “Frank Report.” Ambrose described the ensuing fight somewhat like an Antifa riot – all because of stories in the Frank Report.

Riordan, however, had the video which did not show any children chanting or even mentioniking Frank Report. The fight was a minor teenage catfight with a little pushing and shoving, a bit of scratching, some name-calling, lasting a few seconds.

Riordan told the court the melee had nothing to do with kids reading the Frank Report, a website they likely never even heard of.

Riordan asked Ambrose to produce a police report since the described riot must have brought police to the scene where witnesses would have told police about children taunting a child with a repetitive chant of “Frank Report.”

Ambrose could not produce a police report.

Ambrose testified Frank Report caused another of his children to absent himself from school.  

 Riordan had the police reports.

Ambrose tried to get the Madison police to force the child out of his room and to school. The police reports show Ambrose told the police nothing about Frank Report. Instead, he told the police that his child was not going to school because he was depressed about his poor relationship with his mother. His ex-wife, Ambrose said, lives far away and does not even bother to see her child. He failed to tell police that he won custody and forbade the children from seeing their mother, which is why the boy is depressed.

Another almost comical moment was when Ambrose spoke with literal tears in his eyes [he broke down and sobbed numerous times during the hearings] and asked the court to imagine his horror when he tried to shield the children from the website stories about him.

Still, they found the stories online and felt crushed.

But Riordan had audio of him telling his children, who knew nothing about website stories, to read the stories online, even directing them to the website URLs.

[You may wonder how Riordan had many audios and videos of Ambrose abusing the children. It is because the children took to recording him secretly. They argue that their father always lies and that no one will believe how abusive he is unless they have proof. Suppose you were any kind of judge other than an Adelman or Grossman. In that case, whether you think the children are wrong to record their father, it says volumes about their unhappy home. It is also noteworthy that Ambrose secretly recorded the children before the children recorded their father. It speaks to the distrust and inharmony in that unhappy, and lonesome home.]

When Riordan testified, Ambrose tried to put words in her mouth: the Frank Report stories caused the children enormous emotional distress, right Karen?

Riordan denied it. She said Ambrose’s cruel behavior caused them distress, mainly because they couldn’t see their mother, whom they had lived with all their lives.

Ambrose testified that one of the children endured brutal ridicule from classmates who saw Frank Report stories. He said she emailed her mother asking for a story to be taken down, but the article remained.

Riordan pointed out the email came from Ambrose’s email account, not from her daughter.

Ambrose defended that by saying his then-15-year-old daughter had to use his email account because none of the children have their own email.

Riordan countered that almost all teenagers have email accounts. It is odd that he would not allow the children to have communications with the outside world.

On further questioning, Ambrose admitted he forced the children to cancel their Instagram accounts. Why? Because the same children who supposedly are so hurt by the publicity about their case were posting stories about the pain of losing their mother and the lies their father told about them.

Ambrose testified that Frank Report posted an “open letter” to one of their sons on his 15th birthday, saying it was hurtful.

“That was quite a memorable birthday for him,” Ambrose explained later, condemning Frank Report writing about the motherless boy.

Ironically, Ambrose submitted as evidence a Frank Report story about another memorable birthday, the boy’s 12th.

What made it memorable was that Ambrose came home and asked his son to open the door to let him in the house, and the boy’s dog, Cody, ran out. The boy tried to chase after the dog, but Ambrose ordered the boy back into the house.

Ambrose seems to have never liked the dog, and often joked about the dog meeting with an unfortunate death, like being impaled or hit by a car. When the children objected to these comments, Ambrose said he was only joking.

Cody met an unpleasant end after Chris Ambrose said the dog loved peanut butter.

Shortly after the dog ran out the door, a neighbor called and said Cody showed up on her porch, and offered to bring the dog home.

Ambrose declined, saying Cody loved peanut butter and would come home for a plate of the salty treat he placed outside the door.

Ambrose’s statement puzzled the children, for Cody did not eat peanut butter; and Ambrose did not put a plate outside the door.

Because he turned down the neighbor’s offer, the neighbor let the dog run off the porch expecting he would go home to get his peanut butter.  The dog ran onto the busy road, and was struck and killed by a car.

The following day, the boy’s birthday was made somber by the loss of the dog and the recognition that their father lied about the peanut butter, It was made worse when Ambrose repeatedly told his sorrowful son that he was to blame for the dog’s death because he had left the door open a few seconds too long. As a result, the boy not only endured the loss of his beloved dog on his birthday, but was also gaslit by his father into a blame-shifting tactic that he, not Ambrose, was responsible for the dog’s death.

I heard audios of the children questioning Ambrose about lying about the peanut butter, and his nonchalant attitude and blame shifting on that is a marvel to behold.

Yes, it was a memorable birthday for the boy.

In the same vein, Ambrose told his stories for four days, but Judge Eddie Rodriguez didn’t buy that Frank Report was the culprit or that the mother was dangerous to her children.

He denied Ambrose’s motion to prevent the children from seeing their mother.

Within 45 minutes of losing in court, Chris Ambrose emailed me claiming he and the mother, Karen Riordan, agreed they wanted me to take down my stories. 

Chris Ambrose:
“Mr. Parlato:

“From October 3, 2021 through the present, you have published at least 74 articles and well over a thousand reader “comments” that discuss our three minor children on your websites, ….Your articles repeatedly publicly identify our children – with dozens of photos – as victims of sexual and emotional abuse [by Ambrose], a violation of privacy even adult victims of such alleged crimes are spared….. This unconscionable invasion of privacy not only exposes them to information they are too young to see, it also subjects them to intense public scrutiny, stinging ridicule, and humiliation. In short, you are causing them extreme emotional distress that impacts their daily lives. 

“To protect our children, Karen and I demand that you immediately remove every photo, record, article, and comment referencing them in any way from your websites and that you refrain from publicizing anything about them anywhere in the future…. 

“We demand you stop tormenting them. Immediately….

“This is far from the first time you have been made aware of the severe damage your publications cause our children, but it’s the first time Karen is joining me in insisting that you stop bullying them in print and leave them alone….

“Therefore, both Karen and I demand that you immediately take down every photo of and any reference to them in your articles and do not publicize anything about them on any platform in the future….

“It is expected that your regard for Karen will lead you to accede to her request to end your obsessive torment of our children without delay.”

Frank Parlato believes that his "poor paperwork" crime should not be considered "sophisticated means."

Frank Parlato

I wrote to Riordan, copying Ambrose, to ask if this was a joint request of her and his. I did refer to Ambrose’s history as a plagiarist.

To: Chris Ambrose and Karen Riordan

“Ms. Riordan

“I received the preposterous email below from Christopher Ambrose [who I copied on this].

“He states his email is a ‘United Parental Demand to Stop Invading Our Children’s Privacy and Causing Emotional Distress.’

“He writes he claims for both you and him. Maybe it is just my Instinct, but I feel in my Bones he is lying again.

“For instance, he writes: ‘To protect our children, Karen and I demand that you immediately remove every photo, record, article, etc….’

“And again, he writes, ‘It is expected that your regard for Karen will lead you to accede to her request to end your obsessive torment of our children without delay.’

“I am not aware, Karen, that you need Chris to make your requests for you.

“I am convinced that the children’s tormenter is the man writing the email to me. The fact that my truthful reports have tormented Chris since they exposed his Secrets and Lies, is not my problem.

“Karen, for the record, are you joining Chris in this demand, or is he just being a Pain in the Prodigy again with his incessant lying?


“PS Good try Chris or as the Investigative Reporter said, ‘If I was a teenager, I’d wanna get out of [y]our house too. Nice quilt, though.'”

Karen Riordan
Karen Riordan responded, emailing me and copying Ambrose:
“Dear Mr. Parlato,

“You are correct. I did not know about nor did I approve the email sent by Chris Ambrose to you, whereby he claims we made a ‘United Parental Demand.’

“You’ll notice Chris Ambrose did not copy me in his email to you. He made a false representation in this email.

“Chris has made false representations in the past.

“He forged my signature on federal tax returns to conceal his earnings and deny me financial access to marital funds. He hacked my email account and sent an email in my name, falsely stating that I would settle a lawsuit, and took the money. He forged my initials on a real estate sales document.

“His email to you, where he claims it came from both of us, is a classic case of him blame-shifting. Your articles have not caused our children to be clinically depressed, ridden by anxiety, engage in self-harm, or have suicidal ideations. On the contrary, these symptoms arose before you wrote your first article about him in 2021. The symptoms began after they were suddenly and traumatically removed from my care and placed in Chris’s sole care and custody in April 2020.

“Remember, he was a Hollywood screenwriter who destroyed his career when outed for plagiarism and intellectual property theft. He is used to writing convincing and believable fiction.

“His rebound business warrants investigation: His Eyes Above Productions D-U-N-S number shows it is a barber/beauty industry business. He does not have a barber’s license.

“He tells people that Eyes Above Productions is a writing and entertainment company. I am curious to know what kind of entertainment he seeks or provides for others.

“The children exposed on their social media accounts that Chris poses as a barber online to solicit young men.

“I believe your articles are accurate and supported with evidence. Much of the evidence presented in my own case, I only learned through your investigations. It is essential for the public to be warned about the realities of weaponized custody evaluations.

“I agree that you might consider changing the names of the children. But the children are not complaining about Frank Report. Chris is lying about that. For three long years, our children have made it clear that their abuse and trauma has been caused by Chris Ambrose.


“Karen Riordan”

Stay tuned for more on this case…. A lot more.

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  • “I filed a grievance against Atty. Erika Wikstrom, and in turn Atty. Erika Wikstrom hired Atty. Christopher Goulden who sits on the Statewide Grievance Panel. So I would like to ask the judiciary committee to ask Chief Justice Chase Rogers and the head of the family law section, Allen Palmer, how that is allowed and not grounds for discipline. That is the definition to me of Conflict of Interest at the very least. The word corruption also comes to mind and may be appropriate to use here.”,%20Marisa-TMY.PDF

  • Frank. This is VERY VERY serious. Chris Ambrose has said he received DEATH THREATS as a direct result of your articles.

    Remember, he did NOT receive these threats because he’s an asshole.

    He did NOT receive these threats because he’s a pathological liar–

    He did NOT receive these threats because he exploits his own children to claim “damages” in lawsuits.

    He did NOT receive these threats because an entire world of people know he’s isolated and traumatized his own kids.

    He did NOT receive these threats because he calls his children of Latino origin “BEANERS”.

    He did NOT receive these threats because his kids hate him with good cause– and the families of their friends in Madison know the truth.

    He did NOT receive these threats because he lied to everyone in Hollywood.

    He did NOT receive these threats because he got fired from Instinct due to plagiarism, but then blamed innocent showrunner, Hart Hansen, for his own failure.

    He did NOT receive these threats because he lied to the public and said Hart Hansen going over budget was the reason Instinct was canceled— even though it wasn’t canceled.

    He did NOT receive these threats because he stole his wife’s maternal inheritance– the act of a true psychopath.

    He did NOT receive these threats because he plagiarized and stole intellectual properties.

    He did NOT receive threats because he calls the police on anyone who questions his conduct– including his own children.

    He did NOT receive threats because he poses as a barber online and hits on young men– suggesting “sexy, sophisticated” hairstyles.

    He did NOT receive threats because his kids are teenagers and their friends know what a fucking asshole he is.

    He did NOT receive threats because he trolls the internet looking for “young, hot latino boyz,”– which he admitted to the custody evaluator!

    He did NOT receive threats because he lied to the Madison police, Madison Schools, Hospital and therapists when he reported the mother of the children has been diagnosed with “Mental illness” “Is dangerous” and has “personality disorders.”– There is zero evidence of this anywhere– But he has NOT received threats for this illegal conduct.

    He did NOT receive these threats because he stiffed Nancy Aldrich $67,000.

    He did NOT receive these threats because his conduct is problematic for Connecticut courts.

    He received these threats ONLY because of articles on the Frankreport.

    These are Serious, serious, serious threats… Reported to his buddies at the Madison Police (who are growing tired of being on speed dial for madman of Madison. They are getting a clearer picture of what ails these three teens… and it’s not pretty).

    1. April 10, 2022: “Don’t take pictures of men at Planet Fitness. Disgusting.”

    2. May 8, 2022: “So much fun to watch you on Frank Report, Christopher. You’re a liar, a plagiarist.”- Voicemail ends with a laugh similar to that of the Joker from Batman (NOW, this is indeed scary!).

    3. May 31, 2022: “Why can’t you do the right thing, why can’t you do the right thing and let your children be happy? Stop torturing them. God what a loser. ”

    4. June 10, 2022: “Your children need their mother, let her see them, pussy.”

    5. June 12, 2022: “Happy father’s day, dick head. You don’t deserve those children.”

    6. June 19, 2022: “Christopher do you hear a ping. I’m hearing pinging Christopher, oh dear, what is it about Christopher. Oh you, will see what’s in store. Oh the pinging Christopher, make it stop.”

    It seems Chrissy Ambrose has delusions of persecution… when you’re convinced that someone is mistreating, conspiring against, or planning to harm you.

    Get help Chris.

  • Chris Ambrose renovated his house at 1 Hemlock Hill Rd in Westport with plans he STOLE from another home under construction.

    This is when I realized what a conman he was. We were out to dinner and it came up innocently.

    But Chris turned purple when Karen told a story if Chris taking the kids- trespassing on building sites- and returning home with a “treasure” of plans tucked under his arm.

    Then he took full credit for designing the home with plans stolen from another.

    It’s sad. I can tell you those kids love their mother and she was devoted to them 24/7. He was always cruel to the older son. That I know from sports.

    These kids need to get away from him. He’s dangerous.

        • Copying existing plans for a home renovation is a total nothing burger. And you say he took the kids along to building sights? Sounds like he was more involved with the kids lives than Karen would like to admit. And yeah, OK you are going to revoke his parental rights from observing him at a sporting event. Talk about grasping at straws.

          • Is interpreting “stole” as “copying” and thinking one would revoke his parental rights for being at a sporting event grasping at straws or a sign that you need more prayer and less time on the internet?

  • Judges and attorneys doing the devils work:

    The United States is and has been bankrupt. They have been since 1933. The government has no gold or silver as per the Constitution requires. The only asset they had left was the people. So how does the U.S. finance its daily operations?

    Here’s how I see it: Collateralize the people for credit.

    How? By registering them in international commerce and selling bonds on them.

    The people become the surety on the bonds or the “pledge”. The asset bonded (surety) is the labor of the people which is payable at some undetermined future date.

    Which basically means, the people become the “utility” for the “transmission” of energy.

    This results in a very sophisticated form of peonage or slavery in which the constitution doesn’t apply. Guilty until proven innocent. Because the government on all levels , is thrown into international commerce , the law merchant now known as the Uniform Commercial Code.

    Now that you are aware of all this. I suggest you see the definition of “goods” under the Uniform Commercial Code;

    Section 2-105(1) and 9-105(1) in which animals, i.e. humans and their unborn offspring, become “goods” sellable in commerce…

    When a child is born in the
    United States, a birth certificate is registered with the Bureau of
    Vital Statistics in the State of birth.

    Did you catch it?

    The key word here is “registered”. As in registered in international commerce. Then the child that is born becomes the “surety” who’s energy is due at some future date.

    Want to hear the best part? When a birth certificate is registered in the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Department of Treasury then issues a bond on that birth certificate worth 1 million dollars. THEN the bond is sold to the Federal Reserve whom then uses them as collateral to print Federal Reserve Notes.

  • “A child’s best interest” is the Gal’s best interest. It’s the worst law ever and it’s been used to violate the 14th amendment.

    This is what courts are doing to eliminate unalienable rights!

    Refuse to enter family court. It is a profit-making business. No one cares about the children.

  • A word to CT courts and all the court actors financed by people like Ambrose:

    There are those within the courthouse that know the scams you run.

    There are CT judges who resent the bad name you’ve given this state.

    Information will continue to be released. By many many sources.

    So hunt down free speech – as you did in 2015.

    Playbook exposed. Ambrose keeps making it easy for all of us. He is indeed the poster boy that brings down the crimes of family court. His psychopathy and ego too great to be contained.

    Arrogance that allowed him to stiff his own attorney, that leads him to believe the judges will continue to deliver rulings without merit and arrogance that will allow him to gang himself and take Caverly down with him.

    No one will back Caverly’s evaluations.


    • Not the worst, just misguided. If he knew better, he would do better.

      He’s in quite a predicament now and probably regrets a lot. It’s easier to apologize and ask for forgiveness than to keep doing wrong things. Before the “family court” disaster, someone probably convinced him to take the path he took. Maybe his lawyer told him to use the “PAS set-up” or maybe a demon gave him that bad idea. He took a few wrong paths one after the other, probably not thinking about the all the many potential consequences.

      Most of us regret doing bad things. He might, too. If he wants to be a better person, he’s smart enough to know what to do next. We all need to do the next right and noble things every day as soon as possible before crazy lunatics controlling our world start World War III and ruin everything.

  • In order to over come the beast called family court. The general public has reached out to social media. It’s not enough to pass laws. We must hold people to the standards of their positions. Judges, gals, lawyers, various agencies. The government of the state. The family court circuit is profiting off marital disillusion, child welfare and abuse. The rape robbing and pillaging of the citizens for profit to the states and the family law system has become obvious. Children suffering and in danger. Enough is enough. Clean up the family courts. Sincerely the average citizen.

    • Absolutely! The public needs to be made aware. The courts are trying to silence parents who dare to go to the press.

      Saying- it’s not in the best interest of children to have the abuse made public. Maybe they should stop the abuse and isolation of our children.

      Then they’d be no need to make it public.

  • No wall is high enough to stop a child’s love.

    You don’t get it. You’re an abuser. You proved it in court on the 3rd.

    And now you’re frantic. Alone. With no viable case against FR or Easter basket auntie.

  • Chris Ambrose- you keep changing your stories.

    Did you smash into a guardrail and total the car because a raccoon was in the road or because a kid was on a bike? Or was a raccoon riding a bike? 😂 You are indeed a sad tubby sack of shit.

    And you were texting when you nearly killed your kids. Phone records confirm it. Tick tock.

    Ever think the info gets out because everyone knows who you are? And what you do. Do I need to provide your clientele?

    Snip snip. Buzz buzz.

  • It’s a lonely world for Chris Ambrose… gone are his court purchased friends… gone is his fairy Jocelyn- concealer of all evil. Gone is his rotund custody evaluator… the scribe of death sentences for healthy parents… Gone is Senator Haskells mother Nancy Aldrich, who enjoyed a cake walk through family court connections as she looted Riordan and abused three brown children- – It was Aldrich who said stay at home mothers deserve nothing – as she stole the inheritance of her mother to line the pockets of nusbaum.

    So many good criminals now leave Chris all alone- with only memories of being the all powerful being in family court.

    Ambrose enjoyed three years of paid to deliver litigation that this sad little white haired man actually believes the tales he paid others to endorse.

    How he weeps for his Jocelyn.

  • Look what you’re doing to our entire family. You stole Adele’s inheritance. No line you won’t cross. You’re doing this to all of us Chris.

    • He has been accused of that by his children. He has admitted he likes Latino Boiz. But he also denies he is a pedophile. In CT family court pediphilia by fathers is not considered pedophilia by non family members.

      Fathers they feel in CT Family Court – -are just following time honored traditions and hysterical mothers who think it wrong have to be removed from the children’s lives lest she commit parental alienation. This is CT family court prevailing. doctrine

  • What a scumbag. Ambrose, what exactly is your life supposed to be about? You contribute nothing. Just an ongoing parasitic existence, toxic to everyone with whom to come into contact.

    • Just like Geoff Herzog – those Frank Reports on Geoff Herzog reveal nothing but evil mental instability at a minimum and probably pure mental illness. What happened to these mental cases as kids? They should be research projects

      • He is just like Herzog. And the courts drag it out like in Herzog case as well. No parent would watch their kids suffer and then blame it on a court order– which is a suggestion. It’s not a law. Parents can agree on anything at anytime. Ambrose wants total power and control.

        These kids have suffered. But the tide has turned. He knows it.

      • Take him the park…and make sure he doesn’t come back. If he’s “not around” then they will go back to their mom. Bet someone online here could make that happen. Bill?

        • If you’re Chris, pretending to be dangerous commenter for your lawsuit, just stop. Or, if you’ve decided to give up the charade and plan to disappear yourself and then blame others for your disappearance, that would be a deceitful thing to do. Or, if you’re not Chris and you’re writing such a horrible thing to try to provoke a crime, apologize. In any case, whoever you are, please find another hobby. that’s not so evil.

      • Stop being such as p***y about this. Either your Chris trying to change the subject or your someone involved in this other case. If so, just do something instead of whining about it

  • The only reason I can fathom that Frank is dying on this Karen Riordan hill is that they are sleeping together.

    • What if it was about justice? What if I am not dying on the hill but rather Ambrose is dying in the hill and he doesn’t have to. He could let the kids see their mother.

      • How is it justice to viciously attack a parent who has not been convicted of any wrongdoing? What about innocent til proven guilty? He hasn’t been proven guilty of anything despite intensive investigations, but you viciously attack the parent instead of focusing on the court system that you believe is corrupt.

        • Oh yes he has. They just covered it up. He molested his kids and psychologically abuse them.

          The records demonstrate it. Three teens aren’t lying. He’s had them for three years in isolation. How long will Ambrose play the blame game?

          DARVO – he flips positions and he’s the victim. He’s always the victim in every aspect of his life.

          Ambrose plagiarized and hem blamed showrunner Michael Rauch!!

          Look at FR article— Ambrose takes no responsibility. He is blaming an innocent third party (Michael Rauch) for his own wring doing.

          This is what Ambrose does.

        • Hah! Intensive investigations meaning dcf said the police were investigating and the police said dcf was investigating.

          Who’s on first – all to protect the financier of child abduction and abuse.

          Tick tock. Caverly cases are done. Ambrose is nailed. Even the untouchable Jocelyn Hurwitz can’t help him now.

        • You’re done Ambrose. You should let the kids go and move on. Go and be happy far away from here.

        • So very true. Why then Christo have you told the schools, the police and the hospitals that your healthy wife, has been diagnosed with several mental illnesses and several personality disorders?

          That is a lie. No evidence. Three IVY league psychiatrists- medical doctors who have known her for years, believe you to be an abuser. Void of empathy and a malignant narcissist.

          They know the kids love her and you had no complaints until your wife told you you were a fraud. And she wanted out.

          You Christo- have told your children she’s out if her mind, crazy, needs help. And she is healthy other than being subjected to your abuse and the savage taking of her babies.

          You’re a sick fuck. Your kids hate you.

          Hands off. You were found to have molested and sexually assaulted your children.

          Cunha’s incompetent. We have the records. We have the videos.

          Give the kids back Christo and save yourself a world of embarrassment and punishment- with just cause.

          I wouldn’t sleep on it too long. The videos abs records are damning.

          And you paid Jocelyn a shitload but she’s not sacrificing herself to save your sorry ass.

          We have you as the racist you are too. Conniver. Cooked.

          • Notice how evil, sick and scary Karen’s supporters sound? I would not want my children around these people, and I don’t think Chris should let his children be around them either.

          • It’s an old trick called, “gaslighting”. Thank goodness Karen saw what was happening. Once you see it, it’s easier to be your best self. Unfortunately, it’s hard to endure the harm family court profiteers do. Ask any person on the street how they would respond if someone took everything from them.

        • 2:45 pm: Sort of like the “intensive investigations” in the Dulos case did so much? Okay, so maybe you don’t think a few in the family court system could be corrupt … and, maybe you think The Hartford Courant thoroughly investigates and honestly reports about the blatant corruption in family courts. And, maybe you think everyone needs a court to officially decide the sky is blue, the grass is green and whether or not it’s totally okay to use the corrupt family courts to try to destroy another good mother. It’s still easy for most to see what happened. Why won’t you let the children see their mother, Chris?

      • I think you wrote every single one of these pro Karen/anti Chris comments. You fuel your own blog with comments posing as others

    • FR is exposing the silent epidemic of parental alienation which is leaving children traumatized and living with abusers.

      No worries Chris Ambrose— you’re the one dying on the hill.

      You, and your beast of a custody evaluator will die on the hill together.

      Afraid your GAL won’t be able to save you on this one.

      All that $$$$$$$$$ wasted. And your kids still fear you after three years because you’re the psycho.

      Gone are those boyish good looks and quick wit. Your angry old man Ambrose.

      Give your kids their mother.

      • Not sure how Chris can be accused of parental alienation when it is the court’s order that Karen cannot see the kids. Allowing Karen to see the kids is against a court order. He is simply following the order.

    • Is the albino marshmallow madman of Madison jealous because Frank isn’t interested in his pale, white, flat ass?

  • Thank God Judge Rodriquez actually held to the law. He couldn’t provide the relief Ambrose wanted.

    There was no evidence of any danger to the children and it’s a first amendment violation to compel speech.

    It’s sad that Ambrose sent the letter that he did. It shows his disregard for his wife- or ex-wife.

    He’s misrepresenting the truth and speaking on behalf of another. In doing so he undermines his own credibility.

    • You clearly did not read Karen’s response to the end of it. She fully agreed with Chris’s request to remove the children’s names and personal info.

      • Ambrose- you cannot speak for another person. Wtf is wrong with you?

        Where does she say to remove anything other than their names?

        Stop with the lies you fucking psycho.

  • Grossman and Adelman should be disbarred, or at a minimum barred from practicing in Family court. Eliminating the children’s testimony and flipping custody away from the children’s mother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends, with no basis, is damaging to the children. That is everything against what family court is about! I won’t even get into the unbalanced access to marital funds. This topic is so unfair (what the courts are SUPPOSED to be), the discussion warrants it’s own write-up. Ambrose’s claim that Frank Report’s stories hurt him and his children is unjustified, is based on nothing but his opinion on publication of public facts.
    Ambrose’s attempt to protect his children is an obvious act, with the actual source of their pain rooted in the jaded testimony he has provided that keeps the children away from the one person that cares about them more than anyone else…their mother. They know this. They are smart kids.
    I only hope they know that truth WILL prevail in the long run, and never to give up hope!
    Keep posting the truth Frank, and expose the lies that continue to be told!
    To the children…NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!!!

  • Children need both parents to get along. The parents should let the past go as in literally. Start from square one. Arrange 50/50 custody and move the hay on. Too much ego is like too much fried food. Might taste good but clogs the arteries and boom! Disaster.
    Drop all the lawsuits. Get rid of all the drama. Laugh it off. Stop being spiteful.

    Seriously, all the past is whatever forever…just draw up a stipulation. 50/50 custody. Everyone in therapy..but not therapy that’s paid off…stop paying all the dumb arrse a bridge, humanize the while thing and

    • Exactly…but as you can see in Karen’s response to Frank above, she is still gunning for her ex husband at the expense of everything else.

      Notice how Chris’s email is 99% about the children’s well-being and Karen’s response is 99% attacks on Chris and 1% about the kids? She needs to get her priorities straight.

      • no Chrissy, I did not notice that. You care about the kids about as much as you care about the dog or a jar of peanut butter.

        • I’m not Chris. And I think it is cruel of Frank to continually throw the horrible trauma of losing a pet (in an accident!) in the children’s faces. Evidently they read this blog.

        • Go read each sentence and identify if it is about the kids’ well-being or about Chris. Chris’ email is all about the kids’ well-being. Karen’s is 99% all about Chris, even though the topic of Chris’ email was THE KIDS’ well-being. There wasn’t anything in there about himself. Karen has hateful blinders on, big time. She is more interested in a hate campaign against Chris than she is in the welfare of the children.

          • If Chris cared about the children her would grant them their wish to see their mother.

            This will end legally very badly for this foolish man and probably worse for Jessica Biden Caverly. I think the onion begins to peal with Caverly and it leads to the GALs that recommend her and how they collaborated.

            These actors in CT think that only the state of CT controls the game. They are wrong this time.

      • Get your own priorities straight, 9:43 and stop trying to flip the script.

        Karen’s priorities are the same priorities of good firefighters who point all the water they possibly can at dangerous fires.

        Karen is a great mom.

        She’s held nothing back to save those three beautiful children who are her heart, soul and life.

        Meanwhile, it looks like a pyromaniac started the “family court” fire, watched it burn and then blamed Karen.

        Those three once-happy kids lived with Karen in their once-happy home for many many many years before a scriptwriter’s drama ruined everything — with lots of help from a “family court evaluator”, “family court judges” and a few bought and sold newspapers.

        All that fiction kicked the victims on the ground and that “parental alienation” set-up was a horrible thing to do. The “PAS” scam has been around for decades. Many of the players in that case rehearsed that scam for decades and guess what happened? The new guy who paid for that production was easily able to take 99% of everything from Karen! Did you notice? Did you notice he was also able to take 100% of her children?Amazing, right?

        Thank goodness Karen and her three beautiful children are strong and smart. Thank goodness the new judge handling the case has seen Grossman, Adelman and Horwitz do this to mothers and children before.

        If the new judge is a good judge, priorities about facts, evidence and real law will soon be what matter most.

        • Again I ask how could Karen have gotten custody when she didn’t show up to visitation or custody hearings and essentially disappeared? Dad could’ve paid $1.00 and had the same outcome.

          • Gee Chrissy, YOu mean the visitation you and JOcelyn and Horwitz decided upon without a hearing? That visitation? with the supervisor you paid $7500 to without a signed contract? The one you had on you list as a witness on your side when she never even met your wife?
            That visitation?
            The same visitation supervisor– Lisa Kerin– who is a criminal– and appeared in the Tiberi case along with Caverly as well as the Rookasin case along with Caverly?
            THAT VISITATION? You’re a joke.

            I like the fuzzy socks however.
            And the pants that sits several inches above your ballerina-like shoes.
            Are they the latest fashion trend along with your bright orange vest?

            Beautiful pics for the docu-series

            And you thought your Hollywood days were done. 🙂

          • “Instead he paid a million”

            What good parent wouldn’t pay everything they have to keep their children safe?

        • I see it more as Karen started the fire and continues to pour gasoline on it and blames everyone but herself.

          • That’s been your narrative right along. It’s all her fault. So how come your kids think you’re an asshole and love their mother.

          • “So how come your kids think you’re an asshole and love their mother.”

            Maybe because they read the vicious attacks and horrible lies she spreads about him online??

          • But you have them all the time. If you weren’t an asshole they would never believe what a stranger writes is true.

          • No Frank, that hasn’t been the narrative all along, that is your narrative for your lil lady.

            the narrative is they are both selfish assholes. You represent one of those assholes.

          • “If you weren’t an asshole they would never believe what a stranger writes is true.”

            They know mama is giving you this info.

      • Chris- you are self-serving and full of shit. You hurt the kids. The articles expose you for the psycho pathological liar that you’ve always been.

        Chris – you want the letter so you can have “evidence” for your lawsuit against frankreport. Please Christo – tell the readers what it is that’s not true about you?


  • Chris is a coward. He called the police on me at the gym. Told them I threatened them. Calls the police in his kids, on their godmother, on their mother, on Wayne Dolcefino, on some kid that tossed two eggs at his house oh Halloween. Good thing madison pd is patient with this lunatic.

    The report said to clean the door with soap and water.

    Case closed. Great use of taxpayer money. 👍🏽

    It seems he goes for the men in uniform with shaved heads.

    • He called the police on me as well, also at the gym. He has them on speed dial. The asshole spends more time with them than he does his kids

      • Aw, Karen’s poor little flying monkey had their feelings hurt when you were called out on your harassment and abuse? Poor little monkey 🙊

  • I’m friends with them. He’s crazy. He doesn’t care about them. Theyre raising themselves. He was drunk all the time. He sleeps on the couch and has no friends there mom is so nice and they all love her. He calls the cops on his own kids and tells them they lie when they don’t. He lies. He’s scary. And mean he’s a big fake.let them go home to their mom. We’re sophomores they can decide and sawyer wants his mom. Let them go.

    • Most adults don’t live like teenagers with buddies hanging out at their house all the time.

      Unfortunately, the mother is homeless. The kids would have nowhere to live with her.

      • Well, when courts abuse women and endorse financial abuse and total control of all finances and access for years of litigation– mothers are often left homeless. Why Chris Ambrose, do you use this against your wife when you are the very one who created this outcome? And worked very hard to achieve it– or at least paid out your wife’s inheritance to see to it that you liquidated all funds and paid off everyone. Same playbook. You’ll be a star soon enough. Since you failed at your other careers, the focus of DARVO will at least help the world understand psychopaths like yourself. Your kids know it too well.

        • She’s had 3-4 years to obtain housing. She is so fixated on destroying her husband that she has neglected getting her own life in order to regain custody of the kids through proper channels.

          The vast majority of people don’t have an inheritance to live off of it аnd yet they manage to get housing.

          I strongly believe she needs to stop this malicious obsession with the exhusband and start focusing on herself and building a stable life, cooperating with the court, and then she will get exactly what she wants — if what she wants is visits with and some custody of the kids.

          She has wasted untold time and money attacking the husband online instead of getting her life on track and building a home for herself and the kids.

          she went nuclear over the 90-day separation from the kids, when she could’ve handled it in a much more rational way, thus destroying all her chances of getting any custody as a result.
          She wasn’t separated from the kids as the result of any diagnosis, it was all based on her observable behavior. It appears from her response to Frank above that she still hasn’t come back down to earth and seems to think somehow she’ll get custody by continuing attacks on her ex. Sorry Karen; it’s not gonna happen.

          The “attack the ex online” approach has been disastrous for you if your aim is custody or even visitation. Maybe it is time to change your strategy from vindictive to productive?

          • But why did you steal her inheritance? Stolen money never fructifies. Start by giving her inheritance back. You stole it. She had it before the marriage.

            Wake up Chris. Your kids will grow up hating you. Whatever other bullshit you spew you cannot escape the fact that you alone caused the separation of children from their mother.

            a mother and children that never even went one day in their lives without contact. Not a single day.

            And why? She was never judged unfit. Thr phony bought and paid for and staged by you parental alienation. Your children love her and she was their primary attachment figure.

            Don’t you realize the day is going to come when you can’t control them and they are going to leave you and tell the world their story?

            You’ve imprisoned them long enough. The chains you have forged against your future is ominous indeed. Start making amends.
            You need no court to get permission. Let your children by happy and save yourself.

            Look at you. You can’t work. Nobody wants to hire you. What are you doing with your life.
            ? Living off of your wife’s share of the marital assets you stole.

            I beleive your misery and suicidal ideation and depression will disappear the moment you seek the happiness you will get by reuniting your children with their mother.

            Why you might even be able to get your children to like you one day.

          • “Whatever other bullshit you spew you cannot escape the fact that you alone caused the separation of children from their mother”

            Karen did. She refuses to accept that the world doesn’t revolve around her.

    • Please ask this nice mother Karen to cooperate with the court so that the kids can see her freely without having to sneak to do it. It’s as simple as that.

      • Chris why can’t a mother see her own children without the court. The court is done with the case. You lost the protective order barring the mother from seeing her children. You are a rogue. The children want to see their mother. Their mother wants to see them. Why wouldn’t you permit that?

        • Just a wild guess but maybe because Karen has been acting like an evil insane person for the past few years? She can’t be trusted. She needs to go through the proper channels. Simple.

      • As a father, you’re forcing your kids to “sneak” to see their mother? You are indeed cruel. It is you who is forcing them Mr. Ambrose. No one else. This is all you. They’ll hate you for it. They likely do already.

          • You do a darn great impersonation of him. Be careful you might het accused of plagiarism.

          • “Chris took all the money. She was left penniless. ”

            Then where did she get the money to pay Wayne Dolcefino, Jill Jones Soderman etc and to file thousands of baseless motions? I call bullshit on her being penniless.

          • I do not think she paid Dolcefino. But what mother would not spend every dollar she has to save her children from a monster.

            While Ambrose spent the money he stole from his wife to steal the children and avoid child support and alimony, she cashed in her entire pension to pay for lawyers and fight. She was a school teacher for 17 years and spent it all to try to get her children back to happiness and away from the abuser.

          • “I do not think she paid Dolcefino.”

            He is not running a nonprofit. From his website:

            “Dolcefino Consulting is an investigative media consulting firm, hired by companies, law firms, private citizens and taxpayers to expose injustice, fraud, and abuse of power.”

            Guaranteed he didn’t travel from TX to CT and spend hours filming and editing video on his own dime.

        • As a mother, Karen has forced the kids to sneak to see her through her own illogical, vindictive, counterproductive behavior. She never showed up to her custody hearings or to visitation. you want to blame the father because Karen refused to show up??? Pure insanity.

          • Chris took all the money. She was left penniless. He had the GAl and the custody evaluator in his pocket. What you’re saying is she did not fully compete in a fixed rigged match.

          • “But what mother would not spend every dollar she has to save her children from a monster.”

            I haven’t seen her do anything to “save the kids” a.k.a. get them back in her life. All she has been doing is trying to destroy her ex.

      • “Whatever other bullshit you spew you cannot escape the fact that you alone caused the separation of children from their mother”

        This is like blaming the victim of a crime for putting their attacker in prison. “You alone are responsible for me being in jail.” Karen refuses to accept any responsibility for her actions and their extremely predictable consequences. She must have narcissistic personality disorder.

          • Why should he? Also, since she has no job or home, she is a huge flight risk with the kids if he lets them go with her. Maybe he doesn’t want to see his children kidnapped?

          • I believe she has a job and a home but no thanks to Ambrose who took all her money.

          • That’s like a scary stalker who makes a woman’s life hell saying I will stop stalking you if you get back in a relationship with me. And this is after he has done everything he can to ruin her life. it’s not gonna happen. Karen seems as crazy and deluded as a dangerous stalker.

          • And terrorist attacks would end if we just changed our society to meet their demands.

      • What a naive response. Judges don’t just hand you back your life or erase the trauma when you follow the rules. Usually, there’s plenty of judges who will side with a lawyer, not based at all on the letter of the law, the best interests of the children, or common sense. There’s a reason these ‘heroes’ make huge efforts to close up, stop recordings or court watchers and form councils to block the family courts from making the news. It has to stop, and people like you, who are ignorant to the process, don’t help make changes by assuming the court acted ethically.

        Ask yourself a question: Did the court act ethically? If it’s family court, the answer is 95% no. They don’t keep track of evidence and they don’t respond to freedom of information acts, and reporters are sometimes removed upon the request of ONE PARTY. 6th, 5th, 1st, 14th amendments? Who needs em. They’re there to sell your children to the court-friendliest lawyer so they can rotate their calendar faster. If they get the lawyer to appear for settlements as a trade, the judge can make more money. Honest, innocent people don’t spend a ton of money pushing lies that never can be proven to hurt families.

        These people are monsters, and need to be flushed worse than before I leave a bathroom after 2 burritos. They harm families for money, that is their routine behavior, they are completely unregulated and unsupervised, they extend immunity to lawyers, so they never obey the law, and at the end of the day, good people suffer, over nothing, purely because it makes Judges, Lawyers, mediators, psych, GAL a ton of money. Money. For your family and wellbeing. That’s reality. And Frank, this family didn’t have half the criminality I faced in the Sacramento Family Court.

        I aschew anonymity, because it doesn’t matter. I have been black balled since before I stepped into a courtroom by a volunteer judge for nearing 20 years trading favors for my entire life. My custody was ultimately taken, as Judge Mize admitted, purely because I called out her lawyer for being unethical, colluding and accused her of the crimes she actually committed, right in front of me.

  • Karen, why in the hell don’t you focus on coparenting instead of being obsessed with cyber stalking and harassing your ex husband? Who gives a shit about eyes above productions? It looks like some company name that was registerEd years ago. Get a f-ing life and focus on your children instead of your obsession with your ex-husband. You truly have revealed through your words and actions that you just care about lashing out at your ex-husband more than you care about being a parent to your kids. Get mental help. PS. I am not Chris nor do I know him.

    • That should say it looks like some company name that was registered 20 years ago. Why is Karen so fixated on Chris instead of on building a new life for herself and hopefully with her children? She is sick and clearly obsessed with stalking and harassing Chris. It’s too bad the courts couldn’t grant his motion for protection. I don’t think she would physically hurt him (hopefully) but she needs to move on with her life. It is beyond pathetic.

    • Interesting perspective…
      First she’s alienating him, but when the kids still don’t trust him after three years of isolation- when alienation is off the table, then he shifts to calling her crazy.

      Ambrose says she’s crazy, but then wants a letter from her to help in his lawsuit against frankreport. If she’s crazy what good is a letter from her?

      Then he says she’s stalking him – looking at his driveway— but he claims she’s living in Florida. So she sees his driveway from Florida.

      He wants her to stay a mile from his house and from the school but the school has no claim or concern against her. There’s never been any issue. So why is Chris speaking for Madison public schools?

      If Karen write the letter he needs to assist in his bs lawsuit then he won’t ask for her to stay a mile from the home and school. But if she doesn’t comply with his demands- which are self serving for his lawsuit- then he asked the judge to grant this protective order.

      Ambrose changes the truth to meet his needs. It’s all about him.

      He also is requesting the violation of the first amendment. Compelled speech is a constitutional violation.

      Some people care about rights. No Ambrose. He sent the letter he sought the court to force anyway. Because laws don’t apply to him.


      • “If Karen write the letter he needs to assist in his bs lawsuit then he won’t ask for her to stay a mile from the home and school.”

        So you’re saying Chris’ motion for protection wasn’t denied? He withdrew it?

    • What actions are you accusing her of? There’s zero evidence. Provide the evidence of any wrongdoing or any mental illness. It’s all stories. The lies of a plagiarist.

      Why so hostile btw? Seems like you are jumping to conclusions. Where is evidence of her stalking? When has she harassed him? Assuredly if she did anything Ambrose would have her locked up. Look at all his motions for three years- that’s his goal. He’s a malignant narcissist who wants to eliminate the mom they love forever.

      Check out

      Educate yourself. These kids have rights. it’s a silent epidemic of family courts. It’s a playbook.

      • I believe Karen is the malignant narcissist. Maybe Chris is also a malignant narcissist, but unlike her, he is able to behave rationally and actually follow the law. Karen seems to believe laws don’t apply to her, which is a classic narcissistic trait.

      • “When has she harassed him?”

        She has been harassing him relentlessly via her flying monkeys. Many of whom she paid to do the dirty work.

        • Dumb ass, she has no money. Chris stole the marital assets and locked her out. Prissy Chrissy is buying people off.

          • If she had her alleged inheritance she would have just flushed it down the toilet on her hate and harassment campaign against her ex anyway and still would have no custody. She spends nothing for/on the kids. It’s all on hate attacks against ex hubby. Well, exhubby and the governor of CT.

          • So assuming you’re correct that Karen would have misspent her money did that give you the right to steal it from her and use it to destroy her? Good ethics.

      • I think Karen is applying DARVO to Chris. He is the victim, but she’s trying to flip it to paint herself as a victim. What’s interesting is I don’t see him going on a public campaign to destroy her. She is the one who is doing that to him yet is claiming she is a victim.

    • Grossman does not. Adelman does. But they’ve made a career out of abusing kids other than their own.

      Grossman denied knowing biren Caverly (custody evaluator – fraud) but she was taking Riordan’s kids and Joriz Toberis’s kuds away at the same time.

      Truglia is another judge who plays the child abduction scam- give one parent total control. He’s isolated Rookasin from her kids and Doyle from his. These are all Caverly cases.

      And Adelman protects Biren Caverly, a court vendor, because they need her reports to use as a weapon and take kids from one parent. It’s how the money flows.

      Adelman “came off the bench” for Riordan’s case. She asked not to go to trial and Ambrose insisted. Who insists on paying a gal 2800-3200 per day to sit through 35 days of trial? Ambrose did. He knew the price he had to pay for custody well ahead of time.

      It’s the racket of family court.

      Adelman is the master – he’s done it for decades. Susan Skipp, Kelly Grohs, Paige Stevan, Diane Hart, Sandra MacVicar- thousands of parents have been subjected to this child abduction and abuse.

      Luigi DiRubba had SIX kids taken and his life savings. It’s criminal racketeering. Child trafficking- moving children for money- courtesy of ct family court and the criminal evaluators and gals

      These are inhumane atrocities that are widespread- but it’s coming to an end because greed and corruption under a ruse of perverted parental alienation has gone on too long. Times up. Caverly’s going down.

      • Your comment lacks truth. It’s sad when a person puts pen to paper and makes such statements. Is it that posting false information helps prove your point?

  • Gardner is right alienation is the worst thing. The earlier a child is sexualized by a minor attracted father (MAF) the better she will be in bed for her hubbie. But if the mother separated the daughter and her MAF through parental alienation the less responsive the daughter will be with her own husband. Society makes it bad. In Connecticut they understand what the Romans the Greeks and all societies knew. Look at Lot and his daughters.
    Judge Adelman led the charge for MAFs. We will look back on punishing MAFs as the dark ages. Thanks Judge Adelman.

    • Some men really love women who were sexually abused as kids because those poor women think abuses is normal. it’s disgusting. Typically it is the type of man who hires prostitutes that likes these women — they see women as mere bodies to use, not as actual human beings

  • Caverly’s victims are united. Chris Ambrose researched caverly and set it all up with Aldrich and Hurwitz.

    Eight families are victims of caverly. Rory Doyle and Catherine Rookasin among others. It’s a crime and will be proven as such.

    Thank you FP for helping all of us. And for fighting for the rights of all our children who are denied healthy parents – Custody For Sale.

    • Rory Doyle is not isolated from his kids. He speaks to them every day, attends their sporting events every single weekend. He has visitation every week and every other weekend. He splits all holidays with his former wife. He has the kids for two weeks every summer. Gets them for either April break or December break every year. That’s hardly isolation.

  • He sounds paranoid. Why won’t he let his kids speak for themselves? Makes no sense.

    • Yes, and the mother who alleges a grand Jewish Rico conspiracy against her and who threw her laptop into the ocean when it was subpoenaed does not sound paranoid at all. Not.

      • Family courts are vilifying and criminalizing mothers. They are executing search and seizure in violation of all rights – there is no due process and no constitutional rights in family court.

        This is what the public should focus on. In terms of violating court orders, the orders are a joke in family court and they are based on the paying party and the money flow.

        Parents have never been deemed unfit and the state holds no interest. Period. End of story. Lawyers are punishing one side to keep the fight going and bleed the funds of the family while giving kids to paying, abusive parent.

      • Let’s pretend many of the judges, lawyers and therapists were born-again Christians conspiring against Attorney Cunha (who, in this scenario practices a sect in Judaism advocating for the abortion of a seven-month-old children in the womb). If a Jewish Attorney Cunha were to tell a Judge Moukawsher (in that alternate reality) the all the Christian judges, lawyers and the guardian ad litem were conspiring against her, would you make a joke about that?

  • I love how Karen writes to you like she is pretending she doesn’t know you personally. What a farce.

      • She is doing a bad job of pretending she doesn’t know you well. Why the fakery? Maybe it’s time to photoshop a Pinocchio nose onto her face.

        • Chris, my boy, there are lies that have short legs, and lies that have long noses. Your lie, as it happens, is one of those that have a long nose.

    • She knows Chris is going to use everything for his lawsuits against frankreport and the Easter basket godmother.

      Ambrose didn’t even copy her on the letter he alleges she was sending with him.

      Can you blame her for keeping it formal? Funny you don’t take issue with the audacious conduct of Ambrose in misrepresenting the entire situation.

      But find fault with formality when it’s all going to be used in his lawsuit?

      • He did not say they were sending a letter together. He just said she agreed that they want the children’s names removed and she verified that she does want the children’s names removed. Much ado about nothing. PS how crazy was she to publish the children’s full names, photos and medical information in the first place? Cuck-oooo

        • Those who admire pederasty in Ancient Greece sometimes say mothers protecting children are:

          “cuck-oooo” and “crazy”.

          • I don’t admire pederasty in ancient Greece, but I still think Karen’s behavior has been cuckoo.

            On what planet can you fail to show up to your custody hearings and blow off visitation and expect the court to grant you custody? It defies logic.

      • Oh OK so she knows he’s gonna use it so she has to make sure to be fake AF. That’s not shady at all.

  • Ambrose is DARVO.

    DARVO refers to a reaction perpetrators of wrong doing, particularly sexual offenders, may display in response to being held accountable for their behavior. DARVO stands for “Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender.”

    The perpetrator or offender may Deny the behavior, Attack the individual doing the confronting, and Reverse the roles of Victim and Offender such that the perpetrator assumes the victim role and turns the true victim — or the whistle blower — into an alleged offender.

    This occurs, for instance, when an actually guilty perpetrator assumes the role of “falsely accused” and attacks the accuser’s credibility and blames the accuser of being the perpetrator of a false accusation.

    Anyone who tries to hold him accountable for the abuse they’ve experienced- all three of his children have attempted to do this— only to have Ambrose undermine their credibility, say their liars, and mother is to blame.

    He’s always the victim.

    Now Frankreport is the abuser and Ambrose is the victim.

    Aunty Easter Baskets is also the abuser- Ambrose claims the fairy godmother shoved the cowardly Chris to deliver her baskets. So he called the police and is suing her. He’s the victim.

  • OMG this judge is an evil devourer of children that he would not even protect their tender souls from online public humiliation and sexploitation He must be part of a Rico Cabal sex cult with Karen Riordan this denial of motion is illegal, destroying a protective father for sake of filling cabal coffers. Who will save the precious children??

      • The mother is sacrificing the children on dego alter to fill the coffers of Sicilian bloggers. It’s a Catholic conspiracy to sacrifice innocent kids for public entertainment

    • The “Devil’s Advocate” probably also wants everyone to think there’s no such thing as people who worship lucifer.

  • The judge sided with Ambrose only because he is a fellow lawyer. She should be investigated and find out if she has off the record contact with Ambrose. Possibly prosecuted for rackaterring.

    • Frank wrote that that the judge did not side with Ambrose on this motion. Maybe the judge is having a secret relationship with Riordan. This must be investigated!!!

    • The brother, Neil Ambrose is a CT attorney for 30+ years with his office in New Haven.
      This was a runaway train from the start. Agree with you 100 percent.

  • Frankreport brought victims of Biren Caverly together. She’s the link that establishes a clear pattern.

    I’d love for any medical professional to stand up and endorse her evaluations- they are pure fraud.

    In each case she eliminates information from medical professionals, writes slander, and creates diagnoses that don’t exist. Her conclusions are gibberish but to an untrained ear- terms used are daunting. Designed to malign innocent parents.

    She’s a criminal.

      • Hey I saw a doc here willing to look at crooked bribed documents from a doctor? The writer here has a copy, but I can get you a copy of an evaluation done including a 3 page psychological evaluation based on a 5 minute chat, where the doctor tried to force read implied consent for a psychological evaluation that was neither ordered or consented to and made with forged documents claimed to be evidence by a lawyer who uses this doctor frequently, while being shown the evidence log has no evidence accepted. I would appreciate any statement on the validity of something like this, and the HIPAA considerations if possible. I’m also willing to provide a consultation and document preparation fee. Please help. Mike Volpe can confirm my story

  • This happens regularly in CT courts. It’s a money making enterprise and kids are sacrificed.

    Jessica Biren Caverly is the custody evaluator on this case. She’s a criminal.

    She uses her license to delivered evaluations that have no merit. Adelman, Grossman, Truglia and gals protect Caverly because they need her to flip custody and keep the money flowing into their pockets.

    Adelman actually defended Caverly in the Ambrose divorce decree. The conspiracy is blatant and there’s no oversight.

    But like Linda Smith before her, Caverly’s day is done. She’ll not practice again and a federal lawsuit will expose Caverly and those who hire her— Chris Ambrose among others.

  • Maybe the new judge is a normal judge who can see how for-profit lawyers and their friends flipped the script to milk the case as long as they could. They took so much money from that family. That’s a crime in and of itself.

    Normal, non-evil judges from now on should be able to see the motives through that drama in which:

    The “Plaintiff” in the case is played by Nazi Guard #1.
    The “Guardian ad Litem” was played by Nazi Guard #2.
    “Court therapists” and “professionals” were Nazi clinicians and their “defendant” was Prisoner #1.

    How much longer will the “minor children” be minor prisoners? Whatever Nazi #1 says is a “falsehood” is a fact. Imagine being a child living in that kind of warped reality. Most every line “the plaintiff” writes should be heard and read as fiction and yet the way Adelman’s script has been written, those prisoner children aren’t allowed the luxury of living their own truths.

    I hope the new, normal judge thought his own thoughts while reading the plaintiff’s “MOTION TO PROTECT CHILDREN FROM EMOTIONAL DISTRESS CAUSED BY INVASION OF PRIVACY”. Maybe the new judge read the plaintiff’s words, while thinking …

    “… The Plaintiff … poof! 💭 … The Nazi Guard #1 respectfully represents the following:

    1. On July 19, 2019, by way of Summons and Complaint, Nazi Guard #1 brought an action for dissolution of marriage, from which there are three minor prisoners [and one main prisoner, Prisoner #1].

    2. On October 19, 2021, Nazi Guard #1 filed a motion for contempt re: violation of court orders pendente lite (#374). The motion included, among other allegations, that Prisoner #1 was using multiple websites to violate the minor prisoners’ privacy by publishing: narratives about them, including facts such as they were sexually and emotionally abused by Nazi Guard #1; texts and correspondence that they had purportedly written and/or were written about them; their confidential psychological and medical records; DCF and hospital reports about them; private photos and audio and video recordings of them (collectively, the “Private Information”). Prisoner #1 was also publishing incendiary, even criminal accusations against the Nazi Guard #2, the minor prisoners’ Nazi clinicians and others.

    3. On October 20, 2021, this court (sic) issued clear and unambiguous Temporary Orders (#377) which provided, among other things, “Prisoner #1 shall not violate the privacy of the minor prisoners by sharing with any third party through any means, any information about the minor prisoners, including but not limited to, their mental/ emotional/physical health… as well as their interactions with Nazi Guard #1, without first obtaining written permission and consent from Nazi Guard #2.” The Orders also provided that Prisoner #1 is “not to threaten, harass or intimidate, in any manner or by any means, any Nazi clinicians working with the minor prisoners …”

    If the new judges in the case are good judges from now on, if they can see how Adelman, his friends, the lawyers and their friends committed fraud upon the court, how can the new judges save Prisoner #1 and the minor prisoners?

    After Adelman published his court opinion, the fiction he wrote was then to be acted upon as “fact” in very much the same ways occult groups, Western interests and the “Nazis” flipped Europe’s reality in the 1930s and 40s.

    New judges on the case need rescue those soon-to-be young adults. They’ve been through such warlike hell.

  • Every “adult” in this saga sound like assholes. The kids already hate both parents, so…great job, guys! Kids are always collateral damage.

      • Ever heard of Stockholm syndrome where people identify with and feel a need to protect their abuser? That is what the kids could be showing toward their vicious mama.

    • Kelli, be thankful you haven’t had to experience what a lot of families have. You would have a much different opinion. I did too, before I petitioned for divorce, 3 years ago, from a 14 month marriage.

        • Is collusion, holding the pretrial conference to discuss a deal for the results of a sham trial lasting one day, where her deposition was not submitted, she replaced her complaint twice in the file (without clerk endorsements or proof of service) Judge Mize threatened to have the bailiff take me in the other room because I could tell it was bullshit and was noticeably upset. Was blocked from calling a lay witness. Never given any reason for granting DVRO and fear wasn’t established. In fact she said she wanted me dead on the stand, and coopted my expert witness, who provided a weak these might be abuse statement about 5 texts over 1000 pages of texts, deleted most of her communications, claimed she fled when she was kicked out and filed for ro over a month after I petitioned for divorce. Then there’s the whole.parental abduction, forging of my signature that’s clearly not my signature or original to claim I made more money than I do. I’m now, as a disabled veteran on fixed income, paying all the bills plus $900 a month in child support, which she’s taking from my SSI (felony fraud against the fed) commissioner granted temporary orders based on her lawyer being also a temporary judge. Her lawyer, Carla Harms waved her finger at Judge Mize right before my trial started, directly handed him documents (the expert’s docs, not submitted as evidence) and while the judge claimed his ruling was on evidence, the court reporter, video recording made upon request were destroyed from the record, and the evidence log shows none was accepted. They also never took her phone or verified anything. So, I have spent 3 years and am in 140k more debt just seeking relief from her lawyer, who Judge Ueda (two judges have prejudiced themselves out without paperwork now) admits sheis going to protect from criminal charges and act in favor of. Overreach in holding a hearing for something completely unrelated to that court, then sanctioning me under a code that doesnt apply. Mislabeling me the petitioner when attempting to defend my first amendment statements to a public official demanding relief for the crimes as evidence. JUDGE Ueda caught admitting repeatedly she hasn’t read my filings, and still denying them flat out. Made my file disappear for nearly 8 months now when I filed to appeal, blocking it. And now my orders for visitation aren’t in my file..I haven’t seen my son. I can’t substitute out my lawyer, because Judge Ueda is blocking substitution documents. So I can’t even act in pro per or get help from the court or file any ADA requests for them to completely ignore ADA guidelines and claim expert knowledge in response. My phone broke, so the newest pic of my son is just after age 2. He’s 4 1/2 now.

        • Carla Harms said “Don’t forget our deal” to Judge Mize right before my trial. That’s conspiracy among other felonies. Last I checked, forgery and collusion are crimes as well, but there’s plenty more. The thing is, the court allows her to destroy any evidence she wants, and sanctions me even when I prove her filings are fraudulent. It’s insane.

          • So sorry you’re going through that. It must be hell. A lot of lawyers who try to gaslight to prompt an emotional reaction are sociopaths who don’t belong anywhere near our courts of justice.

        • There’s a lot more. Also, there’s the fact Judge Mize wasn’t legally a judge when he oversaw my trial and later took my custody for pointing out to her lawyer I knew what she did and asking for my transcripts. I could write a book. I followed every rule, that got me retaliated against repeatedly, and the Judges didn’t even know that their role as ADA coordinator or supervising judge had rules they had to follow in their own court rules. Ignorance, anger and god/paternal complexes, corruption and money changing hands. Lawyers taking settlement judge appearances so sitting judges and commissioners can appear elsewhere for money. There’s reasons family court is WAY more profitable than any other court. The biggest is their unconstitutional efforts to conceal, destroy evidence of and punish anyone who tries to out them by ruining that person’s life and incriminating them for life, without any explanation why.

  • This clown does whatever he wants. He’s had unlimited power and control. The judge denies his motion and he carries on as if the judge and his wife endorsed his demands.

    Can only imagine what he does behind closed doors.

  • Right at the end of Karen’s email, she tells you that yes she agrees she wants the children’s names removed from the website. So Chris was not lying in that email.

    “His ex-wife, Ambrose said, lives far away and does not even bother to see her child. He failed to tell police that he won custody and forbade the children from seeing their mother, which is why the boy is depressed.”

    Karen moved to Florida and blew off her custody hearings, so it was true that she lived far away. It’s also true that Karen did not bother to see her children. She refused to go to supervised visitation.

    • These are all lies by omission and do not address the real issues. He took her money. He coopted the custody evaluator and GAL. She lives in Connecticut. Why don’t you let her see the kids freely? Your day is almost done. The kids are getting older. You can’t keep them prisoners forever.

      • He didn’t forbid the kids from seeing her. That is a lie. Supervised visitation was set up – he even paid for it so that it would not be any kind of financial hardship on the mother. It appears that the father in fact welcomed the kids seeing their mother. His only crime was following the court’s orders. God forbid someone actually tries to be a law-abiding citizen. Maybe Karen now lives in CT, but she was in a far-flung state for about a year or so. It’s even been written here that she was staying with friends out of state and that’s why she “couldn’t” show up at hearings. She had friends and family in CT where she could have stayed. That’s on her.

        • She didn’t need supervision for all those years she took care of her children alone to be with her kids.

          And cooperating with a corrupt court is not being law abiding. She is seeking legal remedies to expose the corruption on the court.

          • I don’t see any corruption in this divorce case. I see common sense on behalf of the court. Karen’s behavior defies logic. Refuse visitation and don’t show up to custody hearings and then act surprised when the court can’t give you custody??? Cuckoooooo.

        • “Supervised visitation was set up“ 👈 It definitely was a set up. Good for her for noticing.

          • Yes, good for her! She lost custody as a result. Bravo! (note sarcasm). it was a stupid move on her part to not go to it. It’s just a formality, dummy.

        • Chris-
          We know the truth. So do Matthew, Mia and Sawyer. Your character assassination of your wife of 18 years is unconscionable.

          Your children know who you are. We all do which is why you’ve fought to isolate the children we helped raise from us.

          Your brothers saw your kids a handful of time throughout their lives. You have no relationships Chris. Zero friendships. None. Karen and all of us included you in a world of love and joy. When she confronted you with a divorce you launched your bullshit parental alienation campaign.

          You are a disturbed man. A very sick man who we all fear because of your explosive temper, your threats, your lawsuits, and sending false letters to our employers.

          Many have advocated for the children but your wrath, wealth and purchased power have walled in the children we love.

          God sees all Chris.

          In the end you will be white, shriveled, angry, alone and exposed.

          Life is Short. You’re destroying the lives of the children we love. And taking pleasure in it I’m sad to say.

          I would say to get help but you are beyond help.

          You’ve lived as a closed gay man since Wethersfield High School Chris. Now you sit on your cell phone, watching kids get their heads shaved, and sending text messages to young men- suggesting a new hairstyle. Saying you’re an expert in the field. This is why custody was paid for. They did you no Justice either for you are worse now than you’ve ever been.

          • “Your character assassination of your wife of 18 years is unconscionable.”

            Um you seem to be doing a mighty good amount of character assassination here yourself. And Karen has been doing her best to murder Chris’ reputation as soon as the divorce wasn’t going 100% her way. Are you her flying monkey Michelle by any chance? Engaging in DARVO as usual.

        • He paid for it without a hearing. Without her consent. Without ever finishing the hearing that took her kids. There’s no order of supervised visits and no need for supervision.

          Mothers who raise their children enter family court and are vilified by abusive spouses who pay the gal and custody evaluator.

          It’s a playbook. This is why the case gets such attention. The mother has no allegation of even neglect. Ambrose was found guilty of abuse and had legal and physical custody taken.

          They covered it up.

          The public should be outraged that any mother with no history of abuse, neglect or any wrong doing- with no finding of any mental health issue – can be taken from these children.

          Look at the facts. It’s s national epidemic.

          • Ambrose was not found guilty of abuse. Why the need to lie so much about the dad?

            No one vilified Karen. She just demonstrated that she can’t coparent by her refusal to participate in custody hearings and visits. It shows a major lack of judgment on her part.

          • “He paid for it without a hearing. Without her consent.”

            Yes, it looks like he foolishly assumed that she would actually want to see the kids after the 90 days was up. The horror!

          • But you made sure she never got back. But let me ask you what quackery takes children from their mother for 90 days. That’s absolute crap.

    • Provide the order of supervised visitation or the signed agreement with the custody supervisor. When was the hearing held? 🤣

      Chris Ambrose’s talk takes told relentlessly over time. It’s all coming out. He could provide no evidence of this when challenged in court.

      No 90 day no contact order. No order for supervised visitation. No kidnapping. No amber alert. All the takes and lies of Chris Ambrose… closeted homosexual who poses online as a barber.

      DARVO star.

    • Chrissy, what do you do all day? NOTHING. Why don’t you get a job instead of surfing the net for Latino Boys?

  • He lied to everyone in Hollywood. He stole work, and presented to his colleagues, actors, producers and show runners that he had written an original piece.

    It was only when the public viewed the episode that Ambrose was found out.

    He has no shame. He should not have sole custody of those kids. He is a pathological liar who takes risks for personal gain— at the cost of others.


  • Ambrose reveals he knows the articles are true by the number of times he claims- it doesn’t matter if the articles are true or untrue.

      • It’s kind of like if you took me to court for trespassing on your private property, and the issue was that you’re saying I walked on your sidewalk in a state where sidewalks are public property. I could say, “I don’t need to prove if I walked on your sidewalk or not, it’s a moot point since sidewalks are public property.” Doesn’t mean I’m saying I walked on your sidewalk. I’m just saying it’s not relevant. Karen: Go back and review the notes from your Logic 101 college class.

        • Chris,

          Say you’re sorry to yourself, your family, your friends and everyone else. Promise to do good from now on. Everyone will forgive you. Be a hero.

  • His motive is clear. He wants to win his lawsuit and will use his ex wife and children to try and secure a win.

    It won’t happen. His desperation is evident.

    • I’d be desperate too if I had a bunch of a-holes viciously trashing me and my children online.

      • Who is trashing the children? Everyone is concerned and heartbroken for them and wish them to be out of the crazy life you created. Let me kids go, come out the closet and be free. You are old, spend the last chapter of your life living the way you want to in pvc chaps getting your ass spanked by a dude in a cop costume seven sizes too small.

        • OK I’m gonna publish your minor child’s full name, family photos of them, their full medical information, their private psychological information, the details of invasive physical exams by CPS, their home address, and more. And I’m not just going to publish it at one website, I’m going to publish it a many to reach a maximum audience. You think that’s just fine? It is abusive to those kids.

          • Prove to me please that the kids do not want the public to know how their father abuses them.

          • Hi Chris,

            If you want to help:

            1. Start with asking “family court” and mainstream newspapers to retract all lies they published about the case.

            2. Social media responses and investigative journalism were obligatory responses to the “family court” Gardner-style “parental alienation” set-up and scam.

            3. It’s sick how some still try to twist the case.

            4. Let the children live with Karen.

  • I hope sometime soon two class actions happen against the state of Connecticut: first for children who have been deprived their mothers and second for mothers deprived of their children. Make no mistake- you will not find that Ambrose paid a dime to do this. It is all arranged to use federal money- Connecticut is not allowed to use the funding in the manner it does because it is the only state in the union that has blanket prohibitions of sex discrimination. It is actually legal to do what is happening to mothers, because they are women, in most places. Look into CT Martinez statutes that were recently changed and the changes are just as nefarious

    • Adelman is an evil judge who hates women and takes pleasure in sadistic abuse. His pal Robert Horwitz is the same. They go back decades abusing women and children.

      Praying these teens get out from under their fathers control. Let them have a say in their lives.

    • After a guardian ad litem’s negligence harmed my child and I asked a lawyer in a local law firm to file a lawsuit against the GAL, I learned I would need to find a good out-of-state lawyer/firm to win the case. That spoke volumes about the culture of blatant corruption saturating our state.

      How many good lawyers/law firms are willing and able to take on cases in/out of state?
      Have any lawyers/firms won class action lawsuits in these cases?

      Richard Ducote in Louisiana has travelled throughout the country and has mostly good reviews. Shawn McMillan in California was successful in a few cases involving CPS.

      One or two heroes can’t save children and families from this decades-long national and international crisis. We need help from as many as possible ASAP. How can we help children and families already in these horrible cases and how do we prevent these horrible cases from happening?

    • “Prove to me please that the kids do not want the public to know how their father abuses them.”

      You do not have to expose the children’s full names, photos and private information to do that. Why, even Keith Raniere got put away for 120 years for what he did to several anonymous Jane Does.

  • “Chris Ambrose lost his first battle in court in his four-year divorce and custody battle with his ex-wife Karen Riordan.”

    Probably because:

    1. The new judge looks like a good and decent judge.
    2. The new judge isn’t Gerard Adelman.

  • I would refer interested readers to your article which accurately sets out the legal and political operations of (Anti)Family Court, better termed, as you have, “Commodity Court,” with its dancing minions, the GAL “Vendors.” I might add that Cody looks disturbingly like my brand new puppy, but that did not inspire this response.

    • Judge Adelman uses the Ambrose divorce decree to defend and protect his pet custody evaluator– source of child snatching– and blames Riordan for the articles and investigations which exposed the piglike fraud for who she is.

      Adelman punishes the mother for the articles and investigations by Wayne Dolcefino, Volpe, and Parlato! Violation of First Amendment protections– and demonstrates tremendous bias.

      Is it common for a Judge to malign a mother, who was maligned by the custody evaluator? And then to defend and protect the court appointed custody evaluator– a “vendor” of the court? Paid entirely by the father.

      • When AFCC Inc. contracted with Connecticut family courts in public private partnerships (in much the same way Bill Gates’s Microsoft partners with the state) how did no lawyers or judges think about how public private partnerships aren’t allowed to profit from judicial authority and judicial immunity — in much the same way Pfizer profits from judicial authority and judicial immunity?

        Since the 1980s, has no one in any position of authority — besides members of the Connecticut Judicial Ethics Committee — thought about how it’s been a federal crime for AFCC Inc. judges, lawyers and associates to profit in lucrative family court cases using state offices, judicial authority and judicial immunity in small networks across state lines?

        For the past several decades, AFCC Inc. members and officers of AFCC Inc. and officers of the court churned lucrative child custody cases for millions … and more millions … and more millions of dollars in much the same way Microsoft and Pfizer still do.

        Just as those who made trillions from Microsoft and Pfizer doubled down instead of apologizing for harm done, Mr. Adelman doubled down to further victimize Karen Riordan, her three beautiful children and the attorney who dared to speak so openly about Adelman’s crimes and the small yet somehow untouchable Connecticut family court cabals.

        Note: The attorney who dared to speak openly about Adelman’s crimes and the blatant corruption in the small yet somehow untouchable Connecticut family court cabals wasn’t the somehow ubiquitous Norm Pattis.

        Some criminals apologize for crimes committed. Some double down. Some harm on purpose. What a horrible thought that some people in this world harm on purpose, then double down to do more harm.

        Gerard Adelman has destroyed the lives of so many for the past 30 – 40 years. Many victims of his crimes say he often appeared to derive sinister pleasure from the pain he inflicted and the harm he caused.

        It’s rare to see in the news: “Dr. So-and-so just diagnosed _______________, CEO of ___________ as a sociopath after billions have already been harmed.” Or, “Dr. Such-and-such just diagnosed Judge _________________ as a sociopath after tens of thousands of children and families have already been harmed.”

        Which practicing and retired lawyers don’t care how much case precedent was set with fraud upon the court? How much longer will the public allow legislators to allow the DOJ to allow Mr. Adelman and his associates to do more harm to how many more children and families?

        • The lawsuit filed is “a lawsuit against the city and police department”.

          It’s NOT a lawsuit against the “Connecticut family courts”.

          See how that works?

          “MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The family of a 40-year-old woman allegedly killed by an ex-boyfriend last year in Milford has filed a lawsuit against the city and police department, claiming that they didn’t properly respond to her pleas for help before her death. …”

          Why not file a lawsuit against anyone or everyone in Connecticut family courts?

          Because administrators, employees, lawyers, judges and all private vendors paid to protect children and families in the Connecticut family court system are so conscientious, a family court hearing is scheduled in the case for April 26, 2023.

          The hearing is proceeding after that tragedy. After. Not before: After.

          Folks, that right there is what we call the protection, safety, well-being and best interests of children and families. That kind of beyond-the-call-of-duty dedication simply isn’t anywhere in police departments today.

          In fact, every time the economy tanks, crime goes up. Whenever crime goes up, police departments always need more money. See how that works?

          Meanwhile, family courts save money. One parent gone means lower court costs.

          Filing a lawsuit against the city and the police is a win-win, especially if Pattis takes the case.

          As of: 03/21/2023 Connecticut family courts are on the job!

          Case Information for F71 – Family – Visitation Petition/Application – C.G.S. 46b-59/46b-61 in the MILFORD family court judicial district:

          # Date Time Event Description Status
          1 04/26/2023 10:00AM Hearing Proceeding“

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