Ambrose Motions CT Family Court to Stop Frank Report Writing About Him and Children

Chris Ambrose

Karen Riordan and Chris Ambrose met in court on January 30, February 1, and February 3, on a motion Ambrose made to get a protective order against Riordan.

They divorced a year ago.

Karen Riordan and Chris Ambrose

Ambrose wants to ensure Riordan does not see her children – not at home or school. And he wants to stop the Frank Report from publishing stories about him or their three children.

CT Superior Court Judge Eddie Rodriguez heard from both parties during two half-day and one full-day sessions.

The parties will meet again before Judge Rodriquez on March 1 for a final session on what has been almost a mini-trial.

Both parties appeared without attorneys, though Ambrose is an attorney. He has not practiced law in more than a decade.

Ambrose was also a TV screenwriter specializing in legal and crime-based drama for CBS and Fox. His first show in 2002 was, ironically, Family Law, a show about an upscale law firm specializing in clients with high-conflict divorce and custody cases, and whose theme song was Edwin Starr’s “War.” 

Ambrose’s last show was Instinct, which ended his career with an episode he was credited for writing, “Secrets and Lies.”

Instincts, Secrets and Lies had a lot of both, but they did not remain a secret. Chris Ambrose stole the story from another TV show.

The episode aired on April 1, 2018, and had the same storyline as “The Plain in the Prodigy” on the TV show Bones, which aired nine years earlier.

The story of Instinct plagiarizing from Bones was widely publicized, including in CBS-owned TV Guide, which had to out its TV show reporting The Video Evidence That Instinct Ripped Off Bones Is Damning.

Plagiarism, in and among Hollywood writers, is a cardinal sin. No producer can ever trust the man who plagiarized. 

This was not borrowing a line or two from Shakespeare or borrowing from an unformed nucleus of a story plot. This was wholesale theft of another’s work and business fraud. Ambrose deceived the producers who paid him to write an original episode. Instead, he stole the work of another writer.

Ambrose’s fate is the same as everyone who goes to Tinsel Town and tries to profit from the creative work of others and call it their own. His pariah status in Hollywood was immediate, bringing Ambrose back to CT, unemployed, to his wife and children, from whom he had spent most of their young lives away.

One day in 2018, Chris Ambrose came home after losing his career in Hollywood.

Riordan was a stay-at-home mother, formerly a teacher, before the high-earning Ambrose urged her to quit her $90,000 per year teaching job, the year after she was awarded Distinguished Teacher of the Year in the Greenwich School District – in 2003 – so that she could accompany him to Hollywood.

There is an irony in that Ambrose arranged for the end of both his and his wife’s careers; hers with the highest honors as a ground-breaking and dedicated special education teacher recognized as among the best in an affluent school district with 700 teachers, and his, in disgrace, a man who steals the words of others.

The Hearings

The protective order hearings before Judge Rodriguez were ostensibly about the children’s privacy, and much of it focused on how stories published in the Frank Report harmed them.

The children were not heard in these hearings, though two of them are 16. Their spokesperson was Ambrose.

Riordan asked the judge to allow the children to come to court so they could tell their story – at least the two 16-year-olds. Ambrose objected. The judge ruled against it.

Ambrose mentioned the Frank Report 22 times in his motion for a protective order. During three days of hearings, he referred to the Frank Report perhaps a hundred times. 

In addition to the harm Ambrose says his children experience from stories in the Frank Report, he admitted under oath that the Frank Report stories made him suicidal.

Rodriguez’s Earlier Role in the Case

Judge Eddie Rodriguez Jr.

Three and a half years earlier, in August 2019, Judge Rodriguez first heard the couple’s divorce and custody case. He awarded primary custody to the mother and ample visitation to the father.

He also ordered Ambrose to provide a complete financial statement to determine where the couples’ estimated $2 million plus in assets were.


On July 19, 2019, Ambrose first brought an action for the dissolution of marriage against Riordan, his wife of 16 years. The three children were then 13, 13, and nine.

Riordan raised them from infancy and was their “primary attachment figure.”

A switch in judges switched custody

For reasons unclear, and before Ambrose was required to provide a financial affidavit, a new judge was assigned to the case, Judge Jane Grossman.

The court assigned an attorney, Jocelyn Hurwitz, as guardian ad litem [GAL] to represent the children. GAL Hurwitz recommended a custody evaluation to determine the children’s best interests.

GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz billed about $200,000 for her time at $400 per hour.

A custody evaluation report prepared by Jessica Biren Caverly, a psychologist, concluded that the father should have sole custody of the children. In addition, for at least 90 days, they should have no contact by phone or in person with their mother.

Caverly concluded Riordan alienated the children from their recently returned home from Hollywood, now an unemployed father.

Caverly’s report, which she did not share with Riordan, was the basis of an emergency ex parte motion made by the GAL before Judge Grossman.

Both the GAL and Custody Evaluator Caverly recommended the children be removed from their home with their mother, and placed in their father’s home, with sole custody going to Ambrose.

On April 24, 2020, after an emergency hearing, where Riordan was not able to testify or bring witnesses, and based on the custody report of Caverly, her testimony, and the recommendation of the GAL Hurwitz, Judge Grossman decided Riordan alienated the children from their father and ordered them removed from her care.

The children were removed that day from the only home they had ever known and placed with their father. 

Frank Report Involvement 

On October 3, 2021, about a year and a half after Judge Grossman decided to change custody, Frank Report published the first of some 50 stories on the removal of three children from their mother.

The story came to my attention from a man who had experienced a custody flip based on a similar report by Caverly.

To develop my story, I spoke with friends of Riordan, with Riordan, and with her attorney. I tried to talk to Ambrose, but he declined to answer my calls or texts.

I read court filings. I found photographs and important information online, some published on social media by the children.

The children published information about their father including a series of screenshots from his computer or phone that suggested he was gay and might have an interest in Latino boys

As I searched for more information, I found online Caverly’s custody evaluation, the one Riordan had not been allowed to see before she lost custody and contact with her children.

If one took it at face value, it was not flattering to Riordan.

As I studied it, I saw that the evaluator, psychologist Jessica Biren Caverly, decided the mother and the children were lying about Ambrose and that he was credible.

Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly wrote a custody report, and decided the father, Chris Ambrose, was telling the truth, and that the children and mother were lying.

Caverly documented that she met the children with each of the parents for a few hours, met with the children alone for a few minutes, and met with Ambrose and Riordan for an hour or so. She also administered written tests supposedly designed to identify so-called personality disorders.

I was surprised that, based on such limited contact, she could recommend that the children have no contact with their mother. It was clear from the report that the children did not like their father, were afraid of him, and wanted to live with their mother.

The Caverly report disregarded the children’s desires and ignored the pain children would feel by having their mother removed from their lives.

No matter whether Riordan contributed to the children’s dislike of their father or whether he did it through his behavior, as the children told the custody evaluator, Caverly’s yanking them from a happy and loving home, with their mother, determined the course of their entire future.

False Diagnosis

What was also disturbing was that Caverly wrote in her report, “Ms. Riordan appears to have a significant personality disorder… Ms. Riordan’s testing and interview indicated that she meets criteria for Other Specified Personality Disorder, Mixed Personality Features (F60.89).”

Caverly also wrote Riordan “did not meet full criteria for any specific diagnosis.”

As a matter of law and science, “appearance” is not conclusive. A psychologist doing a custody evaluation is unqualified by law, licensure or training to diagnose mental illness.

Riordan was not her patient.

As I investigated the case further, I obtained the reports of two psychiatrists who can legally diagnose mental illness. Riordan had seen them because of the trauma of this divorce and custody battle. Both physicians said Riordan had no mental illness.

Click to access Dr.-Amiri.pdf

Click to access Dr.-Coffey-Letter-to-Dept-of-Justice.pdf

Unlike Caverly, who spent a few hours with Riordan, not as her health provider, the psychiatrists entered into a doctor-patient relationship with Riordan and spent many hours with her.

Riordan tried to present the reports of her mental health, but Judge Jane Grossman accepted only the opinion of Dr. Caverly. 

It was Kafkaesque.

The most surreal part came when, while reading the transcripts, I learned that Judge Grossman, who is not a physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist, made her own “diagnosis” of Riordan’s mental health.

Judge Jane Grossman

Judge Grossman said:

On April 24 of 2020, the Court received into evidence the psychological report [Caverly] of the parties and the children and heard the testimony of the evaluator [Caverly] who prepared that report…. That evidence revealed that the defendant has a significant personality disorder that impacts her ability to cooperatively work with the plaintiff. … if the defendant went untreated, her response to stress and particularly the stress of this divorce might present itself as a bipolar manic episode; and that continues to remain of paramount concern to this Court.”

Grossman said the Caverly’s report “revealed” Riordan has a “significant personality disorder.” 

But Caverly wrote that Riordan “appears” to have a personality disorder. Changing the word “appears” to “revealed” made it conclusive. 

Judge Grossman took it further. She said, “if the defendant went untreated, her response to stress… might present itself as a bipolar manic episode; and that continues to remain of paramount concern to this Court.”

Judge Grossman decided Riordan had to be treated for mental illness, that there was risk of “a potential bipolar episode,” and that the paramount issue in determining custody was Riordan’s mental illness, which no competent psychiatrist diagnosed.

Judge Grossman’s improper, illegal, and patently wrong diagnosis took three children from their happy home and placed them with their father. 

In so doing, it changed their lives and put the mother at sea and oarless. As Ambrose had done to his writing career and his wife’s teaching career, he ended his wife’s career as a mother after 13 years.

Suddenly, the woman the father insisted be a stay-at-home mother was now a menace to her children – without a shred of competent evidence – based on the sole opinion of one custody evaluator.

I was flabbergasted. And when I found out that Ambrose paid the custody evaluator both for her fee for her report and her testimony in court before Judge Grossman, I decided to dig further.

 Stay tuned for the next in this coverage of Ambrose’s motion for a protective order. 

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Frank Parlato


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  • Ambrose is so transparent.

    He wants to keep his kids isolated from the mother so the truth of his perversions and abuse remains concealed.

    His bs claim of protection is without merit. It’s self-serving and designed to use against Frank Parlato in his federal case.

    He’s a weak, cowardly little old man.

  • Bottom line is the mother should have her custody restored. The court drags out litigation and creates false scenarios to “dirty up” the mother as father plays the prince.

    My son is friends with the two older kids. They cannot stand that man. They are now 16 years of age and the court says what exactly? That they don’t have a say in where they live?

    The deprivation of rights to these kids- even when 2/3 are now 16, is egregious.

  • Almost a year ago, on March 18, 2022, Connecticut Attorney General Tong offered his written testimony to the Judiciary Committee in Support of Senate Bill No. 426.

    The noble title of SB 426 was, “An Act Concerning False Claims And Other Prohibited Acts”. Chairman Winfield, Ranking Member Kissel, Chairman Stafstrom, Ranking Member Fishbein and “distinguished members of the Judiciary Committee” witnessed what AG Tong stated about his hopes for SB 426.

    At some point, Mitchell Newmark of Blank Rome LLP also heard about SB 426. Newmark shared his thoughts about SB 426 in a May 19, 2022 JD Supra article, “If S.B. 426 had passed, companies and high-net-worth individuals would have fled Connecticut. S.B. 426 died in the General Assembly, hopefully not to be resurrected in its current form.”

    Newmark also explains what he thought happened, “What happened? The existing FCA in Connecticut is narrow. It is limited to actions with respect to state-administered health and human services programs. S.B. 426 was drafted to simply remove the limiting language, i.e., remove the references to ‘a state-administered health or human services program.’ Removing that limit would have made taxpayers vulnerable to claims under the FCA seeking treble damages plus the costs of investigation and prosecution, which can be brought by the Connecticut Attorney General or a person initiating the action.”

    Maybe Newmark doesn’t know that Health and Human Services has been one of the major founders and instigators of False Claims And Other Prohibited Acts in family courts throughout America.

    Also maybe: AG Tong knows ‘the existing FCA is limited to state-administered health and human services programs’ and yet somehow feels the AG’s office should allow crimes, corruption, extortion, racketeering, fraud and all the other prohibited acts in all the HHS-connected family court networks.

    More from Newmark: “Removing that limit would have made taxpayers vulnerable to claims under the FCA seeking treble damages plus the costs of investigation and prosecution, which can be brought by the Connecticut Attorney General or a person initiating the action”.

    This can’t be.

    Connecticut’s attorney general can’t:
    1. allow open family court racketeering, fraud and extortion to destroy children and families with HHS funding; and,
    2. try to make taxpayers pay “treble damages plus the costs of investigation and prosecution” for every bit of corruption in the state EXCEPT for the blatant and actionable crimes committed in HHS-connected family courts state AGs should have already prosecuted.

    If AG Tong thought SB 426 could pass, if his testimony truly reflected his deepest and most sincere intentions, why didn’t he mention the HHS-linked corruption, fraud and racketeering in family courts?

    AG Tong’s testimony: “To address these issues, it is clear that we need to expand the Connecticut False Claims Act. The Office of the Attorney General (“Office”) strongly supports this legislation, which seeks to expand the scope of Connecticut’s False Claims Act by removing provisions that limit application of these statutes to state-administered health or human services programs.”

    Preparing to testify last year, did AG Tong ever stop to think about the billions, trillions (most likely quadrillions) of false claims and other prohibited acts committed in purposely adversarial, for-profit, taxpayer-funded family court cases in Connecticut for the past forty years?

    It seems the AG’s office never investigated the court evaluator in the Dulos case. In one of Jennifer’s last motions to the court through her attorney, she asked the authorities to investigate.

    Did any Connecticut AG ever investigate any crimes committed in any family court cases?

    AG Tong stated, “Just a few deletions from the text of Conn. Gen. Stat. §§ 4-274 and 4-275 that currently limit this law to health and human services programs would allow my Office to pursue fraud and abuse of tax dollars anywhere in State government. Equally important, these amendments will protect and encourage insiders to blow the whistle when fraud and abuse occurs in any State spending.”

    He was supposed to address False Claims and Other Prohibited Acts in health and human services programs. In which specific ways has AG Tong accomplished that goal in state “family courts”?

    No, but at least he said, “More than one hundred different agencies, offices, and quasi-public agencies spend tax dollars on behalf of the government of the State of Connecticut. The current Connecticut False Claims Act covers programs at just nine agencies. This leaves billions of tax dollars vulnerable to fraud and abuse in programs administered at all the other State agencies …”

    AG Tong went on to mention “items such as moth-eaten blankets, injured cavalry horses, and boxes of sawdust instead of guns.” He noted the significance of Civil War-era contractors and suppliers defrauding the Union Army.

    How did AG Tong not draw the parallels to connect the dots between HHS … family court contractors … and crimes committed against Connecticut children, families and all taxpayers for the past forty years?

    Without mentioning family courts, he testified about “transportation … jobs … Connecticut’s construction industry … and … not just health and human services contractors.”

    “The vast majority of government contractors are responsible, honest and trustworthy. Still, False Claims Act enforcement activity in other states demonstrates there are outliers across every type of industry and business who will try to defraud the government” he said.

    “No government program is immune from fraud and abuse … public works projects …” he said.
    Maybe AG Tong was saying:

    Since each little lie lawyers and vendors tell state family courts, by itself isn’t actionable, all falsehoods and false statements are allowed in state family courts. Taxpayers should first pay for falsehood and fraud in family court cases and then also pay “treble damages plus the costs of investigation and prosecution, which can be brought by the Connecticut Attorney General or a person initiating the action”.

    AG Tong should have been honest in his testimony. He should have included in his testimony for each and every distinguished member of the Judiciary Committee to also consider, “All the falsehood and fraud in state family courts for the past forty years isn’t significant. Racketeering, extortion and fraud in family courts are minor technicalities, innocent mistakes, or acts of mere negligence. They are not False Claims Act violations”.

    The AG ’s testimony that day could have been an epic speech about how he was working to finally address all the blatant and destructive corruption in Connecticut family courts. Had he done that, he would have been a hero.

    Unfortunately, AG Tong might not be a hero in the same way the former AG also wasn’t a hero.

    It looks like Connecticut’s AG openly allows False Claims And Other Prohibited Acts in HHS-funded family courts.

    What’s going on?

    Do all state attorney generals ignore blatant corruption in family courts?
    Which state attorney generals do appropriately address false claims and other prohibited acts in family courts?

    It would only take about fifty free phone calls to state AG offices to get a general idea of which states are dong what. 🤔–SB426-False-Claims-Act-3182022-F.pdf

    • Incredible information. Thanks for taking the time to put this together I hope it’s made a big it’s if it’s own to get more readers to know the truth.

  • but not a first time caller.

    This story seems to REALLY be gaining traction given I think it’s the 2nd most commented; Raniere’s arrest (or was it hid sentencing?) still holding the honor of 1st place.

    • Yes. It seems Ambrose’s arrogance may be his Achilles heel.

      He unrelenting hate of his wife and abuse of his children has no end. Yet he sees himself as the victim.

  • This is a RICO case. They traffic children through family courts for money. They deliver children to their abuser and cut off contact with the healthy parent.

    The custody evaluators singular report is used as a weapon by the GAL and abuser – who take it to the police and dcf to undermine the credibility of children and influence the outcome of any investigation.

        • It’s not a RICO case by any stretch of the imagination. You’re living in a dream world, detached from reality.

          • Are ad hominem attacks all you have to offer? Why not put your ad hominem attacks to good use?

            What would you call the public private partnerships in family court contracts that steal from families and children via massive fraud and set-ups which provoke extended conflict, hundreds of billable hours and tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars per simple divorce case?

  • Ambrose explains to Instinct’s fellow writers:

    ‘His anonymous posts on line indicate that he’s a malignant narcissist who wants credit for his crimes.
    Humiliation— his loss of a job (fired from an instinct April 2018) and loss of his a partner (wife ended marriage counseling and demanded divorce April 2018)- has unleashed his fury.’

  • Chris is suing the aunt for dropping off Easter baskets. He suing Frank but is unable to identify a single falsehood in any of the articles published.

    He’s trying to get an order against his wife for articles that Ambrose created. He wrote a 20+ page lawsuit where for purposes of future damages, he claims he’s depressed and suicidal bc of franks investigation.

    If he’s depressed or suicidal it’s because he was exposed by Frank. After paying over a million to court actors to steal the kids and destroy his wife, his Hollywood storyline was thwarted by Frank Parlato.

    Ambrose did not manage to be the hero snd the victim as he’d intended. And because he’s a malignant narcissist and pathological liar, there’s no amount of money that will be able to change who he is.

    His legal career ended. His writing career ended. He’s only got himself to blame but instead he’ll attempt to get income by suing those who expose the truth.

    He won’t win. He never “won” anything honestly in his life. His interview with Harvard dunk that ship- its all he wanted and he was rejected bc of the interview. They saw through him then, as the bones fans saw through him immediately.

    There’s plenty more to come. Ambrose is a criminal.

    • “ Chris is suing the aunt for dropping off Easter baskets. He suing Frank but is unable to identify a single falsehood in any of the articles published.

      He’s trying to get an order against his wife for articles that Ambrose created”

      You seem to be a pathological liar. this is all false.

  • … [Trackback]

    […] Informations on that Topic: […]

  • His arrogance will sink him. I attended the hearing. This is about controlling the now 16 year olds and the 12 year old.

    Congratulations Chris. You’re the sickest man in America. No one else does this. We know inflicting pain brings you pleasure.

  • Hope that the lawsuit will be documented and become a template to the public, exposing this legal abuse.
    I just wonder though, instead of spending funds and time on this lawsuit, why wouldn’t Chris be reasonable and do what is truly in the best interest of the children and draw up a stipulation that at least agrees to allow their children to have visitation? Even monitored visitation, and a court order that states neither parent should speak badly about one another or the case? Drop all the weapons, let the legacy of this family be one of forgiveness and cooperation for the sake of the children. It really takes a hero to do that. Litigation should be the very last option, especially when children s lives are at stake. Who in their right mind, hands over the fate of their own precious children to strangers in a business called family law? It’s not too late to flip the script and leave the money hungry lawyers and “ experts” in the dust. The children need peace from all the strife. ( probably everyone does) Ambrose should have understood how important it is for children to have a relationship with both parents. He didn’t. Maybe Chris thinks Karen did x, y and z…But it’s not too late. Build a bridge, get over it. Take back all the power that was given to the system. Be rock stars! Think outside the box. Work it out like mature adults and move on with good will and grace.

    Without knowing anyone involved, one thing is sure, the Frank Report has stood up for the silenced voice of children, just as he has countless others who are/ were abused and oppressed. These children will know one day that their lives mattered to adults enough to make sacrifices for them. Most children going through these types of ordeals will not have that advantage. Yes, this seems like a lot to go through, but they are going to know that they are worth defending. I truly hope that Chris and Karen will be able to transform this story into a different direction for all parties. THAT would be the most inspiring, cinematic ending…

    Chris, take your real power back from the legal parasites. Do some deep soul searching bro, think outside the box, focus on family healing, rather than war. Even if you don’t like each other, you will always be the childrens father, and like it or not, Karen will always be their mother. Let the children be impressed by real leadership. Impress your own soul. Shine out of this. Get out of the swamp. TURN THE PAGE. Create a legacy of real strength. Cooperation, dignity, decency, a good sense of humor and forgiveness. You don’t have to give your power away by insisting you are a victim, if you become a real hero.

    • I agree. Children need their mother. I’m not trying to cast blame either. No one knows exactly what happened in the past. You only know now. It’s hard to let go of any narrative that we hold on to. We all are guilty of clinging to our pain when we believe we have been wronged. We feel corned by our egos, childhood trauma etc . And everyone is capable of reacting and overreacting to triggers. Everyone.
      But thé thing is this :
      NOT EVERYONE HAS THE ABILITY and DETERMINATION to transcend into a new story in their life ..because it involves letting go of fear. We all mistakenly cling to our fear like it will protect us from what we believe compromises our desires. When in fact, fear distorts clear thinking and we self sabotage.
      The question is, are you everyone, or the exception to the norm? Who do you want to be? This story, like all child alienation stories is loaded with war stories, but only you can decide to turn it into a victory. The thing is, with family? It involves the whole family, not just one person. As an outsider, it seems like the father is burning the whole house down and is surprised that he is in flames. That doesn’t make him evil. It makes him human. Because we mere mortals really do have a hard time looking at ourselves.

      But now, why not consider stopping the fire? They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. Calm the noise.

      These kids need both parents to be of sound mind. Stop fighting.
      Don’t make the mistake of the old “do as I say, not as I do”
      If you compromise and find a way to mediate and truly focus on coparenting, both parents with flaws and all, if the goal truly is for children, most people will always agree that children need as much love as possible from as many people as possible.
      So maybe stop hating. It’s contagious. It’s like a boomerang too. Try benevolence and tolerance instead. Just try it. If it doesn’t work, you can always get all of your misery refunded.

      Let the children have a real chance of a relationship with their mom, and you will only gain the children’s respect.

      Kids need fair guidance from their role models. If they only see strife, what do you think they are going to expect from life?

      Another thing , I don’t know of any adults who went through this kinda strife that ended up as a long term cheerleader for one parent over the other. Kids need to think about themselves.

      You are a family. Even if you are a broken family, you’ll always be connected by your beautiful children. Think long term. Be kind on each other and yourselves.

    • That would be fantastic, however,
      Ambrose experiences a chilling, smug satisfaction at the damage he’s done –

      He knows his threats and intimidation have inflicted deep harm to his children, but it’s nothing to lose any sleep over.

      Just ask him.

      • OK, let’s ask him.

        Chris, how are you?
        You okay fellow flawed human being?

        What do you think about turning the page and focusing on healing your family?

        Everyone was hurt, maybe bad choices were made, okay, now what ?

        Instead of being victimized by the system, CHANGE the system by walking out of it, lick your wounds and just hit reset.

        Get another reunification visiting situation going ..

        What if you and your ex just
        rolled up those sleeves and get on with it?

        Who cares who is right or wrong in the end ?

        We are all here only for a bleep of time. All these lawyers and experts are only going to perpetuate the war. Do you really want it to be this Vietnam thing ?

        Focus on solutions, rather than the problems.

        Give us all that old fashioned, feel good ending!

        • There’s no need for reunification because the kids want to be with their mother.

          The only reason for reunification is when kids have been “alienated”. This whole system is to create problems and titles for court ordered actors to fix the problem and drain the family bank.

          Chris knows the kids want to be with their mother. It’s been three years Ambrose and they don’t like you. They want to be away from you.

          You had every opportunity to be kind and jovial. It escapes you. You just don’t get it Ambrose.

          Such innate talent and you use it to destroy and cause distress in those who’ve been good to you.

          Better start to pray.

          • “There’s no need for reunification because the kids want to be with their mother.”

            But the adults need to know the “reunification” will happen in a safe manner. Karen has behaved extremely destructively and it appears the children have been shielded from this by dad as much as possible. they do not know what their mother has been up to over these years. Reunification needs to be done through former channels so that all the adults concerned will know the kids are safe. I don’t understand why the mother won’t just do what is recommended and show them. “Hey look I’m no threat.” if that is what the truth is. Otherwise, it seems like she has something to hide.

    • But Chris is the parasite. That’s why he stole $180,000 of his wife’s inheritance.

      He’s known her parents since he was born, and they have always been kind and generous to him- even after he deceived Karen into marrying him.

      And to show he has zero integrity and no morals, he pockets her mom’s final gift to Karen, and feels no shame.

      Chris is a malignant narcissist. He had stolen Karen’s life because he has no soul and no life of his own.

      Go find yourself Chris- whoever or whatever that might be, but give your children their life back. Let them live in the world of love and fun and laughter.

      They are going to hate you for all you’ve done if they don’t already. Let them live free and happy with the mother and the family they long for.

      • “ Let them live free and happy with the mother and the family they long for.”

        I guess you missed the part that Karen refused to ever even show up for visitation and she is homeless so the kids could not live with her, unless you want them living on the street.

    • “why wouldn’t Chris be reasonable and do what is truly in the best interest of the children and draw up a stipulation that at least agrees to allow their children to have visitation? Even monitored visitation…”

      This was already done, but Karen refused it. She was supposed to have supervised visitation with the kids immediately after the 90-day separation was over. She refused to participate. I believe that now there is something in place where she can get back to visitation etc by attending court-ordered therapy, etc, but it’s my understanding she is also refusing that.

        • There are plenty of state funded reunification organizations. Both parties just have to agree.

          Children need to see that both of their parents are trying to get along, just as much as they need them independently.

          • Under the circumstances, if the mother can’t chose the “supervisor” … if only those who took so much money from her and did so much harm to her and her children chose “the supervisor”, “the arbitrators” etc. (see the pattern?) … the mother has the right to record everything from now on.

          • Why does family court- when you just want a divorce and no interest by dcf/the state, have the right to make you see any therapist at all?

            This is legal abuse. It’s a game to drag out litigation regardless of who the therapist is.

        • Frank Parlato: “Court ordered therapy by court ordered therapists. Who pays for that ?”

          Connecticut Attorney General William Tong: “… More than one hundred different agencies, offices, and quasi-public agencies spend tax dollars on behalf of the government of the State of Connecticut. The current Connecticut False Claims Act covers programs at just nine agencies. This leaves billions of tax dollars vulnerable to fraud and abuse …”


      • Never undergo therapy by a judge-selected therapist in a high profile case like this – it’s too dangerous.

        I’m glad Karen has refused the offers of ‘therapy.’

        Worst case scenario- if the judge has a friend in the probate division – Karen could wind up with a bogus diagnosis – and could be put into guardianship – just to shut her up and put an end to the bad press relating to this case in family court.

        Fraudulent guardianship in America is a moneymaker for lawyers but sometimes it’s used as a kind of legal hit job. Beware.

      • Gerard Adelman was the judge. Robert Horwitz was “the supervisor”.

        They’ve “collaborated”, conspired and destroyed children and families for the past several decades.

        How many children and families did they destroy? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands?

      • Chrissy Chrissy Chrissy– Is it your understanding?
        You are the madman of madison. Congratulations on fucking up your life so royally that you’re an embarrassment to all and a thorn in the courts side. Stop hiding behind the skirts of your gal-pals– your paid cronies. Nancy is gone. Jocelyn is gone. Caverly is gone.
        Never did they imagine they’d have to work so hard for their pay– because they did not realize you’re a fucking psychopath who has lived a secret life of a homo since wethersfield high.

        Chrissy Chrissy Chrissy–Please tell the public:
        Why you have NOT ONE FRIEND from Wethersfield. NOT. ONE. FRIEND. ZERO.
        Why you have NOT ONE FRIEND from Wesleyan. Dave and Lisa Barr fled from you LONG AGO.

        Provide the order of any ’90-day suspension.
        Name the date a hearing was held prior to this non-existent order.

        What about the kidnapping? Show us the conviction.


  • His company- eyes above productions isn’t a writing of producing business.

    It’s a barbershop company??? Wtf? Who is this guy?

  • Ambrose is sending letters to the employers of anyone who interviewed or reported any concerns about the children.

    He’s no victim. He can’t state what is factually untrue. This is revenge for exposing who he is.

    • It’s easy for parents and lawyers to silence good teachers because most school principals and administrators avoid lawsuits. In these cases, really good teachers risk losing their jobs if they speak up about what they know.

      I hope the children aren’t discouraged. They probably sometimes feel like the adults who were supposed to protect them let them down. 😔

      No matter how many times children speak up and are ignored, they should keep speaking up anyway. When children in these cases keep speaking up, someone always eventually listens. They just need to keep speaking up about what they’ve seen, heard and experienced — and how they feel about what’s happening. That can be exhausting when it seems like no one’s listening.

      In most of these kinds of cases, it’s up to the children to stay strong and speak up for themselves when the adults can’t or won’t speak for them. Sometimes it takes years, or months or just a few weeks.

      There’s something called “broken record technique” that can be helpful. It takes practice. It’s repeated short sentences used when children simply want to be heard, understood and respected.

      They say what the other person wants. Then, when the children are reasonable and right, they simply repeat their own expectations using the same words or almost the same words politely and firmly.

      For example:
      “I know you want me to __________________, but I need to ________________ so I can ____________________.”

      “I understand you are feeling ________________ and that’s a difficult thing, but try to not _____________________ because I need to ________________________________.”

      “It seems you want me to _____________________________. I need to ___________________________ because ______________________________.“

      Bogus courts in these kinds of cases set the stage for a total mind warp of all involved.

      If a bogus judge In a bogus court writes a court opinion that says “A, B and C”, the parents, all the lawyers and all the teachers at the school are supposed to act like “A, B and C” is real life, when it isn’t.

      It’s crazy making. Meanwhile the children need to know they’re totally normal, really great kids who will get through this.

      All they need to do is: to stay strong and believe in themselves.

  • Family court is crushing the first amendment. FR is the investigative agency.

    If FR stated anything untrue that will be resolved in the federal lawsuit.

    He stated no legal basis for his claim against his wife. His requests can’t legally be granted. This is litigation abuse for self-serving purposes.

  • Assman and lover of young hot term girls, Judge a Truglia needs to be removed from his role in family court.

    How is he to decide best interest when he wants to fuck teen girls himself. POS scumbag. An embarrassment to his mother and children.

    • Truglia’s controversial FB page was created by someone other than Truglia himself. It’s very obvious.

      Look for his real, actual FB page. It’s there.

      You people really need a job or hobby.

    • Excuse me, but are you a qualified custody evaluator? What are your qualifications? Please share your education. Thanks.

    • He’s a danger. Period. But agreed he shouldn’t have custody if he’s depressed and suicidal.

      He needs to listen to Cat Stevens… find a guy, settle down…

      If Chris lived authentically, he’d find that good match… be it Andy or Dylan, or David or Nate…

      Suddenly the tram jerks to a stop. They’re stuck, suspended above the East River with a magnificent view of the glittering Manhattan skyline – it’ll be at least two hours before they can get it moving again. And Dylan and Andy end up having their ‘date night’ in the tram, but grateful for having the time, any time, together.

  • August 13,2021. Ambrose told god daughter she should just kill herself.

    Let him deny it. We’ve got the evidence. And still no relief for these children.

  • If he can lie to his coworkers, his boss Michael Rauch, the actors on instinct, the producers, the set designers and the fans of the show —
    It’s easy to see he can and will lie to anyone. And he is bold and convincing about it. Until the public recognized the show he promoted as his original episode for Instinct, was in fact plagiarized, no one suspected a thing.

    He’s a conman.

    But Ambrose continues to lie and deny any wrongdoing. This is a malignant narcissist.

    What’s telling is he blame shifts to the one person who gave him the greatest opportunity when he had a tanked career— Michael Rauch.

    Ambrose’s lies:
    1 the show was canceled – as the reason he wasn’t in it for the second season. It was not canceled. Ambrose was fired.

    2. Michael Rauch was fired for going over budget repeatedly and since he got fired they got all new people in. Totally fabrication. Rauch didn’t go over budget and was never fired. In face he returned as showrunner with all the other writers for the second season. Ambrose was the only one who could not return.

    3. Ambrose said his agents stood by him. He was dropped by his agents within two months of his plagiarism and theft of intellectual properties.

    If a coward lies about all of this— and takes such risks as to promote a lie about a script— and make a fool of everyone whose job it is to screen and prevent such outcomes, is it any wonder he’s tricked the police, the therapists, the judges and the schools in the exact same way?

    Please stop this animal.

  • His kids know the truth. They hate him for what he’s done. Destroying their happy childhoods for no other reason than to destroy the mother who dared to leave him.

    Malignant narcissists never stop. He wants his ex wife dead.

    He manipulated everyone And paid them her half of the marital funds. But he can’t stop.

    The gal is off the case but he holds on to Hurwitz like she’s his lifeline. He needs her to guard their children. To ensure his wife’s demise.

    Someone will end up dead. And it’s not going to be Chris.

    The schools and police had better stop believing his bullshit story and listen to the kids.

  • Chris Ambrose reminds me of a more malicious “Frank Burns” from “Mash”…cowardly, whiney, and self-serving. He must have the Madison PD ON SPEED DIAL. And they must be sick of him

  • Season 6 (2004 – 2005)

    Episode 5 “Order and Chaos” November 23, 2004
    Episode 12 “You Don’t Know Me” February 1, 2005
    Episode 20 “Too Little Too Late” April 19, 2005

    CBS canceled “Judging Amy” May 18, 2005.

    “Being a feminist means protecting those that have quieter voices, or are marginalized, or cannot speak in words, like the earth. What is going on right now politically has helped me to understand the concept of intersectionality, and how being a feminist means working on behalf of anyone who is treated unjustly—often women and girls are at the top of that list. It does not mean working on behalf of women’s issues to the exclusion of other things. Calling myself a feminist says to the world that my life’s work is to speak for all those whose voices are drowned out.”

    — Amy Brenneman

  • He called the Madison police because two eggs were thrown at his door around Halloween. 🤣. Fantastic use of taxpayer money.

    Was that his ex-wife’s fault too? Or did Frank throw the eggs? Or Easter bunny aunty?

    Nothing like calling the Madison PD because the godmother of their child is dropping off Easter baskets.

    Nothing like vilifying those your children love. Well done Ambrose.

    • You do understand the man has gotten death threats? There’s even a creepy death threat against him in these comments. Why is everyone pretending to be so stupid?

      • I suspect he created his own death threats. But if it is true, let us see some evidence of it.

        Has he reported these death threats to the police? May we see a copy of the police report and any evidence he has been threatened?

        I know a little about it. Since my NXIVM days and continuing to the present, I periodically receive death threats, which I assess as serious or not. Usually not serious.

        I tend to think those who issue death threats are trying to scare someone and are not serious.

        On the other hand, someone who is going to kill you, I suspect, would not give you information about it so you could alert the police in advance.

        I used to laugh at a comment by an old time Mafioso who used to say, “Our business is 85 percent bluff.”

        Yeah, watch out for that 15 percent.

      • No he hasn’t 😂.
        He’s a conman. Where are the death threats? He calls Madison PD when an aunt drops off Easter baskets and when an egg is thrown at his door around Halloween.

        Where’s the police report of the death threats?

        You must know Chris or you are Chris because the “death threats” have not been reported to any authority and Chris has the police and the former gal on speed dial.

        I’d love to see them. Please post.

        • Lou Almati How do you know what has or has not been reported to any authority? You sound like a lunatic stalker.

  • Ambrose is putting himself in the public arena by suing Pawlina and Parlato.

    He thinks he’ll be the victim. That CT courts will applaud him for taking out the investigative journalist who dared to take on Connecticut family court.

    His arrogance will be his downfall.

    • That is some twisted logic. Karen is the one who has been relentlessly putting him in the public arena. Now because he’s trying to do something to stop it, he’s to blame for it? DARVO with a capital D. You would make a great cult member.

      • Ambrose is suing me. He started in CT court. I removed to federal. He’s trying to get it back to state. The rules are totally different in this case since there will be a jury.

        However I think it will be dismissed. But I have invited him to talk like sensible adults do but he won’t. So he is bringing it upon himself by bringing this to a public court setting.

        • The only ones who should be suing anyone should be the children against these heartless jackals who made knee jerk evaluations that destroyed their lives. None of the evaluators should be privately paid for. There should be a health care system that provides care for children based on the children s needs, not based on price.
          It should be completely equal for all children. We need to go to lobbyists and petition for change.
          Maybe these children will become the catalyst for this much needed change.

          • “The only ones who should be suing anyone should be the children against these heartless jackals who made knee jerk evaluations that destroyed their lives.“

            Which law firms are willing and able to represent child victims in family courts?

            Law firms as large and accomplished as Pullman and Comley should petition the Courts. Those kinds of large law firms should ask for compensation for all the abuse children endured in family court cases for the past forty years. Those lawsuits against family court offices should mirror the lawsuits against Catholic Church offices.

            When will those lawsuits be filed? The abuse is the same abuse. The gross lack of oversight and accountability is also the same.

            For the past forty years, several heartless jackals in family courts have knee-jerked, carefully planned and purposely propagated malicious evaluations and family court decisions. They’ve destroyed tens of thousands of childhoods, both directly and indirectly. They have done so with judicial authority, near-total immunity and no effective oversight. So far.

            Many state legislators have known what’s happening now and what has been happening for decades. Only a few legislators have spoken up so far. In 2014, a few legislators connected to a few large law firms shot down most of the efforts made to protect children and families from the blatant fraud, blatant extortion and state-involved racketeering. That last problem was probably the sticking point.

            DOJ employees can easily investigate and prosecute blatant fraud and extortion. State offices led the racketeering through CT AFCC, Inc. Gerard Adelman was the “Director”. One of his favored evaluators was Bruce Freedman, CT AFCC, Inc. “Treasurer”. Evaluator and court supervisor Robert Horwitz is the contact on CT AFCC, Inc. 990 forms. Officers of Connecticut AFCC, Inc. told the IRS they were a tax-exempt organization.

            According to the IRS:

            “Form 990 is the IRS’ primary tool for gathering information about tax-exempt organizations, educating organizations about tax law requirements and promoting compliance. Organizations also use the Form 990 to share information with the public about their programs. Additionally, most states rely on the Form 990 to perform charitable and other regulatory oversight and to satisfy state income tax filing requirements for organizations claiming exemption from state income tax.”

            This legislative session, citizens of the state must demand transparency and legislators must investigate Connecticut AFCC, Inc.’s long history and current influences.

            State representatives who have not yet spoken up should at least be willing to endorse amendments to bills requiring formal investigations into long-standing problems in family courts.

            State, federal or private offices somewhere must find the data to figure out about how much physical, emotional and financial harm family court employees, officers and private vendors caused in the state for the past forty years. With no objective records of harm done to children and families in family courts, family courts will continue to be an arena and a haven for criminals lying in wait to exploit every parent and child officially added to their case loads.

            Hundreds of legislators across America have already spoken up to expose and address corruption in family courts. Good legislators don’t need nudges from lobbyists to do and say what’s right.

            In this upcoming legislative session in Connecticut:

            Support the legislators who truly represent children and families of the state.
            Notice which legislators remain silent.

            Watch the legislators from the largest law firms — and those formerly affiliated with CT AFCC, Inc. — speak up against proposed amendments to bills. Witness the disparaging remarks made to silence all who dare to advance ideas such as these:

            ✅ None of the evaluators should be privately paid for.
            ✅ There should be a health care system that provides care for children based on the children’s needs, not based on price.
            ✅ It should be completely equal for all children.

            Will Representative Steve Stafstrom from Pullman and Comley and Steve from St. Ann’s parish endorse a bill in which victimized children in family court cases can be compensated in the same way victimized children in Catholic Churches received compensation?

            What would Robert Holzberg and his colleagues at Pullman and Comley do when this effort for justice for all must be honored?

            “Maybe these children will become the catalyst for this much needed change.”

            There will be many opportunities for much needed change in this legislative session.

        • I do hope this case makes it back to state court. The filed complaint is valid and you, the eventual defendant, must be held accountable for a percentage of damage that has been done to this family by your publications that have been harmful and biased. People are very leery today about news media’s reporting or lack of reporting the truth and not just opinion. The readers do not want to hear your opinions. You have been unable to post an opinion piece without making it clear whose side you support.
          I’m anxious to hear how a jury of your peers finds you.

          • Well I am sorry to disappoint you but there is something caller diversity – and so it is a federal case at best but most likely an invalid case and likely to be dismissed.

            But don’t worry we will continue to examine the harm Ambrose did to his family

          • “Anti opinion”:

            No news reporters are biased? Ever?

            With your kind of reasoning, you could sue everyone at FOX, CNN and MSLSD.

        • But it’s not like your blog and other websites are private. So it’s already very public. Can you really blame him for wanting to get his side of the story on the record through official channels?

          • I welcome the public discourse. I suspect it will hurt him more than me.

            But if Chris is smart, he would work something out with his wife. I would even help him mediate it. I would love to see this resolved for their children’s sake.

            We must always be willing to have peace, if possible, so long as it is truthful and a fair resolution. he can have that. He should seek that.

            But perhaps you should consider that Chris really actually fully enjoys this, so he can play victim. He wants this to continue, so he can revel in hating his wife and punish his kids since they love her and very likely despise him. He’ll show them.

            Speculative? Sure. But we shall see what comes out in the lawsuit between us.

          • “But if Chris is smart, he would work something out with his wife. I would even help him mediate it.”

            I can’t blame him for wanting the (albeit minimal) safeguards he would get by mediating things through official channels. Also, let’s face it, you have consistently presented yourself as his enemy and Karen’s savior and protector. Why would he choose such an extremely biased mediator?

            My take on it is that if Karen is smart, she’ll get off the warpath and take the path to peace and reconciliation that’s been offered her by the court.

          • I’d be a fair mediator and a far better friend to him than the courts and cheaper. I’m free.

      • Chris puts himself in the public eye. The gal released the custody eval to police departments. It’s public because of his conduct.

        He has relentlessly tried to get Karen convicted of a crime. He stole all the money and her inheritance to pay off caberly, the gal and court appointed guns.

        He has Madison police dept working for him. They’ve threatened the kids and abused the hell out of them.

        Chris engages in litigation abuse and child abuse. He needs to be outed for the criminal he is.

        Let’s see his phone records and financial info that he’s hidden for years. No court orders were followed.

        He calls the cops and makes false claims to the police. He’s lost his way.

  • Truglia

    Anyone know if Judge Truglia was ever on this case? I know he put a restraining order against another Caverly victim.

    Get this- Judge Truglia ruled Catherine Rookasin was a danger to her kids. Her two beautiful girls that she brought into this world and the court gave them to their abuser.

    Check out Volpe’s report on this misogynistic pos:

    This judge should step down immediately. Gets off on the exploitation and sexualization of women. He gets off on viewing the asses of teen girls and then rules to hand teen girls to their abusive fathers. Get the connection? He’s a pig.

  • Ambrose is not depressed because of Frank Report. He may not be depressed at all. He is a tactical strategist. He has no real emotions. He is a con artist who can cry on the spot. A master manipulator. He sets his target and then creates a storyline to achieve what he wants– to take for himself and destroy others.

    He reads what he needs to prove parental alienation, and then spends a year collecting his allies, checking the boxes, and creating a false narrative to bring to court.

    Currently, he’s creating a narrative to prove damages as a result of Frank Parlato’s accurate reporting of fact. Nothing posted is untrue. Chris Ambrose knows this. He is manipulating the state of CT. He is using legal services intended for those without legal skills who have no money to obtain an attorney. Chris has 1.4million in retirement and much more. Chris has his JD from NYU. Chris uses the CT legal aid– taking help from those in need– to manipulate the state. To get the state on his side to bring his bogus lawsuit against Frank back into CT, because he knows it has no merit in federal court.

    Chris blamed his wife for telling the world he was suicidal and depressed. This is also wrong. Chris documented this in his lawsuit against Frank to demonstrate damages. No doubt he sought help with his tears to secure this diagnosis. He spends all day and night on the computer– reading and writing– to harm others who expose who he is and what he does to those he professes to love. He does not. He is incapable of love.

    And here’s the kicker– Chris Ambrose has been diagnosed with depression before– more than once. He was diagnosed in 2019-2020 and medicated for it.

    He has shared this information with so many of us to portray himself as the victim. He is always the victim.

    He cries about his own fabricated depression while his children suffer unimaginable pain and heartache as a result of his actions and lies.

    Chris is also suing Michelle Pawlina. It’s on the public docket as well. He makes the same claims he’s making about his ex-wife. He claims this woman too published stories about him on FR and Familycircus. The lies are outrageous. I bet the GAL did believe him. He’s convincing. But his time is running out. The Madison Police Department is tired of being used. Nancy Aldrich now knows who his is. The public schools, the therapists grow tired of his acting. It’s his drama that has dragged his children through torturous situations. He’s turned on each of them. He threatens and silences.

    Keep writing Frank. I will contact you with credible information to support everything that is written here.

    Madman of Madison, Chris Ambrose. Previously diagnosed with depression. Let him deny it. He left that out of his pleas to the court.

    • Wow, you are cold and heartless. So if I’d ever been depressed once in my life, I could never then claim that a new series of events facilitated a new bout of depression? I’m seeing a lot of cruelty and sick and twisted logic here.

      • ‘Wow, you are cold and heartless.’

        and you are over-egging a non-existent pudding.

        There are a lot of people in this world diagnosed with depression, who do not behave as this man has and many others who make use of the condition, one could say – plagiarise it – to generate reverse-victim sympathy and evade responsibility for causing, rather than suffering, damaging behaviour.

        • Oh, so _he_ caused the Frank Report to publish the children’s private medical and psych reports and their full names and photos? Keep twisting that logic.

          • How is a journalist publishing case documents once online worse than the state judicial branch publishing thousands of bogus court opinions online for decades?

            Even more now with the e-file documents available online.

            Was it Adelman or Moukawsher who wrote in his “official” court opinion about his holier-than-thou decision to publish the FULL NAMES of ALL three children in his public court opinion? Was that to prove some point?

            That should tell you what kind of %*%*$ control the family courts right now. Children and families are up against a criminal enterprise and the feds haven’t come to the rescue yet.

            Is your argument: Any judge can slander any mother and any children journalists should have no way to quickly, effectively and completely dispute the lies the judicial branch publishes? What if exposing the bogus documents in the fraudulent proceedings involving public officials engaged in blatant corruption could prevent further harm and save lives?

            Look online for all the family court judge opinions published online as “fact”. How many of those court opinions are filled with half-truths based on fraud upon the court?

            All rulings based on fraud upon the court should be overturned. There’s no statute of limitations on proving fraud upon the court. All fraudulent court documents and all articles promoting the fraud should be removed from online outlets.

            How many lives have been harmed and destroyed by fraudulent court opinions and untrue mainstream news outlet articles published online?

            Only some may communicate and others may not?

            Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are all we have standing between us and the perverted dystopian tyranny of those in control of some family courts.

            Welcome a lawsuit against your friend. Have the worst criminals in the state start their law fare and see how you and your friend like it. Tell the worst criminals waging law fare against you: They can publish anything online for the public to see and you and your friend won’t publish a thing.

            After what would probably happen next, maybe you would understand.

            Those orchestrating corruption in family courts to destroy children are: criminals

            Wake up, 12:06.

    • For every action, there’s a reaction and money to be made.

      1. Dismiss all the cases.
      2. Hold all the “family court” crooks accountable for all the damage done.

      Ambulance- chasers shouldn’t be allowed to so openly mishandle simple, private family matters.

      If a family needs help > extended family and friends should offer solutions.

      If extended family and friends can’t offer solutions > religious or non-profit social service communities should help.

      When crimes are committed, law enforcement is there to appropriately handle crimes.

      Simple solutions to simple problems, people.

  • Chris is a very unhappy man. He always has been. His self hate is evident. It has nothing to do with his children or his ex-wife, or Frank, or Bones fans who outed him for plagiarism.
    His anger and hostility are hidden behind closed doors. Those who discover who he is, are eliminated from his life and the lives of the children he now uses as objects to control and dominate–as leverage to inflict pain and destroy his wife who found him out–

    Hollywood found him out. His career was failing long ago. He was let go from Bones. He knows this. He was dumped by Dick Wolf. He is not and never was hard working.

    He sues and lashes out at anyone who calls him out on his conduct.
    He lives in a world of fiction and lies. He always has. At 60, he always will.

    He is a malignant narcissist who uses and abuses his children and his former wife and then destroys them at will, while publicly playing the victim. He used and criticized his attorney Aldrich, who got him everything– then he stiffed her 67,000 even though he got every penny from his marriage.

    He is not suicidal. He will kill others before he would ever hurt himself.

  • Does anyone really believe Ambrose when he claims to be suicidal, and that this isn’t just another disingenuous legal tactic? He’d never really consider killing his one true love.

        • Paul Boyne is his own guru.

          Karen is a good mother desperately trying to save her children from this wide-awake nightmare.

          • Karen’s insanity is creating her own nightmare. There was/is a clear blueprint she could’ve followed to have at least partial custody of those kids and she thought somehow she is outside the law. = she’s crazy

          • I think I might go crazy if someone stole my kids from me when they needed me. And stole all my money and had all the self righteous lying Court actors acting like they were doing this for my kids.

            At one point in my life I might have put the Albino in the water. The hot water that is.

            What he did to Karen who only suddenly became ‘insane’ after he lost his job for plagiarizing and stole her money will be known for all time as the crimes of a true madman. Give it time.

            His lawsuit against me may help Bring this out because I can match him fit for tat.

          • “I think I might go crazy if someone stole my kids from me when they needed me.”

            They weren’t stolen. There was a 90 day separation. A fit parent would stay strong and then be there to see the kids on day 91. Karen was a no-show. In effect, she abandoned the kids. Her thinking was so screwed up that She seriously thought a judge would say “well the mom never showed up to see the kids and has gone completely MIA, I am awarding her full custody today.” ??? How could that ever have happened??

            Someone who has gone crazy and is homeless is not in a situation to be the custodial parent, esp when there is another parent who has a stable home. If Karen wants to blame being homeless on Chris after three years, she is totally delusional. Scores of people have gone from having zero in their bank account to having a home within 30 days or less. It is a sign of unfitness.

  • Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile. Chris Ambrose is a pedophile.

  • Ho hum, another day in the cesspool of Connecticut Courts, dummy Rodriguez presiding, no law applied, just moron in a black robe entertaining a meritless, frivolous, vexatious suit to malign a mother, stripped of her children by no state interest, just the efforts of Caverly, Grossman, Hurwitz …. not exactly the holy trinity.

  • Ambrose is just like Herzog – they do not know how to stop lying and now can’t hide their shit! Karma is naturally occurring – ask the Bidens.

  • This whole thing is “happening” because he is a frickin lawyer – all lawyers are “protected” regardless of the theft, crime or sadistic nature of their acts – it’s a Trade Perk.

    She was targeted as the “loser” here on Day 1 – it’s just filled w drama & time to extract the fees.

    The legal system controls (“owns”) all 3rd parties – evaluators, appraisers, experts, local media & newspapers, etc – they do & lie wtf they r told to or they don’t work – ever. Until u go thru this cesspool, I can not have a clue how this sick stuff works. This goes on 24/7 in all ur towns – but I don’t hear it because they: Gag u w bogus Confidentiality Orders, Seal the Case Files, threaten u w “not getting a dime” or “never seeing ur kids again” or all kinds of sadistic stuff.

    A fast Google will show u the whole USA is revolting against this stuff: stolen probate inheritance by lawyers/judges, stolen kids via CPS/judges/Fam Courts which r traded out to Fosters 75% of which r molested. Anyone w any experience in these courts knew on Day1 where this was going & that it’s a sadistic joke.

    • All lawyers are protected? Then how do you explain Cunha getting disbarred and Luthmann doing four years in the clink?

      • Luthmann was targeted. Did you not read the articles here on FR?

        Cunha was a threat and then she made it easy when she lost her mind and babbled aimlessly. Her mental health crisis was unfolding before Adelman for a year. They indulged her and she sealed her own fate.

        Anyone who obsessively picks their skin like she does to the point where she’s got cuts all over her face and body has a mental defect or drug addiction or both.

        Adelman should have asked her to take leave instead of granting her continuances. Clearly she was overwhelmed.

        They also got rid of her just when Riordan was going to put on her case. They didn’t want the evidence to come out. Disbarring cunha was there out. Shut down the injunction and the entire case.

        • Oh, so Luthman was targeted and Cunha was strategically led to her self-destruction? I guess that blows up your hairbrained theory that all lawyers are protected.

      • Most are. Grossman actually called Ambrose – attorney Ambrose. He’s got connections bc of Hollywood. Wrote judging Amy. Based on first juvenile court in Connecticut by brennermen from Glastonbury.

        His brother I believe is an attorney in New Haven. He’s pals with all of these creatures. Connections are everything in CT.

        Neil Ambrose

        He must be mortified by his clown of a brother.

        • Chris’s brother one is a big hospital administrator. His wife left because of his rage issues. He couldn’t break her because her brother has F You money. Disturbing all of them. Closest Homo and a wife beater

  • Your headline is misleading and dishonest. I read the motion Ambrose filed. He doesn’t ask the court to stop his ex wife from saying anything about him, his motion is entirely about stopping her from telling you anything about the 3 kids because they are being teased by what you are writing. The title of his motion even says this. If you are a journalist as you say, you will correct this immediately.

    You are playing with fire making light of the suicide talk. YOu have hounded Ambrose for many months. Anyone would be ruined by what you say about him and repeat ad naseam. Repeating the same stories over and over to destroy someone
    s reputation isn’t “news” it’s psychological torment. If he does anything to himself, the police will be at your door.

    You say you care about his kids. Ambrose didn’t tell the world he felt suicidal. You did. You think that’s good for them to see that their father is suicidal?

    Aren’t you bros with Alex Jones? You must know what happened to him after he tormented the Sandy Hook families. They got a Billion dollar judgement against him.

    • You’re dreaming. Nice try though. You’re missing the fact that there is zero evidence of harm to the children.

      These teens want out!! They’ve taken to social media after being ripped from their life and family. This is abuse in plain sight.

    • Please find anything reported that is not true and supported with evidence. If Ambrose is having issues it’s about exposing his bad conduct and character to the public.

      He’s supposed to be looking at the articles post April 26, 2022. All of the articles have nothing to do with the children.

      And the reports are not coming from the mother. Take the time to read. Kids found to be unsafe in the care of their father. That should be the concern.

  • 16 year old kids cannot decide ? Why won’t this knucklehead let this go and why is he running whining to the courts again ? At what age should these nearly adult kids be in his mind able to make their own choices, especially that of seeing their mother ?

    If I follow correctly he is admittedly suicidal that his children want to see their mother but she is the one who is unfit ?

    None of this makes any sense and I cannot believe a judge is even entertaining his histrionics. The Court is being played the fool by this coward again. Such a waste of the Courts time and resources.

    What jurisdiction would a Family Court have over a news outlet publishing this sordid tale of corruption within the Family Court system and this case ?

    • Funny Ct has no issue with kids getting sex changes at 14 but can’t testify in this case. Chris is trying to
      Move to California. He knows he has illegals files, as well as shady offshore business dealings. He’s playing victim like one of his shows

  • The Worst Interests of the Child: The Trafficking of Children and Parents Through U.S. Family Courts
    Book by Keith Harmon Snow

    Jocelyn Hurwitz – the GAL in this case and in the case where Sandra MacVicar v Bugsy had both daughters taken –

    Sandra was a teacher and raised her girls. The husband, like Ambrose, was an attorney but worked in a different field.

    Keith Harmon Snow investigated and Jocelyn Hurwitz concealed evidence of child abuse from the court, silenced the girls – when old enough to advocate for themselves-

    And released the report to the public schools. She got a court order that no one could call the police or dcf!

    Jocelyn was to be called and she would determine if any steps were necessary.

    They took legal and physical custody from the mother and dragged her through RFTD just like this case.

    Hurwitz was also the GAL on the case in Westport where the mom killed her child and then took her own life.

    I guess Jocelyn didn’t notice her client was unstable? But she’s the Gal on these cases?

    • GaL Mary Bergamini was on the phone multiple times on the Christmas Eve before the Suffield Attorney shot his wife and then himself on Christmas day. Bergamini said she didn’t see it coming. Then was bragging how the attorney got custody for a father in the paper. What else doesn’t Bergamini see coming?

  • Seems Chris is more
    worried about his image than the best interest of these children.

    These children need the mom that raised them.

    • It’s all about his image. The articles he cited in court don’t even mention the kids. They’re all about his actions.

    • So true. Those kids are really good people who deserve so much more than this mess. All three of them will get through it and all three will be stronger for it and wonderful adults soon.

  • “Caverly’s yanking them from a happy and loving home, with their mother, determined the course of their entire future.”

    No, Karen’s crazy, borderline criminal behavior in reaction to the 90-day separation is what determined the course of their future. That 90 days could have been a blip on the radar, but Karen went crazy and destroyed any chance she had of getting custody of the kids. Did she really believe that posting all this hateful stuff about their father online was going to help her case?

    “Riordan asked the judge to allow the children to come to court so they could tell their story”

    The fact that she wants to drag those kids into the middle of this tells me she still does not understand the harm she is doing. You don’t put kids in the middle of this shit and force them to testify against their mother or father in court. It boggles my mind that Riordan can’t see how harmful she is to these kids.

      • Does Karen not realize the kids are likely telling her one thing and telling their dad another? She really thinks putting minor children in front of a judge is going to accomplish anything to the kids’ benefit? No, it’s all about how Karen might benefit. She is extremely selfish and short-sighted.

          • This exact same scenario has happened to me and millions of other good mothers…when we report abuse, the courts then give our children to the abuser….the children suffer great saddnes, fear, and loss from being ripped away from their only source of love and safety…this pain cause the children to trauma bond to their abuser…when the children speak badly about the targeted mother, the abuser praises the child and gives them gifts as incentive to continue learning to hate their own mother…this evil and wicked plague against good mothers has been going on for some time so that the children will grow up to become suicidal and forever lost to themselves and society…..fathers complain that they don’t get custody….the truth is, fathers don’t really want custody…they just dont want to pay child support ..and secondly, they want to inflict the most pain on their ex wife as much as possible by using the family courts as a weapon….i have seen fathers get custody and then stick the kids with his own mother or relatives to raise the child….its a mothers nature to raise, love and nurture the young…..the damage that the children suffer from being ripped away from the loving and safe parent is phenomenal…..the courts pull this scam and sham legal process in order to extract the most money out of the litigants….first the court gives custody to mom….the narcissist will then pay everything he has just for the “win” and to be able to inflict pain and suffering upon the loving mother…..the court switches custody a few years later to the abuser so he gets what he pays for….now watch the suffering mother beg, borrow, and steal to get her babies back…it is high ctimes and racketeering to the max and be sure it includes judges, magistrates, lawyers, attorneys, guardian ad litems, counselors, custody evaluators, and even the appellate courts and the state supreme courts are in on the 55 billion dollar yearly game….the wicked and evil players in the game get off on the pain it causes to the children as they traffick them through the fake family kangaroo courts….there surely are some very good fathers who have been the targeted parent…but only when they refuse to denegrate the mother or try to destroy her while using the court as a weapon….good fathers are then punished for going against the grain of family court corruption….the family courts are a circus and they want all of us good parents to entertain their sick and twisted show….i habe no criminal history, i have never done any drugs or alcohol…i have never harmed or abused anyone..ever…i have never been found to be unfit…i lost custody to my abuser when my county gave me a 5 year protection order…2 weeks later…his county hauled me in and gave my children to my abuser because i refused to dismiss my protection order under duress….

        • They’re 16. They’ve been silenced in this process. Ct law allows kids 12 and older to have a say. Anyone that advocated for them was fired. They’ve been forced against their will to be with their father and kept in total isolation from their mother.

          This is a Caverly case. It’s a case of fraud. This doesn’t happen. The kids are victims of Caverly and the father is sick enough to promote it. He used hundreds of thousands to secure this outcome.

          Should kids lose a parent? Seriously?

      • True, the kids are victims of their mother publishing their private info online. But that is pretty obvious you don’t need them to testify to prove it.

        • Why not hear from them? We will soon enough. Chris knows this and, of course, he must be desperate to prevent this. I am sure he appreciates your support.

          • What Karen has been doing is a classic case of cutting off one’s nose to spite their face.

            It is her actions that have forced the court to give custody to the dad. she has also acted so incredibly vicious and threatening, I don’t see how that father could ever in good conscience hand over those kids to her in for a visit in light of how incredibly unstable and dangerous she has been behaving.

            By the way, did she ever manage to obtain housing over these two or three years? Or is she still homeless?

          • Ambrose took all the marital money so if she’s homeless it is due to him. There is a warm place in hell reserved for heartless people especially when they are smart like him.

          • It’s not that I support Chris. I’ve just looked at all of the evidence that’s publicly available and it looks like Karen has behaved self-destructively throughout as far as getting custody of the kids.

            I have not seen any evidence that Chris is an unfit parent; to the contrary. If evidence comes out that proves me wrong, I will have no problem with saying I was wrong. But so far, I have not seen it.

            It appears to me that the whole “kidnapping”/ emergency custody transfer episode was an orchestration of hired gun Jill Soderman Jones, self-proclaimed custody kidnapping expert, and not based in any reality of danger. She were trying to push the right buttons to manipulate the court and was coaching and coercing the children to that end.

            What is really tragic is I saw in the custody evaluation that Chris did not even want full custody. Karen could easily have had primary custody if she didn’t go bananas and force the court’s hand. No court could give custody to her in good conscience based on her behavior. She’s done this to herself. And the sad reality is that even if the children “ like her better” that doesn’t mean she is a the right person to have custody. Is that really so hard for people to understand?

          • is it really so hard to understand that Chris took her money and left her destitute and he had control of the bad actors because he paid them – the GAL, the attorney and the evaluator – three bias and self serving beasts.

      • “Ambrose took all the marital money so if she’s homeless it’s due to him”
        Ummmm why can’t she work? Isn’t she some fantastic educator? Hmm I wonder if it is because she is mentally unfit to hold down a job.

        And no this is not Chris. I know that’s the first thing Frank will gaslight and say…if he even publishes this.

        • Jackals and beasts might first threaten a mother, then harm a mother and then say:

          “Hmm I wonder if it is because she is mentally unfit to hold down a job.”

    • Apparently you don’t know what reunification therapy is all about? It’s about teaching the children that the parent they have bonded with is bad. That the parent they have issues with is God. What ever they say or due is wonderful. The other parent is bad. Let them speak in court. 16 is plenty old enough.

      • Where is your evidence that this is what reunification therapy is “all about”? Sounds like a half-baked conspiracy theory to me.

        • Court ordered therapy. Already gave the department of public health the documentation on what happened. The children turned 18. She can explain what happened. They opened an investigation. Now they are ignoring it. Probably don’t want anyone to know what is really going on. Would be public information.

        • It’s not a theory. It’s what happens.

          Ask any good lawyer how it works. They’ll tell you:

          “Twisted judges write twisted court opinions. Those twisted court opinions become ‘the facts’ and those ‘facts’ are then mandatory beliefs for all involved.”

          Ask a bad lawyer how it works.

          They’ll tell you, “HA!.” 😂 😂 😂

          Ask a sinister lawyer how it works.

          They’ll tell you, “SHhhh!” 🤫

    • Where are the charges? Where is the 90-day order? More gaslighting.

      No specifics, no evidence, no fact checking. Just the storyline of an unemployable writer with time on his hands. Character assassination with nothing but the Caverly report to take down one parent.

      Anyone who continues to rely on Caverly’s reports will be taking a fall.

  • The judges have to stick to the game they are playing. The mothers are all labeled. The same game is going down in Hartford. No list of gals. Forcing psychologists on cases. The mothers are figuring it out. We all know how the judge will rule. They are feverishly trying to hide what is happening from the public. At one point the kids were reaching out to reporters and posting things. They are not allowed in court cause the judge knows what is going on. It’s for the greater good these cases be exposed.

  • Caverly is being taken down. Her reign of terror is coming to an end.

    There are families in Mass that she’s done this too as well.

    An article on Artvoice brought us together. Her conduct is undeniable.

  • Listen to the “children” who are now 16, 16 and 12!

    You’ve taken their childhood. They’re adopted and you took their mother! This is so sickening.

      • All reporting is editorializing except for reports of things like math, science and law.

        Here’s the math: Many family courts destroy children and families for profit.

        Here’s the science: Many family court judges destroy children and families on purpose.

        Here’s the law: Many well-known family court players engaged in racketeering.

        One kind of racketeering in family courts is, “an organized criminal act in which the perpetrators offer a service that will not be put into effect, offer a service to solve a nonexistent problem, or offer a service that solves a problem that would not exist without the racket.”

        More law: Many well-known family court players also engaged in extortion.

        Extortion can be described (without editorializing) in many different ways.

        For example:
        “1. Illegal use of one’s official position or powers to obtain property, funds, or patronage.
        2. The act or an instance of extorting something, as by psychological pressure.
        3. An excessive or exorbitant charge.
        4. The act of extorting; the act or practice of wresting anything from a person by force, duress, menace, authority, or any undue exercise of power; oppressive or illegal exaction, as of excessive price, rent, or interest.
        5. In law, strictly, the crime of obtaining money or other property, or service, from another under color of public office, when none is due, or not so much is due, or before it is due. In some of the United States, however, a wider meaning is given to the word by statute.
        6. That which is extorted; a gross overcharge: as, the price you paid was an extortion.
        7. The act of extorting; the act or practice of wresting anything from a person by force, by threats, or by any undue exercise of power; undue exaction; overcharge.
        8. The offense committed by an officer who corruptly claims and takes, as his fee, money, or other thing of value, that is not due, or more than is due, or before it is due.
        9. That which is extorted or exacted by force.” — More at Wordnik and at Connecticut family courts.

  • Judge Rodriquez put a restraining order against me because my ex said he was “in fear” of me.

    It’s a sick system.

    Rodriquez plays the part- he looks like he’s reasonable and then delivers the final blow.

    I can’t see my kid for a year. They criminalize mothers.

  • Catherine Rookasin had her daughters taken and given to an abuser as sole result of caverly report.

    Same illegal no-contact bullshit.

    She hasn’t seen her children since. The court is unrelenting.

    Judge Truglia enforced a “protective order” just as Ambrose is trying to have done with Riordan.

    There are no grounds for it. None.

  • Dear Editor at Large,


    The Frank Report routinely refers to Jessica Biren-Caverly as
    Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly.

    Caverly is not an M.D. She wrote a thesis, which is in essence book report, on her own bs hypothesis.
    She is NOT a true medical doctor!

    Stop referring to her as a doctor!

  • Caverly’s being investigated. She’s done this too many times to too many innocent children and parents. Her victims will see Justice is done and this animal stopped.

    Thank you FR for taking this on.

    Kids continue to be isolated from both mothers and fathers in CT family court.

    Hurwitz is one among several GALs who are known for their savagery.

    Sue Cousineau and Janis Laliberte are high on the list. But Caverly uses her license as a weapon.

    There is no debate that she’s a fraud. This isn’t opinion. It’s fact.

    • The same blatant racket has been happening in New Hampshire. Many victims of family courts have wondered if class action lawsuits could help. The same judges, attorneys, referees, marital masters, evaluators and guardians ad litem show up again and again in most of the worst cases.

      While we wait for legislators to reform family courts and we wait for the DOJ to prosecute: Which law firms (probably mostly those outside of the corrupt states) might be willing and able to take on a few class action lawsuits?

  • Can someone fill me in on this Ambrose guy? I saw x bunch of Frank Report articles but too many to read to catch up.

    I seem to feel bad for him based on the article. But if he is a shit bag, then I won’t feel bad.

    – Pilgrim

    • He hasn’t let his kids see their mother for three years. Now that they’re old enough (16) he’s trying to get a protective order against her to stop them from seeing her.

      There is no finding of abuse or neglect. She’s never been charged with either.

      He’s an attorney who is abusing the courts to abuse his ex-wife and his children. He’s a known liar but he spins a great tale. He has all the money and she’s got nothing.

    • He looks like a shit bag to me. He loves going to court too. He sues non-lawyers pro se because he’s a lawyer himself. Real wannabe tough guy.

      At least Ed Nusbaum wanted to fight people and “put their face in the pavement.” I can respect that, even though Nusbaum would probably get put in a coma if he fought anyone other than a quadrapeligic. And he’d probably lose to the quadrapeligic.

      Ambrose looks pasty white and soft as baby poo 💩💩💩.

      No one is really sure what he does for a living either, right? At least I can’t tell. Was he selling sex toys or something similarly weird on a website? The whole thing stinks. But he’ll continue to do it because he knows his way around the CT state courts where there are no rules, only envelopes apparently. That’s my opinion, anyway.

  • “Judge Grossman decided Riordan had to be treated for mental illness, that there was risk of “a potential bipolar episode,”

    With all due respect, I recall reading the evaluator’s report that said it appeared Riordan may have been in the midst of a stress-induced bipolar mania, so the judge did not pull that one out of thin air.

    • Really? Can you provide the evidence of this Chris?

      And “appears” is not cause for children to be taken.

      Btw- since you “appear” to be reading closely, can you tell us why Caverly never called DCF? If there was such concern about the welfare of the children when in their mothers care, why didn’t Caverly make a report to DCF?

      Why? Because there was nothing to find and dcf would have concluded that.

      $ $CAM

        • Quote from the evaluation:

          “Dr. Amiri expressed that Ms. Riordan’s presentation had changed and that “I’m worried about Bipolar, manic defense against stress.”

          It was her psychiatrist who noted a manic presentation.

          • I believe that is an example of Dr. Caverly’s outright and probably criminal fraud. It contradicts what Dr. Amiri wrote in a subsequent letter for the court. Several people say Caverly misquoted or made up quotes.

            I suspect she may be the first arrested as this criminal enterprise is put down –for her evaluations, which contain clear criminal fraud.

    • I don’t get it. Frank seems to have made a decision to support the Mom over the Dad in this case, and even through this reporting has led to the dad feeling suicidal Frank wont stop. Is this for clicks or does Frank want the father to die? And if mom is not crazy then why not let the court sort it out without interfering like this? I have read that Frank wasn’t sure if Alex Jones or his lawyer were idiots without more proof but doesn’t seem to hold the same standard for this guy. Why?

      • I’d like to hear from the kids. Two of them are 16. They have reached the age of consent in Connecticut.

        They are old enough to say what they want for their lives. They do not need Chris Ambrose as their spokesperson.

        As for him killing himself, he has already done that. For when one parent steals children from the other, whether it be mother or father, they killed the best part of themselves. These children should never have been deprived of their mother for three years.

        This is about them, not Chris Ambrose and if he wants to live again, restore the children to the mother – not to his exclusion but for them to have both parents.

        Then I would do everything in my power to help him. Until then, he is not alive, but a walking zombie and nothing anyone writes will make any difference.

        All he need do is pick up the phone and invite the woman he was married to for 16 years to meet with her children and start rebuilding. No court forbids it. His children want this.

        • Chris and the courts had no choice other than to “deprive them of their mother.” Like seriously. Let’s imagine that Chris decided OK I’m gonna let them go spend time with their mother today. Do you really think Karen is just going to pick them up and spend some family time with them and then bring them back? No, she is going to make it out like it’s some kind of Mission impossible assignment with invisible ink, burner phones, contacting criminals to assist in terrorizing the children against dad etc. The kids wouldn’t have a good time. It would all be about poor Karen and her delusions of grandeur.

          The only thing that deprived these children of their mother was her own horrific behavior.

          • “…No, she is going to make it out like it’s some kind of Mission impossible assignment with invisible ink, burner phones, contacting criminals to assist in terrorizing the children against dad etc. The kids wouldn’t have a good time. It would all be about poor Karen and her delusions of grandeur.”

            What a sub-par imagination.

            Ambrose has done better than this irl – what with removing
            locks, putting cameras round the house to spy on the children, using his advanced skill in plagiarism to develop a scenario that is super creepy and disfunctional- like a tv psycho drama where a disgraced father-thing with an appetite for Latino Boyz – kidnaps, with the help of a bent judicial system, his adopted latino boys and girl cruelly isolating them from their mother – whose pain and disorientation is mocked and reinvented as a litany of personality disorders-

            Only original thing Ambose ever created – and it’s pure banality of evil stuff.
            Horrific behaviour indeed. I see he still has a fan or two?

          • @NFW Karen did even better — she kidnapped the kids, but the dimwit didn’t realize police could ping her phone in the event of child abduction.

          • It is factually untrue that she kidnapped the kids. She was not charged. Ambrose used the corrupt GAL and the corrupt Judge Grossman to rescind DCF orders, which placed the children with her, after the children told mandated reporters that Ambrose sexually molested one of his children.

          • I’m not so sure that’s true. The kids seemed to have discovered suspected child porn on his phone. And Ambrose admitted that He knew about Latino Boiz to the custody evaluator

          • “It is factually untrue that she kidnapped the kids. She was not charged.”

            Then I would argue everything she has been saying about the husband is factually untrue since he was not charged. Boom! Case closed.

          • Frank – thank you very very much for the way you have highlighted this injustice, and spoken up for the children especially, but also for Karen.

            Having someone fight your corner really does alleviate a significant aspect of the burden of child abuse – self-blame- they’ll never have to wonder if they brought this on themselves or grow in a fog of secrets and lies, thanks to you – they’ll know how much
            the village cares.

        • Family Court is supposed to be about the best interests of the children. How is it so hard for a Judge to get a GAL to represent the kids, walk them into chambers, and have a 20-30 minute conversation with them about their lives and what they want.

          That would make too much sense and be way too effective. Instead, the Judge has to listen to Ambrose spew bullshit for a week straight about why you shouldn’t talk to his kids.

          My money says the kids will probably narc on Big Pasty, and he can’t have that. Maybe he’s bribed too many people to let it fall apart now?

          • “How is it so hard for a Judge to get a GAL to represent the kids, walk them into chambers, and have a 20-30 minute conversation with them about their lives and what they want.”

            They already did that.

          • When did the kids speak in court? They spoke at length to the evaluators and what they said was included in the report that the judge reviewed before making the custody decision.

          • The evaluator was paid by Ambrose so was the GAL. The kids said Ambrose abused them but the evaluator said the kids were lying.

            There was no evidentiary hearing on the truth of the children’s statements.

        • The sixteen year old kids might be able to talk, having reached the age of consent, but it’s quite possible they might still say whatever Ambrose wants them to, if only for the welfare of the 12 year old who can’t. Given the past history of this case and their own experiences, they could easily see the 12 year old as a hostage whose health and happiness depend on maintaining what Ambrose would view as good behavior. How can they trust any adults to do anything to help them, especially when the most responsible and respected members of our society don’t seem to care what happens to them at all?

        • “This is about them, not Chris Ambrose and if he wants to live again, restore the children to the mother – not to his exclusion but for them to have both parents.”

          You do realize how strange it sounds, that you, a complete stranger, are going to tell this father what he should do in regards to his two children???

          • It takes a village. I’m in the village.

            Besides the kids have reached out to me. Not recently but in the past. I have plenty of u published info.

            So what’s wrong with Ambrose letting the kids see their mother?

          • “So what’s wrong with Ambrose letting the kids see their mother?”

            It would be great if the kids could see their mother, but I do not see how in good conscience he (or anyone with two brain cells) could let her see the kids unless it was supervised by a third party, possibly in a police station. There is no way in hell he can trust her to spend time with them alone. She has behaved so unethically, illogically, destructively, and viciously. She needs to prove she is not a danger to the kids. But it seems like she is (again, illogically) hell-bent on never doing supervised visitation, so I guess she won’t see the kids till they are 18.

          • 10:08,

            Which phrase do you find so objectionable?

            1. “This is about them, not Chris Ambrose”
            2. “and if he wants to live again, restore the children to the mother – not to his exclusion but for them to have both parents.”

            If you’re Chris (or someone who supports what he did) “do you realize how strange it sounds, that you, a complete stranger” bash those who protect children who are obviously victims of obviously corrupt family courts?

            If What you wrote means you think we’re not supposed to care about anyone other than ourselves, do you realize how strange that sounds?

            Have you heard of Connecticut House Bill 5342?

            Would you say Connecticut legislators are “strange” for caring about children who are victims of corruption in family courts?


            It’s going to destroy family court corruption if it becomes law.

            That won’t be strange. That would be a very good thing.

            Guess how many family court judges, lawyers and various vendors mentioned in Frank Report articles about family court corruption will work to vigorously oppose the bill?

            Here’s House Bill 5342 so far. It sounds a lot like what Frank wrote:

            “Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

            1 That subsection (b) of section 46b-56 of the general statutes be
            2 amended to provide that: (1) There shall be a rebuttal presumption that
            3 joint custody and equal shared parenting time is in the best interest of
            4 the child, (2) such presumption may be rebutted by clear and convincing
            5 evidence, and (3) if a deviation from equal parenting time is warranted,
            6 the court shall order a parenting time schedule that maximizes the time
            7 each parent or de facto custodian has with the child and that is
            8 consistent with ensuring the child’s welfare.

            Statement of Purpose:

            To create a rebuttable presumption of joint custody and shared parenting time in matters involving the care and custody of a minor child.”

          • @Proposed Connecticut House Bill 5342 😊

            I’m a stranger giving my opinion based on what I’ve read on a blog. I’m not a stranger who is enacting a campaign apropos of nothing to make your life hell with the intended result that you will do what I tell you to do in regard to your children, with complete disregard to what a court decided after a years long case. Big difference.

        • I’m just curious Frank. If the kids told you to stop posting about their father, would you respect their wishes or is the lure of clicks too great for you to stop?

          • People love reading about Chris Ambrose. He is a colorful person who got away with it. That’s always a great story. But if the kids told me while not under duress I would respect their wishes.

            But they themselves have posted on social media about their father, saying as bad or worse than I have.

            I would think if they did not want their father exposed they would take those photos of him down.

    • And the judge is a doctor now? 🤣
      They cannot make medical findings. They are not medical doctors. They ignore and dismiss the medical doctors in every Caverly case!!

      • The presumption is Caverly knows all, and what she knows is how to help referring lawyers.
        She has sold the welfare of children, using the vile Dr. Gardner as her sword. She is a rare-hearted beast who can sit with her own and sell others’ children.

        • I believe Caverly did what was right for the children. Karen cares more about destroying Chris than she cares for the well-being of her children. It’s plainly obvious. She can’t control herself and behave like a grownup when something as important as custody of kids is at stake. That tells you she has major mental health issues.

          • He may not be a psychiatrist, but your not a journalist and yet here you are. Seems fair and square to me.

            Karen and Chris are disgusting parents and they will pay the price soon enough when their children escape both of them. Not too far in the future.

            Ms. Easter Basket should send them some shivs, burner phones and knit masks for their escape this year, in their baskets.

          • Ok Yeh Karen’s mental anguish is a direct result a closet homo husband. Their marriage was like the Clintons on paper. Chris needs to be destroyed he has a trail going back to 90’s. He married Karen to cover his tracks. He also had boys in apartments in LA. Chris is out of the industry for more then scripts

    • How about the judge recognize abuse. In Connecticut the judge let’s the abuse ramp up so they can take the children away. The judges in Connecticut are horrific.

    • Let’s remember all the many ways perfectly healthy people act when we’re extremely stressed.

      The question is:

      Who caused all that stress for that beautiful mother and her three beautiful children? 🤔

        • DARVO: deny, attack, and reverse victim and offender

          “a reaction that perpetrators of wrongdoing, particularly sexual offenders, may display in response to being held accountable for their behavior”

          “a common manipulation strategy of psychological abusers”

          “An abuser denies the abuse ever took place, attacks the person that was abused (often the victim) for attempting to hold the abuser accountable for their actions, and claims that they are actually the victim in the situation, thus reversing what may be a reality of victim and offender”

          “It often involves not just “playing the victim” but also victim blaming”

          • This sounds like exactly what Karen and her team of flying monkeys have been doing to the father.

          • 6:59 pm

            Such cleverness works with lies, not truth because: We know each tree by its fruit.

            Hoping for a quick and safe resolution to all of this.

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