Shadow State’s Christmas Wish List – For Allison Mack: I wish her a functioning brain and a moral compass

By Shadow State

In the Spirit of Christmas, I would like to suggest some ideal gifts for the leaders of NXIVM.

People who have given us so much mirth and merriment with their vile, evil criminality this year.

For the Vanguard, Keith Rainere: I wish him a bottle of Viagra and his ideal girl friend, a transvestite from Greenwich Village.

For Clare Bronfman:  I wish her a soul.

For Allison Mack:  I wish her a functioning brain and a moral compass.

I got an angel on my shoulder

For Sara Bronfman: I wish her a new boy toy. Her current 69 year old boyfriend is about to wear out.

For Basit  Igtet,  I wish your Islamic radical friends forget that you are married to the half Jewish heiress to a liquor fortune.

For Nancy Salzman: I wish for you a real nursing degree from a real university.

For Lauren Salzman:  I wish for you a real avatar Vanguard baby.

For Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt:   I wish you end up like Mussolini and his mistress since you boys are reincarnated from them.                                      
For New York State Police Detective Rodger Kirsopp:  I wish you the worst public defender in  New York State. It is better than he deserves.

For Kristen Kreuk: I wish you acting lessons.

For Nicki Clyne:  I wish you a gig at the best comedy club in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

For Dr. Brandon Porter:  I wish you a box full of violent snuff films. Oh, wait a minute. Dr. Porter, you already have several boxes full of snuff films.

For Dr. Danielle Roberts, I wish you a copy of the Hippocratic Oath to place on the wall of your prison cell.

For all the Flying Monkey Lawyers who helped Clare Bronfman use the legal system to terrorize people,  I  wish you a swift and speedy disbarment.

For Rose Laura Junco of NXIVM DOS and her other rich women slave masters who wanted to enslave teen-age Mexican girls,
I wish you eternal Montezuma’s Revenge.

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  • For Frank I wish you would get a life! A girlfriend maybe or even a wife! You clearly are an obssessed person or persons.

    As for Allison is she needs a fuck buddy just hop over to England. I’m yours! 😉

  • Frankly, no pun intended Frank, even though all of the above was meant in jest I see nothing comedic about these folks of NXIVM.

    I find them vile, reprehensible creatures beyond redemption. I would the trials were over and they were locked away.

    I was in a cult thus I know the eternal damage they inflict on one. And, yes, they all operate in the same fashion.

  • I don’t think Viagra is allowed at the Metropolitan Detention Center.
    Maybe one of his attorneys can smuggle it into prison.

  • Warning. The following is ficticious, but could be true.

    Keith Raniere, alias Vanguard, is said to have compiled a list of his New Year’s
    resolutions for 2019 in weeks of secret work. We know that this genius is one
    step ahead of most people. From a secret source, I received a list of three
    First, I want to have less sex with women.
    Second, I want to have less sex with women.
    Third, I want to have less sex with women.
    Furthermore, the source reports that Keith Raniere wants to use the time until
    the end of the year to revise the order of his New Year resolutions.
    Changes are not ruled out.

  • It’s seems to get more and more personal with each post. Are we sure Kirsopp did anything nefarious? Honest question, I know there is much suspicion. But proof?The attorneys doing their jobs? As I said, some good people were involved with NXIVM. Frank for example. Frank has been called heroic and I agree with that. From what I’ve read Frank has done some great things and is a good man. I don’t know if he did anything to anyone while he was employed by NXIVM. If he did it doesn’t change my opinion of him.

    Rainere obviously fair game, his crimes and deeds are well documented and confirmed. Some that Shadow writes about and infers such heinous acts may have simply got involved with something they thought was good.

  • Hey Shadow merry Christmas [deleted] Stop stalking Allison and her parents bro.

  • Hey Shadowboy maybe you shouldn’t worry about Kristin Kreuk’s acting lessons and just stick learning how to be a real journlest instead of some bitter jealous lazy bum.

  • For Shadow i wish that he find Jesus and learn to make peace with the fact that he never got with Allison Mack.

    cankles? How mature Shadow i wish Frank would fire you.

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