Revealed: BOP’s Secret Security Concerns Keep Raniere in SHU Because They Claim He Will Be Raped

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has housed NXIVM's Keith Raniere in the USP-Tucson SHU with the troubled Toni Fly since August 15, 2022, without justification.
The Federal Bureau of Prisons has housed NXIVM's Keith Raniere in the USP-Tucson SHU with the troubled Toni Fly since August 15, 2022, without justification.

In a recent article, Richard Luthmann, who, as a prisoner, spent time in the SHU, claimed the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is using the threat of  “prison rape” to justify keeping Keith Raniere in the SHU for what is now, more than 200 days:

BOP Uses Prison Rape Threat to Torture Raniere in SHU — Sadistically

An anonymous poster submitted this comment questioning Luthmann’s reporting:

The BOP’s Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) and Special Investigation Service (SIS) at USP Tucson have recommended continued SHU placement for Raniere because they fear he might be a victim of “sexual abuse” under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). You can’t make this shit up.”
Show us the documents that support this claim, former attorney Luthmann.
You are a serial bullshit artist. You have been found guilty of making all sorts of shit up.
Let’s see if you and Frank are men enough to publish this. I doubt it.

Luthmann and Frank Parlato are not only willing to man up and publish the comment, they asked me to write an entire post about it.

The fact is the BOP is using rape to justify Raniere’s continued stay in the SHU.

In other words, Luthmann stands by his reporting with factual evidence against accusations of being a ‘Serial Bullshit Artist.’

This is right and just since what he wrote is true.

First, let us hear his response to his carping critic, who is so doubtful of Luthmann’s requisite manhood.

Dear Anonymous; Thank you for your comment. And thank you for calling me a “serial bullshit artist.” I’m thinking about getting shirts made up.
But in reality, the best bullshit is the true bullshit, and I stand by my reporting 100%. I will point directly to my facts.
Read the Government’s filing in Raniere v. Garland et al., Case 4:22-cv-00561-RCC, Document 14, Filed 02/07/23 at page 10, which states that Raniere remained in the SHU because the Special Investigative Services (SIS) Department is investigating safety and security issues related to Raniere at USP Tucson. These safety and security concerns are not public and were only offered to be shown to the court in camera.
On August 15, 2022, Raniere was exonerated from wrongdoing after the BOP’s investigation found him to be the victim in an altercation with Maurice Adonis Withers. Despite being cleared, Raniere remains in the SHU because of the SIS’s investigation into his safety and security concerns. Raniere himself has questioned the BOP’s reasons for keeping him in the SHU, referring to 28 CFR § 115.43, which allows the BOP to involuntarily hold inmates at high risk for sexual victimization in the SHU.

The Government’s Court Filings Show Raniere Remains in the SHU For No Valid Reason

Look at the Government’s filing in Raniere v. Garland et al., Case 4:22-cv-00561-RCC, Document 14, Filed 02/07/23 on page 10:

Currently, Plaintiff remains in the SHU while the Special Investigative Services (SIS) Department is investigating safety and security issues pertaining to Plaintiff at USP Tucson.8 (Id., p. 5.) While Plaintiff has been housed in the SHU, he has been reviewed periodically by the Segregation Review Official (SRO) as required by policy. (Id., pp. 3, 5, 16-21.)
Plaintiff may express concerns about cell assignments, cellmates and other issues while housed in the SHU. (Id., pp. 3-5.) Plaintiff has introduced no evidence that he expressed concerns about his current housing status or cellmate during any of the SRO reviews, through cop-outs or through the Administrative Remedy Program. (Doc. 1, 3.)
There are no safety or security concerns with Plaintiff’s current housing assignment, including his current cellmate.9
There are two footnotes, 8 and 9, which state in relevant part:
8 If the Court requires more detailed information regarding the investigation and the safety and security issues pertaining to Plaintiff at USP Tucson, Defendants will provide it in camera to the Court.
9 Plaintiff has made allegations regarding his cellmate and speculates that the Bureau placed them together “intentionally” “as a way to harm him indirectly.” (Doc. 1 at 27.) Again, the speculations are “on information and belief” and lack evidence. (Id.) Due to Plaintiff’s cellmate’s privacy rights, Defendants will not discuss the allegations except to note that there are no safety or security concerns regarding housing Plaintiff with his cellmate.

Raniere went to the SHU after an incident with Maurice Adonis Withers on July 26, 2022. Withers made a cowardly sneak attack on Raniere, sneaking up on him and landing a sucker punch.

Both men were sent to the SHU for fighting.

The BOP’s investigation showed Raniere was the victim, and the craven Withers, who was not man enough to stand toe to toe with Raniere, had to resort to a sneaky sucker punch.

Both Raniere and the craven Withers were in the SHU [in separate cells] for less than a month before Raniere was exonerated for the disciplinary infraction of fighting – on August 15, 2022.

Under a normal prisoner altercation process, Raniere would have been processed out of the SHU on August 15, 2022, or shortly after because the BOP investigation cleared him.

But Raniere was never released from the SHU. He remains in the SHU currently and never consented to SHU custody or sought protective custody.

FR covered this on September 25, 2020: Raniere Trapped in SHU for 60 Days, May Transfer to Worst Prison; Elliot Banned

Re-read above why Raniere remained in the SHU after August 15, 2022, according to the Government’s own filed papers:

“Currently, Plaintiff remains in the SHU while the Special Investigative Services (SIS) Department is investigating safety and security issues pertaining to Plaintiff at USP Tucson.”

From August 15, 2022 (date of exoneration), to February 7, 2023 (date of Government filing), to the present, Raniere remains in the SHU because SIS is investigating safety and security concerns pertaining to Raniere.

Raniere v. Garland, 4-22-cv-00561-RCC, Document 14, Page 10, Filed February 7, 2023
Raniere v. Garland, 4-22-cv-00561-RCC, Document 14, Page 10, Filed February 7, 2023

These safety and security concerns are “secret” and can only be shown to the Court in camera, outside the public eye.

The government’s papers said: “If the Court requires more detailed information regarding the investigation and the safety and security issues pertaining to Plaintiff at USP Tucson, Defendants will provide it in camera to the Court.”

BOP personnel told Raniere his SHU detention was governed by 28 CFR § 115.43. We have strong reason to believe him because the BP-9 Raniere filed on October 29, 2022, is a publicly filed Court document.

Raniere specifically mentions that section of the Code of Federal Regulations as to why he is in continued involuntary confinement:

BP-8 submitted by Keith Raniere on October 29, 2022, questioning the BOP why he was still in the SHU.
A BP-9 was submitted by Keith Raniere on October 29, 2022, asking the BOP why he was still in the SHU.

The section Raniere referenced, 28 CFR § 115.43, provides the only plausible reason why the Government could hold Raniere in the SHU beyond his disciplinary exoneration on August 15, 2022.

That section allows the BOP to involuntarily hold inmates at high risk for sexual victimization in the SHU and was added under the Prison Rape Elimination Acts of 2003 (PREA). The section states:

115.43 Protective custody.
(a) Inmates at high risk for sexual victimization shall not be placed in involuntary segregated housing unless an assessment of all available alternatives has been made, and a determination has been made that there is no available alternative means of separation from likely abusers. If a facility cannot conduct such an assessment immediately, the facility may hold the inmate in involuntary segregated housing for less than 24 hours while completing the assessment.
(b) Inmates placed in segregated housing for this purpose shall have access to programs, privileges, education, and work opportunities to the extent possible. If the facility restricts access to programs, privileges, education, or work opportunities, the facility shall document:
(1) The opportunities that have been limited;
(2) The duration of the limitation; and
(3) The reasons for such limitations.
(c) The facility shall assign such inmates to involuntary segregated housing only until an alternative means of separation from likely abusers can be arranged, and such an assignment shall not ordinarily exceed a period of 30 days.
(d) If an involuntary segregated housing assignment is made pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section, the facility shall clearly document:
(1) The basis for the facility’s concern for the inmate’s safety; and
(2) The reason why no alternative means of separation can be arranged.
(e) Every 30 days, the facility shall afford each such inmate a review to determine whether there is a continuing need for separation from the general population.

PREA also explains why the Government was forced to offer its evidence to the Court in camera. PREA mandates confidentiality in the reporting and investigation of alleged prison rape and sexual abuse allegations. The fact that discussions related to prison rapes and sexual assaults never appear in the Government’s filed Court papers does not mean the BOP has this violence under control in its institutions. It probably means the opposite.

Luthmann’s reporting is based on the government’s papers and previously-reported facts in the case.

If Raniere is involuntarily held in the SHU, it must be under 28 CFR § 115.43.

The SIS has information about the “safety and security concerns” the BOP has about Raniere, and the Government cannot publicly share this information. Instead, they have offered to show it to the Judge in camera only.

If we assume the Government is telling the truth, then the SIS collected information showing that Keith Raniere is at high risk for sexual victimization at USP-Tucson. According to the Government, Raniere must remain in the SHU.

At the same time, the BOP’s CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit) was also investigating Raniere and making an assessment. Is this because Raniere is a terrorist? Or maybe he was going to be raped by terrorists? The government has not released the details of the SIS or the CTU investigations. Raniere is not a terrorist. Why was the CTU involved? Again, we assume they are truthful and hope their motives are not pretextual.

The inescapable conclusion is that Raniere is involuntarily held in the SHU because the SIS (and maybe the CTU) has evidence that he is at high risk for sexual victimization at USP-Tucson.

Luthmann raised the challenge that the BOP does not have control of its institutions, particularly after the closure of a unit at the U.S. penitentiary in Thomson, Illinois. That prison has had five suspected homicides and two suspected suicides since 2019.

Luthmann raised the question of whether USP-Tucson was also suffering serious security challenges.

And if it is, why would Raniere be placed in the SHU because he is probably just as likely as many other prisoners to get sexually assaulted if the prison is truly a sex-rape free-for-all?

Though it is curious. Raniere was never known to report being raped during the first year and a half he was at USP Tucson, mainly in the general population.

The other possibility is that the government is lying. The reasons the BOP is giving for Raniere’s involuntary SHU detention, the SIS and CTU investigations, and PREA could all be pretextual.

The government may want to keep Raniere in the SHU because they don’t want to release him back into the general population. BOP personnel intentionally decided to keep Raniere in the SHU as an involuntary detainee, knowingly subjecting him to torturous conditions without any valid justification.

The BOP decided to torture Keith Raniere.

Raniere Remains in SHU Despite BOP Failing to Provide Valid Reasons

From the factual record, it appears the BOP is in grievous violation of 28 CFR § 115.43 for many reasons.

First of all, the BOP has not established Raniere is an inmate at high risk for sexual victimization, any more so than any other inmate at USP Tucson.

Is there a basis for Raniere’s involuntary confinement in the SHU? If there is, the BOP has yet to establish what specific risk of sexual assault Keith Raniere faces.

Second, it is clear the BOP has not assessed all available alternatives, as the federal regulations require. Who are the “likely abusers” SIS has not identified? What individuals at USP Tucson pose a greater risk to Raniere?

Next, the BOP has not offered any reason for the excessive period of time Raniere has been confined. The regulations allow Raniere to be held in involuntary segregated housing for less than 24 hours while USP Tucson officials complete the required assessment.

Raniere has been in the SHU over 200 times the legal limit allowed.

Additionally, Raniere has not had access to programs, privileges, education, and/or work opportunities while in the SHU. Raniere does not even enjoy the “privilege” of meeting with his lawyers without chains and shackles. The regulations require USP Tucson to document the opportunities that have been limited, the duration of the limitation, or the reasons for such restrictions.

The regulations require inmates assigned to involuntary segregated housing may only remain there until an alternative means of separation from likely abusers can be arranged.

The BOP has made no meaningful efforts to find reasonable accommodations.

Is the SIS correct about unidentified “boogeymen” prisoners at USP Tucson who want to sexually assault Raniere (and only Raniere)?

The BOP and USP Tucson prison administrations have failed to clearly document the basis for the facility’s concern for Raniere’s safety.

Also, involuntary assignment to the SHU shall exceed 30 days under applicable regulations. Raniere has spent ten (10) times that much time in the SHU since his arrival at USP-Tucson, who offers no reasons why no alternative means of separation can be arranged.

Finally, every 30 days, the BOP must review Raniere’s conditions to determine whether there is a continuing need for separation from the general population. It appears USP Tucson administrators are indifferent to Raniere’s conditions.

And rules are meant to be broken.  Still, the impropriety of these violations has been raised on multiple occasions in BP-8s, BP-9s, other complaints to staff, and filed court documents.

His entire placement in the SHU is a pretext and amounts to torture.

Luthmann’s Reporting is Spot-On

The anonymous commenter looks askance at Luthmann’s claims. But Luthmann is spot-on. The comment said:

“The BOP’s Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) and Special Investigation Service (SIS) at USP Tucson have recommended continued SHU placement for Raniere because they fear he might be a victim of “sexual abuse” under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). You can’t make this shit up.”

The commenter wanted to be shown the documents that support this claim. Here they are. They were located based on hours of work reading, discussing, and understanding Raniere’s case.

The facts presented are based on the public record, court documents, and facts first learned by the Frank Report and exclusively disseminated by this publication.

Richard Luthmann is a bonafide journalist. He is a member of the National Writers Union, and he has been honing his craft alongside Frank Parlato, a respected investigative journalist and newspaperman for decades.

Because of Luthmann’s education and experience as an attorney and federal prisoner, his views, understanding, and commentary are unique.

When parties like the anonymous poster engage in ad hominem attacks on Luthmann and try to put streaks of feces on his reporting by attacking him because of his previous entanglements with the criminal justice system, they do so because they cannot attack the merits of the reporting. This story is a perfect example.

It should not be lost upon the reader that the only merits the BOP can offer concerning Raniere’s involuntary SHU confinement are bald assertions of ‘the safe and orderly administration of the institution.’ When balanced against torture and serious constitutional and human rights violations, this BOP slogan does not cut it. Nor do personal attacks against reporters who deliver the facts.

It only remains for us to wonder: Why, other than retaliation or the need to silence him, this side of ‘Epsteining’ him as he pursues his allegations of FBI tampering.

NOTE: Frank Parlato contributed to the reporting on this article.

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Dick LaFontaine chases gripping, thorny, and precarious stories around the world as a correspondent for the Frank Report.


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    What Keith did to these then kids is so horrific. He stole their adolescence, left them traumatized. He raped a 15 year old kid on a filthy bed, isolated her. He held her adolescent sister hostage for two years hidden in a room with only a pen and paper when he and his slaves would emotionally abuse her.

    He is a maniac. He definitely deserves two years of isolation just like he isolated that poor kid.

    But!!!!!!! All the adult women who willingly gave collateral such as elicit sex photos and fabricated lies about their family, or maybe even true secrets about their family to enroll in their Vanguard’s cult have no one to blame but themselves. No one forced them to hand it over with their barrels of cash. It’s absolutely ludicrous. They consented to it. Then they’re surprised that this pathetic weasel used the collateral over them? What else would collateral be used for? I m sorry, it’s sucks they all had these bizarre branding rituals and no one wishes another person starves themselves so they’ll be sexually attractive to a little gnome. It’s really lame. And it’s totally cringe that all these women called him master and performed sex acts on him in the name of their alleged noble self help group. But give me a break. Anyone in their right mind would just roll their eyes at the mere thought of handing over collateral. Let alone the circle jerks and clandestine pregnancies. Yes he’s a two bit varmint, but these adult women did not have to sign up for this shit show.

    When anyone tells you you have to give falsified collateral or true collateral that could hurt your family or you, for the betterment of humanity, that’s an oxymoron and you’d have to frankly be a moron not to see it for what it is= BULLSHIT!!


    The police are NOT WHAT YOU THINK THEY ARE. Yes, there are good police, but they get put in positions where they must stay quiet when they see corruption or they will pay the price. I’m both friends with stellar police officers and i ve also known reformed felons who were once detectives who have told me some horrific stories. I’ve also been incarcerated and I have seen some stuff that literally blew my mind. How about this- forcing 30 women to strip naked outside in the winter next to a bus, where the deps conduct strip searches. Insulting fat women, laughing. Screaming at Hispanic women who literally do not speak English as menstrual blood comes down in front of everyone humiliating them to the point they fall on their knees crying begging for some sort of privacy. I was sexually harassed in the circle of naked women by both the inmates and the deps. In fact I was visited in my cell by one of the deps.
    I saw the deputies kick naked a naked woman on the concrete just because she protested the inhumane strip search.
    Kick. As in take her steel toe boot and smashing it in the naked woman’s side.

    Imagine going through this hundreds of times. Over 300 hundred times- sometimes forced on your knees naked with your hands behind your back in 30 degree weather for hours while no one knows why.

    It is not okay to abuse positions of power to torture human beings. People make mistakes in life it doesn’t mean that then they deserve to be humiliated and reduced to an inanimate object.

    I went to the ACLU. I got everyone I knew to do the same.

    We started a class action law suit.

    And we won.

    We won because how they treated thousands of women was not legal, it was unethical and it was bullshit.

  • So I think the BOP, like us, know what Keith and Clare are capable of. I don’t know that they’ve ever had a situation like this. How many billionaires are in prison? The answer is one. How many people can completely independently self fund endless lawsuits against the government? A few handful. How many people have an angry guru and their own reasons for doing it, after their time? Again, just one.
    Keith and Clare sued journalists. Not the papers that published them, but INDIVIDUALS.
    They caught Keith conferring with Clare’s lawyers like they were his own. Then he lost some access. They are doing the same thing to Clare btw. Meetings in freezing rooms with a woman who probably still doesn’t eat. They are trying to make an example of these 2. Not that they have to, odds of them getting another situation like this are slim. But they want to limit their access to each other, so Clare’s billions can be spent not doing Keith’s vindictive bidding. I said it before, odds are the people at the top of Keith’s enemies list right now are all BOP employees. You better believe they are going to protect themselves.

    • Hi cult obsessed,

      I wish I could agree with you, but sadly it just isn’t the case. The way prisoners are treated is incomprehensible. The conditions of the prisons alone are deplorable, toxic health hazards. I knew a nurse with five children. She had cancer. She didn’t have the money to pay for all her treatment. She knew she was not long for life and she bounced checks to live so she could figure out a way to plan for her children welfare. She was a lovely and dear lady who just made a mistake out of desperation for her babies.

      She was sentenced to prison for two years. This sentence actually was longer than the Dr told her she would live.

      While she was incarcertaed, by law she was supposed to get the lower bunk. She had seizures and it was considered unsafe. They never did give her the lower bunk. She, of course had a seizure when she was on the upper bunk. She fell off the bunk. She pissed herself and broke her collar bone and damaged her elbow. It took the police 45 minutes to even come check her cell. Her cell mate punched on that red alert button continuously.

      Later, when she cried begging to know why they let her like that. All they said was “ TAX CUTS”.

      Later as the cancer spread, she said that the five or six HOURS it took just to bring her to medical was so gruesome. She explained that by the time they brought her to a hospital room, hand cuffed,
      Pushed around, it would then take an additional couple hours to even treat her illness. When she complained she was clearly warned shed get kicked out of the school module she was in and be sent to the hole.

      I could give you 100 more stories like this.

      THE REASON THE FRANK REPORT IS COVERING A HIGH PROFILE CASE LIKE RANIERES IS BECAUSE NO ONE CARES ABOUT THAT POOR NURSE!!! They only care about sensational stories and FR is using Keiths high profile-ness to illustrate just how INHUMANE our prisons and jails are.

      Personally, I think it’s genius. The scathing reactions people have against Keith Raniere, rather than grasping his civil rights are being VIOLATED shows just how deeply people are analyzing this.

      Also, hate to break it to ya, but there are many extremely wealthy people who end up behind bars.

      Keith Raniere is a CHOMO BASTARD. He is an arrogant, manipulative sociopath who probably can not change. That’s why he is behind the wire. That does not mean that our government gets to use his incarceration, or ANYONES wrongdoings as an excuse to violate their fundamental human rights.

      We are no longer living like the Spartans. At least we aren’t supposed to be.

      • “The scathing reactions people have against Keith Raniere, rather than grasping his civil rights are being VIOLATED shows just how deeply people are analyzing this.”

        The story you outline is a very sad one, and we can all empathize with that poor woman, and I’m sure there are many other similar tragic stories. I’m also sure all of us understand how ridiculously unfair the US justice system has proven itself to be at both federal and state level. Sentences are ridiculously long and often served consecutively, prisons are underfunded, overcrowded and sometimes even privatized; conditions can be atrocious. There is little regulation, and what there is often isn’t enforced, again through underfunding. The whole thing’s an expensive poorly run mess, with little pretence at even reforming prisoners. The obsession seems to be on punishing and dehumanizing people in the interests of ‘justice’.

        HOWEVER (and this is a big however)….trying to make someone like Raniere a poster boy for prison reform is just going to have the opposite effect. And for one very good reason: he’d probably be in the top 1% of most hated fuckers in the country. And when people hear that Raniere’s having a bad time on the inside, you know what they’ll be saying? “Good, the bastard deserves everything he gets.” Really, it’s hardly going to inspire folks to come out on the streets campaigning for his imminent release to a low security prison. He’s not exactly Nelson Mandela or Alexei Navalny.

        • Appreciate your analysis.
          It’s not going to backfire if people are clever enough to stand up for civil rights regardless if they are hated, deplored etc.
          No one is going to remember my little story about the nurse. People will remember Keith Ranieres story.
          The WHOLE point is even a hated criminal deserves civil rights. No one is comparing him to Nelson Mandela. That’s just the point.
          Keith should not be in the SHU this long. End of story.

          • Point taken.
            But I still think my point is valid: human nature being what it is actually gets reinforced when people tend to agree on something en masse, i.e. Keith just isn’t a nice guy, ergo he deserves to suffer, ergo it’s great that people in prison suffer because they deserve it. That negative feedback loop is the reason autocrats get elected. Moreover, Raniere himself exacerbates that feeling by constantly complaining in the way that he does, further confirming people’s bias. Just sayin, the world would be a much better place if people were cleverer and not so subject to their own biases!

      • Anonymous 6:12-

        Thank you so much for sharing your story. A gut wrenching story. It makes me think.

        Sometimes I say a lot of crap, but I don’t think Raniere deserves to be treated in a inhumane way, unless he’s doing something seriously wrong like attacking guards or inmates.

      • Unlike most people on this site, I’ve actually been to jail. As I am a woman, it was not a horror show. It turned into some weird Oprah bonding experience, that is a story for another day. But after the over dozen of us had told our stories, none of us should have been in there. So I can completely understand the ridiculousness and unfairness of the system.
        HOWEVER, (as my friend RATB said) that story has nothing to do with Keith. Does he deserve to be tortured? No, no one does. Is he being tortured though? In a world of Guantanamo Bay’s, Keith isn’t being waterboarded. He’s not being forced to eat pork when he doesn’t.
        It sounds to me like all the “AnonymousS” think that Keith not getting his way equals torture. If he gets moved back to gen pop, both he and them will still be bitching.
        Do we need prison reform, oh god yes. Will that at all be inspired by the treatment of Keith Reniere, oh god no.

      • The whole thing is fucked up. Wrongful convictions, inhumane treatment of prisoners, crooked judges, and shoddy law enforcement. The answer to this is the same answer to every problem – more money and funding. Everybody wants to bitch but nobody wants to pay for it.

        • You know what, you’re right! I’m going to donate, hopefully it will help someone who deserves it.

  • People who get off on others misery are no better than the original perpetrators. The point is to stop the criminals from preventing further crimes, and to hopefully rehabilitate them- help them find accountability and work towards being a better person.

    When the prisons use their authority to legally torture others, they are no better than the original perpetrator.

    The only difference is that they have immunity and can legally get away with it.

    Something very wrong with that.

    • “People who get off on others misery are no better than the original perpetrators.”

      Yes, they are. Since perpetrators actually hurt other individuals, whereas ‘getting off’ on someone else’s misery (while morally distasteful) is contained to the self.

      You must be a deadender because you lack an appropriate sense of moral discernment.

      • The police and their officials get off on abusing their power over criminals because they can get away with it. They are just as sadistic as the criminals, but they can get away with it.

        How many people who are sex trafficked, violated in the worst possible ways, eventually snap and punish their abusers retaliating? Score of other examples..

        What’s the diff between that and a police officer using their authority to punish a CHOMO.

        None. Just that they can get away with it.

        People need to chill.

        • Sure, some police officers and other government officials get off on abusing their power, but this projected idea of yours that it happens generally across the board is utter BS. The vast majority do their job and do it well but you don’t hear about them because they don’t make the negative news.

          • >> Have another Dixie cup of kool aid

            Koolaid is for cult deadenders.

            Note: Keith being in prison and not getting his way != abuse.

            What did Keith say again? Often claiming abuse is abuse in itself.

            Time to start thinking about your life after Keith.

      • Gosh you seem like a really scary person man. Like that kid in who rationalizes sticking their pencil in a classmates hand for taking one of their pieces of bubble gum without asking. Creeeeeepy.

        • You sound dumb just like a cult deadender. What part of the example you just gave doesn’t apply to those who hurt others? If that was a display of your reading comprehension and argumentation skills it’s no wonder you’re still shilling for a cult.

      • You are probably one of those people who wears polyester pants, eats frozen chicken pot pies and still uses a coat hanger on his TV as an antenna. God bless ya for tryin.

    • StevenJ, Allison will immediately run right back to Raniere. I think there may be an injunction in place to separate her from the other cult members. But women like Allison are 100% brainwashed into submission. Without Keith, Allison is nothing. She will find a way to go back to worshipping at the altar of Vanguard.

      – Pilgrim

      • Alison has probably been munching so much carpet in prison, she’s long forgot about his drooping little peni.

      • Pilgrim-

        I am in 100% agreement with you!
        Did you know the pilgrims settled in Massachusetts. I’d like to settle in your mom’s behind. How’d you feel about helping me colonizing her real estate?

  • Raniere is a proven manipulator. He even manipulates from his jail cell to the Koolaid drinking Nikki, Mark,Suneel,Michele and the ugly female ex doctor, can’t remember her name, the one that scarred women.
    As far as gen pop is concerned the Feds are safer than State jail. Better staffed. As a sex offender, and as someone who targeted Mexican children I doubt Raniere would be alive beyond a year in GP. Mexican men don’t like men who rape and abuse their children.
    I don’t care what happens to Keith.
    I’m more concerned about Bronfman when her and her cheque book get free. The uglier sister and herself are going to resort back to financial terrorism.

  • “The facts presented are based on the public record, court documents, and facts first learned by the Frank Report and exclusively disseminated by this publication.
    Richard Luthmann is a bonafide journalist. He is a member of the National Writers Union, and he has been honing his craft alongside Frank Parlato, a respected investigative journalist and newspaperman for decades.”

    “The facts presented” are really just your interpretation of the facts. In reality they’re just opinions. I don’t doubt Richard Luthmann, or yourself, are bona fide journalists. Journalists are not infallible, and can be just as opinionated (and wrong!) as anyone else. If you’re a Fox journalist, you don’t even have to stick to the facts: deliberate lying is part of the job, and our current lack of proper regulation facilitates that. Our democracy is the victim, and the people are the ultimate victims.

  • Allison Mack’s release date from prison is in 7 months, 4 days (including end date).
    How quickly time passes when the sentence is as short and lenient as it was for Mack.

  • Vanguard is in for a long ride.
    Eventually he’ll hook up with some bear. He’s not going to be abstinent for the rest of his life. He’s a horny little marshmallow. That’s probably why he wants to get away from the Fly because he knows that he doesn’t stand a chance with her preconceived ideas that everyone wants to rape her oh so fabulous pen-ina. ( penis and vagina)
    Keith could start a new cult with make prisoners worshiping his every last pore and pube.

    • If Keith could dip his stick in her fly trap, he would, he’s just too afraid she’ll call him a rapist. Keith is so out of his mind, all he really needs to get off are some anorexic men who will play volleyball with his nutsack. Hell go gay for the stay. Just a matter of time. Once he realizes that the Mexicans would much rather see him slowly suffer for the rest of his life than «  whack «  him, he ll be shaving his public hair, lookin for a stud. Mark my words.

  • Keith might actually be raped in there. I’m sure there are plenty of psychopathic monsters in there that are betting their top ramen commissary over who can tap his pretty pasty rumpus first. Prison is no joke. Raniere has no street smarts. Everyone is dying to make him their bitch. That or weasel $ out of him. The SOB should just count his blessings and stay put in that SHU. In prison you can trust absolutely no one. Just as soon as you think someone’s got your back, leeches are slithering your spine sucking you dry. General population is for scary a$$ mutha f$&kers.

  • General population is a grisly, motley group of terrifying people. Raniere isn’t asking to go have crumpets with Martha Stewart. GP is a shit show. Neither Raniere or ANY prisoner should have to be in the SHU this long. His existence doesn’t pose a great threat to the population. It’s the principle people! If he is treated this way, then everyone can be, and USA is supposed to have better civil rights then this.

    • Raniere definitely lost his ‘civil rights’ because of his conviction, that’s why he’s in prison. Maybe you confused Raniere’s civil rights with his human rights.

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  • Keith the Kreepy Koward has been in the SHU too long. It’s torture. Not punishment. People are so vindictive. Not a great look. It’s boring and mundane. General pop is no walk in the park. Uber dangerous, unpredictable and extreme. That’s normal prison life. Being cooped up in one cell for over 200 days with one psychologically demented he/she hornet is torture. After what the Vanguard did to the little Mexican girl, who was cooped up in that room for two years, this did seem like fair punishment. But he’s going to spend the rest his life incarcerated, that in of itself is going to be hell. While he is in there- his presence will inevitably affect others, if they completely destroy him through this sadistc torture, he ll be of no help to anyone. The prison should stop. They made their point, now use him help others through teaching English, mathematics or martial arts (lol) seriously, encouraging him to be of service will benefit more people. This is very low energy frequency mentality.

  • Given the situation, it is even speculated that Pete Buttigieg will be in contact with the Vantard asking advice on how to run a train.

  • Allow me to digress slightly to make a larger point: I oppose the death penalty NOT to extend the lives of the Ted Bundy’s of the world; I oppose it to PROTECT the 1 in 25 people wrongfully executed in the U.S. Because Raniere happens to be an unpopular person does NOT mean he should receive especially harsh treatment from BOP. It’s not about Raniere, it’s about a fair system, which the U.S. does NOT have. If DOS was poor minority women, no one would have ever noticed nor paid any attention. But because it’s Edgar Bronfman and Catherine Oxenberg daughters, it became an international witch-hunt to take down Raniere. Let’s face it, the guy is seedy and sleazy, but ALL OF HIS FOLLOWERS were perfectly content until they had buyers remorse and decided to embellish and exaggerate what occurred. Sarah E. , India and even Dani just all fell for the same guy and became insanely jealous of each other: that is what this is about, a group of women banding together to take down a serial womanizer.

    As far as prison-rape goes, Raniere better be careful what he wishes for: he may get his ass torn inside-out in GP.

    But I do have some advice for Raniere: the best self defense against rape is to beat off the attacker…- Pilgrim

    • Sarah E never fucked Raniere, and definitely never fancied him. India was forced by Allison to have sex with him – that was her assignment, she had no choice and also found him repulsive. Dani was imprisoned in a room for 2 years because she fancied someone else and was disgusted by Raniere – he was the jealous one. What planet have you just come down from?

      • Dani begged Raniere to take her virginity and willingly fucked him countless times even before her time in the room.

        India is full of shit. She was obsessed with NXIVM and Vanguard. She WILLINGLY fucked him.

        Sarah is full of shit. She has been full of shit from the beginning. We cannot believe anything her or Scumbag Vicente say. They were both obsessed with their “Vanguard”.

        All are sad, and pathetic.

        ~ Pilgrim

        • Why did these broads ever give him/them collateral to begin with? Obviously it’s a very dangerous move. No one put a gun to their head . They willingly gave private information that they absolutely knew could be used against them.

          It’s so cringe.

        • “Dani begged Raniere to take her virginity and willingly fucked him countless times even before her time in the room.” So you were there were you?
          “She WILLINGLY fucked him.” Gonna testify in the lawsuit? Star witness for the defense! LOL
          The sad pathetic one is you Pilgrim with all your BS

          • That’s what I’m saying. This chicks gave their collateral knowing they could be black mailed. Then they sleep with everyone and brand each other and willingly give thier monthly away..why aren’t they being held accountable at all…….?

  • “Richard Luthmann is a bonafide journalist. He is a member of the National Writers Union”

    It is so cringey that you try to use that as some kind of indication
    of credibility. Anyone, literally anyone, can join the national writer’s union.

  • Dear Anonymous- Luthmann maybe be able to bullshit with the best of them but he’s fucking brilliant and bold- which is why they had to take him out.
    Hope your doubts are put to rest. Seems he slammed it pretty good.

  • ‘…the BOP’s CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit) was also investigating Raniere and making an assessment’

    How do we know this to be true?Thanks

    • The answer is in our reporting on February 1, 2023:

      Guards Raid Raniere’s Cell Find Razor; May Be Moved to Midwest Prison for Muslim Terrorists to Mute Communications During Rule 33

      On January 13, a supervisory correctional officer informed Raniere that the BOP planned to reassign him to another prison – a Communications Management Unit [CMU]- which would make his communications with the outside world – including his lawyers – almost impossible.

      The BOP’s Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) coordinates the CMU. By virtue of the fact that Raniere was considered for CMU reassigment, the BOP Regulations require a CTU investigation. In fact, the BOP Program Statement explicitly states “Designations to a CMU are coordinated by the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU).” You can read it HERE at page 3.

      • ‘On January 13, a supervisory correctional officer informed Raniere’.

        Who said this, Reniere? I’m just trying to establish whether this just isn’t someone playing with Reniere or Reniere is making this up. Just where did this come from?

  • RE Kieth Raniere Prison Rape:

    Kieth Raniere is never getting raped in prison as long as he makes his protection payments.

    Even in the pedophile prison block there’s a protection(extortion) racket.

    Below are some excellent Prison ProtectionExtortion Articles:

    Hells Angles Prison Protection/Extortion racket:

    Death Row Gang Leader Runs Racket from death row:

    Female prisoners face the prison protection racket:

    Kieth pays via the Bronfmans. As long as the payments come Kieth’s anus will not be penetrated.

  • Really beating a dead horse with these SHU stories…

    Can we all just agree that no one cares whether KR is in a 6×6 box with no windows Vs a 8×8 box with windows?

    Does anyone really care if KR is raped in prison? I sure don’t…KR is a big fan of rape…he’s been doing it his whole life. Safe to say it’s his turn to feel the trauma of being raped…

    • It’s not for Keith Raniere. It’s for the rest of society why he should not be tortured, as deplorable as you may judge his conduct.

      Over 150 years ago, Dostoyevsky wrote, “The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.” The Yale Book of Quotations 210 (F. Shapiro ed. 2006). There is truth to this in our own time.

      • yes America is fucked up. Yes our prison system is extra fucked up. BUT…let’s stop pretending like KR deserves anything other than being locked in a cage for the rest of his miserable life.

        There are actual innocent people in prison…can we start talking about how to get them out of prison? Can we start talking about getting these people out of prison convicted of having weed on them? These are the people that don’t belong in prison. These are the people whose sentences don’t match the crime.

        What is happening to KR is JUSTICE! Locking an 18 yr old for 7 years for having weed is NOT justice. Why isn’t anyone fighting for their rights?

        If you want to fight the good fight…fight for the people who actually deserve it and would make good on a second chance.

    • If it can happen to Raniere it can happen to anyone. The public needs to be concerned out government is endorsing torture.

      Sorry you’re bored with such trivial matters.

      • If it can happen to KR it can happen to anyone? Wait what!?

        Yeah, anyone who rapes 14 year olds.

        We have been treating prisoners in this country this way for decades but now people care because it’s a privileged white dude? Get the fuck out of here!

      • “if it can happen to Reniere it can happen to anyone”. This is phrased like Reniere is a saint. He broke the law and got caught.

      • Correct. Raniere should have gotten maybe 3-5 years, tops. If that. He was locked for asking people to do legal things: the state twisted everything into a fabricated crime. No one forced dingbat to transcribe funeral minutes. She did that herself

        • Yeah, he’s a nasty little twit. A moronic icky leech. But could not these women leave? They signed up for it. They all made this really crazy circus together.

        • Pilgrim aka Michele Hatchette….3-5 years for raping and manipulating a child? Lol wow you are some real piece of shit.

          Funny story though…KR will die in prison and you will still be a loser with no brain of your own. Good luck in life lol

        • Lol this dumbass thinks KR got a 120 years in prison for making someone transcribe notes? Poor little Pilgrim is still fully brainwashed. Damn! Maybe your only hope is to join another cult so someone else can do your thinking for you again.

          • Great idea – like a prison rape cult so pilgrim can play with his little peni all day

    • Rico! Finally someone that has the right mentality. Can’t do the time, don’t do the crime! Hope he gets used as a human pin cushion. 😉

      • Mansoor, sounds like you want to do the pricking?? Don’t let your Raniere fantasies wetten your tighty whities.

        • It’s Monsoor. But understand your poor reading comprehension. Nah. He’s too ugly and old for me. And a fuxking blowhard with no real knowledge of anything so that too is a turn-off.

          • Manure, no one actually cares who you want to smash. No one cares how you spell your name either. All we really want to know is if you live in your maws garage on an old pleather couch, snuggled in an army green sleeping bag, or are you just some lonely guy whose goldfish Harry just died, so you got nuthin else to do with your time?

          • Incorrect ? Spider, incorrect. Pilgrim aka the original Land-stealer asked so dutifully replied. As for your drivel, you do paint a very idyllic picture, one that is peaceful. I actually live at your mom’s house and in your head rent-free.

  • “Raniere is not a terrorist. Why was the CTU involved? Again, we assume they are truthful, and hope their motives are not pretextual.”

    So your OPINION is that Raniere is not a terrorist. The trouble is that you state as if it were a fact.

    Oxford University defines terrorism as:

    “The calculated use of violence or threat of violence to inculcate fear. Terrorism is intended to coerce or intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological.”;jsessionid=C334163337FE0F7105AFCAD566230E69

    One might quite easily argue that Keith Raniere does indeed meet this criteria:

    DOS used violence and the threat of violence to inculcate fear in many women. Keith Raniere was the head of DOS. He also coerced members of NXIVM, and various company off-shoots (societal subgroups), in the pursuit of ideological goals, most notably to ultimately take over key political positions of power in order to advance his agenda of making the world a more “ethical place”. We may extrapolate from his proven actions what “ethical” meant to him and his brainwashed disciples.

    Normally I would agree that the conditions in which he finds himself are inhumane and should not be tolerated in any civilised society. However, Raniere poses a clear and present danger to the wider society, and his incessant attempts to communicate with his followers, who are still clearly under his influence, mandates for an approach where he is effectively prevented from communicating with the outside world. This need not mean being held in solitary, but in my humble opinion, there does need to be in place a range of measures making such communication far less likely.

    • WRONG.

      The definition that matters is the Government’s own definition of Domestic Terrorism (because I hope we can all agree Raniere is not a “Secret Muslim”).

      Under 18 U.S.C. sec. 2331 (5) the term “domestic terrorism” means activities that—

      (A)involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;
      (B)appear to be intended—
      (i)to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
      (ii)to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or
      (iii)to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and
      (C)occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States

      How do Raniere’s actions affect the conduct of the US Government? Does Raniere have “collateral” on Hunter Biden? Maybe the only way we’ll know is to look more closely for the “KR” brand the next time there’s a video of Hunter naked chasing a hooker.

      I stand by my analysis 100%.

          • I don’t want to get too argumentative here because Raniere is no threat right now of terrorism, that is true. But I believe an argument could be made that he was indeed dangerously close to that government definition. Let’s remember that, among other things:

            1. He spied on members of Congress, including Chuck Schumer, the then state attorney general, Eliot Spitzer; and the State Senate majority leader, Joseph L. Bruno by trying to get bank records and blackmail material; along with judges and members of the media.

            2. He had Emiliano Salinas clearly under his thumb with total control over him, including his political asperations.

            3. He had (has) complete control over Sara Bronfman, who was married to Libyan exile Basit Igtet whom Keith convinced to run for Prime Minister of Libya; and even organized an overthrow of their government to install himself as leader while with Sara in 2017.

            4. There were local politicians in NY and in Mexico that were part of NXIVM and some tried to cover up their involvement.

            5. Keith often mused that their movement could grow to the point where they could have political influence.

            So based on the US definition you provided:

            A) debatable
            B and C) I would say yes.

            I would be interested in your take on that because I’m genuinely curious if you feel that those would qualify, at least before prison.

          • The difference between Raniere and other would-be terrorists is that NXIVM is no longer a functional organization. To think that people delivering coffee and donuts are equivalent to armed Muslim Fundamentalists is beyond a stretch.

      • I believe that the applicable legal definition you quote above is not too different in essence from the Oxford one. and Ice-nine’s points are well made.

        As a legal entity NXIVM is finished of course. However, there are a umber of followers who remain active and dedicated to the cause, some of whom have expressed support for far right elements seeking to subvert US democracy for their own ends. They have even expressed tacit support for the January 6th insurrection.

        I would also take grave exception to your disparaging remarks about Muslims, which frankly come across as both ignorant and racist. There’s only a tiny fraction of Muslims who have any sympathy for any of the atrocities perpetrated in the name of Islam by groups such as Al Qaeda or Islamic State, whose influence has been steadily waning in recent years in any case. The overwhelming majority of Muslims are law abiding citizens, and have as much right to practise their religion as anyone else.

        Raniere’s plan was to take over the US government by stealth and create a new “ethical” world. The tactics he was beginning to employ in that endeavour, as evidenced by his running of DOS, involved the intimidation and coercion of a civilian population, albeit a small one. The intention, however, was to extend this population out exponentially. It was clearly a potential threat to society in my opinion. All terrorism start off on a small scale; the important thing is to nip it in the bud!

      • Of course you stand by what you write about Raniere. You have not been screwed over by him as many have or the fall out of family members have had to pick up the pieces of his aftermath.

        That is the problem with criminal like you who want to defend other criminals.

        You have no idea what it is like to have your sister raped by such a man. The rest of her life will never erase be the same because of what he did to her.

        The mind games he played, the innocent he took from her, the children she will never have.

        My parents will never be the same thinking somehow they failed to protect her.

        It was a game to him. A notch in his belt. A toy he could use and toss aside.

        So what if he spends some days locked up in a small room.

        He had decades of freedom, fun and pleasure that many will never know. He took their freedom away from them for the pure joy of it.

        Fuck him and his loss of his movement. He had a chance to stop at any point.

        He had a great plea deal but his ego got in the way and he turned it down thinking he’d be found not guilty by at least one person.

        He’s done nothing but fuck with the BOP, the CO and other prisoners since entering confinement. So has his loyalists. It is clearly outline in court documents.

        He’s the cause of why he’s in the SHU for so many days and why the BOP is looking at a transfer to a place he has less access.

        He’s a terrorists of a different breed.

        Ever since he was young he’s dine nothing but seek out how to make people lives miserable. He destroys lives, breaks laws and people lives.

        The BOP wants to make sure he doesn’t show other inmates how to play his con games in their prisons to play the Raniere game of prison management

        They are going to lock him in a single cell in a place where he has little contact because he can’t stop himself from running his dangerous con.

        It’s effective the BOP now. They will not put up with it.

        • — They are going to lock him in a single cell in a place where he has little contact because he can’t stop himself from running his dangerous con.


          He’s been a lost cause for decades. He’s not going to be miraculously rehabilitated and then get out and change his ways.

          Everyone who is a potential victim of him benefits from him being out of their reach for the rest of their lives.

          The BOP is not only doing U.S. citizens justice, they are doing prisoners who actually can be rehabilitated and its own employees justice.

          Just because he speaks in a soft-spoken voice and can feign interest through a mask doesn’t mean he’s a “nice guy”.

          Fuck him.

          • Oh brother. Hate is so unattractive.

            Prison is riddled with criminal genius. You think those guys are going to be manipulated by that little pigmy?

            Naive is the new black ?

            Keith would not stand a chance with these guys in there.

        • Well said and you are so right in all you say. I pray you will find peace as he has found justice.

  • For all I or anyone else knows the “safety and security concern” is the fact that Raniere got beat up once and therefore might get beat up again. He’s an annoying little prick. So he’s being kept out of the general population. Perfectly reasonable.

    He’s not being kept in solitary. No need to alert the UN.

    Why the brouhaha over this, escapes me.

    • The American Constitutional standard is informed by international law norms and treaty obligations. But the standard is not “solitary confinement,” but “long-term confinement.”

      “In a case that presented the issue, the judiciary may be required, within its proper jurisdiction and authority, to determine whether workable alternative systems for long-term confinement exist, and, if so, whether a correctional system should be required to adopt them.”
      Davis v. Ayala, 576 U.S. 257, 289-90 (2015)

      Raniere’s case qualifies for consideration.

    • Keith doesn’t stand a chance to cause harm to men in prison. First off, he hurts women and CHILDREN. These grown ass men are hardened criminals. They’re not going to care about his little volley ball games or how he used to play chop sticks on his piano. They have no interest in making the world a better place by holding hands, kissing him on the mouth and singing kumbaya.

      He is a wussy. The way he got all those women to play his little sex cult game was because they were upper crust women brought up to be «  good girls » they were privileged, sheltered and used NXVIUM as a way to rebel against their families and feel unique, rebellious and kinky ( even though the only thing that’s unique is that Keith got away with it)

      The little kids he raped? That part. That’s where he fucked up and can’t come back. What he did to that 15 year old is unforgivable. That he kept a girl in her room for two YEARS !?!! Falsified documents to keep them in this country? What a bastard.

      Yes, he deserves prison but this little weenie can only hurt vulnerable people who have no street smarts. Guys in prison will eat him up like a scooby snack.

      I personally think hé she get two years in the SHU just like he held that kid up in a room for two years. Then, just let him go to GP. And don’t look back.

  • Maybe Keith was a victim of sexual assault and chose not to report it?

    Very common.

    But the BOP still knows about it.

    Which is also not uncommon. People talk. Word gets around in prison. Why do think rats are so frowned upon?

    Or the BOP could’ve gotten Intel on a planned Raniere sexual assault that hadn’t happened yet.

    There are MANY possible scenarios that do not include the BOP lying.

    The truth is much is unknown. More than is known.

    • That’s a possibility but a remote one. It doesn’t explain why no effort has been made at reasonable accommodations at USP-Tucson since August 15, 2023. The Regulations require it. Do they just get to ignore the Regulations when they feel like it?

      • Listen dude. Understood that this article is very important to you.

        But the options put forth in the writing are limited. It is false and purely agenda driven to say that only possible truth is that the BOP are lying.

  • His grievance says “28 CFR § 115.43 (I think) and others”.

    From this uncertainty you draw the conclusion that it is only the former?


    You outline that any evidence required to establish the necessity of his extended stay would be provided to the court on camera (if necessary) but it is not PUBLIC information. So then how do you come to a dubious conclusion from this that the “BOP has not established Raniere as an inmate at high risk for sexual victimization”? How would you know if it isn’t the former?

    • It doesn’t explain why no effort has been made at reasonable accommodations at USP-Tucson since August 15, 2023. If Raniere’s stay in the SHU is involuntary – which it is because we have the BP-9 that says he wants out – why haven’t they opened a “safe unit” for “at-risk” inmates? Raniere can’t be the “Lone Ranger” at USP-Tucson, a compound that’s 65% CHOMOs.

      • I read the posted BP. I don’t see a specific request that he wants out in the text. I see him wanting to be treated as if he wasn’t in the SHU when he is outside of it with his lawyers and whining about the cuffs causing issues on his body and that he should have his hands free so he can turn the pages of documents.

        • Raniere wanted an answer as to the “basis” of why he was in the SHU “administratively.” He didn’t come up with that or the CFR section on his own. That was what the staff told him justified the “administrative detention.”

          The bigger issue is alarm bells should have gone off that USP-Tucson staff wasn’t complying with the regulations for Protective Custody back in October 2022. At this point, it’s deliberate indifference and torture.

        • Of course he should be able to write, as all inmates should be able to. What the heck makes people so mean and twisted man? Nasssst.

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