BOP Uses Prison Rape Threat to Torture Raniere in SHU — Sadistically

Keith Raniere behind bars
Keith Raniere is currently incarcerated at USP Tucson. Per the terms of his sentence, he'll be there for the next 99 years.

Keith Raniere has been in the SHU (Segregated Housing Unit) for over 200 consecutive days and over 300 days since he arrived at USP-Tucson, a BOP (Federal Bureau of Prisons) facility on January 21, 2021

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The BOP Cannot Explain Why Raniere is Still in the SHU

To date, the BOP has not provided valid reasons why Raniere remains in the barbarous conditions of the SHU, with shit-stained walls, no natural light, inedible food, no access to prison recreation or programming, no fresh air, an open toilet inches away from his bed, cruel prison guards, indifferent prison administrators, and a confused, violent, psychopathic cellmate.

Marie White’s painting of SHU-bound Keith Raniere

The BOP should concede that they cannot release Raniere from the SHU because they do not have control of their institutions. This is a pattern of mismanagement.

See Christie Thompson, THE MARSHALL PROJECT “After Several Deaths, Feds to Close Violent Prison Unit in Illinois.

But the BOP has certain sadistic propensities. Maybe that is what it takes to seek out such work as taking custody of other human beings with the intent to punish them.

And a large portion of the DOJ hierarchy loves to see other humans suffer – especially if they served up the suffering – and the population at large, for that matter, enjoy knowing people they think are bad like Raniere is being tortured.

It challenges logic to argue that these sadistic-oriented folks are better than those who enjoy their torture.

Raniere’s SHU Confinement is Torture Under the UN Charter

The United States is a signatory of the United Nations Charter. No one forced them to sign, either.

The United Nations first adopted the Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners in 1957. In 2015, these Rules were revised and adopted as the “Nelson Mandela Rules” to honor the legacy of the late President of South Africa, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, who spent 27 years in prison in the course of his struggle for global human rights, equality, democracy, and the promotion of a culture of peace.

Nelson Mandela Madiba
Nelson Mandela, aka “Madiba” – Father of a nation and defender of human rights.

The Nelson Mandela Rules are a primary source of international human rights standards relating to treatment in detention. They are the fundamental framework used by monitoring and inspection mechanisms in assessing the treatment of prisoners.

The United States is a signatory to the United Nations Convention Against Torture (UNCAT). Again, no one forced us to sign – and the Constitution, laws, and treaties of the United States prohibit torture.

United Nations experts say SHU confinement exceeding 15 consecutive days is torture. See Nils Melzer, UN Report, February 28, 2020.

And it is torture. Most big-talking commenters here and on social media would shit 19 streaks on the wall if they had to undergo one-tenth of the torture Raniere has endured.

Raniere has been in the SHU for over 200 consecutive days this stint and over 300 days since he arrived at USP-Tucson. That is TWENTY (20) TIMES the duration the UN says is torture.

Raniere’s SHU Confinement is Torture Under the US Constitution

Torture is a per se violation of the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. See Rhodes v. Chapman (“The Eighth Amendment proscribes [not only] barbarous tortures which are inflicted upon persons in other nations who lack our constitutional protections, as [as well as] punishments which, although not physically barbarous; “involve the unnecessary and wanton infliction of pain,” or are grossly disproportionate to the severity of the crime. Among “unnecessary and wanton” inflictions of pain are those that are “totally without penological justification.”)

The U.S. Supreme Court has stated that placement in the SHU for an extended duration, without justification, and with deliberate indifference to established international human rights norms may violate the Eighth Amendment. See Hutto v. Finney (“P]unitive isolation “s not necessarily unconstitutional, but it may be, depending on the duration of the confinement and the conditions thereof.’”).

Supreme Court Of The United States
Supreme Court of the United States

Some period of extended solitary confinement premised upon valid penological reasons is a permissible exercise in the United States. However, torture and unjustified extended solitary confinement is inherently cruel and unusual punishment under the Eighth Amendment. See Davis v. Ayala (Kennedy, J., concurring); Anderson v. Cnty. of Kern.

In all of these cases, the U.S. Attorney, the BOP, and prison officials could justify confinement based upon valid penological reasons.

In Raniere’s case, valid penological reasons for SHU confinement, which is clearly more harsh and onerous than normal prison life in the general population, have yet to be offered.

In fact, the record shows that each and every stated “reason” has been arbitrary, capricious, and/or baseless. What the BOP is selling is, as George Carlin might say, “stunning bullshit.”

The Eighth Amendment prohibits punishments involving “unnecessary and wanton infliction of pain.” Estelle v. Gamble, or that are inconsistent with “evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society.”

But we are not a maturing society. We are a nation of savages who love to see others suffer and only need the slightest justification to forget that humanity forbids torturing even the wretched and the most misguided.

A mature society will seek to protect its denizens, deter others from similar crimes, and, if possible, rehabilitate the convicted   But who will correct us?

Mr. Raniere’s punishment at the hands of the BOP involves the unnecessary and wanton infliction of painful, unduly harsh, and inhuman conditions of life.

The BOP cannot articulate any plausible reason or administrative predicate why USP-Tucson has kept Raniere in the SHU for such an outlandish period of time in violation of international human rights norms and the laws, treaty obligations, and Constitution of the United States.

The BOP cannot say why they continue to torture Raniere. They really can’t.

The BOP’s Pretextual Excuses For Raniere’s Continued Torture

The BOP’s Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) and Special Investigation Service (SIS) at USP Tucson have recommended continued SHU placement for Raniere because they fear he might be a victim of “sexual abuse” under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). You can’t make this shit up.

Bureau of Prisons Special Investigative Services Unit
Bureau of Prisons Special Investigative Services Unit

The CTU typically does not rely on the PREA requirements to perform its counter-terrorism function. Violent terrorists or extremists do not go to Federal Prison just so they can rape Keith Raniere or anyone else for that matter. “Even if I fail at becoming a martyr, I will be rewarded with my 72 virgins when I die. In the interim, I will get to rape Keith Rainere in US Federal Prison.” I think not.

If the issue is Raniere’s likelihood as a sexual assault victim, why is the BOP’s CTU involved? Raniere is not a terrorist.

BOP’s CTU is pretextually manufacturing reasons to hold Raniere indefinitely in the SHU and subject him to torture.

Raniere might get raped, so we’re allowed to torture him. That’s their position in a nutshell.

But if the BOP doesn’t have control of its institutions, can’t anyone get raped at any time? So by that logic, isn’t torture always justified?

The BOP cannot cite any valid penological reasons for their extended and continued treatment of Keith Raniere.

Keith Raniere Should Raise the Torture Issue Immediately

If Raniere petitions the federal courts that he is being tortured, the BOP may be forced to release him from the SHU. A federal court may also be compelled to grant him additional remedies.

On May 25, 2022, President Biden issued Executive Order 14075, expressing that inmates should be “free from prolonged segregation,” as the use of restrictive housing has surged in recent years. See Executive Order 2-22-118100 (“It is also the policy of my Administration to ensure that conditions of confinement are safe and humane and that those who are incarcerated are not subjected to unnecessary or excessive uses of force, are free from prolonged segregation”).

New BOP Director Colette S. Peters assured Congress she is “looking into” improper use of the SHU and other lingering constitutional and human rights issues. See Statement of Colette S. Peters, Before the Senate Judiciary Committee, “Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Prisons,” September 29, 2022.

Bureau of Prisons Director Colette Peters
Bureau of Prisons Director Colette Peters

Many are skeptical that anything will change in federal prisons. Observers say these issues have plagued the BOP and its institutions for years. It’s because the people who gravitate there to these jobs love the cruelty.

See Walter Pavlo, “First Appearance By Bureau Of Prisons Director Falls Shorts On Facts,” FORBES, October 1, 2022.

BOP Director Colette Peters tried to humanize prisons as director of the Oregon system, building a Japanese garden in one penitentiary and making the official language less demeaning.

And Japanese gardens are lovely, but it’s nicer to stop torturing humans.

Raniere’s case is a high-profile opportunity for Peters to demonstrate her commitment to more than Japanese gardens. And reform the insanely cruel form of torture of keeping a human in a 6×9 cage without light, fresh air, decent food, or the right to communicate, walk or even excrete more than one foot away from one’s bed.

Suppose change in the BOP can be self-initiating and without court intervention. In that case, it must start with a non-sadistic person at the top who realizes she has more than the brutal punishment of inmates in her correctional institutes’ missions. Who but her to correct the sadists who work for her? And hope that for both, there is no recidivism.

The BOP definitely has the tools, such as management variables, to allow administrators to place potentially at-risk inmates where they can be safe.

Raniere’s isolation is so clearly “punitive.” His placement in the USP-Tuscon SHU remains legally unsupported and administratively unjustified

He is not there for any disciplinary action – other than claiming that the government cheated to get him convicted.

The BOP’s treatment of Raniere is a flagrant violation of the US Constitution, human rights, international norms, common decency, the Nelson Mandela Rules, and Treaty obligations of the United States, and are indefensible cruel, unusual, and punishing conditions of confinement.

If BOP Director Colette Peters feels unwilling to act, Keith Raniere must petition the federal courts immediately, and the courts must act swiftly and decisively to condemn torture, pretextuality, and sadism in federal law enforcement.

Nelson Mandela said a nation should be judged by how well it treats the least among them. If judged by conditions in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the United States is a dishonest, unprincipled, moral failure.


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Richard Luthmann

Richard Luthmann is a writer, commentator, satirist, and investigative journalist with degrees from Columbia University and the University of Miami. Once a fixture in New York City and State politics, Luthmann is a recovering attorney who lives in Southwest Florida and a proud member of the National Writers Union. 

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  • Richard- I find it offensive, you treat oral or anal sex between men as a form of punishment. You are being homophobic and a bigot. Sex between adult men is every bit as pleasurable as sex between men and women. Maybe you should try it sometime.

      • Why are there only two genders at the Federal Bureau of Prisons and why is Toni Fly not recognised as a woman by the BOP? Toni Fly is categorised as male by the BOP, why is that? Why doesn’t Toni Fly sue the BOP for not recognising Toni Fly’s female gender?

      • There you go again! Now you’re being transphobic! Why don’t you call it quits, Dick?!? All my friends on Twitter and ReEdit dislike you!

    • Sex is not permitted in prison. Rape is not permitted in prison. Are you saying prisoners should be able to have sex in prison? How is that homophobic?

  • Raniere has been in the SHU for a long time. He will spend the rest of his life in prison. It’s really gross 🤮 how people get off on other peoples misery. Archaic thinking.
    I hope that there is rehabilitation and healing for everyone involved.

    • It’s not archaic, it’s just natural to feel that way. You can’t forbid people their feelings. It only depends on how people know how to deal with their feelings. And if the judiciary and the courts don’t establish justice (anymore), that only leads to more vigilante justice, and that would be archaic, but still understandable.

  • To date, the BOP has not provided valid reasons why Tony Fly remains in the barbarous conditions of the SHU, with shit-stained walls, no natural light, inedible food, no access to prison recreation or programming, no fresh air, an open toilet inches away from his bed, cruel prison guards, indifferent prison administrators, and a confused, violent, psychopathic cellmate.

    Kind of works the other way too…

  • “The BOP’s Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) and Special Investigation Service (SIS) at USP Tucson have recommended continued SHU placement for Raniere because they fear he might be a victim of “sexual abuse” under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). You can’t make this shit up.”

    Show us the documents that support this claim, former attorney Luthmann.

    You are a serial bullshit artist. You have been found guilty of making all sorts of shit up.

    Let’s see if you and Frank are men enough to publish this. I doubt it.

    • Thank you for your comment. And thank you for calling me a “serial bullshit artist.” I’m thinking about getting shirts made up.

      But in reality, the best bullshit is the true bullshit, and I stand by my reporting 100%. I will point directly to my facts.

      Read the Government’s filing in Raniere v. Garland et al., Case 4:22-cv-00561-RCC, Document 14, Filed 02/07/23 at page 10, which states that Raniere remained in the SHU because the Special Investigative Services (SIS) Department is investigating safety and security issues related to Raniere at USP Tucson. These safety and security concerns are not public and were only offered to be shown to the court in camera.

      On August 15, 2022, Raniere was exonerated from wrongdoing after the BOP’s investigation found him to be the victim in an altercation with Maurice Adonis Withers. Despite being cleared, Raniere remains in the SHU because of the SIS’s investigation into his safety and security concerns. Raniere himself has questioned the BOP’s reasons for keeping him in the SHU, referring to 28 CFR § 115.43, which allows the BOP to involuntarily hold inmates at high risk for sexual victimization in the SHU.

      • If he acted like the SHU was an amazing place and pretended the guards couldn’t break him, maybe he could get out of the SHU. He’s got to learn to play by their rules. Raniere, I believe, is being broken in. His future looks like a Tony Fly. Raniere will be the little spoon.

  • It’s prison you mental midgets, not the Four Seasons. Let him get raped, gaped, etc. it’s called street justice and pales in comparison to the pain he inflicted for years. It’s good for him.

    • I bet you’re the biggest upset out there. Are you talking about street justice as you wear vineyard vines? Likely, you arrogant, condescending prick.

      • Vineyard Vines evokes too much “cuckwear” for me. But is befitting the Grand Wizard of Bamboozling IMHO.

    • Let’s him get raped? No. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good prison rape story, but it should not be permitted – because it is illegal. But yea, if he gets raped, I am sure I’ll be dtd.

      ~ Pilgrim

  • With Joe Biden as President maybe cabinet Secretary Pete Booty Gig will get his protege placed in a cell with Raniere.

    Accused pedophile Mayor Patrick Wojahn called Pete Buttigieg his ‘buddy’ and mentor
    Here’s another headache for Mayor Pete.

    Patrick Wojahn, the Maryland mayor busted on charges of possessing child pornography Thursday has had a longtime mentor-mentee relationship with President Biden’s embattled Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

    Former College Park Mayor Wojahn, 47, has credited Buttigieg’s “mentorship” with helping him advance his career in interviews.

    “I actually met Mayor Pete Buttigieg shortly after I was elected mayor in 2015,” Wojahn, who is gay, told the Washington Blade, an LGBT-focused news outlet, back in 2019.

    Wojahn explained how the former South Bend, Ind., mayor, who is also gay, was tasked with being his “buddy” at a gathering of mayors in Washington long before Buttigieg’s 2020 White House run.

    Joe Biden wants a diverse cabinet.
    I guess that includes “groomers.”

    • Sounds like a little bit that way yourself Shadow the way you go on. It’s OK, just come out the closet and mommy will forgive you.

    • Hi ShadowState-

      “We are very, very close to being able to ignore Trump most nights,” Carlson wrote on Jan 4, 2021, the filings show. “I truly can’t wait.”

      “I hate him [Trump] passionately,” the Fox host continued. “I blew up at Peter Navarro today in frustration. I actually like Peter. But I can’t handle much more of this.”

    • ‘Stolen election” joe Biden & his un-qualified administration are pathetic beyond belief. Today, Six people are killed in a school shooting & his first comments are about chocolate chip ice cream.

  • Their justification— “ Raniere might get raped, so we’re allowed to torture him. That’s their position in a nutshell”

    Says it all. Thanks for bringing out the barbaric conduct of BOP employees. No one could do this to another human unless they are perverse at best.

    The Marshall Project has incredible information but until the public is forced to look at it, I fear it will continue.

    This article about Raniere- but it can happen to anyone if us, at any time.

    If we allow Raniere to be tortured, the rights of all of us are compromised.

  • Sorry, I don’t believe that the BOP has only given a single reason, e.g., “sexual abuse” under the PREA, for Raniere’s extended confinement. I think there are a multitude of reasons, all rooted on the fact that he’s megalomaniac who believes deserves special treatment and keeps breaking the rules in underhanded ways that he thinks no one else can see.

    • Still pretextual.

      “[H]e’s megalomaniac who believes deserves special treatment and keeps breaking the rules in underhanded ways that he thinks no one else can see.”

      The BOP gives a class called “Criminal Cognition.” Everyone has to take it. The basis of the class is that all criminals are megalomaniacs who believe they can commit crimes and never get caught, and break rules in underhanded ways with impunity. How is Raniere different from other criminals in that way, so much so that SHU confinement is warranted and justified?

      • No, I don’t think all or even most criminals in the prison system are megalomaniacs. Do you have any statistics on it? I’m sure there is a higher amount of them than in the general population because the people who engage in destructive behavior are at the extreme end of the bell curve and often find themselves in prison. I think plenty of criminals aren’t megalomaniacs and know they can get caught.

        Besides, that’s not even what I said. Read it again. And it refers to his behavior within prison, not outside of it, although the former is just a continuation of the latter.

        • The DOJ is all-in on “criminal cognition“:

          “Eight cognitive characteristics of lifestyle criminality are discussed: mollification, cutoff, entitlement, power orientation, sentimentality, superoptimism, cognitive indolence, and discontinuity.”

          That’s pretty close to megalomania for me. Maybe throw in narcissism and vanity, and you’re there. But entitlement and power orientation get you close on those.

      • So “all criminals are megalomaniacs who believe they can commit crimes and never get caught, and break rules in underhanded ways with impunity”? Forget about Raniere, how is that any different from police and prison guards?

  • I agree 100% we should not torture prisoners. The 8A is there for a reason. The founders knew torture was wrong and that even the worst criminals are entitled to basic Rights. Also, Raniere was a shit bag but he didn’t kill anyone. I guess supposedly he had sex with 15 year old girl, but he was NOT convicted of that, so I just do not consider him a hardened criminal. His followers went right along until they had buyers remorse then C. Oxenberg went to the press and used her bully pulpit to take down Raniere.

    BTW, thanks Richard for weaving in some prison-rape content. That IS one of my favorite topics in general. Some guy I know and hate (he stole from my buddies car when it was parked in my driveway) got raped in prison. I was so happy and sent his rapist a “Thank You” card in prison. When the rapee was release from prison, we continued to prank call him at all hours of the night to taunt and make fun of him for getting raped. He eventually just changed his phone number because we were relentless. I mean, the prick stole valuable stuff from my friend’s car then pawned it for drug money. We even called his mother – pretending to be him – and told her he caught AIDS in prison. It was really funny… You had to be there to really appreciate the context.

    ~ Pilgrim

    • Pilgrim – I sincerely hope you never become a victim of rape. You have no idea of how it affects your mind for the rest of your life.

    • Yeah Pilgrim you just said a while back you wanted prisoners to rape each other. So its OK if they torture themselves is it? Pretty sick either way

      • No. Let me clarify, there should be rules and order in prisons. But when bad ppl are raped it makes me happy. Example: I oppose the death penalty and believe it should be abolished in the U.S. At the same time I would really like to see the Boston Marathon Bomber executed.

      • Pilgrim’s fantasies run parallel to ShadowState’s fantasies with one glaring exception; Pilgrim wants to fuck his victims and ShadowState wants to, first cut his victims into little pieces; and fuck the pieces he doesn’t eat.

        Keep in mind I’m paraphrasing Bill Burr.

  • ‘If Raniere petitions the federal courts that he is being tortured, the BOP may be forced to release him from the SHU’

    Has he done this? Surely he has been advised to do.

    • He has never squarely petitioned the courts to raise the Mandela Rules or say the BOP are violating his constitutional right not to be tortured. To this point, he has only complained about specific things, none of which, on their own, rise to a constitutional level. If Raniere petitions about the duration of confinement combined with the conditions, there is torture. Plain and simple.

      • Why do you think he is not petitioning this, the only thing that stands a chance? His expensive legal team must have said this is the way forward. Instead concentrating this precious time on the specific things as you say. I’m really confused the way he is going about it seems to me he’s not serious about wanting to be back in general population. There’s a way out handed to him on a silver platter and he doesn’t take it?

        • The only lawyers who truly understand how to attack the BOP are the ones who have been on the inside. That includes those who have worked there. And yes, like me, those who have been its residents.

          The BOP are “process animals.” I like to call them “process droids,” like C-3PO in Star Wars. They will stand around and talk themselves in circles all day long and bury you with paperwork.

          They are great at denying simple requests because you did not fill out forms in quadruplicate. I shit you not. And this is a requirement at a place where most read and write at a third grade level.

          The BOP has written processes for everything. I guarantee you there is a book’s worth of paperwork on why Keith Raniere should be in the SHU. But when you take a step back from the process, you see that it’s all bullshit. It’s not a “process” in determination but a method of CYA for BOP administrators. From their perspective, they are doing everything “by the book.”

          The only way to beat them is to use their process against them. We saw this with compassionate release applications. At a certain point, the BOP becomes vulnerable to the “cumulativity” argument. No one thing they do cannot be justified by their paperwork and process, but taken cumulatively, the whole thing is a serious, constitutional-level issue.

          How does someone sit in the SHU for 200+ days for no good reason?

          If you challenge a single instance of conduct, the BOP will produce their papers and reports and claims. The judge will look at them. The judge may very well know they are all pretextual window-dressing, but the judge won’t have the balls to say it. After all, the BOP personnel didn’t do anything wrong. There were “valid penological reasons.” The were going by “the book” and “following orders.” The problem is the guards at Auschwitz and Dachau were doing the same thing.

          When the violations get to be cumulative, you can show a pattern of behavior. You can show that the BOP’s “book” is wrong. Then, the judge can rule that even though the BOP book said X, Y, and Z, the procedures caused Raniere constitutional-level harms A, B, and C. Though there were “valid penological reasons,” they were outweighed by the import of the constitutional provisions at issue. No specific personnel gets blamed. It’s an easy ruling for the Judge. And then the BOP goes back and makes some cosmetic amendments to their procedures, like putting in a disclaimer about extended confinement, torture, human rights, blah blah blah, etc. Then they hold a press conference in DC about how great they are with free food so the whole DOJ can continue to be fat and happy.

          If Raniere is going to get any relief, that’s how it’s going to go.

  • Well Richard I guess the best way to solve Keith’s SHU issue is send him to ADX Florence, then he won’t have to worry about the SHU for at least the next 3 years, no empathy for Keith on this one, so many people hurt by him , so many lives ruined by him, now he wants sympathy, now he wants justice . Where was the sympathy for the women that we’re held down while their flesh was being burned, all those babies that we’re lost , the lost women of Nxivm. He should be thrown in the deepest darkest bowels of that prison and left there to rot alone and forgotten by the rest of us.

    • And the basis for that transfer is? You still run into the pretext problem, and you still have torture. Every prisoner in the ADX has to meet criteria to be placed there. Raniere doesn’t have and bodies (that we know about), he hasn’t tried to kill a guard, and he has never displayed violent propensities that arguably create a risk.

      Remember, John Gotti had bodies. That’s why he went to ADX.

      • Then why is Dzhokar Tsarnaev 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 at ADX? He should be at Terre Haute, but BOP has cited “unique security management requirements” associated with the prisoner. That’s pretty vague, in my opinion.

      • John Gotti was not at the ADX Florence , Gotti was in United Stated Penitentiary Marion until he became too Ill at that point her was transferred to United States Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield , Missouri ,for treatment of throat cancer he was there until he passed away on June 10 , 2002 at 61 years old.

  • Make a list of 10 useful things to do in solitary confinement. I can think of so many things, why can’t Keith think of anything except think of who all he wants to sue and what other complaints he can make if his previous complaints don’t bear fruit.

    Has Raniere made a complaint yet that he is subject to torture under a UN Charter definition if he is held in solitary confinement for excessive periods of time? Why hasn’t the smartest person in the world thought to make such an argument yet or did I read over it because Raniere’s stories are all pretty similar and always end the same way, unsuccessfully. Pretty bad track record for Raniere the success man who proclaimed Executive Success for himself and taught it to others. And why don’t the 42 people who became billionaires because of him help him. Where is their gratitude.

    • If he is being tortured, he has every right to sue. Raniere has not yet been able to articulate the torture in his legal papers, but the elements are there.

      Also, make a list of the things Raniere can do in the SHU. Then we’ll do an experiment. I’ll come by, crack you over the head, drag you into a basement, and chain you to the radiator. I’ll be nice and give you water and a package of lunchables every day. How long will you be in my basement before you finish your list?

    • 42 billionaires is so funny. If there weren’t evil running rampant amongst nxivm slaves maybe there could have been a billionaire made.

    • Maybe he could write a “book report” about how he’s going to change his behavior. It’s was his own genius idea for Daniella while she was in the room for 2 years. All these other complaints he’s been writing are way too self indulgent.

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