Raniere: 7 Weeks in SHU, With Intersex Person- Claims Danger, Retaliation and Worst Conditions

Keith Raniere is still in the SHU at USP Tucson – now going on 60 days. He spends 23 hours a day in a tiny cell.

His cellmate is an intersex person or hermaphrodite.

Raniere is allowed one hour out of his tiny shared cell to walk around a small cage.

The correctional officers [CO] put the intersex person in the cell with him.

A few days later, the guards removed both of them to search their cell.

The two were placed in a small holding cage next to another cell with human feces all over the floor and walls.

Raniere claims he was placed in the SHU in July after he was sucker punched in the head by another inmate.

The attack “left [him] dizzy for days and could not get out of bed,” according to documents obtained by Frank Report.

Raniere’s lawyers say his punishment in the SHU is retaliation for filing a complaint against the BOP in May. They claim the prison forbade him to speak with his contact list and blocked communication with his power of attorney, Suneel Chakravorty.

While Raniere remains in the SHU, the person who attacked him in July was released weeks ago.


Stacy Scheff, Raniere’s lawyer, said:

Mr. Raniere is the subject of ongoing retaliation by the Bureau of Prisons.

Mr. Raniere was retaliated against by having his contacts and call list scrubbed the day after he filed a motion exposing FBI malfeasance.

Mr. Raniere filed a grievance about that retaliation and was shortly after that assaulted by another inmate.

Following the assault, Mr. Raniere was placed in the SHU to investigate the assault.

That investigation cleared Mr. Raniere of any culpability. According to BOP policy after the investigation was concluded, which was weeks ago, Keith should have been returned to his normal housing, but the retaliation continues as he remains in the SHU.

Currently, he is allowed one five-minute phone call per month, he cannot have a razor, he has no access to legal resources, and he is given books at staff discretion.

“This is particularly egregious, because Mr. Raniere is still actively fighting his case in the courts.

Recently, Mr. Raniere was held in a cage for four hours next to day-old human feces, which were on the floor and had been smeared all over the wall. He was even forced to eat lunch here. Mr. Raniere has been given no explanation why he remains in these unacceptable and inhumane conditions.

Raniere supporter Eduardo Asunsolo said:

Keith has lost pounds since being in solitary, where he was placed solely for the reason of being the victim of an attack. This is a human rights issue.

Nicki Clyne said:

Keith Raniere is being tortured and retaliated against in prison… during the process of his appeal and motions that expose serious FBI and prosecutorial malfeasance.

Recently, another inmate attacked him in prison. It’s not sure the reason or if the person targeted Keith for any specific reason, but he was blindsided out of nowhere, punched in the head and knocked out, and swiftly sent to the SHU. That’s protocol.

They separate anyone involved in an altercation and put them in the SHU to investigate and find out what happened. Now all they had to do was watch a video to see that he was minding his own business and someone attacked him. Instead of releasing him back into the general population, they charged him with a violation he fought and later expunged.

However, this was seven weeks ago, and they still haven’t released him despite expunging his record and admitting he didn’t do anything wrong.

He’s in the SHU, in a cell 23 hours a day. The cell is basically a bathroom with another person….

His cellmate is a hermaphrodite and has female parts, and has many allegations and instances where [he’s] been attacked and abused, which is a huge liability to be put in a room with Keith.

Just the other day, Keith shared with his lawyers that the CEOs took them out of the room and put them in separate cages, and there were four cages. One cage had a bunch of human feces… smeared all over the walls.

I think he said there were 19 streaks of human feces. I don’t know if it said something. They cuffed them and eventually fed them lunch… After that, the COs went to their cell, went through their legal work, and took some things.

But it didn’t take that long to do that. Yet still, they left Keith and his cellmate in those cages in a room full of feces for hours.


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  • “There are NO victims, therefore, I will choose NOT to be a victim”.

    Sounds familiar, Keith?????

    I thought that was NXIVM Mission Statement & the first thing they all BELIEVED in.

  • “His cellmate is a hermaphrodite and has female parts,” Frank Parlato

    Name a famous hermaphrodite in history.
    The Duchess of Windsor, aka Wallis Simpson.

    The bizarre royal family sex rumour that won’t go away
    The most scandalous secret of all – by Alice Murphy
    The British royal family has weathered many storms of controversy, none greater than the obsessive romance between Edward VIII, heir to the throne, and twice-divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson which ultimately resulted in the abdication and forced exile of the charismatic King.

    A century before Meghan Markle found herself at the mercy of the media, Daily Mail reports Wallis was subjected to a “brutal character assassination” by the public and press who cruelly dubbed her “that woman”, a conniving seductress hell bent on bewitching the Prince of Wales and luring him away from his monarchical duties.

    To add more drama to the already incredible fairy-tale gone wrong, Baltimore-born Wallis was alleged to have been born intersex – that is, born with male sex organs and genetic characteristics.

    Per ABC News, a 2012 biography by royal writer Anne Sebba noted the Duchess of Windsor, as she would become, had a “raspy voice, square jaw and flat chest” while other authorities claim Wallis was infertile and never menstruated.

    Scandalous whispers did the rounds throughout Wallis’ relationship with Edward alleging she had spent time visiting brothels in China where she learned special oral sex techniques which gave her a psycho-sexual hold over the Duke.

    Anna Pasternak, author of The Real Wallis Simpson, writes that Wallis was desperately insecure about her sexual identity and “never had sexual intercourse with either of her first two husbands” nor engaged in any kind of penetrative sexual activity.


  • “19 streaks of human feces” counted by Keith. Stuck in a cell with a hermaphrodite is also pretty weird for him, it must be confusing to try an figure out an angle that will win the person over. Karma is a true equalizer and a real bitch.

  • “His cellmate is a hermaphrodite and has female parts, and has many allegations and instances where [he’s] been attacked and abused, which is a huge liability to be put in a room with Keith.”

    OK wait, so what is the liability?

    Are they saying the prison’s put him with this person who has female parts to tempt Keith to assault said cellmate? Or is the liability that the hermaphrodite cellmate will make false allegations of assault, or what? I don’t understand the huge liability assertion.

  • Maybe the family and friends of the “intersex person” is concerned that their loved one is being housed with an abusive cult leader who had women branded near their genitals and sexually preyed on minors?

    Lots of bad people in prison.

    If convicts are punching Keith in the face it sounds like KEITH is the one putting his current cellmate in the line of fire. Not the other way around.

    It’s sex offender prison. Keith requested to do his time there.

    If inmates like Keith break the rules repeatedly while in custody there are consequences.

    There’s an orientation. Inmates agree to both the rules and the ramifications of breaking those rules.

    Maybe Keith will learn a lesson?

    But probably not.

  • Anyone with a brain doesn’t give a fuck about KRs fucking prison sob stories. Only Frankie does. Turn about is fair play, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, yada yada. I hope they torture him more.

    Does this make you nervous Frankie? Is the pope Catholic? Tick tock.

    • Do you ever have suicidal ideations? Do you drink too much? Are you off your medications?

      What is the real cause of your hatred — does it have something to do with the fact that you feel inferior, and, combined with your innate dishonesty, it is hard for you to forget?

      It torments you, I know, so you lash at me anonymously. But I know the real you. And I want you to grow up.

  • RE The Torture of Kieth Raniere:

    No man should be tortured for a prolonged, indefinite amount of time no matter what his crime.

    I hate the rapist/pedophile Kieth Raniere. BUT feelings should never cloud one’s judgment.

    Kieth Raniere is a human being. No human being should be tortured. It’s unconscious-able.

    To the people who disagree with me:
    How long should the torture of a guilty man continue: a month or a year?

    Raniere has been in prison for over 3 years. It’s sadistic to keep torturing the man.

    The torture of Kieth Raniere and his cellmate transsexual is abhorrent.

    The 8th Amendment to the Constitution forbade,
    “cruel and unusual punishment”.

    Should Raniere’s cellmate be tortured? Even though none of you know the cellmate’s crimes!
    I sincerely agree with Nicki Clyne!

  • While he is in SHU with plenty of spare time, maybe K Raniere can meditate on what happened to John Tighe?
    What’s 7 weeks in SHU against the many years a man was deprived of his human rights and liberty for trying to bring some shady dealings into the light?

    I’d be willing to bet though that Mr Tighe, on learning of Raniere’s current fate may or may not feel any sorrow, but will not be experiencing that surge of negative pleasure and vengeful glee that Raniere did when he managed to silence Mr Tighe.

    Since KR also teaches that there are no ultimate victims, he could also do an EM on himself…

    Quick question: Since the slave women have pledged loyalty for life to their master, will they now be required to pledge loyalty to their master’s power of attorney?

    One can imagine the fun Suneel might have: ‘You know I wouldn’t ask this, but Keith mentioned how the sun would go into reverse and blight the world if you didn’t do this…; you don’t want him to suffer, do you?’, ‘Keith blessed me with his special powers; come with me into the shower, you’ll see how water doesn’t make me wet either.’

    • Re “Since KR also teaches that there are no ultimate victims, he could also do an EM on himself…”

      Can you do it yourself?

      If you can do everything yourself, why pay a lot of money to others. That would simply be a waste of money.

  • What Raniere is experiencing is normal for any prison in the BOP system.
    Involved in a fight, you go to the SHU, regardless if you started it or not.
    There is always an investigation. Not only to see who started it but also to make sure victim is not in further danger from gang like issues.
    Problem is, Raniere has to be a victim to anything he thinks is an conspiracy he makes up in his own mind.
    He gets into his Narcissist feedback loop & create a stroy that each passing day gets more “Raniere the Ultimate Victim Tales Bigger”.
    Dizzy for a week, can’t get out of bed for a week, no ice bag, shit on the wall, can’t talk to my lawyer, one hour a day, roommate with both sex organs, OH MY
    This is a guys who had women run into trees, drink out of mud puddles, locked up in a room for a couple of years, had women branded, turn over collateral, sex with young girls, found guilty of Racketeering
    Racketeering Conspiracy
    Forced Labor Conspiracy
    Wire Fraud Conspiracy
    Sex Trafficking Conspiracy
    Sex Trafficking
    Attempted Sex Trafficking
    Plus predicate acts
    and he is whining again about the effects of his causes.

    He & Nancy Salzman charges people 6,000 – 7500 to teach people how they caused their effects & there were no Ultimate Victim

    Why are you choosing to be a victim Keith Raniere

    Why are his loyalists promoting that he is a victim?

    They continue to ignore all the changes Raniere was found guilty of that had nothing to do with pictures. 7 RICO Felonies

  • Is it possible Keith himself asked to be placed in SHU because he’s just had enough of high quality pizza and Haagen Dazs ice cream while watching the stupid bitches eat raw grapevine leaves and steamed lentils?

    What if this sucker punching ploy is a mere theatrical play for suckers? How do we know he’s against the idea of scat? Would his supporters gallery admit to it? Nooo… why not? If fantasising about sex with children is already known about him, what’s wrong with being single minded about scat?? Makes no sense…

  • Do the crime..do the time. Yes, prison is awful. There are 1.5 million other people in prison in this country, many for committing far less crimes than KR so fuck him and fuck Nicki C.

  • Re “Keith has lost pounds since being in solitary, where he was placed solely for the reason of being the victim of an attack. This is a human rights issue.”

    Keith Raniere has been pretty chubby so far, if he has lost any weight it is for his health and because he currently cannot buy extra rations from the commissary while he is in the SHU. Why is a man invoking human rights that he has denied to all enslaved women? Raniere is now a legal slave under US law as an incarcerated convicted criminal. That is lawful, whereas the slavery Raniere engaged in was illegal and unlawful. And it was a violation of human rights.

    • Didn’t keith promote the 500 calorie a day diet for everyone and claimed it was good and subjected all his disciples to this kind of lifestyle? Shouldn’t he do what he preaches? He should thank the prison for this.

  • Another conspiracy is born: now the BOP is conspiring with the FBI in retaliation for an appeal Keith made in his case.
    We do not know exactly what happened in the prison. I don’t take Nicki’s claims for the truth and I certainly don’t believe Keith, from whom Nicki, Eduardo and his lawyer are receiving this information.

    Obviously, people have to be treated humanely in prison.
    But isn’t it remarkable that a man who directed his followers to put women in cages, because this excited him sexually, winds up in a cage himself?

    He should consider himself lucky to be in a cell with a hermafrodite “who has female parts” (did he check?), because it’s the only “pussy” he is going to get for the rest of his life……

  • “His [Kieth’s] cellmate is a hermaphrodite and has female parts…”

    Female parts?!?

    Sounds like Kieth could have a possible fuck buddy.

  • Why didn’t he make it rain to avoid this ? Why didn’t he use his judo techniques against his fellow inmate? Sorry but not sorry, KR has scenes of rape, sex trafficking, abuse, lies, fraud etc around him. He deserves it all \0/. Im now thinking of everyone he tried to put in jail, his schemes to have people arrested…what goes around comes around.

  • Keith’s really outdone himself with this truly shitty situation he finds himself in – at least he has mastered the SHU. See folks, Keith actually does excel at some things after all. Wonder if he’ll be branding this lovely lady he’s currently roomies with? Seems like the next logical step in their relationship having ticked the box of her being locked in a really tiny room already by default.

    Viva Exec Success !

  • Wait a minute. So? Keith has been able to share all this with his lawyers but doesn’t have access to legal counsel?

    How does this even make sense?

    Also, is it not possible the prison is acting in his interest? They gave him a roommate. Another human being to talk to. That seems nice. They are also keeping him from getting beat up again. Aside from the salacious claim of placing him in a room smeared with feces (and let’s be honest, Keith is a liar, not sure I believe this claim) none of this seems too bad to me given the circumstance. It’s prison. Not a special retreat for renunciate geniuses.

  • If the human being that Keith is sharing a prison cell with is truly intersex they were born that way.

    It’s not super uncommon but it’s on a sliding scale and it is pretty rare for someone to have a full-on vagina and penis.

    Usually it’s some lesser variation of a combination of genetic gender traits. Often it is only found out because of an invisible related issues such as hormonal. Or a cyst bursts and an x-ray reveals a fallopian tube. In an outwardly male gendered person.

    And again it’s not that uncommon in lesser degrees.

    Besides for being a bigot and pointing out what amounts to a birth condition on another human being what the f*** does this have to do with anything?

    In what way is Keith being compromised by being in a prison cell with someone who has a medical anomoly?

    It’s no different than if they were born with an extra finger or missing digit. But usually it’s only an internal thing.

    What a horrible issue to even bring up as a compkaint. Keith spent his entire life living with women. And in prison he would have to live with men.

    How could this be any kind of hardship for Keith? The condition usually involves somebody having internal sexual organs that may correspond to the female gender and external that correspond to the male for example.

    Wow the dead enders and Keith have reached a new low with this complaint.

    • Maybe this is the liability part “and has [made?] many allegations and instances where [he’s] been attacked and abused”

      Maybe they are saying they think BOP purposefully locked up Keith with someone who makes what could be false allegations of abuse?? Because they want this person to (falsely) accuse Keith of abuse to get Keith in more trouble??? Idfk.

  • Who says it’s all just against Raniere. Maybe it is just pervasive conditions that can affect more or less all prisoners, not just Raniere. Raniere and his supporters see him as getting special treatment that doesn’t even exist and exists only in their imagination. Raniere is not special. He is an inmate with a number, not a guru with special abilities.

    • After years of reading blogs, this is the only one I continue to read (and I do it without fail every day).

      What a wonderful experience it was to “get to know” this platform and all the excellent stuff that you guys are providing.

      Thank you. Weldon and I want to encourage you to keep up the fantastic effort.

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