Raniere Sat Lonely in SHU as 62nd Birthday Came and Went

Why was the guitar teacher arrested? For fingering A minor. Clare this is for you. : What is the difference between an illegal immigrant and E.T.? A: E.T. eventually went home. Lauren I love that new diet. What's the difference between being hungry and horny? ... Where you put the cucumber. See you on your birthday.

Yesterday, Keith Alan Raniere celebrated his 62nd birthday.

He spent it in the Special Housing Unit at USP Tucson. Prison officials assigned him there because of a fight on July 25. This is his 32nd day in the SHU – where he spends 23 hours per day in a small cell – and one hour out for exercise and hygiene.

Another inmate who participated in the altercation earned a berth in the SHU.

Prison officials are investigating who initiated the hostilities.

The former East Coast Judo champion told officials he did not start the fight.

According to reports, the inmate saw TNT’s The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which features Raniere. Moments after it aired, he accosted Raniere and sucker punched him.

Last year, the man known as Vanguard also spent his birthday in the SHU. In 2021, he had a 100 stay – surrounding his birthday – which is ten times longer than the old Vanguard Week. The offense was an apparent inappropriate passing of messages between one of his followers, Nicki Clyne, and another inmate.

Raniere’s followers celebrated his nativity for 10 days yearly in the Adirondacks.

A view of the SHU, where Raniere spent his 61st and 62nd birthdays.

A view of a prison cell at MDC, similar to one where Raniere spent his 58, 59 and 60th birthdays.

A view of Silver Bay where Raniere spent his 46-57th birthdays.

This is Raniere’s fifth birthday in custody.
He spent three at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center. On his 60th birthday, his followers regaled him with lively music and dance.

The YMCA lodge below housed many devotees of the ethicist of NXIVM during Vanguard Week.

The Inn at Silver Bay

Raniere’s followers celebrated his nativity for 10 days yearly in the Adirondacks.

Vanguard Week was celebrated from late August to early September. At the resort in Silver Bay, on the shores of Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains, his followers came.

As many as 500 paid more than $2,000 to join the fun, frolic, gaiety, and merriment. And also imbibe the teachings and the glory. NXIVM became the whole world for those 10 days.

The followers of Raniere rented the entire 650 YMCA campus. It was an almost exclusive mingling of NXIVM adherents with each other and Raniere.

The only non-Nxians were the staff at the YMCA. Imagine what it was like when 500 Nxians gathered for 10 days.

For the first three days, Raniere would not appear in public.  Then on the evening of the third night, his birthday, he would arrive in the theater for a night of tribute and entertainment.

Vanguard appears on stage on his birthday.


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  • There was an old pedophile
    Who lived in a SHU
    Had so much evidence against him
    He didn’t know what to do
    Keith gave his slaves broth
    Without any bread
    He branded, paddled and blackmailed the women
    Into his bed.

  • Frank
    You have insulted me, Kim and OUR family. YOU are really NOT a gentlemen – but a mean spirited man. YOU don’t deserve mercy or any consideration. We have asked the Judge for NO mercy. It is very rude for you to have talked to me and to Kim in the ways that YOU have. YOU have NO manners.
    Good day –

    • Berries, you are a fraud. Kim has gotten a grim diagnosis. She fell 5 months ago in the yard, twisting her pelvis and back. Surgery is OUT of the question, due to her body NOT being able to withstand the “anesthesia”, and the lack of oxygen already showing. Stop pretending you know her.

      Stop besmirching that angelic creature.

  • Frank
    It is Judge Roy Percy- the Magistrate for Mississippi. We have contacted him to make sure he knows his name was used on this blog,
    Roy Bean – funny 😆-!!!!!

    • I spoke with Judge Emmanual Clements Percy, and he has just put a restraining order on all parts of the USA south of the Mason Dixon Line. Please evacuate at once. Also leave the area.

  • Frank
    YOU have NO idea of who I am- I faked YOU out with a fake email address dork head. How stupid are you? LIAR – Frank is still a “fraud and a LIAR”. Sorry.
    To let YOU know, I go anyplace I damn well please –
    Have a good damn day

    • You are so clever. But no, you cannot go anywhere. You are banned from intelligence, grace, civility and honesty – as your own mother told me.

      You admitted in your emails that you lied and apologized and blamed it on your physical illness.

  • Berries I know your true identity. I had to issue a restraining order on you. Do not enter the state of Missouri by my order

  • Frank
    YOU said YOU talked to our sheriff, he has told us – that is a LIE. He will NOW handle the situation. The Judge here also has asked me to step away, where as they will go by protocol as to handle your comment “I talked to the Sheriff”. Sorry – he is in training in another county this week”. YOU should have been dispatched to the “person left in charge”. But it is NO longer MY Call as to what happens from here.
    Also – have made some other contacts as to the article on “THE VOW”.
    Have a good day

    • I talked to the sheriff, and I spoke to the deputy in your hometown, Berries. They’re trying to bring your restraining order so you will have to leave the state.

      Sheriff Taylor always disliked you. For what, I don’t know. Deputy Fife said you should stay in Dillon SC with Kim Snyder, Thelma Lou, Aunt Bee, and Helen Crump.

      I think you should go to Heidi’s house in Los Angeles and live with the pool guy, Goober, in the back house. Howard Sprague, Bangkok, Floyd, Otis, Dennis Burke, and Emmet said they will help you move. Nice Guy said he won’t date you.

  • Kris was a “homicide case” we can’t take any chances with anybody connected to NXIVM or anywhere else.

  • Frank
    YOU are a jerk. How is it that YOU contacted the sheriff – sheriff is in training for the week, in another county.
    Secondly- I go where I damn well please, as does Kim & her entire family. What are you stupid ? To have a “restraint” from a state – a crime has to be committed. There are NO crimes on Kim’s record. So, therefore, YOU have once again LIED to your readers. Smooth move, ex lax. YOU stink -!!!!!!
    YOU, however, have crimes on your record, and are being “forced” to stay put- per the article awaiting sentence date. Hmmm!!!!!!!
    How is it that YOU can tell people that YOU are doing a documentary and it is suppose to aire, but NEVER does, and oh, YOU are doing this and that, but oh again, Kim is asked to write ALL of the stories to print for YOUR blog. How is this possible ?
    YOU made Kim’s family believe SO much stuff, and 0 has taken place. Kim has proven her side, with evidence, including Some people who NEVER even knew Kim’s sister, and LIED about it. Light bright. Anybody home ? No, huh?
    As for your question, asking for a list of Kim’s physicians? NO-!!!!!!
    That goes against HIPPA and Kim’s right to privacy. I thought YOU told Kim YOU are involved with the COVID 19 team, to get them “medical help?” YOU should know the medical laws, and understand about a patients “privacy”. Did YOU forget ? Lol 😂.
    I will make sure I sleep good , have a good nights slee.

    • I contacted the sheriff in another county. He said the judge issued a restraining order against Kim and Berries not to enter any county but Dillon SC and Walla Walla Washington.
      He said Kim committed the crime of lying about getting poisoned vitamins. Her lies were so bad Pinocchio got jealous. He said Berries just go back to the zoo before somebody reports you escaped from the primates exhibit.

  • Frank
    We as a family, have proven our case of “lying” from you visiting Kim’s family, and the documents have been done to prove inappropriate medication diagnosing”, and we have also proven that Kim’s family has been de-frauded by YOU. YOU have NOT done part 2 of the movie, and we now understand that it was NEVER going to be done.
    The Restraints are for the “ENTIRE” state of SC- NOT just Dillon. This is to protect KIM, and her entire family, and anyone else YOU attempt to come in contact with in their state.
    YOU, sir, have caused hurt and anger.
    Dillon’s sheriff is very much aware of what has gone on and who you are.
    Have a good day -!!!!!!!

    • Berries says, “The Restraints are for the “ENTIRE” state of SC- NOT just Dillon. This is to protect KIM, and her entire family, and anyone else YOU attempt to come in contact with in their state.”

      Well, it works fine. I got a judge to sign a restraining order barring Kim from going to Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

      As for you, Berries, there is a restraining order for you in all 49 states other than South Carolina. Stay put. The Sheriff told me that if you violate, he will get a restraining order for the entire earth, and you will have to return to the planet of your birth.

  • Frank
    That question posed to Kim about receiving “poison in the mail”, how or where did you gather your info to know anything about mail ? Gee, you give yourself away again.

    How did you know mail? It was brought here to the house in a “mail envelope”, but it did NOT come in the mail.

    Were you part of this mess?

    YOU need to know the doctor was shown this stuff, and Kim got a warning from him, NOT to use it nor to touch it. The next best thing was done, the Sheriff’s office seized it and it is in an evidence bag at the sheriff’s office. Kim kept photos for her physicians and the other medical staff that work closely with her.

    Kim has NOT ever had a paper to see, or anything else.

    Kim and her family have separated from NXIVM and the evil that they contain. I however, have maintained MY protection of this family, and always WILL. I am a STRONG person, and see YOUR evil for what it is.

    Criminal behavior will be punished.

    YOU have a restraining order, preventing YOU from ever coming in to Dillon again, or from coming within 100 yards of Kim and this family.
    Have a good day sir, I myself are going to.

    • Berries said, “YOU need to know the doctor was shown this stuff.”

      What doctor?

      “The Sheriff’s office seized it”

      Wnat Sheriff?

      “YOU have a restraining order, preventing YOU from ever coming in to Dillon again.”

      Is that a city wide restraining order?

  • Frank
    YOU are SO silly- Kim’s phone went off while watching her ONLY SON play football. Reminder- Kim works for a Governmental office, and they are required to answer their phones. BUT YOU already knew this, as YOU traveled to Dillon, just to get information on Kris’ case, and lied to the family about doing a documentary. What a “sour rotten” ball YOU are. YOU took 2 people to a “victims home”, who knew 0 about her.

    Does NOT sound like this was very bright “cherry” to me. It was easy for Kim to prove that one of your travel companions knew and had NEVER seen Kris, at all.

    I tend to think YOU knew about these girls back grounds, and that they were both “lying”. Sick.

    Kim knows how to separate herself from evil now, and from someone who just wanted the attention.

    Frank YOU ought to be ashamed of yourself. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You wrote: “Kim knows how to separate herself from evil now, and from someone who just wanted the attention.”

      So Kim has learned how to have an out of body experience?

  • It’s laughable that Raniere wouldn’t make his appearance until the 3rd day of Vanguard week.

    Narcissist and sociopath to have convinced so many talented and smart people, that he was worthy to be held above all others.

    He’s where he needs to be.

    • Why is the third day significant?

      Jesus rose on the third day (if you believe in Christianity).

      Obvious narcissism.

  • Does Raniere really need to be in a cell 23 hrs/day for 32 days? He’s a creep, vulgar, vile and an abuser, but show mercy.

    • SHU is protected housing for inmates. It is easiest to protect them when they are separated from the general prison population. Solitary confinement is the easiest way to achieve this.

    • Where Mercy is shown Mercy is given. Did Keith show Daniella any mercy? She didn’t even get an hour outside of her room. Did Keith show Camilla mercy and not sexually exploit and rape her as a 15 year old? Did Keith show any of the people that he ruined through harassing litigation any Mercy? Did Keith ever show the mother of his child KK any Mercy? Did Keith ever show his own first child any mercy? Did Keith show Catherine Oxenberg any Mercy or india? Did Keith show any of the families he either attempted to or actually destroyed any mercy? Most importantly Keith is locked up for being in troublemaker within prison. And for his own safety. You don’t even really know if Keith is happier being isolated. You’re just projecting.

    • What if they didn’t lock him up for his safety and he was killed? The dead Enders would be the first in line to sue the prison. Happens all the time. Why can’t adults act like grown ups and not fight?

  • Frank
    You asked me what kind of berry I was ? It takes a “crazy” berry to bring people to a victims home, who know neither the victim, nor the family. It takes a “sour berry” NOT to do his homework, and to make sure people know the case, back & forth- NOT make up “bear shit” to get attention.

  • Frank
    You sure know how to talk to women.
    I am a “sweet berry” when people don’t “f…..” with my family, like you did with Kim, at her son’s 1st football game. She told me “she told YOU, NOT to contact her after 7pm, that was her time with her son. What did YOU do ? YOU horned in any way. How disgusting.
    I am a “sour berry” when YOU “f…..” with my family. YOU have continued to throw the “killer” up in our faces, why? Are YOU his side kick ? He must be your “favorite person?” How crude to mess with victims families and lie and just be a “sour ball” to all women on the planet.
    Congratulations for being a “gentle jerk”.

    • Dingle Berry – I sent Kim an email in response to her email. Sending someone an email is not horning in on a football game.

      I mean, after all, what is Kim doing reading emails instead of watching her kid play?

  • Keith should count his blessings. Tucson is an active city with a vibrant nightlife, great dining and several craft breweries. He is able to live for absolutely no cost in a city that many of us haven’t even seen.

    So he should consider himself to be quite fortunate. From a certain point of view.

    • No it’s a haven for dictators who tried to put several small businesses out business when Covid started.

      I’m not talking about the politicians either, I’m talking about a group of garbage people who live in Tucson who had a Facebook group page to dox, shame and intimidate businesses that didn’t follow their draconian measures they wanted enforced.

      I saw it firsthand on how they tried to destroy people and do you even know how many small businesses are gone now? Tucson is a sewer.

  • Frank, Do you think KR would have been found out and caught if Nicki Clyne didn’t post on Instagram from Mexico? How long do you think it would have taken for him to get caught if not for the stupid post from Nicki? Also is Nicki still in touch with Alison?

    • I do not think Nicki is in touch with Allison. But since they are still legally married – as I understand – they could probably arrange to be in touch with one another.

    • IIRC Moira said on Sarah and Nippy’s “A Little Bit Culty” podcast that the FBI was tracking all of their travel info, which makes sense. My guess is that the FBI was watching their international flights, border crossings, etc and working with Mexican law enforcement to follow them. So NiCki probably didn’t help with the photo, but it was likely coincidental timing.

      The real question, which has been asked here a bazillion times, is why the fuck is she still in this country? Boggles the mind.

  • Frank
    You are SO full of your HERO!!!!! YOU haven’t proven truth to ANY of the families that you’ve messed with. You even messed with a family member, last night, at a game, to throw KR’s name up in her face, about his lonely birthday. That is tacky and uncalled for. Totally.
    Your evil butt is just spewing with praising a stupid assed murderer, a pimp, a seducer, a slut himself.
    Nasty-!!!! Are you that sick, that you have to praise KR ? Really ?

    • Berries – what kind are you? Raspberry. Blueberry. I think you are the wild blackberry found amid the flora on the woodland floor – in bear shit.

      • Typical frank, never answers with the truth.., and only responds with a silly question when he is backed in a truth corner. He can’t speak the truth.

        What happened to truth is always fair?

        • What truth corner? — that an email sent to a person in response that happens to come in her inbox while watching her son play football is somehow intruding on the football game?

          Stupid questions sometimes require silly answers, like when your mother told you she got pregnant by sitting on a public toilet seat, when you asked why no one knows the name of your father.

    • BTW: I’ve answered your misguided comments on Claviger (in the other thread). You’re dead wrong. You’re missing the biggest connections.

      The writing style differences (which you mentioned) are a red herring (to throw imbeciles off the scent).

      If you can’t see my comments yet, it means Frank hasn’t approved them. Have a nice day.

      • I read your comments. Thank you for your service.

        But you make the mistake so many make: you assume that one or two pieces make up the whole puzzle. Your pieces of the puzzle seem to be valid though, and I was not aware of them.

        So, as I said, thank you for your service.

        Keep em comin.

        And if anyone else has any other pieces of the puzzle, feel free to chime in with The Retard and contribute to solving the mystery of “Who is KR Claviger?”


          • Loser? Hardly.

            Alanzo, the inevitable, the astounding, the magnificent, in his own way, is a prophet. He never married and always dated the most powerful and quarrelsome women.

            Claviger is one who, with the help of beer, is able to reach that state of deep understanding in which the reasonable and the unreasonable are one.

        • I’m tired of bickering with Claviger.

          I wish to let bygones be bygones.

          I wish to form an alliance with both Frank and Mr. Claviger.

          I want us all to be allies, friends, comrades and colleagues.

          Oh wait. Maybe that’s not such a good idea.

          Me and Claviger will likely hate each other from now until the day we die.

          He hates me. I hate him. It’s a special kind of relationship.

          But there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that.

          Hating somebody can be a healthy thing, especially if they’re a bona fide asshole (which everybody agrees, he is).

          I honestly think that Claviger once served a useful purpose here. He used to write interesting articles for FR.

          But in his extreme old age, he’s gotten virtually useless —- and I’m not sure that he’s pulling his weight any longer.

          But I would STILL like to extend my hand in friendship to him, if he’s willing to apologize for being such an asshole over the last 4 years.

          If he wishes to apologize from the bottom of his heart (preferably on his knees) —– then I will be happy to hear his pleas.

          I’m a kind and thoughtful person. I’m a forgiving person. Frank knows this about me.

          Have a good day. 🙂

    • Niggerzano!

      It is I! The Great Patriot God, whom you rightfully tremble at! Stop gorging on Ring Dings that only serve to make you more fat!

      Why do you hide from from me and not post up my engagements with you on your nigger-loving blog?! Stop running away and get some balls, you cowardly nigger-loving dog!

      I beseech thee!

      Do you support the true America or the hood?!

      Unguarded thy tongue and prepare for a duel of wits between evil and good!

      Just in case, you have still misunderstood, then don’t be deceived!

      This is a fight of which shall prevail in the country! Either pro-niggerdom or ……….


      ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

      ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY! ✊🏻

      • Alanzo. I’m proud for you, for you too have joined the club. I’m Niggeralato. You’re Niggeranzo. The curious truth about Patriot God is he is black too.

        • “Alanzo. I’m proud for you, for you too have joined the club. I’m Niggeralato. You’re Niggeranzo. The curious truth about Patriot God is he is black too.”

          Dear, Ginzo!

          🤦🏻‍♂️Of course you’d be “proud” for a kike-minded freak like him! What else is new?! 🙄



          • Patriot God, I met your real father when he was fifty-eight years old. He had no money. He lived from hand to mouth. Been through three wars; married four times; the father of countless children whose names he didn’t even know. You were one of them.

      • Sorry PG. Alanzo is turtle-necking you in his shell right now.

        Please leave a message after the beep [Caution: Alanzo is very skittish and fragile. So the sound of the beep on the answering machine may scare him out of his house for a few months and it may take him a while to psychologically recuperate].

    • Omg…really? I havent read fr in many days, please don’t tease. Please oh please oh please oh please tell me he’s gone. How in the hell did that happen, he is franks main squeeze?

    • ALONZO-

      You should tryout boozing it up like NiceGuy!

      You can’t possibly fuck-up your life more than it already is. Maybe, you’ll find a modicum of solace at the bottom a bottle. The prescription mood stabilizers aren’t working anyway – you’ve been acting too crazy as of late.

  • Keith probably asked someone to punch him. The SHU can be a nice break from all of the other inmates. Especially if they want to beat your dumb ass.

    Seriously. Being alone is not a bad thing in prison. Inmates do intentionally get sent to the SHU for all kinds of reasons.

    Keith will file a lawsuit now. Alleging the prison caused the hit. The money will be split with his co conspirator in the “fight”. In their fantasy plot.

    Hey, Frank. Any word on when the “Nxivm movie” Eduardo Aunsuolo promised would be made is finally coming out?

    Not the movie where the dead enders were conned out of over a half a million dollars.

    But the movie that Eduardo swore they would make AFTER that scam. Eduardo Aunsulo Rameriz vowed it would be made.

    Well, where is it Eduardo?

    Rumor has it that Eduardo is particularly motivated to get the movie made because Eduardo knows that it is the only acting job he will ever actually book.

    So Eduardo was telling people it’s a movie about vindicating Keith but really Eduardo just so desperately wants to be in a movie.

    And no casting director is looking for a bigot who “makes animal sounds” and “has long hair”.

    • It wasn’t a “con”. Keith has the best interests of his dead-enders in every word that comes out of his lying mouth.

    • “Keith probably asked someone to punch him. The SHU can be a nice break from all of the other inmates.”

      If I were ever in jail, I would be thrilled to be put in the SHU for some alone time. But I’m an introvert. I get the impression Keith is an extrovert… He never really seemed to enjoy being alone… he actually chose to live with three other people (granted, they were girlfriends) in his small townhome, etc.

  • V-Week was a 10-day “mingling of NXIVM adherents with each other and Raniere.”

    Rumors have appeared here that V-week might also have been an orgy for some, mostly for Raniere. But since he got all the sex he wanted from his harem, was the V-week gathering a chance for him to get sexual tribute from “fresh” women who weren’t based (or debased) in Albany?

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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