Raniere Trapped in SHU for 60 Days, May Transfer to Worst Prison; Elliot Banned

Keith Raniere has challenges.

His most significant concern is whether he will return to the prison life he knew before Adonis Withers punched him on July 26.

That incident sent both men to the Special Housing Unit.

Adonis got out of the SHU and returned to “general population” about three weeks later.

“General population” is a term for prisoners who aren’t segregated from other prisoners. The SHU is where they reside when segregated for disciplinary or protective measures.

Raniere remains in the SHU for his safety, prison officials say.

According to BOP documents:

“On August 15, 2022, Incident Report No. 365523 was expunged. However, [Raniere] remains in the Special Housing Unit at USP Tucson in administrative detention status (non-punitive) pending placement into general population or other suitable housing.”

Raniere should be concerned with the last four words:

“or other suitable housing.”

Other than returning to general population, the options appear to be to remain in the SHU or transfer to another prison.

According to BOP policy § 541.29

Staff verification of need for protection.

If a staff investigation verifies your need for placement in the SHU as a protection case, you may remain in the SHU or be transferred to another institution where your status as a protection case may not be necessary, at the Warden’s discretion.”

In the SHU, Raniere remains in his cell for 23 hours per day and gets out for one hour for exercise. The exercise takes place in a small room where he can move a little.

He has gotten out of his cell four times to speak with lawyers for between one and two hours. He has had nine legal visits, which allowed him to walk to a room to see his lawyers.

His legal visits are for his lawsuit against the BOP.

He is suing the people who will decide how long he stays in the SHU.

Prison visits:

7/29/2022 Stacy Scheff
8/5/2022 Stacy Scheff Gregory Stoltz
8/12/2022 Gregory Stoltz
8/22/2022 Stacy Scheff
8/24/2022 Gregory Stoltz
8/29/2022 Stacy Scheff
9/6/2022 Stacy Scheff
9/14/2022 Gregory Stoltz

The BOP has taken an active role in removing NXIVM visitors to Raniere.

The BOP removed Nicki Clyne from his list of approved visitors on July 22, 2021.

The reason cited was a telephone infraction.

The BOP removed Chakravorty because he did not know Raniere before his incarceration.


The BOP removed Danielle Roberts on January 7, 2022.

The BOP wrote:

“Danielle Roberts is a former associate of NXIVM who has been removed from Plaintiff’s visiting list due to her extensive involvement with NXIVM…. She was removed ‘for safety and security of institution.'”

The BOP did not make any allegations of wrongdoing on Roberts’ part.

Last month, the BOP removed Marc Elliot from the list of approved visitors.

He has had “extensive involvement with NXIVM.”

Elliot moved from out of state to Tuscon this summer.

FR has information that the BOP removed another former NXIVM member from the approved visitors’ list in September.

The BOP did permit Suneel to have a two-hour phone conversation with Raniere on June 19, 2022.

The BOP deemed it a legal call.

This was on the eve of Raniere’s pro se filing in connection with his Rule 33 motion.

In that motion, Raniere alleged he had newly discovered evidence of the FBI tampering with evidence used at his trial.

Suneel is his power of attorney.

Raniere finds himself in a perilous place.

Will the BOP decide he can re-enter the general population at Tucson?

The BOP has broad discretion. His fate is in the hands of the officials he is suing.

If BOP officials wanted to retaliate against him, he has put them in a position to do so.

Judges rarely second-guess prison officials’ decisions about the safety of prisons.

The BOP can make an argument for caution.

Prison officials may be held responsible if someone attacked Raniere in general population.

If Raniere is killed, some will invoke the names of Jeffrey Epstein or Whitey Bulgar.

On August 10, 2019, guards found Epstein unresponsive in his Metropolitan Correctional Center. The cause of death was officially listed as suicide, but many believe he was assassinated.  

Whitey Bulger, who was in a wheelchair, was beaten to death by inmates on October 30, 2018, within hours of his arrival at Hazelton prison. There are many who believe Bulgar was silenced. 

They will allege the BOP permitted Raniere’s assassination to prevent disclosures.

Raniere lived in general population at MDC from April 2018 until December 2020 – more than two years.

Raniere lived in general population at Tuscon from January 21, 2021, until July 26, 2022.

This appears to be Raniere’s intake photo at USP Tucson. It is the latest known photo of Raniere.

He did a stint in the SHU last year, lasting about 90 days.

As for the transfer, there is no other maximum security facility safer than Tucson. USP Tucson operates to provide safety for sex offenders.

Sex offenders, particularly child sex offenders, are targets in prisons with maximum security.

Tuscon houses such as he, so they would not have to live their lives in protective custody in the SHU.

The BOP may assign him to another prison.

Would Colorado’s Supermax be a possibility?

That facility specializes in SHU.

When an inmate arrives, they reportedly spend three years in solitary confinement.

Because of his crimes and sentence length, it is unknown if the BOP could place him in a mid or low-security prison.

Clare Bronfman moved from max security to low security earlier this year.

NXIVM watchers understand that the dancing outside the MDC was innocuous. So was the offer of coffee and donuts.

The prison takes a much more guarded view.

Raniere created a reputation for himself in Tucson with his lawsuits.

This will prompt officials to err on the side of caution. Even if they do not have one retaliatory bone in their collective bodies.

Meanwhile, Raniere remains in a cell for 23 hours per day. Is this Raniere’s future for the rest of his life?

For more information:

Click to access Document-31-Response-To-Motion-For-Leave-To-Amend-Complaint-2022.09.23.pdf


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  • Frank
    You just proved KR is your HERO- YOU just told the world he must loved and forgiven. This was ALL about KR and NEVER the victims or the families. YOU just caught in your own LIE – !!!!!!!!
    Thanks for showing us who YOU truly are and your ways –
    Liar, LIAR – LIAR –

    • Zebra, you’re a dear friend, and I must tell you, God bless you, God has given you the way you look. Do not be ashamed of it. When you were born, you probably hit the wall.

      Zebra who, when she was born, God ran out of clay and made her face trick-or-treat.

    • We were at Lake Arrowhead. That was six years ago. Your rich boyfriend had a cabin there. It was winter and very cold. Your boyfriend was very sick with pneumonia. You were his nurse.

      There were just the three of us in the cabin. One night I got up and went into your boyfriend’s room. He was delirious with fever. All the bed covers were on the floor and the windows were wide open.

      You weren’t in the room. I ran and covered him up as quickly as I could. Just then I heard
      a door open behind me. You stood there. You didn’t say a word, but there was a look in your eyes I’ll never forget.

      Two days later, your boyfriend was dead. How much did you inherit?

        • It all began last May. Around the end of May, it was. I’d been out to Glendale to write a story on cults. On the way back, I remembered this cult leader near Los Feliz Boulevard.

          So I drove over there. It was one of those California Spanish houses… everyone was nuts about 10 or 15 years ago. This one must’ve cost somebody about $3 million. [to be continued]

  • Hi everybody it’s me, Scotty Johnson!

    I’ve recently had an epiphany in regards to Jeffery Epstein!

    Did you know Jeffery Epstein is like the famed Daddy Warbucks from the musical “Annie”.

    Daddy Warbucks and Epstein helped out impoverished girls financially. Both men were benevolent philanthropists!

    The only difference is
    Daddy Warbucks only banged one girl(Annie) at the orphanage and Jeffery Epstein banged all of them.

    Sometimes you gotta take the good with the bed!


  • Are you pursuing any of the visitor logs, call records & call recordings for Clare’s prison visitors? Those all should be available through open records requests. That would make for some interesting reading/listening!

  • Frank
    You have NO right to talk to me in this manner- who gave you that right?
    You just gave me what I need to prove that you love ❤️ KR – YOU are his HERO. Wow- you rock -oh, or should I say, “You need to return to your rock that YOU crawled out from under ?

  • Aloha Frank! Just here to say Mahalo nui (thank you very much) 4 Your Keith Raniere work! Too much suffering. Never do this because I am older by 1 yr so young man? You got guts & appreciation sent!

    • Keith must be forgiven every day. He must be loved. He might also take a shower more often.

      Mahalo nui loa, Adele. Right now, Keith is in solitary, and he may end up spending the rest of his life there.

  • Kieth Raniere Colorado SuperMax bound!

    Celebrity Super Criminals:

    1. El Chapo, leader of Sinola Cartel.

    2. Terry Nichols, Oklahoma bomber.

    3. Bobby Hanson, Soviet Spy

    4. Ramsi Yousef, 1993 NYC Bombing

    5. Ted Kaczynski, Unabomber

    6. Michael Swango, Doctor Death

    7. Dzhokhar, Boston Bomber

    8. Mamdouh Salim, Al-Qaida

    9. Richard Reid, Shoe Bomber

    10. Dwight York, Pedophile Cult Leader

    11. Eric Rudolf, Olympic Bomber

    12. Anthony Casso, Mafia Boss

    I wonder where Kieth will rank.

    Kieth can’t get an appeal if he’s dead. LMAO!

    Bob Denver

  • Frank
    You are taunting the victims & their victims. YOU want someone to feel sorry for this killer. Why? To gain attention ?
    Is he your best friend ? Is that why you have lied to us for so long ? I believe it is.
    Keith is your drug of choice- your HERO !!!!!!!!
    How rude!!!!! You both deserve each other –
    Good luck!!!!!!

    • What the hell are you doing commenting here, Zebra? Get back home where you belong, and help Grandma cook me some supper.

    • Yes Zebra, you nailed it. Say it louder and more often. Just ignore his juvenile responses…he’s got nuttin else.

      Frank is a hypocrite of the highest order….it’s all for profit. It’s a family legacy.

      *****For those of you new here, the emperor has no clothes.****

      • It’s nice to see you reconciled with Zebra. I was worried the two of you were going to break up permanently. She took a shower, just like you asked. And you were going to change your adult diapers more frequently. Compromise. That’s the way.

        I’m proud of you both.

      • Hi Damon!

        You’re a freakin loony tune.

        Not to many men can say, they attempted to talk their wives out of
        receiving cancer treatments; because it’s wasn’t moral. Right? Ain’t that you? You sick fuck!

        “The emperor has no cloths.”

        …..And you, Damon, ain’t gotta pot to piss in.

        You can’t even afford to shop at the Salvation Army.

        You’re broke-ass bitch!

        LMFAO @ you!

        I wonder what your kid will think when he Googles you:
        “My father wanted to let my mother die” and
        “my dad worshiped a guy named Vanguard who had magical cum.”

        You’ve been a shining example of what a child should never aspire to…

        ….Being a shitbird, craven, degenerate, toady, loser.

        Congrats toolbag!

  • Once again, Raniere proves he is a lair
    He had made a statement he wasn’t able to speak to his lawyers while in the SHU
    The BOP stated he was met with them 17+ hours between phone and in person meeting
    Most prisoners can’t afford 17 hour of legal fees in this short of a time span
    Since Raniere bills are being paid Clare Bronfman, he doesn’t have to think twice about how much money he is spending

    According to his own technology Rational Inquire, he didn’t earn that money himself. He is being gifted that money
    1. It has to be lowering his self-esteem with every penny he is spending in legal bill
    2. Doesn’t he have to pay taxes on that money? If so, poor guy will never get the IRS off his back
    3. It gives the other prisoners any reason to dislike him
    4. Because he uses lawsuits when he doesn’t get his way, it gives the BOP another reason to not like the guy.

  • “ The BOP may assign him to another prison. ”

    MAY assign him??

    The world MAY end today…have you kissed your ass goodbye yet?

    Classic Frankie , using one thread to create a blanket.

  • How is it possible that former members/co-conspirators that were members of a disbanded criminal organization are allowed to meet and continue whatever they are doing?
    Where I live, it is a criminal offense when former members of a disbanded criminal organization meet in public or in private. This was done to fight mafia and biker structures, but would apply to stuff like NXIVM/ESP as well.

  • ‘The dead-enders will get their vanguard killed. And then blame the BOP’

    I think as you point out, he is the command and control of the deadenders shenanigans. Imo, he has nothing to lose so this could well be Suicide by BOP. and I’m sure he’d like those living free to cop some grave discomfort along the way.

    It would certainly cost Claire Bronfman a lot less if KR were a Martyr – she’d just be left with some one off costs for commemorative items: posters, mugs, t-shirts etc. to add to the long term admin costs of all the marvellous enterprises set up by the nxium deadenders – and their living expenses, ofcourse.

    A possible 30 or so years of back-to-back legal bills for Raniere would surely impact even Claire’s great wealth?
    Is Sara still chipping in?

  • Just like photos of the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, ghosts and UFOs, Keith’s latest photo must have been taken on a potato cam! Squarefoot is real!

  • Why doesn’t the inmate who assaulted Raniere get sent to Colorado?

    Sounds like lots of excuses to punish and retaliate because Raniere is exercising his legal rights.

    Our government doesn’t like that.

    And what’s the alleged problem with Marc Elliott? Why is he eliminated? Silencing Raniere.

    I’m glad his legal counsel is being paid. Most don’t have a penny to exercise constitutional rights. Let his case expose the barbaric and sadistic nature of our prisons. It’s all for profit.

  • Colorado Supermax puts inmates in solitary for three years?

    We are a barbaric society if this is true. We are torturing our fellow man. Taking of freedom and liberty is enough. To subject them to torturous, inhumane circumstances like the SHU for days on end – or years- is criminal.

    And no accountability or oversight. Psychopaths running the prisons.

    • You need to get yourself at least one cauterised brand sans anaesthesia, anywhere on your rear exit, be forced to stay inside one room for two consecutive years then we’ll let you open your mouth even without being asked anything. Okay?

      P.S. For the brand you can use your mother’s initials before marriage.

  • Not the worst prison; that would be him being transferred to any prison in Russia. Perhaps we could arrange that?! Whatcha think?

    • Vladimir Putin just granted CIA whistle blower Edward Snowden full Russian citizenship.
      Three cheers for Vladimir Putin.
      Oleg Gazmanov Forward, Russia!

      • Shadow – what the hell does that comment have to do with Raniere? Well, I guess it does indirectly. But aren’t there some who think Snowden is a hero?

        • Snowden spoke out because he couldn’t live with the knowledge America was spying on it’s own people on a massive scale.

          He found refuge in one of the most oppressive totalitarian countries in the world, with rapidly deteriorating peoples rights.

          Snowden is a hypocrite.

          • Snowden made us aware of something about our government. Something we should know about. He paid a price for it.

            What did you ever do but be an anonymous coward and get jealous of your betters?

          • — Snowden spoke out because he couldn’t live with the knowledge America was spying on it’s own people on a massive scale.

            Well, this is illegal. America is a government by the people for the people, and if those who are elected to power do not adhere to the dictates of the Constitution — the highest law of the land — they are technically engaging in sedition. “National security interests” is an umbrella term that can be used to engage in secrecy and is ripe for exploitation and conspiracy by those who can hide under it.

            — He found refuge in one of the most oppressive totalitarian countries in the world, with rapidly deteriorating peoples rights.

            Do you believe everything said from the enemy of someone about that someone?

            — Snowden is a hypocrite.

            Where do you suppose he should’ve sought refuge if the most powerful country in the world could easily extradite him from all but a few of them, Russia being one of them?

      • Great! Now he can (and will) be drafted into the Russian army and go straight to the frontline in Ukraine.
        Any secrets he knew about the intelligence agency he worked for he has shared by now with his newfound Russian friends, that you can be certain of. So now that he’s no longer useful to them he get’s a passport and off he goes to the frontline.

  • The truth is that much less is really known then every interested party thinks that they know.

    BOP conducts extensive interviews throughout the prison population when there are incidents of violence. They have people who will inform. They will suss out motives. Needs. Inter prison commerce. Relationships. Beefs. These are CRIMINALS. They are ALWAYS up to shit.

    It wasn’t “innocuous” for women to dance provocatively in front of a men’s detention center. How could ANYONE be so stupid to think it so?

    It’s not safe for Keith’s slave women to clandestinely communicate with sex offenders who are incarcerated.

    What happens if one gets out?

    And wants to “talk” in person?

    Or they send an associate on the outside to visit one of the women?

    It’s not safe to lie to the BOP. For themselves. For the prison employees. Or Keith. Or other visitors.

    Vanguard had these women that he controls visiting. Calling. Lying. Accepting collect calls from other inmates.. Emailing. Writing. Passing messages and talking on the phone with other inmates to whom Keith gives “use my female slave privilleges”

    Again… these men are sex offenders. In prison. Talking to women. Maybe for the first time in years? But not all the inmates. Just some if them. Sounds fair to the other inmates… Right?

    Maybe this inmate will get jealous of that one. Maybe one inmate will have a misunderstanding with Keith. An inmate could be mad that Keith is NOT having women accept calls him. Maybe Keith gets one inmates friend in trouble. He decides to retaliate on his friends behalf.

    You see all the possibilities of where this can go wrong?

    That’s just the surface scenarios. The obvious problems.

    The dead-enders are IDIOTS.

    The dead-enders will get their vanguard killed.

    And then blame the BOP.

    • Ahem
      The innocuous dancing & donuts was not done at a sex offender prison though, in case you didn’t know that already.

      • It was done in front of a men’s lockup at a Detention Center. It was not innocuous..

        Keith and his power of attorney (LOL) discussed making sure the dancing was erotic and specifically recruiting women. You know, just a typical conversation one has with their power of attorney. LOL

        If you believe that men who are being held in a Detention Center are not aroused, gratified, and entertained by watching women grovel around in shorts than you are either totally naive or completely stupid.

        Either way, there is no point in trying to show you reality. Men who aren’t locked up pay to watch women do that kind of grinding and bumping.

        • So they got what they might pay for, for free. Is that so bad?

          I don’t see what harm it did to prisoners. They got to see a couple of women dance and gyrate and do handstands. And think of what it would be like to be free.

          If they could see the dancers, they could look out their window and see other women walking down the street, some in their summer shorts. So what harm was there?

          Were there incidents of violence because five or six women danced? Were there reports of psychological trauma because they danced?

          Was there a prison break? Did men try to escape to dance with the women?

          Who did it hurt, exactly?

          On the other hand, at MDC there were two weeks without heat, in the dead of winter.

          • It does cause problems. That’s why there’s a strict dress code for all visitors.

            Inmates will openly masturbate when they see a female jail employee just doing their work.

            Keith was showing off his slaves.

            Everything in prison is commerce and transaction. Nobody does any favors for free.

            Passing messages for Keith has a price you can count on it.

            Keith sees these human beings as a resource to exploit to exploit. Cause a disturbance inside. Or up his status and trade for favors. That should disgust you if they are truly your friends.

            But maybe these slave women see giving prisoners jackoff material as “fighting the criminal justice system”?

            After all they spent years supplying Keith with on demand porn for his spank bank and fresh meat for vanguard”d bed.

            It’s a dangerous, gross game Keith is playing with his slave women.

            Keith’s gonna get one of his fellow rapists all worked up with no one but vanguard to turn their frustration onto.

          • I used to know a family of Greeks. And when I saw the Make Justice Blind dancers, I thought “that’s the way they dance in the old country.”

            But as I was photographing the dancing at MDC a prisoner was openly standing under the light in his cell performing his onanistic enterprise.

          • “Was there a prison break?
            Who did it hurt, exactly?”

            BOP in its reply to Raniere’s frivolous complaint explained all this, so there’s really no need for these questions. Prison authorities are responsible for preserving “good order” in their institution. The dancing escapade had the potential to sow disorder. (Let’s be real here, that was Raniere’s intent. To stir things up)

            Prison officials are also responsible for taking action *before* things get out of hand and before anyone gets hurt.

            The women dancing outside the men’s prison was intended to be disruptive. It succeeded in only a very minor way.

            The FR has run pictures of men gathering at the prison windows to stare at the dancers. Another problem for the guards to have to deal with.

            Raniere was responsible for that problem. Using his outside contacts with members of his former criminal racket.

            Was it a big problem? No. Prison officials weren’t going to let it become a big problem.

            Like so many things Raniere organized, the thing fizzled.

            This time it backfired on him quicker than most. He’s not in charge now. He ain’t that bright, he’s not going to fool the prison officials. He’s sure as hell not going to intimidate them. He’s nobody now. And every trick this guy tries they’ve seen a thousand times before.

            The FR can take Raniere’s side and call prison discipline “retaliation” if it so pleases. It don’t fool me.

            Raniere is just another clown in an inmate jumpsuit. A loser and a wannabe troublemaker. A criminal in a penitentiary where he belongs, sent there by a jury of his peers after a trial in open court in a democratic country.

            He’s in a nice modern prison in pleasant Sun Belt Tucson. He’s got a bed, three meals a day, showers, clean clothes, access to books, and protection from other inmates that he evidently has ticked off.

            This ain’t the Siberian Gulag.

            The FR is now once again predicting that poor Keith will be sent to the Colorado Supermax. Just as it predicted when poor Keith was sentenced. Let’s see if the FR is wrong again.

          • I disagree Frank. Getting everybody inside riled up and exited is not good. It tends to disturb the equilibrium in the prison. Sowing the seeds for trouble…..

          • Also MDC houses female as well as male detainees, no?

            And all there have yet to be convicted of anything whilst awaiting trail! NO?

          • In addition to housing male inmates who are awaiting trial or sentencing, MDC also houses female inmates with similar statuses.

            MDC also houses a group of already convicted and sentenced male inmates who are generally serving shorter sentences – or who are nearing the end of a long-term sentence. These are referred to as “Cadres” or “Cadre Inmates” – and their primary function in being at MDC is to supply cheap labor to help run the institution.

          • K.R. Claviger-

            I sincerely hope you are going to start writing some articles.

            At any rate, I’m glad to see back.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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