Raniere From SHU: ‘I am Actually Innocent;’ Junco Is Out to Kill Me & 19 Streaks Were Real!

Keith Raniere

In another important missive from the SHU in USP Tucson, Keith Alan Raniere called out to the public and the authorities to prevent his death and dispute the lies he says the warden told about Raniere’s placement in a cage with 19 handmade streaks of feces on the wall and two piles on the floor.

But before we get to Raniere, let us quote from the emails of Raniere’s attorney, Stacy Scheff and the BOP attorney, Denise Faulk disputing the 19 streaks.

Dear Denise,
Mr. Raniere reports that he is still in the SHU, and has been housed with an intersex prisoner with mental illness. He says that he was put in a room covered with feces for four hours.
Stacy Scheff


The BOP attorney responded.

The Bureau is not aware of a situation in which Raniere was in a room covered in feces for four hours. The Bureau adheres to strict policies regarding health and sanitation of inmate quarters, both in general population and SHU. Additionally, there are no security concerns regarding Raniere’s current housing.
Denise Ann Faulk 

On top of the fight over the truth behind the 19 streaks, which we now learn were hand drawn  streaks, of feces, Raniere claims Alejandro Junco de la Vega (born August 28, 1948), a wealthy Mexican newspaper publisher, was out to imprison and kill him.

Junco is known for developing one of the largest and most powerful newspaper consortia in Latin America. His daughter, Rosa Laura Junco, was one of Keith Raniere’s first line slaves.

DOS First-Line Slaves with their master in the middle.

Now let us hear directly from Raniere.

By Keith Raniere

I believe it is necessary to make this statement due to new information relating to my potential transfer (which I believe is retaliatory and improper) from USP Tucson.

I was told today, by my unit team, I am recommended for transfer.

I am innocent of these charges: I believe the legal term is “actually innocent.” Please see this link to a press conference by Alan Dershowitz and other bipartisan credible sources:

As noted in the press conference, these charges were brought against me using an unprecedented, historical, level of government malfeasance and outright crime.

A billionaire media mogul from Mexico, who is well-known to me [Junco] (whose daughter was a leader in my organization), vowed to spend and do whatever was necessary to put me in prison for the rest of my life – and likely have me killed.

Here I am.

As an innocent person, I am particularly aware of the improper, and dishonest, things done to me as a prisoner. Although I am a peace activist, and led a peace movement in Mexico, I never imagined the inhumane and abusive conditions, and culture, in our American prisons.

I am concerned that as a prisoner, my words may not be considered reliable. Please consider what I say. I will try to provide ways of obtaining corroboration.

I have heard the B.O.P. has denied that my cell-mate and myself were held in a room with pungent, human feces smeared on the walls (19 hand strokes) and on the floor, for 4 hours, and forced therein to eat our lunch. The Warden, SIA, and others specifically executed this.

This denial [by the warden through their attorney] is a verifiable lie. It is not only retaliatory, it is malicious and deplorable. If we are allowed to depose Drs. Hermasillo and Poleski [prison psychologists], I believe they will not lie.

Also there are video cameras that recorded the period of time during which this happened. There are also numerous officers who passed by the holding cell. What does it mean that the B.O.P. would lie about such a thing?

Unfortunately, because of his outright lies and deceit, from above the Warden, nationally and downward, I write this knowing there is an active effort to cover-up, and to lessen accountability by deceiving and also shipping me out.

With a little effort and precision – even with just the above incident and it’s denial – the court will see the direct, bad-faith, dishonest of some high-level people within the B.O.P.

Shipping me from USP Tucson, away from my attorneys, in a physically painful, potentially torturous process, into another potentially more dangerous environment foreign to me, is what is traditionally done by B.O.P. to silence and/or punish inmates. Please do not let me be silenced or shipped.

Keeping me in the S.H.U., or placing me in a different unit is another form of retaliation and silencing.

Please have the B.O.P. return me to my normal unit, C-1, as soon as possible. When one is held in the S.H.U., as I am now, it is supposed to be substantially similar to being in general population (GP).

Certainly, this would mean my attorney visits, and even personal visitation, would be virtually identical to being in GP. This is absolutely not the case. Simple questioning of B.O.P. officials, and my attorneys, along with B.O.P. video footage, will establish what I say.

My concern is they will ship me before any of this can happen. Please do not allow this.

Toni Fly

As one demonstration of how the B.O.P. creates and sets up retaliatory, punitive, and/or dangerous situations, examine my current cell-mate placement: Toni Fly is a known hermaphrodite. She has filed 75 PREA complaints on other inmates and also many on staff. B.O.P. claims she is very violent and mentally unstable.

B.O.P. records will show she has threatened to kill any sex-offender cell-mate with whom she is celled. I am convicted as a sex-offender. I am also said to be a sex cult leader and a threat to women. Immediately before we became cell-mates, she was raped, brought to the hospital, then put on suicide watch. She came directly from suicide watch to my cell. Why would USP Tucson house a violent, 75+ PREA, vulnerable to rape, vowed to kill sex-offenders, with me, an alleged sex-offender, cult leader, abuser of vulnerable women? Why was Whitey Bulger sent to an active yard? The sad answer is: planned harm.

Another point of note: my cell-mate is the only known USP Tucson inmate with female genitalia (as reported by both B.O.P. reports and imates) Imagine having that in an institution with many, many male rapists and sex offenders. Yet the B.O.P. refuses to transfer her to a female facility, or to house her single-celled as multiple B.O.P. doctors having directly recommended.

There are many other verifiable maladies: Medical, S.H.U., restraint chair, theft, rape and death that can be shown. All of them highlight a defective, broken, dishonest system that needs to be addressed.

My unit team informed me my transfer is because of too much legal activities: calls and visits. I average less than 1 visit (2-3 hours) and 1 call (1 to 2 hours) per week.

Months ago, I was cleared by S.I.S., D.H.O, and S.H.U. to go back to G.P. but mysteriously, my case was “rerouted.’ After almost 4 months in the S.H.U. I am being shipped. As wrongful and inappropriate as this transfer is, it is also illustrative: the B.O.P. will do almost anything to protect itself, cover-up it’s misdeeds and abuses, and do so with impunity. Let’s start to stop this now.

Please have them return me to my old unit in G.P., not ship me. Also be sure they provide a safe environment for I have witnessed, even in my own case, inmates who, working with certain officers cause problems and serious injuries to those the B.O.P. (or officers) would silence.

Don’t let me be silenced. Please have the B.O.P. keep me here, in GP, in my old unit, safely, so I can earn my freedom and demonstrate my actual innocence in the larger context.

I am innocent, please let me not be silenced.


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    It’s a Small World After All
    It’s a Small World After All!

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  • College Pak Maryland is a suburb of Washington DC and the home of the University of Maryland. ShadowState1958

    Democrat Maryland Mayor Arrested on 56 Child Porn-Related Charges
    The mayor of College Park, Maryland, Patrick Wojahn, was arrested Thursday on 56 child pornography possession and distribution charges.

    The 47-year gay Democrat faces 40 counts of possession of exploitative child material and 16 counts of distribution of exploitative child material, a press release from the Prince George’s County Police Department (PGPD) said.

    The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children first alerted the department that a social media account operating within the county was distributing “suspected child pornography” on February 17, according to the PGPD.

    Through an investigation, authorities determined that the account belonged to the sitting mayor. On February 28, the PGPD executed a search warrant at his home in College Park, seizing “multiple cell phones, a storage device, a tablet and a computer.”

    • “College Pak Maryland is a suburb of Washington DC and the home of the University of Maryland. ShadowState1958”

      Are you saying you live in Maryland?

    • Nothing will happen to the guy. He has the right politics, belongs to an identity group, and his victims aren’t women in their 20s and 30s who had to endure the horror of transcribing a video for a dead friend’s memorial service.

      • But Pam Cafrutz wasn’t their “friend”. Pam was Keith’s longtime companion and procurer of underage girls. Pam may have been a friend to some of the other women in ESP. But not a significant friend of the slaves who are blackmailed into transcribing. Which is a whole other layer of creepy and b*******. Why wouldn’t people who were really close to the person be the ones transcribing and doing the work for her memorial?

  • Keith is experiencing a mental breakdown, still not understanding that he’ll be locked up until he dies. He is utterly incapable of accepting his role in illegal activities and the destruction of many, many lives, so in order for his mind to square what is happening, he finds conspiracy theories to latch on to.

    How would Keith feel if Toni Fly were cellmates with his neighbor? Would it be ‘retaliation’ to THAT prisoner? Fly has to go somewhere, what makes Keith feel so special that Fly shouldn’t be in HIS cell? Oh. Right. The ‘Vanguard’ thing.

    Keith is a prisoner, like all the rest. He’s EARNED his cell, and he continues to earn it with his holier-than-thou attitude and lack of remorse. No amount of word salad and feigning victimhood changes this fact.

    • Nah. Keith understands very well the illegal stuff he ordered and did. He just can’t accept the fact that he was caught and everything was taken away from him because he’s an arrogant douchebag who thought he was always smarter than the other guy. Now he’s latching onto anything that he thinks can free him, whether it be conspiracy theories, injustice in his mind, other principled movements he really doesn’t give a shit about, etc., as the last desperate gasps of a man who sees his future in a 10×10 (or whatever) cell for the rest of his life.

  • Woot Woot, Murdaugh was convicted in 3 hours. We’ll see how long he get’s. But it’s gotta make the Reniere’s people feel better that it took them longer to decide his fate. Guilty is as guilty does though. And Karma is a Beyotch.

  • I have to say it’s pretty hilarious imagining Raniere stuck in that cell with a paranoid transgender. How does he talk with a man who fancies little girls, but is morbidly afraid all grown men want to rape him/her?!

    If Raniere acts coyly, he might sexually excite Flys desire to dominate, but if he acts like a grown man, he might trigger his alleged fear?

    You know Fly is in there swishing around crying out and demanding Keith’s attention. It’s got to be hard to keep a poker face.

    Love to be a “fly” on that wall.

    What a “shit show”.

    All puns intended. 🤪

  • RE Kieth Raniere’s Junco Conspiracy Theory Claim:

    Raniere most likely “believes” this latest claim. I believe he’s suffering from paranoia and self-delusion from his stay in the SHU.

    He has now been in the SHU for over 200 days. His roommate this entire time has been a very mentally ill, delusional man. Raniere has been stuck in a 6×8 cell 23hrs a day with a madman.

    How can it not impair Raniere’s or anyone else’s mental health?

    Raniere has to be suffering some mental malady.
    I do not pity Raniere. I do think that even a monster should only be tortured for so long.

    • They should let him out of the SHU. They are laughing their asses off while he is in there with Fly. They literally have nothing better to do. Much like we have nothing better than to comment. People all need connections. What Keith did was so vile. He was going to get worse if he wasn’t locked up. He’s delusional whilst in prison, he’s the same when he’s free..free to violate basic treasures in humanity , to manipulate , seduce and brainwash.. fair to say he’s a roomba. He was really going to spew his slickery goop on many more insecure chumps 👋

    • Toni Fly will be free in a year or so – free to enter any Target, buy all the tampons he wants, eat at chick-fil-a, join ‘we are as one’ or ‘make justice blind’ free as a little transgender bird.

      This must rankle with keith who likes to punish for minor transgressions: bit of weight here, saying or looking the wrong way there, all the while overlooking the fact of running a gross Racketeering cult on slave labour and stolen money.
      From 25 slaves in his inner circle to 19 streaks of shit in his cell. Viva Executive Success.

      • Why does Fly need tampons? Even if they have surgically removed his manhood and installed a vagina, he lacks ovaries. So no bleeding and no tampons are required.

        • its some sort of Cargo fetish type thing: waving a tampon around = Just the same as having a uterus.

          just as – wearing a ballgown and doing extreme contouring with your Nars pallette = living exactly as a woman in society.

          Keep up Stevenj! its a brand new world outhere! If you are a straight man, stop chasing after mere chest feeders and their irrelevant wombs and embrace these new real women and their lady-sticks! and their coveted Barbie pouches! Its the law!

          • NFW- exactly.. Can’t imagine what its going to be like in a century.

            Soon it’s going to be so easy to get an artificial baby, men wont need women for anything. Men will become women. The uterus is going to be obsolete. The bond between child and mother will be a thing of the past. The chaos has accelerated and is increasing.

        • You’ve just committed an act of stupidity, Steven. Religion says you “don’t question, you trust!”

  • Shivani, Orange County Dreams, and Natashka, I hope all is well.

    We longtime commenters miss you all!

      • She was great! I didn’t appreciate her humor or wit at first – then when I got it she always made me laugh.

        • I never got her politics but her prose was uncanny good.
          I hope you always have plenty of laughs NiceGuy – sliante!

          • NFW-
            Her Prose was uncanny good – most definitely.

            It’s actually difficult to write like that. I tried it.

            Take it easy brother!

          • Brother? wow, so, generously offering random bro’s something from my little bottle of Gonadotrophins in the mens room while flashing my cufflinks is working?! I just wish my husband was as accepting as you Niceguy!

          • That reminds me of the time when I said to a woman on an Amway camping trip You know from the top of the hill I thought you were a man. And the anyway distributer’s wife said well the point is how do I look from the bottom?

      • We miss Peachy and Mexican Lady to!

        I believe Mexican Lady has a message to Frank….

        …..Fuck off!

  • https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/triangle-of-sadness-movie-review-2022

    This movie, the Triangle of Sadness reminds me of how ridiculous the wealthy privileged behave, but when the power shift changed, due to a ship wreck, suddenly the la dee dah had no idea how to cope. And the servants then, held the reigns.

    Keith is such an imposter. So are all the wanna bees who signed up for it.

    Life is so easy to figure out.
    Be tough, don’t care what others think about your image. Just be honest, decent and humble. Don’t let anyone sucker you into their drama.

    Give to those in need. It is then that we find just how much we have to be grateful for.

  • Keith Raniere could convince extremely powerful, educated, wealthy people to follow his lead; give him their money, connections and sex, but he can’t get a long with one sexually confused twit?

    Clearly all the life skills he (and his minions ) claimed could change the world, only worked in a privileged, isolated bubble.

    • Triangle of Sadness? as in the Östlund film? Its not out here yet and I cant wait to see it. Loved Avalanche and
      The Square is something else – truly a headfck.

  • One would think that the smartest man and the east coast judo champion could word salad his way to the top of the TSU Tucson inmate food chain , oh coin toss Florence or Marion either way it’s a big karma bite.

  • “ I am innocent please let me not be silenced”

    Who does he think he is? Nelson Mandela?

    Does he actually think that whining about his conviction is going to help him get out of the chocolate swirl Shu?

    • Mandela has been invoked in the past I think. So similar. The way the entire leadership of the ANC went out each day and broke rocks with the gen pop, taught and served the best interests of both prisoners and wardens – really highlights the similarity between Mandela on Robben Island and Raniere in the Tucson Shu. Couldn’t get a Rizla paper between them.

  • News from the Jerusalem Post
    Cleveland rabbi sentenced to prison for soliciting underage sex
    Among those who testified on Stephen Weiss’ behalf in a bid for leniency was a prominent rabbi in the Conservative movement.
    A Cleveland-area rabbi was sentenced to six months in prison on Monday for soliciting underage sex, capping a sad and shocking saga for the area’s Jewish community.

    Among those who testified on Stephen Weiss’ behalf in a bid for leniency was a prominent rabbi in the Conservative movement.

    Weiss, formerly senior rabbi at B’nai Jeshurun Congregation in Pepper Pike, was sentenced for the crimes of attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and possessing criminal tools. He had been arrested and charged after a sting operation last April and pleaded guilty to the two felony charges in January. Weiss, 61, will be required to register as a sex offender for 25 years.

    • If one of the children he solicited for sex had read and interpreted a journal article for him, would they have added 119 and a half years to his sentence.

      Starting to sink in yet guys? That this whole thing has nothing to do with sex crimes or keeping people safe? That if it did, all of these other weirdos would be facing similar punishments?

      • Do we care? You dance with the Devil, expect to get burned. Raniere knew the game he was playing. He knew the system was corrupt, but he joined in the corruption. That he now wants to call foul for a corrupt system that has targeted him and expect things to change is so laughable. You deadenders are playing a deadend game.

      • Seems like you have a blast Kevin making light of sex crimes against children. Sex trafficking. Rape. And asking more of your stupid fake questions

      • Oh Kevin, seriously???!! Sorry, this is beyond laughable, even by your standards. People like Nicki are living proof of how dangerous this man is/was. Going around like glazed-over automatons drooling over their erstwhile master like the ‘sicko’phants they’ve become.

        Just tell me this, Kevin: why can’t Nicki, Marc, Michele, Linda, Daniella, Dr Porter, or any other Deadender, take any kind of stance on any issue outside of NXIVM and Keith Raniere? Or would that be an abuse of “rational inquiry”?

        Would you agree that women are inferior, dishonest, untrustworthy, and genetically and evolutionarily predisposed to subservient roles? Because that’s what Raniere taught. And that’s what Nicki believes because I’ve seen it first hand on her Twitter page. And you know what, Kevin? She blocked me (hence the moniker), not because I was ever disrespectful or rude, but because she was scared of the truth, and she was too frightened to answer legitimate questions or to debate real issues.

        And that, Kevin, is why people like Raniere deserve to be locked up for a very long time. Not for fucking other people’s bodies, but for fucking their minds and their futures. I realize you don’t see it that way, but given what I’ve just said, how possibly could you? And it’s not because these people are not intelligent. Many are, including Nicki. It’s because they have lost the ability to independently question things and express their own unique opinions. They’ve become slaves of themselves and IMO the principal victims.

  • Unfortunately jails and prisons house the criminally insane. The certifiably insane should be housed in units that treat serious mental illness, but they don’t all that well, so it’s a cluster f&ck of deranged, deviant behaviors. Seeing feces smeared on the walls is actually fairly common.

    Instead of focusing on the poop stains, Raniere should just be focused on getting out of the hole.

    The more he whines about his alleged innocence, the more they are going to want to teach him a lesson. A lesson he very clearly refuses to get.

    That lesson is “ you can’t get away with exploiting children and vulnerable women by raping them, branding them and serious mind control”

    He still has no remorse. He still sees himself as the victim.

    Even though he is not getting out of there, it is true that these institutions don’t rehabilitate criminals.

    Someone could get time for being a drug addict and by the time they get out, they’ll have learned how to have a criminal mind, just to survive.

    The system is horrible. But Keith Raniere is a good example of why the prison system does treat guys like him this way. He just doesn’t want to accept accountability for his crimes.

    • jails and prisons house the criminally insane. H. Lowes

      Like Allison Mack — Shadow State 1958

      • She will find a way to achieve the ultimate revenge; rebuilding her life, without any thought to what people outside of her circle think or say about her.

        • Yeah it’s not really moving on if it’s Revenge. Seems like if you were really interested in Allison’s well-being you would just want her to move on and be happy. Not driven by some big Revenge fantasy. That sounds like more of Kevin’s agenda and wishes. Really doubt Allison wants you as her spokesperson. Have you ever asked yourself why you feel so comfortable as a self-appointed spokesperson for a woman you haven’t spoken to in decades allegedly? Weird as f***

        • That’s correct, Kevin. Allison will do so for being a low life dog, just like Raniere treated her.

          In fact, she’s ranking well below a dog’s level, hence most house pets receive authentic respect while she’s been trreated like an unimportant object. Truth is that is what she is!!

  • “Toni Fly is a known hermaphrodite”

    I believe a hermaphrodite is a creature with both male and female reproductive organs, e.g. ovo-testicular disorder of sexual differentiation.

    The correct term is transgender woman, but surely the smartest man in the world knows that?

      • I believe that’s what Peter said. The correct term for that is hermaphrodite – as in the Greek Goddess??! Duh!

  • Biden LAUGHS When Confronted About Mother Who Lost Sons To Fentanyl, BLAMES TRUMP For Border Crisis

  • Why is Keith revealing all of Toni’s personal business and medical information?

    People in prison don’t love gossiping little cult leader snitches.

    Someone should become Toni’s pen pal and get their side of the story.

    Just don’t get caught passing messages thru other inmates to Nicki like Vanguard.

  • Raniere:

    It does not behoove one to pick a fight with a media billionaire who buys ink by the barrel.
    Latino men are insanely protective of their women, their daughters and grand daughters in particular.


    • if some maggot like Keith harmed my daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt or cousin, I would not mind if the perpetrator ended up in a little cell, decorated with feces.

      Men, REAL men are SUPPOSED to protect the women in their community, not exploit them.

      What Raniere did was vicious, cunning and evil.

      He was on his way to make an actual DUNGEON (?!) to torture women.

      I do not understand how these grown women allowed themselves to get caught up in this. They are all sick and twisted too. I don’t completely understand why they are not considered accomplices in this cult.

      What I can’t tolerate is that minors were subjected to this evil.

      I can’t help but wonder if there is even more child trafficking that was never documented. Mexico is infamously known as one of the biggest human trafficking meccas in the world. Keith was working with high officials who might have been part of some very shady dealings. The last thing they’d ever want is for some pompous punk like Keith Raniere to bring them down too.

      I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like to be Raniere, a total sociopath..
      But all things considered, he should consider himself lucky he hasn’t been “ Epsteined”.

      And this ding dong claims to be a peace maker? He claimed he could “ change the world”(?!) but he can’t even help one hermaphrodite?

      He thinks it’s okay to torture all those women and CHILDREN in the name of his pursuit to change the world, but doesn’t think that he should be tortured?

      He is a monster 👹

    • Not to mention that he didn’t want any of his daughters “ collateral” exposed. Love to see what naughty stuff she was up to. Me thinks that none of us are privy to how deep this really went.

    • Latino men you say, then there’s Camilla, Danielle and Mariana’s father Hector who goes against this rule in a big way!

  • I despise this creep – and his “disciples”. That said, if only half his reports about the conditions in a US penitentiary are true (and he’s far from the first to speak) then the USA should hang its head in shame. But we’ve all been exposed to enough information about the US penal system to know it stinks far worse than a cell full of shit.
    Whilst I’m here, his surname is correctly pronounced RAN EE AIR. Not the infuriating RANEERY.

  • – Keith should have had Rosa Laura keylogger up her dad’s computer.

    – Prison is no joke. Conspiring to send people to prison is a shitty thing to do. So bad that karma will getcha.

    – Of ALLLL the horrible things Keith implies have been done to him in order to send his innocent ass to prison, why does he fixate on the 19 streeks and two piles? (It devalues the alleged and insinuated other stuff, my dear Vanguard. You should have paid better attention in class.)

    • Nutjob-

      How was Kieth in danger from the 19 streaks and 2 piles?

      I contend that Keith was always safe inside his cage within his cell.
      The poop is not ambulatory.

  • Alejandro Junco de la Vega must have found out Keith wanted Alejandro’s very young granddaughter as the next “Virgin Sucessor”.

    A creepy cult leader in his 40s who has branded his initials on your daughter’s pubis and wants Rosa Laura to “give Keith ” your granddaughter to molest is quite upsetting.

  • Daniella’s many, many letters asking to be set free when she was confined in isolation for almost 2 years on Keith’s orders are much more compelling.

    And better written.

      • So powerful. After I watched the episode about her I was like everyone needs to go to jail. Karen, Krysten K, and Lauren too. Your master is taking your punishment for you.
        And the Dossier Project was like, well maybe she deserved to be in the room, she was “stealing.” She didn’t, but Keith is right where needs to be. And seeming quite a bit more sane the she sounded like she was. At least he has someone to talk to (at) if he wants. And after almost a year, his worries of danger from Toni seem unfounded. Frankly, I’m more concerned about Toni!

        • I agree these dames were accomplices. They volunteered the collateral! They volunteered their own money to join and stay. They volunteered their own time! All the adults involved should be held accountable for the choices they made. What Raniere did was fowl okay ? Of course he was the mastermind, but these broads were completely loco. Who in their right mind lets anyone call them a slave? Who turns over secret shit about yourself like that and doesn’t see the boomerang?

          • They were all under the coercive control of the cult, so nothing was voluntary. Collateral was designed to be used as blackmail to keep everyone in line. Once coercive control is established it’s incredibly hard to break. There are
            a number of books on the subject that could help you understand the difficulty of leaving a cult.

        • https://www.vice.com/en/article/evy58a/i-was-gone-from-the-world-and-nobody-noticed-one-womans-story-of-being-trapped-by-nxivm

          She was the real victim here, but other, wealthier adult members became the poster-child “martyrs “?

          It’s not to say that what the adult members went through was okay, but this girl didht, couldn’t choose anything because she was a minor.

          The minute NXVIUM leaders asked these people for collateral, they were being told that it was shady and dangerous. How could educated people claim otherwise?

          What am I missing?

    • If her confinement was so bad, why was her primary abuser dismissed from the civil suit?

      Maybe that’s a better question for the lead plaintiffs.

      • I believe you’re referring to Lauren? The answer to that’s quite obvious – there’s a great song by Pink Floyd called ‘Us and Them’, very pertinent to what’s going on in Ukraine at the moment. There are always 2 sides. We just have to try to make sure we’re on the right one.

      • Questionss to be asked by a lawyer.

        An attorney who is working on this civil case would make the most sense. But they’re not gonna cave to the petulant demands of ” Kevin”

        Expecting people on a blog, who are not directly in this civil case to answer questions of a legal nature in a particular civil suit is an exercise in futility.

        Those decisions (whether they are made by plaintiffs, defendants or their legal teams) are their choices to make and understandably would be kept private.

        There’s no entitlement for “Kevin” who SAYS they used to work with Allison Mack over 20 years ago and bears enormous ill-will toward the plaintiffs to be kept in the legal loop.


        That’s such an outrageous and silly of an ask by “Kevin”.

  • “Another point of note: my cell-mate is the only known USP Tucson inmate with female genitalia (as reported by both B.O.P. reports and inmates)”

    He doesn’t say if he checked personally.

    What is Keith complaining about anyway? Get Fly on a diet and let her grow out her pubes and he’s good to go!

    It’s the only “pussy” he’s going to get…….

  • Now we are learning for the first time that the 19 streaks and two piles were pungent. Why wasn’t this brought up earlier? Clare should reduce Scheff’s fee for this “material omission.”

  • Love the party line of attorney Denise Falk- they’re not aware of any concerns and have no concerns.
    Nor will they be investigating any concerns… but now… not ever.
    And even if Raniere dies tomorrow, there will be no concerns. This is America. Constitutional rights are non existent.

    • You deadenders crack me up, Dovi.

      Please keep coming here and whining. It is fun to watch.

      I’m going to make some popcorn now. Please tell me more about how unjustly your Vantard is being treated in prison.

      • OMFG! Have you seen their vids lol. (Dossier project)
        “Are Women Infantilized in West”. Women willingly signed up to be slaves asking about infantilization?? Saying they wouldn’t have been apart of it if Keith wasn’t “apart of it.”
        “What went wrong” where they talk about everyone else’s mistakes and only think THEIR mistakes are the ones that don’t keep this farce going forever, sorority with a man at the top, woot woot!! Should have had signed CONTRACTS!
        They are like “we were there for 2 years” but we were really “just learning” and it was “all a process and we made mistakes.” Were you all ready to send your slaves for the seduction assignment with no questions???
        Danielle Roberts lost her medical license, the whole front of end of learning for 20 years down the drain for this man, and she wants to tell you how to manage and make decisions, unbelievable.
        And people praise them in their comments. Oh, they are so strong for not testifying and putting themselves in any real jeopardy to help him.

        • CultObsessed


          What is more infantilizing than having to photograph your food and ask someone permission to eat?

          The dossier Project loyalists are so arrogant and lost. Don’t know if they’re still on the extreme calorie restriction diet but most of them seem kind of dumb too. Their brains might be starved?

          • There are definitely no geniuses in that group, that’s for sure. They tie themselves in mental knots trying to justify what they can’t omit. Their arguments always have huge gaps of events in them.
            “No one was ever threatened with the release of their collateral.” Vero Jaspeado said very convincingly she was and she was one of the first ones to leave because of it. Crickets.
            Ok, well then what about the release of Sarah’s branding. “We didn’t do that, someone is Mexico did”. It doesn’t matter if you personally didn’t do it, it was done, and it apparently could have been done to any of you. They don’t care.
            “We all had a good experience with Keith and everyone else changed their story.” Yeah, that’s how cults work. They have you living in a fog, and when you get out, and re-examine, the story changes because you can now see through the mist. They will forever, arrogant, and proudly stay in the fog.
            (Thank you for letting me rant)

  • In one of my rare return visits, I see Raniere has learned how to beg. I highly doubt it will be effective, since it’s probably as honest as anything else he has done in life.

  • “Please see this link to a press conference by Alan Dershowitz and other bipartisan credible sources:”


    This guy is a total ass-clown. Did he also remind them that the Dalai Lama was also once a “credible source” for him too?

    “Bought” as one with the amount of a $2 million check from the Bronfman sister idiots? Did he show them a video of the white sash the Dalai put over him? I wonder how much Dershowitz got paid for his tremendous support of “ifs”?

    High profile lawyers get paid millions to defend guilty as fuck clients. Dumb celebrities are bought and paid for to lend credence to products. Who cares?


  • So Raniere doesn’t like his roommate. Too bad. What does he think this is, a college dorm?

    I like the way he calls everyone from the warden to the AG a liar and corrupt, then asks “please return me to C1”, his general housing unit. Raniere really needs to learn how to speak to people.

    Actually Fly and Raniere have much in common, they’re both chronic complainers. Fly has filed what, 75 allegations of abuse? Who has more, him or Raniere?

    I love the way Raniere contradicts himself. Claims he’s being held incommunicado yet admits he has 3-5 hours per week of meetings and phone calls with his various legal teams. This for a guy whose final appeal has lost in court and whose various lawsuits have already been dismissed. He’s out of legal options yet is still being granted up to five hours per week of legal consultations! Seems pretty damn generous to me.

    Raniere is making himself a pain in the arse. He could get away with that when he was head of the NXIVM cult but he’s in prison now, an inmate. Time to adapt, to learn a little humility. Ask, don’t demand.

    But then Raniere always was an asshole. Only difference is, now he’s not getting away with it.

    So boo-hoo, Keith. Cry me a river.

  • Why would Toni Fly (also known as William Anthony Fly and listed under Registry Number: 18658-023) risk anything that would jeopardize her release on 09/08/2025? Ms Fly certainly wants to enjoy her freedom in the foreseeable future. And the 09/08/2025 date is motivation enough, unlike Keith. By the way, Toni Fly is listed as male at the BOP.

  • Keith thinks he doesn’t belong in this shithole prison cell. He would rather be in his library or sex lair with his sex slaves and not with Toni Fly. The time when Keith’s wishes miraculously came true is now over for him, which is unfortunate for him. Now he has to submit to the wishes of others, which he doesn’t like at all. And why doesn’t he have a hot tub anymore, which he misses so much, or why can’t he wear his hideous tracksuits or volleyball outfit that he loved to wear. It’s all a very big loss for him. He especially misses his concert grand piano, too, and that he can no longer play the piano at a concert level. Why doesn’t anyone understand this, and why doesn’t anyone help him get it all back.

    • This is the problem with ungrateful people, which Raniere is and also much more, e.g., liar, narcissist, abuser, groomer, statutory rapist, conman, etc., just an overall asshole. They take and take and take, never displaying an inkling of gratitude for what they have. So “Fate” finally says “Enough is enough. Fuck you.” And takes everything away from them. Raniere had plenty of time to turn back, but he’s a greedy, entitled, arrogant fuck, and so now he has the opposite of all the things he used to have.

  • The solution to Keith’s troubles are simple:

    The United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum Facility (USP Florence ADMAX), commonly known as ADX Florence.

    He will be very safe and secure there.

  • “I am innocent, I am innocent”. Why did he not put on a defense at trial? Even if we believe what he says about the hard drive, coming to light later. He had so many charges outside the Camilla photos. Where was his defense? Where was he ever fighting these charges? Does any expert have any justification for why he chose not to defend himself?

  • Let us not forget Keith’s plans to lure his ex Barbara and Susan Dones I believe to Mexico to be arrested and imprisoned. I do not want to see Keith killed in prison but it appears what he accuses others of, he has in fact done himself. Also he says the FBI planted child photos on his hard drive, he did this to someone else and had them imprisoned. He had powerful people in his pocket due to Bronfman’s power and money. There’s been so much corruption he has been involved in and now he is in shock he is in this predicament but this is entirely of is own making.

  • So it’s not the FBI?

    It’s Rosa Laura Junco’s daddy?

    Or is daddy Junco working with the FBI?

    And Moira.

    And Camilla.

    And the dozens of others.

    Or is it EVERY one?

    Just EVERY single person v. Raniere?

    • Eight billion people against just one, namely Raniere. Simply unfair. Unbelievable. He is the underdog and not the alpha male. He must have imagined the whole thing differently.

    • It’s allways a billionaire that’s after him. First it was Edgar Bronfman, Clare’s father, now it’s Roda Lauro Junco’s father. Boring.

    • It’s possible to believe that he could be guilty of crimes and also believe that the people who prosecuted him cheated. Both of things could be true at the same time.

      The problem is that if they cheated to get a guilty man, it means they also cheat to get innocent people. Which is why so many people need to believe there was no tampering or foul play.

      • Kevin it’s Saturday don’t you usually go to the laundromat so you can find other men’s dirty drawers and compare the stains of their bodily fluids? LOL God you’re f****** creepy

      • You are quite correct Kevin. It is certainly possible to believe that Raniere could be guilty of crimes and also believe that the people who prosecuted him cheated. However, it is equally possible to believe that he is guilty of crimes and also believe that the people who prosecuted him did not cheat.

        Whether they cheated or not is something that we may never know. Do I think the FBI or any other agency should be above the law? No. To change the system requires Congressional agreement. That doesn’t look likely any time soon. Just ask yourself honestly why that is.

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