Keith Raniere Attacked; Sent to SHU – Prison Record Released

According to a source at USP Tucson, an inmate attacked Keith Alan Raniere. Raniere was “sucker punched,” according to our source.  He was not badly injured.

The attack lasted only seconds.

Guards came and Raniere was sent to the SHU, along with, reportedly, the other inmate.

The incident occurred following the recent rerun of TNT’s The Heiress and the Sex Cult on TV at the prison. The one-hour show featured the history of Clare Bronfman.

Susan Dones, Maja Miljkovic, Sarah Berman, Kristin Keeffe, and I also appeared.

I served as a consulting producer on the show.

The inmates watched the episode with interest, since one of their own, Raniere, was featured in it.

Within hours, an inmate attacked Raniere.

Raniere is serving a 120-year sentence for racketeering conspiracy, racketeering, forced labor conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, sex trafficking conspiracy, sex trafficking, and attempted sex trafficking. His projected release date is June 27, 2120. He will be 160 if he lives that long.

Raniere arrived at USP Tucson on January 21, 2021.

Lawsuit Against BOP May Be Dismissed

On May 5, 2022, Raniere filed a lawsuit alleging the BOP was interfering with legal calls and preventing him from speaking to his power of attorney, Suneel Chakravorty.

USP Tucson
 The BOP seeks to dismiss the lawsuit. They claim Raniere failed to use the BOP’s Administrative Remedies Program before filing the lawsuit.The Prison Litigation Reform Act requires prisoners to use administrative remedies before suing, 

In their filings, the BOP shows Raniere knew about administrative remedies. He had recourse to them when he had a disciplinary matter in 2021.

The prison alleged Raniere used inmate Timothy Brooks’ email and phone account to send messages to Nicki Clyne.

Raniere told officials, “I suggested he contact her, because she runs an inmate program and her information on a DNA site.”

The prison found Raniere committed the prohibited act of “use of email and phone for abuses other than criminal activity.”

Raniere does not have email privileges.


Brooks emailed Clyne, writing, “Anytime you need to get word to Keith, you can contact me. Just be discreet, and maybe we can call him K-dog, that keeps everything out of The Man’s face and me kosher.”

Brooks also wrote to Clyne, “K-dog say see you Sat.”

Clyne visited Raniere on weekends, before the BOP suspended her as a Raniere contact.

Raniere stated to the BOP that he didn’t know he could not have another inmate contact Clyne.

No criminal conduct was discovered in their communications. 

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  • Are there any online sources where “The Heiress and The Cult” can be watched by people who don’t watch TV? 🤔

  • I watched the “Heiress and the Cult”, and it occurs to me that Clare Bronfman was such an excellent mark because Raniere recreated a subtle dichotomy programmed into her life from her earliest days. Frank mentions how Clare revealed the crimes of her grandfather and father, to establish their criminal empire, but Clare was the recipient of only the good, the money and benefits. Her reality was that regardless of the source of the money, great good came of it’s use – especially by her father in helping disenfranchised Jews worldwide. That mindset, would be easy to harness by teachings about the ends justifying the means.

    I believe it made it possible to manipulate her into committing ethically bad practices like torturing with litigation and bankrupting people for the “greater good” of protecting Keith Raniere and the Nxivm construct.

    Interesting catch. And from an emotional standpoint, she may never be able to separate the good from the bad with Raniere because just like her father she is the beneficiary of both.

  • Vanguard’s attitude readjustment time will be longer than the average inmate’s. It will be amusing to watch him continue to attempt to play his games with the professionals. Respect is the key, and he’ll never understand that. His tiny brain is stuck in DOS mode.

  • Im so happy for your big win in court Mr Parlato. Too bad about Vanguard. I can visualize the scene. Inmates crowded around the tv in their smelly prison uniforms watching what Keith did to woman and children. I bet the whole incident spread like wild fire.

  • I was watching a YT video interview of Rick Ross on a podcast concerning NXIVM/Raniere, and he mentioned that the government found a checking account with $9 million in it.

    So much for the BS that Raniere has nothing more than a townhome/and or Glazer is could only be seeking damages just from the Bronfmans. Nicki Clyne also supposedly has no money but she had no problems making trips back and forth to see her master boyfriend in prison. I think all of these remaining cult people are just straight up liars.

    • I think it was $8 million, and if I guess correctly, it was the Pam Cafritz money left to Raniere. That money is tied up with several competing parties including the IRS in line to get at it. Maybe Glazer will wind up with a share of it for his clients.

    • Yeah, Nicki Clyne also has a camera man following her all day making little videos of herself. The money is coming from somewhere. Could it be hush money…hmmm….

  • Trumps lawyer said that if the FBI finds something incriminating in the seized items, it was planted there by the FBI. Sounds familiar?

  • Vladimir Putin 🇷🇺
    15 h
    Russia Warns USA and UK
    Russian analyst: If something happens to the #Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, one missile will leave for #Washington & one for #London
    “Americans think its a joke”

  • Look at all the cruel pieces of shit here on the Frank Report who take a person who has already been imprisoned under incredibly harsh circumstances, and who want more harm and punishment placed upon him in ever increasing pain.

    No punishment is good enough for you. You always want more –

    As long as it’s not you.

    The Frank Report comment section is a shithole of dumbass sadists.

    Cruelty is all you want. Justice is way beyond your blind, retarded brains.

    It’s fortunate for all of us that none of you have any power to do anything in the real world.

    You all deserve to be stuck right here, wallowing in your own vicious, hateful pig shit.

    Thanks, Frank, for letting me say what I really think.


    • Alanzo,
      Instead of perpetually disgusting yourself here, you need to ask the Bureau of Prisons to grant you permission to become Raniere’s scrotum scrubber! Why deprive yourself of any residual hope to be physically present when the blue light materialises every week??

      Makes no sense to many of us why you are inflicting so much trauma upon yourself 🤔😐😑🙁😳

    • Oh Alan,
      You are so funny
      You really need to take a few laxative
      Raniere has gotten everything he deserves
      He brings it upon himself by his crazy behavior
      If he could only follow a few simple rules He’d never of gotten himself in the SHU
      Let alone arrested in the the first place
      It’s not that hard to live a law abiding lifestyle

    • “You all deserve to be stuck right here, wallowing in your own vicious, hateful pig shit.”

      Says the person who is on here every f*cking day spouting the same bullsh*t on every article. You would think 16 years under the thumb of a cult would motivate you to log off and go enjoy life…but here you are…

    • Cry some more alanzo.
      If the Frank Report comment section is a shithole of dumbass sadists, why don’t you leave? Crawl back under your dirty rock and leave the thinking to adults who aren’t brainwashed.

      Once you leave, the comment section will be clean.

  • Seems like a lot of ethical breaches. KR has homework to do in order to fix this. Oh and Thanks for adding the BOP report!

  • Sucker punched, was he? HA!

    …There’s a sucker born every minute, eh, Keith?

    SHU Fly, don’t bother me, shu fly don’t bother me…💃

    • Keith Raniere should be used as a punching bag. Real ones don’t exist in prison except for ones like Raniere. And he’s guaranteed not to hit back unless you’re a woman or girl or recognizably significantly weaker than he is. Raniere is a punching bag. He’s there to be kicked and punched. The more often that happens, the sooner he’ll be transferred out of Tucson to another prison.

  • I can tell you from experience. There is easy time or hard time.

    Raniere has chosen the latter. A true moron until the last.

    We had POS like him in Devins. At 3 in the morning, the COs would come to their cells. Tell them to come with them straight to the SHU.

    Then at 6am, a CO would tell the Orderly to pack the inmate out. In minutes after the Orderly stole anything he wanted, all the prisoner’s crap, now in garbage bags, would be impounded.

    The inmate would then cool his jets in the SHU for anywhere from 30 days to 9 months.

    When the prison administration decides to transfer a recalcitrant prisoner to another location, the prisoner is only told he is being transferred for “security reasons.” He isn’t told where he’s going or when he’s leaving..

    From what I saw in my 5 years in Devins, that is Raniere’s fate. The trip by multiple buses or a plane can take months. In the end, depending on where he is sent {Bloody Beaumont, Misery Mountain, Death Camp Alanta}, he might not last a week.

    I was in the SHU for medical isolation many times. Finally, at the end of my sentence, I was in the SHU for 4 months for ‘Covid Isolation’

    I was lucky I would get out for Chemo or RFA, but believe me, you need a strong mind to make it in the SHU. Being extremely ill doesn’t help either.

    I hope Frank never has to go through it

    John Tighe
    Former Federal inmate.

    • Bloody Beaumont, Misery Mountain, Death Camp Alanta sound like high-proof cocktails I’ve never tried or tasted. Someone should ask Nicki, who is an acclaimed bartender, how to mix and serve these drinks, whether with a sugar rim, crushed ice or cherry.

    • John – do you feel SHU is cruel and unusual and should be abolished? It seems unnecessarily torturous to me, but perhaps for some inmates it is necessary. Do they never let you out, what about like a shower or something? What happens in there, can you get to your attorney, or have any rights at all?

      And are you suggesting they are moving keith to a different prison possibly, for permanent?

      • The SHU is inhumane and is meant to me. For very ill inmates it’s the only place they can be isolated for compromised immune systems. Same when you are scheduled to leave for treatment. Each time I was sent to Beth Israel for cancer treatments. I would be unceremonious taken to the SHU about 8pm for a morning trip. Strip searched, given an orange jumpsuit and thrown in a punishment cell. Then you go through the reverse in the morning than to R&D another search and a travel uniform. The purpose is so you can’t tell anyone that you are outside the prison. They are always worried about escapes

        Then two CO’s one armed put you in a Prison Van for an hour ride. You are in leg and hand shackles. On the return you are taken back to R&D strip searched and given your uniform back and then you walk back to your unit. After a round of Chemo its exhausting. Then that night you still stand for count and all the bullshit. I did this over a hundred time. In all I was also a patient chained to a bed for a total of 30 days in Beth Israel. Many inmates just refuse to go for a “Trip” and die. Their choice.

        When I was assaulted by a Neo-Nazi gangbanger {Unforgiven prison gang}. I spent 60 days in SHU “pending investigation”. Luckily my attacker was a murderer and threatened to kill the CO’s. After 60 days I was cleared. Although my jaw was broken I had headbutted him and he was bleeding, and my hands were swollen and bloody from punching back. But even in Prison you have a right to self-defense.

        So, is the SHU cruel? Of course, it is. But many inmates deserve to be there… The problem is many don’t. Especially the ill.
        The place is cold, dark and small. Many inmates scream all-day. Some turn to self-harm. Bang their head on the walls, eat their shit. You get little sleep, cold food and almost no contact with family.

        John Tighe
        Fromer Federal inmate

    • Couldn’t agree more John
      Keith Raniere is making his life hard on himself by his own behavior
      He turns around & blames everyone else for what is happening as if someone else is making life hard on him

      Total Narcissist

  • Look at that dumb schmuck Keith. Great choice of top photo Frank. Vanguard the goofball cult leader Criminal.

    Frank, any word on how someone like Mariana who is the mother of Keith’s child feels about Squeaky Clyne visiting Keith and talking to him by phone constantly?

    Well they’re not communicating so much anymore LOL.

    Maybe Mariana narrced out Keith and squeaky Clyne?

    It’s really got to suck when your baby daddy won’t commit to just you even while he’s in prison hahaha

  • Wonder what pissed the inmate off about the show that he would punch Raniere

    Maybe Raniere was bragging about how he got all the money from Sara & Clare and all his women even the 15 year old virgin

  • Nicki Clyne and others seem to have fallen so far down the rabbit hole. They seem to have zero self awareness. It is a combination of wilful ignorance and self preservation. To accept the obvious i.e Keith was a master manipulator interested only in sexual gratification and adulation. Could be mentally devastating for them

  • The Discipline Hearing Officer Report is worth reading in full.

    It seems the BOP is on to Raniere’s games. He’s been caught in multiple violations of prisoner communications restrictions and they’re done. He will not be allowed to operate his bedraggled cult from behind bars. Clyne is referred to as his unindicted co-conspirator. They’re wise to her too.

    Not much gets past the people in charge at USP Tucson. Good.

    I think this knocks down any allegations of poor Vanguard being victimized by prison authorities. Every stunt in solitary, every reduction of privileges, every restriction on communication has been richly deserved by miscreant Raniere.

    They’ve caught him in lie after lie after lie. He’s a chronic complainer and a discipline problem. He has brought all of his prison woes upon himself.

    • He thinks he can achieve something with it, he has enough time to spend his time breaking rules and complaining about it. Unfortunately, he will not achieve anything, except that the sanctions will be stricter and stricter. Until the bitter end …

  • From Britain’s Telegraph newspaper
    Donald Trump video released after FBI raid on Mar A Lago
    Donald Trump hints at running for president again with campaign-style video

  • Surprise, Surprise: Judge Who Approved FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago Once Represented Jeffrey Epstein Employees
    Judge Bruce Reinhart represented several Epstein employees in 2008, including his “Lolita Express” pilots, his scheduler Sarah Kellen, and Nadia Marcinkova, Epstein’s so-called “Yugoslavian sex slave.”
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    Embed from Getty Images
    Reinhart had resigned from the South Florida US Attorney’s Office in 2008 to represent Epstein’s employees, and in 2011, was accused of violating Justice Department policies by leveraging inside information about Epstein’s investigation to curry favor with the billionaire pedophile.

    Reinhart responded to the accusations, insisting that he never represented Epstein himself, but refused to disclose who was paying him to represent his employees.

    “Even assuming I had participated ‘personally and substantially’ in the Epstein investigation [which I did not], the relevant Department of Justice regulations only prohibited me from communicating with, or appearing before, the United States on behalf of Mr. Epstein,” told the Miami Herald.

    Kellen and Marcinkova were among Epstein’s top associates who were granted immunity as part of a questionable cushy 2007 deal with federal prosecutors that granted Epstein the ability to plead to state rather than federal charges, which resulted in his serving 13 months at a county jail – during which he was allowed to periodically leave – instead of doing hard prison time.

    Epstein was found dead in his Manhattan cell under mysterious circumstances in 2019 while awaiting trial for sex trafficking children.

    Jeffrey Epstein dead in apparent suicide
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    Notably, Reinhart also twice donated to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008 totaling $2,000.

    During his 12 years as a federal prosecutor, Reinhart “managed a docket that covered the full spectrum of federal crimes, including narcotics, violent crimes, public corruption, financial frauds, child pornography and immigration,” the Post reported.

    Two warrant applications given to Reinhart on Monday for the raid on Mar-a-Lago remain sealed, and another search warrant handed to him on Friday is also sealed.

    Trump confirmed the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago residence on Monday, calling it a “weaponization of the Justice System, and an attack by Radical Left Democrats who desperately don’t want me to run for President in 2024.”

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    FBI was reportedly searching his property for boxes of classified documents that the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) claimed in February they found after Trump took from the White House upon leaving office on January 20, 2021.

    Earlier this year, Trump pushed back on NARA’s accusation, claiming “The National Archives did not ‘find’ anything, they were given, upon request, Presidential Records in an ordinary and routine process to ensure the preservation of my legacy and in accordance with the Presidential Records Act,” adding that Democrats “are in search of their next Scam.”

    Trump raid linked to DOJ, National Archives probe into classified docs a…
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    The raid on former President Trump’s private residence at Mar-a-Lago was connected to records Trump allegedly to…

    Trump, as president, has wide authority to declassify documents.

    • On the flip side: Trump took 15 boxes of government documents, that is illegal to do even if unclassified, and apparently lied about returning them all.

    • Haha! Knock, knock. Who’s there? The fucking FBI, that’s who’s there! A 100 of them. Get your popcorn, it’s going to be fun seeing T-rump go down. Just like that other afterbirth, Alex Jones, where Shadow gets his “information” from.

    • Welll… Christopher Wray is the Director of the FBI. Trump nominated him in 2017 and every Republican in the Senate approved it. So go complain to them.

      • Ice-9,


        Total mike-drop moment!

        Hope all is well Ice-man!!!

        FU Shadow! Go bury your head in the sand or a [redacted] bare-back-monkey

  • I love how Raniere, the world’s smartest man(tm), says that he never heard of the rule that he couldn’t use other people’s emails to communicate with restricted people. It’s undoubtedly in the prison handbook that each inmate is issued when they arrive and which he signed for to acknowledge that he received it. The BOP can thus prove by his signature that he had a copy of the rules, and if he chose not to familiarize himself with them, that’s on him. Result: his case gets tossed quickly.

    Raniere is far from the first criminal to try to argue that he didn’t know what he was doing was against the rules. BOP has seen it all before and prepared accordingly. It’s amusing to see that genius avails him nothing when confronting an experienced bureaucracy with 200 years of institutional knowledge of prisoner bullshit.

  • Being forced to do something or being forced to endure something like pain, etc., must be quite familiar to Nicki, as she has learned such things from Raniere for decades and the methods used to get others to endure or do things they don’t want to do themselves. Actively forcing others to do something has its appeal somehow, doesn’t it …? Nicki should think before she muses on Twitter trivial to herself and others read something like that.

    Nicki Clyne
    12 h
    I was actually forced to watched it at BSG (re) boot camp. They did have great hair, I’ll give you that

  • Completely transparent b****** from Keith. If he talks to Nikki several times a day and sees Nicki for 12 hours at a time every time they have a prison visiting window – why the f*** would Keith need somebody to tell Nicki, “lHey I’ll see you Saturday” ?

    Absolutely ridiculous.

    Even the fellow prisoner who is playing messenger go between for the loyal slave and grandmaster knows that the rules are being broken and clearly states it.

    This is just Keith who likes to break rules when he doesn’t even need to. It’s just Keith trying to showi in a tiny, immature way that he’s still in charge! hahaha at least in his own mind.

    It’s more surprising that it took Keith this long to get punched then that somebody punched him.

    Blaming it on a TV show is weak though.

    Not long ago on Frank report there were a post alluding to the fact that notoriety was enhancing Keith’s reputation within sex offender prison.

    Frank was implying that the guards and the prisoners looked up to Keith and his women dominating ways. That Keith was tan and fit and living his best life surrounded by friends in sex offender prison.

    Now readers know that was yet another lie.

    But the most egregious part is that (once again) Nicki Clyne has gotten a prisoner in trouble while claiming to be a prison rights advocate.

    The idea that Nicki Clyne runs any kind of reputable National program for prisoners is beyond laughable

    It’s hard to even address that ludicrous assertion.

    The DNA thing… Frank, you got to give us more on that! Come on. Is Nicki Clyne running a DNA lab now and exonerating people? Hahaha

    Seriously though more likely Keith got punched in the face for claiming that his really important well respected friend in prison advocacy was going to free a fellow prisoner and after watching that program they realized how full of s*** Keith was and the dead Enders too. That would be really Soul crushing if you had hung your hopes on freedom with those losers. And no one likes to feel stupid.

  • Nicki is not a cook, but could certainly help with recipes for a vegan cookbook, especially the DOS recipes would be interesting for the Frank Report. Note: Nicki has probably developed a preference for hot sauces from her time with Raniere. See ingredients below.

    Nicki Clyne [Twitter]

    I’m not a cook, but I make stuff! ☀️🌱✨Eating vegan is now easier than ever, and delicious too. Just Egg is made mostly from mung bean and tastes better than real eggs, in my humble opinion. Let me know whatcha think!! Details ⬇️

    – onion 🧅
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    – orange pepper 🫑
    – tomatoes 🍅
    – (mushroom)
    – (avocado) 🥑
    – (spinach)
    – vegan cheese 🧀
    – just egg 🍳
    – tortillas 🫓
    – hot sauce 🌶

    #plantbased #veganrecipes #justegg #justeggomelette #veganfood #veganlife #plantbasedegg #veganbreakfast #veganfoodshare

    • A second examination said he did suffer a brain injury: Tests done in prison now reveal he no longer has a super IQ, can’t set off radar detectors with his mind, and can’t keep from getting wet in (golden) showers.

  • Attention Neil Glazer’s Lawsuit Clients:

    If Nicki Clyne is broke how can she afford to fly from Florida Arizona every weekend?!?

    Someone needs to immediately inform
    Attorney Neil Glazer!

    • “If Nicki Clyne is broke how can she afford to fly from Florida Arizona every weekend?!?”

      Bronfman Money!

  • As prison beatings go, that’s pretty lame. One lousy punch? I don’t know what the world is coming to…

    At least he’s back in solitary. Good.

    • Keith probably punched himself.

      Or Keith asked another inmate to hit him.

      Keith’s trying to set up a lawsuit against BOP.

      You heard it here first. Guarantee that is where this is headed.

      You don’t get punched once in orison. It’s not worth it.

      Keith probably promised someone some money. But was like,” Don’t punch to hard though, okay”

      • What happened to the world’s over 60 Judo champion? You’d have thought it would be child’s play for KR to floor his opponent with one finger, so honed are his reflexes. Ippon.
        KR will now have some time to come up with another teaching for Nicki et al. DOS lesson 103: rambling, ramblings, victimhood, haters, master before everything else, martyrdom, victimhood, word salad, victimhood disguised as ‘badass’.

    • Mr. Sausage-

      What kinda beating did you expect to be delivered by a pedophile? Seriously.

      The guards arranged for the “punch” to place Raniere in solitary confinement – so he couldn’t communicate with his attorneys.

      I have to admit there is a pattern. And I’m sure Frank and/or CLAVIGER agree with me.

  • K-dog. Kay Rose. Issac Edwards. That is some next level Cloak and Dagger stuff right there.

    So a good way to keep vanguard in line might be to just show The Heiress and the Sex Cult every once in awhile. And when The Vow Season Two comes out, yikes! I think I would advise him to just stay in the SHU.

  • Don’t you know who I am ?

    Don’t you know who my father is ?

    (Or in crybaby’s case, don’t you know who my sometimes girlfriend and her father is ?)

    Keith is a pathetic loser.

  • — Raniere stated to the BOP that he didn’t know he could not have another inmate contact Clyne.

    LMAO. What a continuously lying turd.

    They just cut off/didn’t grant him email privileges, but it was perfectly acceptable for him to use the email of other inmates to contact the outside because that makes so much sense.

    • Smartest man in the world in a display of utter stupidity. Trying to butter both sides of the bread and the BOP is just not biting…

      • Keith is the smartest person in the world! He can calculate which side a slice of bread buttered from both sides will fall on. Keith has never been wrong! Isn’t that proof of his mental abilities?

        • Nah – dropping the buttered bread just to prove his statistical wizardry when that bread is perhaps the most appealing portion on the prison plate… pure arrogant stupidity. But my thanks for the laugh!

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