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Lost-Women-of-NXIVM Rumors VS Reality
Investigation Discovery: The Lost Women of NXIVM: Rumors vs Reality


Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM” was a two hour film featuring Frank Parlato, the investigative journalist who first revealed that NXIVM was branding women, as he takes a deep dive to answer the questions surrounding the tragic deaths and mysterious disappearances of four women who all had connections to NXIVM and Raniere himself.

The LOST WOMEN OF NXIVM, premiered Sunday, December 8 at 9/8c, on Investigation Discovery (ID) and is available for streaming on Investigation Discovery, Amazon, You Tube, Xfinity Stream and elsewhere.

In addition to the original film, there is a new 15 minute video, featuring some scenes from the original true-crime documentary and some new footage not shown in the original film.

The video is entitled: “The Lost Women of Nxivm: Rumors vs. Reality” and is on YouTube for anyone to watch for free.

‘Rumors vs. Reality’ hones in on three questions about Nxivm and Keith Raniere:

  1. Was Keith Raniere a master at hypnotic suggestion?
  2. Did everyone in Nxivm have to get branded with Raniere’s initials?
  3. What is the Dalai Lama’s connection with the Nxivm ‘cult’?

The ID video has 160,607 views and 452 comments as of today.

The film includes appearances by Frank Parlato, Susan Dones, Dr. Janja Lalich, Rick Ross, Neil Glazer, Omar Rosales, Matt Malone, and Joe O’Hara.

Some comments from YouTube viewers:

“Why do all gurus claim God tells them to have sex with the other person?”
“TL;DR: Have you ever had a fetish so strong you started a cult about it?”
“Hypnosis really???? People do understand hypnosis only works if you ALLOW it to.”
These followers are not entirely innocent of their culpability. BTW, dude looks like he’s wearing a sweater when shirtless. Grody.”
“The Dalai Lama wrote the forward to Raniere’s 2009 book “The Sphinx and Thelxiepeia.” They’re more connected than this video admits.”
“Damn, Mack was looking good, cult life treated her right.”
I use NLP to help my clients. Salzman and Raniere perverted it.”

ID’s ‘The Lost Women of NXIVM: Rumors vs. Reality’

From Investigation Discovery: “As the layers of the NXIVM story are peeled back, sensational details abound. But it’s hard to separate rumors from reality, as Keith Raniere has a long list of enemies who are all too happy to muddy the waters with salacious stories. The Lost Women of NXIVM: Rumors vs. Reality illuminates the dark and twisted world of NXIVM and Keith Raniere; separating rumors from reality by exploring three of the most shocking rumors circling around NXIVM: (1) Could Keith Raniere hypnotize people with his voice? (2) Were all members of NXIVM branded? and (3) Does the Dalai Lama have ties with the cult?”

The Nxivm Hypnosis Question

Below is a short clip focusing on the question of Keith Raniere’s use of hypnosis and subliminal suggestion on his followers. In it, Frank Parlato interviews an ex-member of Nxivm’s inner-circle, Kristen Keeffe, who is the mother of Keith Raniere’s eldest son.

Investigation Discovery Full 15-Minute Video Clip

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  • The power of words without evaluating and participating in a rumor without being informed is destructive, it is the weapon most used by society and the most destructive

  • Why if a group of men get tattoos, society does not consider it bad, but if a group of women get tattoos, then society considers that there must be someone bad man who forced them women?, all the women who got tattoos are over 21 years old.

    • If women choose to get a tattoo that is a hummingbird and the tattoo artist instead inks “Property of Jimbo” that is a crime.

      If you consent to get a symbol that turns out to be secretly a brand of a guy’s initials, that is not informed consent.

      Why is that concept so challenging for you?

      BTW no one got tattoos. It was a cauterizing pen. Intended for medical use.

      • I’m not sure your “Property of Jimbo” scenario would constitute a crime but it would definitely be a tort.

        Regardless, the point you’re making is spot-on: i.e., most of the branded women did not know they were being branded with Keith’s initials.

        • I concede to your superior knowledge of the law. It also varies by state. But even tattooing in an unlicensed location ( aka Allison’s condo) is an illegal act in certain states. And tattooing without consent is criminal in many states. I think a case could be made about consent if a person knowingly lied about the symbol. Like finding an intentionally concealed hate symbol in your mermaid tattoo. This may come up in the civil case? But I agree it ultimately doesn’t matter. And also… It was branding. Not tattooing!

    • Once again you left out the collateral/blackmail.

      Example: If you get a heterosexual man to pretend to admit he’s gay on a video and his dad molested someone….the heterosexual man could be coerced into getting a tattoo.

      Your point will always be moot because of the “collateral”. What don’t you people understand?

  • It’s always bugged me. Who hates art? Who hates creating? The anti-artist. A destructive person hates creative impulse.

    Who wouldn’t tell Allison “You love art. You have an amazing career path started. Go do that!” What is more successful than doing what you love for a very good living?

    Oh! That’s right! Losing all your money, branding naked slaves in Albany, and then leaving after over a decade with nothing to show for it but seared flesh, a criminal record, and lots of pubic hair!

    Viva Executive Success!

  • This guy has the creepiest eyes I have seen in a long, long time.

    Who taped the conversation between him and AM on branding?

    I will give you has was a MASTER manipulator.

    But it occurred a) after victims’ were broken down; b) in conjunction with him being marketed as a guru.

    A highly dangerous man, and I agree: who knows what else he is capable of.

    Holy crap, what a monster!

    Frank, AMAZING take down. It was so difficult for people to have 20 20 vision seeing thru the truth about KR.

    You have done God’s work.

  • Last thing, may I suggest going through some of the video of Nancy’s promos and intensives where you see her in the act of hypnotizing with NLP – that clip where Nancy’s stressing “How does it FEEL…” to be “authentic” and pair that with the other mind conditioning antics that went on to create a false reality that elicits an “authentic” emotional response through deceit.

    • Keith should also embrace and wear his authenticity like an old familiar coat, and accept where he is — it’s his nature to gaslight others, especially women. Too bad Frank can’t move on from this, yet it appears he is only interested in click-bait. Frank, why don’t you dig back into investigating Gina’s suspect death?

  • Contrary to studies of NLP, understanding why we make the decisions we make, understanding what drives us to do something is key. When we drill down to the root cause of our decisions, it is easy to find that the decisions we make are based on a feeling. In NLP, this is called eliciting criteria and values.

    When a master hypnotist elicits the feeling that drives you to make decisions, they can then give you the feeling that you want, the feeling that drives you to make decisions. This combination among many others is a very powerful combination of tools used to influence the decisions of another human being. There is a reason this information is not readily available, people like Keith are that reason. The examples I mention are the tip of the iceberg in the world of manipulation.

    The requirements needed to join the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis are PHD, PsyD, MD, etc. or Equivalent Doctoral degree. Given the requirements necessary to join, you can make your own decisions on its validity.

      • The important question is: Do you need to be a member of the ASCH to study and understand the principals?

        Were you aware of the ASCH before I brought it to your attention?

        After viewing what I have written, you should clearly be able to answer for yourself if I am a member. Asking me is a demonstration of an inability to think for yourself.

  • This video fails to convince me of what it calls facts. I believe one needs more than what this video shows to prove know what Keith’s intent was, even if he was a master hypnotist or whatever. This whole video is just a bunch of assumptions and loose evidence strung together. How would whoever made this video know that he had bad intent? What if he had good intent? Not convinced here…

    • The prosecution proved Keith’s bad intent in court. That’s why he’s in prison now. TV and films typically don’t live up to such a rigorous standard. Perhaps they never taught you this in the cult environment.

    • There’s plenty more than what’s in this video that proves Keith and his minions’ true intent, as I suspect you may and should know. I like the approach of separating rumor from fact. I was on the Lost Women shoot, appeared in it myself, and false rumors or false leads have played a part in the making of it. Frank and I have lighted on some of what happened here on FR — midnight phantom callers claiming Snyder was alive, Gina look-alike sightings were also being contrived. I was getting prompts all over the place from street theatre (bad) actors as predicted, in fact, by comments made on here last year as it was happening.

      Someone very well financed was desperately trying to make rumors into fact.
      Present RED HERRINGS to further a false plot that led to dead ends over and over again. That’s (gaslighting) what NXIVM did to Heidi Clifford starting 17 years ago when her partner, Kris Snyder passed, to ME before and after Gina’s death to, in fact, nearly every key player in and surrounding NXIVM they could and did use to further their agenda and coverup their crimes as they went.

      IMO it’s all part of NXIVM’s on-going modus operendi – shows the way they operate even through their “enemies,” and they’re still attempting to get away with it. Right under our noses on here, on the very streets, wherever anyone’s willing to gamble on or take a slice of Bronfman pie.

      The truth is stranger than fiction and a lot more interesting. It’s also “the thing most buried in lies.”

  • Psychologists suggest that 80-90% of all human communication is non verbal. NLP is verbal direction of the brain, understanding how the brain is able to respond to whatever you say allows you to direct the mind whenever you want it to go. Hypnosis allows the message to be Physiologically transmitted without opening your mouth. Combining the two makes for a powerful weapon of control.

    A master hypnotist can make you feel happy, sad, angry or any emotion without opening there mouth. Mirror neurons play a role. Why do you feel sad simply watching a sad movie? When you control the way a person feels it is easier to direct the verbal narrative to lead there mind where you want it.

    It is relevant to know that every human on the planet communicates non verbally, they simply are not taught how to use this phenomenon to control the emotions of another human.

    NLP forces the mind through the natural way it works to think what you want it to think. If I said “Don’t think of monkey” your brain automatically thinks of a monkey and everything it knows about a monkey in order to respond. By the time you realize “Don’t” it is to late your brain has already been directed what it is told to do.

    • NLP was taken seriously by psychologists when it first came out in the ’70s and has been subjected to a ton of scientific research. It has been thoroughly discredited.

      NXIVM’s thought reform techniques are the same basic ones used by cults for centuries. The cult is only remarkable by its degree of depravity.

      • Hypnosis is very real. Have you ever been hypnotized? Because until you experience it you won’t believe its power.

        I don’t believe in supernatural anything. Hypnosis is very real.

    • Well and simply stated, Gin. (I prefer the simple ‘Quaker’ life, too. Or was it “Shaker” like the furniture? 🤔)

      I’ve said this many times hence — when I knew Keith, he was training “us” – would-be acolytes – in using NLP as a sales tool but more often as a secret seduction tool. He tried to rape me when I fell asleep reading an NLP Erickson book – I was around 20 years old, of age btw, but most were younger except Pam Cafritz, who was a few years older than everyone.)

      That was only the beginning of their use of hypnosis. From verbal NLP training they began using the visual and other sensory reinforcements to, as you say, stimulate a visceral reaction or thought.

      To change someone’s worldview starting with questioning their reality, their identity and it works best on adolescents or even younger children, obviously. Gina began writing about it periodically in about 1994 – 2002 — 2 AM phone calls, movie nights with Keith and Kristin, dirty dancing dates arranged with gay guys where lesbians in military garb staged fights in the bathroom — she wrote that it was “silly” sometimes but, most cruelly, [redacted] Keith never really let her in on what was happening, they blamed “the CIA” and fact that my ex-husband and were producing Secret Service and CIA movies and a friend of ours who consulted on a Secret Service movie project once rolled up on Gina and a friend while house sitting at our home in Malibu while we were in Europe, etc.

      They were convinced by Keith & Co. that it was an official spy visit. That’s what they do – weave a new reality out of a few threads, play the players into believing it and before long everyone’s living in a madman’s fantasy.

      I’m certain more about all this will ultimately be seen for what it is and was – brainwashing for the most nefarious reasons.

      Again, I really like this RUMOR vs. FACT so long as someone’s determined to fulfill their promises and get to the FUCKING FACTS already! Geesh.

      • Thank you, Heidi. I completely agree. While I was dating a NXVIM coach I quickly became aware of the red flags, this caused me to learn about psychology, hypnosis and NLP in order to understand what was actually taking place.

        I have been fortunate enough to study under top names in the industry. Now that I understand the techniques that were used amongst the obvious coercion, I try to relay that message to readers in order to help them protect themselves from what I had gone through. As you can see, I delivered the message, others that doubt are free to jhave their own opinion.

  • ” It’s not the violence but the fear”

    “Help! I think ill be murdered in prison.”

    So full of shit!!!

  • I enjoyed the clip thanks!

    Re: Branding BDSM is Abuse:

    Recently, a new gentleman has emerged who likes to brand (carve) women with his initials. His name is Armie Hammer.
    Here is an excerpt from his ex-girlfriend:

    “He decided he wanted to brand me as his property and carve his name on my body. He tried to rationalize it as his gesture of his commitment to us being together for the long-term.”

    Article Source:

    The poor woman from the article was groomed over time.

  • More of the same misinformation and sensationalized stories. I’ve looked into this case for a few months now and although there are very interesting moral questions and most importantly justice system processes, the actual story of what went on within NXIVM is actually boring, really very different that what all this series and documentaries show.

    • Branding sex slaves and group blow jobs are boring?

      I hate to think what you find exciting.

      How do you know the actual story? Did the lawyers at your office clue you in?

      I’m still on the fence about you, Anthony–whether you are a cultist or a troll. You embody Poe’s Law… so, if you are a troll… kudos!

    • Sensationalism and bias are the monikers you slap on everything. Your go-to rebuttals are becoming trite and banal.

  • My favorite line in this video is the World’s Smartest Child Rapist™ saying “Justice is something we earn.”

    He’s certainly earned his. Glad he’s getting it in one lump sum.

  • Commenters only want TV show for profit BIAS and hate
    What are their CRIMES?
    They point the finger at a MIRROR
    TRUE data they fear they lock up

    Elizabeth Fry said

    “The confusion and undesigned inaccuracy so often to be observed in conversation, especially in that of uneducated persons, proves that truth needs to be cultivated as a talent, as well as recommended as a virtue.”

    “When thee builds a prison, thee had better build with the thought ever in thy mind that thee and thy children may occupy the cells.”

    “I give myself this advice: Do not fear truth, let it be ever so contrary to inclination and feeling. Never give up the search after it; and let me take courage, and try from the bottom of my heart to do that which I believe truth dictates.”

    “Oh Lord, may I be directed what to do and what to leave undone.”

    “It is an honour to appear on the side of the afflicted.”

    “I hope, if you should live to grow up, you will endeavour to be very useful and not spend all your time in pleasing yourself.”

    “The loveliest, sweetest flower that bloomed in paradise, and the first that died, has rarely blossomed since on mortal soil. It is so frail, so delicate, a thing, it is gone if it but look upon itself; and she who ventures to esteem it hers proves by that single thought she has it not.”

    • I’ll hand it to World’s Smartest Child Rapist™ — he’s got the acolytes well-trained.

      You definitely have a consistent messaging and brand management strategy.

    • Why do you insist on defending a PEDOPHILE and RAPIST? (Capping words is annoying)

      ““The rape of a child is a violent act of contempt, not an expression of sexuality or affection.”
      ― Mike Lew, Gay Men and Childhood Sexual Trauma: Integrating the Shattered Self

      “Saying a man had sex with a child is like saying a man had dinner with the pork chop.”
      ― Linda McCarriston

      “Imagine spending your entire life protecting your girl from the beasts that lie beyond the walls of your fortress only to find out one day that she has been molested at the hands of those monsters within.”
      ― Fatima Mohammed, Higher Heels, Bigger Dreams

  • The aura around Keith Raniere was body odor.

    Saying “I was hypnotized” is only an excuse for making bad decisions.

    Americans are now so weak and spineless that they will fall for celebrities and do whatever the media tells them.

    That’s how America just elected a so-called leader who is senile and essentially a brain dead puppet.

    Edgar Bronfman Senior saw that NXIVM is a cult.

    Rick Ross saw that NXIVM is a cult.

    Roger Stone saw that NXIVM is a cult.

    Doug Rutnik saw that NXIVM is a cult.

    John Tighe saw that NXIVM is a cult

    Frank Parlato saw that NXIVM is a cult.

    It’s too bad that Raniere’s followers don’t have the brains that God gave a goose.

    • If it looks like a fuck
      Walks like a fuck
      Talks like a fuck
      It’s a fuck

      Walk away while you still have your feet.

      Love the Rodney Dangerfield scat, Shadow, regarding Flabturd’s aura of exceedingly undesireable bodily leakages, emissions. No wonder Oklahoma booted him down to Arizona quickly.

      No need to fret down in the southwest. Soon maybe Raniere’s nouveau blowjob expert will cum diddle around, somewhere nearer by to Tuscon, and they can send each other choke signals, out of their butts.

      There is a yoga posture for that.

      It is time to go beat up the pinball machine, as a few of us have relinquished seriousness, at least during 2021, as our insincere resolution.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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