Guards Raid Raniere’s Cell Find Razor; May Be Moved to Midwest Prison for Muslim Terrorists to Mute Communications During Rule 33

On December 21, USP Tucson guards raided Keith Raniere’s cell and seized contraband – a razor.

A lieutenant signed off on a disciplinary violation.

Razor Blade

It may have been the final shave – the needed excuse – that will lead Raniere out of Tucson to another prison in the Federal Bureau of Prisons [BOP] system.

Raniere arrived at USP Tucson on January 21, 2021. He lived in the general population with other prisoners for most of the two years he has been there.

Tucson is a maximum-security facility, operated to safely house sex offense convicts, who are unsafe in most maximum-security prisons.

In 2021, Raniere spent 100 days in the Special Housing Unit [SHU], locked in a windowless cell for 23 hours daily.

The assignment to the SHU was timed, perhaps coincidentally, during the 100-day lead-up to preparing his appeal, and Rule 33 motion accusing the FBI of tampering with evidence in his case.

The ostensible reason for his stay in the SHU in 2021 was that he passed an innocuous phone message, “send her my love,” to his friend Nicki Clyne through another inmate on the phone.

In May 2022, Raniere filed a Rule 33 Motion, alleging the FBI tampered with evidence. Within hours, the BOP scrubbed his phone contacts and allegedly cut off a phone call with an attorney.

On July 26, 2022, inmate Maurice Adonis Withers attacked Raniere, punching him in the face in an unprovoked attack in the dining hall at breakfast.

Maurice Adonis Withers

Withers and Raniere were sent to the SHU for fighting, pending an investigation into who started the fight.

Within weeks, the BOP determined Withers started the fight, and Raniere was the victim.

Ironically, the Warden released Withers from the SHU but kept Raniere confined.

Soon after, the BOP assigned William Anthony ‘Toni’ Fly, an intersex ’woman’ with a history of 75 rape and sexual assault complaints against BOP staff and inmates, into Raniere’s 10 x 14 x 8 feet tall SHU cell.

Months passed. Raniere made numerous applications to return to the general population.

Perhaps it was a disappointment to BOP officials, but Fly made no complaints against Raniere but complained instead against guards in the SHU. In turn, the guards suspended the delivery of Fly’s female hormones and other medications.

Between the lengthy confinement without sunlight or the ability to move around, Fly began to melt down, exhibiting psychotic behavior, screaming and yelling, threatening to kill others and himself.

Raniere avoided any altercation with Fly, despite what whoever is clamping down on Raniere might have hoped.

One day, guards raided their cell, moved the prisoners into even smaller cages than the SHU cell, and served them lunch with 19 streaks of feces on the wall and two piles of feces on the floor.

While so confined, prison psychologists and other experts observed Raniere’s mental condition.

More months passed.

Because Fly is transitioning to female, “she” is permitted, unlike male prisoners, to use a razor on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

On Wednesday, December 21, a day Fly was authorized to possess a razor, as mentioned above, guards raided Raniere and Fly’s cell.

The prisoners were removed. A search was conducted, and they found a razor, which Fly was permitted to possess.

The guards confiscated it and wrote a disciplinary ticket for Raniere for possession of illegal contraband – a razor.

On January 9, BOP officials held a hearing on Raniere’s alleged possession of a razor. Raniere maintained it was Fly’s, legally obtained. He did not use or possess it. It was not hidden from view.

On January 13, a supervisory correctional officer informed Raniere that the BOP planned to reassign him to another prison – a Communications Management Unit [CMU]- which would make his communications with the outside world – including his lawyers – almost impossible.

The BOP operates two Communications Management Units [CMU] – in Terra Haute, Indiana, or Marion, Illinois.

On January 19, the BOP expunged the disciplinary report against Raniere, finding the razor belongs to Fly.

For months, Raniere and his attorneys have complained the BOP has been retaliating against him for no other reason than Raniere accused the FBI of tampering with evidence.

While in the SHU, it is difficult to communicate with lawyers and most outside contacts. His six months in the SHU without any disciplinary violation — remember, he went there for an investigation for fighting and was exonerated for that five months ago – without finding an infraction – is grounds for a lawsuit based on cruel and unusual punishment.

If Raniere is assigned to a CMU prison, his communications would be virtually nil, which appears to be precisely what the Government wants.

United States Penitentiary Terre Haute, Indiana where the first Communication Management Unit was opened.
United States Penitentiary Terre Haute, Indiana, where the first Communication Management Unit was opened.

If the tampering evidence was so easy to disprove, why go to such lengths to suppress his ability to contact lawyers?

And now it appears the BOP, knowing that they can’t hold him in the SHU much longer  – he has asked to go back to the general population – the BOP apparently plans to assign him to a Communications Management Unit – a facility used to house terrorists.

CMUs have been called “Little Guantanamo.”

CMUs are designed to enable BOP staff to monitor all communications between inmates and persons outside -including lawyers.

In operation since 2006, but not officially recognized until 2015 in the Code of Federal Regulations, CMUs are in operation to protect the public from Jihadists and terrorists who might issue orders of murder from prison.

 On April 1, 2015, the BOP issued a Program Statement.

CMUs limit the frequency and volume of communications:

  • Written letters are limited to six pieces of paper, double-sided, once per week to and from a single recipient.

  • At the discretion of the Warden, BOP’s limited email transmissions are limited to two messages per week to and from a single recipient.

  • Inmates are limited to three telephone calls per calendar month for up to 15 minutes.

  • Visitation is limited to four one-hour visits per month.

As stated above, the BOP currently operates CMUs in two of its facilities, separately located at the Federal Correctional Complex (FCC), Terre Haute, Indiana (established in December 2006), and the United States Penitentiary (USP), Marion, Illinois (launched in March 2008).

The BOP established CMUs after 9-11-01 as a solution for the long-term warehousing of inmates in cases of terrorism, espionage, and politically motivated violence.

The BOP’s Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) coordinates the CMU.

CMUs contain predominantly Muslim prisoners.

The BOP claims CMUs are necessary because specified inmates “take on an exalted status with other like-minded individuals. Their communications acquire an extraordinary level of inspirational significance for those already predisposed to these views, causing a substantial risk that such recipients of their communications will be incited to unlawful terrorist-related activity.”

The BOP says inmates may communicate dangerous coded messages, citing the Al Qaeda training manual:

“Take advantage of visits to communicate with brothers outside prison and exchange information that may be helpful to them in their work outside prison. The importance of mastering the art of hiding messages is self-evident here.”

Raniere’s CMU Assignment

If he is assigned to a CMU, Raniere’s lawyers will argue that the placement violates his rights under the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

His arguments will be stronger than his recent lawsuit against USP Tucson. Raniere can challenge the CMU designation – that he is a terrorist – through the BOP’s administrative remedy program.

To prevail, Raniere must show he is subjected to an “atypical and significant hardship” more egregious than the “ordinary incidents of prison life.” Sandin v. Conner, 515 U.S. 472, 484 (1995).

Still, if BOP assigns Raniere to Marion or Terre Haute CMU, he will enjoy more freedom than he has for six months in the SHU at USP Tuscon.

The CMU operates as a general population unit, where inmates leave their cells during the day and participate in educational, recreational, religious, unit management, and work programming.

The restrictions on communications, however, implicate a violation of Raniere’s liberty interest.

Raniere’s access to the courts and ability to effectively assist his counsel in his pending Rule 33 motion will be severely limited, if not curtailed. It suggests the Government knows his Rule 33 has merit.

For Raniere to go to a CMU, a referral from the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU), is required. Then, a BOP Assistant Director must determine that Raniere’s ability to communicate with his friends, family, and possibly his attorneys would jeopardize the safety, security, and orderly operation of correctional facilities and/or the public.

Raniere does not meet any factors for inclusion in the CMU, nor does it appear the Government can show the need for the restrictions:

“The CMU concept allows the Bureau to monitor inmates for whom such monitoring and communication limits are necessary, whether due to a terrorist link or otherwise, such as inmates who have previously committed an infraction related to mail tampering from within an institution, or inmates who may be attempting to communicate with past or potential victims. The ability to monitor such communication is necessary to ensure the safety, security, and orderly operation of correctional facilities, and protect the public. The volume, frequency, and methods of CMU inmate contact with persons in the community may be limited as necessary to achieve the goal of total monitoring, consistent with this subpart.”

Raniere’s original case was not a terrorism case. Though convicted of sex crimes, none of the crimes were violent. He certainly does not have “violent followers” prepared to carry out “jihad” or its equivalent at his direction.

The BOP may designate an inmate to a CMU if:

  • The inmate’s current offense(s) of conviction, or offense conduct, including association, communication, or involvement, related to international or domestic terrorism;

  • The inmate’s current offense(s) of conviction, offense conduct, or activity while incarcerated indicates a substantial likelihood to encourage, coordinate, facilitate, or otherwise act in furtherance of illegal activity through communication with persons in the community;

  • The inmate has attempted, or indicates a substantial likelihood, to contact victims of the inmate’s current offense(s) of conviction;

  • The inmate committed a prohibited activity related to misuse/abuse of approved communication methods while incarcerated; or

  • There is any other evidence of a potential threat to the safe, secure, and orderly operation of prison facilities or public protection due to the inmate’s communication with persons in the community.

Raniere has not been accused of attempting to contact any of the 22 victims, mostly DOS members, identified by the judge after his conviction.

It is unclear how the Government intends to justify Raniere’s confinement in the CMU. They are likely to fail, and such a failure will be an embarrassment to the BOP, for it will undoubtedly be widely publicized.

The BOP may be between a rock and a hard place.

There are safety concerns in returning Raniere to the general population in Tucson. Another coward like Adonis Withers might come around, sneak up, and cold cock him.

It may be true that the BOP has no control over their inmates and are incapable of protecting Raniere in maximum security.

On the other hand, the BOP is skirting dangerously close to solid grounds for a cruel and unusual punishment lawsuit that might stick – six months in the SHU and no disciplinary findings – as hard as they try. It might be the BOP that gets the close shave.

There is, of course, an alternative.

Raniere is over 60, and his conviction of no violent crimes – to medium security – or even a low-security prison where he would be safe – by providing him with a management variable.

Raniere is assigned to high security to a large degree, because of the length of his sentence.

He has over 24 points custody points, not because of a lengthy criminal history, a pattern of violence, or even his crimes of conviction, but because he has 98 years left on his sentence.

There is a route to keep Raniere safe.

Suppose the BOP is not retaliating and trying to suppress his communication to thwart him from exposing the FBI. In that case, they could place him in a medium or low, or place him in what they call a “cheese factory” – a drop-out yard, which houses inmates who need special protection, such as those who have dropped out of gangs and informed on members, persons convicted of sexual crimes, convicted former law enforcement officers, celebrities, and anyone who could be in danger from other inmates or bullied by staff.

Instead, they want him either in the SHU or in a prison with a clamp down on communications, like they do with Al-Queda.

The entire episode smells of retaliation and fear of the truth seeping out about the FBI.

The SHU and the CMU are a pretext to halt communications between Raniere and his team for his Rule 33 motion.


Terrorists? Really?

For the BOP to argue that Raniere’s followers, who danced in front of the MDC and offered coffee and donuts to guards more than two years ago, rise to the level of terrorism, will lead to a court review that will not support these nonviolent protests were terrorism.

Raniere’s Rule 33 motion is now in the hands of US District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis. He will decide whether to hear the motion, call an evidentiary hearing or dismiss the motion.

If he dismisses it, it will go to the appellate court.

A careful study of his Rule 33 motion shows that there is much more than mere fluff there.

When it looks like retaliation and smells like fear, it probably is.

And if the Rule 33 shows true, a good many people won’t be quacking.

About the author

Richard Luthmann

Richard Luthmann is a writer, commentator, satirist, and investigative journalist with degrees from Columbia University and the University of Miami. Once a fixture in New York City and State politics, Luthmann is a recovering attorney who lives in Southwest Florida and a proud member of the National Writers Union. 

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  • […] FR previously reported that on January 13, a supervisory correctional officer informed Raniere that the BOP planned to reassign him to another prison – a Communications Management Unit [CMU]- which would make his communications with the outside world – including his lawyers – almost impossible. The BOP operates two Communications Management Units [CMU] – in Terre Haute, Indiana, and Marion, Illinois. This reporting was publicly confirmed by BP-11, recently filed as an exhibit. […]

  • Keith will be in prison for the rest of his life period. He is not innocent and the BOP is not worried about his Motion 33. Justice System 101. Law enforcement and Prosecutors work together in a symbiotic relationship that convicts and brokers plea deals. Keith is a habitual abuser of women and he is not getting a GET OUT Of JAIL FREE pass anytime soon.
    If Keith were truly innocent, The Innocence Project would be interested in his wrongful incarceration.

    It is time to move Keith to Florence Colorado and throw away the key. Being a narcissist he will be happy spending 24/7 with his favorite person. The world’s most intelligent man will have infinite time to intellectually amuse himself.

    Clare Bear will have to find a new beau when she exits Danbury.

  • It is interesting. Warren Jeffs has continued to run the FLDS cult from a Texas jail cell, with followers at one point even allowed to record sermons then played to the others at services later. he has recently sent out instructions about couples parting or coming together etc. When people are jailed for running a cult usually because they broke some related law like under age sex, not the cult itself, it does feel wrong to allow them to continue to exert control from their prison cell, although probably unlikely KR would order killings

  • Keith is a manipulative and controlling person. We don’t really know what he’s been up to in prison. I’m sure he’s been doing things that give him some semblance of normalcy, which for him was control of everything.
    Maybe his time in the SHU has been BOP attempt to “break him with love.” “Keith is going to be in prison for the rest of his life, he better get used to it. There will be no more cult, you are not in charge my friend.” Says the Warden.
    If he was sitting quietly and blending in, I’m sure BOP would have no interest in him. But he’s defaming the government, the prosecutors, the judge, the FBI. Lying about some pictures that even he admits to taking. He’s not denying he didn’t take them. Just everything else (rolling eyes). “It wasn’t my drive, how did they end up somewhere I didn’t have access to, blah blah bs bs”. While Camila’s and Daniela’s statements blow a huge hole into the whole thing!!! Really it’s not worth discussing.
    Either way, he’s probably been a thorn in their side pulling the same manipulative crap he always did. Only this time, they’ve got his number, and cages. Turnabout is fair play and Karma is a bitch.

  • What a shit-storm of abused people! Such tragedy, on too many levels to count. I hope the women in NXIVM are getting help and have some peace in their lives. I do believe KR needs to be imprisoned, but in a responsible way by BOP. End of story! Thanks for the update.

  • Some points that seem to be overlooked in the comments section:

    First, if a prison can get away with mistreating a prisoner like Raniere, they can get away with mistreating prisoners who aren’t Raniere, who are in prison for much lesser crimes, or who may be outright innocent;

    Second, if Raniere is the most dangerous man alive, and there’s a mountain of evidence that he’s the devil, why all of this effort to keep him from accessing his legal team? Why are there multiple experts questioning the authenticity of the child porn file, which led to not just his imprisonment, but the plea deals that led to the imprisonment of others?

    Of course, anyone who asks these basic questions will be labeled a loyalist or deadender or some other name, even if nothing could be further from the truth.

    • “if Raniere is the most dangerous man alive, and there’s a mountain of evidence that he’s the devil, why all of this effort to keep him from accessing his legal team?”
      I believe one of the lawyers he was speaking to was Bronfman’s. He was using their lawyer status to pass messages to her that he wasn’t supposed to. It’s funny how everyone wants ignore that a proven deviant and criminal might be doing something nefarious.
      “Why are there multiple experts questioning the authenticity of the child porn file, which led to not just his imprisonment, but the plea deals that led to the imprisonment of others?“
      I’m sure that’s a good question for Suneel. How much money did you pay all those experts? Money can buy so many things. I think about that medical expert who said the members of DOS were “just fine.” I’m certain that this is the byproduct of that contest that they were having to try to overturn his conviction (which was not possible), it turned into these greedy retirees signing off an a letter for a year’s salary. I’d love to hear their testimonies on the matter where I get to ask that question. How big was the check?
      Kevin you do sound like a loyalist. But we know you guys are still out there.

      • How big was the check that the forensic experts received for pointing out inconsistencies? I don’t know. Maybe somewhere in the neighborhood of what the defectors were paid to either testify against their friends or make television shows, podcasts and books to paint themselves in the best light.

        How much is Neil Glazer suing for again, on behalf of his two lead plaintiffs who did more to recruit people into the organization than all of the defendants put together, multiplied by 1,000?

        • You attack Neil Glazer for turning a profit in HIS ACTUAL JOB, and deflect from a list of exonerating “agents” who’ve all been paid to do so. I don’t understand.

    • Kevin you must be drowning under the weight of your continual category mistakes – when you say things like “..most dangerous man alive” or “..mountain of evidence he’s the devil” you are posing fictions that cannot be ratified by affirmation or denial – so much of your thinking here suffers from this error. Its of the same order as saying something like
      ” your f-ing unicorn has shat rainbow turds all over my golden mountain” – what? the only genuine vibe i get from you is that you are compelled to misrepresent – for why? How do you benefit? – Now that’s sort of interesting.

    • Kevin, no one said KR is “the most dangerous man alive” except for you. Maybe there are multiple experts questioning the authenticity of the child porn file because they are being paid to do so. I think it’s bizarre that you don’t acknowledge the multitude of other crimes KR was convicted of – it wasn’t just the child porn. I also think it’s bizarre that you think those plea deals are not the responsibility of those who took the pleas. How do you know they didn’t take the pleas because they are guilty, Kevin? Why are you assuming everyone took pleas because of the child porn issue?

  • Fuck Raniere. He poses no problems or threat to anyone now. Bronfman is the problem and she is going to be getting out soon. She is completely deluded and obsessed with Raniere. This is the only man who ever showed an interest in her, and she isn’t ready to let that go. She is going to open her purse and try to destroy the rebel alliance.She has no man waiting for her, she will never have kids or a loving relationship. She is an empty husk with a big bank balance. Lawyer up people. Full restraining orders. Attend her parole hearings and make sure that non contact with past members and their partners of NXIVM is included.

    • I agree. Look how nobody has crawled out of the woodwork to say “hey I knew Claire from school, her sister was the popular one. Guys only talked to Claire to get to her sister….” or something else. We know nothing about her from before nxivm. Because nobody will dare speak out or they will be sued (if they are lucky). If they aren’t lucky they will be arrested on some false charge because she has the power to pay people to plant child porn on their computers

  • I’m not ready to say the transfer is legitimate and warranted, but I’m going to make the argument for it.
    Keith is cult leader, he does have a lot of power over people who will “do anything for him,” that’s not me saying that, that’s them. They have said it by the way the are ready to alter their whole lives because he’s in jail. They are ready to start false projects, just to get more access to him. They were dancing in front of his frigging jail for plenty of other imprisoned to see. But the prisoners weren’t the only ones watching. The guards I’m sure were distracted too. We’ve all seen breakout and heist shows, that’s what they pull! There’s always some distraction that enables everything.

    Bronfman’s release is probably absolutely a factor in all of this and is being very much ignored. Very few know how ready she is going to be to continue on his crusade of using the LEGAL SYSTEM to torture his victims from inside prison since all he has is time to dream up the same sick fantasies that yielded DANIELA’S IMPRISONMENT!!!!! And freaking DOS!!! NO ONE IS EVER GOING TO PRETEND THIS GUY IS SANE AND READY TO BE FREE, MOVE ON!

    Keith never cared about the unfairness of the legal system when he was unleashing it on anybody. ONE OF HIS ANTI-BLOGGERS went to freaking prison after they found child porn on his computer after a search that was brought on by NXIVM. I’m not sure why Frank would think it would be in his best interest to pretend that Keith shouldn’t be where he is.

    He’s been known to coerce people into all sorts of crimes is what I’m saying. People who look normal and say normal things… he may be the smartest man ever if he can get you to say things you don’t believe and make sure your whole life belongs around him. Terrorism could be argued. That’s also what they want, they want you’re life to revolve around them even after you think you’re out of danger… Sounds like everything Keith is desiring right now.

      • You have a valid argument, and it’s the one the Government will make.

        But you have to remember, the Government tends to up-play “dangerousness” at every turn. Keith Raniere isn’t John Gotti or Osama Bin Laden. The only things some of Raniere’s followers could kill you with is bad acting.

        Clare Bronfman is another story entirely. To me, she is still the most fascinating character in this whole saga. I’ve always had a thing for Jewish chicks, but she takes it to another level.

        • What I’ve been thinking, is in Keith’s list of enemies, I’m sure there’s a bunch of people in prison system topping the charts right now.
          They are probably trying to neutralize directs to themselves.

  • Rich-

    I made a few comments…..

    I’d also like to thank you for writing this article. It’s excellent.

    Thank you!

  • Rich-

    Re BOP Suspected Retaliatory Behavior:

    Honest Question:

    Why hasn’t the BOP, done a full court press, and planted weapons/contraband on Raniere?

    If the BOP is intent on retaliating against Raniere and stoping his communication with his attorneys: why hasn’t Raniere been TRULY framed?

    • I think there are two minds at work here.

      The BOP knows Raniere isn’t safe and is trying to keep a high-profile CHOMO from getting beaten and/or killed. That would be a huge media shitstorm for them.

      The problem is that the best security entails the least liberty. And the BOP is engaged in CYA because they are exposed under due process, and cruel and unusual punishment grounds, given the length of Raniere’s SHU stay.

      At the same time, the DOJ/USAO for the EDNY is sitting back. They know what is happening to Raniere is onerous, harsh, and unfair. But it’s not unconstitutional. Whether or not Moira & Co. were dirty, they would be acting the same way.

      While conditions are harsh, there is yet to be concrete evidence of retaliation for Raniere’s filing of his appeal and his Rule 33. That’s not to say it isn’t there. But anyone who’s seen Training Day knows, especially with dirty cops, it’s not what happened, it’s what they can prove.

  • For all of you Smellville fans here is a highlight of Allison Mack’s performances on Smellville.
    It is a still from the TV show showing Allison Mack with the late Carrie Fisher.

    Carrie Fisher is one person who is better off than Allison Mack.

    Fisher was in London when she went on a drug binge.
    Writer Salman Rushdie witnessed some of the binge.
    Fisher had been in London filming her last Star Wars movie.

    Flying back to Los Angles from London on United Airlines Fisher became comatose and arrived at LAX DOA.
    The autopsy showed that Fisher had been using cocaine, heroin and Ecstasy in London.

    Here are Ms. Mack and Ms. Fisher together.

  • So according to Raniere he’s been threatened with transfer to the dreaded CMU.

    But wait, isn’t he supposedly being held incommunicado by the big bad BoP, isolated in the SHU and unable to contact even his lawyers? So how did this little brown nugget of news float to the surface?

    Raniere is a lying little snot. He’s made a career out of lying, ever since the Consumer Buyline days. Lied about the judo champ shite, the concert pianist BS, the little math genius horseshit. You’d think he’d be better at it by now.

    Go ahead, believe Raniere, anyone so inclined. Believe him even when he contradicts himself as he does in the present instance. I enjoy a good laugh.

    • Our sources say he hasn’t been “threatened.” The transfer paperwork was put in. It’s not a threat, but a reality.

      If I didn’t know the BOP system or meet so many CHOMOs during my stint on the inside, I would be just as skeptical as you. But moving Raniere to the CMU is a “logical” progression in BOP land.

      Normally, it doesn’t happen this fast. But then again, Raniere is not a normal inmate. His treatment thus far clearly constitutes cruel and unusual punishment and violates international law and norms. He’s been in the SHU way to long without a predicate.

      Raniere can’t stay in the SHU forever without justification. And being a famous, at-risk, CHOMO who will probably get shanked in general population isn’t constitutional justification the courts like to listen to, or that the DOJ and BOP like to admit.

      • He certainly isn’t normal. He is cruel and unusual.
        He has told his deadenders that the judge should be aware that he’s being watched, or words to that effect, which could be construed as a threat.
        We have no information about what Clare and her money have been doing while she’s been locked up, but she has shown herself to be vindictive when thwarted.
        Because of this, there should be more concern for the welfare of the brave souls who exposed this evil cult than for wailing felon who demands to choose his accommodations.

      • Rich-

        A few weeks somebody called you out for using the derogatory term, abbreviation C.H.O.M.O for chomos(pedophiles).

        I find the individual in question to be highly offensive and in need of an ass beating.

        Have the WOKE gone to far?

        And do you have anything to say on this important matter? It’s important to this lured individual.

        Personally I’d like the pejorative term CHOMO for chomos. “Pedophile and child molester” seem too refined terms for human excrement.


          • Hello Nice guy,

            What the fuck are you smoking? How many times do I have to say that anyone who harms a child should be arrested and prosecuted?

            Asking questions about things that don’t add up, or not taking things presented on television shows and podcasts as fact doesn’t mean that I support criminal activity.

            Get your head out of your ass.

          • Kevin 7:08-

            NiceGuy is an asshole. His head is up his asshole! He’s only trolling you because you’re a chomo lover. Such a dick move – he’s totally ripping on you! You can love chomos. F’him. Right?!?

  • Concerning Terre Haute Federal Prison:

    It is the only Federal Prison with a Death Row.
    United States Penitentiary, Terre Haute
    The United States Penitentiary, Terre Haute (USP Terre Haute) is a maximum-security United States federal prison for male inmates in Terre Haute, Indiana. It is part of the Federal Correctional Complex, Terre Haute (FCC Terre Haute) and is operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a division of the United States Department of Justice. USP Terre Haute houses a Special Confinement Unit for male federal inmates who have been sentenced to death as well as the federal execution chamber. Most inmates sentenced to death by the U.S. federal government are housed in USP Terre Haute prior to execution, with few exceptions. FCC Terre Haute is located in the city of Terre Haute, 70 miles (110 km) west of Indianapolis.[2]
    A new United States penitentiary was authorized by President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938 and established in Terre Haute, Indiana, in 1940 on 1,126 acres (4.56 km2) of land. The opening of the prison in this city was partly due to heavy promotion by Terre Haute’s Chamber of Commerce, which eventually went on to raise $50,000 to pay for the property on which the prison was built.[3] The residents of Terre Haute initially embraced the prison due to the impression that it would provide jobs to local residents in addition to helping Terre Haute’s economy while only housing non-violent offenders. E.B. Swope was the prison’s first warden.

    The U.S. Public Works Administration issued a $3 million grant to pay for construction of USP Terre Haute in 1938.[3] Construction cost of the institution at the time that it was built was $2,150,000.[3] The architectural design of the prison is a modified telephone pole design with all housing and other facilities opening onto a long central corridor. It was the first penitentiary for adult felons ever to be constructed without a wall. In 2004, the new USP was built on adjoining property, with the old penitentiary becoming the medium-security Federal Correctional Institution, Terre Haute.

    USP Terre Haute was one of the first federal prisons to emphasize rehabilitation by providing psychological and psychiatric treatment, referring to prisoners by names as opposed to numbers, and allowing prisoners to talk during meals instead of eating in silence. The institution initiated the use of the word “inmate” as opposed to other less-appealing labels such as “convict” or “criminal”. It also became one of the first federal prisons to implement educational programs in prisons with sessions devoted to improving the inmates’ skills in reading, writing, maths, as well as trades.

    Camp 5, part of the Guantanamo Bay detention camps, on the island of Cuba, is reported to have been based on the design of USP Terre Haute.[4]
    Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, was executed in Terre Haute.,_Terre_Haut
    I attended college about seventy miles away from Terre Haute.

    For years comedian Steve Martin made fun of Terre Haute, Indiana calling it “Nowhere USA”.
    The most famous person from Terre Haute was the comedian Red Skelton.
    Skelton was not a prisoner in Terre Haute.
    THE STORY OF TERRE HAUTE | 28. Steve Who?

  • Did I just read a sentence that the charge was expunged and the BOP acknowledged this was his cell mates razor? So does that mean he won’t be sent to another facility for the razor incident? Does this mean this article is much ado about nothing?

    • That’s not the way the BOP works. There is no due process like you are accustomed to.

      The request was already put in, so it is in motion.

      Even when you beat a shot, you can sit in the SHU for another 2 to 4 weeks while BOP staff “processes you out.”

      Keith with have a chance to challenge the CMU determination when he arrives at Marion or Terre Haute.

      BOP = Backwards On Purpose

    • “Did I just read a sentence that the charge was expunged and the BOP acknowledged this was his cell mates razor? Does this mean this article is much ado about nothing?”


  • How long before Keith Raniere converts to Islam?
    Islam gets lots of converts in prisons.

    Nicki has gone to ground for all but her most deluded followers.

    Nicki Clyne
    Fighting for individual freedoms and against false narratives. Not as seen on TV. Subscribe to my Substack: “Don’t Call It a Comeback”💥
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    Only approved followers can see @nickiclyne’s Tweets. To request access, click Follow. Learn more

      • I’m in on both. I predict that KR will convert within one week of arrival, to be shortly followed by unanimous demands from his newfound brethren that he take an indefinite vow of silence.

    • “Nicki has gone to ground for all but her most deluded followers.”
      That’s cuz she’s up all night reading FR and writing stuff under her new pseudonym! There’s only so much time in a day…

  • Being the hype man for clearly bad dudes seems to be your thing.

    It got you locked up once already

    Maybe…you aren’t the best judge of character or who is your “friend”?

    Unquestioning and misguided loyalty for percieved proximity to males with higher profiles is clearly magnatizing. They do not care about you. They never will.

    Hope you’re at least getting paid by Keith’s followers.

    You mentioned gratitude in court that while in lockup you were finally properly diagnosed and medicated.

    The mental health journey sounds compelling. Maybe advocate for yourself and others incarcerated suffering in this area?

    Keith has A LOT of followers spreading Keith perspective. But only you can write about you.

    Stay well.

  • Richard – There have been cases in UK prisons of unbearable pressure and bullying bt Muslim inmates until an inmate has been forced to convert to Islam. Is this the case in US prisons?

    • When I was at Allenwood, I met a few inmates who had previously been in the Terre Haute CMU, none of whom were Muslim.

      In prison speak, the “Hajis” run the show. The guards don’t get involved. The Muslims gang up on the non-Muslims and export them. When they can’t get anything (more) out of them, they flush them to the CMU SHU.

      Things for Raniere will only get worse if he ends up in Marion or Terre Haute.

          • Agree with Pyriel. Can you get Frank to let you release comments on articles you didn’t write?

          • Ask him.

            I release as much as I can as soon as I can. He does too. Free speech.

            The problem is Frank has a lot of haters that try to post obscenity and other inappropriate, non-protected speech. So he has to monitor.

            But rest assured, I you respond to my articles, I’ll get you up as soon as I can. I’m not like that asshole Chet on Reddit that only allows his sycophants and blocks everyone else. It gets lonely and boring in a echo chamber.

      • LOL. So now the Muslims are controlling the transfer of prisoners? Come on. This is just plain silly.

        Also, forced conversion to Islam is forbidden by the religion itself even though there have been rare instances in history where it has occurred.

        • It’s easy to get the guards to take someone out if you are the Muslims. The non-Muslim CMU group are usually prison Rats and CHOMOs. The exception is high-level espionage inmates, and the Muslims wouldn’t mess with them.

          The way it was told to me, is the Muslims have a commissary hustle where they pick their mark (usually a CHOMO) and have him buy a bunch of stuff on the commissary for a “big meal” they were cooking together.

          Commissary day comes, and the guy buys all the agreed-upon stuff. The Muslims have the mark bring it over to one of their cells so they can start cooking. When the mark brings it over, other Muslims go rob the rest of the guy’s shit.

          By the time the mark gets back to his cell and realizes he’s been had, three or four Muslims have already gone to the guard bubble and told them they fear for their life because the mark has tried to kill them and threatened to kill all Muslims.

          This is a big issue. It a bunch of Muslims die in the CMU aka “Little Gitmo” because someone maniac killed them and the guards were previously warned, it would be national news and very bad for the DOJ and BOP. The guards have to act.

          The guards end up rolling up on the guy’s cell when he is already pissed that he’s been robbed. The mark doesn’t need much of a push to be “plausibly crazy,” so the guards throw him into the CMU SHU. Then the guy likely gets shipped.

          The guards have no love for CHOMOs, and don’t mind sending them packing as soon as they can. Frankly, I don’t blame the Muslims for running their hustle. The CHOMOs are the lowest form of prison life after Rats.

          I only know this because most of the non-Muslims that have passed through the CMU are CHOMOs who washed out to Allenwood Low, where I was in 2020 and 2021. I dealt with CHOMOs all the time. The BOP’s Low Security Institutions are a dumping ground for them because CHOMOs cannot go to camps. Their security level won’t permit it for sex offenders. I heard this same story first hand from several people.

          Unlike other prisoners, I would interact with CHOMOs. I didn’t do legal work for them, but I would play cards and take their money. At first I played for fun. But eventually, it became a bit like the Joe Pesci character in Casino. Win or lose, my muscle always went to collect, and the muscle would enjoy doing it. I never condoned the use of violence by others, but with CHOMOs, I wasn’t kept up at night.

          Most other inmates’ interaction habits with CHOMOs were more limited to extortions and locker smash and grabs.

          Like the Raniere situation, the BOP tries to find a place where these CHOMOs can be safe and not get shanked when they are high-security designation (US Penitentiaries and Medium Security Institutions). They can’t stay in the SHU forever, so they stop over in the CMUs.

          Eventually, the BOP gives “problem CHOMOs” an administrative Custody Variance, and ship them to a Low. But the CHOMO needs a few years in to make the numbers on the Custody Variance Table work.

          Frankly, the BOP Director should personally give Raniere the administrative Custody Variance right away and send him to a Medium. At least he’ll be relatively safe. And Collette Peters can justify it as protecting “the orderly administration of the institution” and keeping guards out of harm’s way because “a move” must be expected on Raniere.

        • The “Muslims” are largely the
          Black Guerrilla Family made up of an amalgamation of prison gangs.
          Or that’s my understanding.

  • What a joke this article is, filled with unprovable bullshit. That should be the name of this website….”unprovable bullshit by Frank”.

    Kr is where he deserves to be and so will frank when his federal prison sentence can kicking hits the end of the road in April. Tick tock.

    • What exactly is unprovable?

      The allegations are real.

      The disciplinary “shots” and their dismissals are real.

      The SHU is real.

      The BOP Program Statements are real.

      The terrorist-laden CMU is real.

      What specifically is your objection?

      • Like every piece of crap posted at “the unprovable”, your over exaggeration and fluffed up facts that are not really facts, Just your pathological assumptions and not provable. This list is long, you know it and I know it. Tick tock

        • Identify specifics and we can talk. I have no problem arguing points and reasoning.

          Short of specific objections, your arguments have less worth than what can be put forward by a petulant child with gas.

  • “He certainly does not have “violent followers” prepared to carry out “jihad” or its equivalent at his direction.“

    Dear Richard,

    Do you know which test subjects might have been the most valued subjects in Dr. Porter’s “Fright Studies”?
    Do you know why brains were connected to monitors during Raniere lectures???

    Each “slave” Raniere recruited were “masters” of a few more “slaves”. Each “master” fully controlled a few more “slaves” for the “Grandmaster”.

    Every master and slave under “the Grandmaster” (aka Vanguard) was to be “READY!” 24/7/365 to do whatever Grandmaster Vanguard told them to do. Every brainwashed master eventually blackmailed every brainwashed slave with collateral. Masters demanded more collateral every month.

    Raniere, Salzman, the Bronfman sisters and others ran an international organization in which low calorie diets, sleep deprivation, brainwashing and hypnotism prepared what looked like sleeper cells of “masters” and “slaves” “READY!” To serve their Grandmaster Vanguard day or night, wherever they were around the world, 24/7/365.

    The BOP probably knows more about that than we do.

    They also probably know many deaths were reported in connection to “NXIVM”, so far.

    How do you categorize a “Grandmaster” who:

    said he’s “had people killed for (his) ideas”
    controlled exponential numbers of brainwashed “slaves” around the world “READY!” to do his bidding
    worked to control all the wealth (that means all land and resources) in the world

    BOP employees risk their own lives to protect the public and Raniere should have been in a CMU from the beginning of his sentence. He should be sent to a CMU as soon as possible and he should remain in a CMU until he’s no longer prone to commit “infraction(s) related to mail tampering from within an institution, or … attempting to communicate with past or potential victims. The ability to monitor such communication is necessary to ensure the safety, security, and orderly operation of correctional facilities, and protect the public.”

  • “Raniere’s access to the courts and ability to effectively assist his counsel in his pending Rule 33 motion will be severely limited, if not curtailed. It suggests the Government knows his Rule 33 has merit.”

    I’m not so sure about that. His ability to freely communicate with his defence team during his trial was not exactly fully utilised then (beyond a few scribbled post-it notes), so why would it make such a difference now? Let’s be honest: all the tampering ‘evidence’ is already out there; it’s hard to see whatever Raniere is going to bring to that party is going to tectonically move the Earth.

    I can see why the BOP would choose a CMU to transfer him to. It reduces his ability to communicate with his acolytes (who are still active), and it is probably a much safer environment for him – his views on women, and authoritarianism in general, would not be too dissimilar.

    Less chance of violence in prison suits the BOP too. It’s a win-win – Raniere’s prison conditions would be far more humane than they currently are. Who knows, he might even convert to Islam!

  • The FBI and BOP is absolutely filthy. I would not be surprised one bit if they planted/tampered with evidence. This case became too high profile and people like Moira Walsh needed it to make a name for themselves. Let’s face it what we all know: the justice system is big business.

    Also, has Raniere been raped yet?

    Do the Deadenders still dance for Raniere?

    • If the dead-enders are still dancing in the desert, Keith Raniere doesn’t know about it. Unlike his window view in the Brooklyn MDC, the walls around USP-Tuscon would be an obstacle even if Raniere wasn’t in the SHU and shielded from the sunlight.

  • — Raniere’s access to the courts and ability to effectively assist his counsel in his pending Rule 33 motion will be severely limited, if not curtailed. It suggests the Government knows his Rule 33 has merit.

    No it doesn’t. Raniere nor his defense team didn’t even think those pictures were tampered with during the trial because he knew he took them, that’s why they tried to get them thrown out. This idea of tampering only got implanted into his mind due to Suneel knowing software could be downloaded to change EXIF data and from their whole Rule 33 motion baby was born. There’s nothing he has to communicate to his lawyers about evidence he knows is true.

    Stop making it look like there is some ridiculous conspiracy against Raniere. If the BOP is treating Raniere the way they are it’s because he keeps violating the prison communication and other rules and using his pre-jail frivolous litigation tactics against the BOP as well.

    • The DOJ has a problem. Their actions reveal one of several possibilities.

      The DOJ could be treating Raniere so poorly because they have a dirty secret: the FBI and the USAO cheated, violated the Vanguard’s rights, and they know it might come out if Raniere is helping his lawyers.

      The DOJ also could be treating Raniere so poorly because they are know they cannot protect him. Raniere’s 120 year sentence makes him unmanageable. The BOP knows but never admits that if he goes to general population, he will likely be killed or seriously harmed. USP-Tuscon is 65% sex offenders. That means 35% of the population are the most dangerous inmates BOP has to offer AND, on top of the general stress of prison, they are surrounded by CHOMOs. And to a Mexican Mafia lifer, Raniere is “King CHOMO.”

      USPs are dangerous places, and Raniere’s death would reveal just how little control the BOP has in its correctional institutions. But then again, courtrooms are becoming more and more dangerous in America. And Raniere’s case might also show what little control the DOJ has over safeguards for the adminstration of justice.

      • Or the DOJ has nothing to do with this and the BOP is reacting to Raniere behaviors.
        Behaviors you have no idea of what he has been up to.
        Some the BOP are not going to put in a court document for the public to know about.
        Isn’t it odd that Raniere and C Bronfman both got their visitor list scrubbed?
        What if they were up to something and their people were the go be tweens that the BOP uncovered?
        Why would they let you, me or Joe Smo know if that was the case?
        What if there is an investigation that has been on going and that is why Raniere has been in the SHU for so long?
        Maybe the lawyers have been passing message back and forth and they got caught doing that between Raniere and Bronfman.
        That is why sending Raniere to a prison where his lawyers can’t do that shit anymore is important.
        I thought reporters looked at all sides of a story. Shouldn’t you Venn this on all side Richard.
        I’m wondering why you haven’t been posting my other comments,
        Do I need to contact Frank personally and ask him why you get to pick and choose who get to comment?

        • Please, by all means, contact Frank personally. That’s a great idea.

          The SHU investigation appears to be pretextual. Anyone else would have been out of the SHU by now.

          The question is, what is the pretext covering for?

          It’s no secret USP-Tuscon wants to “ship” Rainere someplace else.

          Do they want to ship him because diesel therapy and transit will make it nearly impossible to aid his lawyers in the Rule 33?

          Do they want to ship him because they know they can’t protect him?

          But where can he go? He’s at USP-Tuscon, where it’s 65% CHOMOs, and he’s still not safe.

          He’s not a terrorist, so why did the Lieutenant let it slip the BOP is looking to send him to the CMU in Marion or Terre Haute? Why would they even send him there? They are setting themselves up to lose in court on this issue.

          If a prisoner case ever called for a management variable, it would be this one.

          Raniere belongs in a Federal Medical Center. He’s not dangerous inside prison walls. He’s a 60+ years old inmate. Send him to FMC-Devens where there is a sex offender program. Or send him to FMC-Butner. He will be safe on those compounds.

          If the BOP won’t do it because of “internal policies,” then BOP Director Collette Peters should be asked about Keith Raniere at her next public appearance. Why isn’t a management variable being applied? Is the discretion afforded to BOP Administrators in Program Statements illusory under her watch?

          • Why would they set themselves up to lose in court? Have you been given false info here and some source playing with you?

          • Richard, your theories are as speculative as anyone else’s.

            What seems obvious to me is that Raniere has pissed off a lot of people, but the people he’s really pissed off are those tasked with guarding his ass 24-7 – the BOP. His arrogant presence just rubs people up the wrong way – he was also assaulted on more than one occasion at the MDC.

            This guy just radiates obnoxiousness, and people inside know what kind of a dirty fucker he is. Placing him in any low security gaff will mean his lines of communication are open to communicate with his demented minions and the paymaster general. And the next time he’s attacked could be the last time if you follow.

            The BOP are only covering their own ass. The DoJ couldn’t give a monkeys either way, but if they had to come down on one side, it would be easier if he were whacked.

    • 5:48,

      Why would DOJ agents so obviously sabotage such solid charges in such a high-profile case?

      Raniere assaulted a minor child and took the photos. Raniere knew. The victim was available to testify. Everyone prosecuting the crimes knew how old the victim was when the crimes were committed.

      A misguided FBI agent might have thought he was helping by changing dates on the photos, but aren’t FBI agents typically smarter than most people? Wouldn’t an agent smart enough to change dates on photos also be smart enough to know all EXIF changes would be recorded?

      If America actually is “One Nation Under Blackmail” and a rogue “Intelligence” organization connected to (the possibly late) Jeffrey Epstein actually does control law and politics, shouldn’t more people wonder if a few rogue agents at the DOJ sabotaged the DOJ’s case against “NXIVM”?

      If a few Bronfmans still know a few Maxwells and most people know so little about what happened, anything is possible.

      • I think the answer might be greed. Everyone looks at Wall Street and finance people convicted of fraud and says, “They had it all. Why would they do that?” The answer usually is that they were drunk with greed.

        Federal Prosecutors and FBI Special Agents are not immune. Big-time wins mean big-time career advancement. Prosecutors leave the US Attorney’s Office and become high-paid litigation partners at huge law firms. FBI Special Agents advance in the Bureau and then retire after 20 years into cushy corporate security gigs.

        The question is whether one of these people got “drunk” with the idea of getting ahead? And it’s easy to rationalize: “Keith probably had sex with this underage girl and probably took pictures, just not these pictures. But these pictures accurately represent what went on, and the jury should see them.”

        A Fed with backbone says: “Absolutely not. We have a Constitution.”

        But a Fed looking at the golden ring says: “Why not? He’s a scumbag anyway.”

        The problem is, the Constitution doesn’t allow the Feds to become monsters, not even to slay them.

        • Wow. So doing a good work at a job leads to a promotion and/or career advancement? Who would’ve thought? In what industry or career path does this not happen?

          That motivation is a far cry from being causative for federal employees in law enforcement positions who have vowed to adhere to a strict set of ethical and legal guidelines and requirements including upholding the Constitution (unlike “The Vanguard” who never signs anything) to risk sullying their integrity and more, e.g., reproachment, discipline, shame, never being able to work again, fines, prison, etc.

          Like I said before, the deadenders want us to believe that such people tampered with the evidence to frame a man with such an established pattern of behavior for one predicate among many other charges he was convicted of. Just introducing doubt based on a remote possibility isn’t sufficient. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and they have none.

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