THE SUN: In Harshest Interview to Date, Kiper Attacks FBI Tampering in Raniere Case

Kiper tattletales on the FBI to the US Senate.

The US Sun published a story that will disturb some readers. Sun reporter Emma Parry interviewed retired FBI agent Dr. J. Richard Kiper about the alleged FBI tampering on the Raniere case.

The headline is “Twist in NXIVM cult case as ex-FBI agent claims child abuse evidence was planted to guarantee Keith Raniere’s conviction.”

Parry wrote for the SUN:

A RETIRED special agent has shockingly claimed the public may lose trust in the FBI after he discovered what he believes is evidence tampering by the agency in the notorious NXIVM sex cult case…. In an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun, former FBI forensic computer examiner Dr. Richard Kiper, who was hired by NXIVM’s supporters to investigate the prosecution’s evidence, revealed he believes evidence was tampered with as agents were under pressure to make sure they “got their man”….

The main finding, Kiper alleged, was that pictures of a naked female [Camila] were placed on the hard drive manually with “manipulated file creation dates” – to make it look like the photos were taken when the female was below the age of consent….

Kiper believes… there was a “concerted effort” by the FBI to tamper with evidence to get a conviction.

Dr. J. Richard Kiper 

Kiper told The US Sun:

I would say this is historical, at least in the history that I know of the FBI, this type of tampering has never been done to my knowledge.

I know that in the FBI, there is a lot of motivation, a lot of incentive to get your man.  I know that because we have incentive awards. We have on the spot awards, special achievement awards, quality step increases, which is sort of like a promotion within a grade, which gets you more money…. so there are a lot of incentives…

You put this on your resume. You can write to it, and then you can get promoted up the line…

I didn’t know anything about Mr. Raniere or the organization but it seems to me looking back over some of the press that he received, none of it was positive.

So this is a person that a lot of people did not like, but that does not excuse the FBI from taking proactive steps to manipulate evidence or use manipulated evidence and misrepresenting its reliability in order in order to achieve a conviction.

If we don’t have due process for people that we don’t like, then we don’t have a system of justice… People will lose their trust in the FBI….

In any workspace in a large organization, there are what I would call unethical things that go on. Like when you pull up pictures of somebody… you might find things that are embarrassing. And then you have comments that are made that are unethical.

The thing that really convinced me was the transplanted thumbnail images. When I saw that, I was like, ‘I have never seen anything like this’.

It’s outrageous. And for a forensic examiner to go on the stand and present this in order to achieve a conviction. I mean, I struggle with how I feel about it, but I think probably outrage is the best word, because I know how these people are trained….

What I would expect would happen here is, ‘Okay, who are the people that are involved? Which cases, which other cases were they involved in now that we have to take a look at those as well?

I would hope that the FBI then would be a little introspective and start looking at their policies and procedures and tighten them up and really give their forensic examiners more training specific to this.

We’ve been so conditioned, I believe, by Hollywood and other entertainment to believe that whatever it takes to get the bad guy, that’s what we need to do.

You know, you have a bad guy, you know he’s a bad guy, so we do whatever it takes, manipulate evidence, tamper with the jury, whatever it takes to get, to get a conviction. I hope the FBI can fix this….

I would love actually to be proven wrong. The FBI is the centerpiece of my resume, that’s where I spent 20 years. And they’ve been caught doing very bad things lately… so I would love for someone to look at my findings and have an alternative explanation that’s not nefarious.

And for that reason, the defense team actually gave my findings to two other independent forensic examiners. And both of those examiners have agreed completely with my findings.

We’re looking at other folks as well to come on board and further verify the findings. But yeah, I would like nothing better than for someone to come up with a non-nefarious explanation for this, because I’d like to believe that the agency I gave 20 years to didn’t do this.

The I in the FBI stands for integrity – it’s fidelity, bravery, and integrity. And I would like that integrity to come back to the FBI so that the public can trust the FBI again.

[Frank Report has published information on alleged FBI tampering in the past — see below.] 

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  • The corrupt FBI

    Americans against Americans
    That’s their agenda

    We need subpoenas

    Stand up to America’s corruption

    Can unite behind our common bond behind the constitution

    Our own government doesn’t obey the law

    The hurricane is here

  • On another thread, anonymous cult expert “AnonyMaker” wrote:

    “Here’s another observation for you: members of high control groups or cults, are typically conditioned through mechanisms such as thought-stopping, to project criticism and anger onto outsiders and others, ignoring what they and their organization are doing, and thus becoming blind to the often blatant hypocrisy of their and their leaders’ words and deeds.

    Read through the comments on this blog which reject the facts that FBI Forensics expert Dr. Richard Kiper lays out in the article above. See how almost every commenter rejects those facts, dancing around and looking away from them, as if the US government prosecutors and the FBI are their ‘cult leaders’?

    Is it as if they are ‘typically conditioned through mechanisms of thought-stopping, projecting criticism, and anger onto others and outsiders, ignoring what they and their organization are doing, thus become blind to the blatant hypocrisy of their leaders words and deeds”?


    Yes it is.

    Am I saying the commenters here are in a cult?


    I am saying, as I said to the esteemed anonymous cult expert “Anonymaker” – a man of high moral stature and many resources – they are HUMAN.

    The hypocrisy, the cruelty, the blind loyalty, and the use of stereotypes seen clearly here in the comments section of this post are ubiquitous to human beings. They are not specific to ‘cult’ members as our speciously educated fraud gentleman claims.

    So step back, assholes.

    Embrace the facts on BOTH SIDES.

    Everyone wins when you do that, including you.


  • Okay, if I’ve got this straight, Kiper is claiming that the thumbnails and the dates appear to be tampered with. Supposing we accept this as true, I still don’t see why it couldn’t have been Keith messing with his own files in case he ever got busted? Does anybody have a shred of proof that the FBI didn’t receive the files in this exact condition?

  • To Kiper and Suneel,

    What is your rebuttal to the following news story?

    Sincerely I would like too know.


    Regarding your claim of malevolence, the converse or opposite is also true; the FBI can’t TRULY prove they haven’t altered the digital image in question. Nor can they disprove nefarious individuals manipulated the image.

    This is the only truth we can both agree on. Quite the quandary.

    An original joke/insult I wrote for you, Suneel:

    The closest I’ll (you’ll) ever get to a three way is a ternary operator.

    It’s a little C++ humor.

  • There is a potential remedy here, and the fact that no attorney has pursued it speaks loudly. A writ of habeas corpus is an action taken when someone is unlawfully incarcerated. It is not an appeal, and it is not a motion for a new trial, it is a collateral attack on the person’s incarceration. One ground for a writ is when the evidence used against them in trial is demonstrably false. A PWHC is often filed at the same time as the appeal, but it can be filed at any time before judgment is final. For KAR, it is telling that no counsel has filed a writ. Not with the appeal, and not since. That’s because the issue of the photos is a red herring.

    • Certainly Keith could have changed it. Definitely any of his devoted followers who were still in Albany could have changed it. There is no proof whatsoever that anything was changed but if in fact anything was altered there is even less proof to pin that on the FBI. There is also the very high probability that Keith messed up his camera in some way. Either accidentally or intentionally the possibilities are endless and those scenarios are much more likely.

    • I can see how issuing an HC writ might be helpful if KR were kidnapped by the US state and imprisoned without any recourse to justice, but that isn’t the case, surely, if it were possible to invoke Habeus Corpus over red herrings, there’d be bodies a mile deep surrounding all prisons demanding the production of their particular bodies.
      KR is no Sun-yat Sen or even Julian Assange.

  • Regarding the family photographer advertisement up above…

    ….I earnestly looked for Alonzo and his Thetan family. No luck!

  • Mr. Kriper-

    Your review of the hard drive is subjective not objective.

    People who aren’t tech savvy do not not understand that fact.

    The DOJ can hire outside experts to counter your “expert opinion.”

    I’m sincerely asking:
    Can you read binary code or even MASM? Or do you depend on third-party vendors for your analysis?

    MASM is very different than ASM… Is it not?

  • Frame Keith? Probably not, but if true, it would not be the first time the FBI pulled such a stunt in recent years.

    • If you have actual proof of the FBI doing something in recent years that you are calling a stent that is similar to what is being alleged was done to Keith can you please post it? Not speculation not post from social media not tweets not opinions but actual verifiable proof that the FBI did what you’re calling a stunt similar to what is being alleged done to Keith in recent years? Thank you

  • Unfortunately Kipper does not present as very intelligent. These are all the same talking points the dead Enders have made a million times everything is vague and generalities his reason for any motivation for the FBI agents to allegedly plant the evidence is completely made up and speculative.

    He implies there’s a conspiracy. That makes him sound crazy. And there is no verifiable proof whatsoever as always is the case with the dead Ender arguments. Objectively truly believe that these kind of Articles hurt the alleged tampering case ultimately. Because you might be pulling people in with a attention grabbing headline and then the reader can tell very quickly that there is no substantive argument or information to back it up.

    And then they’re probably not going to get pulled in again. But hey keep trying. LOL it is entertaining.

    Lastly why does Kipper believe that he or the dead Enders would be privy to any knowledge if the FBI was looking at anything internally? Like they’re publicly going to come out and give that information and hurt someone’s reputation for no reason potentially or mismanage the case? How does a retired FBI agent not know that? So once again he is totally speculating on every single part of this premise. No reputable newspaper whatever have published this as is and not have fact checked the claims they are making. It’s more telling that after this many years they still have so little to complain about and how Keith’s case was handled by law enforcement and the prosecution.

    They really didn’t epic job Prosecuting a truly guilty predator and putting a dangerous person behind bars for life. More than likely this was a paid piece of propaganda.

    • Put yourself in Kiper’s shoes – when else is he going to gain a little retirement capital? When would he ever encounter a pot of gold as big as the Bronfman/ nexium pot? I hope he gets a nice house, a sound little boat and some decent fishing rods, also ofcourse – the last laugh- out of this pointless and from his perspective, relatively harmless charade.

    • It’s sad that you believe in unfact check and biased article at face value. And you can put that in quotes what I just said and be sad about that too. It carries about as much weight as that Sun article

  • Whether true or false, the fbi put the right man behind bars. If you did this to Hitler, would anyone complain?

  • “The Sun published a story that will disturb some readers”

    The Sun? Nobody takes The Sun seriously. Nobody with any sense, that is.

    They self describe as the source for
    “News, sport, celebrities and gossip”

    Gossip? Not quite the London Times, then. Let’s have a look at this preeminent British gossip rag’s U.S. news of today:

    KOURT IT BE? Kourtney drops major clue she’s pregnant as she kisses Travis in sexy pic

    YOU’RE BUSTED I’m super flat chested but have a hack to give myself boobs

    HOLIDAY HORROR Sea turtle attacked me and dragged me under

    TATT’S AWFUL I got a tattoo while drunk

    I don’t think I’ll be getting my shorts in a twist over any of the tripe they write. Their FBI tale has about as much veracity as the story about being dragged beneath the waves by a homicidal turtle.

  • Frank”
    For some reason your story here has been marked as “Spam” in my email.

    “For your security we disabled all images and links in this email. If you believe it is safe to use, mark this message as not spam.Show images
    Why is this message in Spam?
    We believe this message is spam as you marked previous messages from the same sender as spam. If you want to receive future messages from this sender, please mark it as ‘Not Spam’.”

    I have never marked your email or any other emails by anyone else as spam.
    Apparently the Gods of Tech in Silicon Valley like to censor emails in order to kill stories, particularly stories that offend
    the government.
    The government would not do that would they?
    The FBI told Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook that the Hunter Biden laptop is not real.

  • I wonder how much money the Brofmans are paying him to say this….Just based on the quote below, he understands there may be other explanations beyond his level of comprehension. One thing we do know as a fact, is that KR is a pedophile.

    “I would love for someone to look at my findings and have an alternative explanation” –

  • I think that photo evidence is very suspect. And I think it’s really shitty that anyone who thinks it should be looked at gets accused of supporting a pedophile / being a horrible person. Just like I believe Bill Cosby is a rapist yet I support his release from prison because unfortunately the government screwed up, I believe Keith Raniere also deserves fair treatment from the government here. What’s fair is fair. And just like this ex-FBI agent said, I would love if it can be demonstrated there was no tampering here. But there are a lot of red flags, starting with the testimony that EXIF data is not easy to change.

    • But it was looked at WTF. That’s the part that does not seem to be Computing with some people. It was looked at extensively, and it was available for the defense to raise objections. And they did not, and the evidence was admitted.

      And Keith’s defense even said that they didn’t dispute when the photos were taken. Keith had a chance to mount a defense. He did not. The evidence could have been contested it was not. So yeah it could be looked at and looked at again and looked at again for decades. But it was admitted as evidence and it was seen in a courtroom with people who took testified and took an oath at risk of perjury and a jury of the defendants peers that he also could have objected to at any time.

      And a guilty verdict was found.

      And that is going to always carry a lot more weight. None of the people for this article are under any kind of the same rigorous standards. There are just a group of paid people who probably paid the paper or got paid themselves to write this for that paper because that paper let you do that. A paper by the way that is not even allowed to be sold in certain places because it’s considered such b*******.

      But they were not held to any of those courtroom standards. So it can be reitigated on social media but the case is closed.

      • Wasn’t the defense that the photos were too old or something, as opposed to attempting to say that KR did not take them? My understanding is that the defense conceded that the images were of Camila and that Raniere took them, but they were too old – I think the defense also attempted to highlight the “long-standing” “many years” relationship that KR and Camila had.

        • Exactly.@ 3:22pm

          Your understanding is correct. The only attempt at a defense about the sexually explicitl photos of a child posing pornographically was to try to get them thrown out for being too old.

          Oh my God LOL take that in for a second. The child predator had attorneys who argued to the court that the child pornography should not be admitted because of the date the sexually explicit photos of the child were taken.

          Not that the pictures were tampered with. Not that the photos weren’t of Camilla at 15. Not that Keith did not take the child pornography

          But that the child porn photos were “older” photos. NOT that Camilla was older IN the photos.

          The defense was trying to get the criminal photos of a child in sexually explicit poses thrown out on some perceived technicality about the age NOT of the child who was abused and sexually exploited but the age of the PHOTOS.

          Frank has verified that the Dead-Enders (particularly the Manson girl faction of the Nxivm Cult) Refused to sit in the courtroom through the entire trial.

          Guess they wanted plausible deniability about “distasteful” realities, like,…Keith and his defense team admitting that Keith definitely DID take the sexually explicit photos of Camilla when she was 15?

          The Keith apologist and Loyalists and Defenders did not want to hear any truth that might damage their internal representation of their Vanguard.

  • Re The Sun’s Story 3 Months After the Frank Report’s Story:

    Wow……So news worthy is the Sun’s Story. If Kippy says it’s true it must be true.

    Believe it or not computer forensic experts have as much legitimacy as
    blood splatter or bite mark experts in other words none at all. Look up the University research on all three pseudo sciences.

    “You can pay an expert to see it one way and another expert to see it the other way.
    Either way it’s a whore’s opinion.”

  • “And for that reason, the defense team actually gave my findings to two other independent forensic examiners. And both of those examiners have agreed completely with my findings.”

    This is completely misleading. Wayne Norris is not an independent forensic examiner. His credentials are bullshit. So whenever this Kiper dude makes a statement like that I just shake my head and am like wtf man, I can’t believe anything you say.

    “And they’ve [FBI} been caught doing very bad things lately” – leads to a disgruntled bias against the FBI, and I’m assuming he is referring to the legal search and seizure at Trump’s property. He can’t make bullshit statements like that and be expected to be believed smh.

    • Exactly Ice Nine. No legitimate news organization wouldn’t have fact checked those kinds of statements and put in some kind of clarifier. Even the title is completely misleading and no reputable news source would ever have run it as it is

      • If you are going to lump Ice-nine in with your comments, make sure he agrees with you. In this case, he does not. Ice-nine is has no quarrel with this Frank Report published content or how it is presented, only with the lame-o that was quoted in it.

        • Point taken but that was not the point that was being made.

          Actually, the point being made was thatc The Sun is a b******* paper and they are not a reputable reporting Source because they would have fact checked before publishing.

          Def not talking about the Frank report.

  • It’s not disturbing to this reader. First of all it’s the Sun.

    And obviously it doesn’t matter where they publish whatever. – it’s not going to get Keith out of prison.

    It’s interesting that the Make Justice Blind dance crew claim to care so much about the justice system being fair but they also think that just paying a person to be an “expert” and say whatever you want should exonerate a person who has been convicted.

    By that logic anyone with enough money can just buy some gun for hire to swear that they’re innocent and get some cheesy rag to publish the are alleged investigation.

    More interesting has anyone seen ‘The Aviary’? It’s about two women escaping from a cult and it is heavily influenced by Nxium (not my opinion that’s what the filmmaker said).

    Keith’s never getting out of sex offender prison.

  • Interesting timing from the time it first hit Raniere’s loyalists Twitter feed, The Frank Report & motions filed.

    Now the Sun a almost non National kind of rag news paper decades to write about paid for opinions.

    Why after all this time would The Sun write an article on this?

    Seems like the Sun might have gotten paid for some advertising by Raniere trust fund in exchange for sending out a reporter to write this story.

    Nothing has been decided by the courts so everything has been on hold for months.


  • wow…who would have thought? Maybe we all got really duped. If so, excellent execution! Till now, of course.

    • “We” didn’t get duped. You did. Probably still are duped.Please speak only for yourself.

      Keith will never be free.

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