MK10ART: DOS = Denial of Sanity– When Will These Dossier Women Grow up?

The following is Part 2 from the artist MK10ART.


DOS = Denial Of Sanity

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt

DOS’s grandmaster delights in his females’ obedience as he swims in da Nile.

Review of the DOSsier’s video: “Women of DOS Clarify Important Details About the DOS Narrative and Charges from Trial”

Far from “clarifying” anything, this DOS video obfuscates and spreads misinformation about the Nxivm DOS sex cult and trial. Dr. Danielle Roberts sets the stage to exonerate herself, and DOS, from NXIVM’s crimes.
MK10 ART’s Danielle Roberts

First, she brings up some of Keith Raniere’s (DOS grandmaster) sex crimes.

If children were being hurt, if pedophilia was going on, if all of these other things were happening, none of us would be supporting this.
Roberts says DOS didn’t hurt children.  Technically, this may be true, but DOS did hurt young women.
Also, a man led DOS, Keith Raniere, who hurt children.  DOS supported Raniere, Raniere raped children.  So is DOS guilty of hurting children if they served a pedophile? Yes, DOS served and supported a criminal, knowingly or not.

Keith Raniere, the founder and leader of DOS, raped 12-year-old 60 times

MK10ART’s evocative and tender painting of Rhiannon.

Raniere then raped  14-year-old Gina Hutchinson (and another Gina and other unnamed girls).

MK10ART Gina Hutchinson

Cult members successfully prevented Camilla from appearing at the trial. Still, she bravely managed to thwart their coercive tactics and appeared at his sentencing.

At Raniere’s sentencing, Camila said Raniere raped her when she was 15. That was statutory rape. She also said in her civil complaint that he raped her as an adult – by force – when she tried to leave him.

The criminal boldness of Raniere with these rapes (among other crimes) indicates that there were probably many more victims.

MK10ART’s sketch of Rhiannon.
Dr. Danielle Roberts then tries to defend a putative grooming school called Rainbow Cultural Garden (RCG).
RCG was an experimental program created by Raniere, who has no background in education.
RCG confused children with multiple languages while distancing them from their parents.  RCG was a potential source for Keith’s pedophilic predilections.  RCG also served as a portal into the Nxivm cult.
MK10ART Sara Bronfman and her Rainbow CULT-u-ral Garden




In fact, we were working hard on companies that would do the exact opposite. Rainbow Cultural Gardens was brought up in one of the comments and the entire commitment to Rainbow Cultural Gardens was to help children be able to grow, blossom, become more creative, more joyful children.

Blossom? Joyful? 

Why would Roberts talk about making children “joyful” in the context of an educational program? 

Perhaps she read Frank Parlato’s article, “Raniere’s ‘Joyful’ Raping of 12-Year-Old Destroyed Her Childhood, But She Made a Brave Comeback.”  

Maybe it was the fact that one of Keith Raniere’s favorite quotes was, “He who has the most joy wins.”

MK10ART: Another sympathetic painting depicting the sorrow and torture and the healing of Rhiannon. She agreed to testify in the Raniere trial but the judge would not allow it.
Roberts continues:
From the beginning, something that was absolutely absurd, you know, DOS being something that was damaging to begin with, became blown out of proportion.

Apparently, Roberts believes starving DOS women on a 500 calories per day vegan diet, being an obedient slave under a pedophile, taking crotch shots on command (which were sent to Keith), and regurgitating misogynistic tripe like “women have no character,” among other things (branding) is all for positive growth.

Others would call that damaging, or perhaps even – beyond idiotic.

MK10ART– Don’r forget the human fright experiments.
MK10ART — She who has the most joy wins.


MK10 ART’s Danielle Roberts


The bails put on Clare [Bronfman] and Keith [Raniere] and the people involved were so astronomical that people had to start believing that something really bad must have happened. So it’s like, once you plant that seed, now it’s like, well, there has to be something huge here.

Dr. Danielle Roberts by MK10ART
MK10ART. The two faces of Dr. Danielle

Is this woman really a doctor?   Roberts asserts that it was because of the court’s high bail amounts that people believed serious crimes were committed by Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere.  In reality, the bail amounts were probably the least likely influence on the public’s opinion.  Dr. Danielle Robert’s tortuous carving, the branding, seems to have made the biggest impact.

She now calls it art and gave herself the title, “primary branding artist.”

Nicki Clyne follows Roberts rambling with more delusional nonsense.
MK10ART Nicki
One guy said at one point, there are mountains of evidence, right? And I think, ‘Ok, if that’s true, where is it? Let’s see it.’ Like, yes, there were a number of emotional, very emotional, victim impact statements at the sentencing. But that’s not testimony, and that’s not evidence.

Like Roberts, Clyne denies there is any evidence.  According to her, all they had were victim impact statements.

Keith brainwashes Nxivm cult members to believe “there are no victims,” so the DOS members dismiss all the impact statements. They would probably say, “There are no victims! Go sleep on the floor!” (One of the many punishments doled out by the cult.)

Keith Raniere disputes the popular idea of the DOS branding as depicted by MK10ART.

In reality, there was plenty of evidence, testimonies, and victims.  In fact, it was former DOS members who gave the most compelling testimony.  But Clyne and Roberts live in delusion as they lie and fantasize that no objective evidence or victims exist.

Clyne continues:

What justice system do we have if someone gets sentenced for the prejudice compounded in the media and the oppression that the government can enact on an entire community?

The NXIVM community would have set the record straight if people had testified and spoken freely about their experiences. Or spoke in the media to counter what’s been said. But no one could because God forbid, the same thing would happen to them that’s happening to us now.

We’ve gone all this time being quiet and decided okay enough is enough, and we’re willing to take the hate. We’re willing to take the criticism because this is insane. Our friends are in prison. They’re not criminals.

MK10ART:t LaurenSalzman testified in court about her helping Raniere keep Daniella prisoner in a room. Lauren said, “And honestly, I was very incredibly discompassionate with her and I was unkind often. At times, I punished her. You know, it was terrible.”

Contradicting Clyne’s claims that the community could not testify, Danielle Roberts said neither she nor others in the cult wanted to testify

At the end of the second interview [with prosecutor Moira Penza], she threatened to subpoena me to testify in the trial against Mr. Raniere. I made it clear I was not interested in helping her. I also knew that if I were to testify in support of the defense, Mr. Raniere, she may change her mind about me if it served her. I could then become a co-conspirator in her assessment, open to an indictment, even though I had done nothing wrong or criminal.

MK10ART – Nicki Clyne tried so hard to protect the good name and noble deeds of Clare Webb Bronfman, but it was for naught.

So Nicki Clyne is caught in another lie.
In reality, no one in the community wanted to testify to defend Keith Raniere, not even Nicki.  Apparently, they all feared being indicted themselves, but they did nothing wrong – right?  Even Raniere didn’t bother trying to defend himself and never took the stand.

In the end, no one in Nxivm or DOS wanted to defend the pedophile.  But they have no problem posting Youtube videos full of disinformation.

They come across so earnestly and enthusiastically that their presentation may disarm one.  “They must simply be brainwashed and can’t help themselves.” Their repeated claims they are trying to do good. They want to improve themselves to help the world.  Such a noble cause.  They are just misguided seekers… or are they?

MK10ART’s depiction of Allison Mack and Dr. Danielle Roberts branding a DOS slave. The branding caused Dr. Roberts to lose her medical license.

Dr. Danielle Roberts, who has since lost her medical license, isn’t some naive teenager.  Her word salad explanation for avoiding testifying in court smacks of manipulation and deceit.

Roberts is infamous now, like Dr. Mengele, for torturing women without anesthesia for 30 minutes or more as she burned into their skin with a cauterizing pen.

Does she feel any shame, guilt, or remorse?  No, she gives herself the elevated title of ‘branding artist.’ These are signs of criminal insanity.  Psychopaths never feel guilt or shame for the harm they cause others.

MK10 ART Clyne

Nicki Clyne, similarly, can’t stop lying.  Pathological lying is also a symptom of a criminal mindset. Both of these women behave like… well, criminals.

MK10Art. The Lost Women of NXIVM

That appears to be why they adore Keith Raniere so much.  Raniere went down for a few serious crimes, but he is strongly suspected of more serious crimes, including murder.  His former child victim, Gina Hutchinson, died in a suspicious suicide.  Another woman, Kristin Snyder, disappeared during a Nxivm retreat in Alaska.

Kristin Snyder by MK Art
MK10ART – The Lost Women
MK10ART’s painting of Elaine Smiloff and Miller’s Landing where Kristin Snyder’s truck was found.
MK10ART’s painting of Kristin Snyder kayaking
MK10ART – Kristin Snyder on a kayak — but did she commit suicide on a kayak? – After saying Keith got her pregnant?
Kristin Snyder MK10ART

Danielle Roberts claims she was like Florence Nightingale nursing Raniere’s roommate Pam Cafritz as she lay dying from cancer.  There are many unanswered questions about Cafritz’s death, not least of which is – where is her body?

Cafritz is suspected of being poisoned, along with three other women who lived with Raniere (and three cats). All of them got cancer within a decade.
Watch the Lost Women of Nxivm for more details.

MK10ART Keith Raniere loved Pam Cafritz so much…
MK10ART. He may have given her that milky white substance for her health.

Pam Cafritz’s body may have been kidnapped or removed prematurely from the hospital by Nxivm members. So where is her body now?

Did Raniere really freeze it like he said? Will it ever be found again? Or not –to avoid an autopsy.

Roberts was there at the end. What does she know about this? Is this one of the reasons why she was so afraid of prosecutor Moira Penza?

MK10ART’s Pam Cafritz

Over and over, these DOS women lie, deceive, obfuscate, play the victim, and pretend to be trying to help the world.  What have they done exactly? Besides avoiding indictments and doing splits outside the Manhattan Detention Center – not much.

Over a year old, even their YouTube channel only attracted 254 subscribers.  So they can’t even get a Youtube channel monetized, despite Nicki Clyne being a successful Hollywood actress.

Mk10ART Nicki Clyne

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  • Never. They are never going to grow up.

    They follow daddy Keith. They move when he moves.

    Their mouths open and Keith’s words come out.

    The manson girls stayed in a state of arrested development too.

  • O-KAY, you got me intrigued again, MK10. (Hope, like truth, springs eternal.) Who are Kay and, especially, “Rose” supposed to be on the banner behind Clyne?

    Rose is our mother’s first and Gina’s middle name. Both are not “lost” but most definitely deceased, in case you’re still artfully propogating that CIA/NXIVM psyop conspiracy theory.

  • Pardon my silly question – has MK10 ever portrayed Kristin Keeffe?

    Please post it, if so. Also, I’m curious as ever about who the NXers claim composed Gina’s death chart. Wasn’t Gina, Frank. Where the she-devil did you ever get that idea?

    Oh, and that pardon doesn’t have to be a Presidential one or anything 🤪🤣

    • Here is MK10’s portrait of KK –

        • Nope, no MK10 Kristin Keeffe portrait in Feb 2019, not ever. I thought Keeffe might have appeared in one of the black and white group portraits at the time, per the comments. (How is Schlock Johnson these days, btw?)

          I guess MK was, is still, honoring Frank’s years-long moratotorium on making any mention, nary a brush stroke, of Keeffe on this blog?

          Where, btw, DID MK10 get all that keen insight on GBD that so impressed me back in 2019 in one of the few articles she’s written?

          When even Kristin Keeffe now has so little knowledge of GBD, the Rat, anything remotely pertaining to KAR’s pedophile past?

          …And I say “past,” assuming they don’t let underage girls in sex offender prison and Keith stays in it despite his apparent high hopes for a Trump reelection win and Presidential pardon for him and, possibly, Clare Bronfman?

  • Hmm…
    Written by Guest View, are you sure that’s the intended name or maybe GUESS VIEW would be more appropriate…

  • Here is a potential recruit for NXIVM

    School board director in Dem-led Washington state plans to hold workshop to teach children as young as NINE about ‘sexual anatomy for pleasure’ and ‘safer sex practices’ at her shop called WinkWink

    Jenn Mason, who serves as the school board director for the Bellingham School District, is hosting sexual education classes at her sex shop WinkWink Boutique
    The courses are broken down by age with children 9 to 12 in one class and children 13 to 17 in another
    Among the topics students will discuss are ‘sexual anatomy for pleasure and reproduction’ and ‘safer sex practices for all kinds of sexual activities’
    It comes one month after Mason hosted a Queer Youth Open Mic Night at the store, offering those ‘0-18’ a chance to share poetry or songs

    Bellingham, Washington is between Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • Freedom means the ability to believe in stupid things.
    Things that are absurd.

    The alternative is to have a Ministry of Truth like Joe Biden, aka Pedo Peter, tried to create headed by a Big Sister named Nina Jankowicz, aka Mary Poppins on crack.

  • What about all these mysterious deaths? I’m new to the Nxivm story– I’ve only heard about Camila. I did not know there were other child victims. This is awful. Thank God FR and others stopped Raniere. Predator.

    If Nicki and company really want to have a support program only for women, why don’t they just start one away from Nxivm? Without a sadistic rapist as the ring leader? It seems that might be a better route. Maybe a new meal plan, and a new book of lessons– ones that are fully healthy and void of collateral.

    • Where is proof that keith raped a child? Just because a person says something does not prove it- innocent until proven guilty

      • Pretty sure I know who this is. Just because someone isn’t proven guilty, or even charged, doesn’t make them innocent either. Sometimes the evidence just isn’t there and any witnesses may be co-conspirators. Some might also argue that even when proven guilty, a person may still be innocent – words taken from the lugs of a bucket!

      • There have been several girls/women unrelated to each other across the years who have accused Raniere of raping them when they were underage: Camila, Rhiannon, Gina, Gina. The Albany Times Union did an expose on it (2012 I believe). I also recall Rhiannon hoped to testify at his trial as well. Smoke… fire.

        • The Albany Times Union week-long expose’ series on NXIVM, wherein a handful – a very minor percentage – of Raniere’s underage rape victims came forward, first appeared on February 4, 2012 following an over two year investigation by reporters, led by Jim O’Dato, and backed by the Hearst corporation legal team.

          Thank you for mentioning that, L.

          Perhaps Frank might be inspired to repost that link in the interests of justice for my sister Gina, Kris Snyder, Barbara Jeske, Pam Cafritz and the seemingly unending list of mysterious NX-related deaths that now includes the former head of POS, Jim Del Negro, may he RIP.

          …If you’re not too busy investigating the FBI and/or Dani F’s alleged tampering of evidence.

          Um, btw, that handwriting on poor Pam’s MK10 portrait looks vaguely familiar. Where IS Pam’s body and is her head still attached to it?

          Reminds me of a line Gina would jokingly mimick sometimes- “Dude, is my head still attached to my body?”

          Also, I don’t believe Marie White met Frank or ever stayed at his place until after I was there (rather briefly) and saw the overhead projector in the closet outside the rooms Kristin and her (and Keith’s) son inhabited for years on and off, I strongly suspect. There may have been a couple of other guest artists, though.

          Careful of their “human shields” trick, Marie.

          • Heidi, as I recall, the Times Union was a month-long series – one story each Sunday.

            In Raniere’Shadows is the one about Gina.

            You did something that changed the Raniere narrative – you went to Jim Odato and told the story of your sister and Keith’s underage sex history. You pushed that, and you got it done. It would not have happened except for you. He never survived that. That was hanging over him right down to Camila. As for your theory that Kristin Keeffe is Marie White or MK10ART you are wrong. I do not know anything about KK being an artist. Maybe she is. As for Marie White, I’ve known her for 20 years. I knew her before you or Kristin.

            As for MK10ART. I know her also and she is not Kristin. And Marie and MK10 are not the same people. As of the mysterious deaths- we have both worked on that one together. I hope we find out an answer someday.

    • I think in one case there was a suicide note, but no body was ever found. How could anyone possibly commit suicide and hide their own body??

          • Then, could you please ask MK10 to explain the significance of the names on the banner in the Nicki Clyne “DOS Boss” piece above?

            The reason I ask is that back in 2017, Rolling Stone magazine reported that when Gina went missing before her body was discovered in 2002, some NXIAN’s had made calls to the police claiming Gina was upset over our mother, “Rose’s”, death over two years prior and feared she may have harmed herself for that reason. This was not true and may have been a cover-up effort, IDK, but I do find it suspicious that when Gina was only missing for a couple of days – not unusual for free spirited Gina – someone predicted she was in fact dead and how, and for what reason.

            Also, we have an Uncle named Kay and, funny thing, I was just visiting Kay’s daughter a couple of months ago, reminiscing together on our childhood experiences, etc. I hadn’t thought of or talked about Uncle Kay or Rose, for that matter, in ages.

            So I’d really like to know what inspired your good artist friend here to create that piece in tandem with Kristin Keeffe’s sudden reappearance along with a few other anamolies that are going on in my little life that you, Frank, appear to be well aware of though we have not communicated in years and I was not even reading, much less commenting on here for many months hence.

            What say you, Frank?

            Also, how well does MK10 know Kristin Keeffe? Or any of your NX leftover friends including “DOS Boss” Nicki Clyne?

            Suneel once got one thing right about NXIVM – their “fish hole” pond is always packed with a lot of “red herrings.” Some long gone belly up and stinking.

    • Yeah, second that. The only major acting work she ever got was Battlestar. There are contradictory stories about why she left before the end of the final season. It’s reported here that she upped sticks herself to commit to NXIVM, it was her decision. She herself claims she was given her walking papers. The truth is somewhere in between – they probably let her go because she just wasn’t into it anymore and they could see that.

    • —Nicki Clyne is not a successful Hollywood actress. She’s D-list at most.

      She’s on Suneel’s, “D”, list.

      Suneel’s D-list is the shortest list I’ve ever seen — right after ni**ers I met at the yacht club.

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