Danielle Roberts: Penza’s Actions Were ‘the Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back,’ Intimidating Me From Testifying for Raniere

Dr. Danielle Roberts

Danielle Roberts, DO, MS, lives in St. Francis, Wisconsin. She graduated from Binghamton University Cum Laude in 2003 with a degree in Psychobiology. In 2008, she completed a dual degree as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine with a Master in Clinical Nutrition.

In 2011, she completed her Family Practice Residency. From 2012-2017, she worked as a hospitalist in four different hospitals and as a medical director of Integrative Medical Practice from 2011-2013.

Working sometimes with Keith Raniere, she “created and developed four different movement and wellness systems and certifications for prevention from 2013-2018, one of which was implemented in three countries.”

In 2016, Roberts added to her resume: Branding Artist.

In 2021, a New York State Department of Health officials found Roberts used a cauterizing pen to write “KR” on the pelvic region of at least 17 women. The women were told the brand was a they were getting the initials of Keith Raniere on their groin.

A hearing committee sustained multiple counts of professional misconduct against Dr. Roberts, and her medical license was revoked.

As a DOS slave her master was Allison Mack and her grandmaster Keith Raniere. Both are serving time in federal prison.

Roberts was in the same slave pod as India Oxenberg and Nicole, the victim of sex trafficking in the federal trial of Keith Raniere.

Here is Danielle Roberts Statement

Danielle Roberts

I was a second-line member of DOS and was invited by Allison Mack. I served as the primary branding artist for those who got a brand.

I have key information I could have offered to the defense counsel in Keith Raniere’s case to dispel much of the testimony that was given at trial about how DOS worked, its procedures and practices, the branding process, and my experiences in DOS with Allison Mack, and India and Nicole who were in my circle.

L-r Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Michele Hatchette, Samantha LeBaron and Danielle Roberts – of DOS.

I could have given direct testimony that would have challenged Nicole’s narrative in general, and specifically about her spending a few hours
transcribing videos with me for Pamela Cafritz’s memorial service, which the Government argued was “forced labor.”

As a second-line member of DOS, I directly experienced the processes and protocols being developed and implemented by the first line.

My testimony would have attested to the rigorous and thoughtful enrollment process each woman would have undergone who decided to join, and the conditions surrounding the collateral.   This would have clearly illustrated that the collateral was used as a tool to back our promises to ourselves, like surety, not as a tool of fear, force, or blackmail as was alleged by the Government and by Nicole.

I believe much of my testimony would have helped to dispel, if not completely dismantle, the Government’s theory of sex trafficking and forced labor. I was similarly situated to Nicole, both of us being in the same circle of DOS.

In addition, I have been a close friend and business partner of Mr. Raniere. I had known him for approximately six years at the time of the trial.  I had worked very closely with him for four years building our company exo|eso, and I worked very closely with him and his closest chosen family in caring for Ms. Pamela Cafritz in her two-year struggle with metastatic renal cancer before she passed away in 2016.

Allison Mack with the ailing Pamela Cafrtiz

I cared for Ms. Cafritz in their home and, at the end, around the clock. As such a close friend, I could have offered essential and reliable testimony to the consistency of Mr. Raniere’s character and conduct.

I believe my testimony would have strongly contradicted the handful of Government witnesses’ narrative of Mr. Raniere’s alleged sinister intent.

Instead of being afforded an uninfluenced right to testify under oath as to the nature and purpose of DOS and my experience, I was threatened and intimidated into silence by the actions of U.S. Governmental agencies, including the EDNY… and significant media pressure.

In and around Oct. 2017… the New York Times published an article that criticized NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo for choosing not to investigate my medical license.

In the summer of 2017, the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC), part of the NYS Health Department, issued a written decision in response to a complaint from Ms. Sarah Edmondson, stating that my actions as a branding artist for DOS were NOT the practice of medicine.

Sarah Edmondson
Sarah Edmondson was displeased when she learned that the brand was not the four elements but Raniere’s initials.

Two days after the New York Times article, the OPMC, in contravention of their prior decision, launched an investigation into my private and
professional life.

This decision …. cost me my contract as a hospitalist at Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital (which I had served loyally for five years) and every other job I tried to pursue over the next two years in the medical field. This was the beginning of dismantling my reputation, credibility, and financial stability.

The OPMC threatened me with a salacious, highly exaggerated statement of charges to subpoena information from me, and other women (not related to the practice of medicine and quite possibly to try to collect further information in relation to Mr. Raniere’s criminal case).

These initial allegations are very different from the allegations the Health Dept. finally published against me about three years later. The Health Dept. continually found ways to try to intimidate me to surrender my license….

I may state as testimony to defend my medical license and livelihood, as grounds for criminal charges. Clearly discouraging me from testifying in any way in relation to the federal case.

OPMC prosecutor, Jeffery Conklin indicated that any testimony I gave in my medical hearing could be used to support a criminal indictment, thus inextricably linking the federal case and my medical hearing. Therefore, any evidence uncovered or testimony given by me (or others) in my hearing could have been used in the federal case to challenge the prosecutors narrative.

Dr, Danielle Roberts does a handstand in front of MDC.

The women that were subpoenaed through my case, also pleaded the 5th amendment for fear of prosecutorial retaliation, reputational damage, and financial consequence.

Seeing I was not amendable to surrendering my license (and that I would likely testify at my own hearing), my hearing was held in abeyance for approximately two years, until September 2019, when the federal trial was complete (June 2019) and convictions made.

It is precatory that the OPMC present a case to the state board no more than 90 days after an initial interview is offered to a physician/defendant.

It was two years before the OPMC moved my hearing forward. In order to justify their delay, and divergence from their standard, they offered
another “initial” interview so that the hearing would be within the “90 day window”. This was a severe deviation from the standard, during which I was unable to work, and timed exactly with the progression of the criminal trial.

The consequences of these unjustified tactics and actions led to the loss of my livelihood.

Dr. Roberts does a handstand in front of the detention center where Keith Raniere was detained.

I had to sell my home and most of my possessions and eventually had to change careers to support myself and pay legal fees.

In addition to the significant intimidation and financial duress I was placed under, the Federal Government invaded and threatened our community, followed us in our cars, sat outside our homes in their vehicles, and raided Ms. Salzman’s home just a few blocks from my home.


The FBI raid Nancy Salzman’s house at 3 Oregon Trail.


As a gesture of cooperation, NXIVM had closed their offices and I was sufficiently intimidated that I closed my company, exo|eso™ as well.

I sought legal representation and was represented by attorney Michael Kelton, Esq. of Abrams Fensterman, LLP for my matters with the OPMC and attorney Daniel Stein, Esq. of Mayer Brown, LLP for any matters pertaining to possible criminal charges.

In April 2018, the prosectutor’s in Mr. Raniere’s case informed Mr. Stein that they wanted to speak with me. Mr. Stein offered that I comply, if they offered me protection from prosecution.

Then-Assistant US Attorney Moira Kim Penza, the lead prosecutor, granted limited immunity. The limited protections of the proffer agreement stated that the proffer agreement did not constitute a cooperation agreement.

Should there be any criminal exposure for me discovered in the course of the interview, that my participation in the proffer and continued cooperation would be helpful in resolving such issues.   However, Ms. Penza stated that she was not making any promises to resolve any matter in any particular fashion.

It became clear to me that if I was of help to the prosecution, it would be beneficial to me.

Moira Kim Penza

There were many moments over the course of the two, full eight-hour-long proffer sessions that Ms. Penza seemed very fixed in her viewpoints about NXIVM and DOS; especially pertaining to my experience and perspectives regarding the collateral I voluntarily gave in exchange for mentorship (however unconventional), and the incorporation of Mr. Raniere’s initials into the meanings of the brand.

When I shared my viewpoints, based on my personal experiences, she often seemed to get visibly upset and perseverated on those specific points and others that offered a different motivation other than coercion.

I recall one instance … where for around 15 minutes, she argued with me about… collateral.

I explained that collateral was a tool I chose to use to build self-trust and self-reliance, to back my promises,  and that it was not, nor was it intended to be, a tool of coercion or extortion. My attorney eventually needed to step in to point out her behavior and redirect her.

She displayed the same behavior when discussing the intent and meaning behind what I was told the incorporation of Mr. Raniere’s initials meant in the symbol that was created by the 1st line members. She again was insistent the meaning was related to control, possession, and coercion, when that was not my opinion at all.

What did the incorporation of Mr. Raniere’s initials mean in the symbol that was created by the 1st line members

By the end of the interview on May 11, 2018, it became clear to me that Ms. Penza had solely two possible viewpoints:

1) I was a co-conspirator of a massive criminal enterprise, or

2) I was a victim of the situation that had been brainwashed and couldn’t think for myself.

It did not seem to me that she was open to the possibility, which I believe to be the truth, that this group of people, including Keith Raniere, was innocent and well-intended, even if some mistakes were made.

Consistent with my observation, at the end of the first interview ,she offered me victim support services so that I could be properly treated for the abuse that she decreed that I had undergone, even though I did not, and do not feel, I was abused nor can I measure objectively any destruction of my life or life’s work by the practices I engaged in in DOS.

Danielle Roberts doing a hand stand, as part of her yoga practice.

In fact, I experienced quite the opposite and I conveyed that in my proffer interviews.

Ms. Penza’s comments to me at the end of the first interview indicated to me that she had dismissed my testimony, my positive experience, and rendered me incompetent in her mind in order to maintain her theory of the case and the foundation she needed to “win.”

At the end of the second interview, she threatened to subpoena me to testify in the trial against Mr. Raniere. I made it clear I was not interested in helping her.

I also knew that if I were to testify in support of the defense, Mr. Raniere, she may change her mind about me, if it served her, and I could then become a co-conspirator in her assessment, open to indictment, even though I had done nothing wrong or criminal.

Based on my initial direct experiences with Ms. Penza, she seemed disinterested in the truth and unwilling to examine any contrary perspective to one of abuse and coercion.

I was effectively intimidated from giving crucial testimony to the case.  Ms. Penza did not choose to call me to testify.

The actions of Ms. Penza were the straw that broke the camel’s back and successfully intimidated me from testifying in the criminal proceedings.


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  • If former Doctor Roberts really wants to turn her life around and start doing some actual good, there must be a way to get her a medical position in areas where doctors are desperately needed, like the third world, refugee camps, etc.

    Even without a medical license, she should be able to get it back under certain conditions, especially if those conditions bring incredibly bad publicity to any medical board that would refuse them.

    There’s an incredible number of areas desperate for even desperate doctors. Maybe there’s groups out there like Doctors Without Borders that can start her on the right road back to humanity again.

    • Shes to busy Organized Gang Stalking people WHO wrong the other cult members, she is 100% still active in the cult. BTW this cult is fully active 100% fully operating and 100% still attacking our children RAPPING – DRUGGING – GROOMING FOR PROSTITUTION – HOLDING HOSTAGE with there GAY GROOMING PEDOPHILE CULT (they like little girls and the boys more) – watch your children very closely in the Capital Region NY – they have been grooming this area UPSTATE NEW YORK for approx 25 years since 1998. I can fully see they have planted and roped in City Officials – Police – Government Officials – Wealthy Business men and women – the magnitude of the people involved is just SAD and needs to end now. I could go on and on with the SCUM involved in this cult, but I think we are starting to wake up to the magnitude of what this cult has done to our community’s – schools – day care and sports events, anything that has to do with our children, wake up to what they are still trying to do daily IN OUR AREA. You can NOT LEAVE BEHIND 18,000 SEX CULT MEMBERS and then go, ” hay whats everyone in the cult doing ” WHO CARES REALLY. We need to protect our community from this fifth. If one human being can not see how she wronged and harmed so many, God Bless her – pray for her that she wakes up before they put her with her leader. If that’s what it takes to stop these people than pray it happens fast before more are harmed. its like a crack head, they just cant get enough of the cults life. They need to be DEPROGRAMMED NOW, or jailed take your pick.

  • There is so much wrong with the delusions and the writings of this woman — from stating she didn’t do anything wrong (when defending her license) to saying that KR was innocent. She could have testified, but she CHOSE not to.

    Who’s fault is that? The Government’s? She could have been placed on the stand as a hostile witness, and actually got her views out…or she could have been called by the defense and supposedly debunk what Nicole and Lauren said — but, again, she CHOSE not to.

    This woman needs therapy to help her move on in life. Yet she continues to walk on a different path and continues to cry “poor me.” Badass my ass….

    • What really grabs my attention about the entire NXIVM story are how so many people see this as black and white. It amazes me how people make up their mind and that’s it.

      I’m not saying I’m on NXVIM side. I’m just saying it’s not impossible for me to believe that Dr. Roberts experience may have been a positive one to her. It just seems like once the media and the people on social media make up their mind it’s then set in stone and they are incapable of seeing it any other way. I’m grateful that I can always keep an open mind.

      Everyone in the comments just stays so angry that has to be miserable. I just wonder if that correlates with close mindiness.

      • Well when your talking about all the children that have been brutally raped – drugged and held hostage still to this day, than I guess we could all sit back and relax while the harm goes on. I don’t think people are angry as much as we have been brutally attacked and hurting to what has happened to our beautiful children and community. If anyone is miserable it would be the CHILDREN from the brutality of the abuse, the last words don’t even coincide with reality.

  • The mistreatment of Keith’s “orphan” son should be reason enough for these dead-enders to acknowledge that Raniere us a fucking liar. And far from ethical.


    Have you ever had an honest discourse with Nicku, Suneel, Eduardo and the other dead-enders about Keith’s proven track record of massive deception in the case of his own child?

    How do they square that with their defense of Keith as a wonderful human?


    • I have spoken to them about it. They have an opposing view. I can;t say more than that at the moment but they do not accept my reporting on how Raniere ignored and abandoned his so.

      • I understand if you can’t say more. But how can you accept that they have an opposing view of actual facts?

        Just the concept that Keith completely lied about the child being his? How do they reconcile that simple fact?

        Thanks again for responding

        • I think Keith said he had to keep his paternity hidden because powerful forces were out to get him. possibly connected to the Illuminati. I was told the child was a foundling.

          • Foundling.

            Yup. Found in the womb of a woman he knows well. Because he put it there….

          • I think Raniere would have aborted if he knew the mother was pregnant earlier.

          • Thank you. Appreciate you taking the time to answer.

            Wow. Craaazzzy.

  • That the medical board was wise enough to strip former osteopath Danielle of her medical license gives me hope for the future.

    The world would be better off with fewer people like her in it.

    Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

  • Dr Danielle needs a good looking millionaire with bold quiet eyes, his own successful business and a yacht. She’d forget Raniere by the the end of the month.

  • Frank
    Do you think the decision to revoke Danielle’s medical license was fair? Or was it too harsh? Sounds like Sarah E went after her almost as much as KR.

    • I think it was extreme. Danielle had some good arguments. I think she should have been given a clear road back to being licensed again. Even a two-year suspension would have been something more in line with justice. With a condition to stop being a “branding artist.”

      I spoke to Sarah about it. I can understand her point. She was branded with Raniere’s initials while being told that it was a symbol of the four elements. And she is a married woman. I can understand her anger. But Sarah was ok with urging leniency for Lauren Salzman who did as bad or worse than Danielle since she was Sarah’s ‘master.”

      Sarah’s litmus test was “renounce Raniere.” Maybe she’s right after all.

      • “Sarah’s litmus test was “renounce Raniere.” Maybe she’s right after all.

        Sarah’s litmus test is very common among AntiCultists.

        For them, it’s purely a matter of loyalty.

        It’s not whether any specific harm or crime was committed.

        It’s who are you loyal to? My side or theirs?

        When this anticultist tribalism infects law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges – we have a problem.


        • So glad you aren’t letting the Twitter censors keep you from sharing your wisdom, Allen!

          Q: Is there anything that makes you more jealous that a woman who makes > $30K per year?

          A: No

          Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!

          • Any particular reason why you didn’t address a single point he made? Perhaps because he’s right, and you have nothing to counter him with, except ad hominem attacks?

            Good job reinforcing his main point, which is that the anti-cultists are as extreme as the cult members themselves.

        • Anti-Cultists joining together against those Cults seem to upset you so Alan

          Why your desire to set back and enjoy the destruction of lives, mostly women is being hammered with

          Poor Alan,

          Evil Anti-Cultists ruining all your entertainment

          Your one sick MF

      • Your point about Lauren is accurate. Why was Sarah so lenient on her??? Lauren was the one who lied to Sarah. She was the one who coerced her into the whole branding ceremony. And Sarah gets the judge to go easy on her? Danielle just did the procedure.

        She’s not the one who told Sarah that it was a tattoo. Danielle just did the procedure. Lauren got the collateral. She took pictures of Sarah in the nude and sent to KR. I heard Sarah say on one of her podcasts that she wants to give Lauren a hug if she saw her again. Why?

        After the hell she put Sarah through? And Sarah put all the energy into ruining Danielle’s life. She got the wrong person. Also, do you think Lauren has remorse for what she did?

        I get the idea that she played the game for the court to get out of jail. Frank, would like your thoughts about this?

        • When the judge stopped Lauren’s testimony, I felt that she was not that upset. Her dog grooming schtick worked well to persuade the judge how she shifted from grooming women for Keith to grooming dogs is a sign she is a caring person. But you are right Lauren did the deception. Danielle was the patsy.

          • Patsy …And that’s because Mama Nancy guided her daughter this One and Only Time !!! The other woman ( besides Sarah) always so Happy to provide Danielle with her Marvelous E. M.’s.
            This whole thing reeks!

  • Ok, this excerpt helps me to better understand some of why she is so “all in” with Keith. This experience must have made her incredibly emotionally invested:

    Danielle wrote:
    “I have been a close friend and business partner of Mr. Raniere […] and I worked very closely with him and his closest chosen family in caring for Ms. Pamela Cafritz in her two-year struggle with metastatic renal cancer before she passed away in 2016. I cared for Ms. Cafritz in their home and, at the end, around the clock.”

    I actually believe her that the collateral was meant as a tool for self-trust and self-reliance, at least insofar as the women understood it. Unfortunately, the legalities weren’t fully thought through, with catastrophic results. That’s 100% on Keith as the leader.

    • You can be married to someone for 5 10 15 20 50 years. But if you find out they’re sexually abusing 15 year olds. Photographing them in explicit poses sexually and running a slave ring it doesn’t matter how invested you are it’s time for you 2 move on. People have children with pedophiles and they still stop supporting them once they find out about the crimes they are committing no matter how invested they are in the person

    • When someone’s got the goods on you, the relationship is always going to be asymmetric; there’s always going to be that niggling thought in your head that if you do something they don’t like… Don’t be fooled by their bullshit – they all say the same thing about the collateral, just like they all say the same thing about women being self-entitled, the cult of victimhood, Raniere being ethical etc etc
      Broken record…

  • These deadender women are so jealous of M. Penza.

    See what you could have done with your lives, ladies? If you had put half the effort you put into an ugly cult, into a real career. just think what you could have done for yourseves?

  • “Ms. Penza did not choose to call me to testify.” I don’t know how the US judicial system works, but is it not the job of the defence to call its own witnesses (however whacky they turn out to be, viz Amber H’s trial)?

    Why did KR’s lawyers not call her to the stand? What has KR’s/lawyers decision not to call witnesses have anything to do with Ms. Penza? Yet more blame and deflection.

  • What Vanguard says, they do. No matter how humiliating, life-shattering it is.

    If Vanguard said for them to testify in his defense, they testify in his defense. He didn’t, he did not put up a defense therefore they didn’t testify. Now they all spin it, under Keith’s direction via his paralegal, that it was intimidation that made them afraid to speak up. Talk about a puppet show.

  • The first oath a doctor takes is “Do no harm.”

    Doctors are always doctors, whether with their patients or with their friends. For example, we are always mandatory reporters of child or elder abuse, even in our social circles. As doctors, we are held to a higher standard than the general public.

    Branding other humans is not acceptable behavior for any human, and especially not a doctor. Danielle degraded my profession with her actions and she deserved to have her license revoked.

      • And how about you – anon? waddup? care to share your name and speciality with the group?

        You have no info to offer, let alone ‘specialist’ info, so perhaps your irl identity has?

  • Danielle? I still don’t get it.

    How can you still not see that this secret society/collateral, master/slave thing wasn’t a ticking time bomb?

    Why do you insist that all of this was such a perfectly good idea? You’re smart! How can you still not see what could possibly happen even after it did actually happen?!!!

    I really, really, really don’t understand why you keep going on like this! I can only assume you truly do believe in this scheme of Keith’s. One in which he had slaves upon slaves branded with his initials sitting at the ready day or night to do whatever he asked of them.


    • I find it very odd that all of these people who are attempting to defend Keith (or fight for justice against trial by media, the FBI, corrupt prosecutors, corrupt judges, etc etc) said nothing in a courtroom where it could have really mattered.

      Why is it that the “smartest man in the world” who ran an organization of thousands only has a handful of outspoken supporters now? If he was wronged, where are the others who are willing to proudly support a man they feel was wrongly convicted because of “tampering” and “trial by media”?

      Why is SUNEEL the captain of this ridiculous ship with a few loud assists on Facebook by Eduardo? Where are ALL THE OTHERS, the ones who went to V-Week for years, the ones who paid monthly dues, the ones who got EMs all the time? If it’s not shameful, then why are so many people acting ashamed and not speaking out, loudly and clearly, for an organization that apparently was doing so much good in helping people to fix their “issues.”

      An organization of thousands that apparently did so much for the world and now no one will vouch for it except for what looks like 20-50ish die-hards?

    • Actually, Alex, mental, emotional or physical reliance on a partner, friend or family member is generally known as codependency. That’s the opposite of self reliance.

      Although it exists at various levels of severity, the behavior generally indicates a weak self concept and poor boundaries.

  • I’m confused Frank….are you going to the dark side and helping or siding with these nxivm maniacs?

    • Anyone who can support Raniere through his hopeless quest for freedom is a maniac. Or a fool. I have one final task on the Raniere case.

      I am going to issue my report on my analysis of FBI tampering. I had hoped to persuade the so-called dead-enders to move on from Raniere but they are locked into their lamenently dead-end position.

      • Hard to know for sure how things could have been different but I sort of believe that if Danielle had the courage at any point to say “hey, you know what? I’m not totally sure what’s going on here but I’m open to feedback”?

        Maybe things could have been a bit different for her. If her board had some issues with her conduct, she could have tried to work those out. Instead, she just jumped on the defensive.

        I’ve said it before but, Danielle? Nobody’s perfect. Certainly not your vanguard and you don’t have to be perfect, either. I’m sorry if anyone ever made you feel that way.

        • I believe you are 100 percent right. So much of her life was spent on being a good doctor and they tasked her to do the branding. Anyone can brand without a license. She was the only one vulnerable.

          • That’s why Keith wanted to destroy her. Same with Swami Chetanananda — they get pleasure out of destroying other’s happiness.

          • Wonderful point. While branding may not be illegal, A cauterizing pen is a medical device. If a doctor is asked to do the work, it arguably becomes a physician-patient relationship.

            That’s the key difference.

            I have no doubt she is an amazing doctor and can truly help the world. I have no doubt she is an amazing, talent, intelligent woman.

            But yes, in my opinion, she had the most to lose, is not seeming what others are seeing, and was vulnerable.

          • I agree Danielle is a caring, empathic person however there is something deeply wrong inside her that keeps her from acting in her own best interests. Something is not working right and it may never work right. I’ve cut bait from her.

        • I have no doubt Danielle is nice. But nice is different than good. I don’t think she’s been kind at all to the women who were so badly hurt by Keith Raniere. She’s participated in online bullying and attempts to discredit a child sexual assault victim.

          Things like that are not indicative of a good character. She could support her precious Vanguard and still support the other women who were supposed to be her friends and as she called them her sisters. Or just support Keith but not attack these women. It’s possible.

          Also she presents as a follower and not a leader. You don’t have to do everything the group does Danielle. You can be your own person and handle things your own way

          • Love all your comments here anon but most of all that Danielle can be her own person and handle things her own way. I hope she reads this and understands she has some support, whatever it so happens to look like.

            In learning about this DOS group it seems so obvious to me that these women were encouraged to be the opposite of self reliant. These adults were encouraged to behave like little children requiring permission for everything!

            Not only that, but it was also dictated to them exactly how they ought wear their pubic hair, what type of photos were required of them and not the least of all, that they must be branded with the initials of Keith Raniere!

            I’m not even going to attempt to discuss how dangerous this idea of “collateral” really is, (although it’s still worth mentioning) but instead challenge the remaining DOS women with a few questions …

            “First, why did you ever believe it was a good idea to allow this one man, your Vanguard, who answered to nobody and to no one, to have so much sway over you and your life?

            Why did you decide to make yourself accountable to him? If he was your leader why didn’t you emulate him and likewise answer to nobody?

            Keith did things his own way. Took orders from no one. What part of his example made you think it was a good idea to become a slave and require detailed instruction in every area of your life?

            If Keith required no such thing, why did you believe him when he said that you needed to do that?

            Keith served himself and his interests first. So why proselytize for him at the expense of yourself when he would never do that?”

            I’ll be surprised if I receive any responses.

            But if any of them do read this, I hope they are able to give it a thought. My hope is that they’ll all realize how valuable they all are and that Keith is not any ounce, fraction or even one single iota more special or wonderful than them.

          • She’s participated in online bullying and attempts to discredit a child sexual assault victim.

            How would she KNOW she was a child assault victim when she didnt even enter the Nxivm arena until Camilla was of legal age?

            You cant possibly be in everyone’s head and space when your working as a hospitalist, creating a business, and traveling to and fro.

            As far as participating in online bullying, I haven’t witnessed that from her but I have certainly witnessed it here Towards her.

            She helped save Sally’s life even when some of her hierarchy wasnt on board, so she has proven to think for herself in extreme circumstances

            Assuming Lauren told Sarah the truth was
            presumptuous on her part, perhaps, but definitely Not worthy of this type of punishment.

            She puts life first, guess that’s an instinct and frankly one I wish more Drs. had.

  • I missed the trademark symbol at the first mention of exo/eso, but thankfully the symbol was there later in her letter.

    For an organization that promotes personal responsibility and has the position that there are “no ultimate victims”, she sure blames a lot of people for the -admittedly- shitty position she is in now: Frank Report, NY times, Multiple FBI agents/prosecutors, OPMC, governor Cuomo, some former NXIVM friends……

    She blames Everybody, except herself and Keith!

    If she cannot see that for some women DOS was a nightmare (collateral was blackmail used for sexual abuse by Keith), she disqualifies herself from ever returning to her former profession.

        • Eye Roll

          Your really full of hatred, punishment
          Or jealousy
          Seem like the type of person who would run someone over and then back-up on them just for the fun of it

          • ??? seriously??? questioning the status of copyright is equal to running someone over – twice?

    • Anoymous at 907

      Danielle knows NOW.

      The slave women of DOS claimed they were “sisters”

      1 of her “sisters” was sexually exploited as a child. And a victims of child pornography.

      Danielle had time for porn on demand. Constant Readiness drills. Trips to the Catskills for close-up vagina photos for Keith Raniere. Group naked slave woman photos. Counting every calorie. DOS took up so much time and energy.

      Being kind or even neutral toward Keith’s victims would take way less time than Danielle spent dancing nightly in front of MDC, or spends now defending Keith on social media, writing lame essays and making those stupid dead-ender zoom videos etc.

      • I guess it must be very hard to decipher victim from perpetrator when you find out Camis role with Nicole.

        I know my head would be spinning …
        Again she was an adult at this Junction

        People do have fantasies, some act on them, some dont. She wasnt there.

        Her focus was always better body mechanics and excersizes, prevention, health, the beauty of dance and trying to educate on the deceptive role pharmaceutical companies, to question..

  • Seeing I was not amendable to surrendering my license (and that I would likely testify at my own hearing), my hearing was held in abeyance for approximately two years, until September 2019, when the federal trial was complete (June 2019) and convictions made.

    It is precatory that the OPMC present a case to the state board no more than 90 days after an initial interview is offered to a physician/defendant.

    It was two years before the OPMC moved my hearing forward.

    Outrageous & Premeditated in my opinion!

    Not practice of medicine, oh wait, let’s change the ruling …Andrew cant look bad right now.

  • Haven’t been a real big fan of Doctors since the day my son’s birthday nearly became his death day due to medical malpractice, but it takes a very special kind of Doctor to partner with a cult leader in the branding of sex slaves AFTER he’s been unequivocally exposed as a child rapist and conman.

    Roberts could not have missed the February 2012 Albany TU front page, week-long expose’ series detailing Keith’s brutal, rapacious relations with 12 yr. old Rhiannon and the other underage victims who came forward at that time.

    Nor was Roberts already an indoctrinated (aka brainwashed) cult member disinclined to believe any “fake news” about the man she worshipped, etc. Nor was, is she simply stupid.

    I have little doubt reading this that Ms. Penza’s intent was to fairly and forthrightly disclose the facts to those branders and brandees who HAD been deceived and deluded.

    I have no doubt the (former) Doctor was not one of those but one who, instead, acted strictly in her own selfish interests to harm others for her own personal gain.

    And she still is. …Despite Frank’s ardent ‘brain soiling’ efforts.

    Btw, Roberts, are you any relation to a “Dr. Heidi Roberts” — a character from a screenplay written by Jim Archibald — man about Malibu who was vyying for my attentions circa 2017 – 2018, and who, coincidentally, pitched it to me, Frank and my son’s Dad while Frank was our houseguest under death threat?

    • My brain-soiling efforts failed Heidi. I spoke candidly with Danielle about Rhiannon and others including your late sister. And they, sadly, believe Keith.

      Keith even said he started with Camila when she was 20. Well, he said and they do not believe he lies. Here is the sad thing. Danielle is a good person and she was a good doctor. One day she will wake up and realize that this Vanguard has no regard for her, but she will have lost so many years and so much of her life. The day that Moira saw her was a day of destiny for her. She’d still have her medical license had she listened to someone who was trying to guide her towards her own good.

      Yet if you met Danielle and realized how considerate and eager she is to help people -like her patients – you would find it hard not to like her.

      • I hear ya, Frank. I’m sorry but I think you have a bad case of “Stockholm Syndrome.”

        And I know how well you like to play with fire.

        …Why DID Sherman burn Atlanta after the war?

        • I know Phil Sheridan was good at demolition. He said ‘So that crows flying over it will have to carry their own provisions.”

          • Nice analogy, Frank. Hmm, who do you expect to “eat crow,” provisioned or no? And what sensible crow would fly over burnt offerings?

            The NXIVM leftovers or deadenders, as you prefer, are a feast for vultures, other taloned carrion and, albeit, a breeding ground for Maggots.

      • Danielle is suffering from a mega-tantrum. I suggest put her in a room for two years to work on her issues. She can make a report of the trial transcripts while she is in there…….

      • D Roberts does indeed sound like an intelligent woman and a caring doctor. It does appear, though, that her emotional IQ is not as high as her intellectual IQ. If you met her, you probably would like her, yet would you trust her when she deliberately ignores evidence of KR’s involvement with young (under-age) teens and chooses to believe KR?

        By her ‘oath’ of practice, as a doctor, she is legally bound to report any suspicion of wrongdoing even within family and friends, let alone take sides (imagine Rhiannon or Heidi’s sister went to her for treatment and told her KR groomed them). So yes, like, probably; trust as a professional? probably not.

        • A complex subject indeed …

          and one that all of America is currently failing, struggling with or being duped, and the rules seem to change weekly, so let’s lay it at her feet , after all, shes a professional …

          But I can guarantee you that if Sarah E. went into labor and was in Covid lockdown , she would deliver a beautiful baby for Sarah without a second thought.

          Also, if she was at the scene of Chris'(supposed suicide) No DISRESPECT Intended, just no proof, she would swim out for rescue (she was also a lifeguard) and give her mouth to mouth resuscitation and If Chris was ripped open by rocks and bleeding , shed sew her up too!

          We all have a different form of badass, nobody’s perfect.

          If anyone deserves a second chance
          She Does.

  • lol get fucked ex doctor. Your testimony wouldn’t have meant shit or the defense would have put you on the stand. You should sit down and shut up and maybe this stuff won’t follow you around until your last breath. Hope your new career is going well…if you have one that is… but I guess employers don’t look too fondly on people who aid and abet pedophiles and brand people.

    Maybe try re reading the Hippocratic Oath and see if any of it sinks in this time.

  • Wow. An educated, even tempered sweet natured professional “argued” with you over. Collateral versus (what it really was) blackmail in a legal setting? Where you had an attorney present? Are you okay? Do you have PTSD? Will you ever recover, Danielle? Can you still brand women near their vaginas with Keith’s initials and lie about it?

      • Danielle practiced the brand. She knew it was Keith’s intials.

        Unles you are saying: Danielle’s “sisters” in the front line of slaves deceived Danielle?

        What cunts!

          • Nicki is on tape enthusiastically and passionately endorsing Keith’s designing of the brand and participating in the ongoing deception about it being Keith Raniere’s initials.

            Did not hear Camilla on that recording.

            Cami was indoctrinated from childhood. Groomed since 12 or 13 years old. Kept out of school and separated from her family. Kept isolated in a child fuck pad Keith set up. And sexually exploited starting at 15.

            And Cami was still smarter than most of the front line slaves and had the fortitude to wake up. That took great strength. Bravery.

            For that Cami gets as pass. She has proven herself uncunt like.

            Nicki. Rosa Laura. Monica. And the usual (fully adult from the beginning) skanks are the cunts.

            Noted that you didn’t address the claim which you are making that Danielle was lied to by the front-line slaves.

            And only singled out Lauren to blame.


  • The Government Sentencing Memorandum for Jizzlaine Maxwell

    The Government is asking for 30 to 55 years.

    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA : -v.- : S2 20 Cr. 330 (AJN) GHISLAINE MAXWELL, : Defendant.

  • Roberts always had the choice to speak up at trial and offer testimony. She was not a victim; she chose not to because she feared indictment. Nonetheless, Roberts could have maintained her position despite the risks of being labeled a co-conspirator.

    So, Ms. Roberts, what would you do now if you could do it all over again? What would help your overall self esteem? Would you offer your testimony in support of Raniere and risked indictment? You seem to feel regret about your decision. What decisions would you have changed?

  • Branding slave women with vanguards initials makes them bad ass! But at the same time it makes us wittle scared girls who can’t testify and are afraid to speak up to the big bad prosecutor! Please can a man from The Society of protectors save me from the scary scary world of Trials and Court!

    I’m just a poor defenseless woman who is also very courageous and living in an alternative lifestyle of sharing a man who tells us all what to do down to how to groom our cubic hair

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