Heidi Hutchinson on the Death of Her Sister Gina [Raniere Thought Himself Satan!]

Gina Hutchinson

Patrick Howley, the outstanding investigative reporter for the Epoch Times and National File recently interviewed Heidi Hutchinson, Susan Dones, Joe O’Hara and myself as part of his investigative work looking into the many tentacles of Keith Raniere and Nxivm.

He wrote, “Albany native Heidi Hutchinson believes that Keith Raniere was involved in her sister Gina Hutchinson’s death by gunshot wound to the head”.

Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

Gina died at the KTD Buddhist Monastery in Woodstock New York in October 2002. It was ruled a suicide. There is evidence Keith had everything to do with it.

She was 14 years when Keith raped her. She was a neighborhood kid who got involved with The RPI Players theater troupe and Keith was over there on the pedophile prowl.

My sister and another little girl were both raped by Keith, and my sister stayed on in the early days. She quit high school at Keith’s insistence.

We were Mormon and after my sister had sex with Keith, our family considered them betrothed or engaged. Keith went along with that. He began to learn about the Mormon religion and he twisted everything.

The whole concept of the fall of man and Lucifer based on Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ is what appealed to Raniere spiritually.

I think he thought of himself as Satan. Lucifer in the Mormon view is the brightest angel of Heaven who fell from the grace of God, so this is all Mormon doctrine that Keith adopted and then used as a tool to manipulate Mormon girls.

He brought the LeBaron girls from Mexico in 2016. They were Mormon. [The girls were from the LeBaron family living in a Mormon enclave in Mexico]. Raniere used some of the LeBaron girls as servants. Nine women and children from the LeBaron sect were killed in a likely cartel ambush this month in Mexico.

The Mormon girls were all virgins. He preyed on the Mormon virgins because it was the most destructive thing he could do and they were easy prey in that they believe in following a male figure, a Christ-like figure.

He used the whole Luciferian concept. Basically, I think he came to think of himself as Lucifer.

His reputation in Albany among those girls is terrible. He blew through all the available virgins in Albany, all the townies, and he had to bring in girls from other towns. One of the girls became a Buddhist nun.

He always knew he was a psychopath. He has no conscience. What he did to these girls beginning in the ’80s was evil.


Gina Hutchinson as a teen girl about the time Keith, then 23, started having sex with her.

The Mormons say you can’t get married in the temple if you are not a virgin. The most important thing a wife has to offer to a husband is her purity. In those days, there was a lot of stigma about anyone who did not possess a hymen on her wedding night. He took a sadistic pleasure out of despoiling these girls.

It made him feel more accomplished and powerful and served to destroy them more trenchantly, more painfully.

In those days, there was a lot of stigma even in the Catholic Church for girls who were not pure. He used a lot of that to keep the girls quiet and manipulate them.

My sister fell in love with him and believed she was at least spiritually betrothed to him. She became interested in Buddhism.

Keith told her she was a Buddhist goddess from a past life who was meant to be his consort, a student and a partner and he mentored her.

Gina’s relationship with Raniere continued through her young adulthood, as Gina obtained her GED, graduated from SUNY-Albany, and became more interested in the Dalai Lama. NXIVM used Gina to get close to the Dalai Lama.

A couple of years before she passed away, she went to India. I met up with her in India. She was there doing a mission for Keith. Keith sent the Bronfman girls including Sara on the same kind of mission.

Heidi and Gina Hutchinson

She left a journal. She talks a lot about Keith in the journal. (Former inner circle member) Kristin Keeffe said that Keith Raniere discussed suicide with Gina, showing her images and told her how to do it, showing evidence that he was grooming her to sacrifice herself on her behalf and he was jealous of some of her Buddhist pursuits.

And he was interested in using her to make contact with the Dalai Lama.

The Bronfmans set up a trust, the Dalai Lama Trust, and they put a million dollars in that trust. It was a direct payment.

The Dalai Lama was paid through a monk that Sara Bronfman spent time with in a hot tub.

The Dalai Lama appeared in Albany in 2009 for a $1 million payment from NXIVM.

The whole game with Keith was whoever could venerate him best won the prize. The cult was about venerating Keith.

He put girls in competition with each other. This was the way he wanted Gina to venerate him and sacrifice herself to him. She died for it.

She was at the Buddhist monastery. He put her up to taking videos, to spy on the Buddhists at the KTB monastery in Woodstock, New York, an hour south of Albany.

I perceived that he was very attracted to much younger girls, and he was a pedophile.

He wanted to use my movie producer ex-husband as a connection to make a movie about himself.

Keith perceived himself as a superior being and he wanted virgin sacrifices to venerate himself.

Keith would hold court, he would act like a Jesus figure with the teeny-bopper acolytes sitting at his feet. Gina was his most devoted.

He was always insanely jealous. He demanded that the girls be devoted to him only. Gina finally got a boyfriend closer to her age. Keith went apeshit. He threw a fit.

Raniere was also jealous of Gina’s lotus blossom tattoos, which he perceived to represent a repudiation of him.

Gina for years thought she was the only one and she thought Keith was going to lead her to enlightenment in the next life by becoming his consort.

Our family thought they would marry. I was the only one aware that she actually lost her virginity. Eventually, she found out that he was not only having sex with her but also all the friends she was espousing him to as this great teacher.

When she came back a couple of months before she died, she went on the NXIVM diet. She was down to skin and bones. Her hair was dyed blonde like Nazi color.

Keith Raniere taught a special lesson in some of his courses, on when it’s appropriate to commit suicide.

He was responsible for her death.

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  • Heidi, just to clarify I never said that I hate you. I just hate lies. Thank you for finally telling the truth. You might want to look up the definition of rape again. Rape is rape and there’s no sense in it. Even you saying that you were naive at 21 about sex is bulshit. Being raised in a Mormon family? Come on, lady. It’s like two steps forward and 3 steps back with you.

    • Long time reader says she hates lies. That is the most laughable statement I’ve read for a while! I suspect long time reader is one of the biggest liars writing comments here on FR but, I suppose, when you believe the lies you tell yourself then you’re totally f***ed! Heidi Hutchinson is credible. Frank has known her and trusts her. We’ve seen what happens when someone lies to Frank. But you think Frank is a liar so……🌺

    • Frank, dearest, don’t you think it’s nigh time to pluck the petals on the carnivorous plant life around here? BLOCK USER would suffice. After all, Flowers did admit to cyberstalking me, doing some eerily detailed research on me — knowing the composition of my immediate family and probing as to their political beliefs — she also emailed you way back — professing her identity to be that of a Vancouver stalking victim somehow involved with NXIVM — she alleges NXIVM was named in a lawsuit her stalkers brought against her — she cries “rape” at Johnson, as if he’s not closet and not interested — she accuses everyone of some persecution — and her aligning me with Keith as a “co-freak” is just insane.

      Why do we need the hassle from this trollup?! Or Johnson for that matter?

  • After watching this program, I was quite struck by the peacefulness and serenity of the Buddhist monastery in Woodstock, NY. And, then again to learn how Gina was found dead at this beautiful location. I’ve visited many Buddhist locations like this in SE Asia, and yet also find it quite strange why Gina would chose this location should she have taken her own life. Don’t really know what else to say, but that it left me feeling rather uneasy and sad. I would highly suspect Keith directed someone to murder your dear sister. Yet, I highly doubt Keith would have been present because he seems to be such a coward when it comes to one-on-one confrontations with women.

    • Yes, it seems that you don’t have to be a virgin, per se, to marry in the Temple anymore but you do have to have a Bishop’s recommend and back in my day sex before marriage would not only negate that but might even, likely would, get you ex-communicated.

      I apologize for the misinformation. Long time since I set foot in a Temple. Last time I came close to one the Angel Moroni statue flew of the spire in fear. JK. Thanks!

  • Here is an 8 minute video explaining what Mormons believe.
    You will see why Keith Raniere would be attracted to elements of Mormonism.
    In short the Mormons believe that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers and are both the sons of God (Elohim).
    The sacred Gold Plates were found by the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith on the Hill Cumorah near Rochester, New York.
    Banned Mormon Cartoon – EXTENDED VERSION

  • Heidi honestly sometimes I don’t even want to read your s*** anymore. you say ranieri was climbing in and out of your sister’s window to rape her why the hell didn’t you do anything to stop it? I just don’t believe you anymore. Something is seriously wrong with the sister who doesn’t stop a man from raping her sister. I don’t sympathize for you any longer. Your words are only stories which could be made up. Where is any of your proof of ranieri raping your sister anyways this is hearsay. Not that I want to discredit an actual rape. You say she was statutorily raped where is the police report? And I’m not talking about a police report that was filed when your sister was long gone. Or a police report that you filed when you felt safe enough. You seem like a very selfish self-centered person. you seem to literally lack honor and loyalty to your own flesh and blood.

    • “Long time reader of FR”

      If you watch the 8-minute video I posted above, you will understand what Mormons traditionally believed.

      Heidi and Gina grew up in a Mormon family that believed all kinds of weird stuff.

      It’s not an excuse but it is an explanation.

      And if I understand correctly, Heidi is no longer a Mormon.

    • Long Time Reader your comment is so insensitive it makes one wonder if you’ve never made any mistakes in your life. Do you have any moments where, upon reflection, you would have done things differently. Hindsight is 20/20. This isn’t a cliche. It’s the truth.

      I don’t wish to speak for Ms Heidi but I would imagine she has gone over all of the shared life she and Gina had together so many times it must seem like a movie just playing over and over in her mind. I’m sure she’s questioned all the decisions she made at that time and, like all of us, would do things differently now if she was given the chance.

      Heidi was and is Gina’s sister. She was not her keeper. Sisters trust one another with secrets they don’t share with anyone else so what was Heidi to do? Does she break her sister’s trust and tell their parents. That would just drive the relationship underground. It was better Heidi knew what was going on and look out for her sister as best she could.

      No one knew what went on in Keith Raniere’ a mind and there was no way Heidi could know what evil he was capable of inflicted on the women around him.

      So please stop with your judgement and try to put yourself in someone else’s position and show some empathy.

      • Totally agree with Leon. But I wouldn’t be as nice as Leon. And I’d call out “Long Time Reader” as either not really being a “long time reader” or for having an agenda.

      • Thanks, Leon. Totally concur. It’s easy to look back and second guess what should or should not have been done at any particular moment in time.

      • “Does she break her sister’s trust and tell their parents. That would just drive the relationship underground.”
        Leon….see my point?
        “No one knew what went on in Keith Raniere’s a mind and there was no way Heidi could know what evil he was capable of inflicting on the women around him.”
        Leon….Heidi claims she caught him raping her sister! So quit coddling this overgrown baby. Please, for the love of God. Am I the only one who can see she’s fake crying? There was no way for Heidi to know. Bull fucking shit!
        It’s called MANIPULATION!
        Keefe- manipulator
        Heidi- manipulator

        • Like I said, I don’t think you are a long time reader. Yeah, Leon and every other person on the planet gets your point. It’s a point you stole out of Heidi’s own mouth. If you were a “long time”, you wouldn’t be so ignorant to be oblivious to this.
          And just so others know the truth – you didn’t look hard enough – there was tear in the right eye.

          Not to egg on your bizarre, hurtful, poorly intentioned theory, but what does Heidi have to benefit from this supposed act you think she is putting on?

          • The same f****** thing that motivated the murder of Barbara Jeske and Pam Cafritz! Money. Victims impact compensation! All eyes on me, I’m a victim. Heidi, thank you for clarifying that your sister was never actually in Nxivm. Another thing that’s a bit deceiving with you, Heidi, is your pictures online don’t match your current look. I hope you don’t do online dating. If so, it would be considered catfishing. Just saying.

        • To clarify: the claim of “rape” does not mean Gina was forced or “raped” in that sense. It’s a “statutory rape” — consensual sex with someone under the age allowed by law in New York for a younger person to agree to have sex with someone who not also a minor.

          In fact, last time I checked, New York has a “Romeo and Juliet” exclusion to statuatory rape whereby the perpetrator, even if a young adult over the age of 18, must be over 21 and, I think, at least 5 years older than the alleged victim for it to be considered statuatory rape but, please, don’t take my word on that!

          When I caught Keith scrambling out the window I didn’t know that they were having sex, didn’t know who he was or, particularly, how old he was.

          In fact, Keith looked very young for a long time due to his physical stature, his demeanor, his boyish facial features, the shaggy hair styles, the casual teen or, later, collegiate clothes he wore.

          I remember being surprised to learn he was older than I. For a time, I thought he was much closer to Gina’s age. Gina was also pretty adamant that it was consensual — she only said he “talked her into it.”

          The true age difference between them only became apparent in time — as I learned more about him. Long after I could report a “rape.”

          [Sometimes I do wonder if other pedophiles don’t deliberately make themselves appear younger.].

        • Long time reader smells a lot like a Flower. Why do you have such an irrational hate for Heidi? Do you understand when Heidi speaks of rape that it’s statutory rape. Her sister was underage she wasn’t unwilling to have sex with Raniere. Gina was in love with him. We are talking about two teenage girls. And if Long Time Reader isn’t Flowers I suggest they share information through Frank because they could be great friends. 🌺

      • Yeah, long-timer, give Heidi a break. So what if she told a little lie. It’s the PTSD from seeing Ranieres ass going out her sister’s bedroom window. Thank God she didn’t break trust. Who knows what would happen if her parents knew their daughter was having sex with a full-grown adult.

        • This reads like it was written by the same person who penned the Long Time Reader posts. Someone is looking to prop up their position and since no one with a heart will do it then Flowers has to do it herself. The time of the posts do tell a story. 🌺

        • Lol — ass crack PTSD! Funny.

          As to the alleged “little, white lie” let me remind you that from 2009 — when I first contacted The Albany Tines Union — until their expose’ was published in 2011 — the Hearst Corporation attorneys vetted everyone and their facts with a fine-tooth comb. They checked dates, corroborated other witnesses, did bg investigations, etc.

          At that time, I provided all the proofs to verify the facts and dates, including a commendation letter from the 1984 Ronald Reagan – Bush Campaign I worked on while at BYU and proof of my flight RT flight from D.C. to Albany, etc.

          The TU Investigation was very thorough when it came to me, at any rate. So, you got a problem with my “little white’s” take it up with them and with the ID show producers — no one’s taking any chances on the truth up against Bronfman AND Salinas fortunes.

          Does make one wonder who you are and your motive in this attack on my credibility, Long-timer — in addition to just how low your actual I.Q. level is.

          I really appreciate the support on here against this foolish, credibility sniper — love you all — well, almost all — but, trust me, I’m not taking these clowns any more seriously than Schlock Johnson or Bangkok.

    • Spoken like a genuine, dyed-in-the wool NXIAN, Long-timer.

      And if you’re not one you’d certainly qualify. So long as you have at least a few 100 grand to waste and lay waste to your human fellows. But you seem so cold-blooded they may even pay you! Maybe you’re not even a mammal. …Rodent, perhaps or reptilian?

    • Long time reader of FR: It sounds like when Heidi discovered Keith exiting her sister’s bedroom, Heidi was still young herself, quite possibly a teen, young enough to be still living in her parent’s house. Gina begged her not to tell, and Heidi may have been reluctant to blow up her sister’s life by revealing this. I don’t feel that it’s right to blame a young person for not making the right adult decision. Hindsight is always 20-20.

      • I was about 23 yrs. old, Dianne — still on the naive side about sex and when it came to recognizing an ‘incubus’ demon aspiring the level of Lucifer’s ass crack when I see one! And, also, still on the “kids” side of the “us vs. the parents” generation war.

        I was visiting at home for the holidays and staying with the fam.

        Thanks for the support and looking forward to your awesome analysis as more facts emerge on Gina!

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