Sexy Dancers and Donuts – BOP’s Best Arguments Why Raniere Shouldn’t Speak to Chakravorty – it’s Dangerous

The US Bureau of Prisons [BOP] has responded to one of the recently filed motions in Keith Raniere’s lawsuit against them. In that response, they offered arguments why Raniere should never talk to Suneel Chakravorty again.
Raniere is suing them so that he can resume communications with Chakravorty, who holds his power of attorney. Last month, the prison terminated Raniere’s communications with Suneel. In response, Raniere’s attorney filed a motion with the US District Court of Arizona in which he argued he has only days to file Rule 33 motions for a new trial – and he needs to have Suneel be able to meet with Raniere during the interim period so that they can develop an appropriate analytic framework for all the “new evidence” that’s been uncovered.
The motion states that Chakravorty is a paralegal for Joseph Tully’s legal team.
The BOP allows for “special visiting/correspondence status for paralegals.” But a lawyer must request it.  Attorney Joseph Tully did not sponsor Chakravorty as a paralegal – and he did not ask the BOP to grant Chakravorty paralegal privileges.
Raniere says his FBI tampering motion is the reason the BOP does not want him to communicate with Chakravorty. On May 3, 2022, Tully filed a Rule 33 motion in which he alleged that the FBI tampered with evidence in Raniere’s criminal trial. That same day, USP Tucson “scrubbed” Raniere’s phone contacts.
After the “scrubbing”, only Marianna Fernandez, the mother of his youngest child, and his attorneys remained. Chakravorty was among those eliminated.
The BOP claims the prison decision to “scrub” Chakravorty from Raniere’s approved phone list had nothing to do with the FBI tampering.
Lt. Anthony Gallion, Acting Special Investigative Agent for USP Tucson, said: “I… was not aware of Raniere’s litigation regarding his conviction… All recommendations and determinations… were made for the safety… of the institution, and not in any way to hinder Raniere’s legal efforts.”  
The BOP said Chakravorty “threatened the… security of the institutions and the public.” They said he and Raniere were dangerous at both the MDC in Brooklyn, NY and at USP Tucson in Arizona.
On April 29th, Raniere filed notice with the 2nd Circuit that he would be filing a Rule 33 motion regarding FBI tampering. Two days later, on May 1st, the Special Investigator Supervisor, Lt Gallion, monitored calls between Raniere and Chakravorty. Lt. Gallion wrote, “They spoke to each other about being ‘at war’ with the federal government.”
Gallion added they said it would be ‘no holds barred.’
“Even more concerning… is the fact that Raniere asked about the quality of the recordings… Chakravorty has previously recorded… with Raniere.”
On the day Raniere filed the Rule 33 motion, the SIS and the Counter Terrorism Unit [CTU] took action. The two agencies asked the USP Tucson Warden to cut Chakravorty from Raniere’s list of approved visitors and his approved list of people he can talk to on the phone (The SIS and the CTU often coordinate their work with the FBI for prison investigations).
Raniere alleged the BOP interfered with calls to his attorneys. On May 4th, for example, Raniere claims that while he was on a legal call with attorney Tully, the prison terminated the call “without warning.” Raniere alleged Tully needed to consult with him for a hearing.
The BOP responded with an affidavit from Raniere’s prison counselor, Daniel Flores, who stated that the May 4th call was not disconnected.
Raniere also alleged that the prison “interfered and frustrated” another legal call on May 6th by terminating a call between him and another of his attorneys, Joseph Dougherty. In response, the BOP offered the affidavit of Scotty Watson, a case manager at USP Tucson, who stated, “During the legal call, the connection was lost. I called Mr. Dougherty back, and he and Mr. Raniere resumed their call until it concluded.”


On the Phone at MDC

Part of the BOP’s argument for preventing contact between Raniere and Chakravorty is their phone calls at the Metropolitan Detention Center. They spoke many times in 2020.
The BOP selected some of their phone calls to show the danger of letting the two communicate. On one phone call, Raniere called Daniela a thief – and said her staying in her room for almost two years was a “battle of wills.” He said she “threw, like, uh, what would be a massive sort of tantrum.”
On another phone call with Chakravorty, Raniere said, “the major witnesses all lied.”
Raniere said of Judge Garaufis, “we have to… get scrutiny on this judge… what this judge is saying… is crazy, and the judge needs to know he’s being watched by someone who is wise.” 
In May, Raniere asked Chakravorty to record him for a podcast about “How much legal experience a judge has?”
Raniere “directed his supporters to develop a podcast and… a ‘contest’ [where] the public would be invited to find errors in his prosecution… in exchange for a cash prize.”
The BOP claimed other things that Raniere and Chakravorty did were worse.  Not only did they record phone calls, but Raniere was “pursuing to use [them] in HBO, Netflix and Showtime.”
More threatening were the handful of dancers outside of MDC. The BOP said Raniere and Chakravorty organized women to gather – and dance – outside the prison. They were “endangering the security of the facility and the public.”  The women were “dancing erotically to the delight of other inmates.” The dancers showed up “regularly” and danced “provocatively.”
Inmates could view them “through their cell windows.'”

Keith Raniere looking down at the dancers in front of MDC.
In response, the BOP moved Raniere to another prison cell at MDC where he could not see the dancers.
Even more dangerous for the public and the MDC was what Raniere told Chakravorty. Raniere told Chakravorty about ‘the staff work schedules.” He said the dancers should offer donuts and coffee to the MDC staff as they exit the facility.'”
The BOP did not mention Raniere’s phone calls with Chakravorty discussing FBI tampering. The two men detailed the basis for their theories – and Chakravorty followed-up by working to execute the ideas they collaborated on.
The Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) concluded Raniere had “manipulative behavior.”  He manifests it from inside the prison “through the help of Suneel Chakravorty. [Plaintiff’s] actions would place the safety and security of staff and the public at risk.”
The CTU recommended Chakravorty “be removed as one of Plaintiff’s approved contacts”– and the warden removed Chakravorty from Raniere’s contact list” at MDC on July 16, 2020. Raniere and Chakravorty wanted to continue discussions including investigations into tampering.
The BOP was watching.  On August 11, 2020 Raniere requested a new phone contact, Isaac Edwards. The BOP approved Edwards. The prison listened in on the calls and found “Isaac Edwards” was Chakravorty.
MK10ART’s sarcastic painting of Keith Raniere and Suneel Chakravorty.
So far, the BOP has stopped Chakravorty from speaking on the phone with Raniere in 2020 and 2022.
In May 2021, the BOP also stopped Chakravorty from visiting Raniere in person based on the assertion that Chakravorty did not know Raniere until after his conviction. BOP rules state that visitors must know the prisoner before his incarceration.


Prison Knows Best

The BOP also argued to stop communications in 2022 between Chakravorty and Raniere: The judge should acknowledge the prison knows best.
“Prison administrators… and not the courts, [are] to make the difficult judgments concerning institutional operations.”
There should be “judicial deference owed to corrections officials.”
“Courts should be particularly deferential to the informed discretion of corrections officials.”
“Central to all other corrections goals is the institutional consideration of internal security within the corrections facilities themselves.”


What’s Good in the 22nd Century is Good for Tucson Now

Judge Nicholas Garaufis sentenced Raniere to 120 years in prison. After that, Raniere would go on probation – when he gets out in 100 years.
Raniere’s release date is June 20, 2120. He will be 161 if he serves his full sentence. At that time, he would begin 5-years of probation.
Judge Garaufis ordered Raniere “shall not associate…with any individual with an affiliation to… Nxivm” while on probation.
The BOP argued, “If it is dangerous for Plaintiff to have access to particular individuals once released, it is also a security risk to allow Plaintiff to have access to these same individuals while incarcerated.”
The BOP said Chakravorty is an affiliate of NXIVM and that it would be dangerous for Raniere and him to be in contact – just like Judge Garaufis said.


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The BOP referred to the DOJ sentencing memorandum.





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  • Why was it “most concerning” that KR asked about the quality of the recordings? Is it against the rules to record prison phone calls?

  • I have somewhat mixed feelings about isolating Raniere.

    Yes Raniere is dangerous but mostly to people who are stupid enough to follow him.

    At some point adults have to take some responsibility for themselves.

    The government can not and should not be a nanny to protect people from their worst instincts.

    • You are wrong Shadow. Squeaky Fromme is the reason why they shouldn’t have any contact with Raniere.

      Still under Charles Manson’s spell and wanting to get new trials for the Manson Family (along with wanting to stop deforestation), she tried to assassinate President Ford. If keith ordered Nicki to kill someone, I have no doubt she would do it.

  • A lesson that these dead-enders should have learned a long time ago: Your actions in the past may come to haunt you in the future.

  • Raniere can communicate with his attorney. That’s who he is paying to defend him and file motions, no?

    Except, perhaps, even lawyers willing to take up a hopeless case are bound by a professional code of conduct – something a man in the street (Suneel) is not – even when he has a piece of paper that says ‘Power of Attorney’.

    There isn’t anything ‘legal’ that Raniere cannot discuss with his counsel – who can relay the info to Suneel, if he so wishes, for the purpose of filing Motion 33. But an attorney will not likely participate in subtle manipulations such as ‘the Judge needs to know he is being watched’.

    Hence Raniere’s desperate need to speak with Suneel, who seems to be willing to do his master’s bidding – inc. getting hold of the blackmail pictures, and/or releasing prison warden’s schedules and offering them coffee and donuts (if that is not a breach of security and an attempt to influence I don’t know what is.)

    Wonder what Raniere promised Suneel for such willingness and obedience? THE avatar baby – the one that was promised to a couple of dozen women over the years? His own country to rule over when the Vanguard rules the world on his return? Pride of place in the DOS hierarchy so Suneel can have his own harem?

  • Look at the photos Frank has posted of 1) Swami Chokeananda

    2) Attorney Disbarredananda Nikola Cunha

    Look at their eyes…what do you see? Complete sanity and goodness, right?

    Is only one of them a devious, dangerous predator that destroys lives?




    Viva Crazy, Abusive, Incompetent, Rich Mothers of Connecticut®!!!!!

    Viva Swami Chokeananda®!!!!!

  • K. R. Claviger,

    Please come back and explain the meaning of Power of Attorney.

    Apparently the army of morons who campout at the Frank Report can’t understand the title.

  • Page 6, paragraph 1.

    “The attorney who employs an assistant and who wishes the assistant to visit or
    correspond with an inmate on legal matters shall provide the Warden with a signed statement
    including: (1) Certification of the assistant’s ability to perform in this role and awareness of
    the responsibility of this position; (2) A pledge to supervise the assistant’s activities; and (3)
    Acceptance of personal and professional responsibility for all acts of the assistant which may
    affect the institution, its inmates, and staff…”

    So Tully wouldn’t want to accept personal and professional responsibility for Suneel. Weird.

    • —So Tully wouldn’t want to accept personal and professional responsibility for Suneel. Weird


      Weird…….Tully doesn’t want to risk disbarment by sponsoring Suneel.

      Good find Ice!

      • Proof that there is a limit to how far above the knees an attorney will lower their underwear in exchange for a retainer 🤠🥳

        I thought there was no limit…

  • “… it is also a security risk to allow Plaintiff to have access to these same individuals while incarcerated.”

    Suneel Chakravorty and his cohort need to be made to understand that all of their actions, all of their posturings, only go to prove just how dangerous Raniere is, what a cult grip he has on the minds of his followers, and how these followers need to be publicly exposed for their own roles in promoting and enabling heinous crimes, including torture, murder and child rape.

    These bitter-enders think that by fighting this fight they can redeem themselves. They think their cleverness in the courts and in the media is truly clever, will prove they were “right.” They need to be taught a lesson. These legal games especially must be brought to an end and all of these Nxivm lawyers must be exposed for their roles in knowingly enabling a sadistic sociopath to abuse the legal system for his own highly perverse ends. You remember the old rule of tracking skulduggery: follow the money. The new rule is: follow the LAWYERS. Name and shame.

    Go research the real story of Waco, of Hillary Clinton’s central role in ordering the attack, how the survivors still overwhelmingly think David Koresh was a true prophet of our times who predicted everything that happened to the letter. Find the real story of why Vince Foster killed himself shortly after Waco, why his body was moved to prevent his office and all its files from becoming a crime scene, and how Judge Brett Kavanaugh forced through a clean-cut “suicide” finding despite the manifold anomalies, a very nasty interlude in his career that the left never mysteriously never hit upon when they were hunting desperately for any dirt on Kavanaugh. Something truly evil did show its head at Waco and I really hope the full story comes out one day and the survivors get justice.

    So I do not lightly take aim at a cult and say that it needs to be stopped. This Nxivm mob is pointing to one very profound issue, however, and it’s the abuse of the legal system by outright sociopaths with money. This HAS to end. Lawyers who take money to pursue cases that they know are malicious, vexatious and fictitious need to be prosecuted themselves and driven out of the legal profession forever. Think what a cleansing that would be.

  • from Milenio Television, Mexico:
    Three days ago, Nancy Salzman, the 68-year-old nurse finally handed over more than half a million dollars that she had hidden in the basement of a house, which would have come from the criminal operations of the multi-level marketing company that attracted millionaires and celebrities from various countries. , including Mexican personalities.

  • Hmmmm…. Frank is gaming readers. Where are all the dancing photos featuring what you coined, “the taint salute”? The move where the branded dancers spread legs for their vanguard? Instead you posted the most covered up and innocuous stills. It was sleazy. Skeevy. It’s still sleazy. Pussy flashing dance mob. Humping the air and ground for Keith. Outside of a men’s lockup.

  • This is off-topic, but that’s because the Ambrose thread has sunk too low to be seen by anybody.

    Quote from Frank Parlato (to Sherizzy): “I know how they feel. They want their mother. And the happy home they had all of their lives until the ruthless Ambrose took them away.”

    Really, Frank? So you KNOW exactly how the kids feel?

    Just like you KNEW that Cunha’s arrest warrant was totally bogus and cooked-up nefariously, on a Friday night, as part of a judicial conspiracy to imprison her for a weekend? LOL.

    Just like you KNEW that Cunha never withheld documents or knowingly violated court orders —– even though her attorney just stated that she did precisely that? LOL.

    Just like you KNEW that Cunha’s credibility was 100% solid and totally beyond reproach —- even though her attorney just stated that she may have mental health issues? LOL.

    You’re not exactly a legal heavyweight, Frank. You’re wrong 50% of the time.

    You’re more like a Family Court JESTER.

    Get a hold of yourself, Frank.

    These kids are 15 now and, in just over 2 years, they’ll be legal adults who can choose to reconnect with their mother —– if they truly want to.

    Karen will be fine riding it out for 2 1/2 years.

    She’ll have the rest of her life to be with her kids once they turn 18 very soon, if they truly want to reconnect.

    These aren’t little nursing babies who need a hand-holding mom to wipe their noses every day. Get a grip, Frank. They’re high school kids now.

    Stop overdramatizing things. Jeeze.

    The court records show that Karen did pressure/manipulate the kids into making false or misleading claims about their father in order to fraudulently help their mother’s court case ———- and that’s just not the behavior of a FIT parent. End of story.

    Just because you’ve become emotionally attached to Karen, that doesn’t mean you can disregard all of these FACTS which Sherizzy has pointed out, which you refuse to accept.

    You live in your own fantasy land, Frank.

    You choose to believe whatever gossip or allegations which your emotions agree with —- and you dismiss everything else as being ‘lies’. You’re almost like a small child, in that regard.

    That’s why you’re not qualified to award custody of kids or to challenge the role of GAL’s (who possess the education & training to help the court find the truth).

    PS — I recently read an old article that says, back in 2012, you refused to publish a movie review (from a respected movie critic) simply because the movie in question violated your beliefs about “manliness” and that you were against any movie that advocated ‘feminism’ or that degraded ‘manhood’.

    This same article even pointed to a link to a website that you allegedly owned (called “”) which has been taken offline now, but was once home to a wealth of information proclaiming that men need to stop bending their knees to women.

    Yet, you now seem to have swung in the opposite direction. Which indicates that you can’t seem to keep a consistent philosophy throughout life.

    Only weak men keep changing their minds. Only girlie-men do that. Only pussies do that.

    I wanna meet the Frank Parlato who once had the audacity, and the balls, to hire ‘Vegas muscle’ to help intimidate counterparties in a real estate deal (you posted that yourself, even if you don’t remember doing so).

    I’d even like to meet the guy who advocated that men shouldn’t bend their knees to women so much. I bet he was a cool guy.

    That guy was probably a lot more respectable than the clown you’ve become now.

    Care to comment on your changing philosophies, Frank?

    No? I didn’t think so.

    Have a good day! 🙂

    • Magoo, you’re killing me. I wanted to make this a separate post and respond line by line. I have stories ahead of it that I have to write, so I will just have to wait.

      Meanwhile, let’s publish it here. Later, I will try to get to it and answer all your conclusory statements one by one.

    • Magoo, is all this original, or is it partly plagiarized (or should I say “inspired by”) from a TV courtroom and/or crime drama?

    • Frank, I’m truly with you on this issue. No bullshit.

      You don’t need to approve this if you don’t want to, but here is the source who said that you wouldn’t publish a film critique of Snow White and the Huntsman.

      Some guy posted a copy of an email you sent him on a Buffalo web site (if it’s not authentic, just delete this whole comment, Frank):

      ———–BEGIN QUOTE:

      “Snow white and the huntsman is trash. moral garbage. a lot of fuzzy feminist thinking and pandering to creepy hollywood mores produced by metrosexual imbeciles.

      I don’t want to publish reviews of films where women are alpha and men are beta.

      where women are heroes and villains and men are just lesser versions or shadows of females.
      i believe in manliness.

      not even on the web would i want to attach my name to snow white and the huntsman except to deconstruct its moral rot and its appeal to unmanly perfidious creeps.

      i’m not sure what headhunter has to offer either but of what I read about it it sounds kind of creepy and morally repugnant.
      with all the publications in the world who glorify what i find offensive, it should not be hard for you to publish your reviews with any number of these.

      they seem to like critiques from an artistic standpoint without a word about the moral turpitude seeping into the consciousness of young people who go to watch such things as snow white and get indoctrinated to the hollywood agenda of glorifying degenerate power women and promoting as natural the weakling, hyena -like men, cum eunuchs. (the male as lesser in courage strength and power than the female.)

      it may be ok for some but it is not my kind of manliness.


      In short i don’t care to publish reviews of films that offend me.

      if you care to condemn the filmmakers as the pandering weasels that they are…. true hyenas.
      i would be interested in that….


      ————END QUOTE

      I support you, Frank. Yes, feminism has gotten out of control.

      We need to plow ahead and commit to restoring equality in society, so men are no longer frowned upon.

      We need to start by filtering out PUSSIES (unmanly men) who don’t wear the pants in their marriage, people like Niceguy.

      We need to make him understand that bending his knee to his WHORE (wife) will only hurt him in the long run. I wish to counsel Niceguy and to help him become more of an alpha male.

      I will need your help though, as the level of PUSSY-NESS runs strong in that one. Only together can we turn him away from his chosen path.

      We must commit to being allies, rather than enemies, in this quest.

      Just because we often hate each other doesn’t mean we can’t work together to make society more equal for men.

      Seriously, I do share your opinion that feminism has gotten out of control and that men are not treated equally anymore. That’s a fair statement.

  • So KR was not barred from communicating with present and former NXVIM members? Was Suneel a member of NXVIM.

    • He was, but Suneel likes to play word games around the word member

      He was a coach rank which means he enrolled at least two people into taking classes and he wore a yellow sash

      He said he went to the coach summit
      Took the entire 16 day intensive, was a member of Ethos (a ESP) class

      He told the BOP he wasn’t a part of NXIVM, using, in his mind, the word Executive Success Program

      Kind of like crossing your fingers behind your back when you promise someone something.

      Yeah, Suneel is a lair

    • The judge’s ruling didn’t mention “membership.” It said after release Raniere “shall not associate in person, through mail, electronic mail or telephone with any individual with an affiliation to Executive Success Programs, Nxivm, DOS or any other Nxivm-affiliated organizations.”

      BOP is drawing from this that those stipulations should be in place now. I was wrong, apparently, that the dead-enders would be able to still be snail or email pen pals with old Keith.

    • Not so slimy since menopause has hit — they would need to use lube.

  • Raniere’s release date is June 20, 2021. He will be 161, if he serves his full sentence. At that time, he would begin probation

    • Thanks. You and other readers caught it. In the year 2120 – if Raniere’s still alive – if Nxivm can survive—

    • 161 or 61? What difference does it make?

      As Nicki Clyne and the other over-the-hill Discarded DOS Dolls like to say… “Age is just a number!”

  • Small text error: release date is June 20 2121 not 2021. One number, big difference!

    The counterterrorism unit weighed in! They found that Raniere is manipulative.Hahaha! Suneel will never ever talk to or meet Raniere in his lifetime.

    BOP reacted with great argument citing Garaufis post-release conditions (don’t contact anyone affiliated wit NXIVM). However, Mariana is also connected to NXIVM and she is apparently still on the visitors list.

    • Thanks for the catch — I corrected it. Mariana is the mother of his kid – Keirian – now almost 5. That may be why she was not scrubbed.

      He has another kid – Gaelyn – almost 15. A great kid who I know well. In an odd quirk of fate, I spent more time with him than his dad since 2007. He is one of the nicest kids I ever met.

      • Let’s hope these kids have a good life. They are not at fault, but had a false start in life with KR as their father. Imagine Google your father…….and finding out what he was about….

        • The older boy knows how to use Google. He knows. He is maybe just the kid to get beyond it and live his own life outside the shadow of his father’s infamy.

          • It can be done!

            We only ever hear of the disasters, because those who grew strong and sovereign in their own right have little interest in broadcasting [or being defined by] their parents’ sins.

            I wish him all the best, sounds like he’s well on the way to being his own person already

  • It’s the sound of more of Clare’s money being needlessly and frivolously flushed down the toilet. The whole thing is laughable and not at all the narrative the dead Enders have woven on this topic. When will they ever learn that the law (and BOP policies) are applicable to everyone, including Keith. Nothing at all special about Keith, he’s a washed up convict. Period.

  • Fascinating. So if Suneel was intentionally helping Vanguard violate federal law, and informing the others to carry out Vanguards orders of uprising, are they all going to be facing federal charges for aiding and abetting…?

  • I forgot to say… a heartfelt THANK YOU to Sherizzy for exposing the nonsense of Crazy Cunha and her Karen client. It cracks me up that her name is “Karen.” She has the most appropriate name imaginable.


    Viva Crazy, Abusive, Incompetent, Rich Mothers of Connecticut®!!!!!

  • The party is over for Suneel, Nicki and the rest of the NXIVM dead-enders. No more in-person visits or phone calls. It is email and old-school snail mail from now until next century.

    All that’s left is for them and Frank to continue with the infinite evidence-less accusations against the federales and plenty of “if,” “maybe,” “perhaps,” “possibly,” “allegedly,” “hypothetically,” “conceivably,” etc. ad infinitum.

    Even the dead-ender’s most loyal ally, Allen T. “Alanzo” Stanfield, seems to have abandoned the field of battle. When even he acknowledges the hopelessness of the cause… that’s some SERIOUS hopelessness. But, I have faith he’ll be back soon to strut around the “barnyard of the powerless,” as he likes to put it.

    Keith is going to remain where he belongs until he exits in a body bag.

    Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

    • Sniveling – come on now – you don’t enjoy this – to me it’s pure comedy gold. Where would we all be if you didn’t have Suneel to kick around anymore?

      • It is the end of the party — there was still a theoretical glimmer of hope that Keith could pull some rabbit out of his ass for an appeal… no longer — but, the clown 💩 show has just only begun!

        As far as NIXVM goes, the federal corruption angle (while having some marginal value for you given your ongoing legal challenges) is played out for anyone with half a brain. You are too smart to think there’s any there there.

        You should pivot to the DOS manual that you’ve been claiming to possess for a million years but never publish. And the weird cuckworld of SOP that needs to be excavated! So many salacious details that interest readers far more than if/maybe/perhaps there is fed corruption.

        Swami Chokeananda®… now there’s a potential story! Just make sure you do a better job of vetting your sources than you’ve done in the CT family court drama. The national press coverage there is not good for your reputation.

        “Freaky sex cult” sells, Frank.

        “Feds set up Raniere” only appeals to the Twitter incels who yearn to sniff Nicki’s menopausal panties.

        Love and Kisses!

        Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

        Viva Swami Chokeananda®!!!!!

  • I’m happy to see you’ve unilaterally downgraded and even backdated Raniere’s release date, Frank!
    Must confess I’ve never seen such magnanimity ever…. LOL

  • T O T A L Bullshit from BOP.
    BOP is stuck in their beuracracy;
    BOP is restraining their right to proper legal defense;
    Raniere and Chakravorty are dangers to nobody but themselves.
    Let them have what they need to prepare and let the chips fall where they may.
    Allow democracy to play out. There is nothing to be scared of and they are a threat to nobody.

    • Thanks for your comment loyal Raniere follower
      Read the entire 272 document

      There has been nothing stopping Suneel Chakravorty from working with Tully

      He could of even flown his ass to CA, sleep on the law office floor, work 24/7 and Tully can talk to Raniere

      Tully can fly his ass to Tucson and visit Raniere It’s not like Raniere doesn’t have the money.

      Oh wait, Raniere and Chakravorty have been spending too much time and money thinking about other thing been doing.

      Flying Raniere’s other people to Tucson to visit. Prison is a lonely place.

      Buying coffee and donuts for the prison staff at the MDC & BOP Tucson

      Trips for baby mama from Mexico to visit
      Phone conversation to make up to 50 podcast & try to get a radio station to sponsor them
      Cash for information on wrong doing by the DOJ,
      expert witness that we don’t know now who tampered with the photos because Suneel will do and get things done for Raniere that bend the law.
      Who waits until the last few months before your clock runs out legally to file motion?

      A lazy ass lair, that who

      Who is that guy, Raniere is that guy

      His law suit is the same kind of law suit he’s been filing for the past 20+ years.

  • This is not a big deal. This is a routine prison administrative issue.

    Raniere and his firebrand lawyer Tully want to pump it up as a civil rights issue. “Attica! Attica!”

    What a fuckin’ joke.

    Raniere conspired with Chakravorty to interfere with prison operations at MDC. They lied on official prison forms with the “Isaac Edwards” thing. They broke the rules.

    It’s not a big deal but rules are rules and Chakravorty doesn’t get to meet up with his playmate any more. Keith’s parents said no.

    The prison administration has a responsibility to maintain prison discipline. That means enforcing the rules. That means being in charge. Inmates don’t get to run the place. Keith threatens to play hardball? He’s gonna go to war? Don’t make me laugh. He’ll do what he’s told and he can like it or lump it.

    It’s the court’s responsibility to step in when an inmate’s legal rights have been violated. That’s not what happened here. Raniere has contact with TWO legal firms.

    So what’s the legal issue here? There is none. This is grandstanding pure and simple.

    When the 3 year deadline expires in a few days expect the outraged Tweets from Clyne and the outraged posts from Chakravorty here on the FR. Because that’s the entire point of this clown show.

  • Their legal argument that comes down to “Trust us! We know what we are doing! Nothing to see here!” should automatically fire off all the red flags as its always used to hide bad behavior.

    Suneel’s elevator doesn’t go to the top floor but doesn’t change what his role is Raniere. He wants to speak to his power of attorney, he should get to speak to him. Raniere wants to speak to his attorney, he should be able to. He wants to speak to his gf and child, he should be able to. Not at any time of the day when a thought occurs to him, but they should be on the allowed visitors and contact list in normal hours of such things. It is not complicated.

    Also not aware its up to BOP to enforce judge’s orders that are not directed at them. No contact with NXIVM was ordered on Keith, not BOP. BOP should keep the call/visitor logs per normal so if later the judge or federal prosecutor wants to nail him for not following those orders they can but enforcement of this kind isn’t in their purview.

  • An attorney would have a standard of ethics to follow that a non attorney does not. So, by using a “Power of Attorney” as opposed to an attorney, he is using the PoA as a pseudo personality to wage war on the judicial system outside the confines of the prison walls, in a way a real attorney with ethical obligations would be unable to.

    I do see parallels between this behavior and the slew of malicious lawsuits against perceived enemies pre conviction.

    Absolutely fascinating.

    I certainly don’t think this will help his appeal.

    What’s in it for Suneel?

    This conduct should be analyzed by a psychologist. If people out there were sympathetic to his cause or to the length of the sentence, this behavior to attack everyone by using a pseudo persona via PoA will most likely give supporters pause.

    Personally, I see a dangerous personality rearing its ugly head.

    My opinion, of course.

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