Raniere Files for TRO Against Prison – ‘Urgent’ to Contact Suneel – More Rule 33 Motions Coming

Keith Raniere filed a TRO against USP Tucson on Tuesday. He seeks a federal court to order USP Tucson Warden Barbara VanBlankensee to restore Suneel Chakravorty to Raniere’s list of approved callers and approve requests from Chakravorty to visit Raniere as a paralegal to attorney Joseph Tully.

The Bureau of Prisons [BOP] canceled communications between Raniere and Chakravorty in May.

Raniere says the BOP barred him from consulting with Suneel, who holds Raniere’s power of attorney, because he filed a Rule 33 motion for a new trial alleging the FBI tampered with evidence. Raniere says he may have four additional Rule 33 motions to file to challenge his conviction. 

Chakravorty is helping him. The filing deadline for any Rule 33 motion is three years from the date of conviction. A federal jury convicted Raniere on June 19, 2019 — which means that June 19,  2022 is the filing deadline. Raniere has nine days left to file Rule 33 motions.

According to Raniere, he found new evidence that:

  1. The government withheld evidence of his innocence.
  2. Raniere’s trial lawyers were ineffective.
  3. The prosecution tampered with and intimidated witnesses.
  4. The government committed perjury.

A judge can grant a TRO that allows Chakravorty to meet and speak to Raniere without the BOP responding. The judge will decide if a delay will cause Raniere “irreparable harm”, which is the standard for a TRO.

Frank Report obtained the TRO motion.

Stacy Scheff, Raniere’s attorney in the BOP lawsuit, met with Raniere on Monday, June 6th.

She wrote, “Mr. Raniere articulated the urgency of the situation: Plaintiff’s criminal defense attorney, Joseph Tully, is in the process of drafting several additional post-conviction relief motions based on newly-discovered evidence, which must be filed before June 19, 2022, including Brady violations by the government, ineffective assistance of counsel, witness tampering/intimidation, and perjury.

“Mr. Tully needs Mr. Chakravorty’s assistance to perform essential and irreplaceable paralegal services for these motions. Mr. Chakravorty is extremely familiar with the history of the criminal case, and is crucial, particularly with short timeframes, to parse the enormous amounts of information for Mr. Tully, and to draft, and file these additional motions. There is no one else with the vast amount of knowledge and skills that Mr. Chakravorty possesses or could do the same work.”

Scheff seeks a hearing as soon as possible. 

Raniere’s process servers have served his warden.

They also served her boss, Michael Carajal, the director of the BOP – and his boss, Merrick Garland, the US Attorney General.


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  • If Chakravorty knows everything about the case, Chakravorty doesn’t need to meet or talk to Raniere in person. Chakravorty is always available to Raniere’s attorney, Tully, to assist him in his work.

    What have Raniere’s attorneys done in the last 3 years to create Raniere’s appeal? What new evidence or new findings are there even in this case that have surfaced so close to the appeal deadline that Attorney Tully is so pressed for time. How have they used the last three years to complete the appeal?

  • Frank
    YOU obviously did NOT understand me when I told you, we have filed a “stop” on the Rule 33- and SUNEEL does NOT exist. YOU are still NOT understanding – that we know you are talking to yourself, and placing a photo of someone who’s name is NOT SUNEEL – why?
    Rainere belongs in PRISON- why won’t YOU leave his freaking case alone ? He killed MY sister – MY ONLY sister-
    YOU played us, and YOU will need to understand – if there is a parole hearing- I will be there.
    Stop 🛑 trying to spring the freaking Mobster

    • I don’t know Kim. I am pretty sure Suneel does exist. But if I did make Suneel up I guess you could argue that I would still say he exists.

      • Hey Franky!

        How the fuck do we know you’re for real?

        I think Kim and you aren’t real – cuz you’re both in my head fucking with me.

          • Kim is real nuts.

            You have a nose for crazy chicks, Frank.

            Be careful with that. They are fun in the sack, but the aftermath can get truly dangerous.

  • Maybe the same ppl that got Epstein out of jail with a fake suicide will do the to Raniere. They were all in the same network anyway.

  • Keith had at least eight yes that is correct 8 attorneys Consulting with him on his recent Court actions. The dude is not hurting for legal representation.

  • “Mr. Tully needs Mr. Chakravorty’s assistance to perform essential and irreplaceable paralegal services for these motions. Mr. Chakravorty is extremely familiar with the history of the criminal case… “

    So what’s keeping Tully from meeting with Chakravorty?

    “There is no one else with the vast amount of knowledge and skills that Mr. Chakravorty possesses”

    Including Raniere.

    So according to Raniere’s own legal team, Chakravorty already has more knowledge than Raniere. They’ve admitted, therefore, that Chakravorty has no need to contact Raniere.

    So they’re just wasting everyone’s time with inane bullshit.

  • I would love to be a fly on the wall for the staff and inmate gossip about Keith.

    I can only imagine he’s the laughing stock of the institution. I’d bet a $100 he’s still called Cry Baby Jane. What a pathetic little bitch he’s turned out to be. Not to mention probably the only inmate in decades to file a TRO against a prison. He really takes the cake.

  • It appears that Raniere/Chakravorty have been determined to be a threat to the safety and security of the institution because of their behavior.
    Chakravorty has power of attorney to act in Raniere’s behalf.

    So, if Tully needs advice from Chakravorty he can call him. Legally, Raniere doesn’t have to be consulted at all.
    Am I wrong?

  • The response to this filing is already out and it’s hilarious.

    Particularly enjoyed the fact that Keith directed Isaac Edwards oops – Suneel Chakovaraty to procure more women to “erotically” dance in front MDC

    Alll you dead-enders are so full of lies.

    Trying to deny what people plainly saw with their own eyes. Gyrating for Vanguard.

    Look as though Suneel and Edwardo identify as women whien sexy dancing for Keith.

    Less funny was Keith advising his cult followers of the MDC employee schedules and directing the dead-enders to approach those MDC workers with coffee and (poison?) Donuts.

    Very unsafe.

  • Still waiting for your report on the response of the defendants. They annexed evidence and all . Or maybe is it not convenient for you? It looks like you’re one with the loyalist…

  • Tully can get an actual, experienced paralegal to visit Reniere or perhaps as his lawyer he can get off his ass and visit himself. Tick tock, deadline approaching.

  • This makes absolutely no sense.

    Raniere is able to speak with Tully, his attorney.

    Suneel already possesses this “special” knowledge.

    Nothing is preventing Suneel from working or continuing to work as a paralegal for Tully and sharing this knowledge to help with the motions.

    Suneel has only been cut off for a month – most likely due to his own corrupt actions. In all that time before, he was not able to discuss the underlying claims of 4 motions?

    If they still need help from Suneel with these motions, Tully has not yet drafted any of them yet. Is it even feasible that Tully would be able to draft 4 motions before June 19?

    This is such a BS TRO. But if the court does not know anything about this case and the BOP cannot respond, who knows, he might win it and get to see Suneel one time next week.

    After that, the BOP will simply ban Suneel again, especially if they have cause, or clean their hands of Raniere and his nonsense and ship him off to Colorado.

    So, even if he wins the battle, he will lose the war.

    We all know what this is really about: Without contact with Suneel, Raniere cannot control his minions. That is why he is freaking out. Absolutely nothing to do with his useless motions, which, if he is actually planning on filing them, Tully has already drafted.

    I think this is a battle Raniere will come to regret.

  • A good solution would be to transfer Keith Raniere out of his current housing assignment with sex offenders and put Keith in gen pop in a different prison. Keith doesn’t seem to be able to get along or follow the rules at the prison he’s currently in and a new prison could give him a fresh start. why not include in this post all of the times Keith has gotten in trouble for using burner phones and how his power of attorney was caught using false identities?

    And lying to the Bureau of Prisons?

    Keith has nothing to do in prison except eat honey buns from the commissary and walk around. Because his legal bills are being funded by someone else Keith will continually file ridiculous motions.

    • When Nancy bitched and tried to manipulate her way out…she got a worse prison…give the same to Keith…

  • Frank, why the fuck did you fail to approve my post about Keith’s plea deal? It was posted over a week ago.

    From now on, if you’re not gonna publish my shit as a separate post then just approve it in the normal comments section along with everybody else’s comments, so it can be read by others in real time.

    You’re a human turd, Frank. Your family is probably ashamed of you.

    I truly hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you and Claviger get cancer of the butt and drop dead before the year is out.

    I hope that random visitors will urinate and/or defecate on your gravestones at least twice per year, to pay homage to your slimy behavior here on Earth.

    You and Claviger are lower than whale shit. You’re both bottom feeding, worthless pieces of human trash.

    Have a nice day.

    • Magoo, your earlier post evoked my sympathy and commiseration. Therefore, I wanted to make it into a post so that more people could read it. People should be able to read the words of a chronic sufferer of irritable bowel-mouth syndrome.

  • Just let him see Raniere. Why the fear of Suneel? Or simply a power play from the government to break one’s will.

      • Are you referring to the Greatful Dead”s first gig at Magoo’s Pizza Parlor in Menlo Park in 1965, Frank? Must have been a hell of a show! 😊

      • Frank-

        You were Magooed. Too much Magoo can [redacted] a man. The road to recovery is long and arduous. You’ll be okay!

  • Raniere is a hopeless loser. When you break the rules, you should expect to be sanctioned, which is fully true in Chakravorty’s case. That Raniere needs Chakravorty to file his Rule 33 motions, he should have thought before he knowingly participated in breaking the prison rule that Chakravorty violated.

  • Didn’t Judge Garaufis have special counsel appointed to each defendant holding hearing to make sure they each were satisfied with their hired by Bronfman attorneys.

    Raniere said he was satisfied with his counsel and chose to stay with them.
    He could of delayed his trial and gotten another firm.

    Now with nine days left on his clock, Raniere is grasping at what little he has left to try to gain his freedom.

    Anit gonna happen fat boy. Better get use to the fact you have put yourself there and your not getting out.

    Merry Christmas to all of us who have waited for this day to come. Your clock to expire.

    • Even if Raniere had expressed satisfaction with Marc Agnifilo’s services at the time of trial, that doesn’t preclude Raniere from making a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel now.

      I think K.R. Claviger might’ve addressed this in the previous analysis of Jennifer Bonjean’s appellant brief, but a claim of ineffective counsel can be made even after an appeal fails. Nonetheless, it’s an uphill battle. But I’m not buying Scheff’s claim in the TRO motion that Chakravorty’s communication with Raniere now is absolutely essential to preparing additional Rule 33 motions.

      If they want to attempt to skewer Agnifilo for something like not uncovering the alleged “newly-discovered evidence,” they don’t need Raniere for that.

      And if Tully isn’t sufficiently familiar with the criminal case, then he really shouldn’t be representing Raniere at this point.

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