Agreement Reached Between Suneel and Glazer Over Camila Photos

Suneel Chakravarty has resolved his dispute with attorney Neil Glazer.  The dispute was over how to protect against improper sharing of nude photos of Camila. Glazer represents Camila in a civil lawsuit against Raniere and others.

The photos may be evidence in an upcoming rule 33 motion for a new trial for Keith Raniere. The photos may also be evidence in a civil case where Camila is a plaintiff.

Raniere may seek to use them to prove his innocence. Camila may seek to use them to prove Raniere coerced her to pose for the pictures.

US Magistrate Judge Cheryl Pollak ordered Chakravorty to produce the photographs for her review. She also ordered Chakravorty to produce photos of any DOS members in his possession. Chakravorty also supplied an affidavit explaining how he came into possession of the photos.

Chakravorty produced four photos of Camila to Judge Polack. Glazer demanded copies of the photos and Chakravorty’s affidavit. Chakravorty objected unless Glazer agreed to a protective order to prevent unwarranted disclosure. Judge Pollak instructed Glazer and Chakravorty to work out confidentiality conditions.

Suneel Chakravorty’s attorney Deborah Blum.

Chakravorty’s lawyer, Deborah J. Blum, told the court that Clazer and her client reached an agreement

She wrote, “Plaintiffs, through counsel, Neil L. Glazer, Esq., and Aarthi Manohar, Esq. of Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C., and Mr. Chakravorty, through Deborah J. Blum, Esq., have agreed to terms regarding the protective order and are requesting one (1) week to finalize the stipulation, and related matters, and provide it to the Court.”

In 2019, a federal jury convicted Raniere on racketeering charges.  The charges included possession of child porn and sexual exploitation of Camila. The DOJ proved to a jury that Camila was 15 when Raniere took explicit nude photos of her. The photos at the heart of this recent dispute are not the teenage pictures of Camila.

Chakravorty plans to use photos of a 27-year-old Camila to attack Raniere’s conviction. Chakravorty is Raniere’s power of attorney.

Attorney Glazer represents about 70 former NXIVM members in a civil lawsuit. He claims Raniere coerced Camila into posing nude for the adult photos. He argues these photos are collateral, obtained through coercion, forced labor, and extortion.

Camila was a First Line Master in DOS. Another First Line master, and a defendant in the civil case, Nicki Clyne, argues that the First Line took nude pictures voluntarily. They sent their photos to Raniere.


Plaintiffs’ attorney, Neil Glazer. He is suing Raniere and other NXIVM leaders, including the deep-pocketed Clare and Sara Bronfman.
Suneel Chakravorty is not a party to the lawsuit.

Chakravorty said he may use Camila’s adult photos in a Rule 33 motion to get Raniere a new trial. The photos show Camila does not have a visible appendectomy scar. At Raniere’s trial, the prosecution showed Camila had an appendectomy when she was 16.

Her sister, Daniela, testified the scar was visible in photos taken after that. FBI Agent Michael Weniger testified there is no scar in the photos they presented to the jury. They alleged Raniere took photos of Camila when she was 15. The lack of scar helped show that Camila was underage at the time she posed for the photos.

Chakravorty says adult photos of Camila do not have a visible appendectomy scar. The date on the photos, he said, shows her age was 27.

FR viewed one of the photos of an adult Camila and can confirm that no appendectomy scar is visible. FR did not analyze any forensic test to determine if anyone altered the photo. FR did not keep or take possession of the photo.

The protective order is similar to the one in Raniere’s criminal case, Chakravorty said.











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  • Let me leverage this opportunity to make a larger point: The Dead-enders say this was adult women volunteering giving nude pics. Ok. Let’s assume this is the case, it still is very sick and twisted. And NOT normal to be giving nude pics to people.

    In this case, I am assuming two things:
    1. Suneel/Keith’s defense team are trying to prove Cami was a consenting adult when pics were taken
    2. Same people want to prove her “consent” was legitimate and not coerced

    They need to zero-in on the Bronfman’s fortune. Also, getting as much testimony from Squeaky is critical to winning for the Plaintiffs. She is very candid and has no shame whatsoever. She has a nonchalant attitude about everything DOS including the collateral. The jury will be horrified when she just opens up about how “totally bad-ass” DOS was. This will create sympathy for the Plaintiffs and show the coldness of Keith and his First Line Masters. Horseface is just plain stupid. I am not sure if her testimony will help or not. When the jury hears how stupid she is, they may think she is the victim and still brainwashed.

    The Plaintiffs legal team will have to be more tactical than strategic. Getting as much Bronfman money as possible, with as little Bronfman testimony as possible will be tricky. The more those two airheads (Horseface and Sara) talk, the more like victims they seem. Lauren will roll on them though. She could be key to this as well. At this point she has nothing to lose. Horseface already cut her out when she turned Keith in and flipped on him.

    ~ Pilgrim

  • Frank that’s the oddest graphic you’ve ever had at the top of this page.

    BTW: What’s the white thing?

  • June 2, 2022 at 4:37 pm

    “The one photo I saw was redacted. That means her genital area and her breasts were blurred out.”

    June 2, 2022 at 4:40 pm

    “I don’t think I have seen a nude photo of Camila.”

    You’ve admitted that you’ve seen a nude photo, but with the naughty bits fuzzed out.

    You’ve seen blackmail material that rightfully belongs to Camila, not one of your cult friends.

    Your defensiveness speaks volumes as does your sidestepping of legitimate questions:

    Why are nudes of Camila being passed around? Why have YOU seen a nude of Camilla?

    What other victim blackmail material have you seen?

    What is the backstory of how you came to view this blackmail material which belongs to the victims as the judge has ruled? Who showed them to you? Where? Why? How did they obtain them?

    Withholding this information makes you complicit in the crime in the eyes of many readers even if it isn’t illegal.

    Stand up like a man and come clean, Frank.

    • Have you heard of the logical fallacy of the hasty conclusion? If you send me your photo [not nude please] I will be happy to provide it to Webster to illustrate its definition.

      I will explain in a separate post how during my investigation into FBI tampering a source showed me a redacted photo of Camila as an adult. I glanced at it for a few seconds, saw no scar, and concluded that the appearance of a scar or not is irrelevant. Camila had an appendectomy. One random photo shows that there is no scar. It proves nothing. That was what I concluded.

      I never possessed or even held the photograph in my hand.

      It is my understanding that Magistrate Judge Cheryl Polak has a copy of this photo. She is in a better position to know the law than you. I believe the judge said it is up to a jury to decide whether it is blackmail material and who is the rightful owner of it.

      It is out of your hands, son. Relax, calm down. Take a sedative if needed. You’re freaking out over nothing – unless you have a personal interest in this matter. Do you?

      • If you knew that you were viewing (the only a ‘few seconds’ comment is funny as hell) sexual blackmail that you had no authority over or permission to lay eyes on – that is wrong.

        Intellectually the conclusion could be made that lack of noticeable scarring in one photo was:(a) not a defense; (b) being shown to you by a cult dead-ender and, therefore, not credible; (c) outside of your purview to act on legally in any manner; and (d) morally reprehensible.

        There was no justification to look at the photo(s).

        Stop yelling at people to “calm down”.

        Human beings are reacting to a child being sexually exploited. The desire to protect that person from further harm is admirable.

        You calm down.

  • If Suneel has the ability to show people photos of this woman, how do we know je didn’t change the data on the hard drive before giving it his expert witness they paid for the Rulee 33?

    It’s been said that Suneel would know how to change this data with his expert computer skills.

  • Alonzo got kicked off ot Twitter today

    Eduardo Asúnsolo blog got shut down

    What is happening

    FBI did it

      • 🤣😂🤣

        “I took my own twitter account down because social media is a sap on my time and attention, and the internet in general has become the barnyard of the powerless.”

        How much time out of your day are you supposedly saving by no longer retweeting Nicki, Eduardo, Suneel and other dead-enders? 5 minutes tops.

        And yet you take the time to write a blog post denying that you were banned and then post a link to here on the Frank Report.

        That makes PERFECT sense, Allen!

        And you don’t even notice the contradiction that you haven’t deleted your old Twitter account for your now-defunct LLC that was involuntarily dissolved in Illinois (I’m guessing because of your bankruptcy). I’d post the receipt, but Frank doesn’t believe that truth is fair in your case.

        You can’t keep your story straight for even 30 seconds.

        This is exactly what one can expect from a morally bankrupt loser who shills for a serial child rapist named Keith Raniere and borrows more than his annual income then refuses to pay it back to those who loan it.

        Nevertheless, I hope Twitter allows you back up.

        You are Comedy Gold 🏅🏅🏅

        At least Nutjob is your real pal. No matter how much you kiss the asses of the dead-enders, they will never give two shits about you.

        Well… maybe Damon Brink. Tell him I said “Hi.” 👋

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        • That’s not niceguy. This weirdo is a straight-up stalker. Good luck with that…

          FYI to niceguy. This has been my point

          • NutJob-

            You might have a point after all.

            I don’t hate Alanzo. I dislike him. He’s not holding on to blackmail porn like the Nex’hers.

          • Oh, come on, Nice Guy.

            Admit it: whether you “dislike” or “hate” Allen T. “Alanzo” Stanfield for his misogynist incel mocking of sexual abuse victims and shilling for convicted sex trafficker Keith Raniere depends on how many shots of whiskey you’ve downed.

        • Poor Alanzo forgot his password. Cuz he was drunk on RingDings®️and other men’s Twinkies. Yummy, yummy in the tummy.

          • To be fair, Allen T. “Alanzo” Stanfield appreciates the entire range of the Drake’s® product line, not only Ring Dings®.

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            Also, I heard from an insider that he’s trying to get an endorsement deal with Drake’s®, so he is steering clear of any similar snack products made by competitors, regardless of the gender or genders of the people involved. So… the accusation that he is eating Twinkies® is pure slander.

            Stop posting inaccurate information about Allen T. “Alanzo” Stanfield and LET HIM SPEAK!

      • Alanzo your list of people following that fellow made me laugh because it read like a dating app. Nice one!

      • Gonzo-
        Nobody is dumb enough to follow your website link. However, they are dumb enough to believe you’ve lost your virginity.

    • Alonzo, frequently takes his blog down so he can “hide” from OSA and the draconian Thetan Empire.

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    You need to stop ruining that, Frank, you fucking asshole of a dick!

    • “They” although it’s only one person, bring a vile level of racist hatred to this blog. No humor whatsoever. Please start your own website and stop leaving your filth at the FR. And get some mental health help, please.

      • ‘“They” although it’s only one person, bring a vile level of racist hatred to this blog. No humor whatsoever. Please start your own website and stop leaving your filth at the FR. And get some mental health help, please.’

        Actually, dipshit, it dozens of people! I don’t know why idiots like you think it’s only one person without any evidence whatsoever?! You just make shit up!

        Patriot God, Patriot God Fan, Jim Byrd, the Colonel, Todd Fox, and many others a part of Patriot God’s followers should be deemed as classic Frank Report commenters and be held in high esteem!

        The other commenters on here, Nutjob, Nice Guy, Alanzo, Scoot Johnson, etc are all idiots who have nothing to say!

        These guys are always fresh, rejuvenating, honest, as well as refreshingly hilarious while they speak truth!

        I’m sorry you believe “racism” exists! It’s a made up word used to manipulate regards like yourself into destroying your own country with immigrates! Anybody the slightest amount of objectivity can go look up that if a tyrant wanted to overthrow a country, the FIRST move was to flood with immigrants and anybody who protested it was “hateful”! Now they just throw in “racist” with it because everybody knows that the masses loves to latch onto short words and will use it to avoid long debates if it is spoonfed to them! Much like yourself!

        If you don’t like it, then you can go cry with their arch nemesis, “I Hate To Be That Guy”, even though he at least has enough common decency to support their free speech!

        Feel free to make your own SWJ, Black Lives Matter, and Woke-humping website that has no true concept of the 1st amendment and knock yourself out! I’m not going to Jewish-Marxist, Freudian polluted psychological programming houses so I can be manipulated into thinking like a Jew and accept their New World Order!

        Also feel free to ahead and use that F.B.I. coined term, “conspiracy theory”, that they used as propaganda and psyche warfare against anybody who dared question the mainstream narrative about JFK’s assassination! Then after all that projection, Donald Trump finally declassified the F.B.I. JFK documents (after each President that was elected afterwards talked about how important transparency was about that to the people and promised that they would declassify it and lied) and what did we find out?! Those ones deemed as “conspiracy theorists” were right!

        This is what you all do! You say that word over and over and then 10 years or more later, you find out every topic you called people that about to be the truth and you all to be the ones in error yourselves!

        This is what you idiots do! So go ahead and say it like you always do no matter how many times it blows up in your dumbass faces!

        • Yeah, you’re still one idiot with a host of dusty characters to parlay you’re dusty prejudice. You are prolly another one of Nice Guy’s relentlessly dusty attempt at hi-jinks.

    • I thank you for your fandom!

      But I’m just a regular ol’ patriot who hates [redacted]!

      I’m still here!

      MY NAME IS JIM AND I HATE [redacted]!!! 😛😝😜🤪

  • Look one thing I’m not in any cult but Suneel has enrolled me because he has good data. The feedback he gives is good and if you just change your internal representation of Suneel you will stop being a parasite

  • Suneel & Friends,

    Re Data Usage:

    One thing I’m proud of is:

    I pissed all over the lot of you for using the word “DATA”, ad nauseam, that you altogether stopped using the word. It was “data this”, “which data”, “our data”, blah, blah, blah. I almost had a friggin aneurysm from it and poor NutJob wallowed in despair from it. Finally after 2 months of ridiculing Suneel and the rest of you malleable morons, you all stopped.

    BTW: You’re all welcome!

  • Suneel is a loser as is Hunter Biden.

    Nice Guy wanted to know what is on Hunter Biden’s laptop.
    Here is a peek!

    Crackhead MILF And Incest Porn: Hunter Biden Search History Revealed; Texted Pornhub Link To ‘Dad’
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    THURSDAY, JUN 02, 2022 – 04:44 AM
    Hunter Biden, who dated his late brother’s wife Hallie, had an obsession with ‘MILF crack cocaine porn,’ lonely widows, and incest fantasies, according to his internet search history covering just six days before his laptop broke in March 2019.

    According to the Daily Mail, Hunter also loved filming himself banging prostitutes and then uploading them to his own Pornhub account, “RHEast,” none of which showed Hunter’s face.

    In one instance, Hunter texted a Pornhub page to a phone number saved in his contacts as “Dad” on Oct. 22, 2018 – however the Mail points out that Hunter and Joe Biden used each other’s phone numbers at various times – so it’s unclear if Joe was the intended recipient.

    Then we get to widow porn…

    Hunter, who had a controversial relationship with his brother’s widow, also repeatedly searched Pornhub for videos involving widows, including ‘Homemade widow porn’, ‘Homemade lonely widow porn’ and ‘Lonely widow porn’.

    The Biden son, who was 49 at the time, searched for porn videos involving teenagers according to his browsing history.

    Videos he visited included ’18 Yrs old and really Good at Riding D***’, ‘TEENFIDELITY Country Girl Raylin Ann C****pie’ and ‘Lucky Foreign Student Stripped & F***ed by Horny Teen Pals’. -Daily Mail

    And Hunter’s seven searches for “Washington DC Milf Crack Cocaine” right before he dropped the laptop off for repair.

    Hunter’s Pornhub stats show he’s watched 3,361 videos, had 24 subscribers and 66 ‘friends’ on the site. He went under the name “Harper,” a 45-year-old single, heterosexual male living in Paris.

    According to the report, Hunter may have also been spying on his lover Hallie – accusing her at one point of sleeping with a family friend. Hunter kept spreadsheets full of text messages from Hallie’s phone, along with call logs.

    In one testy exchange on February 6, 2017, Hunter texted Hallie and a family friend what appears to be a transcript of private texts between the man and Hallie.

    ‘If you can possibly explain this as something innocent and – [the man] is just such a food friend then I will apologize,’ Hunter wrote to them.

    Hunter wrote to the family friend ‘…if I sent this to your girlfriend when you were away (I went to CA for Rehab) AND 87 other texts just in march would you be OK with that?’

    In the text transcript, [the man] texts Hallie on March 3, 2016: ‘Come pls. Need you here. One drink and I’ll fill you in when you get here. For real. I need you.’

    Hallie replies: ‘Feel free to stay here I’m in bed’ and [the friend] responds ‘I probably will’.

    After Hunter sent them the transcript, [the friend] responded angrily denying any romantic involvement with Hallie.

    ‘I’ve blocked all of you on my phone. The idea that I lied to you about Hallie is so f***ing laughable,’ he wrote.

    ‘I will never talk to Hallie ever again until she tells you I never gave her any idea that I was interested in her. It’s f***ing so pathetic. -Daily Mail

    Hunter was also a huge fan of sex cam sites according to his search history, including the site Recordings of interactions between a naked Hunter and camgirls were also found.

  • An appendectomy scar might not show depending on how she is posed in the photo.

    Scars also can fade over the years depending, how well you tend to them as they are healing or if she head make up over the scar when the photos were being taken.

    They also could of been photoshop after they were taken because Raniere didn’t like the scar..

    We will never see the photos, not our business.

    We can rest assured, this woman will have the answer to the questions around the scar.

    Medical records were presented at Raniere’s trail along with her sisters testimony regarding the surgery. We know she had it. FACT

    Emails and text messages back up that Raniere had sex with her at age 15. FACT

    She testified under oath to Judge Garaufis for Raniere’s restitution hearing that Raniere had sex with her before she was of legal age and took pornographic photos of her. FACT

    Child porn is one of predicate acts under the seve RICO charge Raniere was found guilty of FACT

    If anything it would only shave a little time off his record if his lawyer could prove tampering. Which most don’t believe based on evidence already present at trial.

    Not enough time that Raniere would outlive his sentencing for the other charges. FACT

    Bottom line, Raniere won’t be getting out of prison.

  • Frank,
    Instead of focusing about that loser Suneel you should report to the FBI that someone is using Allison Mack’s name in a wire fraud scheme.

    © craigslist – Map data © OpenStreetMap
    0BR / sharedBa available now

    no laundry on site
    no parking
    rent period: daily
    Do not bother to apply to any properties with the contact number 5 1 0 – 3 5 9 – 5 3 0 1 emailing under the name ALLISON MACK. The properties do not exist, and they will run you in an endless circle of paying for application fees
    do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

    This listing reeks of wire fraud and an money scam targeting the poorest people.
    I remember the story from an anonymous Australian woman who claimed that Mack wanted 25,000 dollars for collateral in order for the woman to join NXIVM.
    Since the woman was poor she did not have the money.
    A lot of the early charges against Mack involved extortion of jewels and valuables.

    If Mack is engaged in wire fraud while incarcerated the FBI might want to know.
    Likewise if a fellow inmate with Mack is engaged in wire fraud using Mack’s name that is also a topic for investigation.

  • Surgical scars often fade significantly over 10+ year time frames, to the point where many of them can become invisible in person or in photographs. I have several old surgical scars on my arms and legs up to 4″ in length, and they have faded to match my skin color. You’d have to look very carefully to see the actual suture marks on my skin, more closely than a full-body snapshot with a phone camera could capture.

    If Camila’s appendectomy scar is not visible in a photo of her age 27, that is not proof of anything one way or another regarding the photos used at trial to prove she was underage because of the degree to which the scar would fade normally. It certainly doesn’t mean that Daniela or the medical records are lying about her appendectomy. It also doesn’t mean that Suneel had to have altered the age 27 photo to make it invisible.

    Is Suneel next going to allege a massive conspiracy to lie about whether Camila had an appendectomy, creating false medical records a decade ago so that it just might send Raniere to jail ten years in the future? That would be a major reach and it could be easily rebutted if it’s part of a Rule 33 motion.

  • Suneel-

    Scars fade with time, dipshit.

    Nicki must be [redacted] your brains out. Room and board aren’t free. Right? 🙂

  • Suneel has child pornography and sexual blackmail in his possession.

    Suneel has distributed both. Suneel is a disgusting peddler of child pornography.

    Suneel wants anonymity and redactions. To protect those, he’s given the child porn. The same guy who constantly demanded the victims disclose their names.

    Suneel is a hypocrite.

    Suneel was caught using a fake identity by the BOP. Suneel is a liar.

    Suneel pranced before men in a detention center to prostrate himself to his Lord and Savior, Keith Alan Raniere.

    Suneel is a fool. And a trash human.

  • Why are nudes of Camila being passed around? Suneel has no right to view them and neither does Frank Parlato, whatever age they were taken.

    • The one photo I saw was redacted. That means her genital area and her breasts were blurred out. It showed me that if the photos was otherwise untouched that the lack of a scar on a photo of Camila is not proof that it was taken before she was 17.

      I have little doubt that she had an appendectomy. I doubt that the simple fact that a random photo showed no scar will have much legal weight at all.

      • Frank,

        there is no justifiable reason to be looking at the photos. Whatsoever.. if the photos are being shown to you by any of the cult loyalists there is no reason to believe that they haven’t been altered in other ways.

        As soon as you say that you’ve seen redacted photos what that means is that you have seen altered photos. At that point it doesn’t matter what you say it appears to look like or not look like because the photos have been altered.

        So there is absolutely no reason for you to be looking at any of the photos even if it’s for allegedly investigative purposes.

        As your Keith Raniere dead end friends always post about on your blog there is no under oath testimony there is no chain of custody that is verifiable – so you’re just looking at pictures that a dead-ender is showing you and they’ve been admittedly altered.

        And to believe that the redaction is the only alteration and there is any justifiable reason to be looking at sexual blackmail and child pronography is ridiculous in this context

        • Dude I only looked at it for like o30 seconds max. I didn’t take it home with me – or show it to you. Lighten up and breathe.

  • I don’t get it. Is Suneel trying to say Camila never had an appendectomy? What a weird thing to say. Surely there are medical records that show when she had it done.

  • Why are Camilla’s nude photos being passed around like baseball cards? Why have YOU seen a nude of Camilla? Did she personally share a nude with you? This whole thing is abusive to her.

    • I don’t think I have seen a nude photo of Camila. I saw a very much redacted photo showing her face and abdomen where the scar would be visible. I don’t think it means much legally. I have seen the testimony at trial that the FBI produced medical records and she had an appendectomy in January 2007, when she was 16 years and a little more than 10 months old.

      • There is no good reason for you to be looking at those photos. There is no way . you can add to the discussion you are not part of the court process you are not a forensic investigator it’s ridiculous that you would be looking at these photos and rendering any kind of an opinion.

        And if you are not rendering an opinion that makes even less sense.

        It’s all so disgraceful and immoral and you should not be viewing such things. There is no proof that what you’re looking at is an accurate representation of what will be used in any further Court action nor is it an accurate representation of what was used in the first Court action. There is absolutely no merit to you seeing these photos whatsoever. It does not move anything in any direction and it makes you all look terrible.

          • Yeah, but most 16 year olds would be having sex with those of their own age or a bit older, not being groomed/coerced into a “relationship” with a creepy, perverted, over forty-five years old, lying conmen.

          • But not for Camilla’s case. Who was 15.

            Don’t try to minimize what Keith did.

            Child porn is illegal in all states.

            It’s a federal crime.

            And illegal

          • Are you censoring comments Frank? That point out that cami was 15? And that child pronography is illegal in every state?

          • I know that 15 is illegal in every state. Sixteen is the legal age of consent in most states. Eighteen is the age of consent for photography. Just for the record, Raniere was not charged with statutory rape. He was charged with possession of child porn and the sexual exploitation of a minor.

        • —Yeah, but most 16 year olds would be having sex with those of their own age.

          That’s why there are exceptions made for similar age groups, usually a 2-3 year window.

          When my sister was 14 some 19-20 year old was calling my home for her. I love the statuary law – I didn’t have to beat him. I just had to threaten him the law.

          The same guy ending up wrapping his car around a tree and killing 5 people including himself.

          I’m glad he’s dead. (Literally)

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