Judge Orders Suneel to Produce Adult, Nude, ‘Scarless’ Cami Photo for Her Review in NXIVM Civil Lawsuit

Suneel Chakravorty

Won’t be shared with plaintiffs or defendants for now

Chief Magistrate Judge Cheryl L. Pollak has ordered that a subpoena be served on Suneel Chakravorty demanding he produce “any photographs and communications concerning the images of Camila… or photographs of DOS members in his possession to the Court for in camera inspection.”

In-camera means the judge will see the evidence, not the parties – at least for now.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Neil Glazer

On October 29, 2021, the plaintiff’s attorney Neil Glazer, in the civil suit, Sarah Edmondson, et al, against Keith Raniere, et al, filed a motion seeking a subpoena on Chakravorty, alleging he has nude photos of Camila and others who joined NXIVM and has shared some of the images, which he claims are collateral.

On October 30, Chakravorty sent a notarized letter to Judge Komitee in response to Glazer’s motion.

Chakravorty wrote that he did “possess redacted nude photo [where the breasts and genitals are blurred] of a 27-year-old Camila, taken in 2017,” but stated that the unredacted version “were not collateral.”

He stated the photo is to be used as evidence in defendant Raniere’s criminal trial but “not to be otherwise disseminated” and that he would provide the redacted photo to the Court, ex parte or under seal if requested.

Magistrate Judge Cheryl-Pollak

In addition to ordering him to produce the photograph, Judge Pollak ordered Chakravorty “to submit a sworn affidavit setting forth that he does not possess any additional photographs beyond the photograph he admits to possessing…  and providing the names of individuals who provided [to him] or were in turn sent copies of the photographs, including the photograph that he currently admits to possessing.”

It was a partial victory for plaintiffs’ attorney Neil Glazer who had contended that, without the subpoena, there is a “high risk that [the photographs] . . . may be transferred to others or destroyed” and “the proposed discovery may provide a basis for injunctive relief regarding the storage, safeguarding and ultimate disposition of this highly sensitive material.”

Glazer wanted all images of Camila and “any other woman” who was ever a member of DOS in Chakravorty’s “possession, custody or control,” which the judge approved, plus the following, which the judge denied:

  1. “a bit-for-bit copy of any computer or storage device within Mr. Chakravorty’s possession, custody, or control that contains or ever contained these images;
  2. identification of cloud storage services for the same;
  3. identify the location and media storage device.

Glazer also wanted this material turned over to him, not the defendants, which the judge denied.

Glazer made clear in his request for a subpoena that the photographs at issue are not photographs of Camila taken when she was a child, but “when she was an adult” for use as collateral.

Camila by MK10ART.

The judge ruled, “Whether or not the photograph is ‘collateral’ is a fact issue to be decided by the jury, but the Court concludes that Mr. Chakravorty has at least some of the information sought by plaintiffs.”

The photo was obtained as part of Raniere’s legal efforts, Chakravorty said. He told the court that the FBI falsified data, a matter not relevant to the civil matter.

Chakravorty previously explained to Frank Report that the adult photo of Camila is important because the child porn pictures of Cami were dated in part by the fact that she did not have a scar. Her sister, Daniela, testified at the trial of Raniere, that Cami had an appendectomy when she was 16-17 and hence a photo of Camila without a scar meant she was under 17.

Artist sketch of a woman who looks not unlike Daniela

Daniela was not asked to identify the Cami photos used as evidence of child porn at the trial. Instead, an FBI special agent who did not know Camila identified the photos and testified there was no scar in the photos.

The adult redacted photo of Camila at issue here shows her abdomen and hips are clearly visible and there is no visible appendectomy scar. [see editor’s note below]

Clare Bronfman

While there are numerous defendants in this case, only defendant Clare Bronfman filed a response to Glazer’s request for a subpoena.

Bronfman argued that “the materials [Glazer for the plaintiffs] seek have been in existence and known to [p]laintiffs for years—without broad dissemination or destruction.”


Editor’s Note

I know the adult Camila photo does not have a visible appendectomy scar because I have personally seen it. I DO NOT possess this photo. I only saw the redacted photo. This is known to Glazer, since I told him. I do not know if the photo was altered to remove the scar.]

Additional notes

On January 28, 2020, plaintiffs filed this action against Keith Raniere and others (“defendants”)

On February 25, 2022, plaintiffs filed a Second Amended Complaint against the defendants.

The plaintiffs in this case are:

  1. Sarah Edmondson,
  2. Toni Natalie
  3. , Jane Doe  8
  4. Jane Doe 9,
  5. Mark Vicente,
  6. Jessica Joan Salazar,
  7. Nicole,
  8. Daniela,
  9. Camila,
  10. India Oxenberg,
  11. Bonnie Piesse,
  12. Tabitha Chapman,
  13. Ashley McLean,
  14. Anthony Ames,
  15. Maja Miljkovic,
  16. Charlotte,
  17. Allison Rood,
  18. Lindsay MacInnis,
  19. Owen Giroux,
  20. Elham Menhaji,
  21. Ariella Menashy,
  22. Warne Livesey,
  23. Katie Shaw,
  24. Tanya Hubbard,
  25. Soukiana Mehdaoui,
  26. Nils MacQuarrie,
  27. Philip Akka,
  28. Yan Huang,
  29. Veronica Jaspeado,
  30. Susan Pratt,
  31. Sarah Wall,
  32. Chad Williams,
  33. Rod Christiansen,
  34. Anthony Madani,
  35. Ken Kozak,
  36. Shayna Holmes,
  37. Isabella Constantino,
  38. Margot Leviton,
  39. Susan Wysocki,
  40. Jennifer Kobelt,
  41. Caryssa Cottrell,
  42. Andrea Hammond,
  43. Jeffrey Goldman,
  44. Adrian,
  45. Valerie,
  46. Rosalyn Cua,
  47. Madeline Carrier,
  48. Deanne Brunelle,
  49. Kristin,
  50. Sara Lim,
  51. Stephanie Fair-Layman,
  52. Scott Star,
  53. Brieanna Fiander,
  54. Alejandro Balassa,
  55. Kayla Grosse,
  56. Michelle Neal,
  57. Gabrielle Gendron,
  58. Ashley Harvey,
  59. Palema Cooley,
  60. Susan Patricia Vieta,
  61. Polly Green,
  62. Karla Diaz Cano,
  63. Rachel,
  64. Paloma Pena,
  65. Christopher Black,
  66. Robert Gray,
  67. Rees Alan Haynes,
  68. Adrienne Stiles,
  69. Hannah Vanderheyden,
  70. Juliana Vicente.

The defendants are:

  1. Keith Raniere,
  2. Nancy Salzman,
  3. Clare Bronfman,
  4. Sara Bronfman,
  5. Lauren Salzman,
  6. Allison Mack,
  7. Kathy Russell,
  8. Karen Unterreiner,
  9. Dr. Brandon Porter,
  10. Dr. Danielle Roberts,
  11. Nicki Clyne,
  12. NXIVM Corporation,
  13. Executive Success Programs, Inc,
  14. Ethical Science Foundation,
  15. First Principles.

Plaintiffs are asserting:.

  1. sex trafficking
  2. human trafficking,
  3. forced labor,
  4. peonage,
  5. malicious abuse of legal process,
  6. conspiracy,
  7. “unauthorized human research,”
  8. battery,
  9. intentional infliction of emotional distress,
  10. negligence,
  11. negligence per se,
  12. gross negligence,
  13. failure to report rape or other sexual assaults,
  14. claims under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act



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  • When Alonzo is not driving people on the internet crazy — he’s busy demanding an increase in his allowance, from his mother.

  • To the Highest Authority of this blog,

    It’s about high time, we the plebeians, are provided with Court admissible evidence Suneel is NOT an alien. So many people of good faith here, have suspected otherwise, very possibly for well founded reasons. Our desires have been ignored for too long! I say, before we’re coerced into any further perusals of his work, that we are granted this request please!

    I expect quite a list of supporting comments to appear below!

  • Another victory for Glazer and the abused victims of Nxivm. Good!

    This cult harmed people, I don’t think there’s any question about that. They deserve compensation from those who knowingly enabled Raniere.

    That’s the bottom line here. I think a jury will see it just as clearly as I do.

  • Hey Frank,

    Two questions!

    1. Is plaintiff #70, “Juliana Vicente“, in any way related to Mark Vicente?

    2. Can you please post pictures beside all the names of both the plaintiffs and the defendants so that they are more recognizable?

    Please answer *BOTH* of these questions!

    Thank you!

    • Juliana is the mother of Mark and she is a marvelous individual who helped in providing information to the gov. As for posting the pics, I do not have all of them but that is a good idea – do a little who’s who of the NXIVM lawsuit. I will try to do that soon.

  • Frank, this is starting to sound like a setup to bait and switch. Now whether to use the sisters to confuse the identity of which sister was which and this predisposes the sisters will look alike and especially when comparing old pictures of the oldest to current pictures of the youngest which would most likely best resemble each other at the same age.

    And with 3 sisters who are age adjusted and similar in build and maturity development it is going to be difficult.

    Then when the focus of the photo is the female genitals, this could be a circus.

    This could get interesting as the kickback on Suneel, as his response will be “he didn’t know” and was mistaken. But if the photos upon review appear “photoshopped” or altered, Suneel could join KAR.

  • Mark Vicente – Have you no shame? You roped these women and fully participated and now you’re a victim? You took their money and now you want compensation? Your name in this list makes a mockery of people who are true victims.

    Is it your image that’s tarnished because of your own stupidity or willful blindness?

    Is that how you were damaged and now need the Bronfman money to make you whole?

    This lawsuit needs to be tossed. But for Cami, it’s a joke.

      • Aren’t they all? (Including frank….any moment he will start defending Keith tankers again.)

        People who get sucked in by cultists are “searchers” looking for something easier/deeper than real life. A zebra does not change their stripes

        • Nor Leopards their spots or Lion’s their manes. Everybody does what they think is best, and some, when things go wrong and they change their minds, they blame it on somebody else.

          In my cult, you are responsible for every action; nobody can force anyone to do anything. No brainwashing. No acceptance of anything or anyone to save you. Save yourself.

          • In reply to Nice Guy.

            Membership is free. My only requirements to join are:

            1. Not to believe anything which you do not realize yourself
            2. Believe in yourself first
            3. Reject all one-sided help
            4. Engage in mutual help
            4. Be your own guru
            5. Never bend the knee
            6. Don’t get branded

          • So Frank, you agree with Keith that there is no such thing as a victim? Then why so overwrought over “poor” mothers whose own stupid actions have lost them custody?

          • I think there is such a thing as a victim. The remedy for being a victim is to fight not to weep. The question before us is whether the mother’s were stupid or the Court corrupt.

          • Re Frank Cult:

            Okay, I’m joining. I hope membership includes a seasonal meal. Rumor has it you’re quite the cook.

          • Sure, we feed our cult members.

            Right now, I have a wild hog on the spit, over a red flame fueled with bald cypress logs. I keep the flame red – i.e. under 1000 degrees. Nothing is more unappetizing than seeing those beautiful ears or delicious tail covered with foil because some inexperienced cook does not know how to contain the flame so as not to burn them.

          • — Wild hog on the spit.

            I had no idea you’re a sportsman. My best friend hunts wild pigs/boar in Florida. He’s a bow hunter. Can’t beat a year around season. I see you as a 30/30 hunter or dare I say a 30/40. We hunted deer down in Ct back in the day.
            Drawing and quartering is the part of sports hunting I don’t miss.
            I just fish now.

          • I will occasionally use a bow and arrow. I’ll snare, when the population gets large.

            I no longer use a gun. Not that I am opposed to hunters using them but I think it ruins the meat no matter where you aim. If you must use a gun, although it sounds cliché, right between the eyes and out the skull is best.

            The best catch is by hand. Next is when my falcon or osprey serves it to me.

    • I’m in total agreement! Marc Vicente has no shame. He’s a scum.

      Lucky for Vicente, Frank is too classy to run a The Real Marc Vicente series of articles. Frank could bury Vicente.

  • This is a fishing expedition. And how does FBI tampering have no relevance to a civil case? Glazer’s case will not survive under scrutiny.

    Frank Report has taken up Suneel’s challenge. Frank Report is not going to waste time and energy entertaining Suneel’s claims unless there is substantive information to do so.

    Bye bye, Glazer. Cami is the only victim here. Everyone else is trying to profit now that their beloved Vanguard was exposed for the pervert that he is.

    • To Glazer’s gone:

      This is a fishing expedition. And how does FBI tampering have no relevance to a civil case?

      WHAT, There has been no proof there was FBI tampering. So far, its smoke and mirrors from Suneel Chakravorty and the loyalists of Raniere. A myth per se.

      It’s FAKE NEWS

      No one has been arrested, not even that mysterious Rule 33 motion has been filed.

      Frank has been waiting for Suneel to provide proof.

      We’re waiting for Suneel to shit it out

      At least stop talking about it because it doesn’t seem to be real.

  • It was the right move not to have one of the three sisters abused by Keith Raniere identify the graphic child pornography of their youngest sister.

    There were other ways to ID Cami, including the human who was the victim herself.

    Raniere’s defense did not object.

    Nor did they deny/contest that it was Cami in the child pornography created by Raniere.

  • “Daniela was not asked to identify the Cami photos used as evidence of child porn at the trial. Instead an FBI special agent who did not know Camila identified the photos and testified there was no scar in the photos.”

    How convenient.

    Photographs presented by the prosecution, and accepted by the judge, which put someone in prison for 40 years was never testified to under oath by the person who was allegedly photographed – even though she could have been subpoenaed to do so.

    No one under oath ever said:

    “Hi. My name is Camilla. These photographs are of me, and Keith Raniere took them when I was 15 years old.”

    We’ll just get an FBI agent who doesn’t know Camilla to swear this evidence into the record. And the judge will accept it. And we’ll use it to convince a jury this is good enough.

    It’s like that whole “break in chain of custody” bother. Who cares? Chain of custody is just chain of custody. It means nothing and if you dispute this then you know nothing about the law!

    There are some really weird “legal experts” here on the Frank Report who aren’t screaming at the top of their lungs about this.

    Instead, they’re distracting away from this, and supporting it.


    • You seem to be trying to convince yourself, more than others, that Keith was railroaded and is probably innocent of these particular charges related to the naked photos.

      However, contrary to your purported reason for making these posts, I can see that you’re not actually looking for real evidence that she’s telling the truth.

      And I can prove it.

      Firstly, you’re disingenuously trying to make the claim that her testimony ‘under oath’ would make all the difference in the world to you (and to Keith’s guilt).

      But, in reality, you’re only looking to confirm your own bias by asking for evidence which you KNOW isn’t there (i.e., her testimony under oath at Keith’s trial).

      Try and follow my logic here…

      For instance, if Cami testifies under oath at the civil trial and says that Keith took those photos of her while underage, will you then accept her testimony as TRUTH and accept that Keith is a pervert?

      Nope. Methinks you wouldn’t change your mind no matter what.

      Methinks you’d simply criticize her testimony as a ‘greed grab’ and dismiss it outright.

      Methinks you’d “move the goal posts” by asking for some other type of evidence which you know can’t be presented.

      It’s called confirmation bias.

      For example… If Keith wins his appeal and is re-tried, and if Cami gives testimony at his retrial and claims that Keith took those photos of her while underage, will you THEN believe that Keith is a perverted dude who did this?

      Methinks not.

      Your blog post about Keith is a joke. You seem to think that just because you’ve said that Keith is probably guilty of some lesser crimes (and probably deserves some time in prison) that you’ve suddenly established yourself as a ‘neutral’ and respectable figure in these proceedings. LOL.

      But you haven’t.

      …Because if you ever call Keith a perverted guy who took naked photos of a child and deserves to be in prison for life, I can promise you that the love of your life (your Twitter hero) will no longer retweet you and/or speak to you via email.

      What about the claims — made by Allison Mack — that your Twitter hero committed immigration fraud?

      In the future… If Allison Mack ever testifies under oath (or signs a statement under penalty of perjury) stating that her marriage was done for fraudulent immigration reasons, will you then accept her testimony as truth?

      Methinks not. Why not? Because it would go against your own bias towards Allison’s former spouse, who seems to be the woman you admire most in this world.

      BTW: Why would a purported logical guy — who constantly claims that others here are illogical idiots — choose to stuff his face with Hot Pockets and Ring Dings when he’s clearly obese and not in good health during a pandemic?

      Our immune systems don’t function at 100% when a person is overweight or obese. It’s even worse if they’re over 60 years old.

      Yet, there’s at least one obese guy on these forums who is so addicted to junk food that he’s decided that he’d rather savor the flavor of Ring Dings & Hot Pockets even at the expense of his own immune system.

      Pretty illogical, don’t ya think?

      Can you explain why a person would do this?

      I can.

      His apparent ‘mental’ addiction to junk food is very similar to people who get mentally ‘brainwashed’ by NXIVM or other cults.

      Brainwashing is just a form of MENTAL ADDICTION. It’s not mind control. It’s just addiction. Addiction is real.

      These people can’t stop doing something even though they know it’s probably not good for them. They aren’t being mind-controlled.

      They have simply become mentally addicted to somebody or something. Why else would an obese person keep eating junk food when they know it’s bad for them, during a pandemic?

      Please enlighten us.

      • “Why else would an obese person keep eating junk food when they know it’s bad for them, during a pandemic?

        This began back last fall, when the loopy dipshit troll “Nice Guy” began posting things about articles of clothing I supposedly wear, such as “crocs” and “that blue sweater you always wear.” While he and KR Claviger were doxxing me and my business here on the Frank Report for months.

        Also this whole “ring dings” junk food thing is just a strange set of lies that have been repeated by various anonymous trolls here, over and over.

        I’ve never addressed these because they’re just so bizarre and stupid, and irrelevant.

        The fact is that I’ve never been more in shape in my life. I spend at least an hour exercising vigorously every day, sometimes more. I’ve been fully vegan for almost the whole pandemic. At present I’m exploring life as an elite athlete who is entirely vegan.

        It just goes to show these people are absolute liars, and only people who don’t know me would be taken in by this.

        Which is why they keep repeating it here on the Frank Report, over and over.


        • —The fact is that I’ve never been more in shape in my life. I spend at least an hour exercising vigorously every day, sometimes more.

          Prove it chubs, take a pic with your shirt-off and post it on Twitter.

        • Allen (Alonzo) says:

          “Bizarre, stupid, lies and irrelevant.”

          I say to Alanzo:
          Kinda like you!

          P.S. Bartholomew shows Allen is a total liar. Not to mention Allen is lying about the crocs and blue sweater.

          • “Not to mention Allen is lying about the crocs and blue sweater.”

            How could an anonymous troll on the internet possibly know something like this enough to repeat it for months in dozens anonymous troll posts?

            What would they have in their possession that might possibly give them this idea?

            And how did they acquire these items that might give them this idea?


        • —Loopy dipshit troll “Nice Guy”.

          I take that as a compliment coming from a somebody who followed a cult for over 16 years that was based on Aliens and spaceship/volcano reincarnation.

        • When Alanzo writes “At present I’m exploring life as an elite athlete who is entirely vegan,” what he means is that he’s been doing wrist exercises while scrolling through NIXVM dead-ender body builder Kim Constable’s social media feed.

          Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

          Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!

          Nice Guy Certified® Comedy Triple Platinum Award Winner 💿💿💿

        • LOL.

          I hereby challenge Mr. Jabba, who asserts that he’s now in great shape, to disclose his latest A1C readings from his last physical exam.

          …And if you claim it’s below 7.5% then I wanna see a photo to prove that you’re no longer a huge, disgusting, fatass BLOB anymore.

          Because I don’t believe you’re capable of being in good shape, nor do I believe any word that comes outta your mouth.

          Your A1C level (extended blood sugar level) will largely determine how effective your immune system is functioning.

          Most older people — especially older people who are fat — have unhealthy A1C levels, which puts them at an increased risk of complications from COVID.

          Frank is an example of an older guy who takes care of himself.

          Frank doesn’t stuff his face with Ring Dings, Hot Pockets, Lasagna, Pizza Pies and other trash dishes.

          Frank has self control. He doesn’t watch TV either.

          Pretty sure that Frank even bakes his own bread and is a student of healthy living.

          Maybe Frank could put you on a physical regimen & eating program to enhance your life.

          Now… What is your latest A1C reading, Jabba?

          Let’s see that photo too.


          Is that crickets I hear. Yep!

      • RE Additional Comments about Alonzo from around the Web:

        I have some real gems to share!

        “What Allen needs are some breathing tubes surgically implanted into his rectum, cuz his head stuck up his ass. “

        “Allen will never be mentally right.”

        “In reply to Alanzo: Man, I don’t even respect you or your opinion to debate you. You are delusional and rude. Always a bad combination. Stf, Alonzo. This is painful to watch.”

        “You’re pathetic Allen Stansfield a real pussy.”

        “Alanzo resurfaces over at mike rinders blog and immediately starts pissing off people. “

        “Alanzo (banned), “Destroyer of Worlds”: Ex-Scientologist all the way, but believes that Scns have a right to their Church, and would like to see them follow and apply the Creed of the Church of Scientology as senior policy, as was presented to him when he first joined.”(Web Moderator)

        “I was getting sucked into the vortex of Alanzo spinning around inside his head going nowhere but down baby, down . . . . Man, that was a trip to nowhere! Into the void of nuttiness he thinks is sanity.”

        “Alanzo is still probably wearing his pink crocs held together by duck tape.”

        The comments range in date from 2013-2021, an impressive 8 years of insanity.

    • Subpoena Cami? She was in Mexico at the time, moron!

      Learn about the case you claim to be an expert about.

    • Hi Alanzo,

      Our sources informed us, you penned a letter to Keith A. Raniere. I trust you’ll be sharing the letter. You made a copy. Please email it to Frank Parlato or simply post it in the comment section. Inquiring minds want to know.

      Best regards,
      01001111 01010011 01000001 00100000

      • Binary value 01001111010100110100000100100000 corresponds to 1330856224 decimal value.

        If I were a bot or a computer program, I would also prefer to work with binary numbers.

        But I don’t discriminate against any number system. I can calculate with anyone.

      • Someone malicious asshole is playing a joke on Alanzo.
        The ancsii code:
        01001111 01010011 01000001 00100000
        converts to the text code OSA.

      • Oh look.

        Alanzo is harassing himself with one anonymous sock puppet while another explains the mysterious binary code to manufacture drama and pretends he’s the victim of $cientology harassment.


        Remember several months back when he claimed he was going to set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund investigation of $cientology thugs who were supposedly following him? Did he ever do that? Nope.

        Did he ever post photos of these supposed thugs? Their vehicles? License plates? Nope.

        All manufactured BS.

        All designed to put the focus on him and deflect from the key issue: Keith A. Raniere is going to die in jail.

        It is a beautiful spring! Enjoy the day!

    • Comments about Alanzo from around the web:

      “So, it is more than obvious that Alanzo is running massive years-long hate crusades. He hasn’t changed even one nano-bit of his vicious vile attacks. So why would I trust anything he is saying? LOL
      And this is the identical routine that he runs EVERY SINGLE TIME he wants to be allowed to come back on board and troll the living shit out of his “enemies” (i.e., the most prolific Scientology critics). During the first phase, he ALWAYS pretends to be friendly. But it’s obvious that he is running a very hostile campaign—look at this thread. WHO is the evil mystery person being cruel—he won’t answer. WHO is the evil mystery person who is banning ex-Scientologists—he refuses to answer. WHO is the evil mystery person who is shunning ex-scientologists? He refuses to answer WHO is the evil person who is doing all these terrible things? He won’t answer.
      And WHO are all these terrible things being done to? He won’t answer.
      LOL, naturally he is talking about himself as a victim.
      And who is doing all these horrible things to him? Ask him. He is too cowardly to say it. He uses innuendo and ambiguity. Jeez, I wonder if it has anything to do with Alanzo getting bumped off the STUPID THREAD earlier today for trying to derail it (again)?
      Ask him if HE has trolled people. Maybe you will be the first to get an answer.
      When someone LIES about me (and make no mistake, Alanzo is a liar and I have proven that many times) and when someone spews non-stop hates and dedicates hate sites against me (just like the COS does to its enemies), why would I do anything towards such a social misfit other than EXPOSE them?
      I think you already know that.
      Does anyone doubt that Alanzo makes up lies to troll people? Ask him if he does that.
      If he won’t answer, I’ll be happy to provide the answer with references so people can see it with their own eyes.
      I think you are aware that I welcomed Alanzo back several times after he was banned. I did everything that a kind and forgiving NORMAL person would try to do. That only encouraged him to attack even harder, because he takes that as a sign of weakness.”

    • A’ boozlozer-

      You have absolutely no understanding of criminal law.

      BTW: The only “really weird” thing is you.

    • — “Break in chain of custody.”

      No law was broken, an in house FBI procedure/rule wasn’t followed.

      If the FBI truly doctored the image – they would have doctored the hard drive date stamps, which can easily be changed.

  • “Won’t be shared with plaintiffs or defendants for now” from the story

    Perhaps it has already been shared with Suneel’s girlfriend, Nicki Clyne.

    What about it, Nicki?

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