Clare Bronfman, her day is coming soon.

Frank Report has just learned that Clare Bronfman and Kathy Russell will both plead guilty today before U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis.

Clare is scheduled to appear before Judge Garaufis at 4:00 PM – and Kathy at 5:00 PM.

At present, Clare is facing two charges: one count of Racketeering and one count of Racketeering Conspiracy. She is also named in five predicate acts:
– Conspiracy To Commit Identity Theft
– Identity Theft Regarding John Doe 2
– Money Laundering
– Visa Fraud
– Conspiracy To Commit Identity Theft


Will Kathy Russell gladly go to prison for Keith Raniere?

Kathy Russell is currently facing just one charge for Racketeering Conspiracy and is not named in any predicate acts.

Additional details will be reported as they become available.

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  • I just proved that I was right and Claviger was wrong. 🙂

    Frank and Claviger are always trashing my comments, yet I’m the one who recently rebutted Claviger’s prediction about Kathy taking a plea deal on her own (without Clare bear).

    Claviger recently predicted that Kathy would take a plea deal even without Clare bear.

    Claviger gave Kathy a 99% chance of taking a plea deal — but he only gave Clare a 60% chance of taking a plea.

    Which means Claviger was claiming that Kathy might act independently of Clare —- and plead guilty even if Clare went to trial.

    I rebutted that BULLSHIT claim.

    I said that Kathy would ONLY take a plea deal once Clare did so too — since Kathy’s entire self esteem is wrapped up in Clare’s opinion of her.

    I proved that I knew the truth.

    I knew what was up.

    Claviger can bend over and kiss my butt now. 🙂

    • Dude, do you ever just gaze up at the sky and realize what a teensy, weeny spec you are in the grand scheme? And in that moment don’t you wanna just grab your little, teensy weenie, run your ass back to your two-tin studio and all your Frank Report alias devices with different VPN’s lined up — and log in to FR desperate [“heeeelp meeeeee!!! God, heeeelp me] to do, say, something so someone, something, anyone will save you from that sucker gut-punch, that millisecond of any real awareness of your relative microcosmic, virtual non-existence…except in your own mind? Lol. (My, how those 3 letters, Lol, do consume your entire awareness, tiny spec.)

      It’s 420 Bang-schlock, and I know it sucks to live in Texas where you can’t legally celebrate — while you’re standing on a man-made earthquake fault — living in a stinking trailer park beneath those oil-tycoon mansions up yonder, don’t it?

      But, why not fire up? If you do get caught in Texas, heck, you’ll do more time than Clare Bronfman — and there’s another angle you can carp on, on the next blog you try to take over.

      I reckon you’ll be locked in the pen soon anyhow for some infraction or another stemming from your on-going renditions of Dennis Burke on here — not like that might not come up in the conspiracists’ closely watched civil suits already filed by Jeff Peterson or that were about to be filed by Michael Avenatti on behalf of Clare against FR, Et Al.

      Didn’t Penza’s hot stilettos in Tom’s stills cream you flat enough you foot fucker pervert? Or was it Dennis Burke or John Sandweg, not you — Scott (Tex) Johnson — who called her “idiot” and “whore” under some of your other alias’?

      Plus, all your Jew-hating slander may not be passed over so fast, Schlock. I recommend you re-read Frank’s disclaimer for comprehension on the part that holds you, not him, responsible for waggling your tongue out of your ass at everyone on here under all your ever more obvious alias’.

      Happy 420 in kind and long live an eye for an eye!

  • Why isn’t she pleading guilty trafficking charges like Mack? She was part of this group. Isn’t that conspiracy? Did she roll? I smell a deal.

  • Raniere,
    for once in your life do the right thing and cut a plea deal so that the jurors don’t have to sit in a court room all summer listening to your thirty plus years of crimes.

  • Note….this happened after her mom flew here recently.
    Perhaps her mother had a hand in Clare pleading out.

    • Good point. One of the things that tends to help people break free of controlling groups, are reminders of where their real loyalties lie, and the values they adopted growing up.

      Her mother also might have provided a gentle reminder to give up, and stop dragging the family name through the mud – or, if her step-siblings are as ruthless and vengeful as she is, been the bearer of an offer she couldn’t refuse.

    • Yes, understandably so – there is most likely so much more to the storiy that we’ll never know. Betcha a box of thin mints Keith cops a plea deal; I bet after his lawyers told him about Clare and Kathy’s plea deal, Keith’s sphincter muscle tightened just a wee bit more. No Easter basket for Keith. No dessert. Do not pass Go – go directly to jail.

    • Exactly. By not going to trial ,her boy Geragos can keep certain things from possibly coming to light.

  • And as icing on the cake, KAR should be facing additional charges in the NDNY.

    I so, so hope he doesn’t plead. Imagine what we could learn from a trial, with all those pleading out plus Karen U. set to testify against him.

  • Fantastic! As another poster said, all guns will now be pointed at Raniere. As it should be!!

    I wonder if the Court can impose any conditions on Clare Bronfman that would restrict her ability to file more harassment lawsuits.

  • Five moles down in the game of Whack a Mole.

    Now we have the Cult leader Rat left.

    What will Keith Raniere do?

    He’s been passd over on Passover by his past live Nazi’s glas.

    Raniere, Deal or no deal?
    Will he roll the dice or cut a deal himself?

  • Dont get too excited. Following the smollet case, the Lori Laughlin mess and given the jurisdiction , we all know they wont do jail time. They each will get a token slap on the wrist, followed by appearances on Dr. Phil.

    • I can understand your pessimism. However this case is so much more than NXIVM and little frontboy Raniere. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Some of these folks that are pleading guilty are also giving information to the right people who are in place to go after their masters.

  • “Illegal Entry and Money Laundering (RA 5)Racketeering Act Five alleges a conspiracy to encourage and induce the illegal entry of an alien for financial gain and money laundering. This racketeering act arises out of a scheme by defendants and co-conspirators, including Bronfman, to obtain an investor visa for Jane Doe 3,to work in the United States, by making it falsely appear as if Jane Doe 3 had the funds to qualify for an investor visa, when in fact she did not.”

    RICO statutes being used in connection with illegal aliens and money laundering…This is yuge! How many cases are out there connecting money laundering and illegal aliens and sex trafficking with a big money heiress ( Seagrams) using the RICO statutes? Plus it ties in the Clinton campaign illegal contributions? I said weeks ago that RICO is one of the big sticks to smash the deep state. The wheels of justice may turn slowly but eventually the perps feel the wheel. They are lucky they don’t get this wheel of justice because our constitution has outlawed cruel and unusual punishment.

    • There’s all too much of this that goes on in individual, isolated cases – no grand conspiracy.

      The relatively small donations limited to Clinton’s 2006 Senate campaign, are a sideshow, comparatively. The real question is, how did the Bronfmans and NXIVM buy or otherwise wield the influence they had on the Albany area political, judicial and law enforcement systems? And because of the lingering effects of that, we may never even see any Albany-based cases, or only a very limited federal one on the sex crimes and avoids addressing broader corruption.

      • Keep spinning. NXIVM is a conspiracy in and of itself, however there is much more to come out. For ions you and your fellow democrats label anyone that points out the collaboration between the purveyors of evil conspiracy kooks.

        News for little fella, the conspiracy of conspiracies is about to be unleashed. And it has to do with your boy Obama and of course your loving Satanic mistress Hildabeast.

        (1) HRC known payments to Perkins Coie via Fusion GPS and Simpson to Steele who collected fake Russian Oppo info? (Used to directly influence an election and to furthermore destroy a presidency and command impeachment?)

        (2) Biden and Obama in Ukraine and info laundering about Manafort funneled directly to US intel agencies to attack Manafort and put cloud over Trump presidency?

        Inquiring minds want to know. For all the concern over FAKE Trump admin/campaign efforts in this area we are staring straight into the face of clear and overwhelming evidence of the other side actually engaging in these same efforts.


    • From what little I know of the law, it seems her fortune may go poof! under the Rico statute. Payback is indeed a bitch.

  • Thanks for the update – looking forward to further details of whatever actually transpires. Kathy Russell is hardly a surprise, though it seemed as if there was some small possibility she might hold out as a deluded Raniere loyalist.

    I will definitely have been wrong if Clare Bronfman takes a deal that includes actual time behind bars – I fully expected her to use fight to the bitter end, hoping her money would buy her a better outcome. Perhaps the prospect of all the exposure at trial seemed worse – including possibly also to family members, who might have brought some pressure to bear.

  • Krclaviger,

    Bless your soul for the delivery this most Jubilate news on Good Friday and the first day of Passover.

    Is this all a sign from God? Probably not.

    So many praise to you, Krclaviger!!!!

    This news just made my weekend !!!!!!!!
    …..As long as Clare Bronfman gets 5 years or more!!!!!!!!!!

  • It would seem this is the final nail in Vangone’s coffin – he can’t possibly go to trial now, he’ll plea

    • I don’t think the prosecution can be forced to accept any plea he offers. The will make a great name for themselves if this case goes to trial. It will be ultra high profile.

    • I don’t blame them. Imagine having to choose between, say, five years and the possibility of 20. I would probably do the same. I don’t think any of them really had a good shot at acquittal.

    • You’ve got that right.
      In Chicago there was a corrupt businessman named Mickey Segal rather then rat out the politicians he had bribed.
      Mickey Segal was a real stand up guy.

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