Suneel Retains Attorney to Comply With Subpoena to Produce Adult Nude Camila ‘Scarless’ Photos

Deborah Blum, Chakravorty's attorney.

He Admitted to Possessing Photo of 27-year-old Camila That Did Not Have Appendectomy Scar

Suneel Chakravorty has retained Deborah J. Blum a New York City attorney, to represent him to comply with a subpoena ordered by Chief Magistrate Cheryl L. Pollak in Edmondson et al., Plaintiffs, against Raniere et al., Defendants.

Chakravorty is not a defendant in the case. 

Judge Pollak ordered Chakravorty to produce photos of Camila and “any other woman” who was a member of DOS in his possession, custody, or control by April 25.

Magistrate Judge Cheryl Pollak

Judge Pollak will review the photos without showing them to the plaintiffs or defendants until she determines if they are relevant to the case.

Chakravorty must also submit an affidavit that he does not possess any additional photographs of DOS members and provide the names of those who provided the photos to him and those who received copies.

On April 20, Chakravorty called the court requesting clarification of the order. He later retained Blum.

A hearing is set for May 5 at 12:15 PM before Judge Pollak to clarify the order for Chakravorty and his attorney. As a result, the April 25 deadline will not apply.

Glazer Wanted the Photos

The plaintiffs, represented by Neil Glazer, filed a motion to serve a subpoena on Chakravorty. Calling him “a former NXIVM member and associate of Defendant Raniere,” Glazer sought to compel Chakravorty to provide the adult nude photographs of Camila to him.

Glazer claims the photos are collateral and “significant evidence in this action.” 

Plaintiff Camila is a former First Line DOS master.

The magistrate granted Glazer’s request to serve the subpoena but denied him access to the photos.

Glazer speculated that Chakravorty might have access to more collateral because he resides with Nicki Clyne, a former DOS First Line master.

Asserting that Chakravorty “shared these images” with others, he wrote, “the mere possibility of its dissemination is a continual source of anxiety and trauma for all DOS” participants” and alleged a “high risk that [the nude photographs] may be transferred to others or destroyed.” 

Chakravorty Replied

On October 30, Chakravorty sent a letter to Judge Komitee asserting that he possesses “redacted nude photos [where the breasts and genitals are blurred] of a 27-year-old Camila, taken in 2017.” 

He said these photos are not collateral.

In her decision to authorize the subpoena, Judge Pollak wrote that “Whether or not the photograph is ‘collateral’ is a fact issue to be decided by the jury.” 

Chakravorty indicated that the photos are evidence to support a Rule 33 motion that will claim the FBI tampered with evidence in Raniere’s criminal case. He is Raniere’s power of attorney. 

The photos will “not… be otherwise disseminated,” Chakravorty wrote.  

Camila’s sister, Daniela, at the criminal trial, testified that her sister had a prominent scar on her abdomen from an appendectomy operation performed when she was almost 17. The absence of a scar on Camila’s nude photos helped the prosecution establish that she was underage when Raniere took her pictures.

Metadata on the image files showed she was 15. The jury found that Raniere had sexually exploited Camila and possessed child porn in the criminal trial.

The Scarless Photo

Last October, FR inspected but did not possess a redacted version of a photograph of an adult Camila. There is no visible appendectomy scar.

Chakravorty informed FR that an expert conducted a forensic analysis of this “scarless” photo to verify it was unaltered.

Chakravorty explained that the purpose of his possessing the “scarless” photo of an adult Camila was to have the image forensically evaluated as Raniere’s power of attorney and, if proven to be unaltered, to provide it as evidence in the criminal case.

FR questioned a former DOS member closely associated with Camila who said she definitely had an appendectomy scar.

Raniere’s argument is that the absence of the scar on a photo of Camila is not proof she was underage, as evidenced by this adult, scarless photo of Camila.

Suneel Chakravorty

The Lawsuit

The scar or lack thereof is not likely to be relevant to the civil lawsuit.

Some 70 plaintiffs filed the civil lawsuit in 2020 alleging various claims based on events that occurred while plaintiffs were members of NXIVM. 

The defendants are Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman, Sara Bronfman, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, Kathy Russell, Karen Unterreiner, Dr. Brandon Porter, Dr. Danielle Roberts, Clyne, NXIVM Corporation, Executive Success Programs, Inc, Ethical Science Foundation, and First Principles, 

NXIVM is no longer operational. 

Raniere was found guilty of sex trafficking, racketeering, and possession of child pornography, among other charges, and subsequently sentenced to 120 years in prison.

The plaintiffs include Edmondson, Toni Natalie, Mark Vicente, Jessica Joan Salazar, Nicole, Daniela, Camila, India Oxenberg, Bonnie Piesse, Anthony Ames, Maja Miljkovic, and other DOS and NXIVM members, 

Camila is the only First Line DOS master who is a plaintiff. 

The Claims

On February 25, 2022, the plaintiffs filed a Second Amended Complaint. It runs more than 200 pages and contains 936 numbered paragraphs.

The claims against the defendants include

  1. sex trafficking
  2.  human trafficking
  3. forced labor
  4. peonage
  5. malicious abuse of legal process
  6. conspiracy
  7. “unauthorized human research”
  8. battery
  9. intentional infliction of emotional distress
  10. negligence
  11. negligence per se
  12. gross negligence
  13. failure to report rape or other sexual assaults
  14. claims under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”)

Of the other seven First Line DOS Masters, Clyne, Mack, and Lauren Salzman are defendants.

All Mexicans, the other four First Line Masters, Loreta Garza, Monica Duran, Daniela Padilla, and Rosa Laura Junco, were initially defendants. However, due to their lack of residency in the United States, the plaintiffs dismissed claims against them. 

Chakravorty’s attorney, Deborah Blum, offered a legal analysis of the NXIVM case four days after Raniere was convicted on her YouTube channel.

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  • Good grief…Suneel Chakravorty sure likes to be in the middle of things. Well, it looks like he got his wish! (I hope it costs him a bundle with the publicity-loving Attorney Blum!) It seems that he likes to be the center of attention nearly as much as Raniere does….
    How does this man sustain his own tech business with all of the time he devotes to Raniere?

  • Question:
    What happened when Suneel’s mom was
    constipated for 6 months?

    She had Suneel 3 months early.

  • Dem Congressman thinks GOPers need cult deprogramming:

    Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) revealed that he has sought advice from “cult deprogrammers” on how best to communicate with his extremist Republican colleagues — and “pull them away” from their alternative realities. “They’ve abandoned critical thinking skills,” added Raskin, who sits on the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection.

    He said deprogramming experts have told him to be “as warm and affectionate and as personable as you can be with them and make them remember what life was like before they got into the cult.”

    He pointed to far-right, QAnon-supporting Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) as an example of those in the legislature who are acting more like members of a “religious cult” than lawmakers. Greene was stripped of her committee assignments shortly after taking office last year for her embrace of racist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, as well as expressing support for executing prominent Democrats.

      • Alex-

        Regarding Nicki:
        I agree there’s nothing wrong with her physique. I think she needs to gain 5lbs.
        Her looks have improved with age. She’s definitely gone from a solid 6 to almost a full 7. She touches up all of photos now because we all dumped on her. 🤣

        BTW: Deborah Bloom is around 40.

  • This Suneel dude is just another pervert obsessing over child porn. He is a creep and very pitiful. Omg. Too creepy.

  • Off-topic:

    RE Suneel’s 3rd Forensic Expert:

    Suneel’s 3rd forensic computer expert, Wayne Norris, has a website more ridiculous than Alanzo’s blog.

    Wayne’s website has links to nowhere and looks like it was designed by Alanzo.

    Here’s the website:

    Wayne has patents in Nuclear Physics amongst other things, empathize “things” such as a NEUTRON reactor. Wayne also has lasers and makes plexiglass COVID proof walls.

    In summary, Wayne is batshit crazy.

    • Nice Guy, have you ignored these impressive points on his resume? With a guy like this on the case, Raniere will be out next week!

      -“His family had one of the very first TVs on their block, in 1952.”

      -“His dad was, and remains, his hero.”

      -“…graduated from the University of California in June of 1969 with a physics degree. Apollo 11 landed on the moon about 2 weeks later.”

      Any legal consultant whose family was the 2nd on their block to own a TV, whose father doesn’t remain their hero, and/or who graduated from UC 3 or more weeks before Apollo 11 landed on the moon is completely a joke by comparison.

      Keith and Suneel only hire THE BEST!

      • That’s hilarious. Dude tries to conflate his graduation with the moon landing. As if they are connected in any way.

      • Legal Consultant Analyzer & Everyone!!!

        Suneel hired, the “cheapest guy” out of all Computer Forensic experts, at the website.

        The lower-tier experts’ fees are around
        $225 an hour. Suneel’s expert rate is $175 an hour. In FACT, this expert is the only expert, who charges $175. NOT kidding!

        Suneel’s expert charges the lowest consultant rate and is $50 cheaper than the next lowest rate. 🤣

        I honestly believe Suneel doesn’t truly want Keith Raniere released. Seriously!

        I can’t believe this is okay with NICKI Clyne or anyone else loyal to Keith Raniere.

        My Sources:

        I’ve done my due diligence! It’s all true!

    • Great catch!

      This guy is a professional witness who (according to Almexperts .com, “your source for expert witnesses”) claims expertise in no less than 16 separate fields from Accounting to Flight Instruction to Patent Law to Counterterrorism.

      His qualifications? He has a Bachelors Degree.

      Just like Raniere, another guy with a mere BA who claimed to be an expert in everything.

      • The courts are on to people like this “expert”. As soon as they are on the witness stand, they get grilled.

        How many times have you been hired to testify in a court case?

        How many times for the defense?

        How many times for prosecution?

        What kind of cases? What was the outcome?

        What is your educational background?

        The jury sees right to the heart of the matter.

        Additionally, this particular crew of hired “experts” are off-putting. Unappealing. Sleazy vibe.

        Viva Executive Success!

    • Good find, NiceGuy. This Wayne guy is a total fucking joke. I hadn’t given much thought to any of the guys until just recently and decided to take a run a that link. What a laughable farce. Wayne and his buddy are nothing but a farm service for courtroom testimony and will testify to any subject matter area you want. It’s the first thing he touts at every opportunity. He seems to be an expert at nothing but phony-baloneyness.

      Just some examples of the excrement this guy is pumping out:

      – The website itself looks like a sophomore did it and got a C-. It’s a crappy wordpress site, with social network links that do nothing. The font is terrible and the headers and logo run together. It’s total shit. These guys are supposed to be tech experts? yeah right.

      – COVID-19 Protective Eye Shield: they produce a video that shows a product they are making to help fight COVID-19. Basically, they just cut two holes in some plexiglass. I’m not kidding. They are actually bragging about that:

      – Project and Program Management: “We provide experienced Project Managers who are certified as Project Management Professionals [PMPs] by the Project Management Institute [PMI] and as Certified Scrum Masters [CSMs] by the Scrum Alliance.”

      That hardly makes you special or unique at all. All you need to do is take some online courses that’ll take a week or so and pay a fee. Most people do it so they can put it on a resume that gets picked up by key word searches from large corporations with lazy HR offices. Don’t be fooled by this, it does not mean you are an expert in anything. And to prove my point, see next …

      – To show how their expertise in product management, they provided a screenshot of a Gantt chart on how to build a fucking treehouse, and the first step is “ask the kid what they want”. C’mon man, spend 5 minutes and produce something better than that. What company that truly needs an important project to be managed would hire someone touting such cockamamie nonsense.

      and lastly…

      “We’ve provided expert witness services in state and federal courts in more than 90 cases, including approximately 20 court appearances and 20 depositions, in the areas of software development, technology valuation, patent and copyright issues, computer forensics, video animation, physics, and aviation. ”

      That is 9 different subject matter areas for 20 court appearances between 2 different people. Talk about spreading yourself around. These guys will literally testify to anything you need.

      • Wayne is now also going to testify that keith raniere was in fact an east judo champion, that when keith walks in the rain he does not get wet, and that as unlikely as it may seem, keith’s penis is indeed 3/4” longer than Robbie’s.

      • They [NG, NJ, IN] seem to me as they have been for years: clubbable, personable, smart enough, witty enough to communicate interesting points. The only time this harmony becomes a bit discordant is when you enter the picture, Alonzo, you have wound up Nice Guy a lot, although he seems to be over you now.

        I doubt any long-time readers here are ‘nervous’, but then we’re mostly not defending the witless crew’s efforts on behalf of a scuzzy criminal with a 120-year sentence,

      • “Nervous” of what? A second trial would be pure bliss.

        Keith will never be a free man again. Even if there was an actual miracle and Keith Rainere walked out of sex offender prison than he would be treated as the pariah that he is as a child rapist.

        And Keith won’t leave prison.

        But in the fantasy land that he does somehow – than what?

        Keith would never be “ftee” in the way that he was before. That’s the freedom Keith misses. To be a hidden abuser. Keith would be living with his voracious appetite for cruelty and destruction and constant scrutiny. He would still be imprisoned. Because who Keith Raniere is will never change. And child predators in particular are notoriously impossible to “rehabiltate”.

        All of Keith’s dark desires remain. And always will.

        Keith wants to be “free” to hurt people with no repercussions or restrictions. All while being thought of as “the most ethical man in the world”. He is ego demands it.

        And that ship hasn’t just sailed – it has crashed on the rocks and sunk into the sea.

      • A’lame Zo,

        The only thing I’m nervous about is you leaving the Frank Report. …..

        Shitting on you helps me to feel good about myself.

        Have a great night Cherry Boy 🍒 and stuff your face full of RingDings®️.

        • NiceGuy,

          When you visit someone’s home, do you get upset by the behaviour of their pet dog? No, you don’t take it seriously.

          Alanzo is a companion animal in the Frank Report household, used primarily for the general visitors’ amusement and for emotional support of a restricted few.

          There’s only one way to get rid of him. Frank has to be persuaded to send him to an “animal rehoming service”! I’m tellin’ ya, that’s our best and only hope!

  • Funny how Keith is going through all this trouble that he put everybody else in, except that he’s the ONLY victim in a world where “there is no victims”! Oh tragic irony! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Frank, why don’t you publishing the full truth so that people can observe these court proceedings for themselves?

    SCHEDULING ORDER re 164 : Per a phone call received from Mr. Chakravorty on 4/20/2022 requesting clarification of this Court’s March 24, 2022 Order, a hearing is set for 5/5/2022 at 12:15 PM before Chief Magistrate Cheryl L. Pollak. The hearing will proceed via AT&T conference call. Dial 877-336-1839 at 12:15 PM. Enter access code: 380-1746 and security code: 20-0485. So Ordered by Chief Magistrate Cheryl L. Pollak on 4/22/2022.

  • Why not just move on with his life? The false belief in Raniere’s innocence is robbing him of his time and money. It makes no sense. My theory was and always has been that Suneel does it all for Nicki and he fears that if he doesn’t, that he will lose her

    • Yes, I feel very sorry for him. He needs to drop it. He is clearly bright. He is flogging a dead horse. Even if he thinks KR was a victim of injustice there are many more much more deserving miscarriages in prison to whose causes he could latch himself. I suppose when you are taken in by a cult you double down

  • Can we also request photos of Deborah Blum for a legal analysis? To me she looks like needing a serious overview, ideally a detailed examination.

    I’m not sure if NiceGuy agrees.


      • Wasn’t it Lauren Salzman who testified that she and Nicki edited the DOS videos to blur nudity, but also to omit sections that showed suffering?

        Could Nicki Clyne also have done the same with the pictures of Cami and the ones the loyalists turned over the Suneel’s experts?

        Long before the FBI even took possession of any of the pictures from Raniere to begin with?

        These photos could have been tampered with because the DOS videos were and Salzman shas said so under oath.

        Now, Suneel Chakravorty is saying the copies he has have been tampered with. Who has done all the tampering?

        • Of course they could have tampered with them.
          Their entire dead?-ender argument is that there was not a secure chain of FBI custody in their very biased opinion.

          But what is the chain of custody with the pictures they have? Who took them? Who had them? How did Suneel get them?

          Explicit photos used as blackmail being passed around to different cult members and shown to Frank. And who knows what else?

          We are tak8bg about child pornography distribution.

          The dead-enders clutch pearls over the FBI keeping evidence in a paper bag that never left FBIBcustody.

          Meanwhile they have sent child pornography all over the globe. It’s passed thru many many hands and was never secured in any way. It’s a joke!

          Also the moment they chose to blur out any part of the photographs they have altered the photographs.

          Frank cannot have it both ways. He cannot claim to have seen unedited footage and unedited photos and then also claim that parts of them were blurred out or edited. Because…that is edited. That is altered. Or it is not. Pretty simple.

          In a court of law that’s going to boil down to were the photos edited? Or were they unaltered in any way?

          • The photo I saw was a photo of an adult Camila. It was redacted [breasts and genitals blurred]. Her abdomen was visible. There was no scar visible. I have no doubt that she had the appendectomy when the government said she did — Jan. 2007, when she was 16. I have no doubt that other pictures of her taken after that time showed her scar.

            That one photo does not have a scar in my opinion does not prove a lot. There were 22 pictures of Camila introduced as evidence at the criminal trial, evidently none of them had a scar visible.

      • Thank you. It is now obvious the photo in the Frank Report article was taken at least 10 years ago… more like 20 I think. 😀

    • I am glad to read that he retained an attorney. A very smart thing to do. This legal process is too complicated to do alone.

      • Oh-gosh-golly! Suneel is dumber than
        dog doody. 💩

        Suneel publicly admitted to having the pictures in his possession. It’s a little late in the game to hire an attorney.

        I thought aliens 👽 were smart.

  • Finally Suneel Chakravorty is starting to find out the cost of dancing with the devil himself.

    Being wiser and with more resources than the rest of his loyalists friends, he is going in with legal counsel.

    Hopefully unlike his Master, Suneel will let his counsel take the reigns and defend him. Where as, Raniere ego drives the show in all his legal cases. We can see where that has gotten him, 120 years.

    Maybe this will be the jolt, Suneel needs to wake the fuck up and get the hell out of Vanguardville before he totally ruin his entire life.

    He had more going for him than most the other dead ender did before entering NXIVM.

    Brandon Porter has potentially lost the most with all those years of medical training and post doctor PhD research down the drain

    Danielle Roberts lost her medical license also

    Nicki Clyne, well she was a walk on first show actor, so who knows where her career would of gone. She a washed up Raniere waiting follower who seems to be going nowhere.
    Who of the NXIVM loyalists are really going anywhere?

  • Looks like Suneel’s determination to be in the middle of it all is now costing some real money. Lawyers, especially in good old overpriced to a stupid degree New York, does not come cheap.

    Also to learn that Suneel and Nicki are together connects a dot or two. Was this revealed before and I just missed it? Can see why he is so highly motivated. Thought it was an obsession with Keith but now not so much.

    Since they do live together, there is a technically a loop hole the court should consider. If Clyne has been given photos by Suneel or Clyne holds them for Suneel, when Suneel says he does not possess any, would he be actually lying to the court? Spirit of the order yes, but the letter? The law is often about literal interpretation which is why phrasing is so specific and over the top (also helps with obfuscation). Also all this gives credibility to theory that Clyne possesses the collateral.

    • Nicki and Suneel are very likely just friends working toward a common goal. Vanguard doesn’t share his women with other men, and I’m pretty sure neither Nicki nor Suneel would overstep that boundary. Maybe Raniere will release her once he’s run out of appeals.

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