Kim Constable Tells World of Her Executive Success Butt Doubts Linger

Kim Constable appears to have appeared on the cover of Forbes.

Kim Constable is a former member of NXIVM who says she left more than 15 years ago. She has an article about her success on It is possible to buy stories in Forbes, and Kim may have bought this one.

Annie Brown, a “Former Contributor,” wrote the story. In the article Kim, the word ‘data’ appears 27 times.  Data is a favorite word of NXIVM members.
On her Facebook, Kim touts the article, showing a photo of herself on what appears to be the cover of Forbes.
Kim claims that “if Forbes says it, it must be true.”


Kim appears on the cover of Forbes. Unfortunately, FR could not find the edition where Kim was on the cover.
Here’s info on how to get a story in Forbes Magazine. shows you how they can buy you a Forbes article: Just like a PR agency, we are able to deliver placements in a timely manner and according to your needs. Furthermore, we offer reasonable rates and won’t ask you to sign any long-term contracts. For more information, head over to our services page.”

Kim Is the Sculpted Vegan

Kim sells online courses for bodybuilding.

Butt Camp

She likes to help women better their butts by sending them to butt camp. An eight-week course she sells.
It appears to be a booty camp for butts.

Before and after BUTT CAMP.

There is evidence Kim thinks more of the butt than what science credits.

I am not sure how this is face therapy, but we want to take Kim’s word for it.
She has photos of success stories. That includes her own success story.

Here she is a before and after photo of her face.

NXIVM Begone

Kim says she has been out of NXIVM for more than 15 years, and once had Allison Mack over to her house “many years ago.”

She was seen in this NXIVM picture in 2014.
She had Mack to her house in 2016.
Here is Kim [second row,2nd from left] with Sara [first-row middle] and Nancy Salzman [front row right].

Sara Bronfman described Kim and Allison as her “girls’.

Kim and Allison
In 2021, Constable wrote a letter to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis for Lauren Salzman. She did not mention she was ever a member of NXIVM.
Kim also has Michelle Salzman on her staff at one of her 8-figure businesses – the Sculpted Vegan.
Michelle charges $250 per hour.

Kim also has a podcast.

Here’s a sample episode:
“Sex Toys & Lube Talk. How To Have Better Sex – Interview With Sam Evans – Episode 99
“Sex is meant to be noisy, messy, and most of all, FUN!

“People use sex toys and lubes to help enhance their pleasure yet have no idea that what they’re using could completely destroy their sexual health and make sex anything BUT fun.

“From toys made of jelly to lubes with propylene glycol, most people don’t have a clue that what they’re putting in and around their most sensitive body parts (and even taking orally) could be contributing to things like:

  • Thrush
  • Itching
  • Bacterial infections
  • Painful sex
  • Irritation
  • Dryness

“Even reaching orgasm can become downright impossible!

“Sam Evans, co-founder of Jo Divine, a skin-safe and irritant-free sex toy company, is on the podcast today, giving us the juicy lowdown on sex toys, lubes, and how to have more pleasurable sex (especially after menopause).

“A sexual health & pleasure expert, Sam has been featured all over radio, TV, and the press….


“’Sexual health and sexual pleasure go hand-in-hand.’

“’Sex is meant to be noisy, messy, embarrassing, consensual, and most of all fun!’

“‘Your orgasm is YOUR responsibility. Not your husband’s.’”

Kim’s husband is a well known ex-athlete, Ulster rugby player Ryan Constable.

In addition to her Sculpted Vegan business, Kim also teaches people a form of executive success.

She writes: “Did you know that I also teach people the exact steps to becoming millionaires in 12 months through my other online empire, The Million Dollar Mentor?

“If the thought of making 7-figures awakens the mighty entrepreneurial beast inside of you (how could it not?), then hurry up and get on my waitlist so you can be notified as soon as The Million Dollar Mentor becomes available again! And in the meantime, subscribe to my newsletter to get custom-tailored advice on how to achieve some truly massive business goals.”

Kim has one pet peeve that chaps her ass.

It’s when women body builders pretend.

Kim writes, “Don’t you just hate it when women fitness trainers pretend they are teaching people how to develop their glutes – when all they are really doing is showing off their ass?”

Viva Executive Success!

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  • Can I confess I’m in love with Kim but she’s married. So beautiful. So gorgeous. So toned. So smart.

  • “I’d love to get into a car accident with
    Kim Constable — so I could REAR END her.”

    Shadow is such a perv.

  • Am I the only one who wants to get into detailed discourse on each of the eight sets of before/after pictures of the Butt Camp graduates?

    • NutJob-

      I’ll entertain your request

      If you look at the two groups of before and after pics, it looks like some sets are of two different people. Two women’s butts look worse and the majority of women.

      Overall, many of the women are better looking, if you happen to like androgynous ladies.

  • I don’t want to butt into this but I’m a little butt-hurt by this, but she has a nice face butt I think she doesn’t show it off enough.

    It’s a pain in the but I think but for

  • Kim also teaches to become a millionaire in 13 months. Sure. 100% success rate, no doubt. No wonder she was naturally in sync with Keith: both are grifters.

  • The Flamboyant Malcolm Forbes

    Let’s tell the ugly truth about Malcolm Forbes, the long time publisher of Forbes magazine.

    Forbes was not only bisexual but he was notorious for sexually harassing young men who worked for him.
    Remember the story of the Bronfman family doctor who worked for Seagram’s liquors.
    Dr. Goldfinger was his nickname.
    If a Seagrams worker, especially a young man, had a papercut Dr. Goldfinger’s protocol was always the same.
    The young man would have to bend over and drop his pants so that Dr. Goldfinger could give the young man an anal exam.
    Of course the young Bronfman sisters were eyewitnesses to this bizarre medical procedure.

    Well at Forbes magazine Malcolm Forbes was his own Dr. Goldfinger.
    It was well known in New York City that Malcolm Forbes was a bisexual who would sexually harass his young male employees.
    Forbes died suddenly in 1990.
    Let’s read what the Los Angles Times wrote about Forbes at the time.

    “He (Forbes) died of natural causes, said Michael Schalet, the Somerset County medical examiner.

    The flamboyant magazine publisher, often seen with actress Elizabeth Taylor at his side, was known for his hot-air balloons, Harley Davidson motorcycles and extravagant parties. Forbes spent a reported $2 million on his 70th birthday party last year.”

    In the old days newspapers would describe someone as “flamboyant” to say they were gay.
    For example performers like Liberace were described as “flamboyant.”
    Everyone knew what that meant.

    As for Malcolm Forbes’ friendship with Liz Taylor, in the old days Elizabeth Taylor was called a “beard”.
    A cover for his true sexual preferences.
    I am sure the Bronfmans would understand what a “beard” is.

    Elizabeth Taylor’s had a fondness for gay and bisexual men like Rock Hudson, James Dean and Montgomery Clift.
    Taylor herself was the daughter of a bisexual art gallery manager who had lived in London and New York.

    After Forbes’ death the gay press immediately outed the flamboyant magazine publisher.

    “In March 1990, soon after his death, OutWeek magazine published a story with the cover headline “The Secret Gay Life of Malcolm Forbes”, by Michelangelo Signorile, which alleged Forbes was a gay man.[13] Signorile was critical of the media for helping Forbes publicize many aspects of his life while keeping his homosexuality a secret. The writer asked, “Is our society so overwhelmingly repressive that even individuals as all-powerful as the late Malcolm Forbes feel they absolutely cannot come out of the closet?”[14] Even in death, the media was reluctant to disclose his sexuality; the New York Times would refer only to him as a “famous, deceased millionaire”[13] while reporting on the controversy.”

    Malcolm Forbes was so notorious for this behavior that even a young Donald Trump witnessed some of Forbes’ lifestyle.

    “No sooner had America’s favorite capitalist been buried on his island in Fiji than he was ”outed” by a New York gay magazine; more recently Donald Trump, in one of those vengeful passages that help make his new ”autobiography” so contemptible, did it again, claiming that Forbes was tossed out of a Plaza Hotel bar because he was there with some underage boys. ”

    (In my opinion there is nothing contemptible about Trump outing a randy old billionaire like Forbes who was sexually involved with underage boys. Trump’s long time lawyer Roy Cohn was gay. ) Shadow State

    “Malcolm Forbes: The Man Who Had Everything

    Forbes’ private life

    the writer has bothered to do some digging. The anecdotes are numerous and they leave no doubt at all that Forbes was gay. ”But why would anyone care to expose Malcolm’s sexual orientation?” Winans himself asks, more than a little defensively. He offers two excuses: First, Forbes ”felt compelled from time to time to impose his sexual advances on young, potentially vulnerable employees.” And secondly, ”it seemed…hypocritical in light of the virtuous family-man image Malcolm tried to project.”

    One wonders what the Bronfmans had to do to get Kim Constable on the cover of Forbes magazine.

    I knew about Malcolm Forbes’ shenanigans over thirty years ago.

  • Here is a relatively successful person, lying and manipulating to further her success– why? Such a disappointment. Despite her involvement with NXIVM, and ‘covering’ up her recent involvement with those associated with NXIVM, I was willing to overlook it because loyalty to friends in light of their wrongdoing is tough to navigate,

    BUTT to mislead the public on her business model and success is FRAUD and emotional manipulation. The 27 references to “data” and willful deceit for personal gain screams of NXIVM…

  • That muscled look isn’t for me, but if she really got that bulked up on a vegan diet, props to Kim! Her statement “if it’s published in Forbes it must be true “… Could that be a sarcastic dig at when Raniere was in Forbes? Not sure how to interpret that one.

    • It’s very possible to bulk up on a vegan diet. Cows. Elephant. Other large muscular mammals like horses eat plants. The idea that you need animal protein in order to build muscle is something that those industries created and co motioned the American people into believing. The obsession with protein and where you get it from is not unique to Americans, but it is certainly not a such a thing in every country. Big dairy, big beef, etc. have got big lobbyists.

      • Oh duh. Obviously I knew all that re: cows etc but it escaped my mind at the time of my post. Thanks for the reminder.

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