Bodybuilder Kim Constable Renounces Raniere and Allison Mack

In a published statement, former NXIVM member Kim Constable has renounced Keith Raniere. And distanced herself from Allison Mack. Both are in prison.

Readers know of Constable from her work for NXIVM in Ireland.

She is the founder of Scultped Vegan and would have qualified as one of those executive success stories Raniere boasted about had she stayed. Constable has been mentioned in Forbes for her success in selling courses on bodybuilding.

Frank Report revealed Constable has Michelle Salzman on her staff. Michelle is one of her coaches who offers clients a chance to imbibe the techniques that NXIVM has employed for 20 years. Salzman charges $250 per hour.

Constable also wrote a letter to Judge Nicholas Garafuis on behalf of Nancy and Lauren Salzman, asking him to consider leniency for them.

Now she explains her role in NXIVM.

I wasn’t involved with NXIVM, I took a few business training programs run by Executive Success Programs before my son Corey was born, 15 years ago, which was a subsidiary of NXIVM. So did 42,000 other people take these courses.

I never considered Clare Bronfman a mentor, no.

I did consider Keith one while I was taking the courses, yes. I haven’t seen or spoken to him for 15 years, but the trainings I took did change my perspective and helped me be more successful in every aspect of my life. I am not and was not involved in any way with anything that he has been charged with recently, and the whole thing disturbs and disgusts me. He has turned out to be a brilliant sociopath. So I would no longer consider him a mentor of any kind.

Allison Mack and I became friends during one of the courses I took with ESP. She stayed with me for one night in Belfast many years ago, and that was the first time I had seen her in 15 years. I haven’t spoken to her since before she was arrested, and have absolutely no data whatsoever on her involvement or not. I believe she was involved, but I don’t know to what extent. I don’t read or watch the news ever. I would not consider us to be friends any more, especially in light of the current proceedings.

I deleted the pictures of Allison and I together because I did not want to be associated with her or with Keith Raniere. There was nothing more sinister than that. In fact, I think it was prudent to do this, given what they have been accused of, don’t you?

Constable is well known for her Butt Camp, whatever that is. But more than a few said when they saw her leaving, “Such a nice little lass”.

Now just a word on her statement. I am not here to criticize.
But a few things stand out.

Constable said she had not been involved in NXIVM for 15 years. Yet here she is in an NXIVM-Jness class in 2014, which was eight years ago.

She appears with Sara Bronfman and Nancy Salzman.

Here pictures with Allison Mack seem to have been taken in 2016.

The figure of 42,000 people who took NXIVM courses is a new number. NXIVM also published that they had 17,000-course takers.

One amusing thing for a woman who has not taken a NXIVM course in 15 years is that she still uses the NXIVM cult word favorite: “data”.

She writes of Mack, “I haven’t spoken to her since before she was arrested, and have absolutely no data whatsoever on her involvement…”.

She calls Keith “a brilliant sociopath,” which might be as accurate a description as anything one can easily imagine.

In any event, the lady is doing well, and we wish her continued success

Kim Constable, body builder and vegan advocate

Oh one more thing I noticed. Constance writes of Allison Mack, “She stayed with me for one night in Belfast many years ago, and that was the first time I had seen her in 15 years.”

This is not quite true. Unless Constable considers 2016 “many years ago.”

November 2016

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  • Wonder if Edgar paid for his article where he called executive success programs a cult. Because the same forbes magazine now supports ex nxivm members and their new mlm coaching companies, like sculpted vegan.

    Forbes blows with the wind….. articles bashing nxivm…articles supporting nxivm…. depends on who pays. also don’t forget nxivm had a significant list of journalists that were nxivm members or friends of nxivm people. it’s all who you know…

  • Re Forbes Pay for Play:

    We both know it’s a nickel and dime world. Pay-for-play or some form of it (reciprocity) has always existed.

    The fact that Forbes is getting paid in exchange for publishing articles isn’t shocking “one iota”; Forbes quasi-advertising this fact openly, BLOWS my MIND!

    Whatever happened to keeping things behind the curtains? 😉

    …. And for Christ’s sake, PR guys like “Frank Marino” and Stone are getting cut out of the action.

    It’s a different World.

  • “Get ripped in 4 weeks at home”

    Yeah right. The Shredded Vegan is yet another fitness scam making impossible promises.

    There are thousands of these on the Internet. Download their app- sometimes it’s even free- and then you end up downloading an endless series of increasingly expensive add-ons. Diets. Cookbooks. Custom workout schedules. One on one training.

    You don’t get ripped, but you do get ripped off.

    Truth is, there’s no secret to getting swole. It requires:

    1.) Putting in the work in the weight room.

    2.) A high protein diet.

    3.) The right genetics.

    I give Kim Constable full credit for all 3. She can probably deadlift a Harley Davidson.

    I also give her full credit for renouncing the pervy little toad Raniere.

    The kind of operation she’s running is probably the only actual use for the shady ethics and manipulative techniques that Nxivm taught.

    There’s nothing illegal about the operation, so she’s smart. She’s neither a whiny-yet-complicit victim nor a smarmy lying apologist. Let alone an idiotic, go down with the ship loyalist.

  • Nobody loves you when you’re down and out.

    It certainly took Kim Chee quite a while to publicly denounce Raniere and Mack.
    She quickly deleted her photos with Mack but offered no explanation why she did so.
    Is Kim Chee practicing the old political trick of failing to publicly denounce evil hoping that none of the crap will splash back on her?

    Kim Chee is a Korean delicacy of fermented cabbage.
    Kim Chee goes well with fried dog.

    When it comes to cookin I’m the cats meow

  • Not sure Kim is sincere. In the past year or two people on social media have politely questioned her connection to DOS/Nxivm and Kim and her associates have just blocked them. To clarify these were people who like Kim and were wanting reassurance. Not rude bullies.

    In light of Kim’s fitness obsession and diet fixation the inquiries were thoughtful. One person asked if Kim approved of such a low calorie diet that women like India were losing their hair and no longer menstruating? Instead of a simple, “No” Kim deleted the question and blocked them.

    Kim has teamed up with other well-known social media figures who promote health. This may be a very belated and half-hearted attempt to protect her brand ( pun intended) and collaborations.

    The fact that she has lied about the depth and breadth of her association is suspect.

    Hope Kim is able to come forward more honestly in the future and wish her continued health and success.

    • The Anticult Loyalty Tests reign supreme in deciding who is not “brainwashed” and who is. Who to prosecute and who not to prosecute. Who to sue and who not to sue. Who to condemn and who to support.

      The antirights dehumanization of anticultists is displayed right here, for all to see.

      Torquemada would be proud of you.

      Those who believe in the 1st amendment right of freedom of assembly, and of minding your own fucking business, are not, though.


      • If you literally show your ass repeatedly on social media, ya kinda waved your right to the normal expectation of privacy.

        If you say that you are an expert on health and diet while being affiliated with a group that had very restricted diets as a practice and used exercise as a penance, a few well-meaning questions asked appropriately harm no one and give you a chance to state your stance.

        • I was doxxed for months by Nice Guy and Claviger before I ever mentioned anything about Nice Guy and his wife.

          Then I gave false information about Nice Guy, and nothing about Claviger, which they both know.

          So I didn’t actually doxx anyone.

          Which they also know.


          • Two wrongs don’t make a right. His wife never did anything to you she’s never commented here you have no business bringing her up at all if you followed your own guidelines you set out

      • Allen T. Stanfield, I don’t know if Torquemada would be proud of you, but I can say for sure that your mother died utterly embarrassed that she brought you into this world.

        Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!

      • “The antirights dehumanization of anticultists is displayed right here, for all to see. Torquemada rules the Earth.”

        Is Alonzo bipolar or schizophrenic?

  • She does have a real pointy nose…..just like Pinocchio. She also still has a DOS brand covered up by a tattoo. Kim…you’re still a Raniere/Salzman hack. You still do nxivm work as coaching. It’s nxivm 2.0.

  • it appears Kim is not entirely honest in her account of her involvement with NXIVM. Probably an attempt at damage controll because sales go down as people see NXIVM pop up when they google her.

    She said Keith mentored her. Yeah, I bet he did some mentoring on her. Is there a picture of KIm where she is not in her panties? Silly woman.

    • Yes, the one with Allison
      When your focusing on bodybuilding as your career , you need to see visual results , before and after, same as plastic surgery, just harder to obtain though usually less expensive and risky .

  • And contrary to popular belief, “Butt Camp” is NOT the term used for the annual Society of Protectors retreat.

  • Michelle Meyers, Elite Life Coach, lists “psychological tactics” for personality development.

    Psychological tactics are defined as “acts of calculated psychological manipulation, done especially to confuse or intimidate.” Sounds like Raniere.

    • That is a very good point. The Forbes article about Constable appears to be purchased by Kim.

      • RE Why Investigated Constable Earnings -& Discovered Forbes Pay for Play:

        The tip off/clue something was awry, was Kim’s earnings:

        Six figures is believable.

        Seven figures is questionable.

        Eight figures is unfathomable.

        I looked into the article because a I was curious how a magazine like Forbes could print something so preposterous.

        Why would Forbes print such BS story without verifying the veracity of the interview?!? So I investigated. 😉

        Forbes is now the definition of fake news; it’s completely disgusting.

      • “FR” isn’t the same thing as seeing your mug. We’re all sweet on you, Frank.
        Bring the candid back!

  • Frank,

    Kim payed for her interview/Ad by hiding a pseudo P.R. Team who basically pay some off, but pretend it was all PR.

    Here’s more info on Forbes Magazine pay for play scheme:

    Read this:
    Just like a PR agency, we are able to deliver placements in a timely manner and according to your needs. Furthermore, we offer reasonable rates and won’t ask you to sign any long-term contracts. For more information, head over to our services page.

  • Kim hired Michelle Myers Salzman. Nxivm continues. Fire Michelle, and then you officially cut the cord.

  • All of these NXIVM people like to play dumb after being so involved in this cult for years and play us all for fools.

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