Keith Pushes Camila to Give Up Conventional Life & Join His Harem – Unseen Texts #3

Keith would tell Cami he wanted sex by saying "Donkey wants his carrot."

Knox Woods is a subdivision of townhomes in Half Moon, a town in Saratoga County, New York, near Clifton Park.


Keith had lived in Knox Woods since the 1980s when he and Karen bought a townhome together at 3 Flintlock Lane.

Gov. exhibit of 2 and 3 Flintlock Lane

Recently, Keith told Camila to move out of her family home at 12 Wilton Court, also in Knox Woods, and set up what was to be “their home” at 120 Victory Way.

12 Wilton Court

Keith arranged for Camila to live in a townhouse at 120 Victory Way.

Cami lived secretly at 120 Victory Way right in the heart of Knox Woods

Below is a video of Camila’s apartment.

The townhome was rented for Camila by one of Raniere’s intimate women, Kathy Russell. The rent was paid in cash, one year in advance.

No one in the NXIVM community was to know where she lived.


Camila is 24, and he is 54. He is the leader of what they all believe is a significant movement and their community. She is a nanny for one of his companies, the Rainbow Cultural Garden, which was supposed to be a child development program immersing children into multiple languages. Camila spoke in Spanish to the children.

Cami is a short walk of about 4 minutes [.2 miles] from 3 Flintlock, where he lives with Karen. He also uses the adjoining townhouse, purchased by Pam Cafritz at 2 Flintlock, where Pam lives with Camila’s older sister, Mariana. All three of these women are in intimate relationships with Keith.

Camila knows Keith is intimate with her sister, Mariana, but Mariana does not know about Cami.

In addition to the town homes on Flintlock, Keith has 8 Hale, his executive library, with a loft bed, hot tub, sauna, and grand piano, along with his office, desk, computers, and books.

Cami’s family kept their townhouse at nearby 12 Wilton Court, which is also in Knox Woods, made notorious as the abode where Cami’s sister, Daniela, remained in one of the bedrooms for almost two years because of an “ethical breach.” That breach was that she refused to be only with Keith while he had other women. Daniela finally left the room and went to Mexico, breaking from her family, who chose to remain loyal to Keith.

This takes us to where we are in the WhatsApp chats. Vanguard Week had ended, and Keith had returned to Knox Woods. Camila came back with her family after apparently visiting Troy, a nearby city.

Here we have more of the same effort to get Camila to express her true love to him. We see Keith working on it, pushing for it, playing the sad lover at times and at other times the horny dog. We see Cami vacillating, sometimes longing for a more conventional relationship, and worried that this one might result in disaster for her.

But she is in his apartment and working for one of his companies. Her father is a well-to-do man who could quickly help her leave if she wanted. But he also is a true believer in Raniere, and Cami did not tell her father about their secret relationship. Her brother, Adrian, and sister, Mariana, are also devoted to Keith.

In this text exchange, Keith takes up where he left off at Vanguard Week. Make no mistake about it. He is not offering her a monogamous relationship. He is trying to persuade her to be in his harem. She would be number one, he seems to promise, and the one he loves best, but it is understood that she can be with no other man, while he will continue to be with many other women, including her sister.

8 Hale Drive

Keith in his executive library.

Aug 30, 2014


2:50 pm – Camila:  How are you, love?


6:50 pm – Keith: I love you so yet I’m so sad I haven’t earned your full love…

8:26 pm – Keith: Anything before you are busy?

Nothing from Camila

11:02 pm – Keith:  How are things/we?

11:26 pm – Camila:  I’m sorry, my phone died…

11:26 pm – Camila:  How are you?

After midnight Aug. 31, 2014

12:35 am – Keith:  Really rough… How are we? Are you home?

12:36 am – Camila: Hi love

12:37 am – Camila:  Yes, I am home

12:37 am – Camila: I think we are okay

12:37 am – Keith:  Hello my love… Only ok…

12:37 am – Camila: What are you up to?

Cami was hoping to see him

12:38 am – Keith:  Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow… What’s your schedule? Only ok?

12:39 am – Camila:   Tomorrow? Not tonight?

12:39 am – Camila:   I’m free tomorrow

12:39 am – Camila:  Family leaving in the morning

12:40 am – Keith:  Only have a minute now… Maybe tonight, but very not well…

12:40 am – Camila:  Emoji

12:41 am – Camila:   We are okay, but only okay because although I love you and miss you, I find my mind is playing tricks on me

12:42 am – Keith:  Can you give me an example?

12:44 am – Camila:  I miss you but then I come across things that remind me of R [Robbie] and wishing my life was different

12:44 am – Camila:  But I know it is BS

12:45 am – Keith:  Like what for example?

12:45 am – Camila:  I was at Dicks [Sporting Goods store] and saw a sweatshirt like his

12:48  am – Keith:  I wish I could help but more and more I recognize it is beyond me likely forever…

12:49 am – Camila:   I’m fighting it

12:49 am – Keith:  I need to go for now. What time are you going to sleep? What time are you waking up?

12:50 am – Camila:   Going to sleep in like half an hour, waking maybe at 8:30

12:51 am – Keith:  Honey, at this point, you shouldn’t have to fight [feelings of missing Robbie and wishing for a different life] … If anything you should have to fight anger and disgust [with having been with Robbie]… I am so sorry I am not the one…

12:53 am – Camila: My honey, I am sorry. I was able to recognize I was just probably reacting to a feeling but doesn’t mean you are not the one.

12:56 am – Keith:  At this point I can’t believe it… If you understood what I am saying any memory [of Robbie] would remind you of very bad undesirable things… That it doesn’t mean you don’t see… I do love you so though…

12:57 am – Keith:  You are the one for me. I am not the one for you.

12:59 am – Camila: I don’t believe that… But if it is true, then I still won’t give up

1:00  am – Keith: From my position, if there is still any question then I  am not. [the one].

1:02 am – Camila: I will make you the one, then

1:04 am – Keith: Should have either happened years ago or right after the incidents [when she was with Robbie] … Now I am far more worthless to you.

1:07 am – Camila: Oh, love, it is so painful to hear you say that. I am so sorry. You feel that because of what I did [with Robbie]. I will try harder

1:08 am – Keith:  I will see you later… So sad and so in love…

Aug. 31

Early Afternoon

12:36 pm – Keith:  My love, how are you/we?

12:37 pm – Camila:  We are good. Thinking of you. Wondering what my next steps are

12:38 pm – Keith: Think of the best those steps could be, and do them… What would the most heroic thing be in this circumstance?

12:39 pm – Keith: Someday I would like for us to be fantastic!

12:40 pm – Camila:  Me, too emoji

12:42 pm – Keith: Did the hero thing make sense?

12:42 pm – Camila: Maybe… Maybe not

12:44 pm – Keith:?

12:45 pm – Camila: I got something… Not sure that’s what you meant

1:04 pm – Keith:  Schedule? Wants from me/for us today?

1:06 pm – Camila:  Schedule is same as before: flexible. I want to see you if possible. What’s going on with you?

1:07 pm – Keith:  Barbara [Jeske] issues… I’ll let you know as things unfold… I love you so!

1:07 pm – Camila:  I’ll be thinking of you

1:20 pm – Keith:  Any heroic conclusions? [Referring to himself:] Donkey wants a carrot… [carrot is his code word with Cami for sex]

Two hours pass

3:14 pm – Camila:  Hi love

3:14 pm – Camila:  What are you up to?

3:15 pm – Camila:  I was going to take a nap

3:15 pm – Camila:  Do you want to join?

3:27 pm – Keith:  I will be there in a few minutes… I don’t think I will nap but…

He came over to Cami. After he left he texted:

5:23 pm – Keith:  I feel so sad…

5:24 pm – Camila: Why?

5:27 pm – Keith: Us, my worth to you, I feel there is little I can do now, I have failed in the most important thing to me [her love]. Each day that goes by the damages get far worse–if they were too much for you to face a while ago, I can’t imagine you’re facing them now… I wish I could just take it all on.

5:34 pm – Camila:   It is a little discouraging to hear you say that. I wish I could see what you see and be able to tell you that everything is going to be okay

6:03 pm – Keith:  I wish so too… I also wish you could transform discouragement into determination…

6:04 pm – Keith:  Who else are you Whatsapping?

6:05 pm – Camila: No one at the moment. Why?

6:10 pm – Keith:  Just the reporting of the system… Trying to figure out how it views presence… When was the last time you Whatsapped someone besides me (actual time)?

6:11 pm – Camila:  Other than you? Lucy @ 5:30

6:12 pm – Keith: We’re you getting the virgin list from her?

6:12 pm – Camila: Haha. No

6:12 pm – Keith: Why is she withholding it?

6:14 pm – Camila: Haha. She won’t share!

6:14 pm – Keith: But she knows… I could lick her until she surrenders…

6:15 pm – Camila: Lick?

6:15 pm – Keith: Or dick? Is that sick?

6:17 pm – Keith:  [going back to his WhatsApp question] For example it [WhatsApp] just said you were typing…

6:17 pm – Camila:  Yeah, but stopped, right?

6:18 pm – Keith:  Yes. Were you typing to me, or other, or not?

6:18 pm – Camila: It shows when you are typing in the same thread

6:19 pm – Camila:  To you

6:19 pm – Keith: Why did you stop?

6:19 pm – Camila: Wasn’t sure what to say

6:20 pm – Camila: The comment made me a bit uncomfortable but I know you are being funny

6:20 pm – Keith: Which comment? Why uncomfortable???

6:20 pm – Camila: The lick

6:21 pm – Keith:  Oh! Sorry absolutely not serious.

6:21 pm – Camila: I know

6:21 pm – Keith:  I rhymed lick, dick, and sick… Get the trick?

6:22 pm – Camila:  I did. Funny

6:24 pm – Keith:  When you are unsure what to write, text something like: ‘I love you more than I ever have. I will do anything and everything to fix and prove this as of right now. You will see results immediately… Just you wait and see my love!!!’

6:24 pm – Keith:  Just something light and simple like that!

Four minutes pass

6:28 pm – Keith:  Cat get your tongue?

6:30 pm – Camila:  I stepped away for a sec, sorry

6:29 pm – Camila:  Hahaha! I absolutely love you!

6:30 pm – Keith:  and? Says the donkey, still hoping for a carrot…

6:30 pm – Keith: Where did you go?

6:30 pm – Camila: Kitchen

6:30 pm – Keith:  You could’ve taken me with you…

6:31 pm – Keith: Were you going to get me a carrot?

6:31 pm – Camila:  I want yo [she meant to write ‘to’ not ‘yo’] be able to say that to you. I’m still working on getting there

6:32 pm – Keith:  You are reverting to your African roots… Yo…

6:32 pm – Camila:  Hahahaha

6:33 pm – Keith: Will you know soon what is stopping you?

6:33 pm – Camila: Yes

6:34 pm – Keith:  How are we set up for tomorrow?

Five minutes pass

6:39 pm – Keith:? Did you get my last question relating to tomorrow?

6:40 pm – Camila:   Yes.

6:40 pm – Camila:  Just got confirmation right this sec [that she can get off work]

6:40 pm – Camila: It is all open

6:40 pm – Keith:  Your pussy too?

6:41 pm – Camila: Of course

Later that evening

9:54 pm – Keith:  How’s my love? How are we? Did you determine the problem?

9:55 pm – Camila: I think so

9:55 pm – Keith:  🙂 … And?

9:57 pm – Camila:  I just feel scared…

10:08 pm – Keith: About?

10:11 pm – Camila:  Facing all the pain, getting lost, not being able to get me out

10:18 pm – Keith:  What do you mean getting lost?

10:23 pm – Keith:?

10:24 pm – Camila:  That the pain will be so great and the wound so big that I’ll never be the Cami that I know again

10:27 pm – Keith:  The wound is there whether you look at it or not. Would the Camila of which you speak ignore her own damages?

10:28 pm – Keith:  Can you ever have yourself if you don’t?

10:35 pm – Camila:  I agree with everything you are saying…

10:35 pm – Camila: I am afraid it will be too painful to live.

10:36 pm – Keith:  Also, by holding onto this look at the additional damages… A small one being: in the past with boyboy [Robbie] Cami was a person who did something bad, immediately faced the damages and did everything she could to make it right… Now Cami is a person who does something bad, and because she is too scared to face the damages does far more damages that can never be repaired… Every day [she] does this… The tremendous opportunity lost at V-week [of doing what he wanted and meeting him at all hours and acknowledging he is the one she wants] caused irreversible lasting damage… The longer you take, the more you damage…

10:37 pm – Keith: Then why not face what I am facing… At least be there with me in this darkness. I feel so alone here…

10:37 pm – Camila: Okay

10:38 pm – Camila: I will

10:38 pm – Keith: At this point, how will I know?

10:39 pm – Camila: I don’t know, love. I’m doing my best. I definitely don’t want you to be alone.

10:41 pm – Keith: V-week was such an opportunity… For me to know now, with R [Robbie], your sister, family, [NXIVM] community, it would take far more dramatic, strong, positive action than you have ever done… And each second you don’t damages so much more.

10:47 pm – Keith:  I am alone. I’ve been alone all this time. I believe I will be alone in this forevermore. Soon enough I will drive you away [break it off with her] and that will end this problem for you.

10:48 pm – Camila: Don’t

10:48 pm – Camila: I don’t want you to be alone, but I don’t know what I should be doing to repair

10:50 pm – Keith: You need to be aggressive, resourceful, and imaginative… I could also give you a number of things you already know but haven’t done… I can’t bear to repeat myself… With boyboy I didn’t have to…

10:51 pm – Camila: Okay. I’ll figure it out

10:52 pm – Keith:  If you understood the damages many things would be obvious… The way you think about and treat most people would be automatically different… You would be restoring your honor and value along with mine and ours.

10:53 pm – Keith:  R [Robbie] will be reacting very differently to you… He does not respect you at all…

10:58 pm – Keith:  Will I notice something tomorrow?

11:00 pm – Camila:  I am doing my best but I don’t want to get your hopes up

11:03 pm – Keith:  It is beyond getting my hopes up. You can do extremely forward positive things. It is just a question if you will.

11:10 pm – Keith: Everything you gave to others, every effect, every feeling, every thought, every act, you should give to me more intensely and more…

11:10 pm – Keith:  Your desire should be all-consuming to do that and more immediately…

11:21 pm – Keith:  This all needs to be done with great joy and determination.

11:31 pm – Keith:  ? 🙁

11:52 pm – Camila:  I understand

Stay tuned for Part 4

Part 1: The Unseen Keith & Cami Texts: Camila Had a More Nuanced Relationship Than Selected Texts at Trial Show

Part 2: Unseen Texts: Keith Grovels, Begs for Cami at V-Week

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1 year ago

This friggin tool – I love you I love you -but you aren’t meeting my expectations – and no I’m not going to actually tell you what they are – but it better be heroic.

Ass clown.


[…] Keith Pushes Camila to Give Up Conventional Life & Join His Harem – Unseen Texts #3 […]

Aristotle’s Sausage
Aristotle’s Sausage
1 year ago

There’s nothing more tiresome than a lover’s quarrel.

So this is the world’s greatest problem solver. This is how the genius spent his time, whining and begging for pussy. From a girl less than half his age.

Shameful. Revolting.

How stupid would you have to be to follow this clown? Accept him as your leader, pay tens of thousands of dollars for his inane courses and bow down to his picture on the wall? This nonentity, this superannuated teenager? This limp-dick horny boob?

Yet more proof that only fools join cults.

Narc hoovering
Narc hoovering
1 year ago

Someday these writings will be included in psychology textbooks to illustrate ‘narcissistic’ hoovering: Cami went with R, KR is determined to hoover her back – and make her suffer: look at what you did, you destroyed ‘us’, now you have to atone for your ‘sin’ for evermore by declaring your undying love to me, joining my harem, not for my pleasure and control, just for your own good so you become a better person.

Same tactics he used with Toni Natalie when she wanted to leave: the ‘chart’ which FR published that KR made to try to hold on to her was ludicrous. TN seems less prone to succumbing to emotions, so it was a laughable attempt at ‘logic’.

When his attempts to hold on to someone he supposedly ‘loved’ failed, he sued her and tried to destroy her life. Hopefully, any die-hards who had the same type of communications with KR professing his love and pledging to have the ‘avatar’ baby with them will see the light, but it is rather doubtful.

They’re probably convinced ‘he didn’t mean it with her, he only wrote these things to keep her quiet because she was becoming a nuisance (or whatever story he told them) but he really loves me’. Brainwashing is only needed to hook you emotionally to start with, after that you do a good job of it yourself, as admitting what you spent your life working for and hoping for is worthless is so painful.

1 year ago
Reply to  Narc hoovering

NPD hoovering indeed! When I tried to step back my relationship with KR from romantic/sexual partners (at the time, I thought we were monogamous – joke’s on me!) to just friends, I got a whole song and dance about how painful that was to him – he couldn’t possibly just be friends because I meant so much, blah, blah, blah. Then he got physical enough that I stopped talking and just quietly planned my leaving. And by the time I left, any thoughts about trying to remain friendly were fading pretty quickly. Hard to read the exchanges between KR and Camila – I can really picture what kind of mental/emotional twisting she was experiencing. Not a good feeling to remember.

Keith is right about one thing only.
Keith is right about one thing only.
1 year ago

Vanguard is such an ass.

1 year ago

Wow. He turned up the word salad. Reading from an outside perspective, makes no sense what he is feeding her but for someone that was indoctrinated so young. I am sure his words sound poetic. Proof that brainwashing does exist.

1 year ago

What a whiny bitch he is.

1 year ago

“Keith: and? Says the donkey, still hoping for a carrot…:

So Raniere is suggesting that he is hung like a donkey!

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