The Unseen Keith & Cami Texts: Camila Had a More Nuanced Relationship Than Selected Texts at Trial Show

Camila by MK10ART.

As part of my ongoing efforts at “deprogramming” Suneel and other followers of Keith Raniere, I am presenting, as promised, the unseen Cami – Keith chats.

When I say unseen, I mean that most of these texts were not read at the trial of Keith Raniere and not published before, though I have had them in my possession since the trial when they were released to myself and a handful of media by the prosecution.

The texts were conveyed through WhatsApp, with the earliest beginning in August 2014, when Cami was 24 and Keith almost 54.

I had to laugh at the prosecution when they were about to introduce the texts at the trial of Raniere. FBI Agent Meaghan Rees was to read Cami’s texts, while AUSA Tanya Hajjar would read Keith’s texts before the jury.

The dates of the texts were 2014-2016, when Cami was 24-26 years old. But Hajjar showed the jury a passport photo of Camila when she was 18, then asked Rees how old Cami was when the picture was taken. Rees answered she was 18.  Then they went right into the text exchanges when Cami was in her mid-20s.

I thought how clever, leading the jury to believe these salacious and manipulative texts were between a middle-aged adult and a barely legal teenage girl instead of a woman in the prime of her life. I thought perhaps Raniere’s defense attorney might object, or seek clarification, that the texts were not 18-year-old Camila or even younger and that he might demand that the prosecution show the jury a photo of Camila when she was actually in her mid-20s. He did not object.

I thought the judge might intervene, like he did when, after the opening statement by defense attorney Marc Agnifilo, who said, Raniere “is on trial for his life in a very important, very significant case.”

The judge undercut his entire opening statement by telling the jury that this “was a hyperbole because the death penalty is not an issue in this case.”

I thought that was a smooth way to flatten an attorney into a pancake.

Keith Raniere’s lawyer, Marc Agnifilo [Photo by Dianne Lipson]
I might have risen and clarified: that while Raniere did not face a death sentence in the ordinary sense of these words, neither did Agnifilo say he did. I might have argued that  Raniere is on trial for his life for this is a life sentence case, and there are those among the jury, I have no doubt, who would feel that to fight being denied freedom for the rest of their life, is indeed to be on trial for one’s life.

And when they showed the photo of 18-year-old Camila to the jury and then began to read the texts of hers at age 24, I chuckled, for it was a clever trick of the prosecution, gamesmanship that many, but not all, prosecutors play, to lie by omission and it was permitted to go unchecked.

This is not meant to criticize the prosecution, the defense for failing to speak, or the judge for failing to intervene. I laughed because I wanted Keith to be convicted.

But readers now know that these are texts of Cami at 24 years, and unlike the way the prosecution presented them at trial, these are not selections or read out of order.

My purpose for publishing them is that they have importance. They are public. They are meant to show to Suneel and others that there was nothing divine in the relationship, nothing Keith was doing that was unselfish and healing for Cami as far as I could see.  They also paint, for the record, a far better picture of Camila than the prosecution showed of her in their damning of Raniere by making her into a helpless baby.  She comes across far better, far stronger, more independent, more intelligent, more a real thinking woman when you grasp the entirety of the texts than how she came across in the selectively read texts at the trial.

I am not suggesting Raniere was not an ass or that she was not a victim in her youth. But I would like to suggest that she had her own mind and opinions as an adult. I think the entirety of the texts will show the two had a bizarre relationship, fatal to him and perhaps very damaging to her. It was perhaps selfish on both sides, as most relationships are sometimes. It shows that Raniere was a commonplace lover, full of self-doubt, greed, jealousy, avariciousness, a more than usually selfish partner.

Rather than think in extremes – as the public is inclined to do – which is that Cami was all victim, Keith all bad – or, as his followers do: Keith was all good, and Cami was a selfish manipulator seeking to rise in the NXIVM organization, fighting to rise above her sister, Mariana.

Keith and Camila were both seeking something, and for a time, perhaps they gave it to each other. It can also be said that she was his ruination, and arguably, he was hers.

I will explain, as necessary, in bold that which the reader might need for context.

Here is the first series of texts:

Aug 18, 2014

Cami is 24 years and about six months old. 

Time: 3:06 pm – 3:10 pm

This exchange refers to conversations and a text Keith sent Camila via regular phone texting. The texts we have available are WhatsApp texts. From the context, I gather he asked her to have a threesome with him and another woman. 

Cami is at Silver Bay for Vanguard Week, where hundreds go to celebrate his birthday for ten days and meet and mingle with other NXIVM members and hold, it was claimed, a corporate retreat. 

Raniere has not arrived. He is still in Clifton Park.

The 600 acres plus Silver Bay Resort operated by the YMCA and rented annually for ten days to NXIVM for Raniere’s birthday celebration.

Keith: Are you there? [at Silver Bay]

Camila: I’m here

Camila: Got your text…

Camila: Having emotions about it

Keith: Did you get my normal text? Did you accomplish the mission by the time you reached Silver Bay?

Keith: What emotions…? We spoke of that before, yes?

Camila: I don’t think so.

Keith: Oh, honey I thought you understood and said yes… I believe it was yesterday…

Keith: I thought it was just a reminder… What about the other shift?

[Four minutes pass]

3:14 pm  – Keith: What happened? Did you fall off the swing?

[Another ten minutes pass]

3:24pm,  – Keith: ?

[45 minutes pass. It is now 4:08 pm. Cami was not such a supplicant that she was afraid to keep Keith waiting.]

4:08 Camila: I don’t think I would ever agree to that [having a threesome]

4:10 pm Keith: Yes… It will restore many things… I spoke of Kristanna in that conversation [with Cami, about having a threesome. Kristanna Loken is an actress who was an ardent NXIVM member] … Why not agree to such a strong positive thing?

Kristanna Loken

4:13 pm  – Keith: You said you would do anything. This is my first request. Please do.

[Cami does not answer him.]

Aug 19, 2014

Cami has a secret relationship with Keith, who sees many women, including her sister, Mariana, which is no secret.

If they were to have a relationship, Cami was required to agree to never be with another man. This sticking point led to her sister Daniela staying in a room for almost two years – because Daniela wanted equality with Keith. If he had other women, she wanted other men. She went so far as to kiss Ben Myers. Keith declared her to have an ethical breach, and Daniela stayed in a room for two years, unwilling to bend to Keith’s will and say she would never be with another man. Cami knew all about this, and in fact, she often brought food to her sister during her period in the room.

Cami also admitted to Keith that she is sometimes “distracted” by other men, thinking about having a relationship or an encounter. Keith objected, and she promised that she wouldn’t be with another man and try not to think about being with anyone other than Keith, who had around 20 women he had intimate relationships with.

Like her two sisters, like all who wanted to be with him, she must never be with another man for the rest of her life.

It is evening.

8:23pm – Camila: Hi

8:24pm  – Camila: When r u coming up? [to Silver Bay]

8:25pm,  – Camila: How r u?

8:26 pm  – Keith: Tell me about you/us first… How has it been?

8:28pm,  – Camila: Not easy. I have my doubts, but I promised

8:29 pm  – Keith: What about us? Also, which to promise are you referring?

8:29pm,  – Camila: About distractions.

8:30 pm  – Camila: I’m not sure how we are

8:30 pm  – Keith: Why not?

8:31 pm  – Camila: I feel if it wasn’t for the promise, I would have gotten distracted already

8:31 pm  – Keith: Also tell me a potential distraction you avoided?

8:32 pm  – Keith: By what/whom?

8:33 pm,  – Camila: The same as always

8:34 pm  – Keith: Always? Or recently? A specific person?

8:35 pm  – Camila: I guess not always, then recently. U know who.

8:36 pm  – Keith: What was distracting?

8:36 pm  – Camila: Their presence.

8:40 pm  – Keith: Please tell me more… It seems like you’re not focusing on us/me… I had hoped you’d keep in desperate, loving contact [with me] …

8:44 pm  – Keith: Would distraction have lead to physical things?

[Four minutes pass]

8:48 pm  – Keith: Please respond quicker if possible, things are both hard and pressing here. [Barbara Jeske, a long-time harem member, was dying of cancer.]

8:50 pm  – Keith: Even your “hi” compared to other positives sounds like something did happen. Is this so?

[Three minutes pass]

8:53 pm  – Keith: Please don’t take so long, this is killing me.

8:55 pm  – Keith: Please say something.

[Five more minutes pass before she answers ]

9:00pm,  – Camila: No no no

9:00 pm,  – Camila: Nothing happened

9:01 pm  – Camila: I promised

9:01 pm  – Keith: What does he think?

9:03pm,  – Camila: Nothing. I’ve kept it very neutral on the outside

9:05 pm  – Keith: Did you determine why not neutral, [why not] anger or negative on the inside [toward the man she got distracted by]?

9:53pm,  – Keith: ?

10:26pm,  – Camila: Trying to [have anger]. It makes little sense to me and I actually think it would be a lot easier if it was neutral in the inside.

10:27 pm  – Keith: I’m not quite understanding… Neutral inside would be easier than?

10:28pm,  – Camila: Not neutral….?

10:29 pm  – Keith: Do you know why it is not neutral or negative?

10:30pm,  – Camila: No. Trying to [understand]

10:34pm,  – Keith: Ok… If you understood, it would be very different… Something more happened today… I need to understand if the hate is too much for working with me… It is triggering an ethical review… If you discover your blindness or why you feel you need to stay blind, it would help. This is very painful. I wish you could see… You could actually help me and it would dramatically help our situation… The blindness is really bad… You would be very angry…

10:36 pm  – Camila: I’m not sure I understand. What happened?

10:37 pm  – Camila: And btw, I don’t hate you.

10:38 pm  – Keith: Something with him, outside of you, with arrogance, hate, and misogyny. If you were in a different place, you could help me with a hard decision. I may not be able to work with him. If you knew the real him, you would be angry, sick, and so sad.

10:39 pm  – Camila: Oh

10:40 pm  – Keith: If you’re not more in love [with me] than you’ve ever been, I fear you won’t be strong enough to see… Hate is the easier path.

10:42 pm  – Camila: I working towards that. I’ve been taking steps

10:43 pm  – Camila: I think I’m closer… for real

10:43 pm  – Keith: Thank you!

10:44pm,  – Camila: Ha. I wish I could hug you

The Inn at Silver Bay

10:45 pm  – Camila: I’m at the Inn [the main lodgings at Silver Bay] right now. Leaving soon, so might be out of range [for texting]

10:45 pm  – Keith: Hug my monster [his penis] with your throat… Sorry I got excited!

10:46pm,  – Camila: PG-13, please

10:46 pm  – Keith: Why?

10:47 pm  – Camila: I’m too innocent

10:47pm,  – Keith: Hmmm… Find any?

10:47 pm  – Keith: Where are you staying?

10:50 pm  – Camila: With my family in Brightwood [one of the cabins}

Brightwood cottage at Silver Bay rents for more than $500 per night.


10:50 pm  – Keith: Is that a yes? You found an eligible? Where is Brightwood?

10:50 pm  – Camila: Why?

10:51 pm  – Keith: Why not? I want to know the lay of the land…

10:51 pm  – Camila: That’s a no. Brightwood is up the hill where Lauren [Salzman] usually stays

10:52 pm  – Camila: Closer to your cabin than the cafeteria

10:52 pm  – Camila: Or Pam’s cabin, I should say. [Pam had a cabin, but only a few knew that Raniere stayed there. He tried to keep his location secret from his followers.]

10:53 pm  – Camila: Going out of range soon.

10:53 pm  – Keith: No! Don’t leave me yet!

10:53pm,  – Camila: Ok. I’m here…

Keith Raniere gives a hug to his inner circle member Barbara Jeske.

10:55 pm  – Keith: I’m about to see Barbara [Jeske, who was dying of brain cancer] again to try to have a last lucid time with her… She is dying pretty quickly but her body and vitals are very strong… But that strength will also be destroyed… I too am not well.

10:58pm,  – Keith: Please come back…

10:59 pm  – Camila: Oh, honey! I am so sorry

10:59 pm  – Camila: Come back?

10:59 pm  – Camila: Do you want me to come back to cp? [Clifton Park]

10:59 pm  – Keith: Make everything better as only you can…

10:59pm,  – Camila: Pk

10:59pm,  – Camila: Ok

11:00 pm  – Camila: Working on it

11:00 pm  – Keith: No you don’t have to come to cp… I might be there [to Silver Bay] late

11:00pm,  – Camila: Tonight?

11:00pm,  – Keith: Yes…

11:01 pm  – Camila: Love, I’m dozing off. Need to get to my bed soon

11:01pm,  – Camila: Walkie talkies? [because the phone reception was bad, they used walkie talkies to communicate at Silver Bay]

11:02pm,  – Keith: Yes… Get one… Go to sleep my love… I’ll visit you in your dreams…

11:03pm,  – Camila: I love you

11:03pm,  – Camila: Channel?

11:03pm,  – Keith: Don’t know yet…

11:03pm,  – Camila: Ok

11:04pm,  – Camila: Sweet dreams, love

11:04pm,  – Keith: Repair us soon (now?)

11:05 pm  – Keith: Fix the internal problem with him… [the man she got distracted with, by feeling anger or negatively about him instead of neutral and by Jove by having a threesome with him.]


Note to Suneel: So, you can see your Vanguard wanted a threesome with Cami, and his fear of her sleeping with another man is odd for a guy who is sleeping with her sister and many others, the head of the organization that her whole family [except the one sister who left because she would not have this one-sided monogamy with him] were ardently following. She was not prepared to hide things from him. She seemed to care for him, wanted to learn from him but did not seem afraid. He is the one who appears afraid.  

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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  • These texts were an exhibit to one of the government’s court documents. I thought you had texts outside of the ones I had already read from Court Listener.

    I am sure the jury was given the entirety of the texts, not just the portions read aloud at trial.

    • They were given them as exhibits, along with much more. What I am offering is a little interpretation of these, and context. Much of what went on is hard to understand without it.

      • Respectfully, Frank, the “context” could be misleading if you do not include Raniere’s threats to throw her out of her home if she does not love him to his satisfaction and his incessant demand to know if she did her “homework,” meaning endless essays on Robbie, her cheating, and how she will love him going forward. And, the full texts show that she can never complete it to his satisfaction.

        From your excerpt, it’s impossible to know what he even means by “homework”.

        It was only after she accepted to be his slave out of fear of homelessness and the loss of her entire family that he eased up even the slightest bit.

        He is abusing her through these texts. I honestly felt sick the first time I read them. And, so sad for Cami.

        You are, of course, entitled to give your interpretation. Just don’t obscure the truth through omission – the exact thing it is you are accusing the prosecution of doing.

  • Frank,

    You misunderstand why the judge interjected during Agnifilo’s opening. It was not the judge who was improper – it was Agnifilo.

    The jury may not consider the potential sentence of any defendant in a non-capital case during their deliberations. Period.

    Agnifilo was trying to get the jury to do exactly that – find Raniere not guilty because he might spend life in prison.

    I also disagree with your stance on the passport photo. The prosecution had to establish her date of birth for the texts to establish Cami’s age when the relationship began. They were not attempting to mislead the jury and that is why Agnifilo did not object.

    I could have sworn these were arguments Suneel made a short time ago. So I don’t buy your schick that you are trying to reprogram him.

    And, there is no nuance to Raniere’s rape and molestation of Cami. His texts show he is manipulative and controlling, wanting to know where she is every moment and how hard she is working on loving and appreciating him. It’s really disgusting to refer to it as anything other than what it is – abuse. I could have sworn this was also one of Suneel’s arguments some time ago.

    You’re not fooling anybody, Frank.
    Readers remember these claims as originating from Suneel. Just admit whose side you’re on.

  • 4:10 pm Keith: Yes… It will restore many things… I spoke of Kristanna in that conversation [with Cami, about having a threesome. Kristanna Loken is an actress who was an ardent NXIVM member] … Why not agree to such a strong positive thing? Frank Parlato

    How do Ms. Loken and her attorney feel about this text being read into the court record?
    As I recall Ms. Loken and her attorney had a fit about any hint that she had a relationship with Raniere or that Raniere is the father of her child “Thor”.

    I saw some recent pictures of M. Loken with Thor and while she has blue Nordic eyes Thor has brown Mediterranean eyes.

    Members of NXIVM still keep track of Ms. Loken and her child liking pictures of the future Vanguard.

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    • Frank Report

      Kristanna Loken’s lawyer threatens to sue — I keep story posted nevertheless
      June 22, 2018

      By Frank Parlato

      Taking a page out of Keith Raniere’s playbook, actress Kristanna Loken has threatened to sue me unless I take down a story I published about her. That story is “Terminator 3 Star Kristanna Loken revealed as part of NXIVM – Raniere may be her baby daddy”
      In the story, I asserted that, according to sources:

      1. Loken is a staunch Nxivm follower.

      2. She attended Jness Track #11 in Albany in October 2017.

      3. She stayed with DOS slave Vany Huber in Clifton Park, a few doors from Keith Raniere.

      4. When she first met him, she had sex with Raniere in his sex lair.

      5. About nine months later, she gave birth to a son named Thor. She has not revealed the identity of the father.

      6. Raniere claimed to followers, Loken had sex on the first night they met and loved to tell polyamorous stories about her.

      7. Loken appears in an online video endorsing Raniere’s teachings.

      8. In her video, Loken says, through Raniere’s teachings, she “found out who and what I am all about.”

      9. Alleged sex-trafficker Allison Mack appears on the same website endorsing Raniere.

      Three days after I published the story [April 7, 2018], I received an email from Jordan D. Grotzinger of Greenberg Traurig [one of the world’s largest law firms]. Here is the PDF of the letter []

      Below is the text version.

      GT Greenberg Traurig

      RE: Loken v. Parlato, et al.

      Dear Mr. Parlato:

      This law firm is litigation counsel to Kristanna Loken. We understand that you own and/or control the websites and, which published false and defamatory information concerning Ms. Loken in articles dated April 7, 2018.

      We demand that you immediately remove all references to Ms. Loken on your websites and cease and desist from making any future false and/or defamatory statements about Ms. Loken in any forum. In addition, you must confirm in writing by reply to my e-mail within 24 hours that you have done so.

      The false and defamatory statements against Ms. Loken include, among other things, (1) statements alleging Ms. Loken’s participation in a “sex slave cult,” (2) statements that Ms. Loken attended an “advanced secret women class,” (3) statements regarding the identity of the father of Ms. Loken’s child, and (4) various false accusations regarding Ms. Loken’s sexual history.

      The apparent purpose of these articles is to drive traffic to your websites through “clickbait” by defaming Ms. Loken.

      Your false statements constitute actionable defamation of Ms. Loken, and were plainly intended to harm her reputation and business in the entertainment industry.

      This matter is of serious concern to our client. There is still a chance for you and your businesses to avoid costly litigation and a substantial judgment against you. You and your companies, agents, representatives, affiliates, and all others directly or indirectly involved in the posting of defamatory information must immediately and permanently cease and desist from any and all such further conduct and remove all references to Ms. Loken from the websites you own and/or operate. Specifically, pursuant to California Civil Code § 48a, our client hereby demands that you immediately and permanently cease and desist from any reference to Ms. Loken on,, or any other website, location, forum or medium under your control. Moreover, as mentioned, you must confirm removal of the offending material within 24 hours from now, by reply to my e-mail.

      Unless you take the steps referenced above to remove the false postings and cease and desist from publishing false, misleading, and damaging materials concerning Ms. Loken, we will seek appropriate relief in court against your companies and you personally. I assure you that you will deeply regret any noncompliance for a long time.

      Ms. Loken reserves all rights and claims, including, without limitation, those regarding any proliferation of your defamatory articles, which is more likely to occur the longer the defamatory content remains online.


      Jordan D. Grotzinger


      Naturally, I do not want to publish false and defamatory information. Neither do I want to “deeply regret any noncompliance for a long time.”

      So, I double-checked with sources, spoke with new sources, and updated the story with more information. Some new information I uncovered I withheld so as to not further embarrass Loken.

      I then called Loken’s lawyer and informed him I would keep the story up. He said he would sue. I said I look forward to discovery. He said it would cost me a lot of money. I said he might check with his client – for she may not be telling him the full story. I kept the story up. I have not been sued – yet.

      So why write about it now?

      Before the lawyer’s email, I was not planning to write more about Loken. Still, her attempt to silence me, [Raniere-style] should not be answered with “compliance” but defiance. It requires putting her threat of a lawsuit on the record. When and if she sues, I will also post that information on the website. And I will also post whatever information I obtain via discovery.


      I recently published a story about an athlete who was a NXIVM member – and in the few hours it was online, it was getting plenty of traffic. He called. He did not threaten. He asked me to remove his story because it would hurt him and his family. I took the story down. As a matter of principle, I never take posts down based on threats.


      I am not done with Bronfman-Raniere yet.

    • Herr Shadow-

      — pictures of M. Loken with Thor and while she has blue Nordic eyes Thor has brown Mediterranean eyes.

      Yes, the blue eyes are the eyes of the Germanic race, a true sign of purity!

      You make the Führer proud!

  • If Raniere wanted the jury to get a more nuanced view of his relationship with any number of women via their text messages, he could have put on a defense and presented the evidence.

    He chose not to.

    He was quickly found guilty and sentenced to 120 years in prison.

    So, it goes…

    Hmmm… maybe he’s not the smartest man in the world… 🤔🧐

    Or maybe he was smart enough to see that more evidence would only dig his grave deeper.

    The more nuance I discover about NXIVM, the more I realize just how profound the evil was; and note that I am not one to frequently or lightly use the term “evil.”

    Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

    Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!

    Nice Guy Certified® Comedy Triple Platinum Award Winner 💿💿💿

  • What does it mean to be on trial for one’s life? It means to be facing the death penalty.
    Judge Garaufis acted properly when he corrected this misstatement of fact made in front of the jury by Raniere’s attorney.

    Why didn’t the judge intervene when the prosecution presented a photo of Camila age 18 and identified it as Camila, at age 18? Because that was not a misstatement of fact. It put a face to the e-mails and texts, that’s all. No claim was made about Camila being underage and no claim was made that she was 18 at the date of the texts. How the jury would somehow infer either is a mystery to me.

    The Nxivm dead-enders are grasping at straws.

  • Frank, maybe I’m jumping ahead but did Keith ever mention sleeping with Kristanna or her agreeing to a threesome? I knew you mentioned she was part of NXIVM but I’m not sure her level of involvement. What about Grace Park? Crazy that they would fall for that KR.

    • He did mention it, according to several sources and it was rumored widely in NXIVM village that he is the father of her son, Thor.

    • Anon-
      If I remember correctly, Raniere’s nickname amongst some harem members was “Thor”. Additionally, the dates of the third trimester line up with Kristanna’s last visit with Raniere. To date, she has never named the father of her baby.

  • Apparently, Kristanna was already on board with a threesome and Keith is pressuring Camila to join in.

    We mock Keith with his quest of bedding attractive women but deep down we are a little jealous of Keith’s amorous conquests, at least I am if I’m being honest.

    He decided to ignore feelings of guilt, remorse and shame and was laser-focused on his hunt for women. It’s not something to admire or aspire, but I recognize the basic desire as most men will. It’s how we are “programmed” by our creator or nature (depending on your “beliefs” (pun intended))

    • Here’s the problem. Keith was insanely insecure. He acted irrationally in his pursuit of “conquests” because he had such a low self esteem. I pity him and his flaws. When exposed, we see how pathetic he really is. Oh…, and these flaws ended up ruining his life.

      He played the game by a different set of rules. A psychotic, paranoid, dangerous set of rules that acted as a snare on those not nimble enough to recognize his deception.

    • I’ve participated in numerous threesomes, and even a foursome, with attractive women, mostly accompanied by my wife.

      My initials are branded on my wife’s ass and she wears a necklace she cannot remove without breaking it.

      I’ve never lied, manipulated, engaged in human trafficking or otherwise done anything illegal or unethical to enjoy myself in such transgressive practices.

      A good time has always been had by all.

      Keith is a weak, pitiful excuse for a man who had to resort to subterfuge to get what he wanted. Plus, apparently, he generally couldn’t get it up.

      Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

      Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!

      Nice Guy Certified® Comedy Triple Platinum Award Winner 💿💿💿

    • —We mock Keith with his quest of bedding attractive women but deep down we are a little jealous of Keith’s amorous conquests, at least I am if I’m being honest.

      I don’t have a problem with “it” when it doesn’t involve rape, blackmail, and child molestation. In other words, sex between consenting adults is okay.

      What are you jealous of?

  • “10:34pm, – Keith: Ok… If you understood, it would be very different… Something more happened today… I need to understand if the hate is too much for working with me… It is triggering an ethical review… If you discover your blindness or why you feel you need to stay blind, it would help. This is very painful. I wish you could see… You could actually help me and it would dramatically help our situation… The blindness is really bad… You would be very angry…

    Wow. Such extreme framing, such manipulative bullshit.

    This guy is like the worst Scientology Sea Org exec, trying to browbeat someone into a three-way!


    Dude’s got cult leader moves.


        • I know what Alanzo meant. Not sure you know what I meant, so I’ll try again:

          Dearest Alanzo,

          I completely agree that Keith was a manipulative bullshit artist. He would use every trick in the book to get what he wanted. The way he tried to browbeat her into a three-way shows there is no shame in his game. Keith pretended to be a great man who knew all. In reality, Vanguard was just like the character from the folktale called ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Vanguard was a fraud. These text messages are showing what many of us already know.

          Yours Truly,

          • Thank you, Nutjob.

            I already knew what you were saying, but because there are so many dipshit trolls on the Frank Report, you had to elaborate.

            I get it.

            We all fucking get it.


          • Alonzo doesn’t get Alonzo. Why would he get you, dummy?
            He’s crazier than Kayne West.

          • Ok. But, that was for you. Uh, Pot. Maybe pay better attention and take the foot off the gas till you can hang.

  • Dang, Keith really got around with attractive D-list actresses. Kristanna Loken played the terminator in Terminator 3. Beautiful woman, awful at acting so ironically her turn as a terminator was well done.

    Have to give credit, he used his cult leader status to maximum effect. If he had not gotten so greedy with pushing boundaries of control, he would still be enjoying that power.

    I would say these texts will hurt the civil case for plaintiffs except I doubt the abuse of the two sisters will be a focal point of the case like many are assuming.

  • Wonder if it was because she was a Firstline that she actually WAS aware of his status with her sister ?

  • Photos used in court are very often dated.

    Booking photos used in court will at times show a young teenager, not the now 25-year-old on trial.

    Or a high school photo of a defendant wearing a cap and gown will be submitted not the tatted-up gang member they became in the ensuing three years before the crime for which they are presently on trial was committed.

    Using an official passport photo was smart. There’s no context to make it appear slanted toward a certain “image” of Cami. It also has a documented date it was taken.

    Unless everyone in a criminal case poses for headshots right before the trial, the lawyers on both sides are gonna use what’s available to them. Big deal.

    These texts mostly reveal how juvenile and needy Keith behaved. And piggish. How many times does Cami have to say she wants no part in a threesome?

    It doesn’t matter if Keith had eventually married Cami. When Keith took sexually explicit photos of Cami – and sexually abused her at 15 – Keith committed crimes.

    It would have been no different than any other religious cult leader abusing minors and later marrying them. When the sexual relationship began, it was a minor child and a middle-aged disgusting cult leader in a position of unquestioned authority.

    Cami was isolated during her formative years. Cami was mentally, emotionally, and physically abused from the age of 13. Cami had sexually graphic blackmail on her since she was 15 years old. In her victim impact statement, you could feel the power over Cami and shame those graphic sexual photos still held.

    Nothing about Cami’s life from 15 on was healthy. Cami was sexually exploited. Estranged from her family. She had an eating disorder. She tried to kill herself. This was a human in severe anguish and crisis. Did she still have a “good” day or laugh sometimes? Of course. Did she develop coping skills to survive the insanity of her life? No doubt.

    Appeasing Keith was probably somewhat of a reflexive action. Cami probably didn’t want to end up siloed in a room like Danilea. Or otherwise tormented and punished.

    Cami is to be respected for trying to have any autonomy or take even a tiny stand against child sexual predator Raniete but Cami is probably still sifting through the damage and manipulation that she endured in her childhood

    It’s unlikely that Cami has even yet decided what (if an)y choices really were hers during the Albany years.

    And it’s so complicated with her sisters and Keith. And Cami’s parents and Keith. And Cami’s brother and Keith.

    Cami’s nephew is the son of the man who raped her as a teen-ager and created child pornography starring her at 15 years old, for God’s sake.

    That’s a lot for any human to sort out.

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