Unseen Texts: Keith Grovels, Begs for Cami at V-Week

I saw a completely different Camila in the texts than what was read at the trial of Keith Raniere.

The Unseen Keith & Cami Texts: Camila Had a More Nuanced Relationship Than Selected Texts at Trial Show

She was a victim of him in the past and may be a victim of his in the future, but it is not clear that she is a victim in these texts.

Vanguard Week 2014.

For a dozen years, the followers of Keith Raniere would pay more than $2,000 per person to spend ten days in the Adirondack Mountains at the Silver Bay YMCA Resort on the shores of Lake George to celebrate his birthday.

Silver Bay, where V-Week was held. 

He was the star, the big attraction. People waited for hours to glimpse him. Women hoped he would take them to his cabin.

Many were chosen, and he had his pick.

Held on the shores of beautiful Lake George.

During this time, Keith was the leader of NXIVM and its Vanguard. He has a stable of women, including Mariana. While he is not hiding his relationship with Mariana to her sister, Camila, 24, he hides his relationship with Cami to Mariana and everyone else.

Mariana is nicknamed Monkey.

Camila, whose nickname was Virgin Camila or “VC,” is 30 years younger than the 54-year-old Raniere.

At Silver Bay, wherever he goes, people throng around him, hoping for a bit of attention from the most intelligent, most ethical man in the world. They adore and worship him. His word is the law.

Yet, in these never before published texts, we see him trying to get the attention and love of Camila – a lowly woman in the pecking order of the NXIVM hierarchy that he commands.

While busily engaged in meetings and this year seeing one of his longtime harem members, Barbara Jeske, as she nears death from cancer, Raniere is seen texting, trying to get the affection and love, and wrangling furtive meetings with Cami.

For her part, Cami is honest with him. She had an affair with a man closer to her age, Robbie, the son of one of Raniere’s longtime followers. Raniere is hurt over it, or so he claims. He is seen trying to win her back and get her to forget Robbie.

He comes across as a lovesick puppy at times.

Raniere began his relationship with Camila illicitly – nine years earlier when she was 15 and he was 45. He is now about to celebrate his 54th birthday. She is 24.

It is a strange imbalance. He is the leader of the NXIVM community.  She works at V-Week with children, attends classes, and has to arrange to break free from her duties and sneak off to see him at a rendezvous cabin without being caught.

Vanguard would sometimes stay at Bayview Cabin.

Through it all, we see that she is not afraid to tell him what she thinks, not afraid to consider whether she wants to be with him or love him as he wants, not afraid to reply or not to reply to his texts or keep him waiting, and not afraid to make or not to make meetings with him when he, who the entire Vanguard Week is built upon, wants to see her.

He claims she is the most important woman in his world, and maybe he texted this to all the women.

The terms of his relationship with Camila are that if they are to be together, which she is uncertain of, she may be with no other man, while he will continue to have a harem.

These texts are so drastically different than the texts the jury heard. If we are to rely on the texts as an authentic capturing of her mood and their relationship, these must be considered.

The V-Week texts see Keith using the word “love” 33 times to Cami’s 17.

I have made copy edits in texts for readability, correcting typos and spelling errors.

Also, when people text, sometimes their questions and answers come out of sequence. I put a few questions and answers in sequence rather than strict adherence to chronological order for readability.

The text-only version presented not read emojis. When the two used emojis, I used the word emoji, but we do not know what emoji was used.

When the text starts in this post, Cami is at V-Week. She is staying in the Brightwood cabin with her family, which would most likely include her father, maybe her mother, her brother, Adrian, and his girlfriend, Chelsea. Her sister Mariana stays with Pam Cafritz, where Keith often stays in another cabin.

Brightwood cottage at Silver Bay

August 21, 2014


1:01 pm – Camila: Where r you?

1:02pm, – Camila: U on campus? [at Silver Bay, where V-Week is held].

1:22 pm – Keith: Yes… See you during module when she maybe? [a one hour lesson in NXIVM class]

1:22pm, – Camila: ???

1:22 pm, – Camila: Oh yeah


8:21 pm – Keith: Was the module good?

More than an hour passes. Most of his women would jump to answer Raniere,

9:44 pm, – Camila: Yes

10:59 pm – Keith: Useful, my love?

An hour passes, and she does not answer

12:01am,  – Keith: ? emoji

Camila does not answer.

August 22

8:39 am  – Keith: I’m with Barbara [Jeske; she was to die of cancer in weeks].

8:40 am  – Keith: You don’t write when you sign on… How are you/we?

8:42 am,  – Keith: emoji

12:44 pm  – Camila: Hey, we are okay

12:44 pm,  – Camila: Having a few reactions

12:44 pm,  – Camila: But okay, I guess

12:44pm,  – Keith: I guess?:-(… What are the reactions?

12:46 pm  – Camila: Chelsea [her brother, Adrian’s girlfriend] just asked me if you and monkey [the nickname for Mariana, Cami’s sister] are here cuz she is bringing you two food

12:47 pm  – Camila: And I overheard you over the radio. [walkie-talkie]

12:47 pm  – Camila: She [Chelsea] talks about you and monkey as if you are a couple, so…

12:52 pm  – Keith: Would you be proud of being a couple with me? Would you feel embarrassed if she thought we were a couple?

12:54 pm  – Camila: I wouldn’t want to be super open about it because I know what it is like to be on the other side [hurt by him having other women], and I don’t want to cause problems

12:54 pm,  – Camila: But I would be proud

12:56 pm  – Keith: I thought you might be embarrassed of me… I am happy you would be proud! I wish it was different right now so much… [wishing it was different, means for the sake of the organization he has to keep it secret]

12:56 pm  – Keith: I would be so proud of you and us!!!

12:58 pm,  – Keith: So far, 3 is looking good for me… [to meet]

12:59 pm,  – Camila: I’ll keep u posted

12:59 pm  – Keith: I saw Barbara with Pam [Cafritz, Raniere and Mariana’s lover]… Monkey stayed here…

1:05pm,  – Camila: Ok

1:12 pm  – Keith: My time with Barbara was very hard… Also, with respect to you

1:13 pm  – Camila: How?

1:13 pm  – Keith: Her last words to me… I’ll tell you later…

1:32 pm,  – Keith: Nearer to 2 might be better… [to meet]

1:58 pm  – Camila: I imagine you don’t have a walkie talkie yet

2:02 pm  – Keith: What’s it looking like?

2:12pm,  – Keith: Correct… I’m free…

2:12 pm,  – Camila: 3 will be fine

2:12 pm  – Camila: If I’m not needed here

2:12 pm  – Camila: Where will you be?

2:12 pm  – Keith: 2:30 gives us more time…

2:15 pm  – Keith: Where do you need me?… I’m in the cabin… I have wheels [golf cart]

The auditorium at Silver Bay

2:19 pm  – Camila: I’m by the auditorium

2:23 pm  – Camila: So, when and where?

2:25 pm  – Keith: Come to the cabin now!

2:25 pm  – Camila: I’m waiting for a message to go through

2:26 pm,  – Camila: My going dark notice


It is not known if they met, but it appears that they did since there are no more messages until the evening.


6:43 pm  – Keith: How’s my love?


An hour and a half passed.


8:19pm,  – Camila: In module [in class]

8:19 pm  – Camila: Talking about ‘building concept of love.’

8:20 pm  – Camila: Attributing all the best things to your loved one

8:20 pm,  – Camila: I love you

10:59 pm  – Camila: Where r u at now?

11:28 pm  – Keith: In a meeting with Danielle [Roberts?] and Mark [Vicente]… I cabin… But maybe in a while [he could meet]… Did you like the forum, my love?

12:38 am – Camila: Never mind. I’m way gone.

Slide from V-Week made by his thankful students.


Aug. 23, 2014


9:13 am – Keith: Way gone?

9:15 am, – Camila: Wasn’t nearby anymore


7:35 am – Keith: Very bad night with chills for hours… I love you so!

8:29am – Camila: Hey

8:30 am – Camila: Wanna ask you something about v-kids [the children at V-Week who attend with parents]

8:46 am – Keith: 2 or so today? [to meet]

9:17 am – Camila: Never mind about the v-kids thing. I will take care of it and then ask for your opinion

9:16 am – Keith: Are you good?

9:17 am, – Camila: Yes

9:19 am – Keith: Are we?

9:20 am – Camila: Yes

9:20am, – Camila: Great

9:21 am, – Keith: two emojis


1:43 pm – Keith: 2 might not be good so be cautious and we will figure it out!

2:25 pm – Keith: Where are you? I’ve walked the campus, now I’m going to the cabin…

2:44 pm – Camila: I don’t know if I can get away

2:44 pm – Camila: I have been trying for the past hour

2:44pm, – Keith: Ok… Let me know… Not free yet…

2:45pm, – Camila: Ok

2:45pm, – Camila: Love u

2:47 pm – Keith: Ran into some of the v-kids by the cafeteria… Where are you?

2:47 pm – Keith: Think I’m free now…

2:48 pm – Keith: I long for your lips…

2:48pm, – Keith: emoji

2:48pm, – Camila: Ha

2:49 pm – Camila: I was needed w the little ones

2:49 pm – Camila: Getting closer to auditorium

2:49 pm – Keith: What is the likelihood we can meet?

2:50 pm, – Keith: Watch out for random monkies… [her sister Mariana]

2:50pm, – Camila: ?

2:50 pm – Camila: What does that mean?

2:50 pm – Keith: Monkey is walking toward the cafeteria…

2:51pm, – Camila: U or my sis?

2:52pm, – Keith: Sis… I’m now in cabin…

2:55 pm – Camila: I’m not sure how or if I can get away

2:56 pm – Keith: What are the chances? Me and monster [his penis] are waiting…

2:58pm, – Camila: Well….

2:58 pm – Camila: Can I say that I’m going to a meeting? [as an excuse]

2:58 pm – Camila: Won’t say with you unless necessary

2:59pm, – Keith: Ok…

3:00 pm – Keith: Did it work?

3:01 pm – Camila: Will find out…

An hour passes and they meet

4:02 pm – Keith: I didn’t get to ask you if things are progressing positively with us

and if there have been any other things with R. [Robbie the man she had an affair with]


Almost three hours pass before she responds


6:55 pm – Camila: They are progressively better.

6:56 pm – Camila: I have had little encounters with him [Robbie] but nothing major or worthy of


6:39 pm, – Keith: emoji

7:07pm, – Camila: In module now

7:07 pm – Camila: About to lose power

7:07 pm – Keith: Your feelings about these things?

7:07 pm – Camila: Lingering feelings still [for Robbie]

7:08 pm – Keith: Ask for homework…

7:08 pm – Keith: Reassign lingering feelings…

7:09 pm – Camila: Working on it.

7:09 pm, – Keith: three emojis


Almost four hours pass.


11:51 pm – Camila: Hey, what’s up

11:55 pm – Keith: Still busy … Needing to meet with Lola [Loreta Garza, one of his intimate partners and future slave, who ran Rainbow Cultural Garden and technically Camila’s boss]… Leaving for Barbara [Jeske] at 5:45 with Pam [Cafritz] and Nancy [Salzman]… Will be back by 11 so we will still meet!:-)

11:56pm, – Camila: Ok… We’ll communicate

11:57 pm – Camila: Should I be in the Rainbow thing?

11:57 pm – Keith: No… Not necessary

11:56 pm – Camila: How are you?

11:57 pm – Keith: Very sore and painful… But loving you so! The forum was for you… Again!



Keith held impromptu forums, and his followers would rush to hear the gems of wisdom pour from his lips.


11:58pm, – Camila: Ok

11:58 pm – Keith: Did it [the forum] help you love?


Aug. 24, 2014

12:00am, – Camila: Yes. But it was more painful than anything, actually

12:01 am – Keith: Painful why?

12:01 am, – Camila: Because I know you are talking about me

12:02am, – Keith: And… Do you experience the relevance?

12:03 am, – Camila: I feel bad because although I feel proud of you, I recognize I don’t feel as I used to

12:03 am – Keith: Why not? What is stopping you?

12:04 am – Camila: I don’t know. I wish I knew

12:04 am – Keith: Did you get the homework?

12:04am, – Camila: Yes

12:04 am – Keith: You can change that no matter the reason…

12:06 am, – Camila: I find the desire to be somewhat lacking

12:06 am, – Camila: But I will figure it out

12:07 am – Keith: The desire to rebuild it? [their relationship]

12:08am, – Camila: Yes. That is the biggest obstacle. I think if I had that, any other obstacle

would be piece of cake

12:10 am – Camila: I am sorry. I don’t mean to say something hurtful or inappropriate. Is it okay that I share these things?

12:11 am – Keith: Yes, it is good.

12:11am, – Keith: Ok… Maybe honoring the past can help… And the thought of the result to both of us if you don’t… I suspect the fear of facing some things may be a factor…

12:14 am – Camila: Honoring the past?

12:14am, – Camila: Our past?

12:14 am – Keith: Do you find tragedy in my love never being returned? Yes, our past.

12:16 am, – Camila: “my love” as in love as a person or another type

12:16am, – Camila: ?

12:17 am – Camila: Either one, yes

12:17 am, – Keith: And it should be returned, only fear prevents it…

12:18am, – Camila: Ok

12:19 am – Keith: Do it tonight as a present for us tomorrow! emoji

12:23 am, – Keith: three emojis

12:25 am, – Camila: two emojis‘

12:26 am, – Camila: two emojis

12:27 am – Camila: Btw, I had mixed feelings about your answer about having kids

12:27 am, – Camila: But mostly sad

12:27 am, – Keith: three emojis

12:28 am – Keith: I wanted/want them with you. Up until a few months ago I thought I had it in the bag… [then she had sex with another man]

12:29 am, – Camila: Should have told me, dude [she calls the great Vanguard ‘dude.’]

12:30 am – Camila: It doesn’t change what I did, [sleep with Robbie] but still, it would have been a good idea to know these things [that he changed his mind about having a child with her.]

12:30 am – Keith: I did dude! [he calls her dude] But it’s irrelevant…

12:34 am – Keith: No matter, please just fix it now.

Vanguard Week Celebrants, all there to pay tribute to Keith Raniere


9:47am, – Camila: Got my period

11:21 am – Keith: Still wanna see you bad!!!

11:21 am – Keith: Sad though, in a way… A pretty big way…

11:50 am – Camila: Why sad?

11:50 am – Camila: Because of Barb?

11:51 am – Camila: Where are you and where will you be?

11:51 am – Keith: In my cabin… Are you free?

11:52 am – Camila: Not now but can be soon

11:52 am – Camila: Which cabin?

11:52am, – Keith: Lmk [let me know]… I can go to ours…

11:53am, – Camila: Ok. Will let you know

12:29pm, – Camila: Update?

12:34 pm – Camila: Till when are you free?

12:34pm, – Keith: 4…???

12:52pm, – Keith: 4… Small risk around 2 of your sister… [Mariana catching them.]

12:55pm, – Camila: Ok

12:56 pm – Keith: When do you think we can meet my love? I waiting…

1:38 pm – Camila: I hadn’t been able to connect to check in [to get permission to leave]

1:38 pm, – Camila: I was free

1:38 pm – Camila: I’m gonna go with the kids and open and then I’m free

1:38 pm – Keith: When again?

1:38pm, – Keith: Lmk

1:39pm, – Camila: Ok

1:39 pm – Camila: Is it safe?

1:39 pm – Keith: At the moment… Nancy is stopping by briefly…

1:39 pm – Keith: Wait till module starts… [when Nancy will be teaching]

1:40pm, – Camila: Ok

2:31pm, – Camila: Free

2:32pm, – Camila: U?

2:12pm, – Keith: ? emoji

2:24 pm, – Keith: three emojis

2:31pm, – Camila: Wow

2:31pm, – Camila: Haha

2:31pm, – Camila: Ready?

2:32 pm – Keith: Yes… Our cabin…

They met in the cabin for about an hour, it appears from the next text.

4:14 pm – Keith: Have you ever read, “The Little Prince”? If you haven’t, you should!:-)


8:52 pm – Camila: I heard you came over to have dinner…

He does not reply

11:57 pm – Keith: I just want you to know really how much I love and respect you. I want this train to change tracks. I want you.

She does not reply for an hour

1:11am, – Camila: U still up, huh?

Keith does not answer.

The Inn at Silver Bay

Aug. 25, 2014



They plan to meet again.

12:58 pm – Keith: A little after 2 for us?

1:05 pm – Camila: Don’t know yet

2:10pm, – Keith: emoji

2:48 pm – Camila: Working on it…

2:48 pm – Keith: Where are you? I’ve tried walkie talkie, drove to the inn… emoji

The Inn at Silver Bay.

2:55 pm – Camila: There was a situation over at the children’s pavilion

3:01 pm, – Camila: On my way [to meet him]

3:02 pm – Keith: I’m at the auditorium parked outside waiting…

They met.

5:12 pm – Keith: I am so sad about Barbara  … And equally sad about us… I love you so!

No answer from Cami.

Vanguard Week was held at Silver Bay Resort on Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains.

Aug. 26, 2014

Keith’s birthday was the day hundreds of people were waiting for. He texts Camila in the early morning.

5:42 am – Keith: My dearest love, leaving for Barbara’s now… Will be back by 11 or so… We need to get in touch! Walkie talkie? I want my birthday present!:-)

5:43 am – Keith: In touch sometimes after 11…


11:11 am – Keith: Oh honey, this is so hard… Just leaving Barbara…

1:56 pm – Camila: Are you back yet?

2:00 pm – Camila: I don’t know if I’ll be able to meet with you today, likely not

2:00 pm – Camila: What’s going on with you?

2:56pm, – Camila: emoji

2:56 pm – Camila: I’m waiting to wish you a happy birthday…

3:35 pm, – Keith: I love love love you so!!! Two emojis

3:54 pm – Keith: When can you possibly sneak away? How are we? How was the module last night?

5:04 pm, – Keith: I wanted to bite your emoji

5:05 pm – Keith: When can we possibly meet so I can taste you?

5:19 pm – Camila: What does your schedule look like?

5:12 pm – Keith: I’ve had a few “offers” for my birthday… No virgins that I know of… But I’m intensely saving it for you… I want you…

5:23 pm – Keith: Maybe after 6?

7:03pm, – Keith: emoji

7:21 pm – Keith: I avoided the dinner trap… Was hoping we could meet… But you got trapped!!! Shit!

7:22 pm, – Keith: Been trying you on 8.3

8:15pm, – Keith: Not sure… I was contemplating your sleeping in the cabin [overnight with him]… But you’d have to be very careful… No lights etc…

8:16 pm, – Keith: I was trying to reach you for quite some time… 🙁

8:20pm, – Camila: My honey

8:20 pm – Camila: I have failed with my technology

8:21 pm, – Camila: I got trapped, without technology so I couldn’t communicate

8:22 pm – Camila: I wanted to run away with you

8:22 pm, – Camila: I was sad you left with monkey

8:24 pm, – Camila: I hope I can see you


Keith Raniere on stage on his birthday, V-Week

Mexican NXIVM members dance before Raniere. 
The auditorium at Silver Bay where the V-Week followers gathered to give Vanguard tribute on his birthday.

Vanguard with Nancy Salzman, Pam Cafritz, and others watch the devotees on stage giving tribute to Vanguard on his birthday.

Aug. 27, 2014

12:40 am – Keith: I want so much for you to find a way to go to our cabin and be there for me tonight without being discovered coming, going, or staying there. This will require resourcefulness…

12:41 am – Keith: I will check just in case you figure a way… You will need to keep the lights off and just sleep…

12:54 am – Keith: Go to our cabin! Be careful, sneak in, stay there…

12:55 am – Camila: When can I sneak in?

12:56 am – Keith: Now if you’re careful…

12:56 am, – Camila: There is so much at risk if I get caught

12:57 am – Camila: I’m in my cabin now [her family’s cabin]

12:58 am – Camila: I’d have to pack. I’m afraid it would look too suspicious

12:58 am – Camila: They are all awake

1:01 am – Keith: Cabin is open waiting… I was just there…

1:05 am – Camila: I don’t know if I can sneak out and have them asking questions and risk them telling monkey

1:06 am – Keith: I’ll check later… Try to sneak out, set your alarm for early, and go back… You do not need to pack…

1:06 am – Camila: I would, love… I’m running early in the morning and need changes and chargers and such

1:07 am – Camila: Love, I don’t know when or if I can sneak out

1:09 am – Keith: This is more important than running… But you can certainly do both… Leave the cabin at 6:30 or so…

1:11 am – Keith: Pretend you’re going to dance at the gym…

Camila chose not to go to the cabin

Early Morning

1:45 am – Keith: Just checked our cabin… You were not there… 🙁

1:52 am – Keith: The dance is over… Still looking for my love…

2:05 am – Keith: Everyone has gone… Still my love has not escaped to find my arms!

2:50 am – Keith: Just checked one last time… Today and tonight was so important for me… At times I wish you desired me so much you resourcefully found the way to make these things happen no matter what… And have our meeting be the most important thing… Tonight I really needed you. I am very sad and alone.

2:54 am – Keith: Just also tried the walkie-talkie…

2:56 am – Keith: If you WhatsApp me when you’re up by saying, “how are you?” If I am up and in town possibly we can meet in the early morning…

Three and half hours pass

6:39 am – Camila: Just left

6:39 am, – Camila: I tried you all night

6:39 am – Camila: emoji

8:06 am, – Camila: Love, I am so sad I missed you

8:11 am – Keith: When did you get there??? Maybe 8:30?

8:12 am – Camila: You called on the walkie talkie

8:12 am – Camila: And it took me a few minutes to get to the cabin

8:13 am – Camila: I was there until 6:30

8:13am, – Keith: 9:00? In 45 minutes?

8:16 am – Camila: I am about to walk with Theo now. I am supposed to meet with Melissa and Damon at 9 and then with the gardeners at 9:15

8:20 am – Keith: I am free around 8:45… Can we meet?

8:20am, – Keith: Please? emoji [he’s begging]

8:21 am – Keith: Make it a very short walk or later?

8:22 am, – Camila: Of course, what I meant was that I may need help explaining

8:48 am – Keith: Where are you?

12:54 pm – Camila: Sally and Komal are talking outside of the cafeteria

12:54pm, – Camila: FYI

1:52 pm – Keith: Pam’s dad just died… Are we still on?

1:53 pm – Camila: Yes

2:02pm, – Camila: But not exactly 2pm

2:03 pm – Camila: Something came up with the bigger kids. I am helping them a bit and then I’ll head up

2:03 pm – Keith: Yes… Coast not clear yet… More like 2:30 I think…

2:04 pm – Camila: Let me know, please

2:16pm, – Keith: Clear…

2:29 pm – Keith: Coming?

They seemed to have crossed signals.

2:41 pm – Camila: Where did you go?

2:41 pm – Camila: I thought you were coming for me.


8:14pm, – Keith: Tonight I am going to CP [Clifton Park]… I will be back around 6:30 am… Maybe we can meet then although I don’t know… Our normal looks good…

8:23pm, – Camila: Ok

8:15 pm – Keith: How was the module?

8:22 pm – Camila: The module was amazing

8:24 pm – Camila: Is that what you meant by jumping into the abyss?

8:26 pm – Camila: I feel like I’m coming back

8:26 pm – Keith: If I understand what you are referring to… Yes… Barbara is all but gone…

8:27 pm, – Keith: I love you so!!@

8:28 pm – Camila: I’m sad about barb, but I was actually talking about the module

8:28 pm – Camila: Are you okay about barb?

8:28 pm, – Camila: I am sorry, love

8:28 pm – Keith: I know… I was just informing you…

8:29 pm – Camila: How are you?

8:29 pm, – Camila: I miss you

8:29 pm – Keith: Very sad but being a good execute… [Keith persuaded Barbara to change her will and leave everything to him.]

8:30 pm – Camila: My emoji is not feeling so hot but I crave you all the same

Aug. 28, 2014

12:10 am – Camila: Is everything okay?

12:10 am – Camila: You rushed out

12:10 am – Camila: Is everything okay with barb?

12:12 am – Camila: Did you notice what song Mariana Musi sang?

12:30 am – Keith: Barbara will likely die tonight… Will be back 6:30

12:36 am – Keith: Trying to catch her before she goes…

5:17 am – Keith: My love, still in CP, thinking of us…

7:08 am – Keith: Just leaving CP… Will need to go right into forum…:-(

7:08 am – Keith: I love you so!!!

11:25 am – Keith: I love you so! So happy you come up to see me after…


2:17 pm, – Camila: See you soon?

2:17 pm – Camila: What’s going on?

2:18 pm – Camila: I’m free

2:18 pm – Keith: Waiting for you… I’ll go to cabin now…

They met.

8:34 pm – Camila: How are you?

Aug. 29, 2014

12:04 am – Camila: What’s going on tonight?

1:05 am, – Camila: I tried catching you after entertainment, but you started with simply h [Simply Human, the NXIVM a cappella group Keith managed], so didn’t want to interrupt

1:05 am, – Camila: I just wanted to check in

1:05 am, – Camila: I was struggling with some stuff

1:06 am – Camila: I heard from monkey that you are coming to breakfast with the family [Cami and Mariana’s family]

1:06 am – Camila: [scolding] Why am I hearing this from her and not you?

1:17 am – Keith: I am not coming to breakfast… They really want me to do some meal with them… I just found this out after I spoke with Simply [Human]… I wanted to speak to you about this situation…

1:18 am – Camila: Are you still around?

1:18 am, – Camila: I’m at Morse hall

1:19 am – Keith: I just got to the cabin… I need to find out a number of things before I know what I’m doing… I so much want to hold you…

1:20am, – Camila: Me, too

1:20 am, – Camila: I love you

1:20 am – Camila: Theo wants to walk me home but I may ask him not to

1:21 am – Keith: Let’s maybe meet in the cabin… It will take me a little time to figure it out…

1:21 am – Camila: Ok. I’ll wait

2:00 am – Keith: Can you meet me on the main road?

2:08 am – Keith: I’m sitting outside the lodge. Just heard play that funky music… Where are you? I am very sad…

2:09 am – Camila: By the inn

They may have met.

3:32 am – Keith: Just remember R’s [Robbie’s] beliefs and attitude has a tremendous effect on our future… He should not have any data until we can start to fix things…


1:25 pm – Keith: Did I answer you well?

2:56 pm – Camila: I was hoping to go more in depth but yes, I thought it was helpful specially for other parents

2:58 pm – Camila: I was upset about v-kids tribute

3:01 pm, – Camila: I was named as a gardener [and not a higher role]

3:18 pm – Keith: I was upset also and am already moving things…

4:25 pm – Keith: Should I go with your family to eat? If you’re not going maybe we not go together…

4:26 pm – Camila: I will go

4:40 pm – Keith: Should I?

4:41 pm – Keith: Are you going to Troy [a city near Albany] also after? City over the next few days?

5:39 pm – Camila: I don’t feel good about my interaction with you

5:39 pm – Camila: I do want to fix it

5:40 pm – Camila: If that’s what it takes, then that’s what I’ll do


8:06pm, – Camila:?

8:06 pm – Camila: U there?

8:06 pm – Keith: Yup…

8:07 pm – Camila: Didn’t drink [alcohol]

8:07 pm – Camila: I was surprised that monkey was drinking, though. I don’t think I’ve ever

seen her drink…

8:08 pm – Keith: Where are you, what’s your schedule?

8:09 pm – Camila: We are headed Troy

8:07 pm – Camila: How are you?

8:08 pm – Keith: Sad but somehow hopeful… Maybe I’m an idiot…

8:08 pm – Camila: Why are you an idiot?

8:09 pm – Keith: For being hopeful…

8:10pm, – Camila: Emoji

8:10 pm – Camila: That is sad for me

8:10 pm, – Camila: I am sorry

8:10 pm – Camila: I want to live up to your expectations

8:12 pm – Keith: I don’t want to expect… But high expectations give us a better chance… And then there are things that are not expectations… Just cause and effect… Those are the hardest…

Two hours pass

10:08 pm – Camila: There were a few things I needed to share.

10:08pm, – Camila: U at vball? [volleyball]

10:09 pm – Camila: When are you done?

Aug. 30, 2014

1:31 am – Keith: I can come now…

1:31am, – Camila: Yay

1:32 am – Camila: Can you give me 15-20 minutes to get ready?

1:32 am – Keith: Yes my love… Are the things you need to share bad/hard things?

1:33 am, – Camila: I think not

1:34 am, – Keith: three emojis

1:49 am – Keith: I’m almost there… Ready?

They met again.

Stay tuned for Part 3

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Wake up people ... and take the wheel.
Wake up people ... and take the wheel.
5 months ago

“… 1:52 pm – Keith: Pam’s dad just died… Are we still on? …”

It’s possible that a few horrible people controlling this world have no morals.


[…] had also mentioned the abyss – even if it was total bullshit – in a Text message to Camila, which was part of discovery at his […]

Isabella De La Cruz
Isabella De La Cruz
1 year ago

So gross. For that young 15 year old to have to put that hairy thing in her mouth while he is have sexual orgies with these old ugly looking ladies. They look gross because I know who they are…evil inside of them. His hairiness is just gross. The sexual abuse and manipulation of three sisters is grosser but blah to forcing Camila on his “monster.”

There was no "Camilla Week" ever
There was no "Camilla Week" ever
1 year ago

Never forget while reading these texts the time and place.

It is a massive celebration of Keith Raniere. Mandatory if one wished to succeed in the Nxivm company and social hierarchy.

Ex cult members have said that before the demise of Nxivm that V-week had been extended into 2 weeks. About half a month. To further glorify and give thanks to Keith Raniere.

Cami has been indoctrinated, groomed and gaslit since she was 13 years old. And attended MANY of these over the top deification ceremonies for vanguard.

No part of their relationship was near equal or healthy. Keith may have played at being in Cami’s thrall to appease and assuage her to stay complaint, but there was no “Camilla Week” let’s be crystal clear on that reality.

Keith probably felt magnanimous in the v-week setting because he was currently getting the adoration, accolades and attention that he believed he so richly deserved all of the time.

So Keith could throw Cami a crumb or two in between being fucked by her sister and fawned over by everyone.

This was Keith Raniere living his best life. Stuffing his face with cake and stuffing his herpes infected dick everywhere.


[…] Part 2: Unseen Texts: Keith Grovels, Begs for Cami at V-Week […]

Liar, liar Nicki's pants are on fire
Liar, liar Nicki's pants are on fire
1 year ago

These text exchanges also prove that Nicki Clyne and the DOSsier project propogandists are such liars.

False claims that all of the many women involved sexually with Keith Raniere were well aware of each other are blown apart when these texts prove that vanguard worked very hard to keep Marianna in the dark about Cami.

Women like Ivy Nevares have the empathy and integrity to be disgusted by living with (unknown to her at the time) pedophile Raniere.

While the remaining slave loyalists still spin this tale that ALL of the sexual contact was both consensual and fully informed.

1 year ago

So many were aware apparently

A few were not apparently

You think he told his loyalists EVERYTHING?

Liar, liar Nicki's pants are on fire
Liar, liar Nicki's pants are on fire
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

The followers know NOW. But the loyalists continue the lie.

1 year ago

A charming story about contemporary Las Vegas from the charming Wonderhussy.
Pahrump Nevada is where the radio show host Art Bell lived and worked.

The Mysterious Death and Legendary Buried Treasure of Ted Binion

1 year ago

Raniere is more of a pussy than a man.

A real man is someone like Humphrey Bogart who doesn’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks about him.

When You’re Slapped, You’ll Take It & Like It – The Maltese Falcon (3/10) Movie CLIP (1941) HD
117,177 viewsOct 25, 2012

Parents equally as culpable where Cami is concerned.
Parents equally as culpable where Cami is concerned.
1 year ago

Cami is the only victim here because participation is this community and all it entails was never in her best interest and never healthy for her.

She had two parents and two sisters in complete participation as adults. My understanding is her parents were not financially indebted to Keith and this was fully their choice to raise their daughters in this community.

However, they allowed (or were ignorant) to Cami being abused. Where is the responsibility on their part as parents? And why would parents participate in a daughters self-isolation in a room within their home? Granted she was an adult at the time, however, brains not fully developed and their participation by bring food and water to sustain her makes them as culpable as anyone. The only victim here is Cami.

And if the slaves want to sue anyone, they should be suing their masters, who enticed them on some fucked up premise to provide salacious information about them to secure their loyalty. They are the ones who are guilty of manipulation and mistreatment of another.

But even that should result in a restraining order; not a million dollar lawsuit. These people can’t play it both ways.

Aristotle’s Sausage
Aristotle’s Sausage
1 year ago

If this is supposed to humanize Raniere, it ain’t working.

He comes across to me as a controlling asshole. Sure, he plays the wounded love-struck puppy. It’s a tactic. Note well that he’s always after a piece of her ass. His demands for sex are relentless.

12:14 am – Keith: Do you find tragedy in my love never being returned?

Barf. 🤮🤮

“She was a victim of him in the past and may be a victim of his in the future, but it is not clear that she is a victim in these texts.”

No? Well it’s perfectly clear to me. She’s his EMPLOYEE, for one thing. She worked at the Nxivm kiddie daycare and he ran Nxivm.

Then there’s the matter of his having raped Camila when she was 15.

If Raniere isn’t a victimizer here, then neither were Jeffrey Epstein or Harvey Weinstein. Because the EXACT SAME situation applies to them. Their “relationships” were mostly with young women. They weren’t screwing little children. Epstein groomed them young but they hung around well into their 20s. These young women could all have left the “relationship”. Many of them left a trail of texts that seemed friendly enough to their abusers.

It could be argued that Weinstein’s victims benefited from the “relationship”. They gave the fat old pig a blowjob or two and got a movie deal. Same for Epstein’s “girls”. They were young and beautiful and he was one of the richest men in the world. Quid pro quo, Clairice.

I don’t buy the argument. Not for Weinstein, not for Epstein, and not for Raniere. Raniere was victimizing 24 year old Camila at the time of these texts. He’s constantly demanding sex from her. She’s his employee, her whole family is in his cult, and he had groomed her for sex from the age of 13. She’s not a free agent and she’s certainly not a partner in any mutual “relationship”.

These texts show Raniere forcing sex from a young woman less than half his age, a woman who is utterly dependent on him. They’re nothing short of revolting.

1 year ago

Well said – and I share your revulsion for Raniere’s hog-like tactics.

A leash is a noose at both ends
A leash is a noose at both ends
1 year ago

Yeah. Keith is trying to keep Cami in line so that she doesn’t blow up Keith’s world by telling the truth about what Keith has done to Cami since childhood.

It’s really obvious that Keith the “exalted leader” continues to use his position as a moral, ethical and intellectual authority in the insular community to manipulate Cami for his own sexual purpose.

All the interspersed “forums” and “modules” they discuss are ongoing indoctrination of Cami to Keith’s warped world view. Keith literally says the forum was “for Cami”. Just like the additional rape doctrine Keith added to a module after raping Cami (again) as an adult.

These texts do nothing to help Vanguard. So keep ’em coming. They do not show a more “nuanced” relationship. They show a predator keeping his struggliing prey from freeing herself.

They prove how Keith wedged himself between Cami and her parents. And her older sister. Those are the very people that Cami should be running to and getting support from over Keith’s mistreatment over her.

Keith doesn’t even want Cami to cross paths with her own sister lest the two compare notes. Or even just instinctively know something is very wrong.

Keith is really just keeping tabs on Cami. Making sure that Cami can’t bond with any other human.

Maybe Cami would not have tried to take her own life if she had family to confide in about her abuse and the child porn. And forced abortion.

Where was Daniela? The third sister? During this lovely vacation where Keith lied to everyone constantly?

A leash is a rope with a noose at both ends.

Keith struggles to control Cami’s weight, thoughts, body and every move.

But in turn Keith is controlled by his own molestation victim. The unwilling and innocent child sexual abuse victim Cami was and will always be – also holds Keith’s freedom in her hand.

And Keith knew it. All child molesters know it. Keith does not love Cami. He never loved Cami. Keith lives Cami keeping his dirty secrets.

Keith loved being a free man. Keith loved not going to prison. Keeping Cami very close and mitigating the “problem” Cami potentially posed was all a part of Keith’s overall life plan… to not go to prison.

These texts only reveal a very guilty, evil man who is rightfully worried about his crimes being brought to light.

1 year ago

What I get from this is a girl who was manipulated/groomed at a young age and is now starting to mature and see that things aren’t normal with KR. She seems more confused and questioning things than anything. I’m curious, Frank. Are there other texts from KR that are being sent to other women during this time period? For some reason I feel he is texting several women the same loveydovey stuff.

1 year ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

Thank you, sir.

1 year ago

Keith doesn’t grovel, he is simply using whatever means he can to ‘hoover’ Cami back into his orbit.

It’s a typical narcissistic tactic: “I’m sorry, I will change, I can’t live without you, I need you, you will be the mother of my avatar baby”; you can bet the minute she agrees, she’ll have to pay for his ‘groveling’ by demanding more and more outrageous proofs of loyalty (threesome for ex., with the partner of his choosing, never her choosing).

And the cycles will continue: make a dash for independence and you’ll be ‘hoovered’ back up; if he’s unsuccessful, he’ll sue and hound you – if succesful, you’ll still pay by increasing cycles of ‘hot and cold’ treatments.

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