Reader lists eight things NXIVM was really all about – for Raniere

This is succinct – and rings true.
A reader, using the moniker ‘Program blah blah blah’, had this to say about what Keith Raniere’s NXIVM was really about – for him.  It reads:
Who cares how impactful some people found NXIVM’s trainings? The training was a front for Raniere’s illegal enterprise.

NXIVM insiders, deep within Raniere’s inner circle, used the training as a way to gather information on those they could extort what Raniere wanted from them:

  1. Sex
  2. Cheap labor
  3. Commit illegal commands from Master
  4. Money, lots of money
  5. Pony – what could be millions of $$$ from Mexico – to Salzman and Raniere’s hidden SPOTS.
  6. Enrollment efforts to keep their cash cow alive
  7. Devotion for both Salzman and Raniere
  8. Cheap insider Legal Team

The list goes on.

People want to make those who received benefits from the training as a powerful defense for Raniere.

This is not about who benefits from a training program, this is about Raniere and his partners’ illegal actions.


The prosecution might wish to show that, despite grandiose claims of NXIVM being an organization developed for the benefit of its students, it had really no other objective than to serve the selfish ends of its founder, Keith Raniere.

Throughout all this, Raniere had some co conspirators and enablers. Among the chief ones were Nancy Salzman, Karen Unterreiner, Lauren Salzman, Clare Bronfman, Sara Bronfman, Emiliano Salinas, Alejandro Betancourt, Allison Mack and others – some of whom have defected.  The ones who defected prior to the fall of Raniere deserve, in my mind and in most cases, absolution for their misdeeds and to not be listed as co-conspirators – even though they may have done as much or more to build up Raniere’s dark and bifurcated world of deceit [while pretending to be a noble Vanguard] than some of those listed above.

In some cases, the defectors contributed to the fall of Raniere.  In varying degrees, I think all the co conspirators were both victims and victimizers. In my next post, I will try to illustrate this with a rumination on Clare Bronfman – one of the least sympathetic and vicious of the co conspirators.


As for the eight things Raniere’s NXIVM was really all about – to him –

  1. Sex
  2. Cheap labor
  3. Commit illegal commands from Master
  4. Money, lots of money
  5. Pony – what could be millions of $$$ from Mexico – to Salzman and Raniere’s hidden SPOTS.
  6. Enrollment efforts to keep their cash cow alive
  7. Devotion for both Salzman and Raniere
  8. Cheap insider Legal Team

— I am pretty sure we can think of a few others – perks the Vanguard received, or attempted to receive, [none of which he seems to be enjoying now].  I think they all boil down to one primary thing, however: NXIVM was run for the benefit of Keith Raniere – and he alone – although he did let co conspirators enjoy to some degree.

Keith Raniere said, “He who has the most joy wins.”
Raniere inside the Mexican Federal Police vehicle moments after his arrest on March 25, 2018.  It is perhaps more than mere speculation that others are winning – for they experienced more joy – when they knew he was arrested and would be less able to do them harm – than he was at this moment. Which suggests that – as Raniere says – joy is a fleeting objective – one day you are winning by having more joy than your terrified adversaries – and on another day – such as March 25, 2018 – you are having a little less joy – and in a world of winning and losing based on joy or the lack thereof – the days of winning by taking the joy away from others – all culminates in a dark defeat and a future nearly joyless world. It can happen to one – even one who is ‘unified.”

I suspect Raniere derived a sadistic pleasure in watching “fools” worship him [he who had the worst intentions towards them] and see them operate a community, and a mission in his name, where the “fools” [in his eyes, they are ‘fools’] thought they were really trying to do good – who actually really tried to do good – while he manipulated them to serve his selfish ends alone.

And, yes, sure, there were good things in the NXIVM courses. There had to be. Otherwise, the ‘fools’ would not pay tens of thousands for courses – and go into to debt to take more – while trying to recruit others, and serving the mission for free.

But the courses were intended to keep people hooked – that is why the curriculum was endless – no one ever graduated – no one ever achieves the final result — ‘unification’ – he called it.

He would – in the guise of mentor or leader – – worshipful Vanguard – who was thanked in every class for his munificence and brilliance – thwart all their efforts – with many efforts of his own to trip them up along the way — as one judge rightly called his intentions toward Toni Natalie – for their own individual -not Vanguard created – success.

Raniere was constantly creating unnecessary chaos – to prevent success and keep people enslaved. For success for his ‘fools’ was antithetical to Raniere’s goals for Executive Success Programs. Success for them might have meant freedom for his fools/slaves/devotees/students. It was adversarial – but his students did not know it.

He – the man who defines winning as crucial  – even in things that should be shared and not measured in comparatives – such as joy – won by enslaving his followers. Keeping them abject – never seeking their success through equality.

This, I believe, is where the secret of drawing the line between victimizer and victim lies. Many of his most ardent followers were a mix of both.

I think, for instance, that Allison Mack  – in her heart and brain – actually, honestly thought [or was trained to think] his was a mission of goodness – even DOS. I doubt she was ‘out there’ hating the people she recruited. Somewhere, she got caught up in his web of lies, and entered a dim world balanced between wanting to keep her fine [and selfish] role with Raniere [procuring him, for example, fuck toys and etc.] and a world – in her head – where a more deeply embedded hypnotic suggestion lay – where she must serve Raniere for his noble mission – which is for the welfare of a troubled and needlessly suffering world.  There were times when his mere voice, a look or a suggestion would reduce her to tears – so eager was she programmed to believe he was sheer goodness.


“It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” But what happens when you abrogate being your own captain – and substitute that for the control of a guru or mentor who is a sociopath and whose only goal is to manipulate you? Is this what is meant by brainwashed?
Are Allison Mack and India Oxenberg really – next to Raniere – the two biggest criminals in NXIVM? They were in the criminal complaint against Raniere as co – conspirators #1 and #2  What ratio of victim/victimizer can we ascribe to these two women? Is India 90 percent victim – 10 percent victimizer? Or more, or less? What about Allison Mack?
The extent of people’s adherence to Raniere is epitomized in this picture of Mack jogging in the fall of 2017. While being restricted to an 800 calorie per day diet, Raniere instructed her to jog 30 miles per week. Was it done for her own good or for his?
Allison singing.
She left a successful acting career to become an unsuccessful singer. Allison Mack during a performance with Simply Human at V Week.
Allison Mack became a branded slave to a man – to prove women’s empowerment[?].
Image result for allison mack cries'
Allison cries over a blast of bogus deep emitted from the oral orifice of Keith Raniere.
Image result for keith raniere allison mack
Two thoughts: Allison [r]: “How deep he is!”…   Raniere [l]: “How deeply hypnotized she is.”

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  • enslaving and branding women, sexing them after the brand was given, that was part of Keith’s ‘most Joy’ – the rest of his ‘most Joy’ was, of course, the Bronfman money and the money his slaves handed over to him. That’s what he meant by “most Joy”. Keith in prison is my ‘Most Joy’.

  • Frank, so is that quack Brandon Porter having his hearing tomorrow? To revoke/suspend his med license? If not, when?

    • It was scheduled for tomorrow I understand. I doubt it is a public hearing. Although the results will become public if he is suspended. I suspect he will be suspended.

  • Is anyone else seriously disgusted by seeing these women stick their tongues out for the camera? My best guess is KR requested it. It is revolting, and staged. Yuk!

  • I think this is a succinct and accurate statement of Raniere’s goals. Thank you for this. Otherwise, people would not understand the connection between the “useful” and “beneficial” courses, and KR’s ultimate aims. This hits the nail on the head.

  • Cuomo is corrupt. Keith is corrupt. They both deserve what they get. Some of the women , the ones that escaped prior to doing any illegal acts for Nxivm, please tell me there are some! I hope they might have some of the answers when the trial starts.

    Does anyone know if Rainbow Cultural centers are properly being investigated? What parent with the money to do a proper background check would entrust their child to such a place? It’s never to late to come forward if you have real information.

  • While many items on the above list are disgusting and immoral, most of them are not illegal. This is how most cults operate. Law enforcement can only step in when illegal activities are going on. This is why it is important to report illegal activities, not just disgusting and immoral activities.

  • As for Allison Mack being a “good person” what happened the millions of “good, patriotic Germans” who blindly followed Hitler thinking that he would restore Germany to greatness?

    Those who did not die in the war died afterwards in the POW camps in Russia.

    And other good, patriotic Germans who blindly followed Herr Hitler ended up standing trial for war crimes.

    Allison Mack handed over the helm of her ship to a sociopath and in turn herself became a sociopath.

    For that Allison Mack must stand trial for her crimes.

    • Ironic you should mention this, Shadow state, and not even recognize your own hypocrisy.
      Why don’t you reread your anti-Muslim comments from the other day, and then think about what you just said?

      • Islam is Nazism on Steroids.

        Under Islamic Sharia Law non-Muslims must pay an Infidel Tax called the Jizya.
        A tax that is not imposed on Muslims.

        And Islam places women into 3rd class citizenship.
        Gays in Islam are hunted down and killed.

        Islam oppresses Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists and agnostics.

        Islam also imposes Blasphemy laws on people who criticize Allah and his putrid Prophet Mohammed.
        A polygamist who married a 6 year old girl and consummated the marriage when the girl was 9 years old.
        When it comes to perversion Mohammed puts Keith Raniere to shame.

        Not to mention the outrageous Islamic practice of FGM which makes Allison Mack’s branding of female slaves look tame.

        As a matter of fact Hitler himself praised Islam as a religion fit for German Warriors.

        And don’t tell me that “Islam means Peace.”
        That is a lie told by people who are ignorant or deceptive.


        It’s so sad that ignorant American Leftists, the name of tolerance, support the most intolerant ideology in human history.

        • So, Shadow state, you’re afraid that because some Muslims follow these ideas, that means this extremism will take over here ? Seriously?
          You do know that Catholics and Protestants were killing each other in Ireland a number of years ago, right? I knew people who left Ireland due to that and came to North America.
          Have Catholics and Protestant ‘s started taking over here?
          You know you make no sense, Ezzie.

          • At one time Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt and all of North Africa were non-Muslim with large populations of Christians and Jews.
            Within 100 years those non-Muslims either converted to Islam or died by the sword.

            I must also add the case of Rotherham, UK, a city in the North of England.

            In Rotherham gangs of Muslims have been grooming white British school girls to work as prostitutes using the same tactics that Allison Mack used with women in NXIVM.
            Force, Fraud, Coercion, Threats, Blackmail.

            Over 1400 British school girls were turned into prostitutes over a 14 year period.
            When parents complained to the local police the parents were arrested because the British police are corrupt and evil.
            As corrupt and evil as the police around Albany New York.

          • I think your info is flawed, shadow.

            I don’t see Muslims coming to North America to convert people, any more than the Jehova Witness watchtower pamplet people who go door to door spreading their cult message.That has not converted anyone I know. Has it worked on anyone you know, Shadow.? Did reading the watch tower magazine convince them to join and start their own door to door campaign?
            For crying out loud, get a grip on reality.

            You remind me of the “Rain man” character – spewing all kinds of facts but failing to comprehend them.

          • shadowstate is 60 years old but he sounds like a jilted teen in his constant castigation of Allison and an Islamaphobe in his repeated mythical lowest common denominator generalization of Islam and Muslims, which and who don’t even have a tenuous connection to NXIVM at all. I’m not even aware of any Muslims existing in NXIVM.

          • Didn’t Allison Mack like to beat slaves with a paddle for breaking the rules?

            “Slaves must immediately answer their masters any time they text or call them, and if they do not recruit enough slaves of their own, they are beaten with a paddle on their buttocks.”

            Sounds like what they do to teen age girls in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
            Let Iranian-American Anni Cyrus explain why she received 25 lashes in Iran when she was a teenager.
            The Unknown-Islam’s 25 Scars On My Body.

          • You sound really stupid shadowstate.

            Guess what? In America, Europe, Asia, etc., people engage in BDSM play where people spank each other all the time with or without secondary devices.

            You sound like a 60 year old man-child – similar to the Vanguard – obsessing over a 35 year old woman who rejected you, and are trying to connect NXIVM to Islam for some strange reason neither have anything to do with each other except in your warped mind to connect the two.

          • Since when is age-ism okay? Funny that someone who is saying shadowstate is a man-child is being so utterly childish.
            Everybody grow up.
            Especially Flowers, Mr. Amway and New Yorker.

          • No one is being an ageist you babbling buffoon. The age reference was to emphasize that someone who is sixty years old should start acting his/her age instead of posting dozens of comments instead constantly rebuking Allison like a jilted lover.


  • Yessiree. I said these several years ago. Unfortunately, it took a master/slave cult of branded women for some people to finally “see the light”.

    • Even the law enforcement authorities in New York State failed to “see the light,” until the national media (Dr. Oz, Elizabeth Vargas, the New York Times) focused on the branding and enslavement of women.

      And then the US DOJ had to step in and investigate the cult.

      If Allison Mack had not been such a lunatic, a useless idiot as well as a useful idiot, the financial crimes of NXIVM would still be going strong.

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